Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Forgiveness is Devined. ( Chapter 30 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sam and Alex cheered as if their favorite stores were giving away everything for free. “He did it! HE DID IT…!” they repeated over and over. Everyone on the entire island was cheering too.
The King and Estevan never felt as happy in their lives, and as for Sabrina. Though she was still weak, she was smiling in her sleep. She knew I could do it.
Yubel was on her knees shaking in anger. “Nobody…! Nobody can defeat me!” She growled.
I took a few steps forward. “All right Yubel…” I said to her, “I've beaten you fair and square. Now you must hold up your end of the deal and undo all of the evil magic that you've cast.”
Yubel slowly gazed up at me. She still refused to give up after she had come so far in so many centuries. She flexed out her claws, “I'll give you a deal…!” she roared as she lunged for me.
“Watch out, Professor…!” cried Kari.
I leapt out of the way just in the nick of time. “Yubel…!” I shouted. “So, you were planning on double-crossing our deal all along.”
Yubel lunged for me again and I continued to jump out of the way. “I may not have defeated you Mykan…!” she yelled, “But I can still do-away with you!” She leapt over to Britney's unconscious body and snatched back her Millennium Puzzle, and began zapping at me.
I was successful in dodging all her blasts, but the more misses that were made; the more the cave walls got hit, and cracked. TK and Kari suddenly felt the ground shaking again. “Look…!” TK cried as rocks and dirt began to fall from the ceiling. “The walls are caving in…!”
Yubel and I both noticed, “So it would seem…!” and that's when she zapped me hard, surrounding me in an energy-field and trapping me on the wall. “She's… trapped me!” I groaned.
Yubel sniggered wickedly, and then turned to zap TK and Kari and trap them on the walls too. “Hey…!” Kari cried, “I can't move.”
“I'm stuck too…!” added TK.
The collapsing grew worse and worse by the minute as trembles grew more violent and the falling rocks got bigger. “Ha, ha, ha, ah, ah…! So long mortals...” Yubel laughed at us, “As much as it would please me to stay here and witness your final scenes… I have things to do... Places to conquer and people to enslave.”
She began to head for the exit, but suddenly she was being blocked by something. “Ah…! What is it now…?” she demanded to know.
Then suddenly, three cards from her deck began to glow wildly, and in a large flash of light, the Spirits of the Sacred Beasts had appeared, much to her surprise. “What are you three failures doing here…?” she yelled at them. “Let me pass…! This is an order!”
The beasts did not get out of her way, but in fact, they grabbed her and bound her tightly. “What…? ARGH…! What is this…?” she roared, “Release me at once…!” she demanded, but the beasts would not obey.
TK, Kari, and I were all amazed, and then suddenly we could hear the beasts speaking very deeply in an ancient Egyptian language. “What are they saying…?” TK asked.
“I think I can tell…” I answered, seeing as how I was a great teacher of the ancient Egyptians and their languages...
They were saying…
“We are no longer YOUR creations to control.”
“You lost the duel. You were defeated as were we.”
“You shall hold up your end of the deal, and accept the consequences for you evil, as will we!”
Then they all grabbed the Millennium Puzzle off of her and tossed it near me, and the others, which disabled the shields around us. I grabbed the Puzzle, and TK grabbed Britney, who was still out cold…
“Are you two all right…?” I asked as I approached TK and Kari. They nodded in agreement, and we gazed back up at the Sacred Beasts. It was hard to understand, but it became clear that even they themselves carried with them a great deal of honor…
The beasts gazed down at us, and spoke to us once more… They said…:
“Mortals… go now.”
“We shall guard Yubel. She shall not escape.”
“We regret our actions and now wish to do right.”
The three of us nodded at them, and dashed out from the caverns, “Wait… wait!” Yubel screamed as the cave final began to collapse around her and her beasts, “YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME HERE…!”
We all dashed out of the cave just as the whole thing collapsed into a rocky field of rubble and dirt. There was no sign of Yubel, or the Sacred Beasts. Just six cards. That was all that was left of them.
That's when the dark skies faded into the blue skies of our home world, and all the souls that were stolen returned to their normal bodies.
That included Davis' soul…
Chazz's soul…
And yes… even Sabrina's soul returned.
“It's over…” I said softly. “Yubel's evil reign of terror has finally lifted.”
Later on…
TK, Kari, and I stopped off by the infirmary to give Britney some medical attention. Davis and Chazz had already awakened.
Jerry was there. He had been worried sick ever since the spies' signals had vanished, but “I'm so glad you're safe ladies.” he said, “And you'll be happy to know that reports have come in that all the souls across the world have returned to their rightful bodies.”
The girls were pleased, “But I think you should really thank Mykan for it…” Alex said. “He's the one who actually saved us all.”
But I just couldn't take all the credit. “You girls… dueled great too.” I said to them. “It just proves to me more how strong you really are. I have never… ever had wiser, stronger, and swift-headed apprentices in all my teaching years.”
Sam and Alex smiled, but Clover was complaining. “Uh… hello…!” she groaned, “First of all, not only did Alex and Sam drug me, but I haven't dueled once in this entire mishap!”
Everyone, and even myself was confused. “You sure about that…?” Sam asked.
“Oh, come-now, Clover. Surely you must have dueled at least somewhere…” added Jerry
Clover couldn't remember, but decided to brush it off. Jerry decided to take the evil cards with him back to WOOHP where they would be dealt with as soon as possible… but not before the King took many photographs of them. “Just what I need for a whole new set of cards for the works.” he said.
Before Jerry left, Britney finally had come too. “How are you feeling Britney?” I asked her. Her head was spinning in orbits, but she remembered everything. “Gosh…! What have I done…?”
We assured Britney that everything was okay. “You weren't yourself.” Sam said. “The Millennium Puzzle was making you crazy, but we took care of it now.”
I nodded, and told her that the Puzzle was now safely locked up in the secret vault with the rest of the items. This meant of course now we had six items all together… only one was missing.
Jerry then decided to take Britney back to WOOHP, and help her out a little. Alex hated to see Britney go, but her health was more important. So Jerry and Britney WOOHPED away and were gone.
A while later…
The soul victims began to awaken. Chazz almost had no memory of what he was doing there, or how he got lousy Ojama cards in his deck. “It's a good thing I know what I can do with these crazy things, or I'd just chuck'em right out.” he snapped.
“I wouldn't do that if I were you…” Davis said.
Everyone, especially TK and Kari were shocked that HE said that. Davis went on explaining that while his soul was trapped in limbo, he did a lot of thinking…
Maybe he had been a little too harsh… “Especially on you TK.”
TK never thought he'd still be around to hear Davis say those words, but before he could say anything, Kari interrupting saying that, “Things that happened were pretty much my fault.
She explained how wrong it was of her not to tell Davis when she moved away, as well as the way she ignored him in school. “Davis… I-- I honestly never knew how you felt.”
A queer look came over Kari's face, as tears of shame and apology began to appear. Tears that pierced Davis right through his heart and lifted the lasts of his rage away, and he place his hand over hers.
They gazed into each other's eyes and Davis smiled at her, “I'll only forgive you, if you and TK will forgive me first.”
Kari chocked on a soft sob and hugged him warmly. This made almost all of us want to cry, but I however was a little busy.
Sabrina… my wife… my one and only love was back the way she was. Only she planned to get lots of rest before she did anything too extreme. “Mykan…” she said to me, “I just knew you would save me.”
I smiled down at her and kissed her softly. “You're worth more to me than all the cards in the world.” I whispered into her ear. We shared another embrace…
Chazz couldn't take much more of this “Mush…!” and so he left in a grump. Where he was going… Nobody knew.
Author's notes:
Hold your horses there duel-fans…
We're not finished yet…
Only one more duel to go.