X/1999 Fan Fiction / Yami No Matsuei Fan Fiction ❯ Requim ❯ Into the Darkness ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

By: Lacus Klein

Disclaimers: No characters mine, except Myobi of course.

Notes: Okay, we're close to finishing this story now. Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Everytime I got to working on this, something came up. BTW, if anyone wants to check out fanart from this of Myobi, there's a picture posted on Mediaminer.org. Also, all my other fanart, including Gundam Seed, CC Sakura, and a few others are on Minitokyo. If you're interested in checking them out, just email me at lacusklein83@hotmail.com and I'll send you the address and info. Now that that's out of the way, on with the story!

Chapter Eight

Into Darkness

"I had feelings in here before."

Tatsumi and Watari stood in the darkness and looked around. Nothing moved. Not a sound. Watari sighed. "Are you sure this was such a good idea to come in here by ourselves?" he finally said.

"It's the only way now. We have to stop her." Tatsumi said.

Watari clasped the necklace in his hand. He knew Tatsumi was right, but he certainly didn't want to fight his own child. Standing there, he suddenly noticed a fine mist gathering nearby. "Look at that." he said.

A light appeared and the two found themselves staring at a snow covered town. Outside of a small building, several children were running around. A little blond girl was pushed to the ground as they gathered around her. "You're weird! You're a freak! You don't belong here!" they were telling her.

"Myobi?" Watari said softly.

The little girl managed to look back up at them, eyes filled with tears. Nearby, a few adults stood in the windows. But they just walked away. The children kept laughing at her. The child's cries went unanswered.

"Stop it! Myobi!" Watari said.

But before he could move, Tatsumi grabbed his arm. "It's not real Watari. What we're seeing is the past." he reasoned with him, though a part of him wanted to run to her as well.

Suddenly, the scene faded away. Watari sighed, sitting on his knees. "Okay, we get it. You wanted us to know how you suffered because we let you go." he said quietly.

"I was a freak. I had no last name. I had strange powers. From the moment I walked into the human world, all I found was hate." Myobi's voice told them.

"Come out here now." Tatsumi said quietly.

The darkness suddenly began to lift. The two found themselves standing in a darkened forest. Around them, the plants moved slowly. A few eyes looked out at them. "Do you like it?" Myobi asked, looking out from behind a giant mushroom. "This is my world. I made it myself."

The mushroom looked at them with small, beady eyes. Moving slightly, it showed a line of razor teeth on its underside.

Under their feet, the ground moved slightly. Both looked in disgust as they realized that there were living vines slithering around their feet. "What kind of world is this?" Watari asked.

Myobi smiled, leaning slightly against her mushroom. Near her, Lucky perched on a large rock. "This is my world. It's everything that life has become to me. Isn't it beautiful?" Myobi asked them.

"So why all this is you want to destroy everything else?" Tatsumi asked her. He figured the best approach now was just getting her to talk. Fighting her in her own world might prove more of a risk then they wanted.

"Isn't it obvious? I want to remake these wretched worlds. In my world, there will be no hate, no love. Only the chaos that has always existed. Isn't it wonderful?" Myobi told them.

Watari stood up. "No. It's awful." he whispered.

Myobi tilted her head, giving him a questioning look. "You don't like it Papa? But here I thought you'd love everything I did." she said.

"No." Watari shook his head. "I love you no matter what you do. But I don't love this."

"How very interesting. What about you Daddy?" Myobi said, stepping over with Lucky.

Tatsumi looked down. "I'd have to say the same."

Myobi hopped up and sat by Lucky. "So, you both say you love me still? Even after the things I've done?" she said.

"Of course we do." Watari said.

Looking over at Lucky, Myobi smiled. "Very well. Then we'll have to prove it, won't we?" she said, jumping down.

Tatsumi narrowed his eyes. "How exactly are you proposing that?" he said.

"Simple." Myobi said. "You're going to let me die."


Notes: Okay, really short. But I'm working on the ending now. Up in the next couple days. Promise!