Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ The ultimate ultimatum ( Chapter 24 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chazz was still lying on the ground where he fell, with all his cards scattered about. “I… I lost...!” he peeped, “I failed…!”
Alex could see that Chazz was in a bad way, and she walked over to help him up. “Chazz…” she said, “I know this goes against my tastes in judgment, but thanks a lot. That was one of the best duels I've ever fought.”
Chazz looked up at her, “How can you be so kind…?” he asked with his eyes narrowed. “Especially seeing as how I don't even do nice…”
Alex retracted her fingers clenching her fists slightly as she thought it over. “Guess I'm just not as one-sided as you are.”
Chazz was practically speechless, but suddenly the ground began to shake again, just like it did with Davis. “Hey… what's going on?” cried Alex.
Clover and I realized what was happening, and so did Chazz. “Oh, no… we totally forgot!” cried Clover.
“Forgot what…?” asked Alex.
Then suddenly, Chazz was incased in that same large gem as Davis, and Yubel's two huge eyes appeared in the shadowy skies above. “Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah… so, we meet again.” she hissed.
Alex, Clover and I scowled up at those ghastly eyes, but Chazz looked as if he was going to leap out of his clothes in panic. “Boss…! Look I'm sorry…” he cried. “I didn't mean to fail you.”
Yubel however sniggered, “Failed…? You…? Hmm, mm, mm…! My friend I never expected for you to succeed. You gave me what I wanted anyways… the soul of the one who lost the duel!”
Chazz gasped hard, “You… you mean.”
It finally became clear to Chazz that Yubel was just using him all the time, and never actually planed to share any of her profits with him. “You have outlived your usefulness… and I have no further need for you Chazz.” Yubel told him as her eyes began to glow, “You lost the duel, and now as promised I will take away your soul…!”
Then a huge flash of light began to flare-up, and Chazz screamed in horror as his souls was extracted. Clover and Alex held each other in a brace of fear screaming, and I shielded my eyes. “STOP IT… YOU MONSTER…!” I roared.
The lights faded out, and Chazz was lying flat on the ground. His soul was no longer in his body, and for Yubel, “At last… I finally have all that I need.” She chuckled evilly as the images of her eyes faded out…
“What was that all about…?” Alex asked.
She was about to get her answer for as deep within the caverns on the island, Yubel was preparing the ceremony to enter the most forbidding era of the Shadow-Realm. Using the power of the souls she had collected, it would lead her to the seal of the Sacred Beasts, and allow her to take control of them as cards…
TK and Kari, who were still chained to the walls, were being forced to bear witness to the awful event. “What is she up to…?” TK asked.
“I don't think we want to know…” cried Kari. She was also very upset to know that Davis' soul was part of the ritual, and the fact that he had his soul taken from him all because of her and TK.
That's right…
When Davis was dueling Sam, and Yubel was tuned into the action, Kari realized everything… how Davis felt hurt because she moved away without telling him.
Even though Davis went to the same High-School she did… she completely didn't realize it was him there because she hadn't seen him in a while and didn't recognize him at first. They weren't even in the same classes together and she never even heard his name being called…
It was no wonder why when she and TK ran into him during term, and he was hostile towards them.
“I'll thank you both to keep out of my way…”
“Just that you… talk like such a little kid…”
“You're Pathetic…!”
Everything that Davis had gone though was all because of her. He was falling in love with her, and she crushed him! She felt a small tear leak down her cheek, “Davis…” she thought sadly, “I'm so sorry…”
TK felt bad too. He never thought anyone could be so crushed before that they'd resort to being mean and nasty to cover it up instead of trying to make things better. TK and Kari were just good friends… and yet to Davis it seemed like he was being replaced, and that lead to jealousy being spiked.
TK and Kari made a promise, that if Davis ever got out of this, and they all would find a way out of the shadows and back home to the real-world, they would do whatever it took to help Davis out. Kari especially promised to make up for what she did to him…
Yubel was finally ready to commence her magic-spell. “Let the ceremony commence…” she hissed as she placed her Millennium-Puzzle, and she began to recite an ancient Egyptian chant in a strange language…
As she chanted… all the many souls that she captured emerged from the Millennium-Puzzle, and began to fly in circles in a tornado that seemed to grow larger with the many more souls that were captured.
The lighting flashes in the shadowy skies began to flash and strike together. Forces that made the entire island quiver. All the students in their dorms trembled with the quake, even Sam and the King felt the tremors in the infirmary, where Sabrina was still laying, sick in bed.
“What's happening…?” Sam cried.
The King gazed through the window, “Hey…! Lookie out there…”
Outside there was so much lighting and power, all focusing on one area…
“I don't know what that force is, but I'll bet that's where Yubel is…!” I said, “I have to go after her... who knows what she can do if she gets her hands on those Sacred Beasts.”
“We're going with you…” Clover said, but I refused their offer. “No… I've got to go at this alone…” I said. Before the girls could argue, I explained to them, “If I fail… then hopefully you guys can still try and take her down. If she gets us all, then everyone's doomed.”
Alex couldn't argue with that, and decided to take Chazz's body to the castle to get him medical treatment. “Hey, wait for me…!” called Clover as she flew after her. This left me free to charge towards the direction the forces…
“I'm coming for you, Yubel…!” I thought as I ran, “I don't care what traps you have set for me. I'll save Sabrina's soul, and all the other souls that you've taken.”
Little did I realize that I was already too late…!
Yubel had already returned from the secret void she sought to enter and was clutching in her grasp three new cards. “Mine!” she hissed with joy, “All mine…! I've waited countless of centuries, and now they're all mine again! Ha, Ha, ah, ah, ah…!”
Kari and TK were still struggling to get down from the chains, and the chains' rattling captured her attention. “Oh…! I almost forget. I still have a few loose ends to cut loose. Hmm, mm, mm…!”
She began to move towards the hostages and sprung out her claws. Kari and TK gasped hard when they realized, “Tell me your not doing what I think you are…?” TK pleaded.
Yubel licked her lips, “It's been an invigorating, yet tiresome day… I do require nourishment.” she said, “And seeing as how I have no further need for the two of you…”
Kari whimpered in fear as Yubel closed in towards her first. “Relax… it will be far less painful if you stop fidgeting, but then again… I love it when they are spicy.”
Her sharp claws were just inches away from Kari's pretty face when suddenly, a bright light flashed from the end of the cave and distracted Yubel. “Hold it right there…!” I called.
Yubel looked round, “Mykan…?”
Kari and TK's eyes lit up, “Professor Jaden…!” they cried for joy.
Yubel however was not so pleased, she was overjoyed to see that I had come. “I was hoping you'd come…” she hissed at me.
“Funny…!” I snapped at her “I'm glad I've found you too… because I think it's time for me to put an end to you and your evil.”
Yubel laughed hard, “Put an end to my evil…? I have never heard of a more ridiculous saying in all my centuries. You… put an end to my evil…? You can do no such thing! However, if you are that foolish and confident, I shall give you a chance to prove yourself…”
She explained how she needed someone to use as a guinea-pig to test against the new cards she had assembled, which made me realize that she obviously got the Sacred Beasts. “If I win however… you're soul belongs to me!”
Somehow I had a feeling she was going to pull that stunt on me, but with Sabrina's life hanging in the balance, as well as lives of everyone else on the island, and the rest of the real-world… “Very well…! But if I should be the winner you must promise to end this nightmare of evil you have caused, and release all the souls that you captured.”
Yubel smiled, and held one hand behind her back in the cheeky way “Agreed…” she hissed at me.
We both stepped forward preparing our duel-disks. I was really in for it now. I knew that Yubel was going to be much more difficult now than when I faced her last time with the others…
But I just couldn't let her win, no matter what the cost. This was going to be the most dangerous of all my duels ever… of course I knew I had gone through many dangerous duels before…
Facing the evil-spirit, controlling the king…
Marik and Ishizu Ishtar…
Estevan himself, when he was evil and confused…
Now this…! I was so ready for this challenge.
“LET'S DUEL…!” We shouted.