Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin! ❯ Pierson's Past Revealed ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin
It was a good 16 years ago when Pierson was born. His mother was a human but his father was an insectoid. This meant he was part man, part insect. Both were worried about how their son would turn out. They really wanted him to be public schooled.
If he ended up a human, this would be no problem. Even a 6-armed human would have been okay. But sadly, he was born with the look of a 2-armed stag beetle. His parents could not allow this.
So they whipped up a disguise to make him look like a human. They made for him human clothes to hide his bug exterior and formed a mask to hide his bug face from the public eyes. It worked wonders as Pierson himself grew up thinking he was a human, his parents not wanting to tell him the horrid truth.
Sure, he was slightly disappointed that he never got an ounce of his father's DNA in him, at least to the best of his knowledge, but he enjoyed being human.
You're probably wondering why no one questioned him wearing a mask in class. See, Pierson's parents were well aware of the history behind the Kinniku Family and decided to take advantage of this. They simply stated that it's the law of their religion that Pierson wear a mask. They said it must be before adulthood to get around the fact that neither of them wore a mask. And the catch was that if he were to ever remove the mask and let people see his face, God would punish him with death.
See, such a religion did not exist, only a tradition among the princes of the Kinnikuman family. But the story checked out the schools accepted it. They were to respect the students and no matter how ridiculous the idea sounded, they agreed to allow Pierson to wear his mask to school.
Kids were jealous of him and thought his mask was cool, wishing they could wear masks in class. Some even tried to convert themselves to this “religion” but their parents wouldn't allow them.
All seemed well until one fateful day. On this day, Pierson was playing Dodgeball with the other kids when one smacked him hard in the gut. The force sent him far back as he fell on his butt, but worst of all, his mask came off.
The kids gasped and panicked, fearing that their friend would be punished by God, and when they looked upon his real face, they thought he had been punished. That was until one kid stepped up and said, “Hey, the punishment was supposed to be death, not a deformity!”
`Deformity?' Pierson thought as he looked in the school fountain and saw the face the mask had hidden. Now he knew why his parents had hidden his face. He was a monster.
The kids are laughed at him and taunted him just because he was so different. This was the worst thing that could ever happen to Pierson.
But it got worse when one kid walked over to Pierson and pushed him onto his back saying, “My parents told me that your kind is known as evil choujins! We're going to make sure you don't kill us by killing you!”
Suddenly, a deep anger filled Pierson's soul. How dare they accuse him of being evil just because of the way he was born? How dare they turn on him after getting to know him for a long time?
His eyes turned blood red as a pair of pincers appeared on his face. These became permanent, unlike the ones in his knees.
The kids were all frightened as he lifted the kid who had pushed him down by the neck with his pincers and squeezed. Blood flew from the kids' neck, everyone else too scared to help him.
Then the horrible event happened. Pierson clamped down so hard that the kid's neck was cut in half.
The kids all screamed and ran back inside the school as the kid's head rolled across the ground. Pierson's eyes return to normal as he looked down at the kid and cried, “WHAT HAPPENED!!!?? WHY IS THIS KID DEAD!!!??? WHO DID THIS!!!???”
“And that's where his demonic side comes from,” Judas said as Meat simply nodded and said, “He dealt with such a horrible past. He gets this way when others hurt him too much.”
“It's understandable,” Checkmate replied, “but it doesn't have to be this way. He has control over it, but he doesn't realize it.”
Mantarou lay on the mat, still barely able to breathe as he thought, `Could Pierson have also suffered a horrible childhood trauma like Forestman?'
Unlike before when Pierson allowed Mantarou to stand again, the bug leapt onto his back and clamped down on his neck. He hissed as if he couldn't even speak anymore. He had finally lost all sense of reality.
“NO, MANTAROU!!!” Meat cried as Mantarou's neck was squeezed.
Mantarou couldn't help it. He was going to die. But this couldn't happen, could it? His friends had sacrificed themselves for him. He had done all this to save Rinko. Kevin did all he could to make Judas vulnerable.
Mantarou saw it now. Maybe Kevin knew he was going to die when he found out Judas' weakness. Maybe Kevin just wanted to destroy the dragon's armor before he went down for good so Mantarou would have a fighting chance.
The kid gritted his teeth, fuming at the head with rage. He couldn't allow all of this to be in vein. His friends may have died, but it was for his sake. Terry the Kid had exposed Raiwaburu's abilities. Seiuchin had shown that it was possible to harm an opponent like Steven despite the electricity produced by his body. And Gazelleman had exposed Pierson's true form. Mantarou was not going to let all of this go to waste.
The Kin mark appeared once again as his neck started to bulk out. Pierson's eyes widened as the points on his pincers shattered into tiny pieces.
“THAT'S ENOUGH FROM YOU!!!” Mantarou spat as he threw his elbow into Pierson's face. With the clamps badly damaged as they were, he could do nothing about this.
Mantarou then hurled him high into the air and ran over to the ropes propelling himself off of them.
“THIS MOVE MAY HAVE BEEN REVERSED, BUT IT'S NOT COMPLETELY USELESS!!!” he shouted as he flew forward, a flame surrounding his body and his head sticking out.
Pierson's eyes went even wider when Mantarou's head rammed into his back, Mantarou locking his arms and legs in place with only his hands and shouted, “MUSCLE MILLENIUM!!!” sending the bug demon hard into the ropes.
Now the pincers had almost completely shattered, the only ones remaining being the ones in his knees. All that remained of his mouth pincers were the small portion that he used to communicate with and that was it.
He fell to the ground as Mantarou breathed heavily. Pierson's eyes returned to normal as he let down tears and said, “You defeated me, Kinniku Mantarou.”
Mantarou grinned and nodded, but became worried when Pierson said, “You know you can't leave until I'm dead, right?”
“No,” Mantarou remarked, “I refuse to let you die!”
This was one of Mantarou's fatal flaws. It made him a compassionate person but also made him a softie. Unlike the other choujins, he was afraid of killing his opponents. He never wanted to end anyone's life. Injuring them so they couldn't perform evil acts was good in his eyes, but not killing. It was just against his nature to murder someone, evil or not.
“You must,” Pierson replied, “I am a monster who deserves to be destroyed.”
“No,” Mantarou replied, leaning down to held him back to his feet, “You may have been born looking different, but a monster would not admit to being one.”
Pierson let down tears and said, “Goodbye, Mantarou,” leaning backwards, propelling his legs up with the ropes and allowing himself to fall head-first into the spike pit.
A single spike pierced through his head and that was it. His life had ended.
Mantarou let down tears thinking, `I have to do this to every one of them. How can I bring myself to do such a thing?'
He was teleported back as Judas simply clapped and Meat and hugged Mantarou shouting, “That was a great job, Mantarou-san!”
“Well done,” Judas said, “Are you ready for your next match?”
Mantarou fell on one knee as Checkmate stated, “Mantarou is tired. I shall fight in his place!”
“No,” Judas replied, “Those who fight once are not allowed to fight in Mantarou's place again.”
That was so unfair. Meat just let down tears. How could he be so cruel?
“WAIT!” shouted a voice as Judas turned his gaze to a separate platform that moved towards this platform as the figured walked forward.
“I will take Mantarou's place,” said a man.
Mantarou looked at the man smiling and letting down a tear. Meat simply blinked. He and Checkmate had no idea who this was.
Mantarou let down tears of joy shouting, “I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! FORESTMAN, IT'S YOU!!!”
That's right, Forestman was back and looking healthy again.
“How could you get your health back so quickly after such a defeat?” Judas asked as Forestman explained, “I gathered energy from the roots and soil.”
Judas nodded in understanding then asked, “Why are you helping Kinniku Mantarou?”
Forestman grimaced and replied, “He showed me that the path of evil only brings pain and misery! I refuse to play a part in this any longer!”
“Very well,” Judas replied with a grin, “You may face an opponent of your choice.”
Meat just glared at this man. If Forestman was originally a Demon Choujin, how could he be trusted? But Mantarou had no problem with him and Checkmate gave an approving nod, so Meat put his faith in the mutated flower.
“Careful what you pick,” Meat stated, “He switched the doors.”
“I know,” Forestman replied as he ran through the door with an eyeball over it.