Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin! ❯ Pincers of Death! ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin
Meat simply looked at Mantarou with amazement as the kid stood tall and proud, a fierce fire surrounding him. After what had happened, Mantarou was absolutely outraged. He wasn't going to stop until Judas had been defeated and revenge had been exacted.
“Mantarou-san,” Judas said with a grin, “don't look at me as if you're going to face me right away. Don't forget that you have to defeat the others as well.”
Mantarou blinked with a clueless look. How had he forgotten that so quickly? Nevertheless, he went back to his serious look and shouted, “BRING IT ON!!!”
“Your spirit is admirable,” the dragon replied as the 3 remaining doors appeared, “Since I'm such a nice guy, I will allow you to choose your own opponent.”
Mantarou glared towards the door with the desert skull on it. Terry was the first to go down, so Mantarou was determined to avenge his death first before any others.
He sped through the door as Meat shouted, “MANTAROU, WAIT!!!” but the door closed the second Mantarou opened it.
Meat couldn't believe this. He had gone to all the trouble of coming here and he couldn't even help his student. Mantarou was almost a lost puppy without Meat's advice, so this was going to be a serious challenge.
As soon as Mantarou entered the area, he was surprised to find himself on a ring not in the middle of a desert, but in the pyramid dungeon. He looked around as a familiar demon entered. It was Pierson and this made Mantarou cringe.
“Wait, I entered the door leading to Raiwaburu,” Mantarou stated, “What am I doing here?”
“We couldn't allow you to be too prepared for us,” Pierson explained, “so Judas switched the symbols above the doors. And since my match was short compared to the others, you haven't seen much from me.”
This was very true. But Mantarou had seen enough. He had witnessed Pierson's pincers that represented his mouth. All he needed to know was that this was the very move he needed to look out for.
He then noticed something odd and looked back and forth asking, “Where is Meat-kun?”
“Didn't anyone tell you?” Pierson remarked, “Meat is not allowed to help you. Only one Choujin may enter a room at a time.”
Meat simply heard these words while the match was broadcast on the little TV and his eyes went wide. This was scary. Mantarou had never been all that good without help from the outside.
Nevertheless, Mantarou was very determined and ignored Meat's absence. He knew that Meat was at least watching him and that was enough.
Pierson grinned saying, “The match can begin at any time,” and Mantarou glared.
Pierson then blinked and said, “Come on, you can make the first move. I insist. I think you deserve it after such a tragedy took place here.”
This was true. Mantarou could still see Gazelleman's dead body lying within the spike pit. It was very disturbing.
He took this opportunity, but not trusting his opponent's sudden kindness, he slid underneath Pierson standing up behind him. Then he reached his arms around the demon's chest and lifted him up for a suplex, slamming his neck hard into the mat.
Before Pierson could even react, the kid lifted him up by the shoulder, squeezing hard into it injuring the bone slightly, and spun his body around hurling the demon into the post.
“After the way you demons killed my friends, I am showing no mercy!” Mantarou spat, “You will suffer the same amount of pain my friends had to deal with!”
Meat and Checkmate both cheered as Mantarou went in to deal a punch to Pierson's face, but before he could even realize how stupid this was, Pierson's pincers opened up and clamed down on his incoming fist. The kid screamed with pain as the demon removed the pincers, grabbing onto Mantarou's arms and hurling the kid over his shoulder and into the post.
“My, how rash we are today,” the demon said with a grin, “You should have been more careful.”
Mantarou noticed that Pierson just stood there as if allowing him to get up. What was with this guy? Even when his cover was blown, he still put up a nice guy routine. Was this guy really trying to fool Mantarou or was he bipolar?
Nevertheless, the kid was not going down so easily. He needed to strategize, though. He couldn't allow himself to fall victim to the pincers. Remember when I said Mantarou would occasionally have intelligent moments? Let's just say this was one of them.
After a while, Pierson sighed and said, “I tire of waiting,” and charged at the kid, pincers ready. Mantarou then saw it, an opening.
Just as Pierson was about ready to hit him, he ducked down and reached for his legs, but was shocked when a metal claw rose up out of the demon's knee and slammed itself up against his right hand. The right knee then sprouted a second claw, hitting against Mantarou's left hand and forth the two hands together as blood flew out.
Mantarou quickly pulled his arms out, scraping them in the process, and held tightly onto his hands, the gloves now ripped in half with a look of disbelief. He had no comments for this.
“Are you surprised?” Pierson asked, “I have pincers on my knees as well, but they only show themselves when I truly need them.”
Mantarou backed off as the pincers retracted into Pierson's knees as the demon just smiled wickedly. What kind of opponent was this?
“This is really bad,” Meat said, “He has pincers in other parts of his body. For all we know, he might not even have a weak spot.”
“I expect Mantarou to think that, but not you, Meat,” Checkmate remarked as Meat just looked at him dumbfounded, the king explaining, “Mantarou was able to grab onto Pierson's upper body with ease. That is his weak point.”
“It makes sense,” Meat said, Judas just grinning, keeping quiet during all of this, “but something I must know is… why didn't he use his knee pincers to stop Gazelleman's knee kicks?”
“I know the answer,” Judas stated, “He didn't use them because he knew he wouldn't need them in order to defeat Gazelleman because he knew Gazelleman was too weak to do any real damage.”
Meat started to fume at the head. He was tired of this guy and his smug attitude.
“YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!!” Meat snapped as Judas laughed and replied, “If Gazelleman was stronger, he'd have lasted so much longer.”
Meat couldn't believe it. Judas kind of had a point there. It was flawed, but it wasn't a bad point.
Mantarou was scared again as Pierson charged towards him with his pincers out, but the kid managed to grab onto the demon's pincers stopping him in his tracks. But just as it seemed he had the advantage, Pierson grinned and whipped his head to the side sending Mantarou into the ropes.
As Mantarou bounced off the ropes, panicking and looking for a way to stop himself, Pierson opened up his pincers and latched them to Mantarou's ribs. The kid cried out in pain as Pierson leaned back and lifted Mantarou up, head towards the mat.
“SUPLEX CLUTCH!!!” the demon shouted slamming Mantarou's head hard into the mat, causing more blood to drip from his ribcage from the pressure applied.
Mantarou let down tears thinking, `I should just give up… my life is too precious.'
“PIERSON!!!” Mantarou shouted as the demon released his hold on the kid and asked, “What is it, Mantarou-san.”
`This is it,' Mantarou thought, struggling to stay up and clutching onto his bleeding ribs, `All I need to do is say the words `I give up'.'
“I…” Mantarou started as Pierson listened with anticipation, but just as Mantarou was about to say the words, he stopped mid-sentence and thought, `If I do this, Rinko will be Judas' prisoner forever and my friends' deaths will have been in vein.'
“I WILL NEVER SURRENDER TO YOU DEMON CHOUJIN SCUM!!!” Mantarou snapped as Pierson's eyes widened.
The Kin mark appeared on Mantarou's head and that meant Pierson was in trouble. The demon attempted to clamp his pincers around Mantarou only to have the kid grab them and keep them from closing in on him. He then lifted Pierson up above his head for a back drop and slammed the demon hard on the top of his head.
“WAY TO GO, MANTAROU!!!” Meat cheered as Checkmate grimaced. He had a bad feeling about this. It just seemed too good to last.
Mantarou noticed Pierson rising to his feet and shouted, “STAY DOWN!!!” kicking the demon in the head. Nevertheless, Pierson continued to rise.
“COME ON, STAY DOWN!!!” Mantarou shouted delivering another kick to his head. But Pierson refused to let it get to him as Mantarou proceeded to slamming his fist into the monster's skull.
But Pierson ignored each and every blow, standing up fully as if Mantarou had done nothing to him, eyes now blood red.
“You are very irritating, Kinniku Mantarou!” he snapped as Mantarou started to tremble with fear, the Kin mark leaving him.
With that, Pierson opened his pincers latched them to Mantarou's neck. Mantarou cried in pain, barely able to breathe as the pincers pinched hard.
Meat stared at this with horror as did Checkmate as he shouted, “If this keeps up much longer, Mantarou will be headless!”
“I expected much more from Kinnikuman Mantarou,” Judas said, “I must admit, I am impressed that he brought out Pierson's demonic side, though.”
“Demonic side?” Meat asked as Judas nodded and stated, “It's a long story.”
Pierson felt he had applied enough pressure, Mantarou relieved to see that Pierson wasn't going to slice off his neck. But it was scared again when Pierson unleashed the pincers in his knees, locking Mantarou's legs in place.
With that, he reached his arms around Mantarou's, locking those in place and leapt high into the air, flipping his body 180 degrees and aiming Mantarou's head towards the mat shouting, “CLAMPS FROM HELL!!!” slamming the kid hard into the mat.
Blood flew from the kid's neck and legs as Mantarou coughed up a bit of blood, lying on the mat barely conscious.
“How did he get to be this psychotic?” Meat asked as Judas said, “You'll know… in the next chapter.”
(Yeah, the manga occasionally breaks the forth wall)