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Chapter 2
The moon light
They had finally come upon Ashtown. It was a small little town with people who never really paid much attention to passer by’s. It was the perfect place for them to lay low for a while. D stopped his horse in front of a small wooden house in the back of the town. It had a small yard and faced towards the woods. The door had a cross carved on the front. A man with short black hair met them at the door.
“You can strap up your steed over there.” he said pointing to a post at the side of the house.
“Is she okay?”
“Yes. She’s fine.” D said as he roused her from his back.
“Oh. Are we there? Um, and where are we?” she said coming to. She looked up and saw the man in the doorway.
“Your in Ashtown.” the man began. “Don’t worry. D and I are old friends. You are welcome here my dear.”
D dismounted, the damsel followed,. As he tied his steed to the post. Then they entered, D stopping briefly to tip his hat to the man
The cup she held was warm in her hands.. It was still steaming with warmth. The taste of tea was a much needed refreshment to them all.
“I need to know why Marcos wants you.” D’s dark voice began breaking the silence. The Chair he sat in was red and course to the touch.
“...My covens abilities...” Lille replied slowly. “Are at their peek on the night of the red moon. My power especially since that was the night on which I was born. If Marcos Lest were to taste my blood, it would give him enormous power.” She sipped again from her glass.
“A witch coven...” D began, “I see.”
“Yes,” Lille replied. “My covens greatest ceremonies take place under the red moon. It gives us strength”
“Still,” D said as he got up and walked to the window. “Marcos Lest is a noble vampire. He shouldn’t have kidnaped you.”
“Why do say that D?” The black haired man asked. As he leaned back in his comforter.
“It is not character for a Vampire as old as Marcos to kidnap young girls. It just isn’t done in their ranks.”
“Well he did.” Lille said sternly.
“....its late.” the dark haired man said. “We should really be getting to bed.”
They all rose and the dark haired man was about to exit the room when D caught his attention.
“How is Leila?”
“She’s fine.” the dark haired man replied. “She’s out of town visiting our son. He’s doing well for himself. I’ll tell them you said hello.”
“Thank you.” D replied as he looked down.
The man left the room and Lille got up from her chair. She walked over to the door of her room and paused a moment.
“D..?” she began, her voice shaking. “I know this is silly but, would you sleep in the chair in my room tonight?”
He stood still and silent for a moment. His eyes met hers, dark burdened eyes that lay gently on her image. He simply nodded.
The hour was late and Lille had already fallen into a deep sleep. D was in the wooden chair beside her bed watching over her like a loyal wolf watching over its pack. The sheets were white and lay softly against her smooth skin. The room was dark with only a fraction of moonlight shining in through the window. The darkness comforted the hunter. It was familiar to him. All he had known was the feeling of hunting in the darkness.
“...are you starting to fall for this one too?” the raspy voice at his side began. “Got a thing for the young ones don’t you?”
“You’re out of line again.” D stoically replied. He turned over his left hand to reveal a face on his palm. It was freighting to all those who were unfortunate enough to gaze upon it.
“Oh C’mon.” the jaws of the face breathed as they moved the palm. “Is this the whole ‘I have to be alone’ speech? Cuz, I’m really tired of that whole mess.”
D suddenly clenched his palm shut and cut his eyes as he looked down at his hand.
“I should have cut you off years ago.”
“Oh don’t say that D.” the voice whined. “You know we need each other.”
“Then behave.”
“Okay, okay I promise.”
He’d sat there motionless for three hours straight now. His eyes were heavy. Lille had not woken from her deep slumber. She turned to reveal her neck. Her gorgeous, young, tender, neck. D’s eyes suddenly fixed on her skin. She looked so beautiful and helpless. He found himself rising. He couldn’t stop his legs from walking him to the bed. His hands seemed to act on their own as he reached down to lift her to his mouth. His senses felt every bit of her. The soft skin of her body under his finger tips. The scent of her was refreshing. He could hear her heart beating. His fangs tingled. He felt his jaw drop and thrust at her. She screamed in pain as he dug his sharp talons into her, her blood spilling into his mouth.
Suddenly, D’s eyes opened. He sat still as he gathered himself and saw Lille sleeping soundly in her bed. It had all been just a nightmare. A horrible nightmare.
“You still struggle with it don’t you D?” the hand spoke. D remained silent. “It can’t be helped D. Sorry but that’s who you are.” He rose and went into the other room. It had a gun wrack with an old rifle and sword. The sword was a long curved blade with a black scabbard that was engraved with a golden dragon. D first looked at the rifle. “He still has it.” he thought to himself.
“Do you remember when we first uh, met?” the raspy voice of the horrible face of his left hand began. “You father had taken you hunting. He had already gone days ahead.”
D picked up the old sword and unsheathed the blade as if caressing an infant. The blade had many scratches and it had even had a bit of rust.
“You were under that tree, the sun blazing. Like you always do, you’d ignored it and gotten heat syndrome. Then you felt a rather sharp pain in your palm.”
The blade had seen many battles and slain many demons. The dark haired man in whose house they stayed, was apparently a great warrior now. D thought about how much they man had improved over the years.
“You were ready to cut me off when you saw your hand.” the raspy voice chuckled a bit. “But then I told you about how I could suck energy and such and saved your life that day. A perfect relationship. I was a parasite that could live forever in a vampire because you would never die from me.”
“That did happen a long time ago. Things have changed a great deal.” D replied.
He stood and placed the sword back upon its mount. Then stepped over to the window and looked up at the moon.
“That’s true.” the voice went on. “What would the vampire king think of you fighting his best friend?”
D looked up at the stars. His eyes focused mainly on the moon that would be a red full moon in two nights.
“Perhaps I should ask him.”
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