Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction ❯ Lullaby for a Stormy Night ❯ Chapter 6 Not Gonna Get US ( Chapter 6 )

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Chapter 6- Not Gonna Get Us
“This one can sense your pain.” Cheza said sadly as she walked by Kiba's side with her hand in his. Akira was a little ways behind them with Heart, Hige, Tsume, and Toboe only just behind her as well. They were following Cheza's lead for now as she led them to her `home' on the other side of the large garden forest.
Akira looked up and snapped out of her day dreaming thoughts of random things in surprise, “N-… No Cheza. You're mistaken. I'm not in pain anymore. See? The wounds are already healing from your touch before.” Akira gestured to her back for emphasis forgetting that the flower couldn't see them physically.
Cheza shook her head, “No, Akira. It is you who misunderstand this one. Your pain is not skin deep pain this one feels from you. I sense great sorrow hanging over your heart.”
Akira stopped as those innocently put words stabbed her in the chest, `yes, that pain I know I have, but it hasn't hurt so bad with it not being said out loud….,' the others sensed her quickly dampening spirits and started to act to cheer her up along with the mood suddenly going cold.
“So what is your home like, Cheza?” Heart cleared her throat.
“It is the place this one loves dearly for all time. There is always moonlight filtering in for all to feed and this one's friends are warm and friendly,” Cheza spoke fondly of her home as she chatted on about it and they continued onward. Kiba glanced over his should to check on Akira.
The red wolf walked with her head down slightly in reminiscent of her passed family. Her black tipped red ears were lain to the sides of her head in her wolf form. As a human, she was slightly hunched forward. Toboe chose to walk to her side again to keep her company and for that Kiba was grateful.
“You miss them a lot don't you? With all that's happened, I almost forgot you lost them like that. I really liked Shura when I met her.” Toboe said trying to reach her heart.
Akira looked down at the pup with a sad smile, “Yeah. Don't worry about it. I almost forgot them too with all this going on. It just seems so unreal with how fast they've left me. It was only a few nights ago that Shura and I were giggling about how many pups she'd have. I'm positive it's three. 2 boys and a girl. All with Papa's eyes and Shura's coat pattern with their dark browns and golden coat colors.”
Toboe cocked his head to the side curiously, “You sound so sure about them. How do you…,”
Akira looked down at her feet, “While I fell from the cliff before Kiba saved me, I saw Shura and Papa smiling at me with the 3 cubs in their arms. They're waiting for me in paradise now. They want me to see my Brothers and Sister, but Jasper wasn't with them,”
“That means he's still alive, right?” Toboe sounded hopeful.
Akira smiled. Her spirits uplifted with that thought, “Yeah. I hope so.”
“Then that means we're bound to run into him if he's headed for paradise like you are.” Hige butt in from his place behind them.
“You….. You really think so?” Akira asked as she looked over her shoulder with big puppy orange eyes.
Hige gulped, not wanting to give her false information. He couldn't lie to her when she looked so….. Broken like that. He smiled nervously and looked over to Tsume. Better to let the badass break it to her.
“What do you think Tsume?” he asked in conniving innocence.
Tsume wanted nothing more that to rip the porky wolf apart for pulling him to this. He was about to snap back saying that the damned brats brother could go to hell for all he cared, but stopped when those pleadingly broken orange eyes turned to him. For once in Tsume's life, he wanted nothing more than to reassure that broken heart, which scared him.
Heart was curious to see what the `big bad wolf' would say in response to Akira and looked up at him from her position at his side. Her autumn red brown eyes looked expectantly into his golden ones that had yet to be drawn away from Akira.
“Well? Will he?” she prompted him.
That seemed to snap the older wolf out of it. He cleared his throat to gain some of his lost composure, “Yeah, sure what ever. If he's as hard core on this as we are, we're bound to meet up with him sooner or later.” He snorted.
Akira smiled back at him gratefully, “Thank you Tsume. You have no idea how much that means to me.”
“Like I said before what ever.” Tsume brushed her off.
“So what is Akira's brother like?” Cheza asked as they entered a ruined door way that was probably once the flower maidens' home.
“Yeah, is he a hybrid like you?” Toboe asked.
“No, he's only a half brother to me and he's old enough to remember my birth mother before she ran out on us after my birth. She doesn't like humans and neither did Jazz, but he got along with them after a while. Mother was a fox, but Jazz I think was adopted at birth since he's full wolf. He's very big for a wolf too, with silver white fur and dark green eyes. All the girl dogs at the keep fancied him over all the other males in the kennel because of his easy going charm and nature. He was always a people person. I think he'd make a good leader one day.”
“Sounds like my kind of guy. I'm eager to meet him and swap a few pick up lines for the ladies.” Hige smirked.
“You'd learn some life changing things then, `cause you'll probably learn the RIGHT way to pick up a lady wolf.” Heart snickered slyly.
“Why do you always choose to pick on the nice guy? Huh?” Hige sighed dejectedly.
“Nice guy? I don't see one around here besides Toboe. Do you Heart?” Akira joined in the fun.
“Nope. Unless the trees grow fur, paws, tail and a nose that is” Heart giggled back.
“You guys really are something else.” Hige lightly played back. While everyone laughed. Grateful for the lightened mood.
“Kiba,” Cheza's footsteps stooped as she felt her familiar surroundings of her home, “This one is home! This is where this one was born.”
Akira cocked her head to the side while the flower maiden let go of Kiba's hand to run into an over run room filled with the forest plants that had taken over the place long ago. It didn't look like any one was here and the place was barely standing on its own. The young she wolf started to quicken her pace to catch up to Cheza.
“Cheza? Hey! Wait up!” Akira called.
Heart shook her head as she watched Akira behave like a human adopted puppy running after her playmate with a small chuckle. She turned to Tsume and was immediately alarmed at his alert expression to the rocks around them. She looked over at Hige and noticed the chubby wolf was also sniffing around wryly.
“Guys? What's wrong?” Heart's autumn red eyes shifted around her surroundings uncomfortably now that she knew they were on alert.
“I smell humans here.” Hige told her as he scrunched his nose, “Humans and gunpowder.”
Tsumes golden eyes widened suddenly, “Get down!”
No sooner had he tackled Heart to the ground while those words left his mouth did the fire of a sniper echo in the ruin walls around them as the bullet aimed for Heart was ricocheted off the rock walls.
“HOLY MOTHER OF-,” Hige gasped out, but Tsume shoved him forward to get moving.
“GET YOUR ASS MOVING! WE NEED TO GET KIBA AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!” Tsume made sure he was at the flank of the rest of the wolves as he urged them to run for their very lives.
When they rounded the corner of the hall way and turned into the room Kiba, Cheza and Akira were, Akira met them half way to the door.
“What happened? What's going on?” Akira asked alarmed at the excitement in their faces.
“There's humans all over the place!” Hige nearly shouted back at her.
Toboe looked over his shoulder cautiously, “I think we're surrounded!”
“Humans? Here?” Akira blinked, “That's stupid, why would humans come all the way out here?”
Heart shook her head to imply she had no clue, “It's of little concern to us now. We need to get out of here before they catch up too close to us! We can still shake'em.”
“Yeah, but why are they after us? We're not in our wolf forms and we've done nothing to harm anything!” Akira whimpered.
Tsume had a pretty good idea what they were after. He looked at Cheza accusingly as her back was to him from where she knelt on the ground near a mound of withered flowers. The flower maiden gasped in fear and turned her ruby eyes to face him as if he had spoken his accusation. Tsume didn't expect her to sense him like that and blinked back in surprise before Kiba stepped between them protecting the flower from the grey wolfs stare.
“No! It's not her fault!” Kiba defended. He bared his teeth as he snarled threateningly at the untrusting wolf.
Not one to be a push over, Tsume took a threatening step toward the arrogant white wolf with a snarl of his own.
“Come'on guys! We don't have time for this!” Toboe whined, “There's no way it's Cheza's fault! She would never do that to us, Tsume.”
Heart was disinclined to take the grey wolf's side this time, “It's true that she never intended this, Toboe, but those humans could be from one of the sky ships. They were probably fighting over her in the sky early before she glided to us.”
“Heart!” Akira was shocked that her friend would say such a thing about Cheza.
“Can this wait until AFTER we escape! We're being surrounded and they're getting closer!” Hige's voice rushed out in a breath.
“Kiba!” Tsume snapped; wanting the white wolf to just leave the damned flower and leave.
Cheza stood and started walking in a fast pace the opposite direction of the exit, “This way.” She said in her hushed voice.
With out a word, Kiba followed the maiden closely.
“DIDN'T YOU HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID?!” Hige yelled after him.
Tsume growled in frustration, “Tch, if he's so eager to die, let him!” Tsume turned tail and ran after the gun noises.
“Where the hell are you going?” Hige called after him confused.
“The escape route is usually AWAY from the guns!” Heart snapped.
“They'll catch us unless we demolish them!” Tsume barked back.
Heart and Hige shared a dry look, “Well that make perfect sense. In order to get away, one must run into the heart of the enemy and kill himself.” Heart remarked.
“Damn it!” Hige snorted as he started off for Tsume. Heart was at his heels, leaving Toboe and Akira torn in whom to follow.
“Tsume? Kiba? Which way do we go??” Toboe looked in the opposite directions the group had split into.
“I don't know…,” Akira trailed off. Both wolves flinched when they heard gun shots coming from where Heart and Hige ran off to follow Tsume.
“I think Kiba and Cheza could use some company, huh?” Akira gulped.
“Y-YEAH!” Toboe yelped and off they bolted after Kiba and Cheza, “Kiba! Wait for us!”
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Guns sent bullets off every where as the soldiers shot at Hige who had just taken down one man before he had to take cover, “Damn it! They're every where!” he pressed himself to the safety of the boulder tightly as the bullets hailed behind him, “I can't even move!”
Suddenly, the bullets behind him fell silent. Curious, Hige looked over the boulder to see Heart holding one of the human men by his collar, kick him in the abdomen with the heal of her boot and sent him flying away from her as she dusted off the imaginary dust from her palms.
She looked over at Hige and smirked, “You so owe me for that one, Big guy.”
Hige gave her a pouted look with a hint of annoyance in his tone, “What is it with you and nicknames?”
Heart shrugged and nearly jumped out of her skin when they were hailed bullets again. She darted to the boulder he was hiding behind and pressed herself against the rock next to him as they both shut their eyes, willing the gunshots to go away, “For crying out loud!” she sighed drastically.
“They just don't give up do they? Every time we knock'em down, someone's there to take their place!” Hige whined frustrated as he ducked his head when a bullet ricocheted too close for comfort.
“It's called an `Army'…,” Heart gave him a `Duh' look.
Hige rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, “You know what I meant!”
Tsume landed on the top of the boulder they hid behind and startled both enough to make them jump in surprise.
“Tsume! More warning next time!” Heart snapped up at him as she gasped for breath.
“Yeah!” Hige huffed as if he were already exhausted, “Don't scare me like that!”
Tsume ignored the complaining wolves with a roll of his eyes, “Come on, I took care of them down here, but we need to get back to Kiba! God knows we're gon'na have to save his ass again since they're after Cheza.”
“We're going back?” Hige yelped.
No one heard it since Heart and Tsume were already up and moving. Hige bristled at being ignored.
“HEY!!” he scampered off after them to catch up.
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Kiba lead Cheza along as they ran while he held her hand with Akira and Toboe on either flank. The soldiers had started shooting at them as well.
The three wolves slid to a stop when they were cut off and surrounded on either side. Cheza gasped in fear as one man reached out for her, but Kiba yanked her out of the way and attacked the man's throat, sinking his fangs into the pale flesh and let go, letting the crimson blood drip from his fangs as the other soldiers prepared to shoot.
“Akira!” Kiba called back to the she wolf.
Akira nodded, “Way a head of you!” she grabbed Cheza's hand while leading her to a safer place, “Come on Cheza!”
“Kiba!” Cheza called after the white wolf as Akira led her further into the long hallway, only to turn in a dead end.
“No! It's cut off!” Akira's orange eyes searched frantically for an escape.
“EEEEAAAAAAAAAAHH!!” Cheza screamed as a soldier ran into the room and grabbed her arm.
Akira whirled around and charged at them. Then she leaped in the air and high jump kicked the guy to the ground, knocking him unconscious once he was flat on his back with the wind knocked out of him and a good solid kick to the head. Akira then turned to the shaken flower maiden worriedly.
“Are you alright Cheza?”
“This one is fine.” Cheza nodded.
“That's good to hea-,” Akira suddenly grunted in pain and fell to her knees when a bullet chipped her left thy, “Ahhh!” she cried out in pain.
“Akira!” Cheza bent down to her, but Akira shoved her aside and reverted to her wolf form to attack the man who shot her that had charged at them from behind Cheza.
With a snarl, Akira had leaped on the guys chest, disarmed him of his weapon when she ripped it away with her teeth and snarled into the mans face angrily daring him to move as she bared her white fangs.
The man was almost to the point of fainting he was so scared!
“A-A-A-A W-W-W-W-W-WOL…..uhh,” he fainted.
Akira snorted at him in disgust when she could smell his urination and quickly leapt off him. She didn't know she could actually scare someone that badly…. She turned to Cheza who had fallen to her rear breathing hard in fear with her wide red eyes on Akira. The red wolf took a deep breath and started for the flower maiden.
“Cheza- ahh!” she hissed in pain when she put pressure on her left hind leg.
Cheza stiffened as if she felt it too and quickly made her way to the red wolf's side, “This one can help you, you're hurt!” she touched the bullet wound and Akira yelped then flinched away.
“OW! HEY! Don't do that! It hurts!” she whined like a puppy making Cheza giggle in amusement.
“This one knows, Silly, that is why this one wants to heal you.” The flower maiden once again moved closer to the red wolf.
Akira laid her ears flat against her head as the flower got closer, not at all looking forward to what was coming. She clenched her eyes and cringed as she steeled herself for the pain she knew would come soon, only to hear the flower's giggle again.
“This one will never hurt you. Just relax.” Cheza's sweet voice coaxed.
Akira willed herself to relax as Cheza healed the wound with her power. She opened her eyes wide with surprise when she experienced no pain but…. Pleasure? That touch felt good?
The red wolf sighed blissfully as Cheza stroked her soft fur when the wound healed and continued to pet her while they waited. It was a way that calmed them both down. And soon had Akira's wolf form rolling on her back exposing her belly for Cheza to rub like a spoilt puppy.
And this is how Kiba and the others found them in that abandoned room.
“Akira?” Kiba cocked a brow at her puppy like behavior as her hind leg batted at the air above her when Cheza scratched a sweet spot.
Like lightning, Akira bolted up to all fours with a `deer-in-the-headlights' look.
“What were you doing??” Heart blinked.
“Uh…” Akira blushed darkly.
Hige took in their surroundings and grimaced, “Great! Now look what your `instincts' did to us, Kiba! We're in a dead end with no escaping them! We can't go around them either! They're sure to kill us!”
Kiba was about to snap back at the other wolf when Cheza called to them near an opening in the tree-root-like wall, “This way.” She called.
“Where the hell….?” Tsume let that comment linger, knowing no one knew the answer.
“Who cares! It's better than dieing here!” Heart was quick to spring in to action and darted for the tunnel Cheza had already started down with Akira at the Flower Maidens heels and Kiba not far behind them.
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Cher and the soldiers with her stared in disbelief at the empty cavern that they were sure the kids would be stuck in.
“Where the hell did they go?” the commander scratched his head.
“Sir! This guy's still alive! He's even unharmed too!” another random voice called over.
The commander walked over to the shocked man and looked down at him while the poor guy caught his breath, “What'd you see soldier?”
“A red…… dog….. No it was a wolf! A wolf the color of red blood and eyes orange like the hounds of hell! I thought it was gonna rip me to shreds after I shot it!” the man gasped for breath.
Cher jumped on that information, “You shot a red wolf!”
“I think I only grazed its leg, but it was sure mad!” the man replied.
“You fool! You shot one of our own specimens! If we get Cheza back we need to retrieve Little Red too.” Cher snapped.
“You mean that pup that was always hanging around the keep?” the Commander asked surprised, “what's she doing with a bunch of kids?”
“I don't think those were…. Kids.” Cher said quietly.
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Chains restrained him to the barest of movements as he lay on his side strapped to an operation table with alchemic symbols aligning its trim. His lips pulled back into an intense snarl as he bared his fangs at any and all who came too close to him with their utensils poking and prodding at him; a hair here, small blood sample there and a few tranquilizer shots to top it off. He wasn't going anywhere until these humans decided to finish with him. The young captive wolf reformed to his own human form to speak with them.
“WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME!” he demanded, but was ignored. He thrashed around a bit more before a low, almost husky toned voice reached his ears.
“So good of you to have come to consciousness,” the captive wolf spied a noble dressed in black robes with blue black hair and one visible blue eye while the other was covered under an eye patch. This one was different than the rest, but all the wolf knew was that he was the enemy.
“What do you want me for? I haven't attacked any stupid village or anything!” he bit out.
“You have done nothing wrong, wolf, but I'm afraid that you are required for something I need to get to paradise.” The man stopped the wolf from protesting by holding up a hand, “No, your life isn't threatened so be calm.”
“Depends on what you need me for, I might just take my own life to save myself the doom.” The wolf snorted. His deep green eyes rolled sarcastically at the lord.
“You're aware of the cursed wolf eye of the nobles, yes?”
“If I am, so what? You wanna ask a wolf how to cure it or something?” the wolf snorted.
“I want to promote it. I need it to work faster, and you're going to help me do that.” Darcia smiled widely insane.
The sound of a small drill like tool alerted the wolf as well as the tight muzzle placed over his snout to hold his head still and teeth away.
Screams of terror echoed the halls of the keep as blood spilled that night on the operation table.
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Akira sat up straight as a board and gasping for breath. She looked around at the others to find that she woke them up as well. Toboe was curled up close to her side while Kiba was near her back with Cheza resting her head on his stomach. Hige was near the wall of the small thicket they had found while Heart and Tsume lay on opposite sides of the small cluster the wolves had created. All eyes and ears pointed at Akira curiously as she fought to regain her regular breathing.
“Akira, are you okay?” Toboe whimpered.
“Just a nightmare. I'm fine” Akira nodded slightly disheveled.
“I've never seen anyone scream out loud for someone like that while they slept.” Hige remarked.
“I… what'd I scream out for exactly?” Akira blushed as she turned to her back and leaned back on her hands.
“You were crying out for someone to stay away.” Heart said softly.
“And you were whispering `Don't leave me, Jazz' repeatively.” Kiba added.
Akira fell silent, hoping they'd realize she didn't wanna talk about it.
“Just what the hell were you dreaming about anyways?” Tsume asked roughly and earned a shove from Heart.
“I saw my brother in an operation room. He was terrified and in pain. Darcia was there as well, but I couldn't hear any voices, nor get a clear picture through it. The next thing I know is that I'm surrounded by soldiers with guns and their shooting other humans and wolves for no apparent reason. Everyone was dieing around me….,” her voice trailed off.
“That sounds like a pretty hard core dream you had.” Hige gapped.
“Do you think any of it'll come true?” Toboe asked.
Akira couldn't answer, she hadn't thought about that, but now that she did, those fears in her dream were churning her stomach unpleasantly.
“Let's hope not” Kiba answered for her and looked outside, “the wind has died down now, we should be able to make it to a city before the next wave hits us.”
“I hope so. I don't fancy the idea of walking through a sand storm. The blizzard was enough.” Heart sighed as she got up and walked out of the small thicket with the others following one by one. Cheza walked right beside Akira and put a literally calming had on the wolf's shoulder, letting her soothing power glow through her to ease the young wolfs nerves.
“It will all be alight. This one doesn't believe such things will come likely to Akira.” She reassured.
“Thanks Cheza.” Akira smiled back, but in the back of her mind she grimaced.
Why was she having nightmares? Her family was gone now, but she made a mental effort to not think about it so she wouldn't become depressed and slow everyone down. Yet she messed up everyone's rest by SCREAMING in her sleep.
She hung back a bit to let the others pass her, but kept pace in the rear of the `pack'. Her red wolf ears flopped to the sides of her head.
She fell off a cliff. Kiba caught her AND carried her.
Her mother died. They all took her in.
She used to piss off other wolves with out trying to with her warm personality. Heart made it clear that she wouldn't stand for it.
It seemed like everything she did was slowly dragging them down.
It hurt to think of it that way, but with the current events; it was what Akira saw as truth. She looked up to the moon while she walked after the others to see the silver moon tinted a light red-ish glow. Something in the back of her mind triggered a sharp pain soon as her orange eyes connected with the moon's image and she yelped in surprise and shook her head.
“Akira?” Toboe called back. Toboe had stopped when she yelped in pain and so had the others in curiosity.
Akira's ears pinned back guiltily. `Not again!' she thought.
“N-NO! I'm fine!” she trotted up to them, “Just got a thorn in my paw.”
Tsume snorted, “Start watching where you put your paws and maybe that wont happen.” He turned and then started to walk again.
“Do you need this one to heal your paw for you?” Cheza offered worried.
“No, no I'm fine, Cheza. It just pricked me.” Akira declined.
Hige shrugged it off and started to follow Tsume while Toboe decided to wait on Akira instead of leaving her lagging behind.
“Don't worry, It's my first time out of a city too.” He reassured with a smile on his wolf face.
Akira whined back in thanks, “Thank you Toboe.” She decided to stick near the pup since she could tell Heart would have given her the third degree if she chose to walk alone again. Those red eyes narrowed worriedly, but she knew the she wolf wasn't buying the story. Neither was Kiba, but he chose not to act on it either and instead, started to lead Cheza to follow Hige and Tsume.
`Please let the dreams be just a hoax' Akira thought as she followed them with Toboe at her side chatting away to keep her company.
That night, none of the wolves could really fall asleep much. The scent of the human city close by was alerting them too much.
“I told you before, Toboe, STOP WHIMPERING!” Hige snapped.
“It's not MY fault! I can't get comfortable!” the pup snapped back.
“WOULD YOU BOTH JUST SHUT UP?!” Tsume snarled.
“You're the one getting all huffed and puffed, Tsume. You don't have to yell at them.” Heart growled back in warning from where she lay next to Toboe. They had all chosen to sleep relatively close between roots of a large, ancient tree not too far away from the city gates.
Akira lifted her head from where she lay curled near Cheza while Kiba chose to ignore them from where he lay on one of the thick roots just above Cheza and Akira. His ear twitched when he caught Akira's worried whimper.
“Wanna try that again?” Tsume made to get up threateningly.
“Oh, please! Like you scare me, you `Big-bad-wolf'.” She snorted dismissively, “I've seen street dogs act tougher than you.”
“You didn't miss the bulls eye by much there. Considering he used to run with street thugs.” Hige chimed.
“Wouldn't put it past him” Heart rolled her eyes.
“Why YOU…….!” Tsume lunged at Hige and tackled him to the ground roughly. Hige yelped in sudden surprised panic while the larger grey wolf started attacking him.
“YOU DAMNED BASTARD!” Heart jolted to her feet and leapt into the fight, tackling Tsume off Hige by bulldozing him with her left shoulder.
“Heart!” Akira stood up.
“Tsume! Calm down you idiot!” Kiba snapped.
Tsume and Heart were about to whirl on one another for round two when a gentle, soft voice lulled to their ears. Tsume started having trouble standing upright.
“Damn it! What is …. This?” he strained.
“I think its … I think it's Cheza…,” Heart suddenly yawned and collapsed to her side sound asleep. Followed by Hige suddenly rolling over on his stomach snoring.
“Soooo….. Sleepy.” Toboe nodded off while he cuddled up to Hige's fluffy fur.
Kiba relaxed so much that he lost his balance on the root and ended up falling half on top an already sound asleep Akira who didn't even flinch when the white wolf proceeded to just roll off her and use her curled back as a head rest for his own sleepy head.
Tsume tried to resist his body's collapse, but ended up on his stomach with his nose close to Hearts while they all drifted off.
Cheza smiled as she stopped singing and started to pet each of the wolves while the night was peacefully slept away.