Totally Spies Fan Fiction ❯ Yugioh: Dueling Drama Much Season 4 ❯ Grad Duel: Part two ( Chapter 33 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Mandy was still mocking how pitiful TK and Kari's side of the field was looking. She acted as though as if she was the one who did all the work, even though Davis did his share too.
Mandy laughed with her trademark snigger, “Just look at you losers! You're locked into place with two fierce Dragons starring you down.”
In a way, she was right. With Davis' Barrel Dragon, and Mandy's XYZ-Dragon Cannon still on the field. Their cards wouldn't be as safe, nor would they stay on the field very long if their luck didn't hold up.
The spies had butterflies in their stomachs from watching the action way up in the box with the rest of us. “I don't think I've ever seen a stickier situation before.” Sam said.
“I know…” added Clover, “I mean… if one of those Dragon's doesn't get them, the other one will. How can anyone find their way around that?”
The King accepted that as a compliment. He was a man who lived to create challenges, as well as partake in them as well. It was that very inspiration that helped him create the cards that made his game the most worthy of challenges in his life… and of other lives.
But the duel was still on, and it was Kari's turn…
(Mandy: 5100/ Davis: 7200)
(TK: 6200/ Kari: 7500)
She believed that she may have found a way to get one of the Dragons off the field, but it wasn't going to be easy.
She drew her card…
Kari: “At least I can still use my face down card. Activate MONSTER REBORN…!Now I can revive a monster that's in my graveyard, and I'll choose… WINGWEAVER…!”
(Def: 2750)
Mandy and Davis were surprised to her do that, but then Mandy realized that it was obvious seeing as how it was of one of the ten cards Kari lost on her last turn.
TK however was glad Kari revived it, as it would possibly give them a chance. HE shot her a wink, and she nodded at him in response.
Kari: “Now I have another spell card to play… BLOCK ATTACK… And I'll use it to switch the XYZ-Dragon Cannon to defense-mode.”
Mandy: “Hey…!”
(Def: 2600)
I noted Kari's strategy, “Hmm… well thought of.”
Alex wondered, “What's well thought of?”
I explained to her that was obvious of what Kari was up to. Both he Dragon machines each had the power to destroy cards instantly… but Davis' Barrel Dragon could only destroy monster-cards, and only by chance… if Davis called all three coin-tosses. Plus… it was weaker than the Wingweaver was in any case.
“The Dragon Cannon however is much stronger, and can wipe out cards more effectively.” I said. “Kari figures that if she takes out Mandy's monster first, she and TK just may have a chance.”
Kari: “Now Wingweaver let's demolish that Dragon Cannon! Attack…!”
Mandy: “Ah, ha, ha, ha…! You fell right into my trap either way.”
Kari: “What…?”
TK: “Huh…?”
Mandy: “Now I activate ATTACK GUIDANCE ARMOR…!”(Anime Card only)
Kari gasped when she realized what Mandy's trap was doing. “With this trap, I can force your attack to go any way I chose… and I think I'll let you attack my Dark Clown!”
(Atk: 2750) VS (Def: 1200)
Kari was confused. Why would Mandy play a trap which resulted in the destruction of her own monster? She wondered, but then she realized, “Oh, no…!”
“Oh yes…!” Mandy sniggered, “My Deck Destruction Virus trap will now send ten more cards in your deck straight to the graveyard!”
Kari was nearly devastated. “Half of my deck… gone just like that?” she asked rhetorically.
Mandy grinned wicked, “And don't forget… since my Dark Clown was destroyed in battle, I can automatically summon a new one in its place!”
(Def: 1200)
She sniggered with her trademark laugh, “Well… what do you say now…? At this rate, you'll be out of cards before you're out of life points.”
Kari was far from beaten. She placed a card face down and ended her turn.
Mandy drew her next card, and no surprise, she was laughing again. Even Davis was getting annoyed, “Is she going to laugh like a hyena every time she draws…?” he thought to himself.
Mandy: “Time to add a little more fire power to my arsenal. So I'll summon forth V-TIGER JET…!”
(Atk: 1600)
“And now… you remember my Ultimate Offering… I'll pay 500 points so I can bring out another monster…”
(Mandy: 4600/ Davis: 7200)
(TK: 6200/ Kari: 7500)
“I summon W-WING CATAPULT…!”
(Atk: 1300)
TK and Kari suddenly caught onto what Mandy was doing, “Don't tell me…” TK said, “You're going to fuse them as well…?”
Mandy's eyes tinkled with a wicked glare. “Looks like you can be taught.” She mocked at him.
Then she removed her two new machines from played, “I summon forth… VW-TIGER CATAPULT…!”
(Atk: 2000)
In the box, the spies got the feeling that the monsters they had just seen appear were more of the cards that were stolen. The King nodded, “But just wait… you're about to see another one.” he said.
“Daddy…?” Sabrina asked, “What do you mean another one?”
I used my Millennium-Necklace to look on ahead, and I could see what he meant…
Mandy: “If you geeks thought that both my monsters were bad… just you wait until I merge them together as well.”
Kari: “Hold on…! Arte you saying that they can join together as well…?”
Mandy: “Well duh…? That's what I said.”
Mandy then ordered her XYZ-Dragon Cannon to Combine with her VW-Tiger Catapult. All five of the machines separated and combined together to form a super-sized robotic-creature… Even Davis was amazed… “Whoa…! what is that thing?” he wondered.
Mandy smiled cheekily, and introduced her new monster. “This is the ultimate creation of Union monsters.” she said. “Presenting the one… the only… VWXYZ-DRAGON CATAPULT…!”
(Atk: 3000)
TK and Kari had a bad feeling about this new monster. They had never seen it before and had no idea what it was capable of, but Kari soon got the idea when Mandy activated its first special ability…
“Now I don't have to discard anything to remove one card from play on your side of the field.” She said as in a snap Kari's Sanctuary in the Sky card was removed from play and the field warped back to normal again.
“Uh-oh…!” Kari muttered under her breath.
Mandy then ordered her monster to attack the Wing weaver, “Oh and BTW…” she said, “When my Dragon Catapult attacks, I get to choose what mode your monster goes, so I'll leave it in attack-mode.”
(Atk: 3000) VS (Atk: 2750)
(Mandy: 4600/ Davis: 7200)
(TK: 6200/ Kari: 7250)
Without her field spell in play, Kari couldn't defend her life points that turn. Even though it wasn't too much damage she still felt she was in great danger, and who couldn't blame her… Now that Mandy's monster was twice as worse as before, and her life-point defense no longer in effect… she was really in a serious spot.
But… she believed in her teammate and hoped for the best that TK would be able to find a way to pull through for her, and it was his turn.
TK drew his card, hoping that it would be something that he could use. “I play POT OF GREED…” she said, “So now I draw two more cards.”
He did have something that he would be able to use, but it was even riskier than ever, but he realized that if he didn't do anything… Mandy and Davis' monsters would clean them both out.
Plus, now that Kari was defenseless, and half her deck was in the graveyard already. He needed to protect her now more than ever. He decided to go for it…
TK: “Okay… here I go.”
“I activate the Equip spell PARALYZING POTION ! And I think I'll Equip it onto the Barrel Dragon!”
Davis: “Ah…!”
Mandy: “Huh…?”
Volts of electricity surrounded Davis' machine, and it roared loudly before freezing into place.
“Hmm… clever move…” Davis said. He knew fully well that as long as that potion card was attached to his monster, it wouldn't be able to attack.
“And that's just the beginning…” replied TK. “Now that I've gotten the Barrel Dragon out of the way, it's time for me to clean the clocks with that Catapult as well.”
Mandy blinked her eyes twice, and then laughed hysterically. “Take out my Dragon-Catapult? You and what army…?”
“This Army…!” TK snarled.
TK: “Now I play… POWER BOND…!”
The crowds all gasped and exchanged expressions of shock…
TK: “Now I fuse together GYROID… and STEAMROID…! Now I summon forth… STEAM GYROID… and its attack power is instantly doubled!”
(Atk: 2200) Becomes (Atk: 4400)
Mandy: “No… wait…! You can't do this…! Not to me…”
TK: “Just watch me…! Go Steam Gyroid… attack Dragon Catapult!”
(Atk: 4400) VS (Atk: 3000)
Mandy: “AAH…! My Catapult Cannon! It's gone”
(Mandy: 3200/ Davis: 7200)
(TK: 6200/ Kari: 7250)
TK smirked and nodded his head, and Kari smiled at him. The crowd cheered for joy, even the Slifer students were overjoyed to see Mandy get hit like that…
The spies were leaping like giddy school-girls over TK's victory. “He did it… He really did it!” cried Clover.
“Mandy totally got what was coming to her.” added Alex.
Suddenly they stopped cheered when Sam realized, “Wait a minute…! TK used Power Bond…!”
Sabrina sighed in near disappointment, “I'm afraid so…” she said. “When his turn ends, his life points will take damage equal to the original attack points of his monster.”
The girls felt as if they were going to fall to pieces, but Estevan looked in closer, “Wait… look at the scores.” he said as he motioned towards the duel. We all gazed down and noticed that TK did end his turn, seeing as how his hand was empty, but his life point score hadn't been.
“Hey…! What's going on?” Mandy sneered. “You should be down 2200.”
Kari smirked, “Think again...!” and she revealed her trap, “I activate PIKERU'S CIRCLE OF ENCHANTMENT…!”
“Ah. Of course...!” Davis said, “Kari must've known TK would play his Power Bond spell and set that card up to negate the damage he would've taken.”
TK turned to face her, “Thanks a lot Kari…” he said politely. Kari however considered it as the little favor she owned him for protected her a few turns back with his SHIFT card…
Davis really impressed now. Kari and TK were dueling better than ever. He was just sorry he never admitted to himself that they were this strong in the first place. “I'm glad I chose these two to represent me in the finals…” he thought to himself, “But they better enjoy their little victory while they can… because I guarantee it won't last them long.”
To Be Continued…