Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ unexpected gifts ❯ what happens if theres no time for coffee? toko to the rescoue!? ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3: what happens when there's no time for coffee? Toko to the rescue!?
It had been nearly two weeks scene the hunt that had put her into the hospital and right now she was sleeping peacefully, so peacefully she had slept over the phone ringing but of course not to long after that she was being awaken by someone.
“Robin, robin….wake up amons been calling and he's starting to get really pissed.” the voice said.
“Ohm…moaned the girl, toko I'm too sleepy to wake up….please just leave me in peace.” A sleepy robin said.
“Well if I know amon you wont be in peace long”, toko said a little annoyed.
“Come on robin.. You need to get up you don't even have time for coffee…..please robin wake up.
“Ohm….fine, but Amon can wait longer cause I have too have a shower. Robin replied.”
Good….is there any thing you would like me too do? Toko asked
“Yes, you could let me borrow some clothes for today…. I'm just too sleepy too put my dress on.” Robin remarked
“Sure, but I don't have any blacks or anything that isn't tight.. I might have a few pairs of pants…buts that's all.” Toko said
“do you have red….I don't mind tight things when I was 14 I used to wear pretty tight, but not to tight clothing, but one day my grandfather came too the HQ in Italy,. And saw how all the male hunters looked at me…it innerved him because most of the male hunters, my last partner unparticular were around amons age…. So he made me start wearing the pilgrims dress.” Robin finished
“Oh, well yea, ill get you something… you should go get your shower now.” toko said
Thank you, toko. Robin said… as she walked over too take a shower.
Meanwhile at the stn-j
Robins late. Amon said Amon annoyed
Amon….im sure she will be here soon. Karasuma said
At tokos.
When robin got out there was a knock on the door.
Yes? Robin asked
(Ok I am getting tired of the things…. So here come narration things)
Toko: Robin here is some cloths…. Do you like them ok? Toko asked gesturing to the red t shirt and a pair of jeans that looked like they would flare at the end.
Robin: yes those are fine.
Toko: good there really the only thing I could find that wasn't overly tight.
Robin: well thank you.
A little latter she came out with the t- shirt and the jeans that weren't all that tight in fact they were a little baggy.
Toko: oh, robin you look great… and here I made a quick cup of coffee, but hurry Amon just called he was not at all happy…he's on his way.
Robin: oh thank you toko, I was afraid I wouldn't get any coffee… It's not good when I get no coffee.
And then there was a fierce knocking.
Toko: you hurry that's most defiantly Mr. grumpy
Robin: thank you.
Author's notes: ok I know cheesy chapter… but the next chapter gets to the mostly main point… it will tell about her friend…
Preview: a unforgettable past…. A girl of a darkened flame…. A surprise…..and a theory