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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

= Inside the Kamiya dojo=

Kasumi: *Listening to music on headphones*

Sano: *Comes in* If she wasn't a girl I'd...*Notices Kasumi* What are those?

Kasumi: Give it to me baby! Uh! Uh! Give it to me baby! Uh! Uh!

Sano: 0.o What?!?

Kasumi: Give it to me baby! Uh! Uh! And all the girlies say I'm pretty fly for a white guy!

Sano: What the hell are you saying?!?

Kasumi: Uno! Dos! Tres! Cuarto! Cinco, Cinco! Seis! Ya known its kinda hard now to get along toady! Our subject isn't cool but he thinks it anyway!

Sano: *Pulls the headphones off Kasumi's head* I'm talking to you!

Kasumi: AH! What the? Hey I was listening to that!

Sano: What is this? *Puts headphones on*

Kasumi: Might want to turn that down...

Sano: Ahhh!! Loud!!!

Kasumi: Told ya.

Sano: Hey! It's someone singing.

Kasumi: Yeah.

Sano: *Sits down and starts listening*

Kasumi: You like?

Sano: *Nods*

Kasumi: Hn, good *Smiles*

Sano: *Just nods again*

Kasumi: *Thinks* Looks like he's about to start head banging. *End thinking*

Kenshin: *Comes in running*

Kasumi: Oi, what's up with you?

Kenshin: Your friend is quite scary, that she is.

Kasumi: Oh yeah, at least you aren't her keeper.

Kenshin: I'm so sorry!

Kasumi: Yes, but she would never ever hurt me.

Kenshin: How are you sure? She has no reserves for hurting others, that she doesn't.

Kasumi: Because she has an I. O. U. to me.

Kenshin: An I.O.U?

Kasumi: Just like it sounds : I. O. U., so she owe me.

Kenshin: How does she owe you?

Kasumi *smiles* I cleaned her room.

Kenshin: She owes you because of that?

Kasumi: Yeah she got something because of that and I did stop her from taking over the world...again, but that's not important.

Kenshin: 0.o The world?

Kasumi: Yeah she does that from time to time.

Kenshin: Time to time?!?

Kasumi: Yes, but she's my friend.

Kenshin: I suppose so...

Kasumi: And people say the Internet is bad.

Kenshin: Internet?

Kasumi: Yeah...

Ed: *Comes in with a happy look on her face*

Kasumi: *Looks at Ed* What the hell did you do?!

Ed: * Sits down and smiles* Who said I did anything?

Kasumi: That grin on your face!

Ed: I have to do something to be happy?

Kasumi: You, yes.

Ed: Awwww! You have so little faith in me!

Legato: *Comes in and looks real pale* 0.o

Kasumi: What happened Gato-Chan?

Ed: Oh... I had to let a little steam off cause I was pissed. You may not want to go outside for a little while.

Kasumi: Who did you kill this time?!?!?!?!

Ed: Oh! I didn't kill- Just maimed! *Smiles* Aren't you proud?

Kasumi: *Frowns* That's a step, but people aren't meant to be your punching bags!

Ed: Well I need to let out some steam before I snapped! And you know it's not good if I snap!

Kasumi: Yes, yes...*Sigh* I just hate it when people get hurt. *Lays down to the side and lands on Sano's lap*

Sano: *Blinks but still listening to music so he doesn't care. *

Kasumi: *Sigh*

Kasumi: *Sigh*

Ed: *Glares*

Kasumi: Who was your victim anyway?

Ed: Ummmmm....

Kasumi: E-D.....

Ed: It was actually victims...

Kasumi: Hn?

Ed: As in more than one person I hurt.

Kasumi: I understand that. Who was ...them?

Ed: Ummmm...

Kasumi: Jesus tap dancing Christ, Ed! How could you!

Ed: What!?

Kasumi: Them of all people!

Ed: *Twiddles thumbs* They were the closest and I can't hurt Legato!

Kasumi: HN! *Turns head as far as she can* Tell that to Kenshin-Sama!

Ed: I'm sorry! You didn't like her anyway!

Kasumi: True that maybe, but ...HN!

Kenshin: Tell me what?

Ed: Ummm.. *Laughs nervously*

Kenshin: What happened?!

Ed: *Looks to Kasumi* Do I have to? Can't we wait till we're about leave?

Kasumi: NO! Plus I'm not finished.

Ed: But I don't want Kenshin to try to kill me!

Kasumi: Fine I'll tell him! Kaoru sucks and Ed kicked her ass!

Ed: And Yahiko too.

Kenshin: K-kaoru-Dono?

Ed: I kinda went a bit overboard on them.

Kenshin: *Starts shaking*

Ed: Oh shit- I'm screwed.

Kasumi: Sano, can you calm Kenshin down.

Sano: *Nods*

Kasumi: Then do it. He's scaring me...

Sano: *Nods*

Kasumi: *Looks at him* ACK! Stop head banging!

Sano: *Nods*

Kasumi: *Turns down the volume* Oi, do something! I'm scared!

Sano: Hey!! *Turns it back up*

Kasumi: *Starts crying* S-sanosuke Sagarra, you will stop listening to music and help us, before Kenshin-sama kills us all!

Sano: *Laughs* That's so true! *Laughs again*

Kasumi: *Falls over on him crying on his chest*

Sano: Huh? What? *Takes headphones off* What's wrong?

Kasumi: *Everything she says comes out incoherent*

Sano: Repeat that please.

Kasumi: Kenshin-sama *Cries a bit harder*

Sano: What about him? *Looks at Kenshin* Hey Kenshin- You ok?

Kenshin: *Starts growling*

Sano: What?!?!

Kasumi: *Hugs Sano*

Sano: *Sighs*

Ed: I'm dead. Kenshin's going to kill me. Legato- After I die, you're free. Have nice life cause I'm going to die.

Legato: Yes master. It has been an honor serving under you.

Kasumi: Sanosuke do something!

Sano: Like what?

Ed: Doomed...doomed....

Kasumi: Calm Kenshin-sama down! You're like his best friend!

Sano: How do you expect me to do that?

Kasumi: You know him pretty well, what would calm him, down?!

Sano: Hmmmm... Kenshin! You didn't do the laundry!

Kenshin: *Goes back to normal* Oh no you're right! *Runs off to do the laundry*

Ed: *Turns to Sano* I love you.

Kasumi: Holy crap! It worked!

Sano: *Smiles* I know. Can I have those back now? *Points to headphones*

Kasumi: Oh...you want it, en?

Sano: *Nods and smiles*

Kasumi: *Waves it in front of his face* Ya sure?

Sano: *Whines* Yes!!

Kasumi: Ya sure you're sure? *Grins*

Sano: YES!

Kasumi: Okay...you want it take it.

Sano: Thank you!

Kasumi: What are you listening to now?

Sano: Don't know. *Puts headphones on*

Kasumi: Sing the song....

Sano: Do I have to?

Kasumi: Pl-ease, for me.

Sano: Well-Ok *Smiles and starts singing* My friend's got a girlfriend Man he hates that bitch He tells me every day He says "man I really gotta lose my chick In the worst kind of way..

Kasumi: that is kinda scary. Sano can sing...

Ed: And good at that! Creepy...

Kasumi: Which is creepier Sano's good singing or the Battosai? *grins*

Ed: I haven't heard him sing yet.

Kasumi: heheh, good one.

Ed: I know. *Smiles*

Kasumi: What time is it? It feels late.

Ed: *Looks at watch* It's only 2:00.

Kasumi: *blink, blink* I see....

Ed: Yup...It's still early. What do you want to do now?

Kasumi: -_- I get up an hour from now...

Ed: I go to sleep in an hour.

Kasumi: How the hell do we ever see each other?

Ed: How do I know!

Kasumi: *Yawns* I didn't expect you to answer.

Ed: Ah well *Yawns* Damn you! You made me yawn!

Kasumi: You over *Yawns* react...*Yawns*

Ed: *Yawns* Stop your making me *yawn* tired.

Kasumi: I am tired *Yawns*

Ed: Whatever

Kasumi: Look at him. He's acting like its still afternoon...

Ed: *Blinks* Who?

Kasumi: Sano.

Ed: *Blinks again* Oh... *Yawn* I'm so tired now

Kasumi: Good thing Sano's a pillow person.

Ed: Sano's a loser.

Kasumi: He saved your life.

Ed: He did?

Kasumi: Remember ? Kenshin about to kill you, ring a bell?

Ed: *Blinks* Oh yeah...

Kasumi: *Smirks* idiot *Yawns* Sleepy time, *Leans on Sano's shoulder*

Ed: That's a good idea...*Leans on Legato and yawns*

Kasumi: *Asleep*

Ed: Must...Stay....Awake...Sleep is for the dead...*Falls asleep*

Legato: Don't worry Master I'll keep you safe during the night

Ed: That's good...*Snores a little*

Legato: *Smiles*

Sano: *Humming some song*

Kasumi: *Breathing lightly on him*

Kenshin: *Comes in* Landry is down, that it is. *Smiles*

Sano: *Sees Kenshin* What? Why are you smiling like that? *Takes off headphones*

Kenshin: *Points to Kasumi and Ed*

Sano: Oh. I didn't notice. This thing is addictive!

Kenshin: What is?

Sano: *Shows Kenshin Kasumi's headphones*

Kenshin: What is it?

Sano: I don't know, but it has singing coming from it.

Kenshin: Really? *Puts headphones on*

Sano: *Nods head*

Kenshin: LOUD!!!

Sano: I don't know how to work it...

Kenshin: Strange...But I like, that I do!

Music: *Dies down*

Kenshin: What happened?!?

Sano: Let me see.

Kenshin: *Hands Sano headphones*

Sano: *Looks at it* Hmmm. *Looks at the cord that leads to Kasumi's vest pocket*

Kenshin: Maybe that's it!

Sano: Yeah *Pulls on cord*

Kasumi: *Is jerked a little bit*

Kenshin: Pull it harder!

Sano: Okay, okay. *Tugs harder*

Cord: *Comes lose*

Kenshin: You broke it Sano, that you did!

Sano: I-I didn't mean to! Do you think she'll be mad?

Kenshin: Of course she will! And you can't leave because she is sleeping on you, that she is.

Sano: Ah, damn it! Maybe we can fix it!

Kenshin: I don't know...

Sano: Lets see. It came from her pocket, so what ever it was a attached to must still be in there!

Kenshin: Careful Sano

Sano: *Tries to open the pocket* Why aren't you opening!

Kenshin: Hurry up Sano!!

Kasumi: *starts moaning*

Sano: NO, no, no! *Opens the pocket* Thank you god! *H\Reaches into the pocket* Lets now.

Kasumi: *starts moaning*

Sano: NO, no, no! *Opens the pocket* Thank you god! *Reaches into pocket* Lets see now...

Kenshin: Well?

Sano: *Pulls out a red CD player* What is this thing? *Looks at it*

Kenshin: I don't know...

Sano: *Looks between the CD player and the headphones* This doesn't make sense. How do these things go together?

Kenshin: I want to hear that music, that I do!

Sano: *Pushes a button and the lid opens* What I do now?

Kenshin: How do I know?

Sano: Here take it! I'm just making it worst! *Shoves the CD play into Kenshin's hands*

Kenshin: Oro?! *Drops CD player*

CD: *Pops out of the CD player*

Kenshin: *Picks CD up* What's this?

Sano: I don't. Its shaped like disk thinly...

Kenshin: *Pokes CD*

Sano: It's really shiny...

Kenshin: Yeah...

Sano: *Looks at the writing on it* What the hell does this say?

Kenshin: I can't understand it...

Sano: Doesn't look Japanese...

Kenshin: Maybe the girls can read it. Should we wake them up?

Sano: no, we should do that to them...

=8 hours later=

Ed: *Still sleeping* Monkeys...Give me back my sake...

Kasumi: *Gets up and blinks* What's on?

Ed: Sake...*Opens eyes, then closes them* I'm not awake, I'm sleeping.

Kasumi: *Looks at Sano and Kenshin fiddling around with her CD player* what are you guys doin'?

Ed: Oh! What CD is that?

Kasumi: That one you burned on my computer.

Ed: Ah- I got my CD player too. And I brought my Linkin Park CDs.

Kasumi: Sweet. So what are you guys doing?

Sano: Ummmm...It stopped. We tried to fix it, but we couldn't.

Kasumi: The batteries are dead I bet.

Ed: I got some. *Gets up and starts digging through her bag* Double A- Right?

Kasumi: Thanks. Why did you take the CD out?

Kenshin: We didn't know how it worked, that we didn't.

Kasumi: *Sigh* Give me.

Kenshin: *Hands her CD player and CD*

Ed: ** Takes out her CD player and batteries* Kasumi, catch. *Throws*

Kasumi: *Catches Batteries* Alright. *Puts CD inside the player and puts the batteries in also*

Ed: I just changed my a little while ago. *Untangles headphones* Damn things...

Kasumi: Why is my vest opened?

Sano: I was trying to see where that cord went.

Kasumi: Sheesh...*Holds head*

Ed: *Plugs in headphones and presses play* Ahhhh....Sweet music.

Kasumi: pancakes?

Ed: Waffles.

Kasumi: I don't know

Ed: *Shrugs and starts humming*

Kasumi: Sleep....*Lays back down on Sano*

Ed: *Looks at Kasumi* Not a bad idea...*Lays on Legato and yawns*

Kasumi: I don't feel like getting up...

Ed: Nope...too early.

Kasumi: Plus Sano's warm, like a bed.

Ed: So is Legato.

Kenshin: I'll go make breakfast now, that I will.

Ed: You do that.

Kenshin: *Goes to the Kitchen*

Ed: Here Legato *Hands him headphones* You can listen to this while I sleep. The band's name is Linkin Park. You'll like them.

Legato: Thank you master. *Takes headphones and puts them on*

Kasumi: Fine *Gets up* Ug! I'm going for a walk. *Walks out*

Ed: *Snoring*

Legato: Master, you're snoring...very loud.

Ed: Huh? Oh, sorry. *Yawns and goes back to sleep*

Kenshin: I'm almost done with breakfast. *Smiles*

Sano: Good, I'm hungry.

Legato: So am I and I believe master is too.

Ed: *Drooling*

Kenshin: We're missing one in our party...

Sano: Kasumi went for a walk.

Kenshin: Oh, alright.

Ed: *Growls in sleep* Damn monkey...That's my sake!

Legato: Master please get up, breakfast is ready.

Ed: Wha? *Sits up stretches and yawns* My daddy makes me breakfast...

Legato: If Kenshin is your daddy then yes master.

Ed: Food...*Tries to get up but falls back down* My leg's asleep...*Glares at leg*

Legato: *Picks Ed* I'll carry you master.

Ed: Oh.. Thanks Legato *Smiles at him*

Kenshin: Okay, I'll bring it out. *Goes back into the kitchen*

Sano: What'd you make Kenshin?

Kenshin: Eggs.

Ed: Ooo! Did you put cheese in them?

Kenshin: We can't afford it.

Ed: Awww....That sucks.

Kenshin: I'm sorry.

Ed: Ah well. Do you have juice?

Kenshin: Yes, we're lucky enough to have apple.

Ed: Yeah!

Legato: Do you wish to go now master?

Ed: *Yawns* Sure.

Legato: *Takes her to the table.*

Ed: You're so nice Legato- I don't know what I'd do without you!

Kenshin: *Takes eggs and puts them on the table* Here we are.

Ed: This looks great Kenshin!

Kenshin: thank you Ed *smiles*

Ed: Of course!

Legato: Thank you Kenshin.

Sano: Yeah, thanks.

Kenshin: Thank you. *Smiles*

Ed: When's Kasumi coming back?

Kenshin: I don't know. I hope she gets back soon, that I do.

Legato: Maybe she'll die...

Ed: That's not nice Legato...But who cares. LETS EAT!!

Kasumi: *Comes in looking very pale and sits next to Kenshin*

Ed: What's wrong Kasumi?

Kasumi: How could you?

Ed: *Blinks* How could I what?

Kasumi: You left them for dead.

Ed: What are you...Oh yeah! Kaoru and Yahiko! Don't worry, they'll live.

Kasumi: *Shakes head no* No they aren't!

Ed: Yes huh!

Kasumi: They kinda froze to death, and Yahiko is a parts...

Ed: They had heartbeats when I left them. After that-It's not my problem.

Kasumi: I just can't eat now. Kenshin?

Kenshin: Yes?

Kasumi: Do you want me to bring them back?

Kenshin: You can do that?!?!

Kasumi: Yes, but only if you want me to do that I will.

Kenshin: Of course! Thank You Kasumi-Dono!

Kasumi: Its no big deal. I do it all the time now a days.

Ed: Yeah, she does. She takes all the fun out of murder.

Sano: How can you do that?

Kasumi: *grins* I'm really a demon in human form.

Ed: He's all ready suppositious, and you tell him you're a demon- Smart.

Kasumi: I know.

Ed: Just because we know demons, doesn't mean you can say we are demons- Cause we're not.

Kasumi: I just wanted some fun.

Ed: No need to scare poor Sano. That's my job.

Kasumi: Shut up killer!

Ed: Yep, I'm a killer- Wanna make something of it?

Kasumi: I can if I wish...

Ed: I just want to eat breakfast.

Kasumi: I wanted to know if Kenshin wanted the people you killed back!

Ed: I said it earlier- They were alive when I left them!

Kasumi: They're dead now.

Ed: Weren't before

Kasumi: *Takes out Tensaiga from her left side* Hn!

Ed: Just go bring them back.

Kasumi: *Walks away*

Ed: *Starts eating*

Kenshin: How can you eat when you know people dies from what you did?

Ed: Cause I'm a psycho serial killer. *Takes a bite of eggs*

Kenshin: *Sigh* If that's the way you wish to live. *Starts eating*

Ed: Yup, To each his own. *Takes a sip of juice*


Kasumi: *Sigh* I hate her so much...*Glares at a dead Kaoru* You know that?! I hate you!

Kaoru: *Dead*

Kasumi: *Kicks Kaoru* I'm only bringing you back because of Kenshin-sama! *Hits her with the Tensaiga*

Kaoru: *Pops up* AHHHHH!!!!

Kasumi: *Eyes flash* Errrrrr, shut up bitch! *Smacks Kaoru*

Kaoru: What happened?

Kasumi: You when to hell and back! Is that good enough for you?!

Kaoru: All I remember was that girl attacking us then...nothing.

Kasumi: You died!

Kaoru: I did?!?

Kasumi: Yes, like Yahiko is still.

Kaoru: He is? *Looks at Yahiko* OH GOD!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?!?!

Kasumi: *Eyes flash again* What the hell do you think happened?!?! *Kicks Kaoru*

Kaoru: Ow! Why did she kill us? And where are Yahiko's legs?

Kasumi: His legs are over there. The reason why Ed did this is because what happens...this is why I hate you.

Kaoru: Hate me? What did I do?

Kasumi: Its not what you did but rather what you're going to do... *Strikes Yahiko*


Kaoru: What am I going to do?

Kasumi: I don't wish to think about it. *Turns her head*

Kaoru: What I do!?!?

Kasumi: Why the hell should I tell you?

Kaoru: Because!!

Kasumi: It involves Kenshin, if that helps you understand....

Kaoru: No it doesn't!

Kasumi: Use your brain. I doubt you have one, but I'm sure you can think of something!

Kaoru: HEY!!

Kasumi: Hey what?! *Puts Tensaiga back into it sheath*

Kaoru: I have a brain!

Yahiko: Where are my legs?!?!?!

Kasumi: *Looks at Yahiko* Oh yeah you might need those... *Looks around* AH! Here! *Hands Yahiko back his legs*

Yahiko: My legs! *Starts crying*

Kasumi: Just pull yourself back together!

Yahiko: How the hell do I do that?!?

Kasumi: You're such a dumb little piece of crap. No wonder you're her student!

Yahiko: HEY!!

Kasumi: It's all true!

Yahiko and Kaoru: Is not!!

Kasumi: You know I can just kill you again!

Yahiko: Once is enough for me! *Shivers*

Kasumi: Really? I thought you'd like another shot at it! *Puts hand on Tetsusaiga *

Yahiko: NO!! DON'T KILL ME!!!

Kasumi: *Smirks* Why?

Yahiko: One horrible death is enough!

Kasumi: Damn...Oh well, Kaoru is gone!

Kaoru: What I do?!?!

Kasumi: *Takes out Tetsusaiga and starts hacking into Kaoru* Die, die, die, die, die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kaoru: *Dead*

Yahiko: I'M FREE!!

Kasumi: *Chops Yahiko's head off* Now what?!

Yahiko: *Dead*

Kasumi: *Blood gets all over her and goes back to normal* What the? Oh right! Bring them back! Wow Ed did a brutal job here. *Takes out Tensaiga and brings back both of them*

Yahiko: Noooo!!!!

Kaoru: What I do?!?!

Kasumi: *Smiles* Are you two okay? Ed kinda killed you last night so things may feel a bit weird.

Kaoru: And you just killed us now!!

Yahiko: Let it go Kaoru!! I don't wanna die again!!!

Kasumi: O-kay...but Ed isn't outside, she's inside.

Kaoru: *Stands up* You're going to pay for this!! *Runs inside*


Kasumi: *Goes down* Don't worry, I'll help ya! *Puts Yahiko's legs back on* There ya go. *Smiles*

Yahiko: *Jumps up* Yay! Thanks! Now to go get revenge!! *Hugs Kasumi then runs off*

Kasumi: Cute kid... *Gets up*


Ed: These eggs are real good Kenshin!

Kaoru: Kenshin help!!!!!!!!!!

Kenshin: What's wrong?

Kaoru: she's out there with Yahiko still! She's going to kill us!

Ed: Ha-Kasumi doesn't kill! I'm the killer!

Kaoru: Yes she is! She's evil!

Ed: I'm evil- She's the nice one.

Kaoru: We have to get out of here! She wants our heads! *Tries to put Kenshin up*

Ed: No! I'M the one who wants to kill you all! Get it straight!

Kaoru: She's the one who can bring you back and just kill you again! Kenshin you have to stop her!

Ed: No- She's the one that brings back my murder victims! Man, have you got it backwards!

Kasumi: *Comes up behind Sano* H-ello

Ed: Hey Kasumi! How goes things?

Kasumi: Yahiko needed help with his legs and I got blood on me.

Sano: Legs?

Ed: Oh yeah! I cut off his legs, didn't I?

Kasumi: Yeah and his head was off too. You must have been pissed!

Ed: I didn't...Oh yeah. Yeah sure I did. *Sighs* I cut of his head. And yes, I was pissed.

Kaoru: NO! She did it! Kenshin don't let her act fool you!

Ed: *Smacks Kaoru* Shut your damn mouth!

Kasumi: Ed leave her be!

Ed: I thought you hated her?

Kasumi: That's mean....to say out loud

Ed: So?

Kenshin: Where is Yahiko?

Ed: Yeah! Where is the little squirt?

Kaoru: You killed him!

Ed: I know that! But Kasumi brought him back.

Kaoru: Then she killed him and brought again! Kenshin, do something! *Shakes Kenshin*

Ed: *Whispers to Kaoru* You'll shut your mouth if you know

Kaoru: KENSHIN!!!!!!!!!

Kenshin: Calm down. It'll be ok, that it will.

Kasumi: *Smirks* Yes Kenshin-sama is right. Heh, I think you're over reacting.

Kaoru: Am Not!!

Kasumi: You're over reacting. Death can do that to ya. *Grins evilly*

Kaoru: Keep her away!

Kenshin: Kaoru-Dono, she isn't going to hurt you, that she wouldn't.

Kaoru: Yes she would! She just did!

Kenshin: Please Kaoru-Dono, she wouldn't hurt fly, that she wouldn't. *Smiles*

Kasumi: Ohh, Ya don't trust me. I'm deeply hurt!

Ed: Damn you Kaoru! I'll kick your ass!!

Kasumi: *Eyes flash at Kaoru* You need to learn to be more trusting.

Kaoru: You need to control yourself! *Looks at Ed* And you too!

Kasumi: And some people need to keep their legs closed.

Kaoru: Gasp! How dare you!

Ed: *Laughs*

Kasumi: So you adamant it?

Kaoru: NO! I deny it!

Kasumi: Don't worry. I know girls like you. Like Kikyo. Would you like to meet Kikyo? *Smirks*

Ed: Yeah! You wanna meet Kikyo? *Smiles Wickedly*

Kasumi: *Growls a bit* I'm sure she'd like to meet you. You two have so much in common!

Ed: *Grabs her bag and starts digging* Where is that bitch?

Sano: She's in your bag?

Kenshin: What are you two trying to pull?

Ed: Yeah my bag's magic and-Ow! *Pulls hand out* The bitch bit me!

Kasumi: GIVE ME THAT! *Takes the endless bag of...stuff* Hn, you just can't handle her! That's why she's going on my wall!

Ed: Hey! I can handle her! I mean, she doesn't have arms or legs any more! She just took me by surprise!

Sano: What?! *Backs away*

Ed: Hey! She deserves every thing she gets! Every one hates her. Except for Inu-Yash, but he doesn't count.

Kasumi: okay if you don't want to meet Kikyo, then I want to do something else...

Ed: What are you going to do?

Kasumi: We're finding a cop...

Ed: A cop? Are you talking about who I think you're talking about?

Kasumi: Yep!

Ed: Cool!

Sano: Who are you guys trying to find?

Kasumi: Someone you think died...

Ed: *Elbows her* Sush! They don't need to know what we know!

Kenshin: *Gasp* Saitou is still alive!

Kasumi: Alive and kicking.

Ed: Gah! We shouldn't be telling them this!

Kasumi: So what? You shouldn't of killed Knives.

Ed: How many times do I have to tell you that it was an accident?!?! I was drunk!

Sano: S-so that means that I can have my rematch!

Ed: Can we say "One track mind"?

Kasumi: Sano you're gonna lose by the way.

Sano: I am not!

Kasumi: Y-eah ya are!

Sano: No! I'm gonna win!

Kasumi: Know for a fact you lose!

Sano: No you don't!

Kasumi: *Sigh* Yes I do

Sano: No!

Kasumi: Yeah...

Ed: *Puts a hand on Sano's shoulder* Just let it go. You're not going to win.

Kasumi: Yeah cause I'm pretty sure.

Sano: You can all go to hell-I'm going to win!

Kasumi: Its true as Kenshin killing his first wife. Whoops, I didn't just say that.

Kaoru: WHAT!?!?!?

Ed: KASUMI! You weren't suppose to say that!!

Kasumi: Sorry!

Kenshin: How do you know that?!?!

Ed: *Gets all dark* We know all.

Kasumi: Yeah I know all about what happened...

Ed: *Raises hand* So do I!

Kaoru: You had a wife?!

Kenshin: Umm...I...

Kaoru: How did you kill her?

Ed: I read it was an accident.

Kasumi: Yeah and she gave him one of his scars too.

Ed: Yup! Her name was Tamoe! *Smiles*

Kenshin: Oh God *Starts crying*

Kasumi: I think we should go now.

Ed: Yeah...We made the poor guy cry!

Kasumi: That's low, even for you. *Holds Kenshin* It will be okay Kenshin- sama.

Ed: WHAT! Don't pin this on me! You started the conversation in the first place!

Kasumi: I know and I'm sorry. Kenshin-sama ya gonna be okay?

Kenshin: I-I think so. Thank you Kasumi. *Smiles*

Kasumi: Your welcome *Rubs Kenshin's back* It will be okay. I problems you that.

Kenshin: *Nods* Your very kind Kasumi-Dono, that you are.

Kasumi: Okay then. *Lets go* I'll be going now. If you need to talk I'll be here for you.

Kenshin: I appreciate it, that I do.

Kasumi: *Smiles*

Ed: Are you two quite finished?

Kaoru: YEAH?!

Kenshin: I need to do the laundry again, that I do.

Kasumi: We have work to do. I want a couple things from people.

Ed: Thank you! Oh wait! *Grabs Kenshin's sword* Thank you!

Kasumi: MINE! *Grabs it from Ed*

Ed: Keep it- It can't kill, I don't want it.

Kenshin: I need that...

Ed: *Gives him a buck* Here- That's all I have after the arcade and Rin. Buy yourself a new one.

Kasumi: Oi, here *Hands him his sword* Keep it for now.

Ed: But I gave him my last buck!

Kasumi: ATM

Ed: Those aren't even thought of yet.

Kasumi: Whatever

Sano: So you guys are leaving?

Kasumi: For now, but we'll be back.

Ed: And that's your only warning!

Kasumi: It was nice knowin' ya *Hugs Sano*

Ed: We're coming back.

Kasumi: I have to hug him good-bye!

Ed: But you act like we're leaving for good or he's going to die.

Kasumi: meh stuff happens.

Ed: Yeah...stuff. *Smiles wickedly at Sano*

Sano: You can let go now...

Kasumi: Okay *Lets go* Off we go. See ya!

Ed: Ready to go Legato?

Legato: Yes master. *Gets up*

Ed: Good. Let's rock and roll!

Kasumi: Hee hee, I can't wait!

Ed: Yeah! Lets cause mayhem!

Kaoru: Yeah, yeah get the hell out of my dojo!

Ed: So rude... *Sticks out her tongue*

Kasumi: Triangle man! *Smiles*

Ed: Not that again.

Sano: Hm?

Ed: Nothing. It's an inside joke.

Kasumi: See ya person man! See ya Particle man!

Ed: Oh god. Lets go Legato. *Walks off*

Legato: *Fallows*

Kasumi: Bye bye! *Disappears*

Kenshin: That was strange, that it was.

Sano: How did she do that?

Kenshin: Who knows. *Sighs* I need to do laundry, that I do.

Kaoru: I hate them!

Sano: They're not that bad. Except for the crazy on.

Kaoru: You like them?!

Sano: Yeah. Like I said- They weren't that bad.

Kaoru: That's only because you slept with one.

Sano: I did not!!

Kaoru: That's not what Magumi said!

Sano: She's a liar!!

Kaoru: She's spreading it like wildfire then. Everyone in town knows.

Sano: WHAT!! It's not true! How'd she know anyway?!?

Kaoru: She saw Kasumi with your clothes.

Sano: That doesn't mean anything!

Kaoru: She heard you left with her to your place.

Sano: So? That doesn't mean anything either!

Kaoru: Its pretty convincing.

Sano: So? There's no proof.

Kaoru: So you got drunk, left with her to your place and gave her your clothes and nothing happened?

Sano: Exactly!

Kaoru: I doubt it! What would stop you?

Sano: *Blushes* She is a virgin.

Kaoru: That's what stopped you?! So you went gentle and just do some foreplay?

Sano: N-NO! I asked!!

Kaoru: Well everyone thinks you had sex with her.


Kaoru: Sure you didn't Sano....

Sano: Do you have any proof?

Kaoru: Do you have any proof that you didn't?

Sano: I have my word and hers!

Kaoru: Sure, I'm going into town to talk with Magumi.

Sano: Go then!!

Kaoru: Fine! I'll tell everyone you raped a virgin! *Runs off*

Sano: I did not!! *Runs after Kaoru*

=Somewhere in town=

Saitou: *Walking around paroling *

Ed: *Points to Saito*There he is!

Saito: *Looks at Ed* What do you need?

Ed: *Runs up and hugs him*

Saitou: Take your hands off me now or I'll have you arrested!

Ed: You have no idea how happy I was when I found out you weren't dead! You shouldn't do that to people!

Saitou: Who are you woman?!

Ed: *Lets go and smiles* I am Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tiruvsky the 4th!

Saitou: A European visitor....great.

Ed: I'm not from Europe!

Saitou: You sound it. Now please leave me alone, I'm on duty.

Ed: Awww! You're no fun! Should loosen up once and a while. How's about you and me go for some sake? It'll be fun!

Saitou: I don't wish to drink.

Ed: Come on! Afraid you'll have fun or something? *Grabs his hand and starts dragging him* Lets go to the Acabecko and get some sake!

Saitou: Let go! *Goes for his sword* Hey its gone!

Kasumi: *Sitting on a roof* Wow, this is nice!

Ed: Lets go! *Drags*

Saitou: Get off that roof now damn it! You stop dragging me!

Kasumi: Don't feel like it.

Ed: Same for me! You and I are going to have sake!

Saitou: Swings Ed into a wall* You're under arrest!

Ed: Ow! Stop that!

Saitou: Twists Ed's arm a bit* You have the right to remain silent.

Kasumi: That isn't happening in this lifetime

Saitou: Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Kasumi: Say cheese! *Takes picture*

Ed: Ow!! Come on! Stop!! I didn't do anything!! And that flash hurt Kasumi!

Saitou: AH! My eyes! *Lets go of Ed*

Ed: You bastard! *Punches Saitou in the face*Rubs shoulder* That hurt!

Saitou: Damn it! *Rubs eyes*

Kasumi: Sorry my bad!

Ed: Good going Kasumi! Now I'm going to get arrested!

Saitou: Both of you are under arrest!

Ed: *Grabs Saitou* Run while you can Kasumi!!

Kasumi: He couldn't catch me if he wanted.

Ed: Just run damnit!

Kasumi: Whatever *Disappears*

Saitou: *Elbows Ed in the face*

Ed: *Lets go and holds face* Oww!!

Saitou: *Punches Ed In the stomach*

Ed: *Falls to the ground and holds stomach* Damn you!

Saitou: *Turns Ed on her stomach and Handcuff's her*

Ed: Great...Now I'm arrested. I knew this would happen one day. And I have one thing to say to you Saitou-Screw you and go to hell!

Saitou: That's nice to know...*Takes Ed off the ground*

Ed: Your going to pay for this. If not my friend or my minion will come for me.


Kasumi: I wonder which way is it to Kyoto?

=Back with Saitou and Ed=

Ed: I really hate you now. I just wanted to go for some sake, and that's a crime?

Saitou: No, but assaulting a police officer while on duty!

Ed: I was provoked!

Saitou: How?

Ed: I...just was!

Saitou: Come on!

Ed: You can't make me!

Saitou: I think I am now *Pushes ed along*

Ed: Nooo!!! *Pushes Saitou with her shoulder and tries to run away*

Saitou: *Trips her with his foot*

Ed: *Falls* I hate you so much it hurts. *Starts crawling*

Saitou: *Steps on Ed's back*

Ed: Ah! Let me go!!

Saitou: no

Kasumi: *Appears* Hey which way to Kyoto?

Ed: Kasumi! What the hell! I told you to run! And I think it's to the east!

Kasumi: Oh. Do you need help?

Ed: I'll be fine. I'm just going to prison for a little while. Don't worry- We both knew this would happen one day. Just run!

Kasumi: I Can help!

Saitou: You can't be wearing those swords out in public!

Saitou: Now you're under arrest!

Ed: Damn it! Run!!

Kasumi: No I'm not...

Saitou: Yes you are! *Walks towards Kasumi*

Kasumi: *Takes out Haruko's guitar* Try me!

Saitou: What the hell is that?

Kasumi: *Starts playing it* A guitar from an alien world.

Saitou: I'll go easy on you if you come quietly.

Ed: Doomed...Doomed...We are all doomed.

Kasumi: So how's your wife doin'?

Saitou: She's fine...How did you know I was married?

Ed: *Gets all dark* We know all!

Kasumi: Any requests?

Saitou: Yes- Come quietly and peacefully and you will get out of jail much sooner than your friend here.

Kasumi: Why can't we be friends?

Saitou: It's not in my job description.

Kasumi: Can't we all get along?

Saitou: No.

Kasumi: Don't stay

Saitou: Now please don't make me use force.

Kasumi: Why can't you get a job?

Saitou: I have a job.

Kasumi: Can't you take me to funky town?

Saitou: What the hell are you talking about?!?

Ed: Gonna run away, gonna runaway...Sorry. Linkin Park rule and I got that song stuck in my head.

Kasumi: I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts

Ed: Coconuts are good!

Kasumi: Rock you like a hurricane

Ed: Enough songs Kasumi!

Kasumi: Pick one!

Saitou: How about none?

Ed: Yeah!

Kasumi: Ummm.....Nowhere man?

Saitou: Are you talking to me?

Kasumi: I um...

Guitar: *Hilt shots a blast destroying a couple buildings in that direction*

Kasumi: whoops


Saitou: Now you're in real trouble!!

Kasumi: It wasn't me it was the guitar!

Ed: Run!

Kasumi: Um I can't

Ed: Why not?

Kasumi: I can't do that. It wouldn't be right.

Ed: Fine then! Be stupid and get arrested!

Kasumi: Yes this is coming from the one on the ground

Ed: Oh shut up! *Tries to crawl away again*

Kasumi: Hn, so what ya gonna do now Saitou?

Saitou: *Steps on Ed again* I'm arresting you both.

Ed: Damn you! Rot in hell!

Kasumi: I'm sorry that can't happen...

Saitou: And why not?

Kasumi: Because you're knocked out...

Saitou: No I'm not.

Kasumi: *Thwacks Saitou with Haruko's Guitar*

Saitou: *Knocked out*

Ed: I'm free! Kinda!

Kasumi: *Rolls Saitou off Ed* There ya go!

Ed: Now help me up!

Kasumi: *Gives Ed a hand*

Ed: Thanks...Where the hell was Legato through all this?!?


Legato: I don't care!

Woman: But it's that latest brand!

Legato: leave me be!

=Ed and Kasumi=

Kasumi: I don't know.

Ed: *Sighs* We should go find him.

Kasumi: okay, but do you think we should help Saitou?

Ed: Nah- Leave the jerk be.

Kasumi: okay!

Ed: Before we go find Legato, Could you get these damn handcuffs off?

Kasumi: *Goes into Saitou's pockets and takes out his keys* Wow so many shiny keys...

Ed: Just get these things off me!

Kasumi: Okay.... *Tries one key* nope *Tries another one* Not this one either...

Ed: This is going to take all day!

Kasumi: You got someplace to go?

Ed: I want to find my minion- He might be in trouble.

Kasumi: What's the worst that can happen?

Ed: Well, he could start killing people or doing stuff with his mind powers.

Kasumi: Big deal....

Ed: Just me out of these! You know how weird it would be if I started walking though the town like this?

Kasumi: It would be a good look for you.

Ed: Would not! What makes you think that?

Kasumi: You're a psycho. It fits like that.

Ed: Yeah, yeah- Just take them off!

Kasumi: Nope not this key I guess. *Tries another Key* nope, no go.

Ed: Oh god...You know what? Screw it! Just take the keys and we'll do it later.

Kasumi: okay then. *Stuff Keys in her pocket*

Ed: Now lets go find my minion!

Ed and Kasumi: *Go off to find Legato*

=Someplace in Town=

Ed: Legato! Where are you?!?!

People: *Looks at Ed*

Ed: What?! Go about your business!

People: *Looked away terrified*

Ed: That's right! Legato! Where are you?

Kasumi: I guess he isn't in this part of town...

Ed: I'll find him even if it kills me!

Kasumi: Come on if we're gonna find Gato-Chan we have to think like Gato- Chan

Ed: Think like him? If I were him, I'd go get food!

Kasumi: And where do we get food?

Ed: The Acabecko!

Kasumi: *Points ahead* To the Acabecko!

Ed: Yay! Sake and food! *Runs off*

Kasumi: Oi, one track mind. *Goes after Ed*

=At The Acabecko=

Ed: *Comes* Food and sake! And has anyone seen my minion Legato?

Legato: *Sitting at a table* Master I'm over here!

Ed: Yay! *Runs over to table* I'd hug you, but

Legato: I understand master *Looks at the handcuffs on Ed's wrists*

Kasumi: Ed everyone is looking at me weirdly...

Ed: Whys that? *Glares at people* Mind your own damn business!

People: *Turn away whispering*

Kasumi: *Blushes and walks to the table* Why are they talking?

Ed: *Glares at people* Just cause I'm handcuffed don't mean I can't all your asses!

Tae: *Comes over and hugs Kasumi* I'm sorry you poor thing. I'll get you guys anything you want, on the house.

Ed: *Thinks* Hey! This could work to our advantage! *End thinking* Sake and rice balls!

Kasumi: Um thanks. I'd like yakisoba and geozi.

Tae: yes anything for you. *Goes off looking like she's about to cry*

Ed: *Laughs like a maniac*

Kasumi: What's up with her?

Legato: I don't know...

Kasumi: She looked like she was giving me pity.

Ed: *Smiles* Hey! Where's my food?!

Tae: Here's the sake and everything else will be out soon. *Puts the sake on the table*

Ed: All right! *Stares at sake* How the hell am I supposed to drink?!?! I can't lift the jug if I can't use my hands! Damn Saitou!

Kasumi: You really don't need to drink.

Ed: Yes I do!!

Kasumi: *Takes keys out* Lets try this again

Ed: All right, but make it quick!

Kasumi: *Takes the smallest one* Here we go! *Unlocks the handcuffs*

Ed: Thank god! *Rubs wrist* I didn't really mind him cuffing me, but did Saitou have do be so rough?

Kasumi: He's a rough guy. I wonder how the hell he got married.

Ed: Yeah... *Grabs sake and chugs*

Kasumi: *Takes a sip* So, why is Tae-san being so nice to me?

Ed: Don't worry about it. *Holds sake bottle to Legato* Have some!

Legato: I don't think it's a good idea if I had some.

Ed: Why not? Sake's good.

Legato: Someone here needs to keep a leveled head.

Ed: Kasumi can do that!

Kasumi: I can?

Legato: She can?!

Ed: Yeah! Let her take care of things while you and me can get drunk! So come on Legato! Have some fun!!

Legato: Yes master *Takes a big gulp*

Ed: Yeah! I've got a new drinking buddy!

Kasumi: *Sigh* I never get drunk...

Tae: I'm back with your Geozi sweet heart.

Kasumi: okay what are you treating me like this?!

Tae: I'm just trying to be nice.

Kasumi: but you hugged me...

Ed: Let it go Kasumi! We get free food and drinks!

Kasumi: And called me sweet heart

Ed: Just forget it Kasumi!

Kasumi: *Covers Ed's mouth* Well?

Tae: Ummm... I have to serve other people. Enjoy your food! *Walks away*

Kasumi: Ug, I hate people...

Ed: *Takes Kasumi's hand off her mouth* Yeah! That's why I'm gonna rule the world and kill them all!!

Kasumi: yes Ed...

Ed: Uh! *Grabs sake bottle and chugs*

Magumi: I still can't believe it *Laughs*

Ed: What are you laughing at?

Magumi: *Sees Ed and Kasumi* Oh hello you two.

Ed: HI!! *Waves hello*

Kasumi: Hey. *smiles*

Magumi: How are you Kasumi? I heard about your horrible episode with Sano.

Ed: Horrible...What did Sano do again? Legato and me are a bit drunk.

Magumi: What happened last night. Kaoru told me. No one should have that happen to them.

Ed: Oh yeah...I still have to kill Sano!

Kasumi: What do you mean?

Magumi: About him raping you last night. I never would have thought Sano would do that.

Ed: O.O Rape?!?!

Kasumi: Rape? Doesn't that involve *Gulp* ...stuff.

Ed: I'm gonna kill Sano! *Stands up* Wanna help Legato?

Kasumi: But he never touched me like that...

Ed: I'm gonna go murder Sano! *Tries to walk, but trips*

Magumi: What do you mean he never touched you?

Kasumi: He didn't touch me like that.

Magumi: Are you sure?

Kasumi: Yes, I'm pretty sure.

Magumi: Kaoru was the one saying that. Why would she lie?

Kasumi: Because she's a lair

Magumi: Damn it! Kaoru's going to pay!

Kasumi: I think she trashed Sano's reputation pretty bad.

Ed: Oh well... Lets drink!

Kasumi: That just drags me down with him.

Magumi: I'm sorry

Ed: Don't worry! I mean, it's not like we're staying here!

Kasumi: True, but....

Ed: Oh well. Damages been done. I'm gonna get drunk. *Chugs sake*

Kasumi: What would Hiei do? *Thinks*

Ed: Yeah...or Kurama.

Kasumi: Magumi do you know where Kaoru is?

Ed: Yeah! We can kill her too!

Kasumi: *Eyes flash* I'll allow it

Ed: Yay!! Murder!

Magumi: What?!

Kasumi: *Puts Vash's glasses on* I'm gonna kill her.

Ed: And I'm gonna kill Sano for no real reason at all! *Smiles*

Kasumi: Ah, but why? There aren't enough hot guys out there.

Ed: What's that suppose to mean?

Kasumi: He's hot

Ed: He is not!

Kasumi: Is too, so is Kenshin.

Ed: Not really.

Kasumi: you can kill Yahiko

Ed: That'll do!

Magumi: You can't kill people!

Kasumi: yes I can! *Gets up* Come on guys.

Ed: Killing is fun!

Magumi: I will not let you do this.

Kasumi: Do as you wish

Ed: Don't make me hurt you.

Kasumi: Ed you know she can't do anything.

Ed: So?

Kasumi: Don't waste your energy on her.

Ed: Fine then.

Kasumi: *walks out*

Ed: *Grabs sake and follows*

Legato: *Drunkenly* I'm coming *Fallows*

=At the Dojo=

Ed: We're BACK!!!!

Kasumi: with avenges!

Ed: Yeah! *Drinks the last of her sake* DAMN! *Throws jug on the ground*

Yahiko: You're back.

Ed: Damn straight!

Kaoru: You guys are back already?

Kasumi: *Walks up to Kaoru and slaps her in the face* This means war bitch!

Ed: Yeah!

Kaoru: Ow! What was that for?!?!?

Kasumi: *Pushes her back* You have some balls to talk now!

Ed: No she doesn't.

Kasumi: *Eyes flash through glasses* Shut up damn it!

Ed: What I do?

Kasumi: Don't talk you bring yourself down. As for you! *Kicks Kaoru in the face* I hope you like feeding the worms!

Kaoru: Please stop! What did I do!

Kasumi: Hn, you know what you did.

Kaoru: Not really...

Kasumi: About Sano and me!

Kaoru: Oh that!

Kasumi: Yeah THAT!

Kaoru: Sano deserved his reputation broke!

Kasumi: Yes and so does you nose!

Kaoru: NO!

Kasumi: Why did ya do it to Sano?


Kasumi: *Smacks Kaoru and pulls her up by her neck*

Ed: Go Kasumi!

Kaoru: Please stop!

Kasumi: *Throws Kaoru at the dojo*

Kaoru: *Flies through a wall*

Kenshin: Kaoru-Dono! What's going on?! *Sees Kasumi* Kasumi-Dono, what's going on here?!

Ed: Kasumi's kicking Kaoru's ass!

Kenshin: Why?!

Kasumi: *Smirks* Kenshin, Kenshin, Kenshin move now if you don't want to get hurt!

Ed: Kaoru's been spreading rumors!

Sano: That's nuts!

Ed: Yeah! And so am I !!

Kasumi: *Runs over and jumps on Kaoru*

Kaoru: Please get off! I'm sorry!

Kasumi: *Twists her foot* Hn!

Kaoru: *Screams in pain*

Kasumi:*Jumps off* What's wrong? Can't ya handle a little pain?!

Kaoru: I'm sorry!

Kasumi: Well bitch?

Kaoru: Yes! And I'm sorry!

Kasumi: I don't think that's good enough!

Kaoru: Please! I'm sorry! I'll never spread rumors again!

Kasumi: *Kicks Kaoru*

Kaoru: *Starts crying*

Sano: Stop it you're hurting her!

Ed: And that's a problem how?

Kenshin: Kasumi-dono! Please stop!

Kasumi: No!

Kenshin: And why not?

Kasumi: *Lowers Vash's glasses* Because she deserves to die!

Kenshin: Why Kasumi-dono?!?!

Kasumi: *Smacks Kenshin*

Ed: Sweet! Kasumi's gone in her "Blank out" mode!

Sano: Kenshin! Kasumi stop it!

Kasumi: *Smirks* Nope.

Ed: If I were you Sano, I'd shut my mouth and stand to the side. She won't mess with you if you don't draw attention to yourself.

Kasumi: Ah, but don't ya want to play too Sano?

Sano: N-no. That's ok.

Kasumi: Too bad...*starts walking to Sano*

Sano: *Backs away*

Kasumi: Don't run you only make it worse

Sano: What I do!?!

Kasumi: *Jumps on top of Sano* I don't know...What did you do?

Sano: Nothing!

Kasumi: So you don't want to play? *Plays with Sano's hair*

Sano: N-N-No.

Kasumi: *Leans down to Sano's face* Wrong answer.

Sano: I...I...

Kasumi: What should I do now Sano? Is there anything you want?

Sano: Not really...

Kasumi: *Gets off Sano* Fine, back to the bitch

Sano: *Sighs in relief*

Kasumi: *Goes over to Kaoru* What am I going to do with you?

Kaoru: How about nothing?

Kasumi: That may work for Sano, but not for you!

Kaoru: *Gulps*

Kasumi: You want a gun or a sword to end your life?

Kaoru: Neither.

Kasumi: What is with you people and the "none of the above" option?!

Ed: It's their way of trying to weasel out of their enviable death,

Kasumi: *Takes Saitou's sword out* That's so stupid!

Ed: Yeah...

Kaoru: *Screams*

Kasumi: *Starts Laughing* You have the funniest look on your face.

Ed: Nice knowing you Kaoru- Well, not really...

Kenshin: *Pushes Kasumi down*

Kasumi: AH!

Ed: This is a real good show! *Claps hands then looks around* Where's Legato?

Legato:*Sitting on the ground smiling*

Ed: Legato- You ok?

Legato: Funny

Ed: *Smile likes an idiot* Yeah...

Kasumi: Get off me Kenshin-sama!!!!!!!!! *Jerks around under Kenshin*

Kenshin: I can't Kasumi-dono, that I can't.

Ed: *Looks to Legato* Should we help?

Legato: Look at the blobs fighting, hahah.

Ed: I'll take that as a no...*Leans on Legato's shoulder* Now I'm tired. Drank too much...

Kasumi: Get off!

Kenshin: No.

Kasumi: Why are you so heavy? How are you taller then me? I'm 5' 7 for crying out loud. You always seemed shorter.

Kenshin: Oh well Kasumi-dono.

Ed: I'm 5'6!

Kasumi: *Growls* Do something or get off!

Kenshin: I'm going to keep you here until you calm down.

Kasumi: You are in for a long ass stay then! *Starts rocking around harder*

Kenshin: *Holds tighter*

Kasumi: Stop it and let me kill her!

Kenshin: I can't let you do that, that I can't.

Kasumi: Sure ya can! Just let me GO!!!!!!!!!!

Kenshin: *Shakes his head* No

Kasumi: When did you become so strong?

Kenshin: I've always been strong, that I have.

Kasumi: Are you wearing a cup?

Kenshin: A what?

Ed: That's wrong Kasumi!

Kasumi: So? I'll kick him and boom I'm free!

Ed: No! Boom he'll be pissed!

Kasumi: He would not be mad if I kicked him in the balls. He'd just be in a lot of pain!

Kenshin: 0.o What?

Kasumi: *Moves harder* Off!

Kenshin: Please Kasumi-dono! Calm down! I beg you, that I do!

Kasumi: *Blinks* Is he a dot or is he a speck?

Kenshin: What?

Kasumi: When he's under water does he get wet or does the water get him instead? Nobody knows particle man.

Kenshin: I don't understand Kasumi-dono, that I do not.

Kasumi: It doesn't make sense ...UNLESS YOU GET OFF ME!!!!!!

Kenshin: I can't.

Kasumi: *Gets an arm free* Ha! Freedom!

Kenshin: NO!

Kasumi: *Tries to push Kenshin off* Damn upper body strength

Kenshin: *Pins her arm to the ground*

Kasumi: *Bucks her hips* NO!

Kenshin: *Holds tighter*

Kasumi: *Stops* What right do you have to keep me down?!

Kenshin: To keep you from hurting people.

Kasumi: I don't want to hurt people! I wan to hurt Kaoru!

Kenshin: She's people, that she is!

Kasumi: That's what Vash-sama would say....well if you take the "that she is" part out.

Kenshin: Who's that?

Kasumi: I'm wearing his sunglasses too. I feel like I'm letting him down...

Kenshin: Letting him down?

Kasumi: Because he says killing is wrong.

Kenshin: He's right, that he is.

Kasumi: But Hiei would take revenge and make Kaoru suffer.

Kenshin: Who do you believe is right?

Kasumi: I don't know. I'm pissed and Hiei makes more sense right now.

Kenshin: Well killing is wrong, that it is.

Ed: Go for the jugular Kasumi!

Kasumi: I love Hiei, but Vash all so makes sense...

Kenshin: I would go with Vash, that I would.

Kasumi: Whom do I listen to? The guy who has a gun, but doesn't kill, the little fire demon I love, or the guy who has a sword, but wouldn't kill.

Kenshin: Me.

Kasumi: Can I have a lifeline?

Kenshin: A what?

Ed: Ooo! *Raises hand* Phone a friend!! Phone a friend!!

Kasumi: I'm gonna phone a friend. Um Ed, what's the answer? A-Vash, B-Hiei, or C-Kenshin?

Ed: B! Murder and Mayhem! *Stops and thinks* Murder might be bad...She'll blank out and may kill Legato and me! * End thinking* Never mind! A-Vash!

Kasumi: *Rolls over so she's on top* I win!

Kenshin: How did you do that?

Kasumi: I could have do that a while ago, just was too mad to do it.

Kenshin: Oh. Can you get off me?

Kasumi: Nope. *Takes hair down* Not now anyway.

Kenshin: Why.

Kasumi: *Grins* You'll see soon enough Kenshin-sama. *Reaches into her pocket*

Kenshin: What are you doing?

Kasumi: Stuff.

Kenshin: *Looks scared*

Kasumi: I'm gonna play with you, all day long...

Kenshin: O.O

Kasumi: Found them! *Takes out Saitou's handcuffs*

Kenshin: What are you doing with that?

Kasumi: What do you think? *Smirks*

Kenshin: O.O Someone help me!

Kasumi: *Ties Kenshin's hands together with one ribbon and handcuffs his feet*

Kenshin: Let me go please!

Kasumi: *Takes one of her ribbons and gags Kenshin with it* I don't need you yelling!

Ed: Kasumi- What the hell are you doing?!?!

Kasumi: Making sure he doesn't yell while I kill Kaoru.

Kenshin: *Struggles and says something*

Ed: Ok Kasumi. Just out of respect for Kenshin, don't do it in front of him.

Kasumi: What you think I was gonna do?

Ed: *Laughs nervously* Nothing! Just take Kaoru someplace and kill her!

Kasumi: Man killing people is a lot of work!

Ed: Once you get used to it, not really.

Kasumi: *Throws Kenshin to Sano* Take care of him for me.

Sano: *Catches* Okay.

Kasumi: *Looks at Kenshin*

Kenshin: *Struggling to get out of his bindings*

Kasumi: *Blinks a couple times* Where am I?

Ed: End of "blank out"!!

Kasumi: What are you talking about? Weren't we in the Acabecko?

Ed: Just forget about it Kasumi. Hey! I wonder if Saitou regained consciousness? *Laughs* Probably not.

Kasumi: My rat's nest is down. Where's my ribbons?

Ed: You tied Kenshin with them.

Kasumi; *Looks at Kenshin* Kenshin-sama! Are you okay?!

Kenshin: *Stares at her*

Kasumi: *Runs over to him and takes out his gag/her ribbon* What happened?

Kenshin: You had what Ed called a "Blank out"

Kasumi: -_- Not that again! I don't have black outs!

Ed: Just forget it Kasumi.

Kasumi: Ew its wet!

Ed: You did put it in his mouth.

Kasumi: I know it was in his mouth but Ew.

Ed: *sighs and shakes head*

Kasumi: *Unties Kenshin's wrists*

Kenshin: Thank you Kasumi-dono.

Kasumi: *Frowns* Your welcome. *Looks at his feet* The handcuffs?

Kenshin: Yes. You did that as well, that you did.

Ed: Remember that it was the small key Kasumi!

Kasumi: I'm sorry Kenshin-sama! I'm such a bad person!

Kenshin: It is ok, that it is. *Smiles*

Kasumi: *Starts crying*

Kenshin: It would be nice if I could walk, that it would.

Kasumi: *Takes out keys and hands them to Kenshin*

Kenshin: Thank you *Uncuffs himself and hands keys back to Kasumi*

Kasumi: Oh Kenshin-sama! *Buries her face on his chest*

Kenshin: It's ok, that it is.

Kasumi: I think I did a bad thing.

Kenshin: Nothing too bad Kasumi-Dono

Kasumi: Did I hurt anyone?

Kenshin: You only hit Kaoru and pushed Sano to the ground, that you did.

Kasumi: I-I did? I feel like something bad is gonna happen now...

Saitou: *Comes from nowhere and tackles Ed to the ground* I finally found you! You're under arrest!

Kasumi: AH! He's found us!

Ed: Get off me! I didn't do anything!

Kasumi: True you didn't really, but you did insult an officer.

Ed: The bastard deserved it!

Kasumi: So Saitou you have any requests? *Takes out Haruko's Guitar*

Saitou: I told you my request earlier.

Ed: Leave me be! *Struggles to get away*

Kasumi: *Plays a bit* What was it again?

Saitou: *Holds on to Ed tighter* Let me arrest you both peacefully.

Kasumi: I told you the Guitar has a mind of its own!

Saitou: What are you talking about?

Kasumi: It does! I didn't mean to blow up all the buildings! I was just playing!

Saitou: It was destruction of property.

Ed: Let me up and I'll show you destruction of property!

Kasumi: Ed clam yourself.

Ed: I will not calm down until I'm either in the nut house, drunk, or dead!

Kasumi: You know you can't arrest us?

Saitou: And why not?

Kasumi: Cause you're knocked out

Saitou: I am not.

Kasumi: *Throws the Guitar at him and misses*

Saitou: Were you trying to hit me?!?

Kasumi: yes...

Saitou: Well, I need to arrest you both, so just come along quietly. You may get a reduced sentence.

Kasumi: Don't feel like it.

Saitou: Then I'll have to take you by force.

Kasumi: I will not run from you.

Saitou: Good. People like you make my job easier.

Kasumi: I'll drive away from you!

Saitou: Drive?

Kasumi: *Takes out Haruko's bike* You'll never catch me now! *Jumps on bike*

Saitou: What is that?

Kasumi: A bike. *Starts it up* Off I go!

Saitou: Off where?

Kasumi: To get away! *Takes off*

Saitou: Wow. That's fast.

Kasumi: *Distance away* HAHAHA You'll never catch me! HAHAH-ACK!

Bike: *Crashes on a small pebble*

Kasumi: Ouch! *Guitar comes out of on where and hits her* That hurt!

Ed: *Tries to laugh, but Saitou's crushing her lungs* Do you mind?!?!

Kasumi: *Gets up* okay lets try that again! *Tries to start bike up, but engine won't turn over*

Ed: *Tries to laugh again*

Saitou: *Shakes his head. You are both pathetic.

Kasumi: Come on work! *Press a button*

Bike: *Starts to hover in the air*

Satiou: How the hell are you doing that?!?

Kasumi: So that's the hove button... *Jumps up and grabs the wheel*

Ed: Great- She runs while I'm trapped. Oh well. I knew I'd get arrested one day....

Legato: Hey master? If Midvalley was here I bet he would help. *Laughs*

Ed: What's that suppose to mean?

Legato: I don't know! *Snickers*

Ed: *Sighs* I give up.

Kasumi: Help it's going higher!

Ed: Press the button again or jump off!

Kasumi: I can't reach and I don't want to give the bike up!

Ed: Nice knowing you then!

Kasumi: Someone help!

Ed: And how exactly do you expect me to help? Legato- How about you? Can you help her?

Legato: HAHA! Stupid whore!

Ed: Why me? *Starts banging head on ground*

Kenshin: Kasumi-Dono hang on!

Kasumi: *Gives Kenshin a look* No I'm gonna let myself fall!

Kenshin: Don't do that!

Kasumi: I was be sarcastic!

Kenshin: Oh. Ok!

Kasumi: *Tries to swing up* I had to use the bike didn't I? Damn it!

Kenshin: Kasumi-dono! *Holds arms out* Jump! I'll catch you!

Kasumi: *Looks at Kenshin and then the bike and back again* Is it truly worth losing a bike I stole?

Kenshin: Yes, that it is!

Kasumi: *Thinks hard* Um...

Kenshin: Kasumi-dono!

Kasumi: *Sigh* Fine... *Lets go*

Kenshin: *Smiles and braces self*

Kasumi: This is gonna hurt I can feel it already!

Legato: I hope she dies.

Kasumi: *Looks down* Man, I'm higher up then I thought...

Kenshin: *Catches Kasumi*

Kasumi: Someone caught me...That doesn't happen. What's the catch?

Kenshin: None *Puts her down*

Kasumi: No I never get out of something without getting hurt somehow.

Kenshin: Well, this time you didn't.

Kasumi: I'm very scared...

Kenshin: You shouldn't be, that you shouldn't

Bike: *Comes flying back and hit Kasumi*

Kasumi @_@ I'm O-kay *Falls down*

Kenshin: Kasumi-Dono!

Sano: Is she okay?

Ed: She'll be fine...eventually. I would laugh, but Satiou's still crushing me.

Kasumi: Correction: I'm in a world of hurt...

Ed: I said eventually.

Sano: Well it isn't everyday that something like...hits you.

Ed: For us, especially her, yes is it.

Kasumi: I'm accident prone.

Ed: Yeah, she is.

Kasumi: -_- Thank you for making me feel better...

Ed: Any time!

Kasumi: So are we still arrested?

Satiou: Yes.

Kasumi: Still don't feel like it.

Satiou: Too bad.

Ed: I'll kill you!

Kasumi: Thou shall not kill, remember?

Ed: Screw that!

Kasumi: *Thinks* Thou shall not kill! *Smiles* Why didn't I think of this before?

Ed: Think of what?

Kasumi: *Takes out Crossgun* This!

Ed: Ooo! You're going to kill Satiou?

Kasumi: NO!

Ed: Awwww! Then what's the point of bringing it out?!?!

Kasumi: To try and hit him again.

Satiou: I think the main word in that is try.

Kasumi: I think its "to", but my grammar sucks. *Picks up Crossgun* Here I go! *Runs at Saitou*

Satiou: *Picks Ed up and uses her as a shield*

Ed: Not good!!

Kasumi: *Disappears*

Ed: W-where she go?

Kasumi: *Appears behind Saitou* Sneak attack!

Satiou: What the hell?!?

Kasumi: *Smacks Saitou in the stomach*

Satiou: *Falls to the ground and groans*

Ed: Freedom!!

Kasumi: *Grins* I am a warrior of love and Peace! *Does the Vash symbol*

Ed: And I'm a psycho serial killer *Smiles*

Kenshin: What does this mean? *Does the Vash thing*

Kasumi: Love and Peace!

Ed: Yeah! You should learn it Kenshin!

Kasumi: Said it with me: This world is made of love and peace! *Does Vash thing*

Kenshin: This world is made of love and peace?

Kasumi: Yep. Love and Peace! *Does it again*

Kenshin: Love and Peace..Hm.

Kasumi: That's it Kenshin-Sama.

Kenshin: LOVE AND PEACE! *Does Symbol*

Kasumi: YAY! *Claps hands*

Ed: *Rolls Eyes* Not another one...

Kasumi: *Hits Ed with the Crossgun*

Ed: Ow...

Kasumi: Now wha ya gonna do, en Saitou?

Satiou: B-bitch. *Stands up slowly and holds his stomach*

Crossgun: *Cloth comes out anciently*

Kasumi: Whoops, forget ya saw that!

Ed: Come on Satiou! You don't want to arrest us!

Kasumi: I better put this away...

Crossgun: *Mini guns come out*

Kasumi: Damn it why is that happening!

Ed: It doesn't like you!

Sano: Shit, look at all the guns!

Ed: Yeah...I got more in my bag though.

Kenshin: Is that possible?

Kasumi: Kenshin-sama with all that you've seen with us, do you really think anything is impossible anymore?

Kenshin: *Sighs* No.

Ed: You wanna see my guns? I got a bunch of other weapons too!

Kasumi: No they don't!

Ed: But they're such nice weapons!

Kasumi: NO!

Ed: *Crosses arms and pouts*

Kasumi: *Puts stuff away* I guess Saitou isn't gonna arrest us now...

Satiou: Yes I am! It's my job!

Kasumi: Shame you can't catch me.

Satiou: Yes I can.

Kasumi: I don't think you can.

Satiou: Well I can.

Ed: I know you can catch me. I can't run.

Kasumi: Yes and am a demon.

Ed: Are not!

Kasumi: I know that! That's why he can't catch me.

Ed: Fine then. you run. Besides me being slow, I'm also lazy- I'm not going anywhere.

Kasumi: True and Saitou can't catch me!

Saitou: I will. But I'll take your friend first since she's not fighting any more

Ed: *Sarcastically* Oh goodie.

Kasumi: Oi Legato, get Ed out of the way.

Legato: *Grabs Ed and moves her*

Kasumi: So what ya gonna do Saitou?

Satiou: Catch you.

Kasumi: *Goes into her pocket and takes out a Jewel shard* This should make me faster then you on hands down!

Ed: Is it just me, or is Satiou starting to sound like a Pokemon extra?

Kasumi: HAHAHAHAHA!! Oh god! That's too good!

Satiou: Pokemon?

Ed: *Trying not to laugh* Never mind Satiou.

Kasumi: Hee hee, okay. Good laugh in. *Puts jewel in leg*

Ed: Have fun Kasumi!

Kasumi: I'm ready! *Grins*

Satiou: *Runs at Kasumi*

Kasumi: *Blinks* Hn, he can run.

Ed: Run Kasumi!

Kasumi: I will

Ed: Will? How about now!

Kasumi: meh

Ed: Fine. You get caught too.

Kasumi: Right! *Gives Ed a thumbs up*

Ed: You're going to let yourself get caught? After all that?!?

Kasumi: Shut up! You know I hate running!

Ed: So do I!

Kasumi: Hn!

Ed: Whatever!

Kasumi: *Sigh*

Satiou: *Grabs Kasumi*

Kasumi: AH! *Kicks him in the face*

Satiou: *Lets go and grabs his face*

Kasumi: Don't scare me like that!

Satiou: Damn it! *Grabs Kasumi's wrist* You're under arrest!

Kasumi: *Trips Saitou'*

Satiou: *Falls to the ground*

Ed: Can't you arrest anyone Satiou?

Kasumi: Ouch my wrist

Satiou: *Stands up and holds up handcuffs* I'm going to arrest both of you if it's the last thing I do!

Kasumi: How many of those do you have?

Satiou: A lot,

Kasumi: Still can't catch

Satiou: Fine then! I'm sick of chasing you. You'd probably just annoy me anyway. You're free to go

Kasumi: But that's not fun.

Satiou: I don't care.

Kasumi: Fine then! Ed lets go to Kyoto!

Ed: Yeah!

Satiou: Not you. You're still under arrest.

Ed: WHAT!?!?

Kasumi: NO!

Ed: T-that's not fair!!

Kasumi: Come on Saitou! If I'm too much then, she's just a big world of trouble for ya.

Satiou: Not really. She hasn't really done much except for run her mouth.

Ed: I resent that!

Kasumi: Don't care! My friend! Get your own!

Satiou: Too bad. She committed a crime, now she needs to pay for it.

Kasumi: Kenshin tell him he can't take Ed!

Kenshin: I'm sorry, but I can't.

Kasumi: T-this sucks!!

Ed: *Sighs* Oh well. I knew it'd happen one day, I had hoped it would have been for something worse though!

Kasumi: No! *Smacks Saitou* You aren't gonna take my friend!

Saitou: Excuse me?

Kasumi: You heard me!

Ed: Really, it's not that big of a deal

Kasumi: *Pulls Ed up* Come on Ed! *Pulls her away*

Ed: Kasumi! Stop!

Kasumi: Think of it as a Lupin thing! Running from the cop that can never catch you.

Ed: You're overreacting.

Kasumi: *Gets all watery eyed* If just don't want to lose you again!

Ed: You won't lose me! I'll only be gone for a few days!

Kasumi: A few hours is a long time for a person like me!

Ed: I said days. And it won't be! You'll be out here with everyone else!

Kasumi: Okay...Saitou wins.

Saitou: *Smiles evilly*

Ed: *Sighs and holds out wrists*

Kasumi: I can't watch! *Covers eyes*

Satiou: *Handcuffs Ed*

Kasumi: Oh god is it over?

Sano: Do you think you're taking this too hard?

Kasumi: maybe...

Ed: I'd say definitely.

Kasumi: Okay fine. Have fun in jail.

Ed: I'll try!

Kasumi: I'm alone...

Ed: Don't worry! You have Legato, Kenshin, and the rest of them! Oh! Could you watch my bag while I'm gone?

Kasumi: Legato is a jerk to me. So what about Kenshin, he's great and all but...what the hell am I saying?! Get out of here! I'll watch everything while you're gone!

Ed: See ya when I see ya! *Turns to Satiou* Lead the way.

Saitou: *Takes Ed away*

Kasumi: *Sigh* I miss her already...

Legato: I....have no idea of what to do.

Kasumi: I guess it's just you and me...alone... with out Ed to stop you from killing me...

Legato: I have no orders to follow....

Kasumi: I have no one to tell me how dumb I am.

Legato: No one to tell me to get drunk...

Kasumi: *Looks at Kenshin* Now what Kenshin-Sama

Kenshin: I need to make lunch, that I do. *Goes inside*

Kasumi: Sano?

Sano: I'm leaving till lunch is ready. *Leaves*

Kasumi: Oh no...

Legato: What?

Kasumi: Just oh no...

Legato: Oh...ok *Stares at ground*

Kasumi: I'm going to go find Aoshi and Misao. You want in?

Legato: Sure.

Kasumi: Well, lets go, I guess.

Legato: Ok.

Kasumi: I wonder what I'll get. *Walks off*

Legato: *Sighs and follows*