Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ unexpected gifts ❯ recovering ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter two: recovering
It had been one day scene robin had been taken to the hospital, and the doctors said she would make a full recovery.
“Amon, when do you think robin will wake up?” Asked karasuma
“I don't know.... she will wake up when she wakes up.” Said Amon with a little worry
And as an answer robin suddenly woke up.
Ummmm… moaned robin as she woke up with a bright light shining on her face. Once she was a jousted to the light she sat up, with a little trouble because of her wounded stomach.
“Robin! Yelled doujima as she ran and embraced her friend.
“Ouch!!!” Screamed Robin. Because doujima was squeezing her wound
As soon as she screamed everyone and the doctors ran in through the doors, and doujima let go of robin.
“Oh. I'm so sorry, did I hurt you?” asked doujima
“Uh…it's nothing you just squeezed my stomach too hard.” robin said with a sudden wince
“You're not a very good liar robin.” Said karasuma
“Nope, doujima obviously didn't think before she hugged you.” Said sakaki
“I said I was sorry.” Pouted doujima.
“Umm….I was wondering what happened?” asked robin
“Uh…you don't remember?” asked karasuma
“no.” answered robin.
“Well you were shot with orbo y…..
Uh…gasped robin
“Mammura he's going to come back after me.”
Calm down… mammura was captured. Said karasuma
“Are you sure?” asked robin
“Yes, were sure.” Said a cold but worried voice
“Here, I found them on the floor.” said Amon
“Thank you.” Said robin calmly
“Your welcome.” Said Amon
“Robin the doctors said they needed to keep you till the last of the orbo is out of your system, just to make sure it doesn't kill you.” Said Amon flatly
“Oh, great, so if the orbo doesn't kill me first… the food will.” Said robin
“Robin…. Don't joke like that”. Said Amon
“Ok ….amon, I'm sorry.”
“Well we should go…. Well be back in two days to get you.” Said karasuma
“And of course well come visit you tomorrow.” Said doujima.
And with they all left.
Author's notes: so there you are… the second chapter, and thank you all who reviewed my other chapter. And I know you all expected to see more of mammura, that's not the plot it gets better I promise. Read and review… please, and flames are welcome I just want to know what you thought, and now I rambling so bye.