Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ The duel of Unknown cards: Part two ( Chapter 26 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Yubel was still laughing at me… “Just look at you, pitiful mortal. You've already lost more than half of yourself to the shadows, while my power only continues to grow!” she hissed, “Why not give up now and spare yourself the agony of defeat Mykan...?”
I growled angrily, “Never…! As long as I'm still here, I'll never surrender. Especially to the likes of you…!”
I drew my card and took my turn… but unfortunately, nothing I had was strong enough to withstand the power of her Sacred Beast. My only option at the moment was to play defensively.
SCORE:(Yubel: 8000/ Mykan: 4300)
Mykan: “I defend with OBNOXIOUS CELTIC GAURDIAN…!”
(Def: 1000)
“Its special ability prevents it from being destroyed by monsters with an attack of 1900 or higher.”
Yubel: “So, I see… very clever Mykan; however…By summoning a new monster to the field… you've activated Raviel's special-power...!”
Mykan: “What…? Special-Power…?”
Yubel: “Yes. A power that activate only whenever my opponent normal summons a monster… This allows me to call forth a PHANTASM TOKEN…!”
(Atk: 1000)
“But do not be alarmed, for it may never attack you, but I have something more dastardly in mind. So finish your move…”
Mykan: “Very well then…I will end my turn.”
Yubel: “Good… now I shall show you the true meaning of great power…”
“Nee, hee, hee… I think that I shall throw into play this continuous spell… SENET SWITCH…!”
After the card was activated, I watched as Raveil began to walk from one side of Yubel's field all the way across to the other. This of course was the effect of her spell…
Senet Switch allowed the dullest to move one monster per turn to an unoccupied monster-card zone on the duel-disk…
…but to many other duelists, that card was almost completely worthless, and not many people went about getting one… but I began to get a suspicion that Yubel was using it for something, but of what it was I had no clue…
For now all I could do was continue to guard my life points…
“I shall also throw this spell into play too… PROHIBITION…!”
I gasped, “Oh no… that allows you to forbid any card in the entire game from ever being played.”
Yubel nodded, “I'm pleased to see you know how it works… and as per the monster I choose… it shall be your favorite card of all… the DARKMAGICIAN !”
I gritted my teeth together as my body shook in anger. Now as long as the card would stay on the field, I wouldn't be allowed to call on m favorite card at all.
Yubel laughed at me, “Ha, ha, ha, ah, ah… oh, that expression on your face.” she hissed, “When your favorite card became useless… oh that takes me back to the good old days.”
Still very angry over the situation, “Just finish your move!” I sneered at her.
Yubel shrugged her shoulders, and finished her turn at there.
Mykan: “It's my turn now…”
As I starred-down at my cards… I just began to realize something. Yubel's Sacred Beast was nearly impregnable, but it wasn't the only thing she had out on the field.
Mykan: “All right Yubel… prepare yourself! I summon GAZELLE THE KING OF MYTHICAL BEASTS in…!
(Atk: 1500)
Yubel: “Don't tell me you've forgotten that by Normal summoning a monster, I get another Phantasm Token.”
(Atk: 1000)
Mykan: “Actually I was quite aware of that, and it's exactly what I need to start on my wining streak, or have you noticed that I've placed my monster into attack mode..?”
Yubel: “Uh…? Attack mode…? You can't possibly be expecting to hurt my Sacred Beast with that pitiful creature of yours…!”
Mykan: “You're correct Yubel… for Raviel isn't the target of my attack…! It's your Phantasm Token's I'm after…!”
Yubel: “Ah…! No…!”
Mykan: “Now My mythical Beast, Attack…!”
(Atk: 1500) VS (Atk: 1000)
SCORE:(Yubel: 7500/ Mykan: 4300)
My planned seemed to work…
Although I couldn't attack Raviel, her tokens were still very venerable and weak to attack. This gave me an alternate route to breaking through her defenses.
The spies all cheered as they viewed the duel, “Mykan's finally making a comeback here…” Alex cheered.
“Perhaps…” Estevan said, “But don't over look the fact that he's just left his monster on the field completely exposed.”
Everyone realized he was right…!
Mykan: “All right Yubel… I'll place this one card face down and end my turn…”
Yubel: “GRR…! You insolent wretch…!”
“So you wish to mock at me, eh? Well mock at this… CARD OF SANCTITY…!”
Mykan: “I see… so now we must both draw until we each have six cards.”
Yubel fiercely drew her cards, and then her anger began to fade into her evil cackling again. “Mykan… I believe that it is time for me to introduce to you another one of my master creations…” she said to me.
My facial features changed… “Uh…?”
Yubel: “But first I must play this Continuous spell card… BANNER OF COURAGE…!”
“And while it is true that this card will let my monsters gain an extra 200 attack points when they battle, that isn't what I had in mind…”
Mykan: “What do you mean…? And just how do you intend to summon another Sacred Beast… when you haven't any monsters to sacrifice…?”
Yubel: “Why, Mykan… why in the world would I ever want to summon a strong card by sacrificing monsters when I have spell cards to do that for me…”
I finally realized what she meant, “So you're saying that you needed those three spell cards to be on the field for your summoning to work…?”
Yubel grinned at me wickedly, which meant the answer was, “Of course…!”
“Now observe as I send all three spells to the graveyard, so I may call forth the second of my creations!”
Just like with Raviel, the card in her hand was glowing and flaring with lightning, only this time it was yellow. She slammed the card on the disk, and the monster appeared.
“Oh, no…” Kari cried, “TK it's another one…!”
TK nodded, “What monster is that…? It looks just like The Winged Dragon of Ra.”
“Heh, heh, heh…” Yubel introduced us to her second Sacred Beast. “Meet HAMON, LORD OF STRIKING THUNDER…!”
(Atk: 4000)
“And I can most greatly assure you, he's far worse than anything of what Raviel is.”
Lucky me… now I had two Sacred Beasts to deal with at once. As if Raviel was bad enough already, but what special powers did Hamon have, I wondered…
Yubel: “Now then… while I am still unable to attack your Guardian, you have left your beast exposed… but before I begin my assault, I shall sacrifice my other Phantasm Token to the graveyard so I may use another one of Reviel's special qualities…”
“By sacrificing one monster… I am able to boost Raviel's attack-power by the attack of my offering.”
I watched as Raviel picked up the Token in his huge hands, and crushed it like a grape. “And Since the Token itself had 1000 attack-points…” I paused, “Then Raviel gains 1000 attack-points.”
(Atk: 4000) Becomes (Atk: 5000)
“Hmm, mm, mm… and as I said before…” Yubel reminded me, “It looks as though you've left your own beast in attack-mode. Go my sacred beast… attack it!”
(Atk: 5000) VS (1500)
Mykan: “Not this time, Yubel! I was prepared for you…!”
Yubel: “You were…?”
Mykan: “You've activated my trap-card… SPELLBINDING CIRCLE…!This trap ensnares your Sacred Beast, trapping him within it's powerful rings, and prevents it from attacking or defending.”
Yubel: “GRR…! Well no matter. I can still attack you yet. You may have dodged me last time but this time you won't be so lucky. Now, Hamon, attack…!”
Mykan: “I wouldn't be so sure of that… activate BOOK OF MOON…!”
“Now I can turn my monster into face-down defense position. He will be destroyed from your attack but at least my life-points will be safe…”
(Atk: 4000) VS (Def: 1200)
Yubel sniggered softly…
My card was destroyed, and yet I noticed some more of my body was beginning to vanish. “What's this…?” I asked as I checked the score, and sure enough, “My life points have gone down…?”
SCORE:(Yubel: 7500/ Mykan: 3300)
“How can this be…?” I asked in confusion, “Uh…! Unless…?”
That's when I finally noticed Yubel was snickering at me, “Unless Hamon's special ability deals you 1000 points of damage whenever he destroys a monster.” she answered. “And as you lost parts of your score, you lost another bit of your body… and you're already becoming harder to see Mykan…”
TK and Kari couldn't bear to watch this happening to me. They had never witnessed anything so frightening in their lives. “I wonder if not having your body all together hurts…?” TK asked.
Kari didn't want to admit it, but she feared, “I think we'll soon know…”
They had already lost their faith mainly due to because I could no longer try to defend myself either, or I'd take damage no matter what.
Back in the Infirmary, “Come on Mykan… you can do it!” cried Sam said.
The King was very amazed and shocked, “In all my years I have never seen more powerful cards… and I thought I had seen them all.”
Alex was starting to lose her cool, “Estevan… can't you like determine who's going to win like that or anything.”
Estevan shook his head, “What kind of a virtual-being do you think I am…? I can barely even keep a lock on this duel…! Let alone scan any of the cards that are in play.
Clover was growing freaked out by the stress, “Oh, what I wouldn't give to be down there helping Mykan out right now.” she groaned… yet all she and the others could do was continue to watch and hope for the best…
Yubel lived for torturing innocent people. She was one of those type of creatures who made a living out of fear, and destruction. “You may have gotten me by Surprise again Yubel… but I can assure you that won't be happening again…!” I warned her
Yubel was amazed to see me lasting so long against her. Normally most of her victims would have fled, or begged for mercy right at the start. “I commend you for your Courage Mykan… but rest assured… I will make things worse than what they are…”
She finished her turn by playing “Three cards face-down, to keep you guessing…!”
With three cards face-down, the only thing that came to my mind was she was planning to summon her third and final Sacred Beast… or was she just setting me up to think that…?
Regardless, I had to try and prepare myself for it…
“It's my move now…” I said as I drew my seventh card, which was a good thing because with nothing on my field, and with two Sacred Beasts, and the third one on it's way, I needed all the cards I could get.
The only problem was, I couldn't tell what those three face-down cards were for. Knowing Yubel they were probably traps, but even if they were… how was I to know what she was planning to do with them. Still… all I knew was… I needed to defend myself and fast so I could bide my time so I could work up a way to destroy the beasts…
“You are stalling…!” Yubel sneered. “You are showing me signs of weakness…”
Mykan: “GRR…! I'm not weak Yubel, and I'll prove it…”
“I'll place three cards face down… and now I shall summon forth The MAGICIAN'S VALKYRIA… in defense-mode!”
(Def: 1800)
Mykan: “Since I've summoned forth a monster… you gain another Phantasm Token…”
(Atk: 1000)
Mykan: “But as long as my Spellbinding Circle is in play, Your Raveil is still unable to move to use it.”
Yubel: “That may be true… but I still have ways to get what I wish…”
“Ahh…! Just what I needed. Now I activate the spell, TRIBUTE TO THE DOOMED…! I shall discard one card in my hand, and now I can finally rid the field of your Obnoxious Celtic Guardian!”
Mykan: “GRR…!”
In a flash, my best defense was destroyed…
Yubel: “And now Mykan… prepare yourself as I activate all three of my cards which all happen to be… RECKLESS GREED…!”
By playing three Reckless Greed cards, Yubel was now able to draw six cars, two per each trap. Unfortunately she wouldn't be able to draw for two turns each, six in total, but she didn't seem to mind that…
“Now prepare yourself Mykan… for my next summoning requires I send to my Graveyard three trap-cards. So all three of my Reckless Greed traps will go… allowing me to summon he third Beast that will ensure your destruction…!
A small drip of sweat drizzled down my forehead as once again lighting flashed on her card. Red Lighting it was this time, and the third creature, that greatly resembled Slifer the Sky Dragon had appeared…
“Meet my final creation…! URIA, LORD OF THE SEARING FLAME!”
(Atk: 0)
“Ha, ha, ha, ah, ah…! At last.. all three of my great beasts are together. Together and ready to conquer the world…!”
I was in for it now. A battle between three powerful creatures at once… but would I really be able to fend off against such a force…? Only time would tell…!
To Be Continued