Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction ❯ Lullaby for a Stormy Night ❯ Chapter 7 Blood Moon ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 7- blood moon
Akira walked through the human town fully rested the next day next to Kiba while they searched for something useful to the pack. Hige and Toboe had also split up in the town while Heart hung back with Cheza and the yet to awaken Tsume. The grey wolf didn't look like he was waking up anytime soon anyways and it would be best if an alert wolf was with Cheza instead of leaving her with an out cold one.
Akira's eyes darted curiously all about her surroundings in wander. In Free City, she wasn't allowed out of the Keep, so that didn't do much for out door life and then back at the island, it was dead quiet and she worked all the time, so there wasn't nearly as much commotion as there was here. People were buying and selling things and food to others who walked by. Children scrambled around in their play while adults conversed or tried to herd their offspring into the general direction. There were things here, things there, things everywhere to look at and the young she wolf intended to leave nothing OUT. She twisted this way and that to catch everything she could. Kiba couldn't help but smile as he watched her out of the corner of his eye.
“What are you doing?” he sighed.
“Watching.” Akira replied simply with out a second thought.
“Watching what?”
Akira turned to him with a playful smile, “Everything!”
“Haven't you seen it before? You're acting like it's a new world to you.”
“Well … it IS.” She admitted. When he gave her a strange look, she elaborated, “I've never been near any surroundings like this.”
“I thought you lived in Free City?”
“I did, but I never left the Keep.” She slumped, “I hated being kept indoors, but Cheza was there, so it wasn't all that boring. She used to sing to me when I couldn't sleep well at night and my step mother was out on patrol with father and older brother.”
Kiba didn't comment after that. She shrugged thinking he just decided to drop conversation, and continued to look around, “So what are we looking for?”
Kiba suddenly yanked her into an ally way with out warning, earning a surprised squeal from Akira, “WHAT WAS THAT FO-,” Kiba covered her mouth with his hand to keep her quiet and looked up at the roof tops with out moving. Akira followed his line of sight and spotted soldiers. Her orange eyes widened in understanding. Neither moved until the men passed.
“We're here to scope out the city to make sure if it's safe, but obviously it's not. Come on, let's head back and see if there are any other routes around the city they haven't blocked.” He let the hand that once covered her mouth slide down to her wrist to tug her after him before he let her go to follow on her own. Taking another glance up at the roof tops again, Akira started to follow him down the path of the ally way. Something made her spine run cold and she did a double take behind her back. A withered old woman in a light colored cloak stared at her from across the path in another ally way. The small hairs on the back of Akira's neck tingled sensitively as she felt a type of aura lull over to her and crease her as if feeling her out.
Fully freaked out, Akira's feet jumped to attention and she started running after Kiba to catch up, “Kiba? Wait up!” she called.
The old woman stared after the young red chestnut haired girl as she ran off with slight awe, “It's here …. The time is finally coming ….” Her old hushed toned voice wheezed out, “I sense the flower near as well…”
“This looks like the meeting place.” Toboe sniffed around while he held a furry jacket in his arms, “Looks like I'm the first here.” he held up the jacket for inspection, “It's not much…. But I hope she likes it!”
“Likes what?” came Hige's voice as the larger boy strolled out into the open of the vacant ally cross ways. Tucked in the crook of his arm was a pair of pink boots, “What's that? You caught dinner while you were here? Someone's cat?” he took a whiff and snorted then backed away, “DAMN IT STINKS!”
“No! It's for Cheza!” Toboe defended and took a whiff, “It doesn't stink!”
“Does too!”
“You're nose is too sensitive. You think every thing stinks.”
“Not girls or food” Hige defended.
Toboe gave him a dry look, “You're wired.”
“What's weirder is that thing you're holding. What is it anyways?”
Toboe stifled a blush, “Well, you know, it's getting colder and I thought it would help Cheza keep warm.”
“A flower? Toboe, getting cold has nothing to do with it. Besides, that thing is hideous.” Hige smarted.
“Yeah, well what are THOSE for?” Toboe shot back.
“What these?” Hige looked down sheepishly at the boots, “Well … you know, I just wanted to make sure she didn't have to walk around on this rough terrain with her delicate feet.”
“A flower?” Toboe quoted dryly.
“Geez! What ever!” Hige huffed then stopped when he caught a scent, “What the….?” Toboe and Hige looked around to see if anyone was eaves dropping only to find an old lady with a light cloak hung over her head staring straight at them down the ally way a bit.
“Let's get going” Hige whispered.
“Uh-Hm” Toboe nodded and followed.
They walked a bit further down and saw the old lady again staring at them from a different ally way. They felt the hairs on the back of their necks standing up alert as the air around them seemed to shift a bit mysteriously.
“Run!” Hige shouted.
Both boys hightailed it back to the others with out looking back.
They had spotted them! Kiba and Akira shot through the trees trying to lose the soldiers who `thought they saw something' in the bushes when both wolves where trying to figure out which way the troops were heading. They thought they were just chasing some kids, but they weren't letting up.
Kiba didn't think twice when he leapt up on to the high ledge that blocked a straight path out of the way. He turned to wait for Akira to follow. Akira gulped as she too in the towering height of the ledge and shook her head no when Kiba told her to hurry up.
“It's too high! I can't make it!” she hissed lowly in case the humans were closer than they thought.
“Then we'll take another way-,” Kiba was cut off by the tatter of bullets cutting along the ledge. He rolled to safety on the other side while Akira ducked and darted along the wall to find another way, morphing into her wolf form for better agility.
“AKIRA!” Kiba called over the stone ledge.
“JUST GO! I'LL CATCH UP, DON'T WORRY!” Akira barked back.
Kiba snarled when he heard the sounds of the machine guns, but he smelt no blood. Going against his better judgment, Kiba turned from the ledge and made his way back to the others and Cheza.
Tsume awoke with a startled snarl when he saw no one around. He noticed Cheza was petting him and surged away from her as if he burned her. He didn't quite trust the flower maiden yet. He heard chuckle pleasantly at him form where she lay with her front paws crossed in wolf form on a bolder near the tree. Her red eyes held no mirth, just enjoyment.
“You slept the longest out of every one, and you were running, Tsume. Did you have pleasant dreams?” Cheza asked innocently.
Tsume glared mildly at her.
“You really seemed tired last night. It's good that you got rested up.” Heart said soft enough to make Tsume stare at her a moment.
“What do you mean by that?”
“I mean that if you wanted to fight at the top of your game, you now can with how much proper rest you've received. I didn't realize you were so exhausted.” She said genuinely. Then her ears folded shamefully, “I didn't mean anything last night, and I'm sorry.” She whimpered.
To say that he was shocked was an understatement. Tsume was speechless. He had never heard her say an apology like that for something they usually did daily. They ALWAYS fought. He didn't think anything of it.
“Look, I was tired, and stressed, and really I don't have a good excuse.” Heart went on, “but you started it.” She huffed afterward with a swish of her tail.
“Whatever.” Tsume snorted.
“HEY WHERE BACK!” Toboe called with Hige at his side.
“Where's Kiba and Akira?” Heart asked.
“Right here” Kiba said slightly out of breath as he approached them from the foliage.
“What happened to you? Run a marathon while you were out?” Tsume said.
“At least I wasn't snoozing about my fantasies in dream land all day.” Kiba countered easily.
“I was just tired.” Tsume defended.
“Where's Akira?” Heart said a little more demanding this time as she shifted to human form and walked up to Kiba.
“We got separated when some soldiers spotted us, but she's on her way.”
“You're sure?”
“Yes. I wouldn't leave her if I wasn't forced to.” Kiba defended.
“Cheza?” Toboe asked the flower maiden after she tried on the pink boots and stood still a moment alert.
The others followed her line of sight ((even though she can't see, she can still pinpoint location)) to see an old lady in a light colored cloak and a walking stick.
“She smells like Cheza and Akira…” Heart sniffed.
Hige took another whiff and shuddered, “It's a different stench too. They're getting closer to us. It won't be long before we get into serious trouble!”
“This way” the old woman rasped.
“Like hell” Tsume snorted when the woman turned to lead them. Cheza started to follow with Hige and Toboe behind, “Damn it…” Tsume reluctantly followed, “Come on!” he snapped at Heart who hesitated before following.
“Kiba!” she called.
The white wolf looked back where the soldiers were then followed obligated. He worried what Akira would do now that they were also on the move. He felt guilty for just leaving her behind, but he had no choice, ….. right?
Akira trotted down the crowded streets in wolf form, but with the way she had a choker chain around her neck with a crucifix pendent on it made her look more like a wandering dog looking for her owner. She didn't mind really, it gave the soldiers no reason to suspect her as a wolf. Besides, they were looking for a human girl who ran off. Not a K9.
`Where are the others? I was sure Hige and Toboe would still be hanging around town, but I can't spot them anywhere and there's too much diversity in the scents to really single them out. Even if I were a good enough tracker, all I'd get is a headache for the intensity.' She moaned pitifully.
“Hey there, pretty girl” a young boy clapped his hands to get the wolfs attention. He held out his hand from where he sat on a crate near a clothing stand. Akira tilted her head curiously, wandering if she should give in to her curious nature or go on and ignore the boy.
“You look like ya lost your owner, didn't you” he said sympathetically.
`Something like that' Akira whimpered back.
The boy of course couldn't understand K9 though. So instead of waiting for her approach, he approached her with caution, “I'm not gonna hurt ya, easy girl, easy” he whispered soothingly as he approached.
Akira decided to humor him. She had no reason to believe that the young boy would hurt her. In truth, she really did love human kids, though she didn't get to play with them as much as when she was just a pup when Jazz and she used to sneak out and play with a few kids in the back alleys near the keep. She even flopped her ears cutely and wagged her tail slowly as she looked up at him with big orange puppy eyes. The boy laughed when he saw her obvious friendly nature and ruffled the fur on her head good naturedly.
“You seem like a pretty sweet girl, whoever you're looking for must really miss you, huh?”
Akira leaned into his light scratches behind her ears and gave a happy moan with her tail wagging faster.
“How about we get us something to eat before we cruise around to see if anyone recognizes ya?” he asked, retracting his hand back into his hoody pockets.
`Do I really have that much time to waste? Will the others wait for me?' she thought and tilted her head with a whine, `maybe they'll search the town again! And if so, we might run into them, so it's worth a shot.' She reasoned with her self before happily barking her compliance to the boy and started to follow his heels to the food shops like a faithful pet. Not once realizing how naïve her reasoning was.
The other wolves crouched low in the old woman's house built inside a tree while they waited the soldiers to pass by them. Everyone held their breath when the soldiers passed by and didn't let a single muscle spasm until the scent dulled.
Hige let out a breath, “WHOOH! That was a close one.”
“Yeah. I just hope Akira got away okay.” Toboe said worriedly as he looked out the small window.
“She'll be fine.” Heart reassured, “She's naïve, but not stupid. She'll know how to shake off a few soldiers…. I hope.”
“Not likely.” Tsume rolled his eyes, “It's more like she'll roll over belly up so they'll rub her tummy like the good little humans lap dog she is.”
“Just because she's more trusting in humans than you doesn't give you the right to talk about her like that!” Kiba growled.
“You going to tell me I'm wrong about the human lover? She's not even full wolf!” Tsume snorted, “How's she going to go into paradise if isn't even that much?!”
Kiba snarled warningly at the gray wolf's taunts while Tsume answered with his own deep throated call in return.
“Not full wolf is just what you need to decide what paradise is opened.” The old woman said cryptically, “when the flowers bloom and the red moon is ready to choose between the new or the full moon, that is when the fate of which paradise shall be opened. So it is written and so it shall come to be.”
“I've never heard of a red moon.” Toboe said thoughtfully.
“The elders of my pup hood used to say that in the earths last days, the silver of the moon will bleed red while the moon weeps over the earth's death.” Heart recalled, “Is it true that what we're seeing …. The race of the humans to get a hold of Cheza …. Is it the death of the earth approaching that's causing this?”
“The humans don't know of her worth. Nor do wolves know of her true power and purpose. Only other plants know of her truth. As do I.” the old woman said, “She is the only perfect creation among my people. It is she who is tied to the red, silver and black moon. Cheza will open up paradise, but which paradise is dependent on the red moon.”
“What red moon? Are you actually telling us that the MOON is going to make a decision?” Hige said doubtful.
The elder woman seemed to harden her features, “I don't expect wolves, nor humans to understand what mother earth and moon has decided to be. Cheza will be wasted on you. She should be with her own kind.”
“But …. This one is the … last.” Cheza said softly as she bent down in front of the elder flower, “Kiba and the others took this one to her home, but everyone has died. This one fears she is the last alive.” Tears started to well up in her crimson eyes sadly.
The elder woman smiled sympathetically, “Then you shall stay here with me, child. We'll live for our clan together in peace, away from humans and wolves…..”
“GET BACK HERE YOU SON OF A BITCH!!” the angry food stand owner shouted after the young hoody covered boy who ran off with a large dog with rich red and black fur. Both boy and dog had food carried on them. The dog held a nice chunk of ham between her jaws while the boy had his arms full of a loaf of bread and some fruit, laughing with glee as he and his k9 companion left the middle aged, out of shape man in the dust.
“That was easy, wasn't it girl?” the kid laughed while they turned another corner to lose the old man….. And promptly bumped into a duo of soldiers on patrol.
“Watch it, kid” one of the soldiers gruffed.
“Sorry, sir!” the boy apologized with a good natured nod.
“STOP HIM! THIEF!” the shop owner shouted. Apparently, they still hadn't gotten him off their tail, “THAT BOYAND HIS BITCH STOLE FOOD FROM MY CART!”
“Arrest HIM!” one of the soldiers announced as they tried to grab the boy.
“AHHH!” the boy threw his food he held in his arms at the men and quickly dashed through the crowed. The red dog on his heels, still carrying the ham in her jaws, “RUN FOR IT! IF THEY CATCH US, WE WON'T LIKELY SEE DAY LIGHT ANY TIME SOON!”
`That sounds promising' Akira thought as they shoved their way through the crowd.
The boy looked over his shoulder frantically, only to run into an old man with a heavy trench coat that hid his shotgun and held the chain leash of a large black dog about the size of Akira, yet an inch or so taller. The dog growled warning at the boy when he knocked her master off balance, and in return, Akira growled from behind the ham right back at her.
“Watch it, will ya?” the man grunted out rudely, “Damn kids!” he took a second glance at Blue who's fur stood on end while she snarled viciously at the large red dog next to the boy. He took a closer look to see that its coloring looked more like a fox, but ….. The body structure hauntingly reminded him of how the wolves he was chasing looked.
“A wolf….” He whispered.
“Gaaahh!” the boy yelped when he snapped out of his daze and pushed pass the old man and his dog. The red `dog' right at his side with the ham still in her mouth.
“STOP HIM!” the soldiers called. The old man stepped back and out of the way of the 2 soldiers that ran through the open ally way, “GET BACK HERE YOU!!”
The old man looked down at his k9 with a grim expression to see her still bristled up with her fangs snapping in the direction that boy and his …. Wolf ran off in, “It's a wolf!” he snarled and whipped out his shot gun to cock it at the ready then let the leash loose, “Go Blue!”
“Damn it! This is it!” the boy gasped for air as they hit a dead end ally. The soldiers looked down the narrow ally and the poor boy gulped in fear, “We're done for!”
Akira set down the ham and whimpered up at the boy.
“I didn't think the old man would get so pissed off about stealing his garbage! It's not like I stole from his CART!” the boy was welling up tears in his eyes fearfully, but his eyes themselves held a determined look.
“You little thief! You can't snake out of this one now, can ya?”
“I'm not a THIEF!”
“Sure you're not” one of the soldiers grabbed his arm.
The boy shrugged it off forcefully, “I TOLD you I'm NOT a thief! I took it when he threw it away! The hams 4 days old!”
“Yeah, I'll bet.” The other soldier sniggered, “You're still under arrest for not heeding a soldiers command for you to stop.”
The boy kicked the guy in the privates when he tried to grab him again, “WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MATTER? YOU POINTED GUNS AT ME!”
“You little BRAT!” the other soldier who was uninjured shot his pistol close to the boy and scrapped the kids arm painfully. The boy cried out in pain and grabbed at his arm while it bled.
“You gonna try that little kick trick of yours again, boy?”
Akira snarled when the man tried to advance on the boy again and lunged at the soldier, tackling him to the ground while her fangs sunk into his neck instinctively and she ripped the artery loose, choking him of blood. The man died with a scream of terror.
“OH MY GOD!!!” the other soldier held up his gun at the wolf with orange eyes death glaring at him from where she stood hunched in attack mode between him and the frightened boy, “IT'S A … IT'S A ….”
Suddenly, Akira saw the black dog running toward the ally from the others side of the man. She barked threateningly, but it just startled the soldier more into shooting, “WOOOOLLLLLF!!” he hollered as he let loose his machine gun. Akira knew by reflex to duck low and avoid most of the bullets before she attacked him as well, ripping into his wind pipe.
Bloodied and still on a blood high adrenaline, she looked behind her to check on the boy, but he was dead with bullet wounds all over his torso. His wide hazel eyes full of such fear before he died. Akira was in shock. Did she cause that fear or the soldiers? She looked down at her paws that were drenched in dark blood on her black fur. She felt like a crazed monster!
A vicious snarl was her only warning before she was tackled over by the large, heavier black dog. Teeth and claw dug at her fur to issue more injuries and Akira threw the threat off her with a panic of force. She panted for air as the other dog leapt away as if on command. A gun shot echoed the walls as the ground just to the side of her paw was nicked with a bullet. She yelped and jumped back startled.
Akira's orange eyes spotted the old man and she laid her ears down in fear at the blood lust in his eyes.
“YOU KILLED THEM IN COLD BLOOD! YOU FUCKING PITTIFUL ANIMAL!” he shot again and again nicked closer to her.
Akira leaped up on a fire escape and quickly darted over to one of the roofs above to escape. The black dog tried to pursue her, but Akira lost her when she fell down into the sewers. The frightened red wolf pressed herself against the wall staring up at the barred opening where street waist was supposed to collect while her hunters loomed above. The dog lost her scent.
“Damn it ….” The old man growled, “Come on, Blue. We'll look around town.”
Akira didn't move, her muscles refused to budge in complete fear. She had never been hunted down like that. Never in her life did she feel the need to run from a human in complete fear and reduce her to instinctual movement. She had attacked those soldiers in response to the boys fear and in justice, but it was nothing like how her fear towards that hunter felt. She could understand now why Tsume hated humans. Even Kiba felt some sort of racism towards the breed.
Stumbling when she remembered that they were probably still near by, Akira staggered her way through the sewer and out the other side that opened up into the forest where she caught their scent. She sat on her haunches and drew back her head to let out her high pitched howl to alert them she was near.
“That's Akira!” Toboe said excitedly.
“Are you sure?” Hige asked.
“What other wolf is there to howl like that near by?” Tsume dead panned.
“She must be tried to call us…?” Heart looked to the door in a silent plea to Kiba.
Kiba looked to the door then to Cheza. The flower looked so confused.
“Cheza …”
“The Lunar child will stay with me. Her own kind should not be tainted by wolves. You have your red wolf, so leave us in peace.” The old flower rasped.
“Cheza is going to come with us! She's leading us to paradise!” Kiba growled.
“You're going to dominate her like that? Not give her the choice?!” the woman snapped.
“SHE HAS A CHOICE!” Kiba snapped back.
“I have yet to hear it from her own lips!”
“Please, this one doesn't want violence. The older flower is wilting and needs her rest.” Cheza begged. When Kiba snorted stubbornly, but stopped his growling, Cheza smiled and turned to the other maiden, “Please, understand that this one is not being dominated or held against her will. This one wishes to go to paradise with them. This one only wants to see them happy.”
The other flower was speechless at her reply.
Tsume snarled and Hige tensed, “She's here. That woman that wants Cheza!” Hige said.
“The Scientist lady?” Toboe blinked.
“Akira's with her…” Tsume growled.
Cher had heard a wolfs howl and ran to see if it was one of the wolves with Cheza. She gasped in surprise to see that it was Akira with a blood coated snout and chest with splatters on her paws and all over her already orange-red fur. She seemed sore and hurt as she stubbornly limped on.
“Akira?” she called.
Akira's black tipped ears shot up alert and she stood tall to catch a look at her intruder. When she recognized Cher, both females stood a moment to take in the others appearance. It was as if neither could tell if it were really the other they were looking at. Finally Akira wagged her tail albeit weakly with a small whine.
“Akira!” Cher approached her quickly and went to her knees to embrace her long lost K9 companion's neck, not caring if she got blood on her white suit, “I thought you and Shura were dead!”
Akira nuzzled the woman back sadly with a sad whine. Then the red wolf leaned out of her embrace and looked toward the direction she was headed.
“You're trying to go back to them?” Cher guessed, “But why? What happened to you?” she took in the wolfs condition more thoroughly and nearly cried at the poor state the young wolf was in. she barely looked fit enough to do much anything. Her fur looked deranged and with the blood all over her, she looked suicidal.
Akira pushed away from her and began to limp on ward, not caring at the moment if the human woman followed her or not. Cher's tracking device came to life as it spot Cheza's plant force and her eyes widened as she looked down to the wolf, “You're going after Cheza?”
Tired cold blue-green eyes slowly opened up to the world around him, `My head feels like I banged it into a wall over and over again' he thought as he ran his fingers through his shaggy white blonde hair. He looked around him only to see that he was in some kind of well lit bed room fit for royalty with white satin sheets and sun light filled windows to boot. He noticed that he himself was currently adorning white silk pajama pants while his torso was bare, save for the small choker chain around his neck with a crucifix pendent on it. Something he knew his all of his immediate family had around their necks, but just who his family was ….. That seemed to escape him.
“You have awakened?” came a deep voice, “That is good, I was beginning to worry.”
The young man looked to the door in time to see a human male older than himself dressed in noble clothes if finely woven silk in black and other dark colors. A dark blue eye met his curious and wry gaze with an unreadable expression in it while his other eye was hidden beneath an eye patch gave a sudden edge that the boy heeded.
“Where am I?” he demanded.
“You are at my keep. The place where you have been residing while you've been recovering from the ritual I preformed a few days ago, wolf.”
“Wolf?” the boy looked down at himself confused when he saw a human body, “Is that my name? I fear that maybe this…. Ritual or what ever has messed with my memory.”
“No, boy. Wolf is not your name. It is what you are.” The man elaborated, “Your name is Jasper.”
“That sounds familiar enough. But if I am a wolf, then why am I in a human's body?”
“Wolves have managed to trick humans by shifting into a human form. Sever hunting of the animals seemed to have caused this over the years. If you whish to be a wolf than you should just morph to your true form.” The man smirked while the boy that lay on the bed suddenly morphed into the large white wolf he had captured, “See? Not so bad. You may look at yourself in the fountain if you wish to confirm.” He nodded to the fountain in the corner so the wolf may go.
The white wolf slid off the bed and trotted on the marble floor to the fountain across the room and peered in, only to turn confused eyes back to the human, “I don't understand though, why is one eye green and the other blue in this form?”
“Because, one of your eyes in that form remains human. Just as in this form,” the man lifted the eye patch to reveal a dark golden wolfs eye that was identical to Jasper own, “I have your wolf blood coursing though my veins.”
Memories flooded back to the shocked young wolf and he started to snarl, “YOU! YOU TOOK MY BLOOD!” he sniffed at his fur and snarled in retaliation at the new scent; it was the humans own blood scent, “You bound me to you! Why?! Don't humans HATE wolves? Especially nobles!”
“If I remember correctly, you worked under humans. You've even come to cherish us.” The human snided and chuckled indifferently when the wolf snarled his threat, “I took your blood in a blood bond to a wolf so I could become what I would have been if humans had not kept evolving from their wolf counterparts. Only wolves may open paradise, but the one who does; controls it.” He smirked.
“It's not YOUR place to intrude HUMAN!” Jasper snarled as he arched his back, ready and willing to attach if given the opportunity, but with the blood bond to this particular human, anything he tried do to harm him would cause his body to get heavier and heavier until he couldn't move and stopped trying. Plus, any physical harm dealt to this human would now be shared with himself and vice versa.
“The Darcia clan once opened our own paradise, but it didn't last. And with it, took the soul of my love. I intend on opening the wolf's paradise to make it a replica in hopes of bringing her and my father back!”
“You think that bonding my blood to you so you'll slowly change into one of us just to get into our holy land will HELP you?!” Jasper snapped as he leapt into the air, not caring if he died killing this man.
“A dog should HEEL when his master is speaking.” Darcia smirked and held out a hand. With an unseen force, almost telepathic, Jasper was sent to the ground with a frustrated growl. He was firmly held down as the other man strode confidently up to his struggling form and knelt down to whisper his final subduesive words, “when paradise opens, it will be a full moon painted with the color of red. It is then that the flower will open and what ever the between the silvery full moon, or the dark new moon, it will decided by the affection of the red who will open paradise. For it is that bond it gives that ultimately opens the gates to paradise. As said in the ancient pages of the book of the moon.” He said softly.
“How do you know that, human?” the wolf stilled in his struggles to hear the answer.
“You think wolves are the only ones with the gift of intellect?” Darcia chided, “Let's say that's for me to know.” And with that, he stood up, leaving the wolf on the floor.
“It wont do you any good if you don't know what the verse means.” The white youth snorted.
“I know what, and better yet WHOM it means, wolf, and I plan on having her as well.” Darcia said just as he turned to excite. Soon as the door closed and locked, Jazz was lifted from the binding spell, but he didn't move.
He knew.