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By: Lacus Klein

Disclaimer: No characters mine, as usual.

Notes: Okay, now we're getting into the deep part of the story. Fair warning, if you thought Myobi was demented before, you haven't seen anything yet. And you can bet that her plan is falling into action. As always, please review...

Chapter Six

Home Coming

Hisoka looked out of the window from the bed. "I don't like this." he whispered.

Behind him, Tsuzuki opened his eyes. "What do you mean?" he asked, not quite catching his drift.

"Akiko getting involved with this case. Maybe she did watch over Myobi as a child, but she might be causing more trouble." Hisoka told him as he turned over to face him.

Tsuzuki nodded, propping his head on his arm. "Maybe. But it's already been decided 'Soka." he said softly.

"I know. But I know what I sensed from Myobi a few days ago too. She's planning something bigger then we think." Hisoka admitted.

"What do you mean? You didn't mention it before." Tsuzuki said, sitting up a little.

"I wasn't sure." Hisoka admitted. "But I felt something... something horrible..."

Tsuzuki reached over and held him close. "Maybe. But we have to let them do what they think is best. Besides, Tatsumi and Watari are working with her. Maybe they can do something to convince her to come back to us." he whispered, kissing his forehead.

But Hisoka shook his head. "I don't think so Tsuzuki. There's something not right about her." he whispered back.

"Not right huh?" Tsuzuki said, still not sure of what he meant.

Hisoka seemed to sense that. "I mean I think she's crazy. Something about being left alone back then has made her snap." he explained.

For a moment, they were quiet. Then Tsuzuki sighed. "I understand. I want to help too Hisoka. But there's nothing we can do."

************************************************************************ ******************************

Myobi stood by the window and watched the people leaving the hotel. By her, Lucky perched himself on the windowsill. "She's here." Myobi said.

"Is she the one we need?" Lucky asked.

"Yes. Once I get to her, I will be able to pass over to Meifu." Myobi told him.

"Would you like me to keep an eye on it?" Lucky asked her, sitting up.

Nearby, Kamui stirred in the bed and leaned up on his elbow. "Why don't you Myobi? It's still too early now for you to be standing there." he said.

Myobi smiled over at him. "Very well. You may do so Lucky. Contact me as soon as she begins to leave." she ordered.

"Yes." Lucky agreed. He shifted into a shadow and left the room.

Walking back to the bed, Myobi climbed in and curled up beside Kamui. "It's rather exciting, isn't it?" she whispered.

"You really believe that this Akiko will be your key to Meifu?" Kamui said.

"I know she is." Myobi whispered back. "She's one of the more powerful shinigami, after all. All I need is to tap that power."

Kamui leaned over and kissed her softly. "Well, you're probably right. But get some sleep for now. You really should be rested for such." he whispered against her lips.

Myobi smiled back at him. "Thank you Kamui." she said softly, kissing him again.

************************************************************************ ***************************

"So you think she's lost her mind?"

Hisoka watched Akiko's passive expression as they stepped off the elevador. He'd been selected to escort her for a few hours while the others looked for any signs of Myobi's whereabouts. It wasn't exactly something he looked forward to, but he did it anyways.

"I don't know for sure. But we have to find her before she can do anymore damage." Akiko told him.

"You're afraid of her, aren't you?" Hisoka said, looking ahead as they stepped out.

Akiko hesitated for a moment. Of course Hisoka would sense her fear. The truth was, she was more then afraid. She was terrified of whatever Myobi was planning. Finally, she found her voice again. "A little." she answered.

Walking out onto the sidwalk, the two remained quiet. Hisoka looked around pensively. He felt like they were being watched. Slowly, he reached out with his empath ability. But he couldn't really find anything that indicated where his feeling was coming from. Still, he didn't like it. "She's still around here somewhere." he finally said.

"I know. She won't leave this area now. She's already made contact with us here." Akiko told him.

"What is she planning? You must know something." Hisoka said.

Akiko stopped and sighed as she turned to face him. Standing in the alleyway, the two were alone. "Hisoka, listen carefully to me. I may not make it back alive, so I need to pass this on through you." she said softly.

Hisoka's eyes widened. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Myobi wants to return to Meifu. I'm sure of it. I've foreseen her plan. But she cannot make it there without a certain power. A power she must steal from a shinigami." Akiko explained.

"But... why?" said Hisoka.

"You will soon understand. But you will not be able to prevent her from making it back. So, when the time comes, you must tell Watari and Tatsumi to have faith in their child. They are the only ones who can save her and Meifu now." Akiko finished.

Hisoka stood still for a moment, staring at her. "Akiko-san?" he said.

But Akiko just smiled gently. "My being involved with Myobi was never a coinsidence. That girl is special. And in those two years, it was almost like she was a part of my own family. If dying by her hand is part of the only way to save her, then I will go willingly into that permanate death. This is my choice." she told him.

At that time, a growling from nearby caught their attention. Hisoka stood in front of Akiko, looking around. "Who's there?" he called. He still couldn't feel anything though. I don't understand it, he thought. Why can't I sense their emotions?

A sudden flash of a black shape jumped out, grabbing Akiko from behind him. "Akiko-san!" Hisoka said, turning quickly as he heard her scream.

Akiko stared in disbelief as she pulled herself up against a wall. Around her, several black creatures growled menacingly. All looked the same, emancipated with burning red eyes. "Lucky?" she whispered, remembering the creature that had attacked someone years before. But there had been only one before. Where did these other four come from?

"Akiko-san!" Hisoka said, beginning to run over there. But he was stopped by a figure landing in front of him. A long sword was pointed right at his throat.

"You can forget about helping your friend." the boy told him.

"Kamui!" Hisoka realized.

"That's right." a female voice said from nearby.

Hisoka turned to his side to see Myobi step out of the shadows. Wearing all black, she smiled over at him. "Hisoka-kun right?" she said.

"You remember me?" Hisoka said, a bit surprised.

"Just barely. But I recalled you were an empath, so I had to be a bit more careful. It seems to me that even empaths can be fooled." Myobi told him.

Akiko just stared at her for a moment. She was a beautiful young woman. Much more beautiful then she ever would've imagined her to become. But at the same time, her eyes had changed. No longer trusting and happy, they were now filled with malice and cunning intuition. Just like the black she wore, he it seemed her heart had become just as black. "Gods Myobi..." she whispered.

Myobi walked over and stood with her creatures. "You're right, you know. These are all Lucky. Didn't know he could create replicas of himself when it was convient, did you?" she said happily.

"Why? What happened to you?" Akiko said.

"You should know. You were the one who had me sent away. Saying it was for the best. Are you so naive?" Myobi said.

"We were only trying to protect you." Akiko reasoned, though she knew it would do no good.

Hisoka tried to move, but Kamui kept the sword at his neck. The tip barely touched him, but Hisoka could feel the point grazing at his every breath. "You shouldn't try to move, Hisoka-kun." Myobi warned him. "That sword is Kamui's original Shinkon. I brought it back myself. It's more then capable of killing a shinigami with one good blow. And based on where it's aimed, your head will easily come off."

"Leave him alone Myobi." Akiko said. "It's me you want, isn't it?"

Smiling, Myobi looked back over at her. "That's right. You're the one who'll get me to Meifu, after all." she said.

Akiko slowly stood up against the wall, watching the creatures surrounding her. If she tried to run, she was sure they'd tear her apart. And Myobi probably wouldn't lift a hand to stop them. "Do what you may, but you won't make it destroying Meifu. You'll change your mind." she told her.

"Change my mind, you say?" Myobi said, looking almost bemused. "You really are naive. I've been waiting years to make it back there. And you seem to think I'll just stop when I get there? Who will stop me? My parents?"

"Despite what you think, they still love you. They'll do whatever it takes to get you back." Akiko said.

But Myobi just laughed, walking closer to her. "Love? What a simple word. The only love I've seen are from those I create. And sadly, none of you are them." she said.

Akiko let out a strangled cry as a sharp pain went through her chest. "No!" Hisoka yelled. He tried to move, but was blasted back by an energy field from Kamui.

Myobi removed her hand and looked at the power swirled around in her palm. "Such a mess for this." she said, letting it go inside of her.

"You're crazy! How could you just kill her?" Hisoka cried, trying to bring himself up from where he'd landed.

Myobi walked over and stood by Kamui. Shifting back to one, Lucky joined them. "I guess we'll see you in Meifu now. Bye bye!" she said as they disappeared.

Crawling to his feet, Hisoka stumbled over to wear Akiko lay. A pool of blood was forming around her. "Akiko-san! Don't die on me!" Hisoka said, holding her head up.

Akiko opened her eyes, looking up at him. "Hisoka, you have to stop her now. She's got the power to enter Meifu. It's too late for me." she whispered.

"Don't talk like that. I won't let you die." Hisoka said.

A sound nearby made him realize that he wasn't alone. Standing at the front of the alleyway, Tsuzuki gasped. "Akiko-san." he said, hurrying over to them.

"It all ends now. Myobi will return to Meifu. Hisoka, remember what I told you. Only Watari and Tatsumi can stop her." Akiko whispered, closing her eyes.

Tsuzuki and Hisoka shook their heads. "I-I couldn't stop her." Hisoka whispered, a few tears rolling down his cheeks.

"It's all right 'Soka." Tsuzuki said, wrapping an arm around him. "It wasn't your fault."

Hisoka wiped his eyes, looking up at him. "Kamui has his Shinkon again. Myobi returned it to him. She said it can kill a Shinigami." he told him.

"Yeah. You did the right thing then." Tsuzuki said. Then he stood up, extending his hand. "Come on. We've got to tell the others."

************************************************************************ ******************************

"She did what?"

Konoe stood up at his desk, slamming his hands down. Tsuzuki and Hisoka nodded solemnly. Nearby, Tatsumi listened and tried to look impassive. He'd been in there for the whole thing, and his insides were shaking badly now. Myobi had murdered Akiko, and now would head there to Meifu. He didn't know what was worse. Outside the door, Watari listened as well. Sighing, he put his head in his hand. He too, was shaking.

"What of Kamui? Did you see him as well?" Konoe asked.

"Yes. He was with them, and his Shinkon had been returned to him. Apparently, that was her doing as well." Hisoka admitted.

"If he brings it here, I believe we can shatter it again. So that can be considered the least of our problems." Tatsumi said.

"Shattered? How?" Tsuzuki asked.

Tatsumi sighed. "Tsuzuki, I don't believe you're asking such. When the final battle ended, that Shinkon was shattered by the twin star. We have the other sword, so we can use that." he explained.

Hisoka nodded. "All right. I can do that." he told him.

"Right now, I'm more concerned about that girl coming here. She has to be stopped before she causes anymore damage." Konoe said.

Tatsumi sighed. "Watari and I will deal with her. She's our daughter, no matter what she's done." he said solemnly.

"I hope you're right Tatsumi. We don't know anything about her powers now." Konoe admitted.

Outside, Watari finally made himself walk away from the door and into the lobby. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small necklace with half a charm attached to it. His memory flashed back to right before Myobi had been taken.


"Do you like it Myobi?" Watari asked.

"It's so pretty Papa." Myobi said as he put the chain around her neck.

"Daddy and I bought it just for you. Look, when you put the charms together, they form into one piece. That's the same with our family. Even when we're apart, we can always come back together." Watari told her.

End Flashback

Watari sighed. He'd kept that necklace for the last fourteen years, hoping that when they saw her again, they could give it to her. Both the charms connected. That was their family connection. The love between them. Would she even remember now?

A loud boom and the room shaking brought him back to attention. Nearby, the others ran out. "What the hell was that?" Konoe yelled.

"It came from outside the main hall." Watari said.

The group hurried out and was greeted by the main hall falling to pieces. Everyone stared in shock. And standing nearby on a wall, Myobi looked down at them. "I'm home." she said.


Notes: Myobi's finally made it to Meifu. And now, she's ready to wreck havoc. How will they stop her? And what about Kamui and Lucky? All coming up!