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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Old Enemies and New Friends
Usagi Tsukino sang cheerfully on the kareoke stage, her blonde hair gleaming in two long streams down her back, "I wish I was a lesbian, I wish I was a dyke, I'd hang with KD Lang, Mel Gibson take a hike...."
"Y'know, a few years ago Rei would have killed to hear that," Minako Aino looked amused, the lovely blonde drinking her soda.
"Tell me about it," Seiya Kou agreed, her long black hair falling in a ponytail down her back, the slight bulge of breasts beneath her black suit signifying her gender. She watched Usagi with caring and a barely concealed longing, her eyes gentle and caring.
"Ditto," Haruka Tenoh nodded glumly, the sandy haired woman drinking from her own bottle of beer. Both she and Seiya watched each other warily, a subtle sense of irritation hanging in the air between them
"What do you think?" Usagi asked as she bounced down to a seat nearby, her shirt a bit sticky with sweat.
"Not bad at all," Michiru Kaoru laughed happily, green hair swirling around her pretty face as she cuddled with Haruka.
Up at the bar Tina took a drink of blood mixed with wine, the lovely blonde looking faintly amused. "Sorry," she said, "I don't mean to sound disbelieving, it's just that this is the first bar I've bveen in that knowingly serves vampires... at least, the first that isn't vampire owned."
"It's all right," Arisugawa Juri nodded, her orange hair gleaming in the indirect lighting, "that's perfectly understandable." Her tight dress hugged her body as she gave Tina a thoughtful look and asked, "Has anyone explained our rules for vampires?"
"No hypnosis," Tina nodded, her own short dress giving the occassional flash of creamy thigh, "no unwilling victims and no permanent harm."
"That's it," Juri nodded, "follow those rules and you're good." She studied Tina a moment, "I still find it hard to grasp that you're over two hundred years old."
"I don't look it," Tina acknowledged. In fact she looked like a teenager, and probably would have been carded under other circumstances. As it was Cyber Six had nearly stopped her at the door until Tina was able to convince her that she was a vampire and therefore older than she looked.
Ryouko wiped the top of the bar down, nodding to both of them in a lull of conversation. The blue haired space pirate offered Tina a refill ever as she quietly adressed Juri, "We've got a problem at the front door."
Juri raised her eyebrow then nodded, "Understood."
Politely excusing herself Juri was off, cutting through the crowd easily, nodding gretings to friends and coworkers as she made her way to the front hall of the bar. As she walked up the short dark corridor Juri frowned slightly, hearing an loud argument going on outside as she neared the open front door.
"May I ask why I'm not allowed in?', she asked. her tone carrying just a bit of menace in it.
Juri nodded hello to Cyber Six as she said, "I'll handle this." She looked over at the woman who was waiting along with several scantily clad younger ladies, "Hello, Goldie. I thought I told you that you're banned for life?"
Goldie Muso smiled back, the elegant looking woman meeting Juri's furious gaze quite calmly. "I would have thought you'd reconsider that by now," she said to Juri mildly, her dyed black hair falling down her back.
"You tried to deal your drugs inside the Locket," Juri's voice was flat and cold, "that's something I will not tolerate."
"You might want to reconsider that," Goldie answered with a smile. She snapped her fingers, "Mary-Anne?"
The black haired girl smiled sweetly, "Hello, Miss Arisugawa." Still smiling, she pulled a pistol and moved it towards her temple, "If you don't let Mistress in, I'll have to..".
Before Mary-Anne could finish a wooden practice sword came out of nowhere, slapping the weapon out of her hand and bringing on a cry of pain. The slim young woman scowled, her long blue overcoat swirling around her as she let the sword rest against her shoulder. "I don't know what's going on," the dark brown haired woman said crossly, "but I don't like it."
"Ichigo," the young woman beside her scolded softly, her beautiful dress covered with ruffles and frills, "they might be doing cosplay or something...."
"Who...?" Goldie started but Cyber Six was already on the move. Faster than you could say she swiftly disarmed the three girls with Goldie, guns and knives clattering to the ground.
"She doesn't matter," Juri said flatly, drawing Goldie's attention to her again. "If you come here again," Juri continued on grimly, "not only will I ban you, I'll throw my full resources in shutting you down."
Goldie looked amused, "Oh?"
"I'm sure Rally Vincent and Misty would love the sort of information I can get," Juri explained, "not to mention how tenuous your hold on Chicago's families is. If I or my allies start mixing in... who knows what'll happen."
There was a long moment of silence as Goldie and Juri exchanged glances, then Goldie nodded slightly. "This isn't over," she said. collecting her three slave girls and walking away.
"I wish we could rescue those girls," Cyber Six growled softly, her black hair falling into her narrowed eyes.
"Not here or now," Juri shook her head firmly, "I asked Rally about them once." Bleakly she explained. "Acording to her Goldie's got all the girl's brainwashed to commit suicide if they're taken away from her."
"I still don't like it," Cyber Six answered her grimly. She hesitated a second, "Sorry she caught me off guard."
"I've ran into her before and it surprised me," Juri answered honestly as Cyber Six returned to her post at the door. She turned to the two newcomers and said, "That was a very brave and foolish thing you did, Ms...?"
"Ichiko Shirayuri," the taller one offered her hand in a remarkably boyish gesture, her long hair tied back by a simple length of cloth.
"Her real name is Ichigo," the smaller woman smiled sweetly, her light brown hair falling over her shoulders, "and I am Momoko Ryugasaki." She curtsied in a old fashioned sort of way, "It's very nice to meet you."
"You know I don't like to be called Ichigo," the taller girl hissed to her girlfriend, "it doesn't suit my girl-biker gang image."
Juri had to fight a smile at the two of them. "Either way thank you for your help," Juri said, "and welcome to Arisugawa's Locket."
"She's cool," Ichiko smiled as they headed ion after Juri.
"You thik my father is cool," Momoko rolled her eyes with some amusement, "still, you could be right."
"How did you hear about this place?' Ichiko asked as they entered the main room of the busy club, teeming with young and oler women.
Momoko looked amused, "Actually Sir Isobe told me."
"From the Baby shop?" Ichiko looked surprised.
"Yes, aparently one or two of his models frequent here," Momoko explained. She drew a bit closer to Ichiko as she added, "He commented on how close we were and suggested this."
"You think he knows...?" Ichiko asked, her blue eyes narrowing. "If he made any cracks about us I'll...." she scowled.
Momoko slapped her arm on the gently. "He wouldn't," she said firly. Her lips curled up in a smile, "Actually, he congradulated me on finding someone so well suited to me."
"Man's got better eyes than I though," Ichiko admitted, gently squeezing Momoko's hand.
To be continued....
The Staff: The bar's owner is Arisugawa Juri, from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Ryouko is from the series Tenchi Muyo. And Cyber Six is from the cartoon Cyber Six.
Our Cast This Episode: Usagi Tsukino, Minako Aino, Seiya Kou, Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaoru are from Sailor Moon. Tina is from the novel Undead and Unwed by Mary J Davidson. Goldie, Mary-Anne, and Rally Vincent are all from Gunsmith Cats. Finally, Momoko and Ichiko are from the manga Kamikaze Girls.
Notes: There really is a "I wish I was a lesbian" song, you can google it or look for the AMV on youtube. I had Goldie in a early chapter of the Locket, and I thought it might be cool to explain why she hasn't appeared since...