Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin! ❯ A Knight Must Slay a Dragon... Right? ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin
Mantarou smiled and let down tears while Meat broke out into serious waterworks. Finally, one of the heroes had won. He was just so glad that Checkmate made it out alive.
“Did you see that?” Meat asked as Judas simply grunted and said, “It doesn't matter. 3 of your friends are still dead and Mantarou has to face the 3 who killed them after my match with Kevin.”
Meat's joy died when Judas said that. The dragon was right. At the time being, Checkmate's victory wasn't nearly good enough to overshadow the events that had just taken place. And if Mantarou could barely survive one demon Choujin, how could he defeat all 3 of the others without rest?
Judas finally turned his attention to Kevin and said, “I think I've left you waiting long enough,” as Kevin finished one last stretch and looked at his opponent folding his arms and said, “You certainly have.”
Checkmate reappeared in the dark realm as he looked around, gritting his teeth and grunted, “So it's true… the others are really dead.”
Mantarou let down tears in response to this and cried, “It's just so good that you returned, Checkmate! The others died because of me!”
“Don't put yourself down,” the king remarked, “Mantarou-san, they would have done it anyway. It is our job as justice choujins to defeat evil in all forms. Even if Rinko's life wasn't at stake, they would have thrown their lives away so others would be safe.”
But why did it have to be that way? Mantarou had witnessed his friends lose before, but never had they truly died. This was just too much for him and he just wanted this all to end.
“KEVIN!!!” he shouted as the Kin mark appeared on his head, much to everyone's surprise, “DON'T LET HIM KILL YOU!!!”
Then the inner strength left the kid as he collapsed hard into the ground beneath him. He still hadn't fully recovered after what had been over an hour.
“Don't worry about me,” Kevin replied, “Just worry about yourself for now, because after I wipe the floor with this dragon bastard, you have to defeat his minions.”
“You sure are cocky,” Judas remarked with a smirk, “But enough talk. Let's see you actually prove your worth.”
“Gladly,” Kevin replied as he pulled off his outfit to reveal a blue chest plate, blue shoulder pads and, you guessed it, blue knee pads along with boots of the same color. This was how Kevin dressed for all matches and nothing would change that.
Judas grinned and stated, “Now, we can begin,” as Kevin charged at Judas.
The dragon simply dodged to the side, and considering the weight of his armor, this shouldn't have been possible.
“Nice try,” Kevin said as he spun around delivering a roundhouse kick to the dragon's side, which was one of the places not protected by armor.
“The way to defeating you is easy,” the masked fighter stated while Judas cringed, clutching onto his side, “All I have to do is hit you where there is no armor.”
“Way to go, Kevin!” Mantarou cheered as Checkmate shook his head and said, “Don't be too confident yet.”
Mantarou looked at Checkmate with a clueless look when Meat nodded and added, “It may seem that Kevin has the advantage, but don't forget, Judas has more armor than him and his body is made from scales. Scales are much harder than human flesh, so that also provides extra protection.”
Now Mantarou was worried again. Sure, Kevin was a great wrestler, but could he defeat this heavily guarded dragon?
Judas threw his leg towards Kevin for a kick but Kevin easily grabbed the oncoming foot and twisted it like a corkscrew causing Judas to hesitate. He then aimed his elbow towards the dragon's face ramming it right into the beast's jaw.
Mantarou and Meat started to cheer again as Kevin simply folded his arms and said, “I must admit, this is disappointing.”
Judas rubbed his jaw and grinned saying, “Well, if you wanted a bigger challenge, why didn't you say so?”
That said, the dragon's arm transformed into a tentacle as Mantarou started to panic. This was what Judas had used to prevent Rinko from escaping.
Kevin was also surprised that dragon could even perform such an ability, but he ignored it as he simply grabbed it when Judas whipped it at him.
“That was quite surprising,” Kevin stated, “but it is an ability that can be easily avoided.”
“Oh, is it?” Judas remarked with a wicked grin as the tentacle started to expand in length, wrapping itself around Kevin's arm.
The boy had no time to respond when Judas reeled him in delivering a hard punch to his abdomen. Kevin flinched in response and received a hard shoulder tackle to the face, falling on his back.
Then Judas leapt off the ropes and went in to slam his body atop Kevin's, but the masked boy regained focus and propelled his legs into the air, planting them hard into the dragon's belly. Luckily for Kevin, this was the only part of the front of Judas' torso that the armor didn't protect as there was a hole where the belly was. It was mostly due to a lack of materials needed to fill in that spot.
But not all was looking up as Judas smirked, ignoring the pain in his belly completely and finishing off his attack, crushing Kevin's body and bending his knees in the process.
“How stupid you are,” Judas taunted, getting back to his feet, “Had you not attempted that bone-headed move, your legs wouldn't have been hurt in the process.”
Mantarou just stared, wide-eyed as Judas grinned wickedly at him as if to say `It's over'. But there was no way that single move could have crippled Kevin. This boy had survived far worse than a heavily-armored body falling on him.
And this was proven when Kevin slowly rose back to his feet, ignoring the sharp pain in his legs and asked, “Who said I had been defeated?”
Judas gritted his teeth as the masked boy stated, “I finally figured it out, you monster. I've spent the entire match thinking that the only way I could defeat you was by attacking the spots without armor on them, but it seems that there is a reason why you don't protect those areas. They are the strongest points on your body.”
“Bravo,” Judas replied, clapping his hands slowly with a grin while Meat was even more afraid after hearing this, “What exactly do you plan to do about this?”
Kevin said nothing and simply propelled himself off the ropes landing a hard kick to the armor surrounding Judas' chest.
“I see,” Mantarou stated, “All Kevin has to do is break Judas' armor so he can access his weak points!”
“That's all well and good,” Checkmate replied, “but you make it sound too easy.”
“He's right,” Meat replied, Mantarou looking dumbfounded again, “Judas' armor is very tough, so Kevin needs to put a lot of force into his attacks if he wanted to break it.”
This was a very true statement. Sure, Kevin knew how to defeat his opponent, but would it really be that easy? Breaking armor was much easier said than done.
Kevin started dealing a series of kicks to Judas' armor, but the dragon felt no pain as he simply grabbed Kevin's leg asking, “Had enough?”
“Not quite,” Kevin replied as he took advantage of this, flipping his body so he was upside down behind Judas, clutching onto his torso. He then shifted his weight as hard as he could causing the two to switch position, Judas' helmet being driven into the mat and Kevin's arms and legs wrapped around his body and pulling inwards to apply more pressure to the armor.
“WAY TO GO, KEVIN!!!” Mantarou cheered while Meat simply smiled and said, “It looks like he might win this after all.”
But Judas was still grinning. It seemed as if those attacks had done nothing to his armor at all.
He placed his hands against the mat and lifted his body up, Kevin still pressing hard on the dragon's upper body. Then Judas allowed his body to collapse, slamming Kevin's back hard against the mat.
Judas then took advantage of this position and wrapped his legs around Kevin's neck, holding Kevin up in a handstand position.
“This move might seem familiar to you,” the dragon said with a grin as Kevin's eyes widened. There was no way this dragon could possibly know his father; Robin Mask's finishing move… was there?
The dragon leapt into the air, flipping his body upward and wrapping his body around Kevin waste them aimed Kevin's legs towards the mat, his own legs still wrapped around Kevin's neck. He then descended towards the mat slamming Kevin's neck hard into the canvas shouting, “ROBIN SPECIAL!!!!”
Kevin felt great pain, blood spraying up out of the eye holes on his mask and lay on the mat, unable to move. The blood that hadn't gone through his mask simply trickled down his chin as Meat started to panic again.
“This is horrible!” Meat cried as Mantarou, eyes wide shouted, “KEVIN!!!!”
He really wished he could help. However, Checkmate was calm. Did he know something the others didn't?
“Now that Kevin's unable to move,” Judas said, “I think it's about time he finally got what he deserved and just died.”
Judas then pointed two of his fingers outward and aimed them towards Kevin's ribs, but just as he was about to jam them into Kevin's flesh, the boy's eyes opened wide and Kevin grabbed his wrist.
“WHAT!?” Judas spat as Kevin threw his body upwards, mounting himself atop Judas' shoulders. He then raised his arms into the air and slammed his elbows hard into the dragon's helmet as hard as he could. Sure, it dealt some minor pain to his elbows, but this was nothing to him.
“This is a move my trainer, Warsman, taught me!” Kevin exclaimed while Meat simply let down a tear of happiness. This was a move that Warsman, a first generation `Fighting Computer' had used against Kinnikuman in the final round of the Choujin Olympics.
Finally, after all this effort, cracks had started to appear on Judas' helmet, but the dragon gritted his teeth and shouted, “THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO KEEP ME DOWN!!!” grabbing onto Kevin's legs and leaning backwards, planting Kevin's neck into the mat for an incomplete suplex.
Kevin had released his move, this much was true, but he was just glad to have finally made some progress. If he could keep this up, Judas would be wide open for his strongest moves.
But Judas had other plans as he grabbed hold of Kevin and hurled the boy high into the air. He then leapt up towards him saying, “You've had your fun, but now it's my turn to shine!”
Meat started to panic again while Checkmate remained calm. There was no way Kevin would be caught in such a simple attempt at a finishing move.
Truer words had never been spoken by yours truly as Kevin used his legs to grab Judas' shoulders. Judas' eyes went wide as Kevin used this as an opportunity to flip the dragon's body over, his legs now wrapped around Judas' neck. He then placed a hand firmly against the middle of the dragon's lower body and another around his waste.
Finally, he shouted “BIG BEN EDGE!!!!” slamming Judas's helmet hard into the mat.
Meat and Mantarou both broke out into heavy cheering, even Checkmate going all-out as the crack in Judas' helmet gradually got bigger. Then the crack moved to the rest of his armor until the whole plate shattered into little pieces, Judas' entire body now exposed.
Judas had long black flowing hair growing atop his head and his build was quite average in terms of width and height. As predicted, he had green scales surrounding a white mid-section. He had no tail and the way his legs looks was also pretty predictable, so you can already imagine what they looked like.
Judas was still grinning as he slowly rose to his feet, Kevin tilting his head to the side asking, “Why are you so satisfied?”
“Do you know what you've done?” Judas asked, “That armor was hiding my true power!”
“WHAT!?” Mantarou and Meat spat as Checkmate gritted his teeth and grunted, “I should have known...”
Kevin was simply spellbound when Judas started to run twice as fast as before, circling around him at an alarming rate. He then wrapped his arms around Kevin and uttered, “You forgot to let me finish this move earlier.”
With that, he hurled Kevin high above the ring and leapt up at him, grabbing a hold of Kevin's legs and twisting them. He then started to spin Kevin's body like a twister, flipping over and aiming Kevin's head towards the mat. But it wasn't over as Judas opened his mouth and bit into Kevin's feet, only adding to the pain.
He then shouted between clenched fangs, “TWISTER FROM HELL!!!!” resuming the spinning to Kevin's body, the blood from the boy's feet now spraying like a whirlpool and sent Kevin's head hard into the mat, his blood flying all over the place and raining down on those watching.
Mantarou let down a tear as 5 droplets splashed on his forehead. Meat was unable to react as 3 droplets go on his big glasses, which looks more like large eyeballs than actual glasses. Checkmate simply bit his lip, anger filling his soul while 7 droplets fell on his chest.
But not all was over. Kevin was not dead yet, so there was still one thing left to do.
“Now, are you going to be a good little boy and stand still?” Judas asked with a smirk as he receive no answer and said, “I'll take that as a yes.”
He then lifted his right claws and jammed them into Kevin's rips. The boy's eyes opened momentarily so he could utter the words, “Good luck… Mantarou-san…” then his face became emotionless and his body was no longer moving. It was official. Kevin was dead.
“NOOOOO!!!!” Mantarou cried, getting up to his feet, anger and hatred burning within him, “JUDAS, I AM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS!!!!!”
Judas simply grinned wickedly, folding his arms and said, “Good to see that you've made a perfect recovery, Kinniku Mantarou.”