X/1999 Fan Fiction / Yami No Matsuei Fan Fiction ❯ Requim ❯ A Warning ( Chapter 1 )

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By: Lacus Klein

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Chapter Two

A Warning

Watari sighed as he sat by the window and stared out at the night sky. Tatsumi was working late, so he had the evening to himself. But instead of keeping busy, as he normally managed to do, he'd decided to just let his mind wander. Sitting there, he glanced over at the closed door in the hall near him. Fourteen years, he thought to himself. It's been fourteen years since that awful day.

The memories weren't easily forgotten. In fact, Watari and Tatsumi never really stopped thinking about their daughter and what might have been. Every holiday, every birthday, every anniversary, the memories were there. Nothing would change that. Watari knew that he and Tatsumi had to accept it, but it didn't make things any easier.

Even now, he found himself wondering where Myobi was. What had become of her in fourteen years? She'd been so young when she was taken away from them. Perhaps so young that she didn't even remember them. Watari closed his eyes and saw her smiling up at him, arms wide open for a gentle embrace. Those blue eyes staring at him, loving him more then anyone ever could. But now, that was gone. Everything that had been so wonderful was gone.

The sound of the phone ringing brought Watari out of his sad reverly. Sighing, he reached over and picked it up. "Watari speaking." he said.

"Yutaka, you need to come to the bureau. We have an important matter that's come up." Tatsumi told him from the other end of the line.

"What is it?" Watari asked, curious as to what could be so important to call them all in after hours.

"It's urgent and I don't really have time to explain it right now. Please, just come." Tatsumi told him.

"All right. I'll be there in a few minutes." Watari agreed, hanging up the phone. As he stood up and put on his coat though, he couldn't help but glance one more time at the closed door of what used to be Myobi's room. Shaking his head, he tried to put it to the back of his mind and left.

************************************************************************ **********************

"So what's so important that all of us had to be dragged in here so late?" Tsuzuki asked, stiffling a yawn. It was eleven at night, and everyone was rather tired.

"We received an urgent call from the leaders of the ministry. Apparently, Kamui Shiro's soul has gone missing." Tatsumi informed them.

"Kamui Shiro? Isn't that the Kamui that saved the earth from being destroyed instead of destroying it himself?" Wakaba asked.

Tatsumi nodded. "That's part of the problem. Kamui's powerful soul was supposed to be sealed deep in Hades, never to be reborn. But somehow, it seems to have escaped." he told them.

"It's been years though. Why now?" Hisoka asked.

"We don't know. But they think there's a possibility that someone or something may have set it free to be reborn." Tatsumi said.

Watari nodded. "This seems to be quite a mess for them." he noted.

"It's a real mess for them because of the power he carries. No one knows who may have set him free, or what he might do." Tatsumi admitted.

For a moment, there was silence. Everyone looked down, thinking over what had been said. Then, suddenly, Terazuma looked up. "Do you think it was her doing?" he said quietly.

"What do you mean?" Wakaba asked, giving him a funny look.

"All of you know who I'm talking about." Terazuma said.

"That's ridiculous Terazuma. Myobi's dead. You saw her body yourself." Tsuzuki told him.

Tatsumi and Watari glanced at each other, getting a little nervous, though not showing it. The doll had looked just like Myobi, so they'd been sure that no one doubted that she was dead. "We didn't know her powers. What if she somehow survived?" Terazuma questioned.

"I doubt it." Tatsumi cut in. "She was only two years old, so I doubt she'd have been able to survive on her own."

"He's right. She's dead, so there's no way she'd be involved." Hisoka agreed.

Konoe decided to get off the subject. "That's enough. For now, we need to find out where that spirit went. First thing in the morning, each of you are being sent out in teams to look for any traces of it." he ordered.

The group nodded in agreement. Watari and Tatsumi relaxed a little inwardly. At least the conversation wasn't going any further about their daughter. What would they do if the others found out that she was still alive?

************************************************************************ ********************

"Do you really think Myobi could've had something to do with this?" Watari asked as he stared at the ceiling.

Tatsumi looked out from the bathroom. "I doubt it. Bringing back a soul from the dead isn't an easy task, and she's never had any magic training." he said quietly.

Watari nodded. "That's true. But what about what happened? They believe that whatever attacked one of the other area shinigami was made by her." he noted.

"I recall. But I don't believe that she did this." Tatsumi said as he came in and laid beside him.

The light was turned off and the two tried to get some sleep. But after a while, Watari was awakened by one of the most vivid dreams he'd ever had. In it, he'd been in a dark forest. Walking down a path, he saw a clearing ahead. Sitting there on a rock was a young woman with long blond hair. As he stepped closer, he got the sense that he should know her. Though her back was turned to him, he couldn't help but have that odd feeling. But as he drew closer, the dark shadows began swirling around her.

And she turned.

Watari gasped, taking a step back. "Myobi?" he whispered.

There was no answer. And just as fast, the blackness shot out like fire. Watari woke up, sitting up with a start and breathing hard. The dream was clear in his mind. By him, Tatsumi awoke and sat up. "What's wrong?" he asked, seeing that he was clearly distressed.

"I saw her. Myobi." Watari whispered.

"A dream?" Tatsumi asked, not sure of what to make of those words.

Watari shook his head. "Myobi's alive. And she's part of this."


Notes: Okay, stupid ending to a chapter, but I had to. Anyways, why dreams? Well, Watari has an odd connection to Myobi through dreams. He can see things about her through her. Well, maybe that doesn't exactly make sense, but I tried explaining. Watari knows Myobi's part of this through his odd warning dream, but he doesn't know how. More soon!