Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin! ❯ Meat Gets a Piece of the Action ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin
Note: Now I know what a lot of you Ultimate Muscle fans are probably wondering to yourself: I must be insane letting Meat battle a hybrid of a bison, a hawk and a lion. Well, just read and see for yourself how I take a match with a little kid against a big scary monster and make it interesting.
Meat was now in the desert ring, surrounded by quicksand. He knew the dangers he was facing. If Raiwaburu won this match, Mantarou would no longer have a trainer.
However, this was a risk that Meat was willing to take. Though he didn't look it, he too was a Choujin trusted by the royal Kinniku family and it was as much his duty to protect peace as it was anyone else's.
As he entered the ring, he noticed a cloaked figure glide down and land on what looked like large paws. As the man removed his cloak, he revealed himself to be Raiwaburu and stood tall and proud.
“What was the point of the cloak?” Meat asked as Raiwaburu broke his concentration and remarked, “What ever do you mean?”
“Well, it seems kind of pointless to hide yourself when the readers all know what you look like,” Meat replied.
The hybrid was about to ballistic, but then he remembered that Meat was only a kid. In fact, he was extremely short too, at least a third of the hybrid's size.
Raiwaburu blinked and broke out into hysterics, rolling across the mat with tears running down his face. Meat stared at him, blinking, while the hybrid simply coughed and wheezed before finally calming down, wiping a tear from his eye.
“Seriously,” the hybrid said, “is this a joke?”
Meat frowned and replied, “I can assure you, this is no joke.”
“One second,” Raiwaburu replied as he fell on his back once more, rolling around laughing insanely, then after about 20 seconds, he got up and wiped his forehead.
“Who knew watching comedy could be so exhausting?” he asked himself, then with a more serious look grinned at Meat saying, “Listen, kid, you'd best just give up now. I don't want to be responsible for the death of a child.”
Even Meat had to admit, he was a bit scared. How couldn't he be? This hybrid of beasts killed one of the Justice Choujin, Terry the Kid. Meat knew that his life was at stake.
Nevertheless, he just stood his ground, a serious look saying, “Just start the match already.”
Raiwaburu let out a deep roar as he charged at the child, horns out and ready. Raiwaburu was very fast and Meat had no time to dodge, so he braced himself for impact. After about 5 seconds, the kid realized that nothing had hit him.
He opened his eyes and realized that the hybrid wasn't even in front of him anymore. In fact, Raiwaburu was behind the kid rubbing his head, which apparently had been hit by something.
`What just happened?' Meat thought, but then he understood. Raiwaburu's legs almost matched Meat's height, so perhaps when the hybrid charged towards the kid, he ran right over Meat's head, since Meat was slightly crouched at the time. Not realizing that he had missed, Raiwaburu must have carelessly charged head-first into the pole. It all made sense now.
“That was a slight miscalculation on my part,” the hybrid groaned, rubbing his skull, “but I assure you, I will not make that mistake again!”
Meat sighed with relief when he saw Raiwaburu charging at him again. Wow, Raiwaburu was quite careless. Luckily, unlike Terry the Kid, Meat was not the kind of opponent for Raiwaburu to be facing as he wasn't careless like Terry was, so he crouched once again, ready for this move.
But much to his surprise, Raiwaburu lifted up his knee along the way and rammed it into Meat's skull, the kid stumbling back and rubbing his aching head.
“I'm amazed someone who trained Kinniku Mantarou would fall for such an obvious bluff,” Raiwaburu said, “You may now how to use some fancy moves, but it's clear that you are not fit for combat.”
This was not true. Unbeknownst to many new generations, Meat had fought evil before. It was in the fight for the Kinniku Throne when Kinnikuman was defeated by a certain Mixer Taitei. Meat was left to take Kinnikuman's place and it was his first experience in battle. Afterwards, he fought the Manriki and to make a long story short, Meat was not at all unfamiliar with first-hand combat.
But Meat had no time to act on this as Raiwaburu lifted up his leg again, this time ramming his foot into Meat's face, closing his lion's claws in on the kid. Meat cried out in pain for his face now had holes in it.
With that, Raiwaburu performed a hand stand, still holding Meat's head with his foot and said, “This will be over soon,” sending his legs down into the mat ramming Meat's body into it and finally letting go of the kid's head.
“MEAT-KUN!!!” Mantarou cried as Forestman gritted his teeth saying, “I should be fighting Raiwaburu, not Meat.”
“Don't blame yourself,” Checkmate replied, “Don't forget the rules: we are not allowed to fight again for we have already fought in Mantarou's place.”
Mantarou let down tears saying, “If I had the energy to fight Raiwaburu, I would have done it myself and not have gotten Meat involved with this. I can't lose him too!”
But the hybrid's boastful posing didn't last long as Meat slowly climbed back to his feet, glaring at the beast while his back was turned to him. Judas was shocked to see the kid rising up after such a beating. Meat's body was so small. How could that kid survive such an early onslaught?
`You made the careless mistake of ignoring me,' Meat thought as he charged towards Raiwaburu grabbing onto his ankle and pulling on it, causing Raiwaburu to topple face-first into the mat.
`No, this is impossible,' the beast thought as Meat started to bend his leg, actually causing the hybrid pain.
“I must admit,” Raiwaburu said with a grin, “that is very impressive that such a weak-looking body could handle such a beating.''
“Thanks,” Meat said through gritted teeth, still bending Raiwaburu's lion leg while the hybrid said, “I should thank you. Now I have no reason to go easy on you.”
The second he heard this, Meat's eyes widened while Raiwaburu simply lifted every part of his body except his one leg up. Sure, it actually caused his leg a bit more pain, but the beast ignored this and reached his arms around prying Meat off of him and hurling the kid into the post.
“That wasn't half bad, Meat-kun,” Raiwaburu said with a grin as he spread out his arms and took to the skies with his bird DNA, “but now you will know what true pain is!”
The hybrid flew high into the sky and out of distance as Meat blinked. Then he grimaced. He knew what Raiwaburu was up to.
`Where is he going to appear from?' the kid thought, as Raiwaburu spiraled downward and halted himself right behind Meat, aiming his fists towards the kid's back.
`Without any wings to flap,' the hybrid thought, `there's no way he can hear me coming.'
But even Meat hadn't considered this as he took a hard punch to the back. He landed flat on his face as Raiwaburu took to the skies once again.
`I doubt he'd come in from behind again,' Meat thought rubbing his head and darting his eyes back and forth, `but that's the only way he could surprise me… unless…'
He then realized it, but it seemed too late as Raiwaburu was once again spiraling downwards, this time with his horned pointed towards Meat's skull. I say it seemed too late because the truth was that Meat knew Raiwaburu was going to try this.
The kid grinned and leapt to the side as Raiwaburu's horns rammed hard into the mat, his head now jammed in place.
“Dammit!” he cursed, pushing hard against the mat, “Why didn't that kill you, you little brat!?”
“You may have tricked me the first time,” Meat stated, “but as there were no other tricks that could have worked, this one just seemed obvious.”
Mantarou sniffed tears of joy as he said, “I had no idea Meat could fight so well.”
“Even I must admit I'm impressed,” Checkmate stated, “Sure, it's easy for him to take advantage of you, and anyone can plainly see why, but against a more skilled opponent… this is truly something.”
“WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!!!??” Mantarou snapped while Judas simply grimaced. This should have been over in less than a minute.
Raiwaburu rubbed his forehead, releasing steam from his nostrils and shouted, “NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY!!!”
Meat was shocked when the hybrid leapt at Meat, planting his paws into the kid's skull. This was known as the Texas Condor kick, one of Terryman's favorite moves. While Meat's head started to spin in response to this, Raiwaburu bend down so low, one would have expected a hunch to grow from this position. Upon doing so, he scooped Meat's armpits up with his horns and hurled the kid into the air, rising up towards him and slapping his paws against Meat's sides, using them to shuffle Meat's body so his head was facing the mat.
“Time to suffer the might of my strongest move,” he stated, then sending Meat's head hard into the mat shouted, “FLYING BOVINE PAW CRUSHER!!!!”
Yes, even I must admit, that name was really lame, but nevertheless, it was more than enough to knock the poor kid out cold. Meat's body just lay there, lifeless while everyone but Judas watched in horror at the sight of it.
“I must admit,” Judas stated with a grin, “Meat was a far better adversary than I first believed him to be, but even he couldn't stop the might of Raiwaburu.”
Mantarou shouted, “Alright, he's won! Just send Meat back here and we'll accept the fact that he lost! Just please don't have him die!”
“I can't do that,” Judas remarked, “Even if I wanted to, I just simply can't. The worlds themselves are set to work this way. One cannot leave unless the other is dead.”
Mantarou pondered this and asked, “But how come I was allowed to leave Forestman's world without Forestman dying? Explain that!”
“I can explain that,” Forestman replied as a flashback started up.
After Forestman had thanked Mantarou, he secretly stabbed him in the back of the neck using his vines by grabbing onto a small chip of wood. Mantarou's return happened so quickly, that he couldn't see that Forestman was dead.
Now you're probably wonder how he lived. See, Forestman was one with the forest itself. The forest of which he had lived when serving under Judas would not allow him to die, so shortly after his death, the energy released from the plant life went into Forestman's corpse and returned him to the world of the living.
“That's truly amazing,” Checkmate said in response as Mantarou continued to weep. Now he knew there was no way to escape this. Meat had no choice but to accept death.
“MEAT-KUN!!!!” the kid screamed through tears as Raiwaburu basked in his victory like he had the last time he'd knocked Meat out. He so sure of himself that his back was turned to the boy as the child's eyes started to open once more.
`What am I doing lying around like this?' Meat thought, `I can't allow him to win. I need Mantarou to rest up for his match with Judas. If he faces Raiwaburu, he might not have the strength to defeat Judas even if he does win.'
That said, Meat slowly rose to his feet, Raiwaburu none the wiser while Mantarou, Checkmate, Forestman and Judas all stared with eyes wide open. How could Meat stand up after taking in Raiwaburu's most devastating move?
The hybrid was about to finish his victim off for good when he felt a small pair of hands wrap around his waste. His eyes were wide open as he thought, `No… it's not possible… I refuse to believe that it is…'
But it was true. Those were Meat's hands clutching onto his sides as the kid let down tears saying, “If I allowed you to win, I'll die knowing that I didn't do the best I could.”
The hybrid was too shocked to even respond to this as Meat lifted him up over his head and flipped his body back, leaping into the air and slammed Raiwaburu's neck hard against the mat.
“NO WAY!!!” Mantarou shouted, a new sense of joy filling his heart.
Judas just stared, eyes twitching and all he could think about was, `That kid used a back drop… on an opponent much heavier than he is…'
Raiwaburu lay there on the mat as Meat sighed with relief, but now he had himself a bit of a dilemma. How was he supposed to get Raiwaburu into the quicksand? His body was so weak as it was that he didn't see how he could possibly muster up the strength to pull this off.
But he was not going to give up this chance as he applied all of his might into pushing the hybrid's unconscious body out of the ring. It took a good minute and a half, but in the end, he managed to do it as Raiwaburu's body sunk into the ground and Meat was sent back to the others.
“MEAT-KUN!!!” Mantarou cried with joy in his eyes as he finally regained full strength and ran towards Meat with his arms open.
“Stop,” Meat said as Mantarou tripped and fell flat on his face asking, “Come on, is hugging me really that embarrassing?”
“No,” Meat replied, shaking his head, “It's just that I don't think I can handle a hug right now.”
Mantarou's eyes were wide open, his body trembling while the kid lost all consciousness, passing out in front of him. Judas grinned saying, “Meat did so much better than I thought he would, but there was no way his body could handle so much punishment. It's about time he had a nice rest, don't you think?”
Mantarou stood up tall and glared at Judas with a burning passion in his eyes. He was sick and tired of all of this. All he cared about now was that Judas was finally put in his place.