Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Astonishing Arangments ( Chapter 31 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A week later and all the patients were dismissed form the infirmary, and with Yubel's evil no longer a threat, the Academy was back in business. Classes resumed, duel-exams went on.
The King was even pleased to report that after a while with the pictures had taken, he was ready to begin a new set of cards. The three Sacred Beasts and Yubel's three forms would now be made into safer cards, just fit for the game.
Sadly… until he could account for the cards that were stolen that one night, they would not be released to the students or the general public. Sadly, nobody had a clue of what happened, not even Estevan…
He never saw the thief who broke in after Yubel shorted him out, so he too didn't know who it was. That data was just out of his reach.
Still… the spring began to turn to summer, and the end of term was coming round the corner. Many of the highest rank students had gathered in an assembly to see the results of student of the year… and that was Davis Motomiya with the highest score of wins in the term.
This also of course meant that he would have the honor of selecting the student of his choice to represent him in the graduation match at the end of term assembly.
Davis was looking forward to it… however… he had a few requests to make, on behalf of his new changed manner. It surprised everyone to hear him say it, but he wanted another tag-team duel.
Even I was amazed to hear that, and as Chancellor of the school, I was pleased to approve of his request, “But whom do you wish to participate in the duel with you, and how?” I asked.
Davis didn't answer, because he knew that I was able to once again use my Millennium-Necklace to channel into the future where I could see what was going on. So the deal was set, but nobody else had a clue of what was going to be happening… yet!
One evening, as the sun was setting and the darkness was starting to arise, Davis walked form the Obelisk Blue dorm, all the way to Ra-Yellow, and tapped on a specific door. TK answered, “Davis…? What's up…?”
Davis wasn't really smiling. His face looked liked it usually did, a little strange and grumpy-looking. At least he wasn't acting as mean anymore.
“Nice Dorm…” he complimented as he walked in. “It's been a while since I was in Ra. I almost forgot how you kids live in a smaller environment.”
Just then there was another knock on the door, it was Kari. “Oh… hey, Davis.” she said. Davis finally smiled at her…
Ever since that knight, Davis and Kari had thought about giving the romance thing a try, but after the term ended when they would both have the time. Davis was glad to see her, because he had some news to share with them both.
“You what…?” TK asked unable to believe what he heard.
“You heard me…” Davis replied, “The graduation tag-team duel I'm staring in, I want you-two there on field with against me and the other student I've chosen.”
Even Kari was amazed to hear such words. “But why us…?” she asked.
Davis explained that it was high-time for him and TK to have a rematch and with Kari alongside of him so he could see what it was for them to duel together. “Especially seeing as how I've recalibrated my deck once-again.” he pointed out, but he wouldn't tell them the cards he chose. “You'll just have to wait and see… So until then…” and he got up and left.
TK and Kari weren't sure what they were supposed to feel at that point. They were amazed, and excited, and slightly confused all at once. Still… at least now that Davis had changed a little; they could look forward to an honorable duel.
And at least they would be dueling with each other, unlike last time. This made them start to wonder… who the fourth duelist that would be dueling with Davis…?
They were going to get their answers soon enough as over the next few days word of the tag-match got out, and it was already time for the duel to commence. The top-ranked students form every dorm flooded the stadium and those unable to attend would view on their monitors, courtesy of Estevan's computer-upgrades.
As the King gave his speech to the crowds, Clover, Sam, and Alex couldn't believe how many students there were. “Gee… what a crowd.” Alex said. “Hey, wait a second… that guy owes me a week's detention.”
Clover however was lost in her own mushy thoughts at all the handsome student-bodies she saw. “Ooh… I'd so get into that guy.” she gushed. “And him… and him… ooh I'd like some of that hunk too.”
Sam however sighed grimly. “Oh give me a break…!” I placed my hand over hers “Steady Sam… they can't do anything way up here in the box.”
Just then, Sabrina, Estevan and I were called up to deliver our parts of the speech. Then it was time for me to make the introductions of the students in the duel. “Presenting, the top ranked student of the year. From the Obelisk Blue Dorm, it's Davis Motomiya.”
Davis entered and everyone in the stadium cheered. Some of the Obelisk girls wooed, and exchanged their lovey-dovey expressions at him… Davis did shoot them a sharp smile and a thumb-up, but still… Kari was the only girl for him.
He made his way to the dueling stand and waved to the crowd.
“And now…” I said with pride, “As per Davis' request-- here come his two opponents who will face off against him and his partner. Here they are from the Ra-Yellow Dorm. Takeru Takashi and Hikari Kaymiya…!”
TK and Kari entered from different corners of the stadium, and waved to the cheering crowds as they made their way to the dueling-stand alongside Davis.
“Hey…” Alex asked, “Who is the fourth duelist supposed to be, anyway…?”
Clover and Sam didn't know, either.
Estevan was snickering under his virtual-breath, “Heh, heh… boy are you girls in for a surprise.” he said. The girls wondered what he was talking about… and then they got their answer as I announced the final student.
“Now… the final student; Please welcome the top-ranked Slifer-Red student this year… Mandy…!”
Each of the spies' eyes bulged like ping-pong balls. “MANDY…?”
Mandy strutted in as if she was being welcomed to be the next prom-queen. Showing off, and boasting as usual. Much to the spies' annoyance and they weren't even the ones she was talking to. “Could she be a bigger brat?” Sam wondered.
Clover even had another one of her “vengeful-visions” whereas every monster and fusion monster in her deck chased Mandy down the street and blew her to bits, but now that was up to TK and Kari…
I went over the final layouts of the speech, and went through the rules, which were the same as before: Both duelists on either side had to be knocked to win, and teammates were allowed to use their cards to protect each other.
Other than all that, it was time to begin.
Mandy already had taken her place and thought cheekily. “Wait until these losers get a look at the sweet cards I got.” First she planned to take out TK and Kari… then Davis…
Then she planned to move onto the spies' and me for all the times we humiliated her, and the supposed rough way s we treated her throughout the term… even though all the detentions and punishments we gave her were fair and perfectly reasonable for her rebel ways.
Davis however was standing face-to-face with Kari and TK one last time before the match. “I guess this is it…” TK said.
“Looks like it.” added Davis.
Kari felt really nervous, but she put her hand out, “Good luck guys.” she said bravely. Davis and TK placed their hands over hers, and then they all took their places and prepared their disks and cards.
The spies were still wondering why Davis chose Mandy to be his tag-partner. Her attitude hadn't changed a bit, and she was just as snotty as ever.
Only the King and I myself knew why we wanted to pair Davis up with Mandy. We explained privately to the girls that ever since the darkness had lifted we recently used our items and sensed that SHE was the one who broke into the factory and stole the new cards.
“Well then, why let her get away with it…?” Alex asked. “Shouldn't we turn her in or something?”
“Unfortunately we haven't enough evidence to prove her guilty just off the bat.” The King said, “But this duel should expose her, and it will give everyone a glimpse of the new cards I was making.”
The spies weren't sure how to go along with this, but at that moment, I asked Sabrina to come up to the stand with me. “And now… to start the match off… I wish for my wife, the Princess to have the honor.”
Sabrina held her hands up high causing the crowd to cheer ever more. She then grabbed hold of a confetti-blower, and pulled the string, “Let the match… commence!” she said with pride.
BOOM! The Confetti-blower exploded. The crowd cheered, and the duelists all shouted out, “LET'S DUEL…!”
The final game was on.