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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

= Excel Saga, morning=

Ed: * Wakes up and Yawns* Where am I? I remember hearing a gunshot and then all these rabid monkeys tried to kill me. After that, every thing went black. Hmmm....

Legato: *Asleep holding Ed*

Ed: *Looks up* And why is Legato holding me?

Excel and Hyatt: *A sleep on their futons*

Legato: *Groggily* Master are you *Yawns* up?

Ed: Yeah. Why am I in your arms and where's Kasumi?

Legato: You thought monkeys were attacking you last night and requested a hug, you then fell a sleep. The whore left shortly afterward.

Ed: Whore?

Legato: Miss Kasumi.

Ed: Oh. Why?

Legato: She didn't wish to stay. At least that's what she was saying last night when she left

Ed: What? What did she say?

Legato: I can't remember all of it, but something like: "As long as I'm happy that's all that matters" and " I'm not going to stay the night just to baby-sit her" stuff of that aspect.

Ed: R-really?

Legato: I wouldn't call that a friend.

Ed: H-how could she?

Legato: I don't know.

Ed: You're my only friend now Legato! *Starts crying*

Legato: Yes Master, I guess I am.

Ed: But, what'll I do now? *Sniffle*

Legato: Forget her. What do you need from her anyways?

Ed: But...but...

Legato: But what master? Do you really care about someone like...THAT!

Ed: We've been friends for so long though! How can I just cut her off like that?

Legato: *Gets up* Well yesterday sure did prove that she's a great friend, remember? She tried to kill you and me! What will stop her next time?!

Ed: *Gets up and brushes herself off* Well. we did kinda force her.

Legato: But she still did it

Ed: *Sighs* I don't know what to do...

=Outside the apartment=

Kasumi: Ouch my back! *Holds her cracking back* Maybe I should have stayed here during the night. I might have risked getting killed, but I would have a nice place to sleep.

Ed: *Opens door* Kasumi? Is that you?

Kasumi: Yeah. *Crack* OW! PAIN!

Ed: Serves you right bitch!

Kasumi: Oro?

Ed: You've just been stringing me along this whole time, haven't you?!?!

Kasumi: Oro?

Ed: Well no more! I'm on my own from know on! Just Legato and me!

Kasumi: Ya lost me

Ed: Legato told me what you said last night! How could you?!?! After all we've been through!

Kasumi: What that you don't need a hug?

Ed: No! Legato, tell her what you told me!

Legato: I'm sure you remember Miss Kasumi. Don't you?

Kasumi: Yeah that you're a jackass bitch!

Ed: Don't yell at him!

Kasumi: But he started it! Him and his stupid mind games, if you can call them that!

Ed: It's not his fault he's better than you!

Kasumi: O.O What?! He's trying to kill me! That's why I left last night!

Ed: Really? Or was so you wouldn't have to "baby-sit" me?!?!

Kasumi: ORO?! Why the hell would I say that?!

Ed: Last night! Right Legato?

Legato: Right master.

Kasumi: *Cocks an eye* Really? You think I would say that?

Ed: *Blinks* I don't know. Legato said you did, and he wouldn't lie. Would you Legato?

Kasumi: *Jumps up to Ed* HE LIES LIKE A DOG!!! I was talking to him last night and he called me a whore!

Legato: That's because you are one!

Ed: She is? I was asleep, when did that happen?

Legato: She is a damn whore! Being with that monk proves it!

Kasumi: Why would me being with Miroku make me a whore?!

Ed: *Blinks* Now I 'm confused.

Kasumi: Well I have a justification that you're a bitch!

Ed: No he's not!

Kasumi: He acts like your bitch. He's like a puppy with you!

Ed: He is my minion Kasumi!

Kasumi: Plus he's just plain mean to me! He's so cold! Doesn't that bother you?

Ed: No

Kasumi: So you're gonna put my life at risk?

Ed: No

Kasumi: Forget about it, let's go!

Ed: Go where?

Kasumi: ummm, I know Sailor Moon!

Ed: Whatever *Pulls out 8 ball* Take us to Sailor Moon!

The Magical Dimensional 8 Ball of magic: Okay

Ed, Kasumi, and Legato: *Disappear*

=Sailor Moon=

Ed, Kasumi, and Legato: *Comes in*

Kasumi: All right Sailor Moon. I wonder what series we're in.

Ed: It doesn't matter. All I know is I'm gonna raise hell!

A guy: Hello pretty lady.

Ed: Who? *Points to self and looks around* Me?

Guy: Yes who else would I be talking about? *Takes Ed's hand and kisses it*

Ed: Ummmm... *Blushes*

Kasumi: My you are friendly. You got a name?

Guy: Yes I do, I'm Hawks-eye. Do you have a name pretty lady?

Ed: It's Ed.

Hawks-eye: Ed? That quite a different name.

Ed: *Nods* I know, but I like it! *Smiles*

Hawks-eye: How bout I take you out to eat, just you and me?

Ed: Oh! Can we have tomato soup and doughnuts? *Has stars in eyes* Please?

Hawks-eye: Sure whatever you want.

Legato: Master!

Ed: Yes Legato?

Legato: I think I should come with you. I don't trust this guy!

Hawks-eye: Come on now. Can't you take care of yourself with out your bodyguard

Ed: I can! Legato, I won't be too long! I mean, it's just some lunch! Just stay with Kasumi, I'll be fine.

Legato: You can't be serious master! I'm not staying with this whore!

Kasumi: Go on Ed. You two have fun. We'll find something to do. *Swoosh Ed off*

Ed: Yay! Free lunch! *Turns to Hawk-eye* Lets go!

Hawks-eye: *Takes Ed's arm* Yes ma'am.

Ed and Hawks-eye: *Walks off*

Legato: *Smacks Kasumi over the head* Why the hell did you let her go with that freak?!

Kasumi: *Grins*

=At restaurant=

Ed: *Takes a bite of doughnut and swallows* Wow! These are really good!!

Hawks-eye: I bet they are *Smirks*

Ed: They are! Can I get some more?

Hawks-eye: Anything you want

Ed: Yay! *Grabs more doughnuts* Your so nice! *Smiles*

Hawks-eye: Thanks *Thinks* That's right eat up and let me see your dream! *End thoughts* HAHAHA!

Ed: What are you laughing at?

Hawks-eye: Um, its just you look so cute when you eat. *Smiles* I bet you have some great dreams, being such a beautiful girl. *Smiles*

Ed: *Smiles wickedly* Wouldn't you like to know.

Hawks-eye: Yes I would. *Grins at Ed*

=A couple tables away=

Kasumi: Legato, move your big head! I can't see!

Legato: Shut up whore!

Kasumi: -.- I'm not a whore.

Legato: Yes you are! Now shut up so I can hear master!

Kasumi: Am not! *Crosses arms* I know what's gonna happen anyways...

Legato: Really? What's going to happen to master?!?

Kasumi: Tell me why I'm a whore?


Kasumi: That's a very crappy reason!

Legato: I don't care!

Kasumi: *Gets* Fine then. I know what's gonna happen, where its gonna happen, and when its gonna happen. I don't really need your help.

Legato: You little...*Starts growling*

Kasumi: Hn! *Disappears*

Legato: 0.o Where she go?

=In the Park=

Kasumi: *Sitting under a tree* What a nice place!

Rini: Serena you dork! That was stupid!

Serena: Don't call me that!

Kasumi: *Smirks* Right on time.

Rini: Why? It's not my fault your stupid!

Serena: Grrrr! I don't know who you think you are, but you shouldn't talk to me like that!

Kasumi: This fight sounds familiar.

Rini: I'm going to...*Notices Kasumi* Oh, Hello!

Kasumi: Hn, hey.

Serena: Rini you shouldn't talk to strangers!

Rini: What! I'm just being friendly!

Kasumi: You should listen to her. Anyways, thanks for being nice to me. *Looks at the two* Sounded like you two were having a heated dissection.

Rini: No! Serena was just being a jerk, like she always is!

Serena: I was not!!!

Kasumi: Gets up and wipes her skirt off* You guys have this kind of fight all the time don't you?

Serena and Rini: *Point too each other* She starts it!

Kasumi: Heheheh

Serena: What are you doing in the park all alone?

Kasumi: I got a feeling.

Rini: A feeling?

Kasumi: Yeah. Something will happen and I don't want to miss it and I get to make a fool of Legato. It all works out in the end.

Serena: Who's Legato? Your boyfriend?

Kasumi: No way. He's my enemy more then anything.

Rini: Well that's not nice.

Kasumi: Well he called me a whore and he's trying to take my friend away from me. I think that's a good reason, don't you?

Serena : Yeah. Why's he trying to take your friend?

Kasumi: I don't know. I think it more of a fight on who's her favorite.

Serena: Ah, I think I understand. Where's your friend now?

Kasumi: Hell if I know. I just know that in a couple mins she'll be here.

Rini: How do you know?

Kasumi: And that's where that feeling comes in.

Serena: Oh! I see now!

Kasumi: Hn, I like you. You're a good person Serena.

Serena: Wow! Thank you so much!

Kasumi: Your welcome

Rini: What about me?

Kasumi: I guess, but you shouldn't call people stupid. I hope your mother taught ya better then that. *Smiles at Serena *

Serena: *Blushes and laughs nervously* Yeah...

Kasumi: Do you know any clearings around here?

Rini: Yeah, There's one over there. *Points*

Kasumi: Good.

Serena: Why is that good?

Kasumi: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 , 2 ...and 1!

Ed: *Heard screaming*

Serena: Oh no! Lets go Rini! *Runs off*

Rini: Right! *Goes after Serena *

Kasumi: They go too fast. *A light shines in front of her* What the hell? That isn't something you see everyday.


Hawks-eye: Now, lets see your dreams!

Ed:*Weakly* You not gonna like them...

Hawks-eye: Lets see about that. *Looks in to Ed's dream mirror*

Ed: *Screams*


Ed: A very demented and sick person. And you've pissed me off!

Hawks-eye: I'll be glad to get rid of a person like you!

Ed: What? What was so bad about my dreams? I think they're nice!

Hawks-eye: THAT *Points to her mirror* isn't a dream, it's the apocalypse!

Ed: *Blinks* No it's not! They're nice!

Sailor Moon: Hold it right there! I am Sailor Moon!

Chibi Moon: And I'm Sailor Chibi Moon!

Sailor Moon: We're here to right wrongs!

Chibi Moon: And triumph over evil!

Sailor Moon: And that means you!

Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon: In the name of the moon: We'll punish you!

Ed: Oh, Hi Sailor moon. *Turns to Hawk's-Eye* You still haven't told me what was wrong with my dreams. So talk!

Hawks-eye: Everyone was dying!

Ed: That's a bad thing?

Kasumi: Hey?

Ed: Oh, hey Kasumi. And stop dodging me birdbrain! What's wrong with killing people?

Kasumi: Normal people don't like your kinda dreams

Ed: What's so wrong about death, murder, chaos and such- I ask you!

Sailor Moon: You're kidding me!

Chibi Moon: That's all bad things in the world!

Ed: *Shrugs* I'm not a nice person.

Kasumi: Hey Ed? What does this stick mean? *Showing a glowing stick with some weird symbol*

Ed: It's one of their transforming thingies.

Kasumi: Cool, it just like appeared in front of me for some reason.

Ed: Hey! I want one!

Hawks-eye: Shut up! I don't care what you want. In fact what you want is too scary for words!

Ed: What? World damnation and a certain red headed Youko is the wrong thing to dream about?

Rini: Yes. it is !

Ed: Why?

Kasumi: it just is, so drop it!

Ed: *Sigh* Fine then! *Looks around* Where's Legato?

Kasumi: He'll be here when it is too late.

Hawks-eye: I getting the hell out of here! *Makes a Fox Monster* Take care of these people and the Sailor Scouts! *Disappears*

Ed: He's no fun!

Fox Monster: Hello!

Ed: *Waves* Hello!

Chibi Moon: You don't say hello to a monster

Ed: *Blinks* Why not?

Fox Monster: *Smacks Ed*

Sailor Moon: That's why!

Ed: Grrr....You bastard I'll *A dark light glows in front of her* Hey! I found another one of those stick thingies! Look see! *Holds it up* Mines a lot better than yours!

Fox Monster: I'm gonna finish you all off now, good-bye!

Ed: That's not nice!

Fox Monster: *Attacks* DIE!!! *A rose hits her and she misses*

Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon: Tuxedo Mask!

Tuxedo Mask: You should never steal the beautiful dreams of girls you sly fox!

Kasumi: You have got to be kidding me! How the hell did a rose stop her?!

Ed: *Points to Tuxedo Mask * YOU BASTARD!!

Tuxedo Mask: Take care of this fool Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon: Right!

Ed: *Tackles Tuxedo Mask * YOU GIVE ROSES A BAD NAME!!

Chibi moon: *Cries* Pegasus help! Someone's dream is in danger! *Takes out bell* Crystal twinkle bell!!!

Pegasus: *Comes in*

Ed: Ooooo! Horsy!

Sailor Moon: Moon Gorgeous Meditation!!!

Monster: WHHHYYY??!!! *Turns into a shadow and fades away*

Ed: Neat-o! * Punches Tuxedo Mask in the face and runs up to Pegasus* You're a pretty horsy!

Sailor moon: What did you do?!

Kasumi: I think she punched him.

Ed: *Hugs Pegasus* I'm gonna keep you! You'll be my noble steed!

Pegasus: Get the hell away from me you evil being!

Ed: Nope! Your mine now!

Chibi moon: Pegasus!!

Pegasus: No I'm human! *Turns into Helios* See?

Ed: Ohh, shiny horn! *Tries to pull Helios's gold horn off*

Helios: @_@

Ed: Damn, it just isn't coming off. I'll try later. *Stuffs Helios in the endless bag of… stuff*

Chibi Moon: NOOOOOOO!!! *Runs over to Ed* GIVE HIM BACK!!!!

Ed: NO! MINE! *Pushes Chibi Moon away*

Kasumi: Ed, What are you doing? She a little kid?

Ed: And? I have no regard for children- May they all rot in hell!

Kasumi: Ed that isn't right *Stick starts glowing brighter*

Ed: So?

Kasumi: So Stop it!

Ed: Don't wanna!

Kasumi: *light consumes her and she turns into a sailor scout* Hey cool!

Ed: No fair! I wanna do that to! *Glares at stick* How come you don't do that?*Shakes stick violently* ANSWER ME DAMN YOU!!

Legato: Master!

Kasumi: See told ya he be late!

Ed: Legato! *Runs up and hugs him* Where have you been?

Kasumi: *Smirks* Bout time

Ed: *looks at Kasumi* How come your stick thingy made you a Sailor Scout, and mine just sits there? *Glares at stick*

Legato: Shit, that outfit just makes her look more like sexy whore....I didn't just say that.

Ed: 0.o Sexy?

Legato: Sorry the short skirt got me

Ed: I give up! *Throws stick to the ground* Damn piece of shit!

Stick: *Glows bright red*

Kasumi: Hey I think that did it!

Ed: Yay! * Light surrounds her and has a black and orange Sailor fuku on* Dude! I'm in a skirt! And it's really short!

Legato: o.0

Ed: Legato- Does this thing make me look like a slut? *Twirls around a circle*

Legato: I uh I uh um Master well it doesn't but it does make you look like something else. *blushes*

Ed: Really? *Looks sown at self* What?

Kasumi: HAHAHA, Legato is embarrassed!

Ed: Well, what do I look like? And please be honest- I hate liars!

Legato: *Faints*

Ed: Hey! *Walks over to Legato and stands over him* Please wake up Legato! I really wanna know! *Pokes him*


Ed: WHAT! *Blushes* Legato, is this true?!?!

Kasumi: Hello, he fainted on you with that question! These skirts make guys want sex! Don't you get that?! Is it my job to explain things?

Legato: *Growls* Your only job is to sit there and act like a good little whore!

Sailor Moon: I think this calls for a scout meeting.

Kasumi: Ooooh Scout meeting!

Ed: Whatever. Can Legato come?

Sailor Moon: Sure he can

Ed: Yay!

=At Raye's temple=

Kasumi: This is gonna be sooo cool! We get to meet the other Sailors!

Ed: Yeah whatever- Is there going to be food?

Serena: I hope so!

Ed: Thank god! I'm starved! *Stomach growls*

Raye: Serena you called this meeting and you're still late! Everyone else is here already! Why can't you be on time?!

Kasumi: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! The evil clay bitch is loose!!! KILL HER!!!


Raye: What did you call me?!

Kasumi: *Takes out the Tetsusaiga * You're going back into the bag!

Raye: AAHH!! *Runs away*

Kasumi: *Chases after Raye* Get Back here!!

Ed: *Start's searching her bag* HOW?!?!

Serena : What are you doing that's Raye! How did that sword get that big?!

Ed: And how'd the bitch get her arms and legs back?!?! IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!!!

Serena: I agree Raye can be a bitch, but you can't kill her!

Ed: That's not Raye, that's Kikyo!!!!!!!

Kikyo: *In the bag* Ouch Stop pulling my hair!

Raye: Stay away!!

Kasumi: Stay still then. *Jumps up*

Ed: Kasumi! Wait! The evil clay bitch is still in my bag!* Pulls Kikyo out of bag* See?!?!

Kasumi: *Cuts Reye in half* What? *Sees Kikyo* Um *Looks at the spilt Reye and back to Kikyo* Whoops

Serena: How could you?! You killed one of my friends!

Ed: *Put Kikyo back* Just bring her back Kasumi.

Mina: Serena is that you? What are you yelling about? *Sees Reye* Oh MY Goddess!

Ed: I actually haven't seen that series. Kasumi, just bring here back.

Mina: Series?

Kasumi: Don't worry. I'm a SM manic! *Takes out the Tetsusaiga and hits Reye with it* See all better!

Raye: What just happened?

Legato: S and M? You are a whore!

Rini: What does that mean?

Kasumi: Hey Miroku asked if I like that!

Rini: I asked- What does that mean?

Kasumi: I don't know. Ed what S and M?

Ed: *Blinks* Honestly, I don't really know. I have an idea though.....

Kasumi: really? What do you think it is?

Rini: Yeah tell us!

Ed: Ummmm....I'll tell ya later

Rini: Why not now!

Ed: Cause, we need to get this damn meeting going. And I'm hungry

Reye: How I'm I still alive?! I'm in two parts!

Legato: Pull yourself together and do as master asked

Mina: We already have snacks in there...

Ed: Yes!!! I'm starved!!! *Runs inside*

Legato: *Fallows*

Kasumi: Well, at least Reye's a live. I hated her anyways, so I'm glad I killed her.

Serena: I kinda always wanted to do that.

Rini: That's mean you guys!

Serena: I know I shouldn't say such things. *Walks inside*

Kasumi: *Eyes flash and narrow* Don't push your luck kid. You're just as easy

Rini: *Gulps*

Kasumi: *Smirks* Hn, coaster yourself lucky.*Shakes head* I hungry.

Rini: T-T-there's snacks inside. *Points*

Kasumi: YAY Lets go! *Runs inside*

=Inside the temple=

Ed: *Stuffing her face* Thewes owr gwood!!!

Serena: Yeah! *Stuffing her face also*

Reye: Stop eating! *Hits Ed and Serena in the back of the head* Now listen to Luna!

Luna: *Clears throat* Thank you. Now it seems we have two new scouts, but we don't anything about you two. Care to share?

Ed: *Starts choking on food*

Kasumi: *Hits Ed in the stomach * There.

Ed: *Spits food all over Amy* Oops sorry! *Points to Kasumi* Her fault!

Amy: It happens *Wipes food off herself*

Ed: *Smiles* Yeah. So, what exactly did you guys wanna know about us?

Lita: Where are you guys from? Where do you go to school? Stuff like that.

Ed: Well for starters we're both American- Virginia to be precise. And we both just started High School.

Serena: So you're just as old as us!

Kasumi: Yeah. We also have a job too.

Luna: What may that be?

Kasumi: *Smiles* Oh we're thieves!

Ed: *Elbow Kasumi* You weren't suppose to tell them that!


Ed: She was just joking! *Laughs nervously*

Kasumi: We are thieves...of the heart.

Ed: * Whispers to Kasumi* Nice save.

Serena: That sounds so romantic!

Rini: So does that have something to do with that Miroku guy and the S and M?

Kasumi: I don't know...

Ed: *Whispers* I wish Kurama were here...

Luna: Who is this man here?

Legato: *Sitting next to Ed just staring at Luna*

Ed: That's Legato.

Legato: Uh...*Still stares at Luna*

Mina: *Staring at Legato* What is he to ya?

Ed: He's my minion.

Mina: Is he single?

Reye: MINA?!

Lita: He reminds me of my old boyfriend.

Amy: No Lita, not you too.

Ed: I guess he is. You're single right Legato?

Legato: Uh *Stares at Luna*

Ed: Something wrong Legato? You feel sick ?*Puts hand on Legato's forehead*

Legato: Uh

Darien: Well I'm glad to have another guy around.

Ed: *Points to Darien* SHUT UP POSER!!! Stupid coping ass bastard....*Glares at Darien and growls*

Kasumi: Don't worry. *Looks at Legato* Oi, yes the cat is talking! Now stop staring!

Ed: * Still glaring and growling*

Legato: Shut up you damn whore! I know that cats can't talk!

Ed: Darien must die....

Kasumi: *Hits Ed over the head with the Tetsusaiga* Stop doing that!

Ed: *Rubs head*Owwww! But he insults Kurama and his all mighty roses! He needs to pay!!!

Legato: Don't hit her!

Darien: I'm sorry I'm so insulting you and this Kurama guy. Its just I've always used roses.

Kasumi: Shut up! We don't need a blood bath here!

Ed: You will pay for giving Kurama a bad name...

Darien: O.O

Kasumi: *Grabs Ed* Down girl! Think happy thoughts!

Ed: Happy thoughts? *Eyes glaze over and sighs dreamily* Kurama....

Lita: Is she gonna be okay?

Kasumi: I guess, but it's hard to tell.

Ed: *Giggles and smiles goofily* Kurama....

Legato: *Pokes Luna*

Luna: Why are you poking me?

Legato: Are you a cat?

Luna: Yes and so is he *Points to Artemis*

Legato: Then how can you talk?

Luna: We're special cats

Legato: *Just stares at Luna a bit longer*

Ed: *Starts drooling*

Kasumi: *Grins* The Cat likes the cat.

Legato: What does that mean?

Kasumi: You name it means something in Spanish.

Legato: What's Spanish?

Kasumi: A very, very evil language.

Legato: Oh

Ed: *Pops up suddenly and wipes drool from mouth* Anything happen while I zoned out?

Kasumi: Legato likes cats and we didn't insult each other. We're getting better.

Ed: *Smiles and pats Legato on the head* Good boy! I think you should get something for that...* Starts digging in bag*

Legato: Thank you master

Rini: You treat him like a dog!

Kasumi: He is her dog.

Legato: *Flips Kasumi off* Shut up whore

Rini: Uhhhhhhh you should do that! I'm telling!

Legato: Shut you mouth you little blob of human waste.

Rini: *Starts crying*

Kasumi: Way to go cat boy! Now the kid is crying!

Legato: So? And don't call me Cat boy whore!

Kasumi: But you are on two levels

Legato: I don't give a damn whore!

Kasumi: I know. You never care. That's why you're so cold at times.

Ed: Damn! Where is it?!?

Kasumi: Hey if we put you next to a fire would you melt?

Legato: *Growls* Whore, you pushing it....

Ed: I know it's in here!! *Still looking*

Kasumi: The kitty is getting prissy, that he is.

Legato: If you weren't Master's friend, you would have been dead by now.

Kasumi: One to talk aren't we? *Smirks*

Ed: Ah ha! Found the little bugger! *Turns to Legato and smiles* Close you eyes Legato and hold out your hand please?

Legato: Yes Master. *Puts hands out and closes eyes*

Ed: *Puts a bullet in Legato's hand* Surprise! It's a bullet from the Civil war. My dad got it for me from the state fair. Now it's yours!

Legato: Thank you master I will treasure it.

Ed: I'm glad!

Kasumi: How cute!

Ed: What do you mean by cute?!?!

Kasumi: The look on his face.

Ed: *Blinks* What look?

Kasumi: That smile Gato-Chan has on his face!

Ed: So...you're calling Legato cute?

Kasumi: He was my third favorite.

Ed: He was technically my second since Vash and Wolfwood tie for 1st.

Kasumi: Vash, Wolfwood, then Gato-chan.

Ed: Yup! Then Knives, even though I accidentally killed him....

Kasumi: I didn't like Knives the bleeped up psycho.

Ed: I did. He was a psycho! Psycho is good!

Legato: Gato-Chan?

Kasumi: I want to go to the arcade!

Ed: Yeah!

Mina and Serena: YAY ARCADE!

Kasumi: Lets go!

Ed: Yeah! Let's!

Amy: But we have studying!

Lita: Forget studying!

Mina: Yeah!

Serena: Video games!!!!!!!!!

Ed: Studying rots the brain!

Kasumi and Serena: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mina and Serena: Lets go. Lets go! *Runs out*

Ed: I don't wanna walk... *Looks around and stops at Legato. * I know! *Grins wickedly and jumps on Legato's back* Piggyback ride!

Kasumi: Yeah Gato-Chan, piggyback!

Ed: *Wraps her arms around Legato's neck* Come on Legato! The games are calling me!

Kasumi: *Tugs on Legato* Yes Gato-Chan! Lets go!

Legato: Shut up whore!

Ed: Were you talking to me Legato? *Gets sad look on face*

Kasumi: You shouldn't talk like that to you master Gato-Chan! *Grins*

Ed: I just wanted to play games...

Kasumi: Yeah Gato-Chan!

Legato: I-I didn't call you that master! I called Miss Kasumi a Whore, not you.

Kasumi: I am not Gato-Chan!

Ed: Really Legato?

Legato: Yes Master I would never ever do that to you!

Ed: You're not just saying this to make me happy or to save you own skin?

Legato: No, no. I would do anything for you.

Ed: *Smiles* That's good to know! *Hugs*

Kasumi: Alright! Come on Ed, Gato-Chan!

Ed: Yeah! Let's go Legato!

Legato: *Looks at Kasumi* What hell did you just call me?!

Kasumi: Gato-Chan?

Ed: *Wines* Legato! I wanna go!

Legato: Why are you calling me that?

Kasumi: Do you want to be called Neko-Chan?

Legato: I want to be called my name!

Kasumi: Yeah-Gato-Chan

Legato: No! Legato you whore! My name's Legato!

Kasumi: Right, you got it!

Legato: Thank you.

Kasumi: Okay then Gato-Chan

Legato: It's Legato whore!

Kasumi: I know Gato-Chan Bluesummers.

Legato: It's LEGATO Bluesummers! L-E-G-A-T-O! Get it right!

Kasumi: Right! G-A-T-O-C-H-A-N *Runs out*

Legato: She'll pay for this, that.…whore.

Ed: Legato! We're behind! Move!

=At the arcade=

Ed: Yay!! We're here!

Kasumi: Game!

Ed: All right! No more boredom!

Mina: Car games! *Runs to the race car games*

Serena: YAY!! *Runs after Mina*

Ed: Ooooooo! I've heard of that game! *Jumps of Legato's back and points* Kasumi-Give me money.

Kasumi: Here *Gives Ed two dollars*

Ed: Money....*Stares at it* I have money...

Kasumi: Yeah its a miracle *Looks for a game* Oh my god! It's The outer Sailors

Ed: Neat-o!

Haruka: What are you two doing here?

Kasumi: playing video games.

Setsuna: We can see that, but why are you two awake?

Ed: We're awake cause it's *Looks at watch* 4:00 and we're not sleeping.

Setsuna: That's not what I mean. Why can you two transform Sailor Eumenide and Sailor Furie?

Ed: You mean us? *points to self then Kasumi*

Setsuna: Yes Sailor Furie

Ed: As in Mythology Furie?

Michiru: Yes. Very good.

Kasumi: Who am I?

Ed: You're Eumenide. Duh.

Kasumi: What the hell is Eumenide?

Ed: *Sigh* How uninformed! Must I tell you everything? I guess I do...*Sighs again* Eumenides, in Greek mythology, ancient earth spirits or goddesses, associated with fertility but also having certain moral and social functions. Traditionally three in number, the Eumenides were worshiped in Athens, at Colonus, and in lands outside Attica. Although their name is variously described as meaning "the kindly ones, "the reverend ones," and "the gracious ones," the goddesses were usually portrayed as Gorgon-like creatures with snakes for hair and eyes that dripped blood. *Smiles*

Kasumi: Okay...

Michiru: alright

Ed: What's wrong with mythology?

Michiru: There is noting wrong with mythology. I love it myself.

Setsuna: But that's not the point! Why are you two able to transform?

Ed: Cause we're special!

Kasumi: Hell we shouldn't even be here.

Ed: Yeah, that too

Haruka: How so?

Ed: We're from a different dimension!

Setsuna: I know that.

Haruka: Well, I didn't.

Hotaru: A dimension?

Ed: Yeah. We got bored at Kasumi's house cause the cable was out and her parents were watching TV. so we couldn't play video games.

Haruka: So you came here to?

Ed: We came her so we'd have something to do.

Setsuna: O.O You changed time space for fun?!

Kasumi: Yeah.

Ed: Better than setting in the dark doing nothing.

Kasumi: But the lights worked. Why were we sitting in the dark?

Ed: I don't know- We just were

Kasumi: Yeah....Video games!

Ed: Whoo!!!

Haruka: No you don't get it you have to go!

Kasumi: I don't wanna

Ed: I wanna play games! I'm bored as hell

Setsuna: You two are destroying our world!!!

Ed: So?

Haruka: GO HOME!

Kasumi: Make me!

Ed: Yeah!

Haruka: *Grabs Kasumi by the collar and tosses her out*

Ed: Hey That wasn't nice!

Legato: Yes! I mean: Yeah

Ed: We just want to play video games!

Kasumi: *Walks back in* I'll play ya! If I win we can stay. If you win we stay! How's that sound?

Ed: I think it sounds perfect!

Haruka: Yeah. Hey wait a min if I win you go home!

Kasumi: *Sigh* Fine

Ed: You can do it Kasumi! If you can't, then I can!

Haruka: Fine you're on!

Ed:Yay! Oh, and if anyone needs me, I'm gonna be over here doing... stuff *Points to some video games* Later! *Runs off*

Kasumi: Name your game!

Haruka: You pick, I'll win no matter what you pick.

Kasumi: Hmmmm *Looks around* A-HA! *Points to a game* Soul Caliber...2!!

Haruka: Fine then.

Kasumi: WHOO I LOVE THAT GAME!!! *Runs over to it*

Haruka: *Walks calmly* Your going down.

Kasumi: You want two out of three or just one?

Haruka: I'll give you a chance- 2 out of 3

Kasumi: Sorry Hun but its the other way around.

Haruka: We'll see

Kasumi: Pick a character

Haruka: Right *Picks Tailm*

Kasumi: Damn I wanted Tailm...

Haruka: Too bad

Kasumi: Mean *Sticks out tongue* Seung Mina

Haruka: *Grabs controls* Pack your bags, you'll be leaving soon.

Kasumi: Attack of the chickens!!!

Haruka: What?

Kasumi: I have this game at home and I've unlocked every weapon on there. She has this one broom that makes a chicken noise when you hit someone.

Haruka: Whatever- Just play!

=two mins later=

Kasumi: WHOO! I WIN!!!!


Kasumi: I hit buttons *Grins*

Haruka: I don't believe this....

Kasumi: Again!

Haruka: I hate you

Kasumi: Again, again! Play again Haruka-san!

Haruka: I don't want to.

Kasumi: Chicken

Haruka: I just don't like fighting games that much

Kasumi: How bout another one? I'm a total gamer! Once I start I can't stop!

Haruka: Why don't you play with someone else? I'm done for the day

Kasumi: Two mins and I'm bored *Sigh* Oh whack a mole!

Ed: Yeah, I got bored of it though. *Playing a game*

Kasumi: I like to pretended they're the people I hate *Smiles* DIE KIKYO!! *Hits a mole* DIE KEIKO!! *Hits a mole* DIE TEA!! *Hits mole* DIE RINI *Hits mole* DIE Darien!! *Hits mole* See fun?

Ed: *Hits a couple of buttons on game and moves joystick around* I already did that though.

Rini: Why do you hate me?!

Kasumi: Cause you can be a little bitch!

Ed: *Not paying attention anymore* DIE ZOMBIE!!!

Kasumi: DIE KARUO!! *Hits mole* YOU! *Hits another mole* NEED *Hits another mole* TO *Hits another mole* LEARN *Hits another mole* A *Hits another mole* NEW *Hits another mole* WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Hits so hard and breaks the game*

Ed: Whoo! I got the new hi score! Isn't that great?

Mina: Hey that was my hi score!

Ed: Too bad! *Laughs manically and keeps playing*

Legato: Very good master!

Kasumi: *Looks around* bad feeling! Hey something big is coming this way!

Ed: But I've almost beaten it!!!

Serena: What do you mean Something big?

Kasumi: Just what I mean!

Ed: So close....

Mina: Is it an enemy?

Ed: Just this one last boss....

Kasumi: *Puts arms behind head* Yeah

Ed: Almost...

Legato: What are you woman blabbing about *Trips*

Game: *Turns off*

Ed: *Blinks* What just happened?

Legato: STUPID CORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ed: C-cord? As in " Cord to Ed's game that she almost beat" Cord?

Legato: I think so master....

Kasumi: Gato-chan screwed up!

Ed: *Sits there, blinking*

Legato: Master?

Ed: *Stares at Legato blinking*

Legato: Master?

Kasumi: Gato-chan better head for the hills!

Ed: M-my game....

Kasumi: *Picks up Legato* Run! RUN I TELL YOU!!!!

Ed: That boss had only one hit left....

Legato: Get off me whore!!

Ed: *Starts laughing* I almost beat it...*Laughs more*

Legato: M-master you're scaring me greatly...

Ed: *Laughs more* I had the hi score...I didn't even put my name in! *Laughs harder*

Kasumi: *Pats Legato on the shoulder* It was nice knowing ya Gato-chan.

Ed: *Holds stomach, still laughing*

Mina: Why is she doing this?

Ed: *Now laughing like a manic, tears rolling down her face*

Legato: *Hugs Ed* Please calm down. I'm sorry.

Ed: *Starts crying on Legato's shoulder*

Kasumi: Oi, Ed, Kurama.

Legato: That isn't gonna do anything!

Ed: Kurama isn't here either!!! *Cries more*

Legato: Way ta go whore! You make it worst!!

Kasumi: *Thinks* Hmm. BINGO!! Gato-chan?

Legato: What!?!?

Kasumi: You want to make Ed feel better?

Legato: Of course!

Kasumi: Anything?

Legato: Yes!

Kasumi: So you'll not get mad at me later for this?

Legato: Yes!

Kasumi: Good. *Takes Legato away*

Legato: What are you doing!!!

Kasumi: *Takes him into the bathroom with her*

Legato: What's wrong with you whore?!?! And why are we in the bathroom? I should be comforting master!!

Kasumi: Oh you will. *Takes some things out* Now stay still as I put these in your eyes!

Legato: What are they?

Kasumi: Just stay still

Legato: Fine

Kasumi: *Puts green contacts in Legato's eyes*

Legato: *Looks at self in mirror* What the hell?!?

Kasumi: What don't you like yourself with green eyes?

Legato: Why did you make my eyes green in the first place? I liked them how they were.

Kasumi: Cause you can't have yellow eyes unless you want silver hair, ears and a tail.

Legato: 0.o Come again?

Kasumi: Have you not figured it out?

Legato: I haven't.

Kasumi: Here put this on! *Hands Legato a red wig*

Legato: How the hell will this cheer master up?

Kasumi: It will. Oh it will.

Legato: *Puts wig on* Now what?

Kasumi: *Hands him a pink school uniform* Put this on.

Legato: This is where I draw the line. Tell me why I'm doing all this!

Kasumi: Don't make me put it on you myself!

Legato: Get out and I will!

Kasumi: Shut up and do it!

Legato: I'm not changing in front of you!

Kasumi: Just do it!

Legato: I refuse.

Kasumi: *Pushes Legato down and starts taking his clothes off*

Legato: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!

Kasumi: Changing you ya baby!


Kasumi: *Stops and sits on Legato's lower chest* Why are you so shy Gato-chan?

Legato: *Blushes* I can dress my self, thank you!

Kasumi: Ya should have done it when I asked then.

Legato: If you had left, I would have!

Kasumi: That would have taken to long. You need to think things through Gato-chan.

Legato: Why am I doing this again?

Kasumi: *Starts bouncing a bit* To make Ed happy!

Legato: And how will this make her happy?

Kasumi: Because you are the same size!

Legato: Same size for what?!?!

Kasumi: You know!

Legato: No I don't!!

Kasumi: You are about the same height

Legato: I'm losing it.

Kasumi: *Starts bouncing harder* Ug! B-but! I-I! Ooooohhhhhh Gato-chan!!!!!!!! Listen!! Kurama is Ed's favorite right?!

Legato: Yes, she has made that clear many times.

Kasumi: Well, you will be Kurama!

Legato: 0.o What?!?!

Kasumi: *Hugs Legato* Oh Gato-chan! You're so good!

Legato: 0.o

Kasumi: What? What's wrong? Your tempter is going up and up. You heart is beating louder too?

Legato: Leave me alone...

Kasumi: Come on...

Legato: Leave, and I'll change. I'll do anything for master.

Kasumi: YAY!!! You are gonna be so cute!

Legato: Just leave. And I'm not leaving this room dressed like this. You'll have to send master in. Now shoo!

Kasumi: Oh all right fine. *Walks out*

Legato: Oh god, what am I doing? *Gets changed*


Kasumi: Oi Ed!

Ed: *Still crying* Y-y-yes?

Kasumi: I got a surprise for ya. Now it's the closes thing I could get, but please be happy!

Ed: W-What do you mean? *Wipes eyes*

Kasumi: Go into the bathroom and see!

Ed: All right. No need to get snippy! *Goes into bathroom*

Kasumi: *Goes after her*

=In the bathroom=

Ed: What is it?

Kasumi: oh "Kurama" come out…

Legato: -_- *Comes out*

Ed: KURAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Legato: 0.o Wha?!

Ed: *Grabs "Kurama"* I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Legato: @_@ ACK!!!

Kasumi: *Smirks* This is too good! *Takes a picture*

Legato: My eyes! My ribs!

Kasumi: This is going in the scrape book.

Ed: I'm so happy *Hugs tighter*

Kasumi: Ed you're killing him!

Ed: Am not!

Legato: ACK! Yes you are! *Wig falls off*

Ed: NO!

Legato: Um *Looks around*

Ed: I love you so much!!!!

Kasumi: Good god…*Thinks* Hn, I better stop this. *End thought*

Ed: Thank you Kasumi!

Kasumi: Ed look at him.

Ed: I will later.

Kasumi: No look NOW!!!

Ed: SHUT UP!!!

Kasumi: Ed! *Grabs Ed's foot and drags her off Legato* Look at him!

Ed: *Kicks Kasumi in the face with the other foot* Back off! Leave Kurama and me alone! *Hugs Legato*

Legato: MASTER!! O.O

Ed: Kurama, how long are you here for?

Kasumi: You're gonna hurt Gato-Chan!

Ed: Its not Legato, its Kurama!

Kasumi: *Kicks Ed in the head* NO I SAY!!!

Ed: I just want Kurama!

Kasumi: Gato-Chan take it off! *Holds Ed back*

Ed: Kurama!! MY KURAMA!!!

Kasumi: Gato-Chan take it off!

Ed: Let go Kasumi! I wouldn't keep you from Hiei!

Kasumi: But that isn't Kurama! Gato-Chan do as I say and that off the uniform!

Ed: Give me your pants!

Kasumi: *Throws Ed back* Does this look like Kurama? Short blue hair? *Takes out the green contacts* Yellow eyes?!

Ed: You did this to him you bitch!!!

Kasumi: Err, Does this look like Kurama's body?! *Rips Uniform off Legato*

Ed: *Looking at Legato, still drooling

Kasumi: *On the ground* You smacked me!

Ed: K-Kurama.... has no clothes....

Kasumi: He still has his ...beifs. Man I always thought of you as a boxer's man

Ed: Close enough *Drools more*

Kasumi: HELLO!! Look at him!! Listen to his voice!

Ed: *Just stares and drools*

Kasumi: He sounds like a depressing Kenshin!

Ed: K-K- Kurama....barely any clothes... I must have died and went to heaven.

Kasumi: Gato-chan put your clothes back on!

Ed: No, leave'm off.

Legato: Master?

Ed: Yes Kurama dear?

Legato: Why am I Kurama?

Ed: Cause you are of course!

Legato: What makes you think that?

Ed: Cause you are.

Legato: Would you believe anything I say?

Ed: Anything! Except if you said you weren't you- That wouldn't make sense!

Legato: If I said the moon was made of cheese you would believe me?

Ed: Yep!

Legato: And if I said my name was Legato Bluesummers would you believe me

Ed: No- Cause that's not your name! It's Kurama!

Legato: But I said I'm Legato, so I must be Legato!

Ed: But your Kurama!

Legato: But I wan to be Legato!

Ed: If you want me to Kurama, I'll call you Legato.

Legato: Good

Ed: Anything you want Kurama

Legato: What?

Ed: I mean Legato! Anything you want Legato!

Kasumi: NO!

Ed: I'll do anything you want me to Legato!

Kasumi: *Takes out hammer and smacks Ed*

Ed: Ow! Please, Protect me Kur- Legato!

Legato: Yes Master!

Kasumi: Back off bitch monkey! Put you clothes back on and back off! *Starts thwacking Ed harder*

Ed: Ahhh!!! I'm at your mercy Kur-Legato! Please stop her! I beg you! It hurts!!!

Kasumi: *Eyes flash* Come closer and I'll kill you!

Ed: Don't touch Kurama!!! I mean- Don't touch Legato!!!

Kasumi: Why will you not go down!!!!!

Ed: Kura-Legato's love keeps me going! As long as I love him, I'll never die!

Kasumi: -_- That isn't Kurama you stupid bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ed: He's standing right there! How can you be so cruel! *Starts crying*

Kasumi: *Grabs Ed's head* LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

Ed: My head doesn't turn that way!!!

Kasumi: I don't care! That isn't Kurama!

Ed: Is so! Is! Is! Is! Is! Is! Is! Is! Is!

Kasumi: I said LOOK!!!

Ed: NO!! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!! K-Legato! Take her away! She doesn't deserve to be in your magnificent presence any more!

Kasumi: *Grabs Ed's eyes and makes her take a long look at Legato* We haven't even gone to YYH and you have the 8 ball. How the hell could I get to Kurama?

Ed: I don't know! He's here and that's all that matters!

Kasumi: He has blue hair...

Ed: You did it

Kasumi: Kurama Has never EVER had blue hair!

Ed: *Points to Kasumi* YOU DID IT YOU EVIL WITCH!!!

Kasumi: no, I put a wig on him *points to the red wig*

Ed: *Put fingers in ears* I can't here you! Lalalalalalalala.....

Kasumi: Gato-chan was wearing a Kurama Look-a-like outfit

Ed: *Still has fingers in ears*Lalalalalalalala.....Can't hear you...Lalalalalalalala.....

Kasumi: *Smacks Ed over the head* LISTEN TO ME!!!!!

Ed: *Closes eyes and "Lala's* louder*

Kasumi: *Takes Ed's hands and puts then in the air* Now look! *Takes out two picture* This is Kurama and is this Legato. Who is the man in front of us?

Ed: *Blinks* Him..*Points to Legato's picture*.

Kasumi: Very good! Who is that a picture of?

Ed: I-It's Legato...

Kasumi: Good

Ed: S-S-So...*Points to Legato* He's not Kurama?

Kasumi: DING, DING, DING WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ed: So, Kurama's not here?

Kasumi: Right!

Ed: Was he ever here?

Kasumi: Nope And you were hugging Gato-chan that way.

Ed: *Blushes*Why'd you trick me?

Kasumi: To make you happy for a little bit.

Ed: Well, it worked- Kinda, sorta, maybe

Legato: I'm putting my clothes back on.

Ed: You do that.

Kasumi: So you want to hear about the enemy I was talking about?

Ed: What enemy? There was an enemy?

Kasumi No, but soon. I know stuff like this

Ed: Right...Whatever.


Ed and Kasumi: *Walk out of the bathroom*

Serena: You guys okay? We heard screaming.

Ed: *Blushes* Yeah. Everything's fine.

Luna: Kasumi, you said something about an enemy?

Kasumi: Yeah. About a couple of blocks away from here. *Smiles*

Ed: Fine. Let's go then.

=Two blocks away=

Mina: So you think the enemy will be here?

Kasumi: I don't think, I know so.

Ed: How much longer?

Kasumi: 3 2 1

Random girl: HELP ME!!

Ed: Good going Kasumi. *Yawns* Now what?

Kasumi: I don't know. What do...we...do?

Everyone but Ed and Kasumi: *Transformed and attacking*

Ed: Maybe we should transform? Like them *Points*

Kasumi: Naa! Lets take stuff.

Ed: All right!

Tuxedo Mask: What are you two standing around for?

Ed: NO ONE ASKED YOU!! *Punches Tuxedo Mask in the face*

Kasumi: Oi, bad dude!

Bad Dude: Yes? What can I do for you?

Kasumi: *Takes out Wolfwood's cross gun* Thou shall not kill *Grins*

Bad Dude: O.O I'm sorry?

Kasumi: *Takes off the clothe on it* In the name of god, you're going down! HAHAHA!!! *Shoots at bad guy*

Bad Dude: x_x *Dead. What else?*

Kasumi: I feel so much better!

Ed: Awwww! I wanted to kill it!

Chibi Moon: Wow that's big gun!

Ed: Yeah it is. So is mine, though it's not as big as her's.*Gets out Vash's gun* See?

Kasumi: *Grabs Chibi Moon* I've always want this stuff in your hair! *Takes out Chibi' Moon's pins*

Chibi Moon: Those are mine!

Kasumi: TOO BAD!!

Ed: I've wanted to do something ever since I got here....*Shoots Darien in the head* There! Now I can truly be happy!

Kasumi: NO!!! Great now Rini will disappear because Darien died! I want to kill her!

Rini: *Still in Kasumi's arms*

Kasumi: Why are you still here?

Ed: I always knew Sailor Moon was a slut!

Sailor Moon: Am not! *Runs over to Darien* Talk to me! You can't die!!! I'm still a Virgin!

Ed: Too much info!

Kasumi: I'm sorry. We'll get a replacement!

Ed: We will?

Kasumi: Yeah. You did kinda kill the guy she was destined to be with and so give her Koga!

Ed: Koga? Why Koga?

Kasumi: Do you want to give her Gato-chan?

Ed: NO!!!

Kasumi: Then give her Koga.

Sailor Moon: Who's Koga?

Kasumi: A Wolf demon. Way better then him. *Points to Darien*

Sailor Moon: No one can replace Darien!

Ed: *Pushes Koga a little* Go on stud. *Winks* Make the girl happy!

Koga: It was so dark!

Ed: It WAS a bag!

Koga: and cold too!

Ed: I got some ice in there too

Koga: And you left me in there for so long!

Ed: Well, we didn't need you till now.

Kasumi: Go on wolf boy!

Ed: YEAH!!

Koga: *Sees Mars* MY DEAR KAGOME! *Runs to Mars*

Ed: *Wacks on head* Not her! *Points to Sailor Moon* HER!

Koga: But Kagome!

Kasumi: That isn't Kagome!

Koga: Fine.

Ed: Just cheer your new girlfriend up!

Koga: Hey, I'm Koga.

Sailor Moon: Hey, I'm Serena.

Chibi Moon: *Hair turns black* S.O.B.!

Ed: Whoo! Go Koga! *Whistles*

Kasumi: Well that worked out. Now I can kill you!

Ed: Yeah! Kill Chibi Moon!!

Chibi Moon: Hold on you can't kill me! I'm the cute kid everyone can relate to!

Ed: No. Everyone hates you cause you're loud and annoying.

Kasumi: Yeah like Scrappy doo! I hated him! I'm glad he was the bad guy in the movie!

Ed: Ya! He's voice irked me too! And so does yours!

Kasumi: *Bout to pull the trigger* But!

Ed: But what?

Kasumi: If I kill this annoying piece of crap, does it truly make this right?

Rini: NO, NO IT DOESN'T!!!!

Kasumi: You're right! I'll put her on my wall with Kikyo!

Ed: *Sigh* Whatever. Put her in the bag.

Chibi Moon: Put ME ON YOUR WALL?!

Ed: Yeah. Is that a problem?

Chibi Moon: YES!!!

Kasumi: She's right! ...I need cut her hair off!

Chibi Moon: NO!!!!!

Kasumi: We'll do it later! *Drops Chibi Moon in the bag*

Chibi Moon: *In the bag* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ed: *Kicks bag* Hush up in there!!

Kasumi: YAY!!!

Ed: What now?

Kasumi: We missing something?

Ed: I don't know...

Kasumi: Then lets go.

Ed: Where?

Kasumi: Lets go to Kenshin!

Ed: Really? All right!

Kasumi: So many things to take! I can't wait!

Ed: I know! All the swords and what not!

Kasumi: Come on lets go!

Ed: *Grabs 8 ball* You got it! Koga-You treat Serena good, you hear?

Koga: Yes ma'am just don't put me back into he bag!

Ed: It's a deal!

Kasumi: Bye everyone!

Ed: Yeah- Thanks for everything, I guess. Ready Kasumi?

Kasumi: That I am!

Ed: I had better get used to that, huh?

Kasumi: Have to do it to Kenshin you know that!

Ed: I know, I know. You ready to go Legato?

Kasumi: Damn we almost forgot Gato-chan!

Ed: Is he here?

Legato: *Runs in* Master! *Pant, pant* I'm here

Ed: Where we're you Legato?

Legato: Bathroom

Ed: It took you that long to use the bathroom?

Legato: I was getting my clothes on master

Ed: Oh yeah!

Kasumi: It didn't take that long for me to take `em off ya!

Ed: So? Putting clothes on takes longer than taking them off.

Kasumi: no it doesn't

Ed: Does for me.

Kasumi: Hey Gato-chan!

Legato: What?

Kasumi: You're about to meet a guy that sound just like you, that he does. Just less depressing, that he is. *Smiles*

Legato; Why are you talking like that?

Kasumi: Talking like what Gato-chan? I always talk like this, that I do.

Legato; No you don't.

Kasumi: Yes I do.

Legato: No.

Kasumi: Shut up Gato-chan, that ya should!

Legato: There she goes again!

Kasumi: Oi Ed, we have ta go, that we do.

Ed: *Sighs* This is gonna be one long nightmare, I swear. *Shakes 8 ball* Take us to Kenshin stupid!

Magical Dimensional 8 ball of magic: You got it!

Kasumi, Ed and Legato: Disappear