Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ The gap between ages ❯ A little talk ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter 7: A little talk.
The next morning Amon and Robin woke up curled on Appas back. Toph decided to begin the day with some earthbending training, so, she, Aang and Robin walked to a near cliff to begin their practice.
“Look, if you wanna move a rock, you dont need big muscles. All you need is to be mentally immoveable, like a rock. See.”
Toph took her stands and pushed a rock of about three times her size. It moved until it hit a rock wall.
“Dont worry if it doesnt come out easily. The first time I did it, the rock pushed me back.” Aang said.
“Now you try it.” Toph ordered.
Robin took her stands, copying Tophs. The rock next to her moved and crashed into the wall behind it. Aang couldnt believe it! She made it on the first try!
“Good. I think she is better on this than you were on your first training Twinkle-Toes.”
“Maybe you should remember that fire and earth are similar, opposed to water and air, so maybe thats why she made it so easily.”
“Yeah, whatever. Now lets keep on training. Aang, teach her the next move, Ill be right back.”
Toph wanted to go were the vibration she has been feeling came from, but as soon as she began to walk, the vibration moved away quickly. But, even though she could recognize that heartbeat everywhere. It was Amons.
Amon walked as fast as he could to get away from that blind girl, Toph. Somehow, she knew he was watching Robin train with them. As much as he hated to admit it, he actually enjoyed looking at her from the distance, in the shadows, where none could see him, but he could see everything. He continue walking towards the campsite, where Katara was doing some waterbending tricks just to spend time and Sokka was sharpening his boomerang. He sat next to the boy.
“So, where did you go?” Sokka asked.
“I just went for a walk. Why?”
“Im just saying, besides Katara was worried.”
“I dont need a baby-sitter.”
“I know, its just that my sister likes to take care of everyone. She already consider you and Robin part of the group. So, I guess that you are gonna have to stand her spoiling the fun for you…OUCH!”
Katara had just come near them to hear the last part of the conversation. Upset with what her brother just said, she made a water whip and smacked him in the back of his head.
“Why the hell did you do that for?!!”
“You were saying that Im a fun-spoiler!!”
“so? Thats true! You never let us do anything fun!”
Amon smiled to himself. These two reminded him of his arguments with Nagira. When they were younger, Amon mostly took Kataras attitude towards his older brother. Nagira was always getting in trouble and Amon was the one pulling him out of it almost everytime.
Robin, Toph and Aang came to the camp, finding Katara and Sokka yelling at each other, and a very bored Amon, almost asleep, sitting next to Appa.
“Take it back!” Katara yelled
“I wont!”
“Do it!”
“Do it!”
“Do it!”
“Stop it!” Toph yelled, splitting them up with her earthbending. Finally, the commotion died down.
“Maybe we should hit the lake and practice some waterbending, right Katara?” Aang said in his usual calmed tone.
“Ok, I will, but I am not a fun-spoiler!!”
“Yeah, you are the funniest girl in the group. Happy?” Sokka said.
“Yeah, lets go Robin, we have a lot of waterbending to work on.”
Half an hour later, Robin, Aang and Katara were on the nearest lake, with a very fast learning Robin and a calmed Katara trying to hit Aang with ice blades, while he was dodging them and catching them with the water octopus. (you know, like in the cave of two lovers episode). Finally, one of Robins blades scratched Aangs arm, and he started to bleed.
“Oh my God, sorry Aang, are you Ok?” Robin said, very embarrassed.
“Its Ok, its nothing serious. Trust me, I have had a lot of worse injuries before.”
“Here, let me help you” Katara said, lifting some water and closing the injury, “This is common in first time students, but I must say, you are a very fast learner, Robin.”
“Shes just one of my future lives, so I guess that makes me a fast learner too.”
“Just that she doesnt fool around, like you.”
“I dont!” Aang said.
“Yes, you do. Remember when we were at the North Pole? Master Pakku said so!”
“Ok, ok, I promise that I wont “fool around” any more.”
“No, otherwise we wont have any fun!” Robin protested.
“See, even Robin likes when I play a little.”
“Shes a version of you! That doesnt count!”
“Yes it does! Shes different from me! All of my previous lives had different personalities, so that pretty much makes us different people!”
Amon was sitting in the bushes, watching the whole argument going on. He was amazed of how fast Robin was learning the whole bending thing. Maybe those kids were right and the reason why witches lost control of their craft was because there was none to teach them how to use it properly. Still, he found it hard to believe that Aang and Robin were different versions of the same person. That's why he found Aang familiar when he saw him the first time. But, still it was dangerous that all that power was given to a human being. Maybe he would have to fulfill his promise of hunting Robin down. If they came back to the future, Robins power may not be accepted so easily as in this time. If Zaizen wanted to kill Robin when she could only handle fire, maybe Solomon would want him to hunt her when they find out that now she handled water, earth and air. But, still, they would have to find another hunter to do the job. Amon would never hurt his little fire bird. They would have to kill him first if they wanted to hurt her.
“Lookie, lookie what I found” a voice said behind him. He turned around, taking out his Orbo gun, to find Toph standing behind him, leaning on a near rock, with her arms crossed around her chest.
“What are you doing here? I thought you were staying at the camp.”
“Oh, I was, until I felt your heartbeat increase like a current and then I realize that you were coming to the lake for your usual stalking on Robin.” She said in a sarcastic tone.
“What makes you think I was doing that? I came for a walk.”
“I can tell you are lying. And I must tell, you are pretty good at that. You got the others fooled, but im sorry to say that you cant fool me.”
“I thought you were blind.”
“Oh, I am. But I dont need to see to know that you love Robin.”
“I do not!!”
“Yes you do and stop trying to lie to me. I told ya that I can see when you are doing that. The vibration on your breath is increasing and your heartbeat increases every time shes around you or you talk about her. To me, thats love. Is the same way Aang and Katara act when they think nobody is watching.”
“So I guess that makes you an expert? Let me tell you, kids love is nothing like adults feeling for each other. I care about Robin, thats true, but not in the way you think. She is my partner and I made a vow to protect her, even kill her if her power gets out of control. I cant get emotionally attached to her, otherwise I wouldnt be able to do my duty correctly! I think that for a spoiled girl like you, you think you know a lot about the world. Where we come from, benders are not so easily accepted, some of them are hated from normal human beings like us. So that makes any kind of emotional relationship between us practically impossible!”
“You are so full of crap, you know? Number one: You didnt believe a single word that came out of your mouth. And two: You are not a normal human being. I feel that you are a bender. A powerful one, but somehow you dont let your bending flow outside of you. My bet? You are scared of using it. You may think that being the bender you are, would make you a prey instead of a hunter in your time.”
She began to get away from him.
“You dont have to worry. I wont tell anybody about our conversation. Just keep on thinking about this: you better do something about you and Robin, and about your bending ability. Any of them could get out of control or you could loose them, and I think that is something you dont want to happen.”
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