Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ The duel of Unknown cards: Part five ( Chapter 29 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Estevan was still working hard to get the picture back, and then suddenly. “I got something…” he called to the others.
The spies huddled near the monitor just as the duel came into view again. They could no longer see the Sacred Beasts, which lead them to believe that I had defeated them earlier, but when their eyes came upon Yubel's newest form. “Whoa…! Two heads?” Clover moaned. “Awkward much…”
Sam was fascinated by the appearance of that monster. “Hey, Estevan… just what monster is that…?” she asked.
Estevan typed into his computer to scan and identify the card. “Monster Card…. UNKNOWN! No available data.” he regretted to say.
“No data?” Alex asked. “So much for that… How's Mykan supposed to beat a card he's never even seen before…?”
Even the King himself didn't have an answer to that. “Even I've never seen a card this powerful, and I thought I had seen them all.” he said.
Back in the caverns, the duel was still on, and I was still all in puzzlement about what to do. I still could attack Yubel's new form, and even if I summoned a monster, she'd just attack it… I'd lose damage, and at the end of the turn, my monsters would be destroyed.
Not summoning a monster would have been optional. After all, Yubel couldn't cause me damage without attacking anything… Except then I'd be wide open to a direct attack from another monster she probably had in her hand.
I nervously drew my next card…
SCORE:(Yubel: 1200/ Mykan: 1800)
“Give it up Mykan…” Yubel sneered at me, “There is nothing you can do to stop me. So just end your turn.”
I nodded my head in response… I ended my turn without playing anything.
“Good… now it's my move…” Yubel said. She still had to skip her draw phase. She was impressed by the fact that I ended my turn without summoning anything, but she expected I would do that, but unfortunately… she had no other monster card in her hand.
“I shall place one card face down…” she said. “That ends my turn.”
It was my turn again, so I drew another card. “Ah…? Hmm…! Yubel… I now have the card that I need that can shield me from your evil-magic for a while.” I said to her. “I activate the SWORDS OF REVEALING LIGHT…!”
Yubel gasped as the magical-swords crashed down from the skies, completely surrounding her. “You dare to use the Swords of Revealing lightning against me…?” she growled.
I sniggered at her, “I dare because it will help me shield myself from anything you may try and wage against me. For thanks to this powerful spell, you won't be able to declare an attack for three turns.”
“Three turns Yubel…!”
Yubel's expression suddenly changed to an evil grin. “Actually… there won't be any turns.” She said to me. “I activate my trap… MAGIC-JAMER…! So now you're Swords of Revealing Light are no more.”
Sure enough the swords had vanished, but now I was the one who was laughing. “Very well played Yubel… but a foolish effort...” I told her, “Don't forget… you must now discard the only remaining card in your hand to let your trap work effectively.”
That's when Yubel realized that her hand was all empty. She had nothing left, and she still couldn't draw any cards for another two turns. “Argh…! You ticked me yet again!” she roared.
“No, Yubel… You've deceived your own self.” I mocked her. “I knew you couldn't resist being bound to a spell like that, and so I played it hoping you would use up your cards. Now everything is set for me to regain what I've lost.”
I played my last card face down… but seeing as how Yubel couldn't move at all. I instantly took my next turn and drew another card.
“Now I activate my face down card, POT OF GREED so I can draw another two cards…”
My smile grew wider, “Perfect!” I shouted with glee. “Now I activate the spell card FISSURE…!”
“WHAT…?” Yubel screeched. “You can't mean--?”
I put on my serious-face. “I mean to use this card Yubel. Now I can destroy one monster on your side of the field with the lowest of attack-points, and seeing as how YOU are the only monster in play… I can now rid you off the field once and for all…!”
The large hand of the Fissure spell grabbed Yubel and dragged her into he ground, “You can't do this to me!” She shouted as she tried to break out of its grip, but it pulled her down, down, down… into the ground until she exploded.
It looked as if the battle was over, “I wonder, Yubel…” I asked, “Who's laughing now?” but strangely… the explosion wasn't really Yubel being destroyed, “Ha, ha, AH, AH, AH, AH…!”
The grounds began to quake and tremble TK held onto Kari was frightened out of her mind. “What's going on?” she cried.
“Look…!” TK hollered.
In a fierce smashing, Yubel Burst through the ground, but strangely now she looked even weirder than ever. “I believe it is I, who is laughing.” she hissed. “Especially seeing as how when you removed my Terror Incarnate off the field… you unlocked the key to my absolute, undeniable, PERFECT FORM…!”
(Atk: 0)
Back in the infirmary.
Sabrina began to relapse again. “Mmm…! Ooh…!”
This time, Even the King wasn't sure he could calm her down, for he too, just as all the others were getting stressed out by the sights of the new monster. “As if Two heads weren't bad enough…!” cried Alex.
Clover finally snapped, “That's it…! Let me at her…!” and she tried to dash for the door, but Sam held her back, “Clover…! Don't be crazy!” she growled as she tried to hold her down.
“Let me go!” Clover screamed, “I'm going to kill that horrible little witch…!”
Clover was really out of control, and so the King motioned for the Doctor to give her a needle. It wasn't easy though seeing as how Clover was putting up way too much of a fuss, but finally she was out-of-it.
At least they had some peace and quiet now, but how long it would last depended on the duel. This new monster was even stranger than any others any of them had seen before, and Estevan's computers still couldn't get a fix on it.
All they could do now was hope… something they were really running short of.
Yubel was still laughing madly. Now she had three dark dragon heads, and her new power was just as dastardly as before. Now if she attacked a monster… not only would damage still be dealt to me, but in fact she would actually be abele to destroy that monster…!
But at least it meant she could no longer destroy my monsters instantly. “I'm not impressed Yubel…!” I snapped at her.
All three of those evil heads gritted their teeth. “You dare insult me and the perfect power I have appeared as!” she spat at me.
I nodded my head, “It doesn't matter to me how powerful you become.” I replied, “True, in many cases, power is a mighty obstacle, however… without strategy, power is just an empty-threat. One that can be easily overcome.”
Mykan: “Now I'll place one card face down… and I'll play one other Card, PREMATURE BURIAL…! “I just have to pay 800 life points…”
SCORE:(Yubel: 1200/ Mykan: 1000)
“And now I can bring back a monster from my Graveyard… and I choose my DARK MAGICIAN…! Return…!”
(Atk: 2500)
Yubel: “I see…! It will be a final face off between our two best monsters.”
Mykan: “Yes… these will be the final phases of the duel for us no matter what happens.”
“What the heck is Mykan doing…?” Alex wondered, “He'll lose all his life points as if Yubel attacks his Magician.”

Sam wasn't convinced however. She had a feeling that I was planning something, “Otherwise… why would he summon a monster like that?”
This was it…
It was Yubel's turn, and she still couldn't draw a card, but that was her last skipped draw-phase. The question was… did she dare to attack my Magician.
If she did… she's wipe out the last of my life points, and win the duel. Thus claming my soul forever… but it was my face-down card that worried her. The way I just gave her a powerful lecture on power being a pushover threat…
Either I had set a trap, or I was just trying to fake her out. She couldn't be sure, and she had nothing else in her hand or on the field that could help her overcome anything that I played, and she had no other forms to morph into.
She hesitated, and struggled with what to do, and she finally decided. “I will spare you… this turn.” she said. “But be warned Mykan… come my next turn I will be able to draw cards again, and once I replenish my entire hand, I will rise up and destroy you…”
“Your soul is as good as mine!”
I suddenly smiled, “That's a shame that won't be happening Yubel.” I said to her. “You really should have attacked me.”
Yubel felt confused, “You think I'd be foolish enough to be tricked by your treacheries again? You foolish mortal…!”
“I'm not being foolish Yubel…” I replied, “If you had attacked me attacked me you'd have won the duel.”
Yubel blinked, “But… that trap-card!”
I shook my head, “It's not a trap…” I said as I drew my card for my turn. “It's a SPELL TEXT-BOOK...!” (Anime Card only)
Yubel gasped when she realized she had fallen for my bluff…
Mykan: “Now I must discard all the cards in my hand to the graveyard. Then I can draw one new card from my deck, and if it happens to be a spell card… it automatically can be played.”
Yubel: “Ugh…!”
Mykan: “Hmm…? Heh, heh…! Yubel… I just drew a RAINBOW VEIL spell card. Now I equip it onto the Dark Magician.”
Yubel gazed on waiting for what was about to happen next, but nothing happened to the Magician at all. His attack didn't go up, or anything. However… “YE-ARGH…!” Yubel began to feel very strange. “What's… happening…?” she groaned as she felt weaker and weaker. “My powers! They are fading…!”
All relayed enjoyed standing there seeing Yubel suffer. It was high time she got what was coming to her. “It's no surprise that you feel weak Yubel.” I said to her, “That's the power of my Rainbow Veil card…”
“It negates all special abilities of any monster that comes into battle with the monster its equipped to. Which means my Dark Magician can now strike you down, and finally put an end to this horrid nightmare that you've cast”
Yubel was defenseless. No cards were in her hand, and other than her Remove Brainwashing trap… she had NOTHING! This was the end. “You can't do this to me…!” she screamed, “I will not et you destroy all that I've worked so hard to gain.”
“I can… and I will!” I shouted as I ordered the Dark Magician to move in, “DARK MAGIC ATTACK…!”
(Atk: 2500) VS (Atk: 0)
Since Yubel's powers were negated. She couldn't protect herself, nor would I be the one who took damage. KAPOW…! She was truck hard…! “WHAA--! BAA-AAA-AAA-OHH…!”
FINAL-SCORE:(Yube l: “0000”/ Mykan: 1000)
Yubel's monster form began to vanish in a cloud of dust as the duel images faded out, and she appeared back on the field in first form.
The duel was over!