Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin! ❯ Medieval Times vs. The Future ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin
Checkmate had been walking around the moon for hours. Now, you're probably asking yourselves how in God's name he was able to survive on the moon without a space helmet.
Well, for some odd reason, a glass dome was surrounding the moon. Checkmate assumed that the cloaked figure had simply planted the dome there so Mantarou could fight under such circumstances.
He was just about to lose hope in finding his opponent when he noticed a chunk of ground rise up in the form of a wrestling ring. The ropes surrounding it were made from space rock just like the ring itself. He simply ignored him and entered the ring awaiting his opponent.
Then something very odd happened. A series of stars started to fall towards the moon, passing right through the glass dome. Checkmate could only watch as these stars circled around each other, a body appearing within the cylindrical shape created by these specks of light.
This man who had appeared before Checkmate had a slim build and flowing white hair. He also had tattoos on his cheeks that resembled black stars. The man wore no clothing to cover his human-like chest but he wore a pair of neon-colored pants, but he had no shoes to go with it. Finally, his flesh was a pale white color.
“My name is Cosmos,” the man stated as Checkmate bowed and said, “I am Checkmate. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I assume you are my opponent.”
Cosmos just blinked, eyes wide and remarked, “How did you know that?” Checkmate performing a face fault.
Cosmos then held his arms out and hovered slightly off the ground and said, “Welcome to my ring. As you can see, everything, even the ropes, is made out of moon rock. That means anything you hit in this ring will deal amazing damage, so slam moves will be very hard to ignore.”
“I don't care,” Checkmate remarked, “To me, pain means nothing.”
Now, if we were looking at an earlier Checkmate, that would be a completely true statement. When he started fighting as a villain working for a former villain named Sunshine, he had been trained to ignore all forms of pain as Sunshine considered pain a weakness. When he faced Mantarou, he was unable to feel Mantarou's attacks no matter how hard the kid tried, but in the end, his ignorance towards the fact that he was being injured led to his downfall as it eventually imploded in on him causing him to lose.
Checkmate now at least allowed himself to feel pain as it acted as a warning for him, but he didn't pay all that much mind to it being there.
Cosmos created a gavel with the stars and rose up a moon rock that was shaped like a bell and smacks the gavel up against it signaling the start of the match.
He wasted no time in charging towards Checkmate with his arms crossed and delivered a fierce blow to the king's face. Checkmate simply ignored it grabbing onto Cosmos' arms and twisting the demon's arms flipping him vertically onto his back.
“Not bad,” Cosmos said, a grin going across his face as he simply rose back up, hovering an inch above the mat.
“You don't seem to realize the kind of trouble you are in,” Cosmos explained, “See, I started with a simple technique to test your endurance to direct attacks… it's too bad my style isn't often direct.”
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?” Checkmate retorted, but it was too late as Cosmos started to fly around the ring with his arms out like airplane wings.
Checkmate couldn't follow the man's movements as Cosmos' arms smacked into his ribs with every trip the demon Choujin took. Checkmate then realized that there was a way around this as he closed his eyes and cancelled out all thought.
`Show yourself,' he thought as he locked in on the shockwaves created by Cosmos' movement.
He managed to grab onto Cosmos' arms as Cosmos grinned wickedly. Much to Checkmate's surprise, Cosmos shifted his position and was now mounted on the boy's back.
“That wasn't bad,” Cosmos said, “but I always have a plan B.”
Checkmate's eyes widened as Cosmos kicked him hard in the back sending him into the moon rock ropes. Checkmate felt a great pain on his chest and clutched onto it, kneeling down and breathing heavily.
Mantarou and Meat simply watched this scene with panic. Mantarou just couldn't watch this anymore. He didn't want Checkmate to die too.
During all of this, Kevin continued to train for his match against Judas. As the others were falling one-by-one, he needed to be ready, especially considering the fact that Judas was watching like the other 2 and not making an effort to prepare himself.
Cosmos slowly drifted towards Checkmate while the king was in pain with a wicked grin. As soon as he approached Checkmate, he wrapped his arms around Checkmate's neck.
“You have done quite enough!” Checkmate snapped as he grabbed the arm in an attempt to hurl Cosmos over his shoulder, but Cosmos uses his odd anti-gravity power to prevent himself from hitting the mat, keeping a tight, firm grip on Checkmate's arms and leaping high above the ring.
“I told you,” Cosmos stated with a sly grin, “I always have a plan B!”
Checkmate knew what Cosmos was doing. The spaceman was going to flip his body 180 degrees and drive Checkmate's head into the mat. The king could not allow this.
Cosmos started to flip his body backward, lifting Checkmate over his head as Checkmate planted his feet into Cosmos' chest, causing Cosmos to let go, the spaceman's eyes widened with shock.
“CHESS PIECE CHANGE!!!” Checkmate shouted as he pressed the horse head next to him, his body transforming into that of a centaur. This was meant to represent the knight in a game of chess.
Cosmos had no way to prepare himself as Checkmate planted his hooves against Cosmos' feet and drove his head hard into the mat shouting, “HIGH HORSE DRIVER!!!”
Cosmos felt a great pain as blood started to trickle from his head. Checkmate looked down at his opponent and stated, “I knew there was a flaw with your technique. See, while you always have a plan B, the one thing you can't seem to come up with a plan C!”
Cosmos had to admit, the king was right. He spent so long relying on backup plans that he never once came up with backups for the backups themselves.
He looked back to his past when his mother used to punish him for never being able to prepare himself for when his original plans failed. As a result, he dedicated his time to coming up with ways to counter failure, a plan B that would ensure success if plan A failed.
However, he had been rather successful relying on plan B that not once did he ever think of the possibility that plan B would fail him one day, and for the first time ever, it had.
“You're right,” Cosmos said slowly rising to his feet, “But I will not make such a mistake again!”
“WAY TO GO, CHECKMATE!!!” Mantarou shouted, pumping his fist in the air as Meat sighed, “Don't feel too confident about this. Don't forget that the others were killed during their moments of triumph. The same might happen to Checkmate, even if he is stronger than they were.”
Just thinking of the others brought tears to the child's eyes. Meat could have dealt with them losing, but not dying. This was just too painful for him to bear.
But it wasn't just him. Mantarou was hurting much more than Meat was. These choujins were his best friends and all 3 of them had died for his sake. Why did it have to be this way? It wasn't their time, so why?
Life just wasn't fair, plain and simple. Mantarou had never been good at telling himself that, so this was hard to deal with for him.
Cosmos flew towards Checkmate against who held his arms out to grab Cosmos' arms by instinct, but Cosmos simply flipped his body over, latching his legs to Checkmate's shoulders and throwing his body forward. Now Checkmate was on his knees, upper body being pulling back with Cosmos' mighty grip.
Checkmate realized that his back would let out if he didn't get out of this, so he shifted his legs in the hopes that he could get off of his knees and spread them out, escaping from the back breaking position.
Just as it seemed his back was going to give way, he managed to release his legs from under his knees and spread them out forward so now Cosmos was only pulling on the king's arms.
Cosmos saw that this was futile, but as long as he had Checkmate's arms in his grasp, he may as well take advantage of it. He grinned wickedly, leaping into the air with Checkmate's arms still behind him, pulling Checkmate against his back. He then held Checkmate's arms like backpack straps and rose Checkmate's body up a little ways so the king's head was above his.
Then he flipped his body forward, Checkmate's head aimed towards the moon rock and shouted, “BACKPACK SLAM!!!” sending Checkmate's head hard into the mat.
As blood started to pour out of Checkmate's head, the king gritted his teeth, trying his best to ignore the pain. Cosmos simply laughed and smiled at the king.
“Why do you bother trying?” he asked, “Come on, you've already lost 3 lives. Are all these hero's lives worth one human life?”
“Wait…” Checkmate remarked, “Are you telling me my allies are dead!?”
“Oh, that's right,” Cosmos said, holding a hand up to his mouth, “You weren't able to see that… oh, this must be so hard on you…”
Checkmate let down tears in response to this. To think that his own friends were dead now. But soon those tears turned to an undying fury. He wanted more than ever to win now, not only for Mantarou but for Terry the Kid, Seiuchin and Gazelleman, the 3 brave souls who died fighting for their best friend.
Checkmate angrily pressed the rook on his other shoulder shouting, “CHESS PIECE CHANGE!!!” becoming a golden castle with arms and legs.
Cosmos had no way to counter this, plan B or not. Checkmate was just too heavy as he started punching Cosmos hard in the face.
But then Cosmos, saw it, a weakness. Due to the wound he had put in Checkmate's human head earlier, his Rook form had a small crack near the top.
“Nice move,” Cosmos said, “but you should have used this earlier!”
Checkmate's eyes went wide as Cosmos lifted him up, hurling him high into the air. Before this could work, Checkmate did something rather odd.
In this form, he had a very strange ability, and he was about to demonstrate it as his body separated in two, Cosmos' hands no longer grabbing onto him.
“Don't forget that I have a plan B!” he stated as he grabbed onto Checkmate's lower body.
Checkmate panicked and attempted to kick Cosmos with his lower half, but the man shifted his body to avoid it, floating above Checkmate's lower body and using Checkmate's feet to flip the rook's head towards the mat.
“ASSISTED PILE DRIVER!!!” he shouted as he using Checkmate's own lower body to slam his upper body into the mat.
The crack on his head became bigger as Checkmate returned to his king form, barely able to stand now. Cosmos laughed and said, “You have no hope left. Just surrender to the dark side. Just be glad to know that you'll be joining your friends soon.”
“NO!!!” Checkmate shouted as he punched Cosmos hard in the face. But even this simple punch had taken a lot out of him as he leaned down, breathing heavily.
Cosmos flew towards the king. Now it was time for Checkmate to act fast. He couldn't allow his efforts to be in vein. The only failure he had ever accepted was his loss to Mantarou. This, however, he could not accept.
As Cosmos was ready to deliver a final strike, Checkmate felt all of his energy returning as he leaned backward, sending his feet up into Cosmos' chest and sending the spaceman high into the air.
Cosmos was ashamed of himself for falling victim to this, but when Checkmate flew up after him, he grinned wickedly saying, “Nice try.”
He was about grab Checkmate's waste as the king simply became his rook form once again, separating his body and explained, “This was my plan. You have now wasted your plan B, therefore you can't come up with anything to counter this!”
But wait, Cosmos had countered this before. Surely he could a second time. Sadly, due to the fact that he had only taught himself to come up with one backup plan for every situation, he just couldn't remember what he had done before.
Checkmate rammed his head hard into Cosmos' back sending the man hard into the post shouting, “SKY ROOK TWISTER!!!” as his lower body followed, only adding to the pressure.
Blood poured out of the spaceman's mouth as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Checkmate noticed a hole open up in the glass dome as an air current pulled Cosmos out into the atmosphere.
Checkmate watched with a grimace as Cosmos' head exploded from the lack of oxygen. It was over. Checkmate had won… but he had ended another's life.
Well, that was just how it had to be. He had to win for the sake of his friends, and if killing his opponent was the way to do it, he had no choice in the matter.