Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin! ❯ Forestman Repents ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin
As soon as Forestman entered the room, he found himself on a cloud shaped like a wrestling ring. This was perfect. He knew that Steven would be in the room with the eyeball as there was no way he'd be in the room with the lightning rod.
Some of you are probably wondering why Forestman chose Steven while to others, this reason would be obvious. This reason I will reveal later.
Steven floated up on a cloud into the ring and blinked saying, “Forestman, why are you here?”
“I'm here to fight you,” the mutated sunflower replied, getting into a fighting stance as Steven narrowed his eyes saying, “I knew you would one day betray us. You never had pure evil in your blood.”
Forestman was a little bit offended by that statement. He felt that up until now, he'd been a great villain. But then again, he had spent a longer period of time with a good heart than the others had. He was, after all, at least 4 years older than the rest. Some would call him a veteran because of that, but due to the fact that he never fought until he was 18, he only had a couple of years' worth of experience while the other Demon Choujin had used their powers in combat since they were only 12.
Steven signaled the start of the match when he leapt quickly at Forestman placing his palm against the plant man's head grinning and releasing a large amount of bolts down Forestman's spine. But he gasped when he noticed only small burn marks, Forestman showing no real reaction to the attack.
“But… how is that possible?” Steven asked, his smile fading while Forestman changed his fingers into vines whipping Steven in the face, putting 3 slices in his cheek.
Steven held onto the side of his face, amazed that Forestman had already drawn first blood. That didn't surprise him. Forestman's whips were very much like knives. They could cut through wood, so human flesh was easy for the vines to penetrate. But what still confused Steven was how Forestman showed little to know pain from the electricity.
Before Steven could contemplate this further, Forestman ran over to him, wrapping his arms around the boy's neck and lifting him up above his head by the head. This was known as a Brain Buster and Steven had no way to avoid it. Sure, his head was only slammed against a cloud. Slam moves weren't that effective in the clouds, and as slamming wasn't Steven's way of fighting, it was a good mat for him to fight one. However, that didn't mean slam moves didn't hurt.
“You seem confused,” Forestman stated while Steven slowly got back to his feet, panting heavily and waved his flowing white hair out from in front of his eyes saying, “Yes, please explain why my electricity has no effect on you.”
“It is because I am part plant,” Forestman replied, and as if the two were perfectly in sync with each other, Meat was explaining this to Mantarou and Checkmate at the exact same time adding, “Due to this, any pain inflicted by electricity is weakened significantly. That's why Forestman chose Steven as his opponent. He has an elemental advantage over him.”
“Amazing!” Mantarou exclaimed with sparkles in his eyes as Checkmate grinned and said, “This new friend of yours is smart. I guess that kind of knowledge comes from working with the Demon Choujin.”
Forestman proceeded to whip his vines into Steven's back, the boy crying out in pain as gashes appeared on his back and his spandex had been ripped.
“You can harm me all your want…” Steven huffed, “you can even make me bleed… BUT NEVER MESS WITH MY BATTLE OUTFIT!!!”
“It looks ridiculous on you, anyway,” Forestman remarked as Steven fumed shouting, “SHUT UP!!!”
Suddenly, lightning came down into Steven's hands as much to both him and Forestman's surprise, a pair of gloves formed. Steven's eyes sparkled as he beamed, feeling very proud of himself right now.
“I'VE SUMMONED THE LIGHTNING GLOVES!!!” Steven shouted, “This is an ability passed down throughout my family for generations! It gives us a big power boost and ensures easier victories!”
Forestman had been taken aback, feeling rather impressed by this. However, there was one flaw with this.
“If those gloves have the power of lightning like the name implies,” he stated, “then they are useless against me. They may give you more power against a normal opponent, but against me, those gloves take away any possible damage you could have inflicted to me with yours hands.”
Steven grinned and cracked his knuckles, seeming to ignore that statement. At least that's how Forestman saw it. But what he didn't realize was that Steven knew something about these gloves, something that he knew would give him the upper hand.
Forestman charged at the boy with determination readying his vines, but as he sent them down upon Steven, the boy simply grabbed them as electricity came out of his gloves and into the vines.
“You fool!” Forestman spat, “Why do you even bother!? Lightning is useless!”
But his tune changed, eyes widened as he noticed the vines starting to turn black. He knew what this was. This was what happened to plants when they burned.
He quickly changed his vines back into fingers as he blew into them asking, “How is that possible?”
“The lightning in the Lightning Gloves is fused with the power of fire,” Steven explained with a maniacal grin, “Your plant DNA has now become your biggest weakness.”
Forestman was spellbound upon hearing this. He was unable to react in time to prevent Steven from reaching his arms around him and setting him up for a suplex, adding electricity to make the move more powerful.
Forestman cringed as his neck hit the mat hard, the mutated sunflower finally taken advantage of. Could he possibly manage to get out of this? It all seemed hopeless for him now.
“FORESTMAN!!!” Mantarou cried as Meat looked at the kid with concern. He knew that Mantarou was afraid, afraid that Forestman would die like the others had. At this point, he couldn't blame the kid. Mantarou had all the reason in the world to worry. It was like Meat had said earlier. Those who died all lost their lives during their moments of triumph. How was Forestman an exception?
Forestman was once again defenseless as Steven locked his arms and legs in place, sending electricity down his spine, an evil grin in his eyes. While before, this meant nothing, this was now the worst pain the mutated plant had ever felt. And since his vines were burned, he couldn't use them to get himself out of this.
“FORESTMAN, HANG IN THERE!!!” Mantarou cried out as Judas laughed, “It's useless! I told you that he can't hear you! He is in another area!”
It wasn't clear why, but for some strange reason, Mantarou's voice was able to reach one fighting in Steven's world. This was no exception as Forestman heard the kid's voice calling out to him, cheering him on.
Forestman was just about to lose consciousness when he remembered that he was fighting for his new friend. Mantarou had rekindled his faith in mankind and was the only person other than Jenny who had no problem being his friend.
While having friend may have been uncommon, even Forestman knew that friends stuck together through thick and thin. There was no way he would let down his new friend down.
Forestman's body transformed into that of a rose as the thorns pierced through Steven's hands. Steven's eyes widened as tears went down his face. He bit his lip, trying to ignore it, but only lasted 5 seconds before letting go and screaming in pain, clutching onto his now bleeding hands, his gloves slightly ripped open.
“I have you now,” Forestman said with a smile, “I know that the only way you can ever harm your opponent is with electricity, and the only way you can use it is if you hold onto your opponent. But you cannot harm me when touching me will only cause you pain!”
Steven's eyes went wide with fear. He knew he had been cornered. Forestman had found another flaw in his strategy, and this flaw was so fatal that there was absolutely no way that Steven could think of to get around it.
Nevertheless, he refused to surrender. Demon choujins fought until death, and this was not going to change things for him. He would simply allow Forestman to kill him.
“GREAT JOB, FORESTMAN!!!” Mantarou cheered.
Meat let down a tear of joy while Checkmate grinned at Judas who simply grimaced, rather ashamed of Steven for giving up so easily.
Forestman lifted up the boy, flipped his body upside down and set him up for a pile driver, forcing Steven's head between his knees. He then leapt high into the air shouting, “THORN PILE DRIVER!!!” slamming him hard into the cloud mat.
The collision had not done much, but the thorns had. Blood poured from Steven's body as his spandex was almost completely torn to shred, the only exceptions being his wrists and ankles. Now, his entire lower body hadn't been exposed. He wore underwear, of course.
The boy just lay there covered in holes while Forestman returned to his sunflower form, picking the boy up and hurling him over the edge of the ring. He knew that he had no choice but to end Steven's life.
Judas gritted his teeth thinking, `Damn you, Forestman,' while Mantarou and Meat went wild with cheers.
“It would seem as if your Demon Choujin aren't as good as you made them out to be,” Checkmate taunted while the dragon fumed at the head, Forestman returning to the room.
“Very well,” Judas said, clapping slowly, “You did a very good job, Forestman. I can see why you once worked under my wing.”
Pointing towards the door with a lightning rod over it, he grimaced and snapped, “THAT DOESN'T STOP KINNIKU MANTAROU FROM HAVING TO FACE RAIWABURU!!!”
Mantarou's eyes went wide upon hearing this. He was so caught up in the moment that he and even Meat had forgotten that the kid had to face the last of the Demon choujins.
But Mantarou felt ready as he rose to his feet, a grin across his face as he said, “No problem,” but then his look of confidence changed to one to weakness as he felt a jolt of pain down his spine and knelt on one knee, his eyes wide open.
“It would seem Mantarou is still too tired to face the final demon,” Checkmate stated as Judas grinned and said, “Well, if Mantarou cannot even face his opponent, that means Raiwaburu wins by default and Rinko remains my prisoner.”
Mantarou couldn't believe this. So much anger was filling his soul now. Judas was truly merciless. The kid had no way to prepare himself for this.
All seemed lost until Meat put on a serious front and snapped, “NOT SO FAST!!!”
Judas looked at Meat with curiosity as the child gritted his teeth and shouted, “I'LL TAKE MANTAROU'S PLACE!!! I'LL FACE RAIWABURU!!!”
Judas had to admit, this was intriguing. Mantarou's trainer had offered to go up against a demon. He didn't know much about Meat, but as Meat was a mere child, he saw the kid as more of a punching bag than a threat.
“Very interesting,” the dragon stated, stroking his chin, “Fine, you may face Raiwaburu.”
“ARE YOU INSANE!?” Mantarou snapped, then he mustered up the strength to grab Meat's arm saying, “Please, Meat-kun, I don't want to lose you too.”
Meat looked at the kid with concern, but that look changed to a smile as he placed a hand on the kid's saying, “Don't worry about me. I know what I'm doing,” and ran for the door.