Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Staff Meeting ( Chapter 72 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

The Staff Meeting
There was the soft sound of applause as Arisugawa Juri strode out onto stage, her long orange hair flowing over the shoulders of her midnight black suit. The kareoke stage of the Locket had been modified for the meeting, with a stand set up for any papers and a somewhat more muted spotlight than usual. Joining her on stage was Setsuna Meiou, the black haired woman looking good dressed in a red gown, the green tint in her hair shimmering in the light.
"Good evening, friends and comrades," Arisugawa Juri smiled at them all as she said with amusement, "it's come to my attention that we've been honored to be featured recently on the God awful fanfiction forums."
Setsuna frowned, "I still don't understand why you're taking it so well."
From the crowd they heard Nabiki Tendo call out cheerfully, "Hey, any publicity is good publicity." She stood up from her seat with a grin, "You wouldn't believe the amount of visits we've gotten out of it."
Juri nodded, "That's pretty much my attitude." She saw a hand waving in the crowd and called on her, "Yes, Mahoro?"
Mahoro got up from her chair, her black and white maid's uniform hugging her slim body. "I still don't understand why they thought I'd object to working here," she looked confused as she pushed her black hair back. "Lesbians and Gays are a perfectly natural part of the population, not perverted at all."
"Well they are critics," Sasami pointed out, the blue haired princess smiling with amusement, "they probably weren't aware that psychiatrists haven't considered Lesbians to be ill or perverted for years."
"It's so hard to keep up these days," Minagi noted, holding her lover's hand. The taller woman pushed her wild mane hair back, her red bodysuit clinging as she said dryly, "It might have actually required research."
"Don't be mean," Juri smiled.
"I still think you're taking this too lightly," Setsuna said to Juri softly.
"It's all right, love," Juri smirked, "if it helps we're sending over our special negotiation team to deal with this."
"Special negotiation team?" Alpha blinked in confusion, the green haired android sitting up near the front.
"Yes, I got the volunteers together myself," Nabiki sounded very satisfied with herself as she called out, "ladies?"
From the shadows Excel Excel emerged first, then Hyatt, both of them carrying large swords and grinning evily; Ryouko was right beside them, the space pirate dressed in black and red battle garb, her energy blade ready and finally Mahoro rose from her seat, producing her wicked looking alien killing pistol from under her maid uniform skirt.
"I think they'll be able to handle things nicely," Juri smiled impishly.
"We also got a few volunteers from customers," Ryouko said, eyes glowing with anticipation, "we'll pick up Priss, Kirika and Mireille on the way over."
"Remember, whatever you do don't get caught," Nabiki cheerfully reminded them as they headed out, eager to go to work.
"All right," Setsuna sighed happily, "I think that should do nicely."
"I thought so," Juri grinned. "Lets see," she checked her notes, "any suggestions for a theme party on Easter this year?"
"We could always do an Easter egg hunt?" May suggested.
"Not bad," Sasami mused, "but what if we lose some of the eggs? I don't want to be stumbling over them weeks later."
"Eww," Minagi made a face.
"Bunnies went over well last year," Nabiki offered diplomatically.
"I think we'll go with bunnies," Juri agreed, "but costumes won't be compulsory. Also, keep whatever you're wearing tasteful."
"How do you define tasteful?" Cybersix asked, the black haired, leather clad woman standing in the rear of the group.
"Something you can walk down the street in and not be arrested for public indecency," Juri chuckled softly.
"Did something happen last year?" Alpha asked curiously.
"Ryouko kind of misjudged how well she had stuck the cups of her top on," Minagi whispered to her, "and at one point she moved too fast and.. pop!"
"Oh dear," Alpha blushed.
"Wait till you see one of our big Halloween parties," Sasami whispered to her softly, "it makes bunnies look tame."
Juri tapped something on one of her sheets of paper, "And I understand we're hosting the next meeting of the Android Girls and the Women who love them society?"
May nodded smiling, "Yes, Juri-sama. Since several girls who are members are already on staff it seemed fitting."
"Who else is going to be there?" Keiko asked her lover curiously, her long brown braid flowing down her back.
"Well," May looked thoughtful as she remembered, "there's me, Alpha and Mahoro, I understand Nuku Nuku and Emi are coming, Anna and Uni Puma, Miyu, Silvie and Anri, and of course all their various partners."
"Wow," Sasami blinked, "do we need special snacks and drinks?"
"I'll give you the list," Keiko said.
"Considering the nature of the members of the group I'd like you to try to keep local property damage to a minimum," Juri reminded them.
"Yes Juri," Alpha and May said together.
Juri looked around the room, "Is there any other business to discuss?"
"How did an alternate version of Mamoru get in here recently?" Hitomi asked curiously, her short brown hair framing her face.
"Washu-san?" Juri directed the question to her.
The redheaded genius rose, her labcoat fluttering around her childlike form. "I think the Dimension Tuner that allows the bar to exist across multiple dimensions mistook him for a lesbian," Washu admitted.
"Eh?" everyone looked at Washu in surprise.
"You have to admit that he isn't the most masculine man," Washu reminded them, "I think he might even be one of the rare breed of male lesbians." Her eyes glittered dangerously, "Maybe I can lure him down to my lab for further research."
Juri decided to just ignore that. "All right everyone," she said briskly, "lets get back to work and I hope you all have a good week."
"Very inspiring," Setsuna murmured as the group dispersed.
Juri shrugged, "Nabiki suggested I toss that in." She smiled at her lover as she asked, "Do you want to check schedules with Haruka and Michiru? I was thinking of taking everyone out to dinner one night."
"Of course," Setsuna looked surprised, "but what's the occasion?"
"I'm just feeling a bit guilty that you're all letting me skip my turn in cooking for everyone," Juri admitted. She grinned suddenly, "Though considering my ineptness at cooking, it's probably a mercy to all concerned."
"I thought the time you made me breakfast in bed was nice," Setsuna defended her.
Juri laughed, "Considering it was cold cereal and milk, it was kind of hard to mess that up."
To be continued....
The Staff: The bar's owner is Arisugawa Juri, from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Setsuna is from Sailor Moon. Nabiki Tendo is from Ranma 1/2. Mahoro is from Mahoromantic. Alpha is from the manga Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. Excel and Hyatt are from Excel Saga. Washu, Ryouko, Sasami and Minagi are from the series Tenchi Muyo. Cybersix is from the cartoon Cybersix. Keiko is also from Utena. Hitomi is from Escaflowne. And finally, Cyberdoll May is from Hand Maid May.
Our Cast This Episode: Priss, Silvie and Anri are from original Bubblegum Crisis, Kirika and Mireille are from Noir, Miyu is from Mai Hime, Nuku Nuku and Emi are from All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku, Anna and Uni Puma are from Dominion Tank Police, and finally Haruka and Michiru are from Sailor Moon.
Notes: There really is a thread on Arisugawa's Locket in the Godawful fanfiction forum, which I found quite amusing. They seem to have some issues with the content, more than my writing, as well as having too many non-canon lesbians appearing. Also, in the fic "Mamoru must die" the Locket appeared and Mamoru went into the bar, made a jerk of himself and was... dealt with. Since most guys can't even enter the bar, I thought I should touch on why he got in.