Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Jammin' Ojama's: Part two ( Chapter 22 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chazz was still trying to persuade Alex to give up while she could, but Alex refused to give in. “So what if I can't summon any monsters… They're not the only things I can use to win.” she said as she drew her card.
SCORE: (Chazz: 7000/ Alex: 6100)
“My Scapegoat Card…” she thought as she gazed down at the spell card just drew, “this would protect me… but I can use it. Not with those two ugly guys blocking up my monster zones.
She looked down at her hand, nothing she had in her hand could really be played or protect herself. So she just lay a card face down on the field and ended her turn, much to Chazz's amusement.
“Heh, heh, heh…”
He drew his card….
Chazz: “Yes… I play POT OF AVARICE! Now I'll pull all five remaining monsters in the graveyard back to my deck. Then I shuffle and draw two cards…”
(Draws 2)
“Heh…sweet. Now I activate this spell… THE PILLAGER…!(Anime Card only)
Alex: “Not that card. That lets you steal one card I got in my hand…”
Chazz: “Glad to see you know how it goes… now show me what you've got.”
Alex saw no option but to reveal her entire hand to him. Her four cards were… Graceful Dice... Gearfried the Iron knight Scapegoat… and Sheild and Sword
“Hah! I think I'll help myself to that Shield-and-Sword card you got there…” Chazz demanded. A chill ran up Alex's spin when she realized what was going to happen now, as she handed him her card.
“Ha-ha…! How does it feel now Alex? You took a card from me, now I've simply returned the favor. Or at least I will…”
Chazz: “But first I'll turn Ojama King, and Knight into attack mode… now I'll go ahead and use the SHEILD AND SWORD… so I can swap their points.”
(Atk: 0) Becomes (Atk: 2500)
(Atk: 0) Becomes (Atk: 3000)
Alex: “Oh boy… this can't be good!”
“Alex…!” cried Clover, “She's got no monsters to protect herself…!”
I nodded in agreement, “Those Ojamas have almost enough power to nearly wipe her out!”
Then, right after I finished speaking Chazz ordered his monsters to attack… “Go Ojama King… Attack her life-points directly!”
(Atk: 3000)
Alex: “Ah! Activate trap…!”
Chazz: “What…?”
Alex: “Go SKULL-DICE…!”
The Red dice-block began to roll, “I may not be able to block off your attack, but at least I can weaken it.”
The die rolled and rolled, and it landed on a two. So at least the Ojama King lost half of its attack power. (Rules fudged)
(Atk: 3000) becomes (Atk: 1500)
The attack continued however, and Alex still got slammed pretty hard. “ARGH…!”
SCORE: (Chazz: 7000/ Alex: 4600)
“So what…?” Chazz sneered, “You won't be able to stop my Ojama knight… and here he comes!”
(Atk: 2500)
Alex: “WHA--!”
SCORE: (Chazz: 7000/ Alex: 2100)
Chazz: “Oh, yeah that feels good. “Now I'll place one card face down and end my turn…”
Alex barely survived that attack, but it was now rest assured that she wouldn't be able to withstand another one unless she did something about those Ojamas. “Go ahead now; it's your turn…” Chazz mocked, “But you might as well make it easier and give up because with my Ojamas still blocking-up the field… they can't be touched.”
“Yeah right… keep dreaming!” Alex sneered at him as she drew her card, but to be honest with herself, she didn't really know if she could hold them off. Not one card she had in her had could be used to help her.
…and that's when the thought hit her.
“Wait…!” she thought to herself, “I may not have anything that can work… but maybe Chazz does.”
She gazed down at her hand and saw what she had on the field… It was risky, but she had to try it.
Alex: “All right Chazzy-boy… I'm activating the spell… CARD OF SANCTITY…!”(Rules fudged)
Chazz: “Ooh… we get to draw until we each have six cards now…? I am so afraid… Ha, ha, ha…”
(Both Draw)
Alex's thoughts: “Okay… this better work…”
Alex: “Oh it should make you afraid, because you see… there's one card you didn't see me holding, and now it's going to hurt you good; the trap card GRAVEROBBER…!”
Chazz: “Grave Robber… oh man!”
Alex: “Oh yeah…! Grave Robber lets me snatch a spell card from your Graveyard and lets me use it against you, and I think I'll go ahead and snare THE PILLAGER…!”
Alex got the card and used it right away. “You dimwit…!” Chazz snarled at her, “You may have gotten my spell from me but you forget that you got to take 2000 life points of damage.”
SCORE: (Chazz: 7000/ Alex: 100)
“Hey, you think I don't know that…?” Alex grunted at him. “Still… let me see what you have there.”
Chazz revealed his hand to her, and Alex grinned from ear-to-ear. Chazz got the card she was hoping for. “Sweet… I think I'll go ahead and take that one…”
Chazz growled, and handed her the spell card which Alex activated immediately, “Go… DE-FUSION…! You can say so long to that Ojama Knight…!”
The Ojama Knight was gone, and two of Alex's monster-zones were free again. “Way to play Alex…” Clover cheered from the sidelines. I too smiled and nodded. “That was very well played.” I said, “Not only did Alex send the Ojama Knight back to the fusion-deck, but because Chazz sent the Ojamas he fused to make it back into his deck, he can't summon them forth to defend himself.”
Alex was still grinning and by herself with cheer. “I knew that a fusion deck like that had to have a De-fusion in it somewhere.” she said cockily.
“Just make your move…!”
“Sure thing…” Alex gloated.
(Atk: 1800)
“And now that my Shield and Sword effect has worn off… You're Ojama King over there has got a single point. So good luck blocking me out now… Attack, Gearfried…!”
(Atk: 1800) Vs (Atk: 0)
Chazz: “Ooh…! AAH…!”
SCORE: (Chazz: 5200/ Alex: 100)
“You'll pay for that…!”
Alex: “Sure I will… but in the mean time I'll lay these two cards face down and end my turn.”
Chazz was scowling as he reached to draw his next card which increased his total to seven. If he still had seven cards at the end of his turn he would have to discard one to the graveyard.
However… he didn't seem too concerted about that, “You may have destroyed my Ojamas, but the way my deck is stacked, they'll make a comeback no sweat.”
Chazz: “I activate my trap CALL OF THE HAUNTED……! It lets me select one monster in the graveyard and summon it back in attack-mode.”
“And now I can back one fusion-monster and equip it to this card. So come on back… OJAMA KING…!”
(Atk: 0)
Alex grunted in anger to see “Not that ugly guy again…!”
“You better believe it…” said Chazz. “Of course if Call of the Haunted gets destroyed, then my monster goes down with it, but that should be the least of your worries.”
Chazz: “Now I activate the spell… ENCHANTED FITTING ROOM…!”
Alex: “What's that card do…?”
Chazz: “What does it do indeed…! It lets pay 800 life points…”
SCORE: (Chazz: 4400/ Alex: 100)
“Now I pick up four cards from my deck, and any normal monster with three-stars or less gets summoned off the bat.”
(Draws 4)
(Atk: 0) x4
Alex was amazed, but somewhat confused. Every single monster that Chazz had had no attack points… Her Shield and Sword spell was in the graveyard, and she got a look at Chazz's hand, he didn't have one himself.
“You seem a bit confused…” Chazz said. “Why would I bring up all these monsters if they have no attack? Heh, heh, heh… well one of them will have attack-points soon enough.”
He grabbed one of the cards in his hand, “Now I play the spell, OJAMMUSCLE…!”
Alex watched as all four of the smaller Ojama were destroyed instantly. “Hey… why did you just destroy them…?” she asked.
Chazz sniggered wickedly, “Easy… you see… for the Ojammuscle card to work, I needed my Ojama King to be on the field and some other Ojama monsters. Now I can destroy the other Ojamas and as a bonus, their King gains 1000 attack points for each of his fallen subjects.”
Alex gasped…
(Atk: 0) Becomes (Atk: 4000)
Chazz: “But I'm not stopping there… I'll go on ahead and summon another OJAMA YELLOW…!”
(Atk: 0)
“And now My Ultimate offering will let me summon another Black one…”
SCORE: (Chazz: 3900/ Alex: 100)
(Atk: 0)
“This makes it so I can play another OJAMUSCLE to increase my King's attack even higher!”
(Atk: 4000) Becomes (Atk: 6000)
Alex: “Uh-h-h-h…!”
“And unless my eyes fail to glitch… you have only 100 points left. So that means… one shot and your out of here…”
“Alex…!” Clover called. “She's going to get wiped out if that thing hits her.”
“Come on Alex… you can pull through this…” I added.
Chazz was so cocky; he didn't think it was possible for Alex to pull out of this one. “Say goodbye to your monster… your life points… and your soul. Ojama King Attack…!”
The Ojama King was heading straight for her… if both it and the Knight's attacks worked. She would almost be out of life points and practically defenseless to win the duel.
“I got to do something quick…” she thought to herself “Otherwise, I'm a goner…!”
To Be Continued…