Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin! ❯ Why Must they Suffer!? ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin
Seiuchin grunted as Steven continued to send volts of electricity down his spine. This was truly a terrible pain as Seiuchin was a sea creature.
“SEIUCHIN!!!!” Mantarou screamed at the top of his lungs, “PULL THROUGH, PLEASE PULL THROUGH!!!”
“He can't hear you,” Judas replied, grinning wickedly, “Don't forget, what you see is merely an image on a TV screen. Nothing you say will reach his ears.”
That was kind of a funny expression as Seiuchin's ears were impossible to see, but ignoring this, something strange happened as the walrus was just about to lose consciousness.
He heard a strange sound. It sounded like a strong gust of wind at first, but soon it sounded like someone's voice. Yes, he knew it well. It was Mantarou begging him to pull through.
Seiuchin gritted his teeth as he threw his arms forward, ignoring the immense pain going through him. Steven's eyes went wide as Seiuchin had successfully hurled the boy over his shoulders. Steven landed hard on his back as Seiuchin sent his leg down on the boy's neck for a guillotine drop.
“I must win for the sake of Rinko-chan and Mantarou-san!” Seiuchin stated with anger in his eyes, “You are not allowed to defeat me!”
Steven groaned in pain as the walrus used his foot to lift up his Steven's left leg and started pulling on his chin. This was his infamous submission move, the tusk hold.
“WAY TO GO, SEIUCHIN!!!” Meat shouted as Mantarou let down tears of joy.
He was still lying on the ground, mind you, but the pain was starting to finally lift. Kevin wasn't watching as he was now working out for his match with Judas. There was no way he was letting this opportunity go to waste, especially if Judas wasn't willing to fight him right then and there.
Alright, I have been neglecting the others for far too long, so let's see how they're doing, shall we?
Gazelleman had been running through the pyramid for a full half-hour now. He turned a corner with an arrow pointing left figuring that the arrows he had seen were leading him to his opponent.
Much to his dismay, he ended up in an area that felt familiar to him.
`I'm right back where I started,' he thought, and then his eyes widened as his thoughts continued, `Maybe I should go where the arrows aren't pointing. Perhaps my opponent is in the opposite direction.'
Gazelleman charged towards a wall piece pointing right and rather than turning right like last time, he turned left. He was shocked when a trapdoor opened up under his feet and he fell through a hole in the floor.
“OH NO, NOT GAZELLEMAN TOO!!!” Meat screamed as Judas laughed and replied, “You overreact far too much, don't you?”
The screaming stopped when Gazelleman landed on a ring in the basement of the pyramid. Surrounding the ring was an assortment of spikes sticking up out of the floor. Gazelleman looked at this and figured that this must be part of the Demon Choujin's plan to defeat him.
Then his opponent finally revealed himself. This opponent wore and odd mask over his face. It wasn't necessarily a tribal mask, more like a common everyday grey mask with no visible mouth on it. Along with that was a very simple-looking body. In fact, this guy looked human. His body was a typical human body, not even all that muscular, and he was wearing a trench coat. Why this type of opponent was in a pyramid was beyond Gazelleman's comprehension.
Nevertheless, the deer could not let himself be fooled as he knew that his life was at stake.
“Hello,” the man said, “My name is Pierson. I am honored to face the Hercules Factory's top student in combat.”
Then he held out his hand to shake Gazelleman's. Gazelleman was a bit skeptical at first, but the gazelle saw in Pierson's eyes that the man could be trusted and shook his hand.
And much to his surprise, there were no tricks. Pierson could have easily taken advantage of this moment, but he didn't. He just shook Gazelleman's hand and let it at that.
Pierson then said, “You can begin at any time you like,” as Gazelleman nodded and charged towards the man with seriousness in his eyes. He was not going to fail.
Pierson saw an immediate opening and leaned down sweeping his leg out causing Gazelleman to fall on his back. The deer had not been prepared for such a trap, though it was simple and easy to predict. He was even more surprised when Pierson sat on his back and started pulling his legs under his armpits, setting the deer up for a Boston Crab.
Gazelleman then grinned and said, “That was a nice try, but such simple and old-fashioned moves are not enough to stop me.”
With that, much to Pierson's surprise, Gazelleman wiggled his legs managing to squeeze himself out of the hold, and before he got up, he lifted his legs up planting them into Pierson's chin causing some pain.
After getting up, he reached his arms around the back of Pierson's neck and started kicking the man hard in the knee. He kept it up for quite some time until Pierson winced and sent a high kick to the man's face knocking him into the post.
While Pierson's guard was down, Gazelleman charged towards him after placing a pair of antlers on his wrist. See, this was the step needed to set up the Antler Fist, Gazelleman's strongest move. It involved him using a wrist guard that had gazelle antlers attached to it to strike his opponent.
“I know how this works,” Gazelleman stated, rushing towards the man, “The loser is the one who is thrown into the spikes, correct? Well, how about I hit you with a different set of spikes?”
But as Gazelleman rammed his antlers into Pierson's chest, aiming for his heart, he was shocked when the antlers couldn't come off of him. In fact, there was no blood coming down Pierson's chest either and the antlers felt like they had been lodged into a hard surface rather than human flesh.
“Surprised?” the man asked with a grin under his mask, “You see, I am not as human as I appear.”
He then pried Gazelleman's antlers out of his chest and threw Gazelleman by his arm onto his back. The deer's eyes went wide as Pierson tore off his suit revealing a heavy green skin and pulled off his mask to show Gazelleman his true face. It was a frightening sight.
The man looked more like an insect than anything. His head was green with big yellow eyes and to make things more odd, his mouth was actually a pair of sharp metal pincers.
Gazelleman looked at him funny after that statement and remarked, “I don't understand… pincers only cut things in half… they don't pierce through anything.”
Pierson's eyes widened as he exclaimed, “You're absolutely right! Then I take back my last statement!”
“It's too late, you already said it!” Gazelleman retorted as Pierson's eyes widened once more.
All was silent until the creature lifted up Gazelleman and placed his midsection into his pincers.
Gazelleman cried out in pain as blood started to pour from his ribs.
“I could very well cut you in two,” Pierson stated with a sly look, “but instead, I'd much rather beat you according to this room's rules.”
With that, he hurled his head backwards, releasing his grip on the deer. Gazelleman's eyes widened as he flew back-first into the spikes. He let out on last cry of pain until one of the spikes managed to push his heart up right out of his chest. That was it… Gazelleman was finished.
“NOOOOOO!!!!” Meat and Mantarou screamed upon seeing this sight, letting down tears as Mantarou cried, “I can't take this anymore! I don't want anymore of my friends to die for my sake!!!”
Meat angrily turned to Judas and snapped, “How could you be so heartless!? How could you allow that to happen!?”
Judas simply shrugged with a smiled and replied, “It's not my fault your friends are lousy fighters.”
Mantarou wanted so much to give the dragon a piece of his mind right now, but his body was too weak and Kevin had already called dibs. All he could do was hope that the other two would come out okay.
“ICE ROCK DRIVER!!!!” Seiuchin yelled as he slammed Steven hard into the mat. This was Seiuchin's strongest attack. Only members of his family could use it.
In order to perform this move, he first threw his opponent into the air. He would then leap up towards the opponent and flip himself upside down, locking the opponent's arms with his legs and the opponent's legs with his arms. Then he would flip his body 180 degrees so the opponent's head was facing the mat and descend hard towards the ring, slamming the opponent's head into it.
He released Steven and breathed heavily saying, “You were a tough opponent, but in the end, I was victorious.”
But just as Seiuchin was ready to be teleported out of this match, he heard a familiar voice ask, “Who said we were done?”
The walrus' eyes were wide open as he slowly turned around, noticing Steven getting up to his feet. He trembled with fear and backed away while Steven slowly stood back up and grinned.
“Don't forget the rules of this match,” Steven said, “You haven't won until you've thrown me out of the ring.”
With that, he wrapped his arms around Seiuchin, who was too spellbound to react. He then leapt high into the air shouting, “4000 VOLT DROP!!!” sending a huge electric shock down the walrus' spine and aiming his head towards the mat, slamming him hard into the surface.
Seiuchin couldn't move now. His pupils were blank as he just lay there, unable to get up.
“SEIUCHIN!!!” Mantarou cried out as Steven lifted the walrus up and held him over the edge of the square cloud and said, “Hasta lavista, Seiuchin-san.”
Grinning wickedly, he released Seiuchin body as the walrus plummeted towards the ground many feet below him. It was over now. Soon, Seiuchin would hit the ground and he would be dead.
Mantarou let down more tears shouting, “JUST LET IT STOP!!!!” as Meat was in panic. Only Checkmate and Kevin were left, and who was to say they would be alive by the end of their matches? They were all throwing their lives away and it was all in vain as they had made no progress. Mantarou had to fight all of these demons no matter what.