Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ The duel of Unknown cards: Part four ( Chapter 28 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The effects of the explosions faded out, but the picture was still lost…“Hey…! Bad time much…!” Clover groaned.
“Don't worry I'll try and get the picture back…” Estevan said, and he got right into work, but the tension was really mounted now. Nobody could tell just what happened before the picture blacked-out.
“Do you think Mykan made it out of that okay…?” Alex asked.
“I'd give half the cards in my deck if I could know the answer to that.” Sam said.
The King was still watching over Sabrina, but he suddenly noticed, “Girls… come see…” he said. The spies crowded near the sleeping princess and realized she was smiling. Very slightly… but smiling…
“You don't think…?” Alex asked.
“I to could be…” the King softy muttered.
Back in the caverns…Kari and TK shook themselves away, “You alright, Kari…?” TK asked. Kari opened her eyes and gazed at the dueling field, “TK, look…!” she said as she pointed to Yubel's field…
…All of Yubel's monsters were gone. She had nothing left on the field to defend herself with. “Your Sacred Beasts have been destroyed Yubel…!” I scorned at her. “And since My Sorcerer of Dark Magic also destroyed your Phantasm Tokens you took 3700 points of damage for them both each.”
This and the damage she took form her other monsters, Yubel should have lost 8200 points in total, which meant of course she was supposed to have been wiped out… but she got to her feet. “I'm not out of this yet Mykan!” she roared.
Then I checked the scores…
SCORE:(Yubel: 1200/ Mykan: 2000)
“What's this…? Your Life points haven't dropped to zero?”
Yubel snickered, and it was then revealed that the two face-down cards she played earlier were in fact POSION OF THE OLD MAN…! “Simply used their effects to boost my life points by 1200 each…”
“Even though I was hit hard, my life points safely stayed at 1200...” That was when her features began to harden, “But you…! I will make you suffer for what you've done to my beloved Sacred Beasts…!”
Yubel was really starting to annoy me, but I couldn't think of that now. The duel was still on, and it was still my turn. Now that my turn was ending my Sorcerer of Dark Magic lost 1000 because the Spell Binding Circle and Defusion Wave Motion cards were gone…
(Atk: 3700)
“I place one card face down… and end my turn…!” I said to Yubel.
(Atk: 3700) Becomes (Atk: 4200)
“Very well Mykan…! Let the destruction continue!” Yubel said. Unfortunately, due to her three Reckless Greed Traps she played a few turns back, she still couldn't draw for another five turns… but she didn't seem concerned about that this time.
Yubel: “Heh, heh, heh…! Now I place one card face down… and I throw this monster in defensive mode…! That ends my turn.”
Mykan: “It's my draw now…”
Mykan's thoughts: “Hmm… so far so good. Yubel can't spring any traps on me as long as my Sorcerer stays in play. If I can just keep it together I should be able to beat her.”
Mykan: “Now then… Sorcerer of Dark Magic… attack and destroy her face down monster!”
Yubel: “Hmm, mm, mm… I was hoping you would attack.”
Mykan: “Huh…?”
Yubel: “Now observe… you destroyed my MYSTIC TOMATO…!”
Mykan: “Oh no…!”
(Atk: 4200) VS (Def: 1100)
Yubel' eyes shimmered as Britney's body began to glow with a mysterious light. “What's going on…?” I asked. “What are you doing to Britney's body, Yubel…?”
Yubel's wicked cackling grew deeper and more-wicked than ever. “Surely now, you haven't forgotten about the Mystic Tomato's effect…” she said to me. “It allows me to summon forth any Dark monster with 1500 attack points or less from my deck, and I have just the monster…”
I gasped, and so did Kari and TK. Did she just say… herself…?
Then in a flash of evil energy, Britney's body collapsed on the ground, and a fierce creature appeared on the field. “Behold… my true self…!” she announced, “I am the all mighty sorceress… YUBEL…!”
(Atk: 0)
This was just too strange and mysterious. “So you're not only an evil sorceress…” I paused. “You're also a duel monster?”
Yubel grinned, “It is true. I am a duel monster that possesses power unimaginable.” She told me, “I was thought to have been in fact far too powerful; too evil. The Ancient Pharaohs said that I wanted the world… only for myself. Perhaps they were right…”
She went on explaining how it was only rarely that people would actually have to face her in her true form. For as she had mentioned before, most of her victims were long dead before she even had a chance to break a sweat…!
“Prepare yourself Mykan…!” She replied. “This will be you last battle ever against your ultimate threat.”
Yubel explained that would still be able to duel and make moves, even if she was just the monster itself. “Now finish your turn!” she demanded, and so I did.
I really didn't see much a point to this. “You claim to be all mighty and powerful Yubel, but you have no attack-points to even do battle.” I grunted at her, “How can you expect to take down my Sorcerer…?”
Yubel smiled, “I don't…” she said. “Mykan… You should know very well that I can't destroy a monster in battle with no attack-power.”
Then it suddenly stuck me that her strategy had something to do with a special-ability she had. “However… I will give a chance to witness it for yourself. So I will merely summon the SHADOW TAMER…!“And next… I will sacrifice her so that I may keep myself on the field. Now go ahead, I gave you a free move…”
So far Yubel only showed me part of her effect. She needed to sacrifice a monster on the field every end phase of her turn, or she'd have to go to the graveyard… So at least I knew she had one weakness… but why she gave me a free turn like that was most puzzling.
She was defiantly testing me, or something, but regardless of what it was, I decided not to hit her with my Sorcerer. She still had zero attack-point in any case…
“I draw…” I said as I drew my card.
Mykan: “And now I summon WATAPON…!”
(Atk: 200)
“All right Yubel… let's see what it is that you're hiding. Watapon attack Yubel now…!”
(Atk: 200) VS (Atk: 0)
Yubel: “Hmm, mm, mm…!”
I watched as my tiny monster rammed hard into Yubel's chest, and bounced right off of her, but nothing else happened. Nothing at all…! “Ah…! I see… so you weren't destroyed by my attack.” I said.
It was true, Yubel explained to me that she couldn't be destroyed in battle, nor could her life points be affected by the attacks. “You however do get affected.” She warned me. “It was very wise of you not to have attacked with your Sorcerer…”
I wondered why that was, and then I checked the scores. “Ah…! My life points… they'd gone down”
SCORE:(Yubel: 1200/ Mykan: 1800)
Yubel didn't have to explain to me how it happened. It was all clear now. If Yubel was attacked, or made an attack… she wouldn't destroyed, and her life points wouldn't be affected. Instead I would take Damage equal to the attack of the monster that attacked, or was attacked.
“If I had been foolish enough to attack with my soldier… I would have lost the duel.” I said in deep concern. “But what can I do…” I thought nervously. “I can't destroy her in battle!”
“Poor Mykan… you still can't hurt me…” Yubel sniggered. “Well… I guess I'll just have to put an end to your miserable suffering.”
She skipped her draw phase again, and would still have too for another three turns. “Prepare yourself Mykan…! You will lose the duel, and you shall be mine!”
“I attack your Dark Sorcerer…!” and she began to rush towards my monster ready to strike it, and with it's attack still at 4200, I'd lose the duel. I couldn't let this happen…!
“Say goodbye, Mykan…!” Yubel growled and she took aim with her claws and ready to strike, but suddenly her claws collided with a magical-barrier. “What…? What is this?” she roared. “Where did it come from…?”
I sniggered, “Sorry Yubel, but just before you attacked my Sorcerer, I activated my face-down trap-card; HALLOWED LIFE BARRIER…!All I had to do was discard one card form my hand to the graveyard… and this trap would protect my life points from any damage at all this turn.”
Yubel growled angrily. She was really growing tired of being set up by my traps. So she decided to turn the game up another level. “It appears you have some special skill… at making me angry!” she said. “Well… I suppose one good turn deserves another.”
Yubel: “Now I summon forth this monster in defensive-mode!”
Mykan: “You forget Yubel… in order to keep yourself on the field this turn, you must sacrifice a monster. So your defensive monster will not last long.”
Yubel: “Hmm, mm…! Actually… my defensive monster will be used to help me, but not exactly keep me on the field as you will soon find out.”
“I reveal my face-down card… BOOK OF TAIYOU…! I shall use this card to turn my monster face up, and it happens to be… the MAN EATER BUG…!”
Mykan: “Ah…!”
The Man Eater Bug… as weak as it was, it's ability to destroy one monster on the field made it pretty pesky. “You don't have to appear so shocked Mykan…” Yubel told me, “At least… not yet… for I'm not going to destroy one of your monsters.”
My head perked up, “Not destroy one of my monsters. What are you talking about…?” I asked, but I soon got my answer as I saw Yubel use the Bug's power to destroy her own self…!
Even Kari and TK were confused. “Did she really just do that…?” TK asked.
Kari nodded her head, “Why would she destroy her own self?” she wondered, but just then the ashes on the ground began to reform themselves into a completely different monster.
Yubel now looked like an evil dark dragon with two long necks, and heads. Both the heads spoke at the same time making her voice sound more evil than ever. “Any more questions…?” she asked rhetorically. “Heh, heh, heh…!”
“Oh no…!” I said, “She must have had one other special-ability that I wasn't aware of.”
Both of Yubel's two dragon-heads nodded. “That's right Mykan…” she said to me. “When I destroyed myself, I actually made myself even stronger than before. Now I have been summoned forth as the all-powerful… YUBEL- TERROR INCARNETE…!”
(Atk: 0)
“And of course… with a new form comes bold new powers…!”
She snapped her fingers and WHAM… all my monsters, and the Man Eater were vaporized. This obviously meant that Yubel now had the power to destroy every other monster in play every time her turn would end.
What made matters worse was, not only were her immunity effects, and damage powers still the same, but now she didn't even require a sacrifice to stay on the field.
“You're time is nearly up Mykan…!” Yubel sneered at me. “You can summon any monsters at all, or else I shall just attack them to deal you damage, and destroy them instantly. YOU'RE DEFENSLESS…!”
Her evil laughter continued to echo through the cave, and I was actually starting to think she was right. What was I going to do…?
What COULD I do…?
To Be Continued…!