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Nasyki: Beware! This is very confusing. You have been forewarned.

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Okay, I changed what you wrote, cuz I'm not gonna write it all out! So, anyways, I spotted a few mistakes, grammatical and spelling, but that doesn't really matter, as long as I spotted it. >.< I'm rambling sorry. T.T P.S: The stuff in the brakets is mine. Explanations–Scene One of One– This was unbearable. How long had it been? One hour? Or two? (I changed that, I think it sounds better) Well, the time didn’t really matter anymore. That was just how long it had been, today. The total hours he had put into this was now probably in numbers far too high to count. Though that didn’t bother him so much as the fact that even through all of his pressing and prodding and poking and hinting and telling on these numerous occasions long since passed, though still continuing today...nothing had come of this. Why was it, he wondered, that so much time had gone by, and still ‘nothing had come of this’? He fumed, nothing! It wasn’t as though even the smallest thought of truths had embedded itself into the little one’s mind. It was as empty, on this topic as any day prior.(Wow... sounds like my head... empty. ;)) That was truly what the most unbearable part of this situation was to him. Chase Young took in a deep breath to calm his annoyance. In the past, had he not done so...people miraculously ended up hurt, miraculously, of course. (*rolls eyes* yeah... miraculously... xD) It wouldn’t have been so bad, he mused, if the young monk had even the slightest bit of street smarts. Okay, not even street smarts, if he had any sense of people at all this wouldn’t have to be so horrible for him. But no. To say that any matter that could be considered as simple as this, could really be called simple, by the terms of whatever creator that really was out there, would it seem to be too farfetched to have something as simple as “up” be “up”, and “down” be “down”, and even when you say that something is “simple,” in turn it mean “simple”? (I know what Chase fells like. T.T Ah'm confused.) Was it on, or perhaps in, some joke that had outlasted its humor that now, as defined by whatever was left to define something, have something “up” on some odd day of the week – most likely today – that “up” no longer equals “up,” or even “down”! But something more complicated as “to the right on the first corner down the street”? And “down” now was told to be something like “heaven” that was never above in the first place. And for whatever amusement was found by it, “simple” now was no longer even an adjective but something more like a foreign conjugation of “apple” that doesn’t even mean “apple”! (Isn't Apple the nickname for NY? O.o;) It is within that thought that he concluded; even something like that would simply not be complicated enough to describe this situation or for how backwards he felt now that something like that might actually make sense if only today was tomorrow and tomorrow was yesterday. But even as he thought this, he knew that he was merely so irked by this transgression that he wasn’t even trying to think orderly or even forwardly. What he really knew, was that there was really no amount of luck for one so unlucky as him self. That was why he had yet to penetrate something as thick as Omi’s skull (how about an electric drill?). Though he also knew that, as this was Omi he was thinking about, his sweet, innocent Omi that something like this situation might actually take some time for his little one to decipher. But even so, the innocence that he loved the boy for, was, to a certain extent beginning to grow on his nerves. Or so he thought, as it was the same innocence that was goading him at present. Chase rubbed his temples on either side of his face and let out a small growl. Even thinking now was making him irritated.(It makes me irritated.) He could feel the presence of his little one only a few paces in front of him, his small body letting of waves of confusion into the air, already thick with the wrath of Chase’s anger. Chase responded to Omi’s confusion with silence. If only the matter was so “simple”, as what was really meant of the word. Then he wouldn’t be in this position. Then he could put this lightly. It was only due to Omi’s unfounded ignorance that this matter wasn’t simple, any longer. He couldn’t put the simple matter lightly as he so wished he could. He had tried every innuendo that he knew. He had used all his inklings in the book. He had used every word that put the matter into a PG rated mind such as Omi’s. What was left to do? Take their cloths off and have his way with the young monk, who would probably still not get it? Chase’s lip’s quirked at that.(I laughed heaps at that) Some of his aggravation dissipated. Now that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. He’d try one more time, and if nothing happened there would be one cloth-less Omi, ripe for the pickings. Chase sighed, exasperated. “Okay Omi…I’m going to explain this to you one last time…” (Omi-"...Explain what?" lol!) ---- So anyways. Yeah, kinda confusing. Just take out my bracktey bits and it's done! =3 ...I think... O.o;