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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Ed, Kasumi, and Legato: *Come in*

Ed: You know what? I realized something- I'm hungry!

Kasumi: Lets go to the bread shop!

Ed: I hope they have doughnuts

Kasumi: We know they have week old bread at least

Ed: Ewww...

Kasumi: What?

Ed: Week old bread is gross!

Kasumi: That's not the point. The point is that we know that Haruko-san is there

Ed: Yeah, well I want Doughnuts!

Kasumi: We'll see.

Ed: Humph *Crosses arms and pouts*

Kasumi: If you want one so much have Legato get it for ya!

Ed: You just jealous I have a loyal minion that obeys my every command and you don't! *Smiles up at Legato*

Kasumi: Never said I wanted one. I was just saying tell him to get one.

Ed: Jealous!! *Sticks tongue out at Kasumi*

Kasumi: Hn whatever

Ed: *Mutters under breath* Jealous

Kasumi: Oi, I don't care just get your damn donut!

Ed: FINE!! Come on Legato. Lets find doughnuts!

Kasumi: Ug!

Legato: Yes master

Ed: I want chocolate doughnuts with sprinkles

=Bread shop=

Ed and Kasumi and Legato: *Walk into the shop*

Naota: Hello

Kasumi: Hello, Naota-chan!

Naota: How did you know my name?

Ed: *Gets all dark like* We know all!

Naota: Who are you two?

Ed: Wouldn't you like to know?

Kasumi: We're two wanderers looking for a job.

Ed: And doughnuts, looking for doughnuts too.

D: What about him? *Points to Legato*

Ed: He's my minion of coarse.

Dad: I'll buy it. If you two are looking for work come and work here.

Naota: WHAT?! How can you believe that?

Haruko: It sounds believable to me.

Naota: Everything is believable for you!

Kasumi: I'll take the job! Oh and so will Ed too.

Haruko: That's great.

Naota: -_- You're kidding me!

Haruko: Does this look like the face of a kidder?

Naota: Yes.

Ed: NO! This is the face of a kidder. *Points to self*

Kasumi: So when do we start?

Dad: Tomorrow would work.

Kasumi: That sounds great.

Ed: I hate work.

Kasumi: Lazy bum!

Ed: I'm not here to deny it!

Kasumi: Never said you were.

Ed: That's right miss Jealous!

Kasumi: For the last time: I'm not jealous!

Ed: Liar.

Kasumi: Ug, I give up!

Haruko: You guys want to have dinner with us? I'm making curry!

Kasumi: YAY CURRY!!

Naota: I hate your curry! You make it too spicy!

Kasumi: I love spicy!

Ed: I've never had curry.

Haruko and Kasumi: You'll LOVE it!!

Ed: Now I'm scared.

Kasumi: Can I help ya make it?

Haruko: Sure.

Haruko and Kasumi: HAHAHAHA, This will be fun!!

Ed: Legato, Naota…Be afraid, be very afraid!

Legato: Yes master.

Naota: I am.


Naota: *Takes a small bit* AH! This is too spicy!!!

Kasumi: I'll eat it! *Takes Naota's curry and eats it*

The grandpa: *Drowning in his curry*

Dad: *Dinking from the sink* Water!!

Legato: *Eats a spoon full and falls back*

Kasumi: You aren't gonna eat that, are ya Legato?

Legato: *Still down* …

Kasumi: Thanks! *Takes Legato's curry and eats it*

Ed: *Looks at her curry and pokes it with her spoon*

Haruko: What's wrong? Don't ya want your curry?

Ed: Ummmm *Looks around the table*

Kasumi: Try it Ed! Its gooood! *Smiles*

Ed: *Eats a tiny bit* AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *Runs around*

Kasumi: Come on its not that hot!

Naota: You must have a stomach of steel!

Kasumi: People say that all the time.

Haruko: I'm glad someone likes my cooking.

Kasumi: Hey Ed, can I have yours?

Ed: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*Gasp*HHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *Still running around*

Kasumi: I take that as a yes. *Goes for Ed's curry*

Ed: *Runs into Kasumi, knocking curry all over herself*

Kasumi: NNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!! …Ah crap, what a waste of good curry.


Haruko: You might want clean yourself up.

Ed: *Spreads arms making Curry drip on the floor* I got curry down my shirt. It feels REALLY weird! Where's the bathroom?

Haruko: Bathroom? That way. *Points to the side*

Kasumi: So I can't have your curry?

Ed: *Starts to walk away* No Kasumi. Unless you want to eat my clothes with it-No.

Kasumi: Ah damn

Ed: *Grabs Endless Bag of...stuff* I'll be out when I get the Curry out of my ears

Kasumi: *Waves* Ja Ne

Ed: This...Is... So.... GROSS!!!

Kasumi: Can I have seconds?

Ed: I hate you *Leaves*


Ed: *Is wiping off with a sponge* Curry's nasty. And so spicy! My mouth still burns! Damnit- Kasumi's gonna pay.

Legato: *Scrubbing Ed's back wearing a towel and his collar* If that's what you wish master I shall do it.

Ed: *Sighs* No, That's ok Legato. LEGATO?!?! *Turns head around*

Legato: Yes Master? Is there a problem?

Ed: Y-y-you're a guy, in a towel, and a collar washing my back. It's not something I'm used to.

Legato: The old master would have me do this for him.

Ed: You know what? I'm not even gonna comment about that.

Legato: As you wish Master. Is there anywhere you wish for me to wash?

Ed: Erm...My back?

Legato: As you wish *scrubs harder*

Ed: I hate to say it, but your good at this

Legato: I do my best. *Scrubs lower*

Ed: *Looks back at Legato with raised eyebrow*

Legato: Some thing wrong?

Ed: *Looks at him suspiciously* No. *Turns back around

=Naota's room=

Naota: What are you doing in here?

Haruko: Who me?

Naota: No her! *Points to Kasumi*

Kasumi: We're just having some girl time!

Naota: Girl time?

Haruko: Yes girl time, you want to join in?

Naota: But I'm not a girl!

Kasumi: but I'm sure you'd fit in.

Naota: What about that other girl? I'm sure she'd love too join you guys.

Kasumi: Who Ed? She's gonna be a little busy for a while

Naota: How hard is it to take a bath?

Kasumi: *Jumps tot he top bunk* Well, curry is real hard to clean. Plus we don't take bathes like that at home.

Haruko: yeah, plus with that hottie with her!

Naota: What do you mean by that?

Kasumi: Hottie? Where's a hottie?! Did I miss something at the door?

Haruko: Yeah! That guy you two came in with! He went in there a little while after her. He only had a towel on. Oh, and that dog collar. *Sarcastically* I wonder what their doing? *Laughs*

Kasumi: Um, taking a bath?

Naota: *Blushing* What are you? Stupid?

Kasumi: *Look down to the lower bunk* Hn, What do ya mean? Miroku-San wanted to take a bath with me when I was with him and we're friends. That's what friends do: Take bathes together.

Haruko: *Laughs and then falls over*

Kasumi: Oro?

Naota: *Puts head in hand* Nothing-Forget it

Kasumi: *Somehow lands on the lower bunk on top of Naota* What? Tell me!

Naota: *Blushes and turns his head away* I think this is a topic you need to discuss with your parents.

Kasumi: Parents? What's that have to do with that?

Naota: ASK THEM, NOT ME!!!

Kasumi: This is sad! I grade schooler knows more then me! I've asked Ed over and over again but she never answers me!

Naota: Like I said-Ask you're Parents. They'll tell you.

Kasumi: I rarely ever see my parents. We don't talk unless I screwed up.

Haruko: Do you want me to show you?

Kasumi: Yeah that could help

Naota: O.O Show her?

Haruko: Yeah. A visual will help. *Licks lips*

Naota: O.O

Kasumi: Hey, Miroku-san gives me that look all the time! *Smiles and Jumps back to the top bunk* So show me.

Haruko: *Jumps up to the top bunk next to Kasumi*

Ed: *Comes in wearing a towel and another on her head* Ahhhh!! I feel so good! Hey everyone! How's it going?

Haruko: *Softly*Damn. *Normally* Hello Ed. We were just having some girl time.

Ed: *Points to Naota* Then what's he doing here?

Kasumi: He fits in perfectly. Don't ya thing?

Haruko: Yes I totally agree.

Ed: *Shrugs* Whatever. Just get out so I can get dressed. *Points to Haruko and Kasumi* And you guys too. Out.

Kasumi: Okay *Disappears in a flash and reappears at behind her* See ya.

Haruko: Fine. *Jumps down*

Naota: *Walks out still blushing madly*

Ed: What's his problem?

Legato: *Behind Ed now dressed* Children are hard to figure out Master.

Ed: *Sighs* Yeah. EEEP! *Jumps* When did you get here?

Kasumi: *In front of Ed* He was standing there for a while*

Ed: Ahhh!! And when did you get here?!?! I told you to leave!

Kasumi: I did, but its just fun to freak ya out. *Grins*

Ed: *Points to door* OUT!!!!

Kasumi: *Disappears*

Ed: Damn straight! *Smiles*

Legato: She can be very annoying at times Master.

Kasumi: *Appears behind Legato* What you say?!

Legato: O.O


Kasumi: What about him?

Ed: *Blinks* I don't know- what about him?

Legato: If you wish master.

Ed: Damnit Kasumi! Just go!!!

Kasumi: *Already gone*

Ed: *Goes to door and locks it* There! NOW try to come in! *Laughs*

Kasumi: *Sitting on the top bunk* What ya laughin' bout?

Legato: Yes Master, What are you laughing about?

Ed: Ahhh!!! JUST GET OUT KASUMI!!!!!

Kasumi: Why?


Kasumi: *Disappears*

Ed: AND STAY OUT!! *Goes to bag* Damn! What does a girl have to do to get dressed around here? *Pulls clothes out of bag and throws them on bottom bunk* I mean...God!!

Legato: Yes, master. It seems people are always in your way, aseptically that Kasumi

Ed: I know! Really! *Sits on bunk and starts drying her hair* You understand me so well Legato.

Legato: Thank you Master *bows*

Ed: Uh huh, yeah * Not paying attention anymore* Oh wait! *Drops the towel from her head* I forgot my brush!! *Goes to bag and starts searching*

Legato: *Sits there watching Ed*

Ed: Ah ha! Found it!! * Pulls out a red brush and starts brushing hair*

Legato: You have very nice hair master. Do you wish for me to brush it for you?

Ed: Thank you Legato! I'd be honored! *Gives brush to Legato*

Legato: *Starts brushing Ed's hair*

Ed: Hmmm... What am I gonna do after this? *Goes into on little world to think*

Legato: Do you wish for me to do something with your hair master?

Ed: *Thinking, Not listening* Yeah sure. Whatever.

Legato: *Takes out hair band and puts Ed's hair in a ponytail* There you go master.

Ed: I got it! *Puts fist into hand *That's exactly what I'll do! * Throws off towel ,runs over to bed , and starts to get dressed in a hurry*

Legato: *Blushes* Um Master? *Clears Throat*

Ed: *Buttoning pants* Huh? What?

Legato: Your *clears throat and doing a cup motion with his hands at his chest* is showing...

Ed: *Not listening* That's nice.

Legato: Master? Can you please cover yourself?

Ed: Sure *Still not listening*

Legato: Master please look down at your self!

Ed: Huh? *Looks down* There. *Continues to get changed*

Legato: Maybe I should leave. *Gets up*

Ed: Uh, huh Whatever

Legato: * Opens and walks out the door*

Ed: *Finishes getting dressed and runs out*

=Living room=

Kasumi: *Holding Haruko's guitar* So if I do this with this finger, It makes this sound right, Haruko-San?

Haruko: Yes just like that.

Ed: Hey everyone!

Kasumi: Hey, Haruko-san is teaching me to play!

Ed: Cool! Hey, Have any of you seen Legato? He was brushing my hair then he ran off.

Kasumi: You got dressed with him in the same room?

Ed: *Blinks* I don't know. Huh?

Haruko: Hee hee, you dog you.

Ed: *Blinks again* I really don't know if I did. *Blushes* I need to find him.

Kasumi: Why are you calling her a dog?

Haruko: *Whispers to Kasumi*

Kasumi: O.O *Looks at Ed* You and Legato?! In a bed?! Not sleeping! BAD!!

Ed: *Blushes harder* Wha? You think... No! Kurama's my man!

Haruko: So? It doesn't matter. You may have a man, but if something sweet comes a long, you have to eat it out if you caught my drift.

Ed: *Blushes harder* But…but.. Kurama... It's not like that between Legato and me. I'm just his master! *Realizes what she said* That really didn't sound right did it?

Haruko: Not at all

Kasumi: It doesn't?

Ed: *Still blushing* It doesn't matter. Kurama's my one and only!

Kasumi: How come you can be alone with someone, but I can't?

Haruko: Yes? *Hugs Kasumi* How can you deny this poor, poor girl the freedom that you wave in her face? How wrong!

Kasumi: Um Yeah!

Ed: I'm gonna go find Legato. *Walks away, still blushing*

Haruko: I think we all know what you're gonna do!

Ed: *Turns around even redder* NO! I'm just going to talk to him! *Runs off*

Kasumi: Haruko-san, can I ride your bike?

Haruko: Sure it'll be fun to do it together. *Grins*

Kasumi: YAY FUN!!

Ed: *Looking under the bed* Legato! Where are you? Come here please!

Legato: Yes master?

Ed: *Looks at Legato* Oh crap- I did didn't I?

Legato: Depends what you mean by "did" master.

Ed: I got changed in front of you. *Blushed lightly* Didn't I?

Legato: Yes you did, but it's not the first wrong thing I've had to done or watch under your servitude.

Ed: *Blushes harder*What do you mean by that?

Legato: CPR… to the monk...very, very disturbing...very.

Ed: Oh Legato! I'm so sorry! *Gives him a hug* I promise I wont make you give CPR to anyone of the same gender again!

Kasumi: *From in the hallway* Ed?

Ed: *Still holding Legato* K-Kasumi?

Kasumi: What do you do when you run over a guy with very bushy eyebrows that come on and off?

Ed: Um, Er... Hit him?

Kasumi: We kinda did hit him. See the eyebrows? *Puts hand through doorway and shows eyebrows*

Ed: *Forgot to let Legato go* Neat! Put'm in my bag

Kasumi: Kay. Um could you hand it to me?

Ed: Huh? Sure. *Picks up her bag that was by her feet and throws it to Kasumi. Still holding on to Legato* There ya go!

Haruko: Hey Kasumi, How's your head? *Pushes Kasumi into the room*

Kasumi: *Has a big lump sticking out of her head*

Haruko: *Sees Ed and Legato* HA! I knew it! *Points to Them* Furi Kuri!

Ed: Huh? What are you talking about?

Kasumi: *Grins* HAHA! She's right! Furi Kuri!

Ed: What the hell are you two talking about?

Kasumi: Ya know, "Furi Kuri"...

Haruko: Come on Eddie! Think!

Kasumi: Hell I even know what she's talking about.

Ed: I don't know...*Notices she's still hanging on Legato. * Oh, I get it. Furi Kuri *Lets go of Legato and blushes more*

Kasumi: HA! For once someone else is out of the loop!

Haruko: What are you laughing bout miss horn?

Ed: Miss Horn?

Haruko: *Points to the horn on Kasumi's forehead* Seeeeeee?

Ed: How could I not notice that?

Kasumi: Because I'm not as important as your boy toy

Ed: *Blushes more* He is NOT my boy toy!

Kasumi: Could have fooled me.

Haruko: Same.

Ed: Well he's not. He's my minion.

Haruko: He seems to be more like your slave then minion. I can only thing about what he's master does to him at night. *Grins*

Kasumi: Hahaha-What does that mean?

Haruko: Don't worry.

Ed: You two are so perverted

Kasumi: Little ol' me?

Ed: Yes, little ol' you.

Kasumi: Ouch my head hurts...

Ed: It should *pokes horn*

Haruko: Lets go outside. Maybe the fresh air will help your little head. *Holds Kasumi's shoulders*

Ed: *Shrugs* Whatever you guys wanna do. I don't have any plans for today.

Kasumi: I feel like I'm gonna puke! *Runs outside*

Ed: *Sighs* Well. Lets go Legato.


Kasumi: MY HEAD!!!! *Horn starts to get bigger*

Ed: Wow! That's really cool!

Haruko: This is great!

Kasumi: Shut up!!!!

Legato: Master, What's going on?

Ed: *Smiles and put an arm around Legato's shoulders* Just watch my friend, Watch.

Kasumi: AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! *Horn comes out of Kasumi's head and turns into a monster* Dude not cool. *Faints*


Monster: *Starts trashing the town*

Ed: Do any of you know how incredibly awesome this is?!?!

Haruko: Meh, this happens all the time.

Ed: And? It's still awesome.

Haruko: I'm surprised such a person could produce something like this. Just like Naota. *Grins at the sleeping Kasumi*

Ed: Whatever. Hey Kasumi! Wake up- Hiei's here!

Kasumi: *Still out*

Haruko: She's gonna be out for a while.

Ed: Not if I can help it! Kasumi forgive me but *Cups hands around mouth* HIEI'S A LOSER AND HIS KATANA IS AS WEAK AS A TOOTHPICK!!! AND KURAMA'S HAIR IS SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Kasumi: *Starts growling in sleep*


Kasumi: *Tosses and turns* ER!


Kasumi: *Starts grabbing air* AH!

Haruko: *Smacks Ed over the head with her guitar* Leave the girl alone!

Ed: I was trying to wake her up! *Kicks Kasumi* Wake up damn you!

Kasumi: Oh my ribs...Juicy ribs mmmmm ribs *Starts drooling*

Ed: I give up! Legato! You wake her up

Haruko: Monster's dead.

Monster: x_x *Dead*

Ed: Good for it. Now Legato- Wake Kasumi up. Please?

Legato: How do you wish for me to do that master?

Legato: As you wish. *Takes out gun*

Ed: No wait! Don't kill her or shoot her! That defeats the whole purpose of waking her up!

Legato: *Hits Kasumi over the head with the gun* Is this okay master?

Ed: Yes Legato. That's perfect! Good boy! *Pats his head* Ah, I'm so glad I killed Knives. Now I've got myself a loyal minion. Life is good. *Smiles*

Kasumi: *Starts bleeding* Ketchup...


Naota and Lord Kanchi*Come in*

Naota: *Smells really bad* Where did that monster come from?

Ed: *Points to Kasumi* Her!

Naota: For once it didn't come from my head.

Ed: Yeah. Legato-Is she awake yet?

Legato: *Hitting Kasumi with Haruko* No master!

Haruko: HELP ME!!!

Ed: Well, keep at it Legato.

Lord Kanchi: *On screen*?!?

Ed: Gasp! LORD KANCHI!!! *Jumps up and gives LK a hug*

Lord Kanchi: ?!?!?!?!?!


Naoto: Who's Kurama?

Ed: *Still holding on to LK*My future husband. You got a problem with that?

Naoto: no I was just wondering.

Ed: Good *Hugs LK more* You're so cool!

Haruko: *Flies by* AH!

Legato: *Sweating* D-damn it S-she just will not wake up!!!!

Ed: Awww.... Poor Legato! *Lets go of LK* You can stop now Legato. You tried your best.

Legato: Thank you master

Kasumi: *Beat up and bloody, but some how still sleeping*

Ed:*Sigh* She's impossible. I'm sorry Legato. *Gives him a hug*

Haruko: Furi Kuri...

Ed: Oh shut up! *Holds Legato tighter* I don't care what you say cause it's not true so there! *Sticks tongue out at Haruko*

Kasumi: *Gets up* Ug... Make the spin stop rooming! @_@

Ed: *Still holding Legato* This place is boring now.

Kasumi: Why am I bleeding?

Ed: Legato tried to wake you up. He failed though. Poor Legato. *Hugs him again*

Kasumi: *Grabs Haruko's guitar and thwacks Legato* JERK!!

Ed: AHHH! My minion!!!

Kasumi: ER *Knocks Legato to the ground* THAT WASN'T NICE!!! *Thwacks him harder*


Kasumi: YOU! *Thwack Ed*

Ed: OW!! *Takes out Miroku's staff* You'll pay for touching my minion!!*Hits Kasumi*

Kasumi: OW! *Runs off somewhere*


Kasumi: MEEP!! *Comes back riding Haruko's bike waving the guitar in the air*

Ed: Oh shit! *Runs behind Legato* Please! *Puts arms around his waist* Save me!

Legato: Yes Master!

Kasumi: *Smacks Legato in the face, but misses Ed*

Legato: @_@

Ed: LEGATO!!! Are you ok?!?!

Legato: Ouch...

Kasumi: *Comes back* MEEP I SAY!!! HAHAHA

Ed: Legato! Speak to me man! Are you ok?!?! *Turns to Kasumi* If you broke my minion, I'll kick your ass!!!

Eyebrow guy: Stop you crazy bitch!

Kasumi: LE KA BONG!!! *Smacks him in the face*

Eyebrow guy: *Knocked out*

Kasumi: I'm not a Bitch! I'm a crazy psycho bitch! Get it right!

Ed: I don't care! You're gonna be a dead bitch if Legato's brain dead!

Haruko: She out of control!!

Kasumi: How do you make this fly?

Haruko: The button on the left.

Kasumi: *Presses button and bike starts flying* Whoo!!

Legato: Master?

Ed: Yes Legato?

Legato: How is miss Kasumi flying?

Ed: Oh. It's the bike. *Hugs Legato* I'm so happy your ok!! What's a villain without her minion?!?!

Kasumi: Hey Ed, I got the stuff .We can go now! *Goes down lower and puts her hand out for Ed to grab*

Ed: Kay! Where we going? *Takes Kasumi's hand*

Kasumi: *Smirks* The best place we would fit in!

Ed: *Blinks* Where?

Kasumi: *Giggles* I can't believe you don't know! *Goes up higher* Excel Saga!

Ed: Thought so! * Holds out hand* Come on Legato! We don't have all day!

Legato: Coming Master! *Jumps up and grabs Ed's hand*

Kasumi: Oi Haruko-san thanks for your stuff!

Ed: *Throws Kasumi her bag* Get out the 8 ball and take us there Kasumi.

Kasumi: *Takes 8 ball* Hey take us to Excel saga!

Magical Dimensional 8 ball of magic: Yes...

Ed, Kasumi, and Legato: *Disappear*


Naota: I don't think they're coming back.

Haruko: SHUT UP!