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Chapter 10- Of Tooth and Claw
Akira huddled closer to the small crevice in the stone wall of the cave of the wolves den. She gave them her back as she tightly curled herself away from them and pressed her nose tightly to herself, making herself smaller. She was constantly being harassed by the larger males nosing her as much as they could reach into the crevice. She kept both her front and back ends successfully out of their reach but that didn't stop them from nipping at her back. She would occasionally snarl at them and snap back before quickly returning to her feudal position in hopes of them going away. She whimpered realizing they probably weren't going to leave her alone and wished she'd just follow Kiba and the others.
Don't touch her!” a powerful snarl commanded.
The nips and prods ceased immediately after the command was issued. Akira still shook in her curled up crevice in the cave when she heard another approach her. She jumped startled when she felt a muzzle nuzzle her back almost gently.
“Come on out, bitch, they won't harass you.” the deep voice promised, but it didn't sound comforting. When she didn't respond or make a move to comply, she was roughly dragged out by the loose fur on her back while she yelped in a sharp pain of his fangs, “IT WASN'T A SUGESTION!” he growled at her.
Akira twisted out of his jaws and hissed in pain while she tried to stand on her own, “You don't have to bite me so hard!” she barked before she could catch herself.
He made sure to invade her personal space as he practically stood over her nose to nose and forcing her to either back up or lean down, “Then obey your alpha bitch,” he said in that low voice that made her want to snarl in revulsion.
“It's AKIRA.” She corrected.
“A bitch is a bitch until they're dead.” He snorted before lowering his head to her chest to nudge her roughly forward, “Get going,”
Akira had no say so if she was to move or not, he just shoved her in the direction, “Where?”
“The back of the Den, where you belong.” Akira's ears easily picked up the snickers and light hoots and howls of his pack as he shoved her onward.
“What's the difference from back there and here?” Akira asked obliviously, but something told her that being nervous right now was a good idea.
The large dark brown wolf grinned wolfishly at her while his hazel eyes leered at her, “You'll see, little one,…”
“I got'em” Hige confirmed as his nose was stuck in the air back at the small spring of cool water. The 4 wolves had left Heart and Cheza back at a safe point closer to the other side of the forest with unscented flowers hanging over the opening of a fallen tree trunk to ward off any predators. At first, Toboe was going to be the one left behind, but they quickly decided to change it to Heart since this was a large pack of male wolves…. More like Tsume wrestled her to the ground while Cheza calmly lulled the struggling, protesting wolf to sleep so she wouldn't try and hinder them any longer.
“You spotted the den?” Toboe's ears perked up hopefully.
“Not the den, the unscented flowers have been near that too long and the wolves for much scent to remain, but I do smell the trace of lunar flower on Akira,” Hige admitted.
Kiba and Tsume both sniffed out the air to try and gage what Hige told them. Kiba sighed lightly in relief at being able to finally smell her scent again. He was on edge since they left her in the care of that hazel eyed bastard a few hours ago. He couldn't shake the memory of how she bravely stood where she was while he could tell she was scared beyond belief while they left her with those wolves.
“Good going, porky” Tsume actually commented… slightly, “So what's the plan?”
Kiba's human fangs elongated to wolf fangs as his voice became harsh with anger, “There is none. We storm the damn place and take her back. Any resistance, kill'em. Their a big pack.” He smirked as he reverted to his white wolf form.
“I like the sound of that.” Tsume and the others followed Kiba's example and reverted to wolf form before silently following their noses toward the trace of female wolf and lunar flower.
“How long are we gonna stay in this crack pot town?” a young soldier whined to the others around him sitting in the bar at the small town beneath the Darcia clan ruins, “The doc said there's no trace of the target on the scanners when she was actually here, and now she's gone off somewhere! We haven't seen her for about 3 days or so! Then we find that those punks' tracks lead into the forest of Death, and now all we're doing is sitting her twiddling our thumbs and getting out asses drunk!”
“Colonel ain't given us any orders yet. He's convinced that they'll come out sooner or later and he's sent an alert to a base on the other side of the forest. So all we can do is wait it out. And who says getting ass drunk is a bad thing?” another soldier that out ranked the first gurgled a bit as he chugged yet another beer down with a blissful sigh.
“Nothing wrong with it, is suppose, but it's the highlight of the day around here and to me that's just sad” the younger inferior shrugged.
“Take a picture, kid, the life of a soldier ain't all's cracked up to be.” Yet another soldier said `wisely'.
A rumble from outside made all the drunken men pause a moment. The bartender looked up from where he dried off the shot glass behind the counter to look suspiciously out the window as yet another rumble came and went, “I didn't know a thunder storm was in the forecast…” he said curiously.
The door shot open and a sergeant gasped for breath as he stumbled in, his uniform dirty, and a bit bloody, but otherwise, he himself wasn't injured. Just petrified to death.
“WHAT IN THE FUCKING HELLS?!” the oldest of the 4 soldiers sitting down stood up just before his comrades followed in suit, shocked.
“We're under attack???”
“EVERYONE, BACK TO BASE!” the soldier shouted.
The sergeant shook his head, “I don't know! He took a platoon into the woods this morning to scout it out more!” he followed the others as they ran pass him toward the base. They weaved their way through the screaming crowd of citizens that were running in fear from the area the air ship was attacking. Tremor after tremor was shocking through the earth as loud blast from bombs and laser attacks hailed the base, the soldiers could see the enormous air ship hovering over the city, even if it wasn't the larges out there, it was still a good size to be feared! As they neared the base, the attack suddenly stopped and the air was clear of any nose or weapon.
“What's happening??” one of the men gasped while they ran onward.
“How should I know??”
They abruptly stopped when they came to where the base once was. All that was left was a trench in the earth. Body parts were charred and strewn every where.
“Oh…. My ….. God…” the sergeant whispered.
On the other side of the totaled camp, the soldiers spotted the commander and the platoon of 15 men with him staring in disbelief at the trench their comrades once called home for a while. A soldier next to him looked up to see the airship making its way over the forest, “It's leaving…”
“IT FUCKING SHOULD LEAVE!” the commander hissed through clenched teeth as he tried to keep his rage in check, “IF THEY WERE TO COME OUT OF THAT SCRAP METAL TANK, I'D KILL'EM MYSELF!” he snarled up at the airship, “IT'S HEADED FOR THE FLOWER!”
“The flower's our mission, isn't it? Shouldn't we go after them?”
“NO.” the commander growled, “earlier this morning we got a transmission saying they spotted Jagura's men trespassing our countries lands. We thought they were just a caravan, but they attacked the city. Once they found out the flower missing, they probably followed us…. But this is just one air ship. That must mean that our city, FREECITY must be still under attack. We'll fall back and take back what's ours.”
“SIR!” the other soldiers saluted.
“DAMN you!” Kiba snarled fiercely while 3 wolves ganged up on him and latched on tightly with their sharp fangs to try and over power him while they tackled him to the ground, “GET OFF!!” he snagged his fangs on one of the wolves legs, snapping it in two and ripping the injured animal off him then threw it away from him like a rag doll. He shoved himself to the side to ram the other two into the cave wall and broke a few of their rib bones in the process, making them yelp in pain while he ripped their throats out.
“This isn't working!” Hige called over from where he was back to back with Toboe to fend themselves, “Soon as we tear one apart, another shows up!” he snarled and raised a clawed paw in the air to smack down another aerial attack made by yet another set of snapping lethal jaws.
“Then only one of us should take the next break in the pack! Akira can't hold out much longer!” Toboe snarled while he bared his fangs at the wolves closing in on him while they attacked.
“I haven't seen their leader around! He must have her cooped up somewhere!” Tsume grimaced when a set of bloodied fangs sunk into his shoulder. He retaliated by latching onto the wolfs' throat and clamping down his jaws to crush the wind pipe, freeing himself from the now dead wolf's jaws before 2 other wolves took the fallen ones' place.
“THERE!” Hige shouted when he spotted a small passage way further into the cave, “I can smell her scent the strongest that way!”
“Right then,” Kiba started making his way for the passage way, dodging the attacks aimed at him and gaining speed. He slid to a halt however, when a quicker wolf of the pack cut him off his path and lunged at his throat.
Kiba backed up just shy of being bitten, but another wolf was waiting and made a lunge from the side, latching to his back as he forced Kiba to his side with a howl of pain while teeth and claws dug into his skin. The dark wolf held him down with his weight while he ripped his fangs away, tearing flesh and causing new wounds to stain Kiba's white fur red with his own blood as well as others now. Golden eyes glared up at the wolf with a snarl and snap of his fangs threateningly while he watched his own blood drip out of the wolfs' mouth when the wolf reared up to strike his throat to kill. It yelped in pain when Hige tackled it off Kiba with his own bloodied claws and fangs ripping it apart.
“KIBA! GET YOUR ASS MOVING AND GO GET HER!” he snarled frustrated.
Kiba scrambled to his feet and took off again, once more dodging the other wolves while his friends covered him if an attack got too close. He leaped up in the air to avoid a block off the other wolves created and landed in front of the entrance to the passage way with a large, snarling wolf protecting it with fangs bared.
“Outta my way!” Kiba snarled as he stalked up to the wolf. The large wolf was more muscularly built than Kiba and had rich brown fur; it looked more bear like than wolf. Its dull yellow eyes watched the white wolf's every move while Kiba approached.
Soon as he was with in range, the bear like wolf attacked forcefully. Kiba faked the left and ducked under the large wolf's right, attacking the underside of its chest. The bear-wolf howled in pain and slapped at Kiba to get him off. Kiba was knocked away with knife like claws slashing his belly. He snarled and lunged at the wolf's throat before the larger wolf could get its bearings, ripping the wind pipe out completely and then jumped away before the gasping wolf hit the ground. He entered the small passage way just as Tsume, Toboe, and Hige started to defend the entry way from any other wolves.
Akira was shoved through the small passage way. She glared at the large male rough handling her before she looked behind her through the entry way to another smaller cavern. Unlike the main one that was stone all around besides the roof, which was open to the sky, this one was closed in and dark. She could barely see in the darkness since she was so used to light. She felt the male saunter up to her and growled warning when she felt him approach her from behind. She instantly found teeth latched around the scruff of her neck and was tossed across the small cavern. She rolled and lost balance as she tried to stand up again from the uneven ground only to find herself laying in a shallow dug nest in the ground. The ground inside the indention of the ground was padded with soft moss and fur. She couldn't tell much since she could only see outlines of things. She started to push herself up again only to feel her back bump into a furred chest. The male wolf loomed over her with glowing hazel eyes looking down at her. She was trapped under him.
“Where do you think you're off to, bitch?” he lowered his nose to brush against her own.
Akira shrugged her nose away from contact, “Let me up…” she demanded.
“Not a chance.” He lowered his head once again so his torso was bent down toward her, “Bitch needs to learn your place in the pack; under your alpha!”
Akira pressed her paws against his chest to try and shove him off, but she was small even for a female! He chuckled while she started to struggle, twisting and turning under him to try and get away. When she once again ended up on her back, she felt his lower half start to descend toward her own to pin her in that position and stop her struggling.
“I SAID GET OFF!!” she snarled up at him in fear and anger as her hind paws started to kick up at him and snag his sensitive under belly with her claws. He yelped and instinctively bounded away from her.
Akira scrambled to her feet and started to back away from him while he approached her. She looked around for something she could use against him and ended up kicking the dirt and sand of the floor up at him and into his eyes to blind him for a few moments. He hissed in frustration and his paws swiped at his face to try and get the sand out of his eyes while she darted away. He blocked her escape route since he was between her and the exit. She spotted a small opening between a boulder and the floor where the boulder was propped up by few other rocks. She quickly wiggled under the boulder and stared the small opening in fear while the larger wolf looked around for her.
“Playing hide and seek now?” the wolf snarled, “You know I can smell you bitch! That heavenly lunar flower scent is still strong enough to get me hard as hell; it sure as hell can lead me to you!”
Akira tried to burry herself back further into her tight hiding hole. Sometimes being small could be a good thing! Her orange eyes followed him as he circled the room slowly. Her heart hammered in his chest when he was out of her line of sight when he came up on her right; at the side to the propped up boulder. Said pounding heart stopped when she felt the boulder above her being rolled away from the other rocks it was being propped up on.
“THERE you are!” he cackled at her while she darted out from under the boulder. He easily leaped off the rocks and tackled her back, taking her to the ground with him over her once more.
She snarled at him and clamped her jaws on her leg to try and get him off her again while she once more tried to roll on her back and snag him with her hind claws again, but he knew better this time. Before she could move much his left paw, the one she wasn't latched on to, lifted up and swung at her with break-neck force.
Akira cried out in pain and tumbled away from him from the force. Once again she was rolled into the dug out nest in the ground, too dizzy and scrambled from the powerful attack. The right side of her face was bloodied from where his claws carelessly snagged her. She weakly tried to get up, yet he was once again covering her back. She snarled and bucked against him while she snapped her fangs again at him, unwilling to give up just yet, but stopped in shock when his sharp teeth gripped forcefully around the back of her neck, forgoing the scruff in order to wrap around the spine bones. One wrong move and he could snap her neck. She stilled in instinctive fear. Her breathing harsh while she felt him growl in approval of her yielding body.
“Now, bitch…. It's time for you to realize what your good for…” his hind legs inched closer to hers as he readied himself…….
Kiba's ears perked up while he loped down the passage ways when he heard the piecing sound of Akira's cry of pain and fear. He could smell her blood filling his nostrils and he saw red. He ignored the painful pierce of protesting nerves as he pushed himself to run faster while his wounds stretched.
“AKIIIIRA!!” he called out.
He could tell her scent was concentrated in a spot up ahead and saw the faint out line of a cavern mouth, knowing she was in there. The white wolf slowly slid to a stop with wide golden eyes that quickly adjusted to the darkness of the cavern. What he saw made his heart drop and blood boil in rage.
Akira was hunched under the form of the large leader of the pack struggling only lightly and in jerky movements before she would yelp in pain from the tightening of the fangs embedded at the back of her neck. The male was spooned over her back with his hind legs pressed into her as he humped trying to mate her.
That was all it took to push him over the edge, “YOU--!” a blast over head was the only warning the wolves got before a red laser shot through the roof and sucked the roof completely off. An eerie sonic high sound pierced their ears just as an airship was visible from where it loomed over head.
“NOBLES!” Kiba snarled. His eyes widened when he recognized the way the lasers circled around the newly uncovered area; they were going to attack!
“AKIRA!!!” he shouted just before the earth was struck with multiple lasers that dug it up and marred it permanently with scars of their power.
Kiba was thrown against the wall in the debris, just short of being struck down himself. He shook his head of the dizziness and frantically looked around the destroyed cavern, “AKIRA!!?” he called out more desperately.
“K-Kiba!” she coughed back. His eyes followed her voice and found her pinned still beneath the now dead form of the large wolf that had tried to rape her.
“JUST HANG ON! I'M COMING!” Kiba winced away when the lasers shot another attack down at them and Akira screamed in fear.
“HURRY!” she cried back.
Kiba glanced up when the lasers retreated, their sensors not picking up any movement from their point of concentration. He could hear other attacks behind him and knew the others were being attacked. With out a second glance, the white wolf darted forward, dodging the sudden hail of laser attacks. He slammed his body against the dead wolf that had shielded Akira from the attacks to free her from her imprisonment and nudged her with his muzzle to get up.
“Run for the passage way and don't stop until you get pass the spring! GO, GO, GO!!” he spurred her forward as they both ran through the passage way before Akira stopped suddenly just before entering the main den. A laser beam struck right in front of her and she was shoved back against him.
“You Okay??” she quickly got off him when he grunted in pain.
“HURRY BEFORE IT CAVES IN!” he shouted at her.
“Uh-oooo-Okay!” she yelped and only momentarily hesitated before darting under the falling rocks with her white savior behind her. Like she was told, she didn't stop until she saw the spring come into view. She ran pass the cries of wolves being blow apart, pass the sounds of lasers striking the ground around her, pass the debris that flew all around her, she didn't stop just as Kiba told her not to. The sight scared her so bad that she closed her eyes tightly as she ran and tried to block out the horrifying sight around her as she pumped her legs faster and faster.
And then, the sounds seemed to fade gradually till all she heard was the sounds of her and Kiba's paws striking the earth as the ran into the safety of the forest. It all seemed like nothing else existed…. Until-
“AKIRA! YOU'RE-OOMPH!” Akira barreled into Toboe since she wasn't looking where she was going as they approached the spring, shoving the younger wolf and herself unintentionally into the cool water of the spring with a large SPLASH!
When they resurfaced, Akira gasped for breath upon breaching the water in human form once more like the rest had chosen to revert to when Toboe's arms glomped around her neck in a fierce hug.
“YOU'RE ALRIGHT!!” he cried out, “WE WERE ALL SO WORRIED AND YOU- THEN WE- WHY'D YOU…..!” he just couldn't seemed to get the words out, “YOU WORRIED US YA KNOW!”
“What were you thinking going into a den like that?” Hige chastised.
“We were all prepared to fight in the beginning, you know. You didn't really do us any real favors by trading yourself over to them for our free passage. We had to fight them anyways to get your sorry ass back!” Tsume snorted while she pried herself away from Toboe's grasp and swam to the shore and started to hoist herself up.
“Look I'm sorry, but I didn't want anyone getting hurt!” She apologized panting for air as she started to lift herself out of the water. She stopped halfway out when she noticed Kiba was standing over her with his fist clenched angrily to his sides and blue eyes hidden under his hair.
Suddenly, the water felt warmer than the mood that suddenly dropped a few hundred degrees below zero when the others learned of just how compromising a position Kiba had found Akira in.
“I didn't exactly plan on that happening at the time I thought up the idea to trade myself in! All I thought of was getting all of us out of there scrape free!” she defended.
“HOW WAS I TO KNOW THAT'S HOW THINGS WERE RUN THAT WAY IN THE WILD!” she shouted back, standing up out of the water now and glaring right back at him in the face. She said she was sorry and had their best interest at heart! What more did this guy want??
“Get used to it! That's the way things are run between males and females of your breed!” he growled at her.
Orange eyes glimmered in unshed tears as she gritted her teeth. The other 3 wolves silently watched, not wanting to interfere between the two way argument while the silence drag on for a moment that felt like years, “You don't treat me like the way he did….” She whispered.
“That's different.” Kiba's voice only slightly softened, but he was still angry with her.
“He said that a `bitches place is always below her alpha'…. The only thing I know of `alpha' is the leader of the pack…. Or the one whom I am mated to.” Her voice sounded like she had been kicked into submission, yet it really wasn't far from what happened to her, “Does that mean it's different with you because you're just my leader?”
Kiba's eyes widened a moment at her words, `just her leader….?' Why didn't that feel right? Why was he suddenly feeling a need to show her that wasn't what their relation was at all- that it was more…. Meaningful?
“You know that's not how our pack is run. There is no leader.” He said to her before silently walking away from where she looked up at him confused and hurt, “Let's go. Heart and Cheza are waiting for us and Cheza doesn't have moon light for food,”
Akira stood a moment where she was while the others hesitantly looked from her to Kiba before following the white wolf back to the fallen tree on the other end of the forest.
“Then how's it different….?” She whispered with a sad sigh before following them resignedly.
“Lady Jagura!” a young male servant approached the noble woman leader who wore armor-like clothing and robes with a graceful helmet that concealed her face from others eyes. She turned her head to the side to indicate that she was listening whilst her back was to him as she sat on her elegant velvet sofa sipping on a type of red liquid in a crystal glass she held delicately, “The airship you sent after the flower has located it!”
“My Cheza?” her sultry voice purred sensuously as she twisted a bit to face him better, “You've brought me my flower?”
“Forgive me, milady…. The flower has escaped, as it wasn't found among the wolves bodies after the `flush out'.” He bowed low at the waist.
K9 ears the color of the darkest of blood perked up from where Jagura's animal companion lay on her side just beneath the sofa her mistress reclined on. A light purr of a growl escaped her mouth before Jagura stroked the silk fur of the animals head to calm her, “Wolves, you say?”
The servant smiled at the obvious delight his mistress expressed in her lightened tone, though it was still purred out like a plotting cat….
“Yes, milady. The `useable' ones leftover from the attack are being shipped back on the airship as we speak.”
“Marvelous.” She sighed, “I feel need to celebrate. Bring our food earlier tonight and let us have tender meat tonight.”
“As milady wishes” the servant bowed again, “I'll inform the chefs promptly of your desires.” And with that, he straightened once more and took his leave silently, hoping not to disturb his mistress.
Jagura let a pleased chuckle escape her while her red-furred pet stood up and nuzzled her side. She stroked the silky fur that had become somewhat of her favorite texture that no other of her pet's kind ever will achieve.
“The flower will be drawn here eventually. If not on its own, then the wolves shall help it along the way….. And bringing with it, my dear Diya….” Jagura smile seemed almost snake-like now as she addressed the female K9 while she stood up and walked over to the left wall and stared up longingly up at large portrait of a young man her heart longed to be with. His blue eyes and dark hair stood out from the white robes he adorned in the painting, “With them shall come my beloved Darcia at last….,”
The mere thought of what was to come had the noble woman wrapping her arms around herself, imagining it was Darcia that held her, “Sing for me, dear Diya. Let me hear your wolfs song one more time while we dance in the moonlight. Wont you join me, my dear?” she cooed.
The wolf-like companion known as Diya let her deep forest green eyes follow her mistress before they fluttered closed and she let her head fall back and stretched out her neck to the heavens while she let out a melodious howl that not even the wolves knew the notes to. It sounded like she played an instrument with her voice while she howled to the night just before the full moon. The wolf blood part of her surged to life while she let loose her song.
“That's right, dear Diya! SING!” Jagura praised while she stared to twirl around in place with her cape and long golden hair fluttering in her wake as she turned around over and over in her dance, just in step with the beat of the song.
“Dance with me,” she whispered softly, knowing her wolf blood companion would hear her.
With out breaking her tune, where once sat a melodious howling wolf with fur the color of blood with black legs, now stood a woman with flowing white-silver hair; the color of her wolf form's under belly. Her skin was dark tanned, as if she lived in a desert. She adorned in red and white silk robes of a noble and around her neck hung the golden collar that she adorned in her wolf form as well as the 2 golden hoop earrings that pierced her left ear only that she had in both forms. Her howling became a beautiful voice of an alto song to the moon while she approached her mistress obediently singing.
Jagura held out her hands for the woman to take in her own and the twirled around together while now they both sung the ancient song of the moon…..
“Man, would ya look at that moon!” Hige took in a big breath, “It's just a day away till the full moon, but I already feel GREAT!”
“I feel like I could run circles around Mustangs or something!” Toboe agreed with a smile.
They had departed from the forest and were now walking through a plain area of rolling hills and little shrubbery to decorate. You could see for miles and thankfully a town was in the midst and not far off. The silver moon bore down on them gently, not quite full, yet promising for tomorrow night's annual Full Moon. The time when Wolves were given revitalizing energy from the moon they adored and lunar flowers bloomed….
Heart smiled while Toboe pranced around her to prove his point that he was excited, “If we see any wild horses in the next time, you should get a race going then, ne?” she smiled.
“You kidding?” Tsume snorted, “If wolves are considered extinct, the wolves are good as history. I haven't seen an equine in all my days or heard of em.”
Heart sighed in dismay, “Tsume, please don't ruin the good mood. I don't feel like kicking your ass at the moment.”
“Like you could, bitch.”
“I'm letting that one slide,” Heart gritted out before she looked over her shoulder to check on Akira who hung out in the back of the group still. The others recognized that she needed her space right now and all, including Cheza, thought silently that it was a good idea to leave this between Kiba and herself….. If only Kiba would stop being stubborn and talk with her calmly about this.
Tsume noticed where Heart's attention had wandered off to and he rolled his eyes before choosing to direct his own away from her. Deep down, though, he too was a bit concerned with how Kiba handled Akira. She really did stick her neck out for them this time. Though he believed it all could have been avoided….
Too bad. Been there done that. Move on! That's how he felt about it!
Kiba stopped walking when Cheza tugged on his sleeve, “What is it, Cheza?” he asked calmly, though inside he was in very deep thought and conflicting emotion.
“This one is…. A bit tired.” She looked nodded to the left of them and Kiba saw a turned over army SUV that seemed to have been abandoned long ago, “This one would like to rest and replenish before entering the city, if that is okay with Kiba…?”
Kiba smiled lightly and nodded his consent, “Sure, Cheza, its fine.” He let her lead him toward the fallen machine, knowing the others would follow suit.
Cheza smiled back at Kiba while she walked a bit ahead of him, still holding on to his sleeve, but when her back was turned from him, she stole a glance back at the heavily conflicted emotions she felt coming from Akira. She wasn't tired to say the truth; the moon was nearly full and she was just as energetic and anxious for the next night as the others were, but Akira was still brooding over her guilt….