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By: Lacus Klein

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Chapter Seven



She kept crying, but no one answered. Around her, the other children just turned in their beds. They muttered about how strange she was. How much of a baby she was. If she'd had parents, then they had just left her.

Their words hurt. They hurt more then anything else could have. And lying there in the bed, she was sure that no one ever had loved her. They abandoned her...

************************************************************************ **

Myobi looked down at the group that had spotted her standing up there on the wall. Beside her, Lucky and Kamui stood silent. Myobi herself had destroyed that hall, using shadow magic. They only awaited her command.

"You... you did this?" Tsuzuki said in shock. He hadn't realized that she was that powerful.

"What do you think? I thought this place could use a little redecorating myself." Myobi said, giving them a cynical smile.

Tatsumi stepped forward. "Myobi, stop this right now." he ordered.

Myobi gave him a distasteful look. "And who are you to tell me what to do? You were the ones who left me all alone back then. Did you think I wouldn't come back?" she said.

"No one left you. We did it to save you." Tatsumi tried to reason with her.

"Liar!" Myobi snarled, a wave a inky shadow rising towards them.

The group backed up as it descended towards them. Just as it hit though, Hisoka ran out in front, holding up the second Shikon. I hope Watari-san was right about this thing's power, he thought.

As the shadows melted, Myobi crossed her arms. "Well, this is a surprise." she said. The other Shinkon had blocked her outburst.

Beside her, Kamui nodded. "It's of equal power. But it depends on the holder whether it can stand up to the other." he said quietly.

Myobi smiled. "Then this should be interesting. How about it Kamui? Up for the challenge?" she asked.

"Sounds fun." Kamui said.

The three jumped down in front of them. "How about a little game?" Myobi said.

"A game?" Tsuzuki said in disbelief. "You think this is all a game?"

Tatsumi scowled. This wasn't good at all. Myobi was acting like this was nothing. What was she planning to do now?

"Now, now. Kamui and I think this will be rather fun. Let's see how good you are with that sword Hisoka-kun." Myobi said.

Hisoka stood still, watching them for a moment. "What are you saying?" he said.

"A challenge, of course." Myobi said. "You against Kamui. Shinkon against Shinkon. Let's see who's the better of the two this time around."

"Hisoka, be careful. Remember that sword can kill a Shinigami." Konoe warned him.

"I don't have a choice, do I?" Hisoka said, looking back over at Myobi.

Holding up her hand, Myobi signaled to Lucky. He immediately split into seven of himself, all growling with bared teeth at them. "If you don't, my Lucky here will tear all your friends apart. Don't think he can? Just think back to fourteen years ago. That might jog some memories, eh?" she said.

"Guess that answers that." Tsuzuki muttered.

Tatsumi kept a hard look on his face. Now they were in a rock and a hard place. With seven of those things, there was no way they could fend them all off. And judging from the damage done before, they may have been capable of killing as well. "Kurosaki, remember what we told you. You have to find a way to break his Shinkon. It's been done before, and it can be done again." he said.

Myobi just smiled at him. "Okay then. Let's put your theory to the test, shall we?" she said.

Hisoka braced himself. But even that barely made him ready to Kamui's first charge. He sprouted black wings, flying towards him at amazing speed. Hisoka barely was able to get the sword up to fend against him. Shit, he thought. He's faster then I thought.

"Hisoka..." Tsuzuki said. Beside him, Tatsumi clutched his fist tighter. This wasn't good at all. It seemed Kamui had more fire to him then they'd originally anticipated.

"You know, it would be a shame to kill you so soon. So why don't you resist a little more?" Kamui said, clashing swords with him again.

Hisoka scowled at him, pushing the sword back. Glancing over, he noticed Myobi standing nearby. Lucky was still split into seven, so there was no way he could just call this. Judging by her actions, Myobi was dead serious about all of this.

Myobi just stood still, watching without any readable expression. "What a wretched fight. Have you nothing better then that, Hisoka-kun?" she asked.

"Perhaps you are just a child." Kamui said, clashing against him.

"Don't you dare call me a child!" Hisoka yelled, pushing him back.

Kamui flew back into the air a few feet. "Well, seems I've hit a sensitive spot now. It's about time you started fighting." he said.

Nearby, Watari hurried out. He'd been trying to think of a way to reason with Myobi, but seeing the destruction, knew he couldn't wait any longer. But what he came out to was the least of what he'd expected. "Bon?" he said, stopping by Tatsumi.

"Better stay back. Myobi's ordered this challenge. If Hisoka doesn't fight, then we get to face those." Tatsumi told him, gesturing over to Lucky and his incarnates.

Myobi tilted her head, still smiling over at Hisoka. "So, how does it feel to be faced with something you know you cannot beat? It must be rather drab." she said.

"You're insane!" Hisoka said. He was still having a hard enough time keeping up with Kamui to defend, but he had to try. And her insults weren't helping.

"Rather touchy?" Myobi said.

"Stay out of it Myobi." Tatsumi told her.

But Myobi just ignored him, letting Lucky growl a little louder. "I think you should worry more about yourself." she finally said.

Hisoka gasped as he felt the sharp sword slice his shoulder. "Hisoka!" Tsuzuki called.

Myobi laughed. "How pathetic!" she said.

Kamui landed in front of where Hisoka knelt, clutching his shoulder. "Not as tough as you thought." he said.

"Why? Why are you helping her? Can't you see she's insane?" Hisoka whispered hoarsely, looking up at him.

"Because this is what is best." Kamui answered. But Hisoka caught something else in his voice. As if the words had another meaning altogether.

"Kamui, why don't you just finish this now? Take off his head." Myobi ordered.

"No!" Tsuzuki yelled as Kamui jumped up.

I'm going to die for good now, Hisoka thought. But just then, a voice came into his head. It sounded familiar. "Hold up your Shinkon now!"

Hisoka gathered all his strength and lifted the sword to cover him.

Everyone gasped.

As Kamui's Shinkon hit Hisoka's, it shattered. Hisoka stared up at it, unable to believe his eyes. All that time before, and he hadn't been able to do it. Why now?

Myobi stood still, eyes wide. "What is this?" she whispered.

Kamui took a few steps back, throwing the hilt of the sword off to the side. "Looks like you won." he said quietly.

For a moment, all was quiet. Lucky reversed his split and looked up at Myobi. Finally, Myobi's eyes narrowed. "Kamui, come to me." she ordered.

Silently, Kamui flew over beside her, letting his wings receed. Myobi looked at him for a moment, then slapped him across the face. "I expected better of you. But so's life. You're still useful as my companion, so there's no need to get rid of you." she said.

"You're as cold as you are crazy." Hisoka said as Tsuzuki helped him up.

"So you say. But this isn't over by a long shot. I may be done with you, but I've still much more to do here." Myobi told him.

Tatsumi stepped forward, having heard enough. "Myobi, stop this. You're being irrational. It's no one's fault here about what happened to you." he said.

"No one's fault you say? You should hear yourself." Myobi said.

"Myobi..." Watari said softly.

"You both are to blame more then anyone. You were the ones who left me alone out there. You think I haven't thought about what you did to me day and night for all these years?" Myobi said angrily.

Watari stepped up beside Tatsumi. "Myobi, please. We didn't have a choice. We were only trying to protect you." he told her softly.

"Protect me?" Myobi said. She threw her head back and laughed.

I don't like where this is going, Tsuzuki thought as he helped Hisoka.

Suddenly, Myobi held up her hands, a black mist coming out from her palms.

"Why don't I show you my darkness then?"


After Notes: Interesting now, eh? Myobi's cryptic words go right into the next chapter. So how was it that Hisoka was able to beat Kamui? The whole story will be told. And it might not be what you think...