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Chapter 3
the curse of imortality

The darkness was like a velvet blanket around a tired soul as he stood by the window of the decreped tower. He raised his hand a combed back the long lock of black hair that hung in his dulled sad eyes.
"Do you two know why I've summoned you here?" the dark figure said as he turned to a man and a woman standing behind him on the marble tile floor.
"Yes, my lord." The woman replied. She was tall and dressed in a skin tight black leather body suit. Her hair was jet black and her eyes was a dark purple. The kind of eyes that a murderer posses.
"The girl....I want her alive and unharmed." The dark figure said. "Do you understand Violet?"
"Yes lord Marcos." The woman replied.
"..and what of the hunter my lord?" The man standing at her side asked as he brushed a strand hair from his red velvet shirt.
Marcos was silent for a moment. He looked down at the marble floor to see his two companions reflections, but not his own.
"I want you to distract the hunter but I do not wish him slain." Marcos replied.
"But sire! If we let him live he will surely interrupt your ritual." The man spoke.
"...I am a noble and my decions are final. You are a good man Magenta, I would hate to have to use your skull as my wine glass." Marcos replied to the comment, stern in his calm voice. He turned and walked over to both of them.
"This is the dieing era of the vampire." He began, his voice still calm and stern. "The girl could be the solution to this troubled era. We are hunted and alone, misunderstood beyond comprehension. These times trouble my ancient soul."
"My lord," Violet began. "we will retreive the girl and make this wish of yours a reality. She is merely prey after all. Only regarded as a feast for you. Why feel this unnessasary sintament to her?"
Marcos lifted his eyes and looked into the purple eyes of death that she possed. His eyes held a sadness that was unable to understand to ordinary hearts. They looked as if he carried the wait of the world of darkness he came from on his shoulders.
"I am affraid you misunderstand my dear." he said with a heavy voice as he turned to the window. "She is not a mere peice of meat on which I intend to feed upon. She is the instrument that will end this era of turmoil and sadness."
"I am affraid I do missunderstand such attachment." the woman said as she closed her eyes and turned to her lover.
Marcos bowed his head and crossed his arms. Magenta took his woman in his arms and looked towards the count.
"My lord?"he began. "are you alright?"
"My soul is troubled by this ordeal Magenta." Marcos replied. "There was a time when Vampire and mortal could live side by side. The rules of nature were understood. ...The hunters Father and I were amoung the first of the nobles. We spent much time liveing and fighting side by side. I knew his son, the hunter, D."
Violet rolled her eyes.
"I see." her voice filled with sarcasim.
Marcos cut his eyes at her tone.
"Affraid you do not my dear." He went on. "I was never one to take a young girl from her home...or in this case her sister. This is not my nature at all you see, for I am actually quite fond of these humans that walk the earth. They are so frale and so attatched to their own kind. Did you know a man filled with hate will help a perfect stranger in need if he feels its nessassary? What is beauty if not that?"
"They've always seemed nothing more than ants in a pointless life to me." Violet commented, Magenta quickly looking at her in shock. He was an honorable man driven by his dark curse he would not dare unveil unless he thought it just. His lovers comment struck a worry in him, for he would never betray one such as the Count.
Marcos merely smiled. "I suppose you have a point my dear." He continued. "However, I feel a much stronger attatchment to my own kindred." His eyes suddenly turned to the white marble floor, filling with the deep sadness he kept deep in his heart.
"Beyond any desire, I do not wish to see the end of my kind. These humans will never understand such pain."
He turned to The two comrads his words heavy and his smile that barely crept over his thin lips.
"You may go now. You both have work to do." He turned to the window again.
"Yes, my lord." they both said. Violet turned to the long hall way of the mansion in which they stayed, and began to walk away. Her movements showing how highly she held her self. Magent did the same but he looked back to the count with eyes filled with concern.
"How did we come this?" Marcos quietly said to himself. "Am I wrong for wanting to save our kind? Or are just in your decisions D?...I know they will act on their own....Please forgive me D." He bowed and was silent.
Magenta and Violet maid their way outside and began to ready their horses.
"He really is too sintemental." Violet began. "Are we really just going to let the Hunter go?"
Magenta saddled his steed as Violet did the same.
"My darling Violet." He replied. "I honor our arrangement with the Count, However we are the barbaroe. This 'D' has slain thousands of our breathren. His death is a far greater honor than Marcos Lest could ever give us."
"I love it when you talk like that," Violet said looking at him with her empty smile and eyes as dark as the night sky. "all honorable with death and everything. It's so exciting!"
"The Hunter will fall. We will bring our lord his prey, but the hunter belongs to us." Magenta said.
"I want him first." Violet whined in a pouty voice.
Magenta chuckled. "Heh, Of course my dear. I will fetch the girl then."
They kissed in their passionate but perverted manner, then whipped the straps of the horses. The steeds, black in color, forcefully dashed down the dirt trail outside of the mansion into the night.
They rode on for hours, the sun had just begun to break over the horizen. As the sky turned its blues to pink, orange, purple, and blue, the two dark souls came upon their target. They managed to hide themselves in the woodlands behind the house. The door to the house opened to reveal D walking to his steed.
"D! Wait!" The dark haired man called as he ran up to him. "I hope you aren't leaveing so soon?"
"I have to meet with someone." The stoic hunter replied. He picked up his saddle and strapped up his horse.
"Dorris...told me to tell you hello."
"....Thank you...Dan." D said as he bowed his head. "I'll be back tonight to take her home."
"Okay I'll take care of her."
D snanpped the rains and his steed galloped off towards the horizen. The two figures in the dark of the woods merely smiled at one another. Their evil dark grins.
D rode on into the twisted earth that was ravaged by the human/vampire wars. He rode to dark part of the country the trip takeing nearly all of the day. The mountains where capped with snow. The forests were lucius and green. But, above it all there towered a great magestic castle. It had been there for centuries. Weeds and vines iincased the worn cobble stone. D galloped in through the castle doors that were already open. He dissmounted and walked through the bold and tall hallway. It had a red velvet rug that stretched the length of the hallway. The walls were lined with suits of armor extending back to the days of Draculas rule. All were romanian.
As he walked on he saw a figure in the darkeset shadows of the end of the hall. The tall dark haired man turned to him and smiled, his skin pale and his young lips were ruby red.
"Ahh...D...My son." The man said in deep black tone.
"Hello...Father." D replied. His voice every so stoic.
"I assume the reason for this little visit of yours has something to do with a hunt?"
"That is correct."
"Well don't keep me in suspense. What are doing here?"
"....Marcos Lest..."
The Vampire king stopped. His eyes focused in a rageful mannor.
"What about Marcos?" He said his tone dark and irritated.
"He has been after a witch."
Marcos looked at D again with wide eyes. "This soon to the red moon?!" He exclaimed. D knodded.
"...No..." The Vampire lord said as he looked away. " must not let him drink her blood. It could undo everything you've done to this point."
"What do you mean?"
"He intends to use her blood and the power the red moon gives her...To resurect all of the Vampire that have been slain."
D did not budge but the feeling inside of him was a building rage.
"Magnus Lee, That bitch Carmillia, all of them will be back from the beyond."
D looked at his father and his face bestoed a feirce determined glare.
"That will NOT happen." D said forcefully. Dracula, the vampire king, walked over to D and put his hands on his sons shoulders as he smiled.
"Thats why I chose you to be the Dunpeil hunter my boy. Your detication to our families duty. Only our family, the orignal vampire blood line, have such rights to give life or to take it away." He turned and began to walk away into the castle. "Marcos must not be allowed D." Was the last thing he said as he dissappeared into the dark.
"Well that went better than I thought." The left hand spoke again. "He wasn't upset at all."
"No..." D began. "He hates the idea of Marcos betraying the code of honor."
"Well he has to accept it D, Just like you. Vampires are not born to prey on the weak. You have to kill him and you know it."
"Enough!" D snapped. He turned back and went to his horse again but just before he saddled up, He saw a dark haired woman at the end of the bridge.
"I've been waiting for this....D." Violet spoke.

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