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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Kasumi: If I was Aoshi where would I be?

Legato: A place?

Kasumi: I know that.

Legato: Well don't ask because I don't know!

Kasumi: Don't be such a smartass

Legato: I'll be a smartass if I fell like it whore!

Kasumi: Shut up damn it!

Legato: You shut up whore!!

Kasumi: Am not you blue rat!

Legato: Stupid whore!

Kasumi: *Smacks Legato* Don't talk to me like that!

Legato: Don't mess with me! *Hits her back*

Kasumi: *Steps on Legato's foot* HN!

Legato: OW! *Kicks Kasumi's shin*

Kasumi: EEP! ERR! *Back hands Legato*

Legato: *Slaps Kasumi*

Kasumi: *Falls back*

Legato: God I hate you!!!!!

Kasumi: I landed on my tailbone!

Legato: Too bad!!

Kasumi: *Starts crying*

Legato: Why are you doing that?

Kasumi: *Cries harder*

Legato: *Looks around* Come on- Stop that!

Kasumi: *Continues to cry*

Legato: *Takes a step back* Stop it now!

Kasumi: *Grabs one of Legato's leg and still cries*

Legato: *Shakes leg* Get off! What the hell is wrong with you?!?!?

Kasumi: *Tries to stop*

Legato: *Shakes leg harder*

People: *Start staring and talking*

Legato: *Looks around nervously* I don't know her! *Shakes his leg harder* Let go damn it!

Kasumi: Gato-chan how can you be so mean to me?!

Legato: Because! Now get off!

Kasumi: *Tugs Legato down next to her*

Legato: Leave me alone!

Kasumi: You hurt me!

Legato: You hurt me first!

Kasumi: Ed said never to hurt me no matter what!

Legato: No she- Oh wait, yes she did.

Kasumi: So that means that you haven't been listening to your orders!

Legato: No I...Ahhh! You're right!

Kasumi: Wow, you said I was right...

Legato: *Puts head in hands* How could I disobey master's orders!

Kasumi: Because you hate me for the hell of it

Legato: It's your fault! You hit me first!

Kasumi: But you need to some sense smacked into you...

Legato: Why couldn't you get arrested instead of Master?

Kasumi: Because I get out of things very easily.

Legato: I hate you.

Kasumi: You don't think I know this?

Legato: You're too stupid to remember

Kasumi: Why is that?

Legato: You just are.

Kasumi: I don't think Ed would want this from us. No fighting until she gets back!

Legato: Fine, for Master.

Kasumi: I'm gonna find Aoshi now. You can go back to Tokyo

Legato: Fine. I will wait at that place for Master. *Leaves*

Kasumi: I wonder what Ed's doing now...

=In prison=

Ed: *Looks like a rabid dog and growling*

Other prisoners: O.O *Stay as far away as they can*

Chou: Shit Saitou, where the hell you get this one?

Saitou: She wasn't like that earlier.

Chou: Well, I not touchin' her, even with a 99-foot pole.

Ed: *Glares at Chou and growls more*

Chou: How long she in there for?

Saitou: I don't know yet.

Ed: *Jumps on the bars and tries biting though them*

Chou: AH! *Jumps back* Shit, stay away!

Ed: Must...Kill...*Chews more*

Chou: Sit! Stay! Play dead!

Ed: *Jumps off bars and points at Chou* You do not order me broom head!

Chou: What you call me?

Ed: Broom head will not speak to the future ruler of the world in such a tone!

Chou: Shoot it down!

Ed: I will not be stopped. I will rule the world and you all will be my minions! *Laughs manically and goes back to chewing on bars*

Chou: What she do again?

Saitou: Assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.

Chou: Damn and you catch her?

Saitou: Yes

Ed: *Gives up on bars and stares at Chou*

Chou: Did she bite ya or anything?

Saitou: No. Her friend knocked me out though.

Chou: What happened to her? Did it *Points to Ed* eat it's friend?

Saitou: Sure.

Chou: Shit. You don't fine folks like this any more.

Ed: *Jumps up and tries to grab Chou through the bars* I'll kill you!

Chou: AH! It wants to eat my face off!

Ed: *Starts laughing*

Chou: It isn't funny! Why you laughin'?

Ed: I'm laughing because you're real easy to scare.

Chou: You're very scary!

Ed: I take pride in that fact.

Chou: Bitch!

Ed: Dumb ass broom head!

Chou: wench

Ed: Bastard

Chou: Freak!

Ed: Thank you!

Chou: I hate you!

Ed: Love you too broom head!

Chou: *Runs behind Saitou* Make it stop!

Saitou: Chicken

Ed: I want chicken!

Chou: I don't care! You're the only one here who isn't freaking out because of her.

Saitou: I'm used to it.

Ed: I'm hungry!

Chou: I feel sorry for anyone who knows her!

Ed: I know a lot of people!

Chou: I bet you killed all of them!

Ed: No….Only a couple of them.

Chou: You don't have a friend in the world!

Ed: Yes I do! I have a lot!

Chou: I doubt it!

Ed: Well screw you!

Chou: Well, I'm out of here. I'll be taken' my break.

Ed: Loser!

Chou: Least I can leave!

Ed: I can leave if I want!

Chou: Right, but I'm leaving now.

Ed: I'll kick your ass broom head!

Chou: *Runs away*

Ed: *Growls and starts chewing on the bars again*

=Back in Kyoto=

Kasumi: Stuff to do, stuff to do. What shall I do? I don't know...

Aoshi: *Walks by*

Kasumi: *Stops dead in her tracks* AOSHI! *Covers mouth* Too loud...

Aoshi: Did someone call me?

Kasumi: No.…

Aoshi: *Looks around, shrugs and keeps walking*

Kasumi: Can't do that again. *Fallows*


Aoshi: Whoever's following me, you can stop now.

Kasumi: um...

Aoshi: I know you're there.

Kasumi: I know *Sigh*

Aoshi: Who are you?

Kasumi: Your paranoid.

Aoshi: No I'm not.

Kasumi: You never know. Maybe all the crap you've gone through has finally gone to the point where you have voices in your head.

Aoshi: How do you know what I've gone through?


Aoshi: Well?


Aoshi: At least tell me what you want?

Kasumi: Your stuff.

Aoshi: My stuff?

Kasumi: Yeah, that's pretty much what I want.

Aoshi: Well you can't have it.

Kasumi: That's not a good answer.

Aoshi: *Walks away* I don't have time for this.

Kasumi: *Appears in front of Aoshi* WHAT?!

Aoshi: How the hell?!?

Kasumi: You just can't walk off like that!

Aoshi: Yes I can!

Kasumi: *Shakes head "no"*

Aoshi: Move! *Pushes Kasumi and continues walking*

Kasumi: *Hug Aoshi from behind* But I didn't say you could go!

Aoshi: Let go!

Kasumi: *Disappears*

Aoshi: Where'd she go?

Kasumi: Here. *Laying on the ground in front of Aoshi*

Aoshi: Ahhh! How did you get there?

Kasumi: Like I said: paranoid

Aoshi: Just leave me alone!

Kasumi: That I can't Aoshi.

Aoshi: Why?!?

Kasumi: *In Kenshin voice* Cause you're going nuts, that ye you're

Aoshi: How the hell...W-What do you want?!?!?

Kasumi: *Gets up* Hn, *Still in Kenshin voice* Didn't I make that clear Aoshi? *Gets closer*

Aoshi: Stay away! *Takes a step back*

Kasumi: *Blinks* *Still in Kenshin's voice* You okay Aoshi? You're very pail, that ye are.

Aoshi: What can I do to make you to leave me alone?

Kasumi: *Smiles* Well...*Rubs hands together*

Aoshi: *Gulps*

Kasumi: The coat

Aoshi: Here! *Takes his coat off and throws it at Kasumi* That all?

Kasumi: Your sword things.

Aoshi: Take them! *Throws sword to Kasumi*

Kasumi: *thinks* Hmmmm, your shirt.

Aoshi: *Takes it off and hands it over*

Kasumi: Anything else....

Aoshi: I'll give you anything as long as you leave me alone.

Kasumi: Need a complete outfit so pants.

Aoshi: Anything! *Takes them off*

Kasumi: Thanks. Well have a nice day Aoshi. Tell Misao I said Hi. Off to Tokyo I go! Kenshin is making lunch. See ya *Disappears*

Aoshi: I think I am going crazy.


Prisoner: AH! My finger!

Ed: Don't mess with me pathetic weakling!

Prisoner: You bit it off!

Ed: Go tell someone who cares!

Chou: Should we be letting her to that?

Saitou: Someone should stop her. *Looks at Chou*

Chou: EEP!

Satiou: Well? Go stop her!

Chou: Fine... *Goes over to Ed* Okay stop it you damn animal!

Ed: Who are you to order me?!?!

Chou: Hey I don't want to do jack shit but Saitou is telling me to tell you to stop eating other people!

Ed: I didn't eat him; I just bit him.

Chou: Good, then my job here is done*Turns around*

Ed: *Grabs Chou* Don't leave me!

Chou: Why?

Ed: I'm lonely!

Chou: Why me?!

Ed: Cause you're here.

Chou: Shit.

Ed: I love you. You know that right?

Chou: *Whimpers*

Saitou: I feel sorry for you...actual no I don't.

Chou: I-I'll stay with ya if ya don't bite me or anything.

Ed: Of course not! I only bit that guy cause he was being an ass.

Chou: O-okay then. *Gulps*

Ed: I only hurt people when they deserve it.

Chou: I'll stay with you then.

Ed: Yay!

Chou: *weakly* yay...

Ed: You're not that bad. I love you!

Chou: *Sigh* I love you too.

Ed: Yay! I feel so loved! *Hugs Chou through bars*

Chou: ACK!!!!

Ed: You're so nice! I love you Chou!

Chou: Is this what it feels like to be married?

Ed: I don't know. I've never been married. Ask Saitou. He amazingly enough has a wife.

Chou: *Smiles weakly*

Ed: *Smiles back*

=Somewhere in the woods=

Kasumi: I'm lost!

Hiko: Hi. Did I hear you say you're lost? I can help you.

Kasumi: *Gets all starry eyed* Praise the lord I'm saved!

Hiko: Yeah...Just follow me. *Walks away*

Kasumi: *Goes after him*

Hiko: So, where are you going?

Kasumi: I'm trying to get to Tokyo.

Hiko: Ok. It's that way. *Points*

Kasumi: Sweet! Thank you Hiko-sama!

Hiko: How did you know my name?

Kasumi: ....

Hiko: Well?

Kasumi: *Blushes* …

Hiko: What's wrong with you?

Kasumi: I'm getting a little hungry, but I don't wish to be any trouble to you.

Hiko: I'm sure you can eat in Tokyo.

Kasumi: Yeah I know. Kenshin-sama said he would be making lunch

Hiko: Kenshin? You mean my stupid apprentice?

Kasumi: Yes, I know him very well.

Hiko: It'll take about an hour to get there. You'd better hurry.

Kasumi: *Bows* Thank you Hiko-sama! *Runs off*

Hiko: She still didn't answer my question...

Kasumi: *Appears* Do you really want to know?

Hiko: Ah! And yes I do!

Kasumi: I know a lot about Kenshin, that I do, so of coarse I know of you.

Hiko: Ok...Just leave.

Kasumi: I'm gone. Way gone...*Smiles*

Hiko: Bye. *Leaves*

Kasumi: I wonder if her notices I have his big coat? Oh well. *Disappears*


Chou: No I love you more.

Ed: I love you most.

Chou: I love you the best!

Ed: No I love you bestest!

Chou: I Love this much! *Puts arms out as far as he can*

Ed: I love you twice as much!

Chou: Damn I lose again...

Ed: I'm the best at this!

Chou: No you're the greatest at this.

Ed: I never thought jail could be this much fun!

Saitou: You two are so stupid!

Ed: I'm insane, not stupid. Get it right!

Saitou: *Shakes his head*

Chou: You're the inanest!

Ed: Yes I am!

Saitou: I hate you both...

Chou: We love you too!

Saitou: Do you ever say that to me again, EVER!

Ed: I think Satiou needs a hug!

Chou: I'm not that stupid.

Ed: I know-I was, if I wasn't stuck behind bars. I think he needs to go see his wife.

Chou: Yeah! This guy has a lot of sexual frustration.

Ed: Go and have some fun Satiou! Chou will watch things for you.

Saitou: *Shaking he's so pissed*

Ed: Eep! *Hugs Chou*

Saitou: *Stands up* I-m going outside to smoke... *Leaves*

Ed: He can be real scary when he tries.

Chou: You're telling me.

Ed: I'm thirsty. What's this place have to drink?

Chou: I don't know.

Ed: Now I'm bored.

Chou: I'm just here to look pretty.

Ed: Oh...

Chou: And clean the floor.

Ed: Satiou should get off his lazy ass and do it himself!

Chou: He does, he just uses my hair...

Ed: I'm sorry Chou! *Hugs him*

Chou: The blood rushes to my head and everything! *Starts crying*

Ed: Shhhh, it's ok. I won't let him do it any more!

Random Prisoner: Get a room!

Ed: Screw you ass hole!

Chou: You don't know the pain I go through!

Random Prisoner: I see it every weekend!

Chou: That's cause you're here every weekend!

Random Prisoner: That hurts man, that hurts!

Ed: *Pats Chou on the back* Tell me all about it.

Chou: Ok. *Takes a deep breath* It all started when I was a kid...

=Kamiya dojo=

Kasumi: Hello.

Kaoru: AH! She's back!

Kasumi: Nice ta see you too.

Kenshin: Lunch is almost ready, that it is.

Kasumi: YAY! I'm so hungry. Walking really does that.

Kenshin: *Smiles* I'm glad you're back, that I am.

Kasumi: Oh before I forget I think Hiko says hi

Kenshin: You met Hiko?

Kasumi: I took a very long walk.

Kenshin: Oh…You should come inside, that you should.

Kasumi: Yeah. I really need a drink

Kenshin: We have tea made, that we do.

Kasumi: Na. I need something else. I'm sure it's in the bag somewhere.

Kenshin: Oh. The bag is over there, that it is. *Points*

Kasumi: *Goes to the endless bag of...stuff and takes out a Dr. Pepper* Yay, I knew she would have some. *Opens its and takes a sip*

Kenshin: What's that?

Kasumi: Soda.

Kenshin: So-da?

Kasumi: Yeah *Takes a big gulp*

Kenshin: Hmmm.…Well, lunch should be ready, that it should. *Goes inside*

Kasumi: *Sigh* Just what the Dr. ordered.

Legato: *Comes out of nowhere* Is Master back yet?

Kasumi: *Throws Dr. Pepper into the air and starts waving her arms around* AH! Don't-do-that! *Sits down* Sheesh, Ed isn't gonna be back in a while, so no.

Legato: Damn. Can we at least visit her soon?

Kasumi: I don't care what ya do. I found that Ed would always come back to me as long as I wait. So wait I do.

Legato: I'm going to go see her *Leaves*

Kasumi: Have fun Gato-Chan. *Waves him goodbye*

Dr. Pepper: *Falls on Kasumi's head*

Kasumi: A mile away. I saw that a mile away!

Kenshin: Kasumi-Dono! Lunch is done, that it is! *Goes back inside*

Kasumi: *Takes out two more Dr. Pepper* Meh, ya never know. Plus I drink these things up like nothin'. *Goes inside*


Kasumi: *Plops down next to Kenshin*

Kenshin: How have you been Kasumi-Dono?

Kasumi: I'm very good. I went shopping.

Kenshin: Really?

Kasumi: Yep.

Kenshin: What did you get?

Kasumi: An outfit or two and swords.

Kenshin: That's nice, that it is!

Kasumi: Yeah, I got great deals, almost free.

Kaoru: I bet you stole them!

Kasumi: *blink, blink* What makes you say that?

Kaoru: Because I know you...

Kasumi: Hn, ye of little faith.

Kaoru: That's right.

Kasumi: Soda?

Kaoru: Soda? What's that?

Kasumi: It comes in a can and its very sweet.

Kaoru: Ok then.

Kasumi: *Hands Kaoru a Dr. Pepper* Here ya go.

Kaoru: *Takes a sip* Hey! This is good! *Takes a gulp* Try some Kenshin

Kasumi: This is gonna be go. *Takes gulp*

Kenshin: *Takes a sip* This is very good!

Kasumi: don't drink too much or you're gonna get a weird feeling.

Kenshin: *Finishes Dr. Pepper*

Kasumi: That can't be good.

Kenshin: *Drops can* I feel strange, that I do.

Kasumi: Do you feel like laughing a lot and cutting lose? Or do you have a feeling in your stomach?

Kenshin: Both...*Gets goofy grin on his face*

Kasumi: Not good at all.

Kenshin: *Starts laughing*

Kasumi: You okay?

Kenshin: *Laughs harder*

Kasumi: What have I done?

Kenshin: *Stops laughing and stands up* I must go find pie...*Runs off*

Kasumi: Will it be Pumpkin?

Kaoru: What happened to Kenshin?!?

Kasumi: He's gone to find a pie.

Kaoru: But why?!?

Kasumi: Pie is good.

Kaoru: Why did he go after pie?!?!

Kasumi: Can't get a burger here.

Kaoru: I'm confused...

Kasumi: He's pretty high right now, but he'll drop real hard in an hour.

Kaoru: I'm still confused...

Kasumi: He's on a sugar high.

Kaoru: Sugar high?

Kasumi: Yeah. He isn't all there.

Kaoru: You did this on purpose!

Kasumi: Why would I do that to Kenshin-sama of all people?!

Kaoru: Because your evil!

Kasumi: No, you are!

Kasumi: Go to hell slut!

Kaoru: You bitch!

Kasumi: Psycho bitch thank you!

Kaoru: You're welcome!!

Kasumi: I'm gonna catch Kenshin-sama. See ya slut! *Runs off*

Kaoru: No, I'm going to catch him! *Chases after Kasumi*


Sano: Kenshin you okay?

Kenshin: I MUST FIND PIE! *Runs past Sano*

Kasumi: Kenshin-sama! I have pie here!

Kenshin: PIE! *Runs to Kasumi and grabs her shoulders* You must give me pie!!!

Kasumi: What kind?

Kenshin: Just....PIE!

Sano: Kenshin why do you need pie?

Kasumi: Pumpkin then!

Kenshin: PIE!!! I NEED PIE!!

Sano: *Grabs Kenshin* What's come over you?

Kenshin: Let go! I must find pie before I die!

Sano: Why are you going to die if you don't find a pie?

Kenshin: They'll kill me!

Sano: Who will?

Kenshin: The penguins!!

Kasumi: Penguins? Do you even know what a penguin is?!

Kenshin: I don't know...PIE!

Kasumi: *Takes out a pumpkin pie* Here pie is.

Sano: What is a penguin?

Kenshin: Pie!! *Takes pie and throws it in Sano's face* I win!

Sano: What did you do that for?


Kenshin: The penguins told me too! *Passes out*

Kasumi: Pumpkin pie! *Jumps on top of Sano* Why did it happen?

Sano: Get off! I didn't do anything!

Kasumi: *Starts licking the pie off Sano's face*

Sano: O.O What are you doing!?!?!?!?!

Kasumi: I can't let good pie go to waste! *Continues licking*

Sano: S-Stop that!!

Kasumi: Why? *Licks*

Sano: Because!

Kasumi: I'm almost done. *Licks a bit more*

Sano: That's enough! Stop!!!!

Kasumi: *Stops* Fine *Licks her lips* No matter what, pumpkin pie is good!

Sano: I'm going to go clean up *Runs inside*

Kasumi: What's up with him? I almost got it all off too. *Sigh* Well, Kenshin-Sama we better get you to a bed.

Kaoru: This is your fault!

Kasumi: I warned you guys, but he didn't listen to me.

Kaoru: You shouldn't have brought those drinks!!

Kasumi: I drink it all the time! Plus you had it too and you're fine. What does that tell you?

Kaoru: I didn't drink as much as Kenshin did!

Kasumi: If you drink so much at once it happens!

Kaoru: Let's just get Kenshin inside.

Kasumi: *Picks up Kenshin* Whoa! He's kinda heavy!

Kaoru: Just take him inside!

Kasumi: Right. Come on Kenshin-sama, nurse Kasumi-Chan will make ya all better! *Runs inside*

Kaoru: Not if I can help it! *Follows


Chou: That was the first time someone used me as a broom.

Ed: I'll make sure no one does that again! I promise!

Chou: *Sniffle* Thank you so much!

Legato: Master!

Ed: Legato? What are you doing here?

Legato: I came to visit master. The whore had other things to do.

Ed: Oh. Well....Legato, meet Chou- Chou, this is Legato! He's my minion.

Legato: *Narrows eyes*

Ed: Legato- Be friendly. Shake hands.

Legato: It nice to meet you. *Shakes Chou's hand crushing it*

Chou: OW! Same here...

Ed: Legato...you can let go now. And tell me-How is everyone?

Legato: *Lets go* The whore went to find Aoshi and then came back. Everyone else is fine.

Ed: Well that's good! I hope she got Aoshi's jacket. Isn't that good Chou?

Chou: I guess, but who is the whore?

Ed: That's what he calls my best friend.

Chou: He calls your friend a whore?

Ed: *Sighs* Yeah.

Legato: That's because she is.

Ed: You call her what you will-I'm just a neutral.

Chou: You're neutral to your best friend?

Ed: No-I'm neutral to the fact that they hate each other. I'm only there to break up their fights.

Legato: So are you okay master?

Ed: Yeah. It's been boring, but Chou's been keeping me company. *Smiles at Chou*

Legato: Do you wish for me to stay with you or make sure the whore doesn't get in any trouble?

Ed: You don't have to. Chou's here, so I'll be fine.

Legato: As you wish master I shall go. *Goes out*

Ed: He's a real good minion.

Chou: I'm sure. Now back to my life stories...

Ed: Great...

=Kamiya dojo=

Kenshin: *Still out*

Kasumi: *Sitting over Kenshin wearing a short nurse's uniform*

Kaoru: *Glaring at Kasumi*

Kasumi: Kenshin-Sama should be up very shortly, I hope.

Kenshin: *Groans and puts a hand on his head* My head hurts, that it does.

Kasumi: Kenshin-Sama, ya okay?

Kenshin: What happened?

Kasumi: You went on a sugar high Kenshin-Sama.

Kenshin: Sugar high?

Kasumi: You went very crazy and lost it.

Kenshin: I did? I don't remember anything.

Kasumi: It happens to everyone, especially first timers.

Kenshin: My head is pounding, that it is.

Kasumi: Take this, *Hands him water and Advile* it stops the hurt.

Kenshin: *Swallows Advile* Thank you.

Kasumi: You're welcome Kenshin-Sama. You know you shouldn't have drunk all of that all once.

Kenshin: I know better now, that I do.

Kasumi: but I don't blame you. I inhale the stuff when I get a hold of it.

Kenshin: It was very good, that it was.

Kasumi: Yeah I know, But do you know what a penguin is?

Kenshin: What's that?

Kasumi: You said you needed a pie so the penguins wouldn't kill you.

Kenshin: I said that?!?

Kasumi: Yeah. You took a pumpkin pie and slammed it in Sano's face.

Kenshin: I DID?!?

Kasumi: Kenshin-Sama please clam down. It wasn't that bad.

Kenshin: Why would I do that?

Kasumi: You said you didn't want to die.

Kenshin: I am never drinking that again, that I won't.

Kasumi: You did nothing bad. I'm scared to think what would have happen if I gave ya pixie sticks.

Kenshin: Pixie Sticks?

Kasumi: Lets not go there.

Kenshin: Ok. I'm going to sleep some more, that I am. *Lays back down and goes to sleep*

Kasumi: Okay then Kenshin-Sama. Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite. *Gets up*

Kaoru: So, he's going to be ok?

Kasumi: Oh yeah. Its like he had too much beer but it's not alcohol.

Kaoru: Oh...that's good.

Kasumi: Yeah. Now, what am I gonna do with myself?

Kaoru: Jump off a cliff?

Kasumi: Na, I've done that before.

Kaoru: Why don't you visit your friend in prison? I'm sure she'd love to see you.

Kasumi: Nope, I can't stand to see her that way! Hey she stuffed a bunch of my mangas in the bag, so maybe I can read for a while!

Kaoru: Well, you do what you want. I'm staying with Kenshin.

Kasumi: No you aren't.

Kaoru: Yes I am.

Kasumi: No you aren't. Now get up and come with me.

Kaoru: NO!

Kasumi: YES!

Kaoru: NO! You can't make me!

Kasumi: A BOY NEEDS HIS REST!!!! *Picks Kaoru up and leaves the room*

Kaoru: KENSHIN!!!!!!!!

Kasumi: LET HIM SLEEP!!!!!

Kaoru: *Starts crying*

Kasumi: Oi, Kaoru-dono, please don't cry...

Kaoru: Why shouldn't I? I just want to be with Kenshin.

Kasumi: Fine, damn it!

Kaoru: *Runs to Kenshin*

Kasumi: I still stand by what I said to the mole...

Sano: *Come in* Oh, hey. How's Kenshin?

Kasumi: He's fine. I'm gonna change I guess. I don't think I should go running around in a nurse's outfit. *Smiles weakly*

Sano: I guess.

Kasumi: Where's Ed's bag?

Sano: Over there. *Points*

Kasumi: I'm getting changed..*Grabs it and goes outside*

Sano: She's going....outside to change? *Looks around, then goes outside*


Kasumi: *On a high tree branch and has a rope tied around her waste* Rope is secure. *Sticks finger in mouth and takes it out* Wind favorable!

Sano: What the hell?!?!

Kasumi: BONZAI! *Does a Jackknife dive in to the endless bag of…stuff*

Sano: O.O How'd she fit in that little bag?!?

Kasumi: *Jumps out with her regular outfit* There.

Sano: O.O

Kasumi: I need to find something to do now....

Sano: How did you do that?!

Kasumi: AH! Sano? What are you doing here?

Sano: I uh....

Kasumi: What are you doing staring at me like that?!

Sano: N-no Reason.

Kasumi: Were you trying to be one of those Toms people?

Sano: Tom?

Kasumi: Yeah. What are they called? *Thinks*

Sano: Do you mean peeping tom?

Kasumi: That's its! A peeping TOM!

Sano: I am not!

Kasumi: I was trying to get changed. Do you have a problem with that?

Sano: No. I just came to ask why you were changing outside.

Kasumi: Because I need to get out of the nurse's outfit and I put my clothes in the bag.

Sano: Oh....

Kasumi: You don't change outside? I did it when I was at Inu-Yasha. In fact I had to take a bath outside too. *Smiles*

Sano: Well, if I had to choose I'd change inside.

Kasumi: Hn, people are very shy here.

Sano: Well I'm not.

Kasumi: You blush a lot and whenever I see you your heart beat get faster.

Sano: It does not!

Kasumi: I can here it right now. I have very good hearing.

Sano: Really?

Kasumi: Yeah. She maybe trying to be quiet, but her emotions really gets into what she's saying.

Sano: What is she saying then?

Kasumi: She said: That Kenshin needs to watch out because of me. That I'm nothing but trouble and I just want something.

Sano: That is true.

Kasumi: I really do like Kenshin-sama.

Sano: He's a good guy.

Kasumi: Yeah, so are you.

Sano: Thanks. You not so bad yourself

Kasumi: Hn, I wish that was true...

Sano: It is. Don't put yourself down?

Kasumi: The true does that.

Sano: Well, I think you're a good person.

Kasumi: I'm a very, very bad person Sano.

Sano: No you're not.

Kasumi: You don't know what I can do, and I don't want to hurt anyone.

You haven't hurt anyone.... much.

Kasumi: You wouldn't understand. You can't.

Sano: *Sighs* You believe what you will

Kasumi: *Turns away*

Sano: Are you ok?

Kasumi: *Squat down*

Sano: Hey...Kasumi? Everything all right?

Kasumi: ...

Sano: Kasumi?

Kasumi: *Hugs self*

Sano: What's wrong?

Kasumi: ...

Sano: You're starting to scare me.

Kasumi: *Falls on her knees* ouch...

Sano: *Goes over to Kasumi* What's wrong?

Kasumi: *Tries not to face Sano*

Sano: Hey! Come on...It's ok. Tell me what the problem is.

Kasumi: *Legs starts glowing*

Sano: What's happening?!?

Kasumi: I don't know. It just hurts right now.

Sano: What can I do to help?

Kasumi: Take it off.

Sano: Take what off?

Kasumi: AH! T-the jewel shard

Sano: Jewel shard?

Kasumi: Yes! It burns

Sano: Where is it?

Kasumi: Oh just around the big glowing area...

Sano: Oh. *Takes out shard*

Jewel Shard: *Starts changing different shades of purple*

Sano: Um....What's happening?

Kasumi: It does that with different people.

Sano: Oh...Take it away!

Kasumi: Okay fine. *Takes Jewel shard*

Jewel Shard: *turns all purified*

Sano: 0.o

Kasumi: What?

Sano: It changed....again...

Kasumi: Yeah, it thinks I have a good soul.

Sano: Thinks? It must know.

Kasumi: *Looks at Sano* I think this one is broken

Sano: It can't be.

Kasumi: Well it is part of a whole Jewel.

Sano: Really?

Kasumi: Yeah. Too bad Kagome broke the whole thing and now she has to go find and put it back together. That would suck.

Sano: I don't think I want to know.

Kasumi: It is a long and very complex story.

Sano: Like I said-I don't want to know.

Kasumi: *Sigh* Now I can't feel the damn thing!

Sano: Feel what?

Kasumi: My leg. It went numb and it's bleeding.

Sano: I'd better take you to Magumi.

Kasumi: NO! *Lays on Sano's shoulder shaking*

Sano: Why not?

Kasumi: Doctors freak me out

Sano: Don't worry. She'll fix you up. She's not as bad as she seems.

Kasumi: but I like my leg.

Sano: She's not going to take it off.

Kasumi: Hn, well, I don't want to go and you can't make me.

Sano: You think so? *Picks Kasumi and put her over his shoulder.*

Kasumi: ORO?! Stop it! What are you doing?!

Sano: Taking you to Megumi.

Kasumi: *Shivers* I don't want ya.

Sano: Too bad. *Starts walking*

Kasumi: No! Stay here! There has to be away to get around this!

Sano: Nope. You're hurt, she's a doctor. End of story.

Kasumi: Just cause I can't feel my leg isn't a good reason to go to a doctor!

Sano: It's a very good reason. Now just calm down, and it'll be over before you know it.

Kasumi: NO! *Starts kicking good leg*

Sano: Stop struggling!

Kasumi: No! No! No! *Pounds fists on Sano's back*

Sano: You're going to see Magumi whether you like it or not!

Kasumi: I don't care! Take me back!

Sano: No!!!

Kasumi: Sano!

Sano: What?

Kasumi: Down I want!

Sano: Too bad.

Kasumi: *Hits harder* YES!

Sano: You'll thank me for this later.

Kasumi: HN!

Sano: Your Welcome.

Kasumi: Why do people always take me places I don't want ta go?

Sano: For your own good.

Kasumi: Miroku-san said the reason he was taking me away was to get away from Ed. Then Gato-Chan found us and took us back. So who was right?

Sano: I don't know.

Kasumi: Well, I don't think I should be taken to places I don't want to go!

Sano: But you need to get your leg fixed.

Kasumi: Do not

Sano: Does too.

Kasumi: Why do you have to be so damn strong?!

Sano: I'll take that as a compliment.

Kasumi: *Starts rubbing her fist into Sano's back*

Sano: Not going to work.

Kasumi: My stomach

Sano: We're almost there- be patient.

Kasumi: Do you have to hold me like this?

Sano: Yes.

Kasumi: ER! Fu.... fudge!

Sano: *Stops in front of a house* We're here. See? That wasn't so bad, was it? *Goes up and knocks on door*

Kasumi: NO!

Magumi: *Opens the door* Sano? What's going on?

Sano: She's hurt- why else would I be here?

Magumi: Take her in and I'll take a look. *Goes inside*

Sano: *Follows*

Kasumi: Sh....sheesh!


Magumi: Put her there Sano. *Points to a bed*

Kasumi: I don't need this!

Sano: Yes you do. *Throws Kasumi on bed*

Kasumi: EEP! Don't throw me like that!

Sano: She's all yours Magumi. I'll be back at the dojo if you need me. *Leaves*

Kasumi: I feel so deserted...

Megumi: Don't worry, I'll take care of you. *Gets out bandages*

Kasumi: *Looks around* Hn.

Megumi: Is something wrong?

Kasumi: *Starts shaking* Yes...

Megumi: There's no need to be afraid.

Kasumi: I don't like seeing doctors.

Megumi: Don't think of me as a doctor then. Think of me as a friend who knows how to patch up wounds

Kasumi: Hn. I guess...

Megumi: Good! Now let me see your wound.

Kasumi: It's the bloody leg. *Points to her leg*

Megumi: All right then, first I'll need to clean it up. *Grabs a washcloth and starts cleaning Kasumi's wound*

Kasumi: T-that isn't alcohol is it?

Megumi: No-I wouldn't use that for a wound! It's just water.

Kasumi: Okay so its not gonna sting

Megumi: Of course not.

Kasumi: Okay then.

Megumi: *Finishes cleaning and bandages wound* There-Done! You'll be fine in a few weeks.

Kasumi: WEEKS?!?!?!

Megumi: Yes. That's how long it will take to fully heal.

Kasumi: That's too long!

Megumi: Well, there's nothing I can do.

Kasumi: Well there's something I can do! *Takes out Tensaiga*

Megumi: What are you doing?!?!

Kasumi: Using my sword. It's quicker

Megumi: How is it quicker?!?!

Kasumi: Cause it will be now not no two weeks!

Megumi: I don't understand!

Kasumi: *Hits her leg with Tensaiga*

Megumi: Are you insane?!?

Kasumi: No.

Megumi: You just hit yourself with your sword!

Kasumi: I'm fine. *Puts Tensaiga back into its sheath*

Megumi: *Looks at Kasumi's leg* How...

Kasumi: Now to go bitch at Sano.

Megumi: *Stares at Kasumi* You do that. I have...other patients. *Runs away*

Kasumi: People are weird... *Disappears*

=Kamiya dojo=

Sano: *Looking at the endless bag of...stuff*

Kasumi: *In tree* Sano what the hell are you doing?!

Sano: Ahh!!!

Kasumi: You know I hate doctors Sano.

Sano: Don't scare me like that!

Kasumi: You know Magumi is really weird. She said it would take three weeks! Three weeks!!

Sano: I'm sorry. Maybe if you stay off it, it'll heal faster.

Kasumi: I healed it myself already.

Sano: But that's impossible!

Kasumi: Catch me Sano! *Jumps*

Sano: What the hell?!? *Runs over and catches Kasumi*

Kasumi: Thank you. *Smiles*

Sano: Yeah- But why'd the hell did you jump?!?

Kasumi: *Smiles* Its fun.

Sano: *puts her down*

Kasumi: *Grins* Party! *Jumps into the endless bag of...stuff*

Sano: How the hell does she do that?

Endless bag of...Stuff: *A Manga flies out*

Sano: *Gets hit in the head* Ow! Watch it!

Endless bag of...Stuff: *Two more comes out*

Sano: *Gets hit again* You know what? I'm going to move now. *Moves 5 feet to the left*

Kasumi: *Coming from inside endless bag of...stuff* Hey Sano, you should take a look in here!

Sano: That's ok.

Kasumi: Just get over here!

Sano: *Sighs* Fine. Goes over to bag*

Kasumi: *Comes halfway out of the bag* Happy Birthday! HAHA!

Sano: AHHHH!!!! Stop that!

Kasumi: Lookie, lookie Sano! *Show off her mangas* Aren't they great?!

Sano: Uh-Sure.

Kasumi: I got Trigun! No need for Tenchi! Rurouni-never mind...:/Sign! and etc..

Sano: All right then.

Kasumi: You don't care?

Sano: Not really

Kasumi: At least look at one of them...here *hands Sano No need for Tenchi*

Sano: *Sighs* Fine. *Starts reading*

Kasumi: *Smiles and dives back in*

Sano: 0.o This girl is naked....

Kasumi: What's wrong now?

Sano: She has no clothes on....And neither does she...

Kasumi: Yeah and ...?

Sano: No clothes....

Kasumi: Yeah. You act like you don't read mangas.

Sano: I don't...

Kasumi: You gonna be okay there?

Sano: *Stares at manga, then turns page*

Kasumi: Can you read it Sano? Its in English.

Sano: No....*Turns the page*

Kasumi: So you're just gonna look at the pictures without knowing what's going on?

Sano: Yeah.

Kasumi: Okay then! *goes down*

Sano: Yeah...*Turns page*

Kaoru: Sano....What's going on out here?

Sano: Yeah...

Kaoru: Sano! What are you reading?

Sano: Yeah.

Kasumi: *In the bag* He's reading one of my mangas!

Kaoru: Mangas?

Kasumi: *Jumps out* Yep!

Kaoru: How are you doing that?

Kasumi: This bag can hold anything

Kaoru: Okay....*Looks over Sano's shoulder* SANO! What are you reading?!?

Kasumi: No need for Tenchi.

Kaoru: T-those girls are naked!

Kasumi: *blink, blink* So?

Kaoru: They're naked!

Kasumi: What's the problem?!

Kaoru: .....naked.

Kasumi: Good god. *Takes the Manga from Sano*

Sano: NOOO! *grabs it back*

Kasumi: HEY! *Grabs it and tosses it into the bag*

Sano: WHY!?!?!?!

Kasumi: Because Kaoru-Dono doesn't like it.

Sano: SO?!?! Like you care?

Kasumi: I don't like to be nagged on.

Sano: *Starts crying*

Kasumi: now look at what ya did!

Kaoru: You're the one who took it from him!

Kasumi: You're the one complaining about it!

Kaoru: I didn't complain, just stating a fact.

Kasumi: You were telling the world what was on the damn page!

Kaoru: It was just a shock.

Kasumi: How?

Kaoru: They were naked.

Kasumi: How is that shocking?

Kaoru: I'm not used to seeing....that.

Kasumi: Hn, really?

Kaoru: Yeah.

Kasumi: Wow, I didn't know that.

Kaoru: Well now you do.

Kasumi: Okay then. I just thought everyone was shy. Boy was I wrong *Smiles*

Kaoru: What does that mean?

Kasumi: People are very nervous.

Kaoru: I am of you.

Kasumi: Of a girl two years your minor?

Kaoru: Yes.

Kasumi: I'm so sorry Kaoru-Dono. I didn't mean to do that to you.

Kaoru: Thank you...I guess.

Kasumi: So how is Kenshin-sama?

Kaoru: Still sleeping.

Kasumi: Good.

Sano: Can I have it back now?

Kasumi: Sano you can't even read it. Why would you want it back?

Sano: I like the pictures....

Kasumi: You should really see the anime then. *Smiles*

Sano: So can I have it back?

Kasumi: Go into the bag and get.

Sano: Yes! *Starts going through bag*

Kasumi: Sano be careful.

Sano: Why should I be careful?

Horse: *Heard in the endless bag of...stuff*

Sano: *Pulls his hand out* What the hell?

Girl: Go horsy go!

Sano: O.0

Rin: *Comes out of the endless bag of...stuff* Hello!

Sano: A....Little girl?!?!

Kasumi: Rin! I though you ran away when Ed gave you that 10 bucks?

Rin: I got lost, so I decided that if I stayed with you I'd find Sesshomaru-sama Kasumi

Kasumi: So you lost Sesshy-sama?

Rin: Yeah.

Kasumi: So you got a horse now.

Rin: Yeah! He's a unicorn and real pretty!

Kaoru: Where did she come from?!

Rin: I came from the bag!

Kaoru: A-are there other people in t-there?

Rin: A few...I haven't met everyone though.

Kasumi: Kikyo didn't bite you I hope.

Kaoru: Who's this Kikyo?!

Rin: No. Someone gagged her.

Kasumi: Who was it?! I have to thank them!

Rin: I'll ask around when I go back.

Kasumi: Here's a five have fun. *Hands Rin a five*

Rin: Yay! *Goes back in bag*

Kaoru: *Grabs Kasumi's collar* You have a little kid in there!

Kasumi: Yep.

Kaoru: What's wrong with you?!?!?

Kasumi: She doesn't mind...

Kaoru: You're sick!

Kasumi: its not mine!

Kaoru: Well, your friend is sick!

Kasumi: Rin jumped in there herself.

Kaoru: It's still wrong!

Kasumi: is not!

Kaoru: When is your friend being released so you can leave?

Kasumi: If you keep that up, I just may stay forever.

Kaoru: Why god?!?!

Kasumi: Stop yelling!

Kaoru: You know that I hate you right?

Kasumi: I hate you more!

Kaoru: No I hate you more!

Kasumi: No I hate you even more!

Kaoru: No me!

Kasumi: infinitely more!

Kaoru: I hate you even more than that!

Kasumi: Plus one!

Kaoru: Time ten!

Kasumi: plus one!

Kaoru:....You're good.

Kasumi: Damn straight!

Kaoru: Go to hell!

Kasumi: I'll take you with me!

Sano: *Pokes bag* Is it safe?

Kasumi: Sano how many times have I jumped in there?

Sano: Hmmmm...*Sticks his head in bag*

Kasumi: It would be so funny if he fell in.

Sano: What the hell is that?!?* Tries to pull his head out, but something pulls him in*

Kasumi: Sano?

Sano: *Screaming*

Kasumi: SANO!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Grabs him and pulls him out* Are you okay?!?!?!?!

Sano: O.O The horror...

Kasumi: *Hugs Sano* I'm sorry, it will be okay!

Sano: Why would she have something like that?

Kasumi: *Rubs Sano's back* What was it?

Sano: I have no idea, but I never want to see it again.

Kasumi: Come on lets take you inside and have you lay down.

Sano: O-okay...

Kasumi: Do you want me to lay down with you?

Sano: Y-yes...*Shivers* It was so disgusting.

Kasumi: its gonna be okay Sano, I promise ya.

Sano: Thank you.

Kasumi: Poor babe....*Takes Sano inside*

Kaoru: *Stares at bag, then kicks it.

Endless bag of...stuff: -_-;;;; That was mean and hurtful!

Kaoru: *Screams and runs inside*


Kasumi: Kaoru-Dono shut up, you'll wake up Kenshin-sama.

Kaoru: It-It talked!

Kasumi: You are so full of it!

Kaoru: It did! I kicked it, and then it said I was mean!

Kasumi: Well you are! Now if you will excuse me I'm going to sleep with Sano.

Kaoru: That didn't sound right...

Kasumi: You don't!

Kaoru: Just go.

Kasumi: Fine I will. *Goes into the room Sano is in*


Ed: *Still patting Chou's back, but almost asleep*

Chou: And then there was the time I saw Shishio and Yumi in bed together....

Ed: I don't think I want to hear that.

Chou: I always wondered how they did it without him burning Yumi and now I know.

Ed: Ok, that's enough. Do you feel better now?

Chou: yes...

Ed: That's good!

Saitou: Okay your time is up.

Ed: Really?

Saitou: Yes, just get the hell out! Chou, open the door!

Chou: *Unlocks the door*

Ed: FREE!! *Runs outside cell and hugs Chou* I'M FREE!!

Saitou: Yeah now go!

Ed: Hey Chou- Do you want to come with me?

Chou: Well-

Saitou: The answer is no.

Ed: Are you going to let Saitou boss you around? If you come with me, only I'll boss you around!

Chou: See ya Saitou!

Saitou: WHAT?!

Ed: See ya later jackass! *Runs away*

Chou: Don't leave me! *Runs after Ed*

Saitou: Son of a bitch! Now what am I going to clean the floors with?

=At the dojo=

Ed: I am free! Kasumi! I'm back- With a friend!

Kaoru: Bout time you got back!

Ed: Yeah...Saitou finally let me out.

Kaoru: Thank god! Now take your friend and leave now!

Ed: What she do?

Kaoru: Why don't you go ask her!

Ed: Kay! *Runs inside*


Kenshin: *Yawns* I'm up, that I am. Kaoru-Dono? Kasumi-Dono? Sano?

Ed: Kasumi! Where are you? Oh-Hey Kenshin!

Kenshin: Oh you're back. How was your stay in jail?

Ed: Pretty boring- But I made a new friend!

Kenshin: Well, that's nice.

Ed: I know! Have you seen Kasumi? I want to talk to her.

Kenshin: The last time I saw her was when I was in bed, that it was.

Ed: Oh- What happened to you?

Kenshin: Kasumi called it a "sugar high"...

Ed: YOU went on a sugar high?!? And I missed it?!? Damn!

Kenshin: Oro? Okay. Where can Kasumi-Dono be?

Ed: How do I know?

Kenshin: You are the one looking for her, that you are. I'm just trying to help you, that I am.

Ed: I'm going to look over there.*Points and runs off*

Kenshin: okay you do that.

Ed: *Opens a door* Kasumi? You in here?

Room: *Empty*

Ed: Damn..*Opens another door* How about in here?

Room: *Sano a sleep holding Kasumi*

Ed: 0.o Ok-What the hell?

Kasumi: Ed?

Ed: Kasumi- what's going on?

Kasumi: Taking a nap with Sano.

Ed: Oh- Why?

Kasumi: He put his head in the endless bag of...stuff and freaked out.

Ed: Really? I wonder what freaked him out.

Kasumi: I don't know. *Nudges Sano* Sano time to get up...

Sano: 5 more minutes...

Kasumi: Sano please get up.

Sano: *Sits up* Why?

Kasumi: I need you to let go so I can move.

Sano: Sorry. *Lets go*

Kasumi: Its okay. I was warm and comfortable. *Gets up*

Sano: Right. *Notices Ed* IT'S HER!!!!

Kasumi: Yeah, it's Ed.

Sano: She.... she had that thing in her bag. It was scary. And it's her fault!

Kasumi: Sano its okay. Nothing is gonna get you.

Ed: What exactly was it in my bag that scared you?

Kasumi: He said it was something with many arms and sharp teeth. Does it ring a bell?Ed: Oh! You must be talking about George!

Kasumi and Sano: George?!

Ed: Yeah-George! I found him in my room after me and Kasumi cleaned it. I felt bad because we destroyed his habitat, so I raised him!

Kasumi: Shoot I knew your room was bad, but not that bad!

Ed: What?!

Kasumi: Ants and a monster...that's very bad.

Ed: It's good now. And George is real nice!

Kasumi: it wanted to eat Sano!

Ed: No! Well.... Maybe.

Kasumi: Maybe yes!

Ed: He would eat you unless he was hungry and I fed him some punk from school before we left.

Kasumi: Not shrimp!

Ed: No! Shrimp's not that bad.

Kasumi: -_- How could you?

Ed: How could I what?

Kasumi: *Sits back down* Fed people to a monster.

Ed: Don't worry-I made sure it was a jackass that George ate. And besides, I'm training him.

Kasumi: Don't care. I hate it when people die.

Ed: So you want George to die?

Kasumi: Sano do you want it to die?

Sano: NO!

Kasumi: Ditto

Ed: You don't know George! He's real nice to people I tell him to- He's going to be my minion when he gets bigger.

Kasumi: But he'll get Sano! *Hugs Sano*

Ed: He won't if I tell him to leave Sano alone.

Kasumi: *Gets closer to Sano*

Ed: If you want, I'll go right now and tell him not too.

Kasumi: *Nods head*

Ed: All right. *Leaves*

Kasumi: *Sigh* Great, I'll never go into her room with out any socks on again.

Sano: I don't trust her. What if she tells it to eat me?

Kasumi: She told me she wouldn't. She doesn't lie like that to me.

Sano: I still don't trust her...

Kasumi: You can trust me.

Sano: *Sighs* Fine.

Kasumi: *Lays her head in Sano's lap* Good.

Ed: *Comes back in with bag over her shoulder* George wants to apologize.

Kasumi: Does it even talk?

Ed: He has he's own language-I understand it though.

Kasumi: He scares Sano so go away.

Ed: Don't worry-Sano won't see him. *Opens bag* Go ahead George!

George: *Jumps out with a roar*

Ed: *Grabs him* Bad George! I think I've been feeding you too many people. But I congratulate you on tricking me-I've trained you well.

Kasumi: O.O *Hair sticking up in midair*

Sano: O.O The horror....

Kasumi: Sano don't let it get me! * Puts her face in Sano's lap*

Ed: He's not going to hurt you while I'm around-Are you George? *Glares*

George: *Shakes it head no*

Ed: Good boy- now say you're sorry!

George: Sorry....

Ed: Who taught you how to talk normally George?

George: Ummm Roar!

Ed: Whatever. Now-Are you going to be nice and try not to eat my friends?

George: *Goes back into the bag*

Ed: Yay! See? He's not so bad once you learn to control him.

Kasumi: *isn't listening*

Ed: Oh guess what Kasumi! I made a friend in prison!

Kasumi: *Still freaking out* That's nice!

Ed: You'll never guess who! He's outside-Let's go!

Kasumi: Don't make me move! *Grabs Sano's legs*

Ed: Why? Come on!

Kasumi: Too scared. Legs don't work! *Grabs Sano harder*

Sano: 0.o Could you let go please?

Kasumi: *Stops holding him*

Ed: Let's go! *Leaves*

Kasumi: Is it gone?

Sano: Yeah

Kasumi: *Moves head* Okay *Sigh* I think I had a heart attack!

Sano: Me too! Well, I guess we should follow her.

Kasumi: Fine. You first.

Sano: *Leaves*

Kasumi: *Goes after*


Ed: Chou-Where are you I want you to meet my best friend!

Chou: Right here *Sitting on the ground*

Ed: Yay! Kasumi- Come here!

Kasumi: *Inches to Ed* Wha?

Ed: Meet Chou! *Points*

Kasumi: -_- I hate him...

Ed: That's not nice!

Kasumi: Well I do! He's a rip off of Vash-sama!

Ed: Nuh uh!

Kasumi: A very bad one I might add.

Ed: Well I love him!

Kasumi: What about Kurama?

Ed: Not like that Kasumi.

Kasumi: oh.

Chou: Its nice to meet ya.

Kasumi: Hn.

Ed: Intro complete!

Kaoru: I can't believe you're friends with him now!

Ed: That a problem?

Kaoru: YES!

Ed: Why?

Kaoru: it just is!

Kasumi: Kenshin's up.

Ed: I'm the one who saw him earlier

Kasumi: I can hear him coming down the hall.

Kenshin: Hello everyone.

Kasumi: told ya.

Kaoru: Shut up!

Ed: Chou's going to be hanging out with us-You don't mind, do you Kenshin?

Kenshin: No I don't.

Ed: Yay!

Kaoru: Well I do!

Ed: No one cares.

Kenshin: That isn't nice, that it isn't.

Kasumi: It's her dojo.

Ed: And?

Kaoru: I own it!

Ed: Must you be a bitch 24/7?

Kenshin: Now Ed, do be mean.

Ed: But that's my job!

Sano: Hell Kaoru you're the only one who cares.

Kaoru: So? I own this place and I say no!

Kasumi: You hate me and I stay here.

Kaoru: You're different...I think.

Kasumi: Plus Kenshin likes me *Smiles*

Kaoru* Glares*

Kasumi: *Smiles*

Kenshin: Um Kaoru-dono please let Chou stay. It's really no big deal.

Kaoru: *Sighs* Fine!

Ed: This'll be great! *Goes over and hugs Chou*

Kasumi: *Cough, cough* Furi Kuri *Cough*

Ed: What?!?

Kasumi: *Grins*

Ed: It's not like that!

Kasumi: Furi Kuri...

Ed: I'm going to hurt you...

Kasumi: *Grins* Furi Kuri, Furi Kuri, Furi Kuri!

Ed: *Growl and grabs Kasumi's collar* SHUT UP!!!

Sano: What the hell does that mean?

Kenshin: Furi....Kuri?

Ed: It's kind of an inside joke.

Kasumi: FLCL!

Ed: Well they don't know about it. And stop saying it!!

Kasumi: ....

Ed: Don't give me that look!


Ed: I said stop!!

Kenshin: Kasumi-dono, are you okay?

Kasumi: *Grins* ......

Ed: Make her stop it!

Sano: What's she doing?

Ed: I hate it when she gives me that look!


Sano: She looks like she had one too many drinks.

Kenshin: That she does. *Feels Kasumi's forehead*

Ed: Don't make me hurt you Kasumi!

Kasumi: Furi Kuri *Smirks*

Ed: *Puts hands on head* Ahhh!!!

Kasumi: I love doing that.

Ed: Why does everyone pick on me?!?!

Sano: Cause its fun.

Ed: I can mess with people too!

Kasumi: Its true.

Sano: Yeah.

Ed: In fact *Gets evil smile, runs over to bag and starts digging*

Sano: What are you gonna do?!

Ed: Ah ha! *Pulls out a little train and a remote control*

Sano: AH! Evil teakettle!

Ed: *Puts train on ground and laughs evilly* Feel my wrath!

Train: *Starts moving and whistles*

Sano: That can't hurt me!

Train: *Comes closer to Sano and Whistles again.*

Sano: AAHH!!! Stay back!

Train: *Moves faster*

Sano: AAAAHHHH!!! *Backs away* Don't come closer!

Train: *Starts circling Sano*

Kenshin: How are you doing that?

Kasumi: That's just mean!

Sano: Help!!!

Ed: *Laughs like a manic* And it's solar powered!

Kenshin: Solar powered?

Ed: Yes! Which means as long there's light, it works!

Kenshin: I never knew such a thing was around.

Ed: It's not yet! *Laughs*

Kenshin: Oro?

Kasumi: its one of a kind.

Train: *Goes even faster*

Sano: Make it stop!! *Runs up a tree*

Train: *Circles tree*

Kasumi: Ed, stop it!

Ed: It's too fun!

Kasumi: Ed Look at the pixie stick! *Waves a pixie stick in the air*

Ed: *Stares at pixie stick and drools*

Kasumi: Go get it girl! *Throws pixie stick*

Ed: MINE!!! *Throws remote control somewhere and runs to pixie stick*

Kasumi: Crap where is it?

Ed: *Eats pixie stick* Must have more!!!

Kasumi: Um...

Sano: Kasumi, Kenshin, do something!

Ed: I need pixie sticks! I need them or I will explode.

Kaoru: I hope you explode

Ed: That's not-Monkey! *Runs in circles screaming*

Sano: HELP!!!!!

Legato: Will you stop screaming bitch!

Sano: Huh? *Looks up* What are you doing up there?

Legato: Moping...

Sano: Why are you doing that?

Legato: I'm being replaced with that! *Points to Chou*

Sano: That must suck.

Kasumi: Sano jump down!

Sano: Are you nuts?!?!

Kasumi: Don't worry its not going to stop circling if you jump off!

Sano: *Jumps off* Well, I'll be damned.

Kasumi: *Smiles*

Train: *Stops circling and goes after Sano*

Sano: Ahhhh!! *Runs away*

Kenshin: Sano do you need help?

Sano: YES!

Kenshin: *Takes his sword out and gets in front of the train*

Train: *Goes faster and Whistles*

Kenshin: Stop.

Kasumi: Kenshin-sama that isn't gonna work.

Kenshin: *Hits the Train and doesn't do anything*

Ed: You touched my train! May radioactive monkeys take your pants!

Kenshin: Oro? Why didn't it do anything?!

Ed: It's magic! Train-Your job is complete! Return to base.

Train: *hits Kenshin and catches on his pants*

Kenshin: AH Help!!!

Ed: I said return to base! *Points to bag*

Train: *Tries to go to Ed, but just pulls more of Kenshin's pants*

Kenshin: this can't be good, that it can't!

Ed: *Runs over and rips Kenshin's pants off* Now go!

Kenshin: my pants!

Kasumi: Kenshin-sama pants....

Ed: I win! What do I win?

Kaoru: *Smacks Kasumi in the head* DON'T STARE AT KENSHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ed: *Tackles Kaoru* Don't touch her!

Kenshin: Kaoru-dono!

Kasumi: My head. ED get off her!!!

Ed: If I do, can I have more pixie sticks?

Kasumi: *takes out a pixie stick and throws it*

Ed: *Runs after it*

Kasumi: That's what you get for hitting me!

Kaoru: Owww...

Kasumi: Hurt doesn't it?

Kaoru: Yes it did.

Kenshin: *Helps Kaoru up*

Kaoru: Thanks.

Kasumi: Kenshin-sama are you okay?

Kenshin: My pants...

Kasumi: yeah, you need new ones.

Kenshin: *Nods and goes inside*

Kasumi: *Grins and starts to walk inside*

Kaoru: Where are you going?

Kasumi: Does it matter to you?

Kaoru: Well...Yes it does.

Kasumi: *Grins* hee hee

Kaoru: What?

Kasumi: Inside I go to help.

Kaoru: Oh, ok then...*Glares at Kasumi*

Kasumi: What?

Kaoru: Nothing. *Walks away*

Kasumi: Kenshin-sama needs help with his pants! *Grins happily*

Ed: Can I have another pixie stick? Or 50?

Kasumi: *throws a couple pixie sticks and runs inside*

Ed: Thank god!! *Starts eating*


Kasumi: Kenshin-sama, Kenshin-sama, Kenshin-sama....

Kenshin: *Humming*

Kasumi: *Looks to a door with a crack in it*

Kenshin: *Takes out a new pair of pants and a new shirt*

Kasumi: Hmmm *Smirks*

Kenshin: *Puts clothes down on the floor* I think I'll take a bath. *Puts on a robe and leaves*

Kasumi: *Goes in* Thank you whatever god is letting me do this.

Kaoru: What are you doing?

Kasumi: AH! What are you doing in here?

Kaoru: I came to see what you were doing.

Kasumi: Looking for something.

Kaoru: What?

Kasumi: Stuff

Kaoru: What stuff?

Kasumi: Kenshin-sama

Kaoru: What about him?

Kasumi: *blushes* Um-blab

Kaoru: Blab?

Kasumi: I don't know I'm kinda freaking out.

Kaoru: Why's that?

Kasumi: *Grabs Kenshin's sword* Because...

Kaoru: What are you doing with that?

Kasumi: Taking it.

Kaoru: What?!?

Kasumi: I'm taking it.

Kaoru: I knew I couldn't trust you!

Kasumi: No you can't, but Kenshin can.

Kaoru: Just wait till I tell Kenshin what you did!

Kasumi: No you can't!

Kaoru: I can and will!

Kasumi: NO!

Kaoru: YES!!

Kasumi: *Grabs Kenshin's new clothes* No I say!

Kaoru: And I say yes!

Kasumi: *thwacks Kaoru over the head*

Kaoru: *Unconscious*

Kasumi: *Picks Kaoru up* I did say no. Crap, Kenshin-sama is coming! *Runs out*


Ed: *In a complete sugar high*

Kasumi: Ed we need to go now!

Ed: But the trees and I were forming a peace treaty!

Kasumi: *Throws Kaoru down* We have to go NOW! Gato-Chan move your sad ass! Chou if you're coming, come now!

Ed: He can come?

Kasumi: Yes! I don't care lets go now!

Legato: *Comes down* So I'm not being replaced?

Ed: You never were.

Legato: it seemed like it...

Kasumi: Welcome to my world. She does this all the time!

Ed: I don't try! I'll never replace you guys!

Kasumi: Sounds good to me! *Takes out a sticky note and a pen*

Legato: Thank you master you don't know how much that means to me!

Ed: Of course Legato! And what's that for Kasumi?

Kasumi: Writing a note goodbye.

Ed: How can they read it? It'll be written in English.

Kasumi: Damn! Hey, Chou!

Chou: Yes?

Kasumi: *Hands him the stick note and pen* I need help writing a good-bye note. Can you write in Japanese?

Chou: Of course- What do you want it to say?

Kasumi: Dear everyone,

We have to go. We thank you deeply and are sorry about anything we have done. Kenshin, Sano you two are the best in the world. Sorry about your clothes, but hey there's a good laugh in it. We're going to.....Um.....Ed where are we going to next?

Ed: Yu-gi-oh. I want their dragon cards.

Kasumi: Okay then! As I was saying, we're going to Yu-gi-oh now, so I don't think you'll find us anytime soon. Thank you again. Signed, Kasumi Koorime, Ed, Legato, and now Chou.

Chou: Ok *Writes then hands back to Kasumi*

Kasumi: Thank ya! *Puts sticky note on No need for Tenchi and signs Sano's name in English* Bingo! Now where to put it....

Ed: Why not just give it to him?

Kasumi: I don't want Kenshin to see me and I don't know where Sano is.

Ed: Put them inside somewhere

Kasumi: Should I take Kaoru-dono in also?

Ed: Do what you want. *Takes out 8 ball* We'll be waiting here.

Kasumi: Okay *Picks Kaoru up and goes inside*

Ed: She'd better hurry.


Kasumi: *Puts Kaoru down and puts the stick note on her forehead* Okay, *Puts no need for Tenchi on the table* my work is done.

Kaoru: *Grumbles angrily in her sleep*


Ed: *Looking at watch and tapping foot*

Kasumi: *Appears* Back!

Ed: Bout time! You ready now?

Kasumi: Yes I am *Sigh* I'll miss them

Ed: Yay! Chou, Legato-You guys ready?

Legato: Yes Master.

Chou: How we getting anywhere?

Ed: With this! *Holds up 8 ball*

Chou: okay...

Kasumi: Say goodbye to your world Chou.

Chou: *Waves* Bye world.

Ed: Lets go then! *Shakes 8 ball* Take us to Yu-gi-oh dumbass!

Magical Dimensional 8 ball of magic: Mean! :p

Ed: Well duh!

Magical Dimensional 8 ball of magic: *Sigh* Its going to happen

Kasumi, Ed, Legato, and Chou: *Disappear*