Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ Unforgiven ❯ A Chat ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Today started just like yesterday had, only when you had sat down at your computer had anything weird poped up. No literarlly a weird pop-up message had made it to your desktop. The weird thing was that it had a question on it.

<center> Who are you? </center>

You exited it out, but when you moved your mouse to click on the system software it showed up again. Frustrated you entered you name into the small box. Once you hit the enter key the pop-up dissappered and was replaced with another one.

<center> You're reply is greatly apperciated. </center>

You exited it out and moved you mouse to the system software wondering what the hell had just happened. After you check on the system however, another pop-up appeared with another message on it.

<center> How did you get into my system? </center>

Having learned from the last one you quickly typed. Once they said that you knew immediatly who it was. It was someone from that thing from yesterday.

<center> You're reply is greatly apperciated. </center>


"So it's a her, and her name is Moriko," I told myself, as I read the reply. I typed up the question that had been eating at me for some time. Her reply came after a minute.

<i>Why should I tell you? And why are you asking all the questions? What's your name and why are you doing this to me? Why bug me it's not like I'll come back into your little world? </i>

Typing my reply, I thought about this girl. I wondered what she looked like, was she lonley in the Whore house? Once I sent the message her reply took a little longer. I took the oppertunaty to take a short break and grab some coffee. I wondered how did she get into the whore business. From some reason, I quietly hoped she wasn't a whore. When the thoght came to me I was puzzled for a second before dismissing it.

<i> So Micheal of the secert goverment organization of which I know nothing about, why haven't you ratted me out? Don't worry I won't tell anyone, but why are you talking to me? </i>

Replying, I thought for a moment, why didn't I rat her out.

<i> Like you? Hmm can't much worse than here I reckon, Why do you want to know what I look like? Why don't you just hack you way into my system I'll leave a file on the desktop. I have to go now, but Micheal, I be back around this time tommorw if you want to talk some more....if you don't I'll understand....bye </i>

Reading her answer, made me smile just a little. I let her go without adding another message. I was too busy makeing my way to her desktop where a little file was waiting with my name in it.