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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Kasumi, Ed, Legato, and Chou: *come in*

Ed: That's always fun.

Chou: *Has a pool stick in his mouth*

Kasumi: Those people hate us...

Ed: Do we care?

Legato: As long as I don't get a ball in my mouth again I'm fine.

Ed: Don't worry, you won't.

Kasumi: Lets go to the game shop!

Ed: Yeah!

Chou: Game shop?

Legato: You mean that one over here? *Points to Games shop*

Ed: Yay! *Runs inside*

Kasumi: Games! Come on guys! *Runs in*

Chou: Hyper little things aren't they?

Legato: Yes-Yes they are. *Sighs*

=Inside games store=

Ed: *Looking around* What's this do? *Points* What's that do?

Yugi: Can I help you?

Ed: Yes. Yes you can. *Stares*

Yugi: What do you need?

Ed: You.

Yugi: WHAT?!

Ed: You heard me.

Kasumi: Stop it Ed! *Hits Ed*

Ed: What I do?!?!

Yugi: Um… Yami I think I need help over here...

Ed: Can I have a cookie? Do you have any cookies here?

Yami: *Comes out of the back room* What's wrong Yugi?

Ed: I want a cookie!

Kasumi: How bout a pixie stick?

Ed: That'll do!

Kasumi: *Gives Ed a Pixie stick* Knock yourself out.

Ed: *Rips it open with her teeth* Don't mind if I do! *Eats it*

Yugi: Y-yami, that girl is scaring me...

Ed: Why thank you! I try! *Smiles*

Kasumi: I'm very sorry.

Yami: Are you two going to buy something?

Ed: Maybe...Maybe not.

Kasumi: We're looking for cards...

Ed: Yeah.... Dragon cards!

Yugi: You're into duel monsters?

Ed: We're just getting started.

Kasumi: Yeah, we need to learn, but we catch on fast.

Yugi: Really? Maybe I can help you.

Ed: Thank you! *Hugs him*

Yugi: *blushes* um your welcome....

Ed: You're nice! I like you!

Kasumi: So when do we come back for our lesson? *smirks*

Ed: Yeah! Please?

Yugi: How bout two hours from now.

Ed: That's too long!

Yugi: Sorry, but I have to do some stuff, before I can teach you.

Kasumi: Its fine. Come along Ed.

Yugi: Hey we didn't get your names.

Ed: I'm Ed!

Kasumi: Hn, Kasumi is the name. It was nice meeting you Yugi, Yami.

Yugi: How did you know our names?

Ed: *Gets all dark* We know all!

Kasumi: And you called for Yami and he said your name.

Yugi: Oh...

Kasumi: Its just logical thinking. *Smiles*

Ed: What's logical thinking?

Kasumi: Think of it as a game....

Ed: I like games!

Yami: *Smirks* We'll see you later.

Kasumi: Will do....*Goes out*

Ed: See you! *Hugs Yugi then leaves*

Yami: Those girl, that have a weird presents about them...

Yugi: Well, they are weird.

Yami: They're something there, but what?

Yugi: Well, will find out in 2 hours.

Yami: Right.


Kasumi: *Frowns* I wanted to hug them!

Ed: I got to hug one of them *Smiles*

Kasumi: You got Yugi! He's the very cute one!

Ed: *Shrugs* He was the first one I saw...And he's mine! I claim him! You can have the other one.

Kasumi: Can I have Ryou if we find him?

Ed: Sure- Who else can I have?

Kasumi: Um I don't know. We'll see when we find them

Ed: YAY!!

=Two hours later=

Ed: I want some dragon cards!

Legato: I'll make sure you get some master.

Ed: YAY!

Kasumi: I wonder if he has anyone else there?

Ed: Yeah! It'll be fun!

Kasumi: Yep! *Opens the door*

Ed: Were here!

Grandpa: Hello.

Kasumi: We're here to see Yugi.

Ed: Yeah, where is he?

Grandpa: He's in the living area of the shop.

Kasumi: Thanks.

Kasumi and Ed: *Walk into the back*

Grandpa: Hey you two.

Legato: Us?

Grandpa: Yeah. I have something that I think you guys would like to buy.

=In the back=

Yugi: Hey guys, I hope you don't mind, but I have some of my friends over.

Ed: The more the merrier.

Tea: Hello! I'm so glad we get to make new friends!

Ed: Hey, it's you!

Joey: Whoa, Yugi where you fine these hotties?

Ed: Hotties?

Joey: *Grins*

Ed: Riiight...

Tristan: *Hits Joey over the head* Don't scare them off!

Ed: Well, you all can call me Ed. And my friend here is Kasumi.

Tea: Well Its great to meet you! I'm Tea. Those two boneheads are Joey and Tristan. The guy over there are Ryou.

Kasumi: ....

Ed: Kasumi- becalm.

Tea: Is she okay? She looks pissed...

Ed: She'll be fine.

Ryou: It's nice to meet you two.

Yugi: Oh Kaiba and Makoba are going to be here shortly, too.

Ed: Cool! *Smiles*

Kasumi: So what are you going to show us?

Yugi: How to duel. Do you guys have cards?

Kasumi: Yep. *Show Yugi her deck*

Ed: I don't-I'm too poor.

Tea: I'm so sorry do you need a hug?

Ed: Um...No. And if I did, I wouldn't ask a girl for one.

Kasumi: *Sits next to Ryou and Tristen* Ed is not one to let girls touch her. I don't know why.

Ed: *Sits next to Kasumi* I just don't like it.

Tristen: I wouldn't want Tea hugging me either.

Ed: She's funny looking too.

Tea: That's so mean! *Starts crying*

Kasumi: E-d!

Ed: What!?

Yugi: Tea it's going to be okay.

Yami: You should say you're sorry.

Ed: Um- Why?

Kasumi: Just do it.

Ed: But I don't apologize! It goes against my nature.

Ryou: That's very rude.

Kasumi: Yeah listen to the British boy.

Ed: You can't make me!

Kasumi: I'll give you a pixie stick or sake if you do.

Ed: Give me both and I will.

Kasumi: Later...

Ed: Fine! I'm sorry.

Tea: T-thank you....So you're my friend now! YAY!!!

Kasumi: Sheesh....

Joey: She's like that.

Ed: Why me?

Kasumi: Because you only hurt the ones you love.

Ed: I love Kurama, and I'd never hurt him.

Ryou: Is Kurama your boyfriend?

Ed: When I meet him he will.

Ryou: You haven't met him and you already call him your boyfriend.

Kasumi: You have an accent...

Ed: Leave him alone Kasumi.

Kasumi: He has an accent. It's so cool!

Ed: Just leave him alone Kasumi.

Kasumi: And he has such nice sliver hair too.

Ed: Yeah-It's nice. *Starts messing with Ryou's hair*

Ryou: You're hurting my head....

Ed: But....It's nice.

Kasumi: I wonder what he would look like with yellow eyes?

Ed: If he did, I'd love him.

Kasumi: With dog ears too....

Ed: It's fox! And if he did, I'd love him more.

Kasumi: No Dog.

Ed: Whatever. *Hug Ryou*

Kasumi: *Grabs Ryou* Inu!

Ryou: *Blushes* Um....

Yami: *Looks at Kasumi oddly*

Ryou: Can you both let go please?

Kasumi: Inu would be better then Youko!

Ed: 0.o You did not just say that.

Kasumi: He would be Inu.

Ed: I don't care. He has silver hair like youko-He'll be his replacement till we leave. So there.

Kasumi: I said Inu!

Ed: Youko!

Kasumi: Inu!


Kasumi: INU!!!

Ed: I say YOUKO! PERIOD-End of sentence!!!

Kasumi: InuYasha!


Kasumi: InuYasha! *Puts an arm on Ryou's head*

Ed: *Hugs him* YOUKO!

Kasumi: *Pulls Ryou to her chest* INUYASHA!!

Ed: *Pull Ryou away from Kasumi* YOUKO DAMNIT!

Kasumi: *Pulls him back* INUYASHA!!

Ed: I say Youko!! *Pulls*

Kasumi: InuYasha! *Pulls him back and takes her arm off Ryou's head*

Ryou: *Two InuYasha like ears pop out*

Ed: 0.o How did that happen?

Kasumi: I did it...

Ed: How?

Kasumi: Jewel shard.

Ryou: Bloody hell, what happened! *Feels his new ears*

Ed: Move! *Pulls Ryou's hand away and starts rubbing his ears*

Ryou: It feels weird....

Ed: They're so soft...

Yami: I knew there was something wrong with you! *Points to Kasumi*

Ed: *Still rubbing Ryou's ears* No-I'm the one with something wrong with me.

Kasumi: I think I made Ryou a hanyou.

Ed: He should feel honored. They're so nice-I could do this all day!

Yugi: You made him a what?

Joey: D-don't touch me! *Hides behind Tristan*

Ed: Hanyou means half-demon.

Kasumi: A British demon. Who da thought?

Ed: Yeah-But his ears are so nice!

Yami: Who are you really?

Ed: Well- I'm a psycho serial killer. *Smiles*

Kasumi: I am a girl with wants. And you are a Pharaoh. Any Questions?

Yami: How did you know that?

Ed: *Stops rubbing Ryou's ears and gets all dark* We know all! *Goes back to rubbing Ryou's ears*

Kasumi: Logical thinking again.

Ed: I still don't know what that is...

Kasumi: You like games right Yami?

Yami: Yes.

Kasumi: Good we have a gamer here to play with.

Yami: All right then.

Kasumi: Sweet then. I want ta play.

Yami: I'll win.

Kasumi: Like always? I think not.

Yami: I think so. But we'll see.

Kasumi: You can pick any game you want.

Yami: You pick.

Kasumi: Okay! How bout a trivial game?

Yami: Sounds good.

Kasumi: Okay, we ask each other any question we want. If either one can't answer it then the other person wins. Sound good?

Yami: Ok- You start.

Kasumi: But I want something if I win.

Yami: What?

Kasumi: Your millennium puzzle.

Yami: I'll win so-Sure.

Kasumi: You don't want any thing yourself?

Yami: What'll you give me?

Kasumi: Hn, I'll give you my favorite jacket *Shows Sano's jacket* or one of my Jewel shards. *Shows a Jewel shard*

Yami: The shard

Kasumi: Okay then *Puts Sano's Jacket on* I like the jacket more anyway. *Puts the Jewel Shard on the table between them*

Yami: *Puts puzzle next to shard* You start.

Kasumi: Okay then. If a dog runs into the woods, how far can he run into it?

Yami: Half way

Kasumi: Bingo. *Smiles* Your turn.

Yami: How many birthdays does the avenge person have?

Kasumi: *Thinks* um... *Takes out a sticky pad and starts writing* carry the five.... The answer is one! *Throws the sticky pad behind her*

Yami: Yes-It's your turn.

Kasumi: Yay! Okay then, If I have three apples and you take two, how many apples do you have left?

Yami: 2

Kasumi: Awwww, you know that one too? *Sigh* You got it right...

Yami: *Smiles* If a man live in America, why can't he be buried in Japan?

Kasumi: Cause he's alive. Unless you're gonna burry him alive...

Yami: *Nods* Correct.

Kasumi: I'm always a day away, but I never come.

Yami: Tomorrow

Kasumi: Very good!

Yami: A woman give a beggar a dollar. The woman is the beggar's sister, but the beggar is not the woman's brother-How?

Kasumi: Um, because the beggar is her sister

Yami: That's right.

Kasumi: Here's a toughie for ya! *Smirks* If you're driving your canoe down the river and all four of your tires go flat, how many marshmallows does it take to lift a doghouse?

Yami: What?!? That doesn't make any sense!

Kasumi: I said any question and this one does make sense.

Yami: What the hell kind of question is that?!? I can't answer it!

Kasumi: I can.

Yami: Really now?

Kasumi: So can Ed.

Ed: *Still rubbing Ryou's ears* Yup!

Kasumi: I need an answer Yami.

Yami: I don't know- 500?

Kasumi: Is that your final answer?

Yami: Yes

Kasumi: Damn....

Yami: I got it right?

Kasumi: Nope you got it wrong.

Yami: DAMN! What's the answer then?

Kasumi: none, marshmallow don't have skeletons


Kasumi: So I guess I win then.

Yami: I hate you...

Kasumi: but I like you.

Yami: Just take the puzzle.

Kasumi: YAY! Thank you Yami! *Takes the puzzle*

Yami: *Glares*

Kasumi: It's so beautiful and shiny, that it is.

Ed: Shiny...

Kasumi: I can't believe I beat Yami of all people!

Ed: Well, that question would throw anyone off.

Kasumi: It takes an idiot to answer it.

Ed: Like us!

Kasumi: Yami are you okay? I hope you aren't too mad at me.

Yami: Well I am.

Kasumi: You shouldn't be so cocky. If you hadn't of been you could have kept the puzzle.

Yami: I don't care.

Kasumi: *Frowns* Yes you do. Your mind is like a book.

Yami: Just leave me alone.

Yugi: Yami, don't worry everything is gonna be all right.

Yami: yeah, yeah...

Tea: That wasn't very friendly! You have to give Yami back his puzzle!

Ed: How's about no.

Tea: Look at him! He's mad! We don't need friends mad at each other!

Kasumi: I don't need to give it back, because I won fair and square.

Ed: Totally- All's fair in love and war!

Ryou: Can you please let go of my ears now?

Ed: No! They're so soft and nice!

Ryou: You're hurting me!

Ed: Oh sorry! *Rubs softer* Better?

Ryou: No, I want you to stop all together!

Ed: But....I don't want to! They're so nice!

Kasumi: Ed, let go of him! He's very fragile. He British ya know.

Ed: But they're nice! *Hugs Ryou*

Kasumi: If he said stop then stop!

Ed: No!

Kasumi: What if Bakura comes out?

Ed: I don't care! *Hugs tighter*

Kasumi: He can take your soul!

Ryou: How do you know about Bakura?

Ed: *Gets all dark* We know all! And I don't care!!

Bakura: *Comes out of nowhere* What was that?

Ed: Don't care!

Kasumi: AH! Bakura-Chan! *Runs over and hugs him* He's so cute!!

Bakura: Let go of me!

Kasumi: *Lets go and drops down to her knees* Don't hurt me...

Ed: Don't be a wimp

Kasumi: But he's scary

Ed: No he isn't scary.

Ryou: He use to beat me.

Ed: Your half demon now-You can kick his ass.

Ryou: I um

Bakura: Half demon?!

Ed: Did you not notice the ears? *Rubs ears*

Bakura: What have you done to him?!

Ed: Kasumi did it

Kasumi: *turns pale* Um....

Bakura: *Glares*

Kasumi: Ed....help

Ed: I'm busy

Kasumi: I need help.

Ed: Help yourself.

Kasumi: *Looks at Bakura* h-hi.

Bakura: Why did you give him ears?

Kasumi: because he looks good with them.

Bakura: No he don't

Kasumi: He looks cute just like you do....

Bakura: What?!

Kasumi: he looks cute.

Bakura: You said I was cute.

Kasumi: Yes.

Bakura: How did you give him ears?

Kasumi: From a Jewel shard.

Bakura: How could a jewel do that?

Kasumi: Its magic

Bakura: What magic? How do you have magic?

Kasumi: Cause.... I do.

Ed: We stole it

Kasumi: That's what we do.

Bakura: You're thieves?

Kasumi: Kinda.... sorta.... yes.

Ed: Of course! We're real good at it too.

Kasumi: Is that bad?

Bakura: Yes-Yes it is.

Kasumi: But you're a tomb robber! You're one to nag on me!

Bakura: So?

Kasumi: I don't know.... Can I have your ring?

Bakura: NO!

Kasumi: Darn. Can I have Ryou?

Ed: No! I claim him-He's mine!

Kasumi: You said I could get him outside!

Ed: I did?

Kasumi: Yes! Must I do a flashback!

Ed: No-I'll trade ya Yugi for him.

Kasumi: NO! I like him a lot! He has an accent!

Ed: Well he has ears now! So I want him! You can have anyone or all of them, just not him!

Kasumi: I can take those ears off just as well as I put then on!

Ed: So?!? If you give some one else ears, you can have him.

Kasumi: *Looks at Bakura*

Bakura: Why are you looking at me?

Kasumi: *Grins*

Bakura: I don't like where this is going....

Kasumi: *Grabs Bakura's leg*

Bakura: Let go! *Shakes leg*

Kasumi: Bakura-Chan.

Bakura: WHAT?!?!

Kasumi: You're very warm.

Bakura: Let go of me!

Kasumi: Don't feel like it.

Bakura: I said let go! *Shakes harder*

Kasumi: I'll let go if you stop shaking.

Bakura: *Stops*

Kasumi: *Lets go*

Bakura: Thank you.

Kasumi: Want ta hear what I did?

Bakura: What?

Kasumi: I beat Yami.

Bakura: You did?

Kasumi: Yep! I got the puzzle!

Bakura: He's such a loser.

Yami: Shut up damn it!

Ed: Ha ha! Yami sucks!

Yami: Don't make me send you to the shadow realm.

Ed: That would be fun!

Kasumi: *gets up* Ed, no it wouldn't. Have you ever thought of the monsters that live there?

Ed: More minions for my future army.

Bakura: Hey, I'm taking over the world!

Ed: No! I am!

Bakura: I am!

Ed: I am!!

Kasumi: *Goes over and takes Ryou*

Bakura: I am!!

Ed: Don't make me hurt you! Do you have minions? I do!!!

Bakura: I don't need minions!

Ed: Well screw you!

Kasumi: You ever feel like you know someone?

Ed: What are you talking about Kasumi?

Kasumi: You and Bakura are so much alike its scary.

Ed and Bakura: No!

Kasumi: oro!

Ed: I'm not like that...Guy!

Kasumi: You both are abuse and plot to take over the world.

Ed and Bakura: I'm not!!

Ryou: Yes you are.

Ed: I meant I'm not like him!

Bakura: Me too!

Kasumi: Can be. You're both psychos

Ryou: By Jove I think you're right

Ed: Who's Jove?

Ryou: Its a saying.

Kasumi: That's weird.

Ryou: I'm sorry but I can't help saying it.

Ed: I want a cookie!

Kasumi: No cookie for you!

Ed: But I want a cookie!

Kasumi: Hn

Ed: Meanie.

Yami: I don't believe this.

Ed: What?

Yami: You two fighting like this, its insane!

Ed: What's wrong with fighting?

Tea: Fighting is wrong! Lets all be friends!

Ed: Ummm-Why?

Tea: Because friends are good! Group hug! *Hugs Ed and Bakura*

Ed: 0.o She's hugging me....

Kasumi: *Grabs Tea* Don't do that if you value life!

Tea: HUG! *Hugs Kasumi*

Kasumi: AH! Some thing is touching me!

Ed: She hugged me.... *Shivers*

Bakura: I need to wash the stupidly off me!

Kasumi: HELP! Get it off!

Ed: Your on your own...And I agree with you Bakura. I need a shower.

Tea: *Sees Ryou* HUG! *Brings Ryou into a group hug with Kasumi*

Kasumi: @_@

Ryou: Help!

Ed: *Laughs*

Yugi: Tea, you need to stop that.

Ed: I know-Really.

Tea: Hug!

Ed: *Holds up fingers in a cross* Stay away!!

Kasumi: ED!


Ed: Fine! *Pulls Kasumi away from Tea*

Bakura: *Pulls Ryou away*

Kasumi: oro...

Ryou: Thank you.

Ed: Yeah, yeah....

Tea: HUG!

Ed: Stay back! Don't make me hurt you!

Kasumi: ORO! Back off or I'll kill you myself!

Ed: Don't do that Kasumi! I won't have a best friend!

Kasumi: She fricken scary!

Ed: I know...but don't!

Bakura: Very scary...

Ryou: Make her go away!

Yugi: Tea, you need to stop and come here.

Joey: Yugi ya nuts!

Ed: Maybe Legato or Chou would kill her for me....

Kasumi: Where are they anyways?

Ed: Yeah! Where ARE they?

Kasumi: Um, they're in another room talking with Yugi's grandpa.

Ed: Really? That's weird.

Tea: *Hugging Yugi* Hug!

Ed: I really pity you.

Yugi: I know.

Ed: I still want a cookie.

Yami: We don't have cookies

Ed: Damn!

Tristen: You are a needy person.

Ed: And I complain a lot.

Kasumi: You don't know the half of it!

Ed: Yeah...Well, when your the youngest in a big family you need to complain a lot to get what you want.

Kasumi: -.-;;; *Sigh*

Ed: It's true!!

Bakura: No one cares about you!

Ed: Shut up damn it!

Kasumi: *Smacks Ed* Shut your damn mouth!

Ed: Owwww.... That hurt! And he started it!

Kasumi: Hn!

Ed: *Growls*

Bakura: It seems your friend likes me more then you.

Ed: Go to hell and rot!

Bakura: I have been to hell and back.

Ed: So have I. They have nice winters.

Kasumi: I died one. I got blown up.

Ryou: How are you alive then?

Ed: We're magic.

Kasumi: No, the grand will of the universe

Ed: Oh yeah- I just visited hell with the 8 ball. I met Satan!

Tea: Satan is bad!

Joey: I'm truly scared....

Ed: He has good ideas of torture. I'm going to use them when I take over the world.

Kasumi: Don't make me get out the Crossgun...

Ed: What!? I was stating a fact.

Bakura: No one gives you damn bitch!

Ed: I'll kick your ass bastard!

Kasumi: Ed....

Ryou: Bakura please be nice

Ed: I will! He says one more bad thing about me and he's dead!

Kasumi: Don't touch him!

Ed: I'll kill him if he messes with me one more time!

Bakura: Try it, I dare you!

Ed: I will! Just make one more smartass comment or insult and you're dead!!

Kasumi: ED! Down girl!

Ed: No!

Tea: No fighting!

Ryou: Yeah you two. She might start hugging us again...

Ed: *Closes eyes and clenches fist*Calm....

Kasumi: Ed think Kurama.

Ed: Calm....Think Kurama. Calm....

Bakura: *growls* I will not say a thing while the hug bitch is here.

Tea: That's me!

Yugi: That isn't a good thing.

Yami: She's too stupid to know.

Tea: I am not! *Thinks* HUG! *Hugs Yami*

Ed: Damnit! Look at my hand! It's shaking again! *Hold out hand that's shaking*

Kasumi: If I knock you out maybe you'll stop shaking.

Ed: It's ok- Just annoying.

Bakura: I can't keep it in....

Ryou: Bakura, please be clam.

Ed: Calming thoughts....

Kasumi: Ryou, is it just me or do we have the same problem?

Ryou: Yes.... how strange.

Kasumi: Does he always want to kill people too?

Ryou: *Sighs* Yes.

Kasumi: They are so hopeless, that they are.

Ed and Bakura: Am not! *Glare at each other* Stop coping me!

Kasumi: *sigh*

Ed: *Closes eyes* I am calm...

Bakura: *Grabs Kasumi by the collar* Don't compare me to her!

Kasumi: Oro!

Ed: THAT'S IT! *Punches Bakura* You and me-Outside, now!!!

Bakura: *Holds nose* Shit you damn bitch!

Kasumi: Stop it both of you!

Ed: Come on! I'll kick your ass!

Ryou: Please don't fight!

Ed: Outside now Bakura! We'll settle this outside-No weapons except for fists.

Bakura: Fine by me....

Ed: *Grins Evilly* All right then-Lets go. *Leaves*

Bakura: *Sits down* Stupid bitch

Ed: *Runs back in* I heard you! You bastard! You're just afraid I'll kick you're ass!

Kasumi: Ed no fighting!

Ed: He's too afraid anyway!

Bakura: *Punches Ed*

Ed: You bastard!!! *Punches him back*

Ryou: Stop!

Bakura: *Hits Ed in the stomach*

Ed: *Hits him in the jaw*

Bakura: *Hits her on the chest*

Ryou: STOP! *Gets in the middle*

Kasumi: Ryou, Noooooooooo!!!

Ed: *Pushes Ryou out of the way and hits Bakura in the stomach*

Kasumi: *Catches Ryou* Don't get in the way hon. You're gonna get hurt if ya do.

Ryou: Thanks...

Ed: We don't need to involve any one else Bakura- Let take it outside bastard.

Bakura: Fine, fine....

Ed: You leave first. I don't trust you.

Bakura: *Walks out*

Ed: *Grins evilly* This is going to be fun...*Leaves*

Kasumi: Oh my....

Ryou: We better go make sure they don't kill each other.

Kasumi: Yes that would be the right thing to do.

Tea: HUG! *Hugs Kasumi and Ryou*

Kasumi: God help us!

Ryou: We have to go Tea-Let go!

Kasumi: I wish I could kill her....

Yugi: Just calm down everyone. We have two people fighting already-We don't need more. Lets just go.

Kasumi: Are you sure I can't kill her. It would be quicker and solve a lot of problems.

Yugi: You can't kill her.

Kasumi: I'm not a bad person and I'm not gonna kill her, just get her the hell of me.

Yugi: Ok- Tea, stop hugging people please.

Tea: If you say so Yugi! *Lets go*

Ryou: Thank you *Leaves*

Kasumi: *Disappears*

Joey: How the hell did she to that?!

Tea: That was strange *Looks a Joey* Hug!!

Joey: NO!

Tristen: I'm gonna watch the fight. *Runs out*

Joey: *Looks at Yugi and Yami* One or you guys got ta help me!

Yami: You're on you're own! *Follows Tristen*

Yugi: Sorry Joey! *Leaves*

Joey: SHIT!

Tea: Hugs make the world go round!

Joey: Ahhh!!! *Runs away*

Tea: HUGS! *Runs after Joey*


Ed: *Cracks knuckles then her neck* Lets go Bakura!

Bakura: Foolish bitch!

Ed: Dumbass bastard!

Kasumi: *Appears behind Bakura and wraps her arms around his waist* Bakura-Chan, please don't hurt Ed.

Bakura: Where the hell did you come from!

Kasumi: Hee hee, I do this very often.

Ed: Stay out of this Kasumi.

Kasumi: Awww, but I like him....

Ed: I won't kill him-I promise.

Kasumi: But, *Pulls Bakura closer* you're gonna hurt him.

Ed: But he won't be dead though-You should be proud of me.

Kasumi: Why do you always hurt the people I like?!

Ed: Cause the people you like are jackasses most of the time?

Kasumi: The only reason you think that is because they have a will of their own!

Ed: Just stay out of it Kasumi!

Kasumi: *Puts her head on Bakura's shoulder* But....

Ed: I won't hurt him much.

Kasumi: Don't care.

Ed: *Narrows eyes* Damnit Kasumi...

Kasumi: but…

Ed: *Glares and growls*

Kasumi: Wha ya gonna do? Bakura-Chan doesn't want ta fight, right?

Bakura: Yes I do.

Ed: Ha!

Kasumi: -.- UG! Fine! *Lets go* Fight your little fight.

Ed: Thank you!

Kasumi: *Sigh* I hope you both get hurt!

Ryou: *Comes outside* You guys haven't started fighting...That's good- Can I do anything to change you minds?

Bakura: No, so back off damn it!

Ed: Yup- Not a thing. You can start Baka.

Kasumi: Aw, come on!

Ed: If you don't like it Kasumi-Go inside.

Kasumi: No! This is wrong!

Bakura: Will you shut up already!

Ed: Really!

Kasumi: Can't we talk about this over drinks or something!

Ed: Nope.

Kasumi: But you love to get drunk!

Ed: I know- But fighting's a lot more fun.

Kasumi: There has to be away. Ryou, what can we do?

Ryou: With people like them- Not a thing.

Kasumi: *Stares at Ryou* Hmmmm

Ryou: What?

Kasumi: *Hugs Ryou* This might feel weird. *Pats Ryou's butt*

Ryou: O.O What the bloody hell?!?

Kasumi: I need to give you a tail.

Ryou: A tail?

Kasumi: Yeah, this will hopeful get Ed to clam down and start chasing you.

Ryou: I don't want a tail!

Kasumi: Sorry. *Lets go*

Ryou: Can you take it away later?

Kasumi: Yeah

Ryou: If it'll make her stop then*Sighs* Give me a tail.

Kasumi: You have one see. *Points to Ryou's sliver tail* ^_^

Ryou: Wow...*Wags tail* This is strange.

Kasumi: Well, you're a hanyou now. Thinks are gonna get weird...er. Now to give ya yellow eyes.

Ryou: Why yellow?

Kasumi: Because, *Takes out yellow contacts* you need to have yellow eyes.

Ryou: *Sighs* Fine.

Kasumi: *Puts contacts in* Okay now you have to be wearing something else.... hmmmm.

Ryou: What now?

Kasumi: *Grins* I know! *Twirls Ryou around very fast*

Ryou: @_@ Stop!

Kasumi: *Stops Ryou* There it fits perfectly!

Ryou: *Wearing an outfit like Youko Kurama* Why am wearing this?

Kasumi: *Looks Ryou over* This just might work if we luck out.

Ryou: Luck out?

Kasumi: You don't know that saying?

Ryou: Not really.

Kasumi: Only a British guy. *Sigh*

Ryou: Let's just get this over with.

Kasumi: Oh Ed!

Ed: What?

Kasumi: *Points to Ryou*

Ed: *Eyes get wide* Is that who I think it is?

Kasumi: *Whispers to Ryou* Get ready to run. *To Ed* You know him, ya love him!

Ed: KURAMA!! *Runs at Ryou*

Kasumi: RUN!

Ryou: *Starts running*

Kasumi: At least he listens....

Ed: Get back here!! *Runs faster*

Ryou: AH!!!

Kasumi: Run as fast as your little leg can take you!

Ed: *Catches up to Ryou and tackles him* KURAMA!!

Ryou: AH! Help! Bakura Help me!

Bakura: That's ok.

Kasumi: So you aren't gonna help him?!

Bakura: Exactly

Kasumi: Why?!

Bakura: I don't want to

Kasumi: *Smacks Bakura's arm* Help him!

Ryou: Oh gods don't touch me there!

Bakura: It's too funny.

Kasumi: But Bakura-Chan....

Bakura: No

Kasumi: Bakura-Chan

Bakura: I said no!

Kasumi: Please

Bakura: I'm not going to repeat myself

Kasumi: *Gives Bakura a look*

Bakura: *Sighs* Fine

Kasumi: Thank you, thank you! *Grabs Bakura's hands* I knew you had a heart!

Bakura: I was just tired of you looking at me.

Kasumi: *Smiles* How could I not look at you?

Bakura: Just leave me alone.

Kasumi: *Frowns* Fine....*Lets go and turns away*

Bakura: Thank you

Kasumi: Hn

Bakura: *Goes to Ed* Let go of him

Ed: You will not take Kurama from me!

Bakura: Well, I tried….

Kasumi: Ed do I have to do the picture thing again?

Ed: I don't care! He's like Kurama.

Kasumi: Get the hell off him!

Ed: No! *Holds Ryou tighter*

Kasumi: *Takes out Crossgun* Don't make me use this!

Ed: How come when you make a replacement for Kurama you take him away?

Kasumi: I'll shoot you.

Ed: You're mean! If you had a Hiei replacement, I wouldn't take him away.

Kasumi: *Sigh* Edward Wong Hau Pepulu Tivrusky 4th

Ed: What?!

Kasumi: *Glares*

Ed: But he looks like Kurama!

Kasumi: I can change that ya know!

Ed: Why do you have to be so mean!

Kasumi: Why do I always have to get hurt?

Ed: You're not getting hurt.

Kasumi: Hold this for me. *Hands Crossgun to Bakura* Now let go! *Tries to pull Ed off Ryou*

Ed: NO! *Holds on to Ryou tighter*

Kasumi: Let....GO....Ed! *Pulls harder*


Kasumi: *Hits Ed's Back* NOW!

Ed: NO! *Holds Ryou even tighter*

Kasumi: Bakura-Chan a little help here!

Bakura: That's ok- You handle your psycho friend.

Kasumi: Yes and you can stand there with the cross looking pretty!

Bakura: Exactly

Kasumi: Well whatever ya do, don't take the cloth off of it! *Grabs one of Ed's arms*

Bakura: She told me not....So I have to. *Pulls off cloth*

Kasumi: ACK!

Bakura: What the hell?!?!

Kasumi: *Falls over and Takes Ed with her*

Ed: What's happening?

Kasumi: He has the Crossgun....

Ed: Oh shit...

Ryou: C-crossgun?!

Ed: It's bad-Want me to take him out? *Takes out Vash's gun*

Kasumi: No, He a spirit, I don't think guns can do that.

Ed: I don't care

Ryou: Bakura, what are you going to do with that?

Bakura: I don't know-Kill people?

Kasumi: That's mine!

Ed: And my job!

Kasumi: Give!

Bakura: It's mine now

Kasumi: I took that from Wolfwood fair and square!

Bakura: And I took it from you fair and square.

Kasumi: Don't make me hurt you!

Bakura: Don't make ME hurt you!

Kasumi: *Eyes flash* Is this a fact?

Bakura: Yes

Kasumi: You will hand it over.

Bakura: No

Kasumi: *Grabs Bakura by the neck and squeezes* I wasn't asking!

Bakura: Let go!

Kasumi: *Pushes Bakura down*

Bakura: Your asking for it!

Kasumi: Am I?

Bakura: Yes

Kasumi: *Jumps on top Bakura* Well give it to me!

Bakura: Make me!

Kasumi: I will!

Ed: This is getting interesting. *Grabs Ryou*

Kasumi: *Smacks Bakura*

Ed: Whoo hoo! Get'm Kasumi!

Kasumi: So you gonna give?

Bakura: No

Kasumi: *Starts Shaking him* just give!

Bakura: ALL RIGHT! *Hands over Crossgun*

Kasumi: Thank you Bakura-Chan! *Hugs Bakura*

Bakura: Get off me!

Kasumi: Nope. ^_^

Bakura: I said off!

Kasumi: nope

Bakura: *Glares*

Kasumi: *Grins*

Bakura: I hate you.

Kasumi: *Lets go* What?

Bakura: I said "I hate you"

Kasumi: You hate me....?

Bakura: Yes

Kasumi: *Starts crying*

Ed: You Jerk!

Ryou: Kasumi please don't cry.

Ed: Yeah- I hate it when my friends cry.

Ryou: If it makes you feel better I like you.

Kasumi: *Stops crying* You do?

Ed: You do?

Ryou: Yes she's a good person.

Ed: What about me?

Ryou: You scare me...

Ed: That wasn't nice...

Kasumi: Ryou do you want me to make ya human again?

Ryou: Yes please

Kasumi: Okay then!

Ryou: Thank you.

Ed: NO! *Grabs Ryou*

Kasumi: Ed!

Ed: No! He's going to stay like he is!

Kasumi: You can take Bakura. They're just like twins, but one is evil.

Ed: But Bakura doesn't have ears like Ryou.

Kasumi: I can make it so he does.

Ed: Really?

Kasumi: If I can do it to Ryou I can do it to Bakura.

Ed: Then do it!

Kasumi: Okay.

Ed: Yay!

Kasumi: Oh Bakura-Chan come here.

Bakura: No

Kasumi: I want Ryou and Ed wants a Youko look a like.

Bakura: Too bad.

Kasumi: Come on! You'll be a demon

Bakura: Really?

Kasumi: Yeah a fox demon.

Bakura: Fine

Kasumi: Yay! Now are ya sure?

Bakura: Yes

Kasumi: Right then! *Jumps on top of Bakura and a big cloud of smoke covers them*

Ed: What's with the smoke!?

Ryou: I don't know. She just touched me and I was a half demon.

Ed: Maybe the smoke makes you full demon

Smoke: *Clears*

Kasumi: *Wearing Kenshin's outfit and Bakura's millennium ring* Done!

Ed: You got changed?

Kasumi: So? I like Kenshin's outfit, that I do.

Ed: While I was in jail did you happen to get anything else?

Kasumi: Why do you think we rushed out of Kenshin so fast?

Ed: Oh-Where's Bakura?

Kasumi: On the ground I guess.

Ed: *Looks at Bakura* IT WORKED!

Ryou: I can't believe it.

Kasumi: Did ye doubt me that much?

Ryou: No, but my.

Ed: He's perfect!

Bakura: Ouch my head....*Has sliver fox ears and a sliver tail*

Ed: Poor baby! *Hugs Bakura*

Bakura: oh shit, don't hug me!

Ed: You're so cute though!

Ryou: I'm so glad she isn't hugging me now.

Ed: And such nice ears! *Starts rubbing Bakura's ears*

Bakura: AH!! My ears!

Ed: So soft...

Kasumi: Okay Ryou your turn.

Ryou: Thank you

Kasumi: *Smiles* Its no biggie, hon.

Ryou: I just want to be normal again

Kasumi: Hell, were you ever normal?

Ryou: Just get rid of the ears and tail.

Kasumi: Okay, okay. *Starts spinning Ryou really fast*

Ryou: Not again! @_@

Kasumi: *Stops Ryou* All better now.

Ryou: *Back to normal* Thank you.

Kasumi: Your welcome Ryou.

Ed: Bakura's ears are so nice. You should feel them Kasumi.

Kasumi: No I'm fine. I got what I wanted. *Shows the millennium ring*

Bakura: That's mine!

Ed: Not anymore.

Kasumi: It was a trade.

Bakura: A trade?

Kasumi: For making you demon I get the ring. Fair is fair, that it is.

Bakura: You tricked me!

Kasumi: Asked you if you were sure.

Bakura: You said nothing about taking my ring!

Kasumi: I didn't?

Bakura: No

Kasumi: Too bad.

Bakura: I hate you even more.

Kasumi: Yes, but I have the power and you don't.

Ryou: Where did you two really come from?

Ed: Another dimension.

Ryou: That's far....

Kasumi: Yep. We came all this way just to see you guys....then take your stuff.

Ryou: Well um....thanks?

Kasumi: Yeah to tell ya the truth you're my favorite here.

Ryou: Really?

Kasumi: Yep, why else would I be so nice to you?

Ryou: I don't know

Ed: What now Kasumi?

Kasumi: What else we gonna take?

Ed: The other millennium Items?

Kasumi: Sweet!

Ed: Lets kill people too. I like that deal!

Kasumi: But first I have to kill Tea!

Ed: Of course!

Kasumi: She hugged us!

Ed: *Shivers* That was disturbing...

Ryou: Do you really have to kill her?

Ed: Yes

Kasumi: You can help!

Ryou: Do I have to?

Kasumi: You can if ya wish!

Ryou: I'm not really a murderer

Kasumi: Same here. I just like to watch Ed do it and then I bring the people back. You can just watch.

Ryou: Okay

Ed: I get to kill people! Yay!


Yugi: Tea, please stop! We have to get outside.

Tea: HUGS!!

Joey: Tea! Let go!

Yami: We don't need this!

Tristen: *Arm gets shot* OW!

Yami: What the hell?!

Kasumi: Ed you don't shoot them, you shoot Tea!

Ed: You're no fun!

Kasumi: *Sigh*

Ed: What!?

Yami: What the hell are you doing?!

Ed: Um, Killing people?

Yugi: O.o What?! I don't wanna die!

Joey: AH!

Tristen: My arm!

Ed: Don't worry- The only person we're really going to kill is Tea.

Tea: Killing people is mean!

Ed: And?

Yami: You can't kill her!

Ed: Why not?

Yugi: Because its called murder!

Ed: Am I suppose to care?

Kasumi: I feel kinda bad now.....

Ed: Why should you?

Kasumi: Does she truly deceiver to die for being stupid and so friendly?

Ed: Yes

Ryou: I don't think its right.

Bakura: Shut up! No one cares what you two think! Just blast the bitch's brains out!

Ed: Amen! *Shoots Tea in the head*

Yugi: NO~!!!!!!

Ed: That was fun! Who else can I kill?

Joey: Please not me!

Ed: Nah- you're not THAT bad. Who's next Kasumi?

Kasumi: I don't know. Tea was the only one I really wanted to kill.

Ed: Hmmmm....You want anyone dead Bakura?

Bakura: YAMI!

Ed: Can I Kasumi?

Kasumi: Um...

Yugi: Why does everyone I love get hurt or die?!

Ed: It's up to Kasumi if Yami lives or dies.

Yugi: Please don't kill him!

Kasumi: I um....

Ed: Come on Kasumi- We need an answer.

Kasumi: I don't want him to die. He's too cool, in a way. Plus Yugi looks like he's about to cry.

Ed: Kasumi has spoken! *Puts gun away*

Bakura: *Grabs Kasumi* What is your problem?!

Kasumi: He's the main character's Yami. He can't die. It goes against every rule.

Ed: I killed Knives- That was a big plot breaker.

Kasumi: But he isn't the main character, Vash is so there's a difference.

Ed: Well whatever- He lives!

Yugi: Main character?

Ed: Don't worry about it.

Bakura: So no matter what Yugi or Yami can't die?!

Kasumi: Bingo!

Bakura: Nothing can kill them?!

Ed: I guess so.

Kasumi: Unless you want the universe to end then no

Bakura: DAMN!

Kasumi: That's what happened with Spike....Why did he have to die?!?!

Ed: But the universe didn't end- Just the series

Kasumi: but no one knows what happened afterwards so the universe ended

Ed: I guess that's what fan fics are for.

Kasumi: Yeah.

Yugi: Spike? Fan fics?

Kasumi: Oh Spike, Why did we push you down the stairs!

Ed: Hee hee- that was fun....And I got all his clothes.

Kasumi: Damn Vicious!

Ed: Don't say that to Marina

Kasumi: After being shot at over a million times a sword kills him! What the hell?

Ed: It was a good fight though

Kasumi: Sheesh, that just kills me every time.

Bakura: You need help with that?

Kasumi: Why would I need help with that?

Ed: I'm going to say that to someone. Good one Bakura.

Bakura: Thanks *Smirks*

Ed: Of course! *Smiles*

Yami: First they're fighting now they're friends. Damn it that's screwed.

Joey: What happened with that fight anyway?

Tristan: My arm....

Ed: Oh, Kasumi made Ryou look like Kurama and I calmed down

Kasumi: Yeah, Ryou isn't a demon any more.

Ed: But Bakura is!

Kasumi: A fox demon.

Ed: Just like Kurama!

Joey: A demon. Why would he want ta be a demon?

Ed: Being a demon is cool!

Kasumi: Plus I got the ring for it. See? *Shows off the millennium ring* Isn't it nice?

Yugi: You gave her the ring?!

Kasumi: It was a trade.

Yugi: Why'd you do that?!

Bakura: She tricked me!

Ed: It's ok Bakura- She does that. *Glares at Kasumi*

Kasumi: Its called mind games. Plus I always get mine in the end.

Ed: Well whatever. Who else can I kill?

Kasumi: I don't care.

Ed: Really?

Kasumi: Do as you wish I'm sitting outside. Come on Ryou. *Grabs Ryou's arm and walks out*

Ed: Holy shit! I can kill anyone I want!

Joey: Not me!

Yugi: I don't want ta die!

Tristan: My arm still hurts

Ed: Stop complaining! *Shoots Tristan in the leg* Better?

Tristan: Yes, now I can think about the pain in my leg- My leg!

Ed: It worked! I learned that from Major Pain!

Bakura: Shoot him next *Points to Joey*

Ed: Kay! *Shoots Joey's legs*

Joey: Why me? *Falls down*

Ed: This is fun! *Shoots Yugi in the arm*

Yugi: AH! Yami save me! *Jumps into Yami's arms*

Ed: Don't worry- I won't kill any of you. Just hurt.

Yugi: But you killed Tea! What's to stop you from doing the same to us?

Ed: I don't want to. I like hearing people scream in pain.

Joey: *Screams in pain then stops* Is that enough for ya?

Ed: A little more

Joey: *Screams again* How's that?

Ed: Enough from you! *Points to Yugi* Your turn.

Yugi: *Screams very weakly*


Yugi: I'm sorry, but I'm just not feeling it.

Ed: *Shoots him in the foot* How about now?

Yugi: *Screams very loudly like a girl*

Ed: Dude- you're a wimp.

Yugi: I know.

Ed: *Points to Yami* Now you.

Yami: I'm not screaming for your amusement.

Ed: I'm giving you a choice-Don't make me force you.

Yami: I'm not screaming for you!

Bakura: Yeah you will.

Yami: I will not!

Ed: *Sighs* You don't want me to go get George.

Bakura, Yami, Yugi, Joey, and Tristan: George?!

Ed: Yes George.

Yugi: Scream Yami! Please scream!

Ed: I truly suggest you do. I haven't feed George since I left home-He should be real hungry by now.

Yami: *Screams with out feeling*

Ed: Found him! This is your last chance-SCREAM!

Yugi: *Stomps on Yami's foot*

Yami: *Screams very vocally* MY FOOT!!!!!!!!

Ed: That was good.... But not good enough! *Pulls out George* Say Hi to George everyone!

Bakura: Where do you guys get stuff like this?

Ed: I found George and adopted him. He's going to help me take over the world once he's done training. Right George?

George: *Growls*

Joey: S-shit!

Tristan: You're not lying!

Ed: He's so cute ain't he? *Puts George on floor* Do your stuff George-Just don't kill anyone.

George: *Roars at the guys*

Tristan: Help!

Joey: AH!!!!

Yugi: O.O

Yami: *Yawns* Big deal....

Ed: *Whispers to George and points at Yami*

George: *nods*

Yami: *Cocks an eye* what was that?

Ed: *Grins evilly and sits down in a chair* Oh you shall see. Bakura-If you want to see Yami run around and scream, I suggest you sit. *Pats chair next to her*

Bakura: Gladly. *Sits in chair*

Ed: *Pulls popcorn out off bag* Want some?

Bakura: Thanks. *Grabs a handful*

Yami: I doubt that.... THING is going to hurt me.

Ed: Really? I think you've made George mad....Sic'm boy!

George: *Bites Yami's leg*

Yami: Ow little shit!

Ed: Did you hear what he called you George? Kick his ass!

George: *Bites harder*

Yami: AH! *Kicks George at the wall* Son of a Bitch!

Bakura: HAHAHAHA!!!! This is too funny! Pass the popcorn.

Ed: *Gives Bakura popcorn and gets 2 Dr. Peppers from bag* Take one of these too.

Bakura: Do you have any coke?

Ed: *Goes in bag and gets a Coke* Here ya go.

Bakura: Thanks. *Opens it and starts drinking*

Ed: Bite harder George! *Takes gulp of Dr. Pepper*

Yami: AH!! Get off!

Ed: *Throws Dr. Pepper at Yami's head*

Yami: Damn it! *Can hits him* Ouch!

Yugi: Mr. George can you please let go of Yami for me?

George: *Lets go of Yami*

Yugi: Good George. *Pets George*

Bakura: -_- That thing isn't trained very well.

Joey: Only Yugi could make friends with a monster...

Ed: He's in for some serious training when we get home! George-In the bag!

George: *Jumps into the bag*

Ed: *Throws rest of popcorn at Yami*

Yami: I hate you!

Ed: Why thank you!

Yugi: George come back!

Yami, Tristan, and Joey: NO!

Ed: Hush you!

Yugi: *Cries* George!

Ed: What a freaking pansy!

Yugi: There was a strong bond between us!

Ed: Um, yeah. Get over. Life goes on....and stuff

Yami: Think it's bleeding kinda badly...*Leg is gushing out blood*

Ed: George does have very many sharp teeth. So Bakura-How'd you like the show?

Bakura: It could of been better. Maybe more blood and killing, so I give it two stars

Ed: I agree. More death should have been included. But Yami's leg bleeding like that- I give it 2.5 stars.

Yami: I need to stop the bleeding.

Joey: Man he really got ya good.

Yugi: I miss George!

Bakura: Shut you! *Bitch slaps Yugi*

Yugi: Ouch...

Ed: Good one Bakura! *Smacks Yugi on the back of the head*

Yugi: That's hurtful...

Ed: So?

Bakura: You have to meet Marik

Ed: Who was he again?

Bakura: He's a friend

Ed: All right then!

Bakura: Okay lets go.

Ed: Wait *Slaps Yami* I'm finished here. Lead the way Bakura!

Bakura: *Walks out*

Ed: *Follows*


Seto: What do you mean I have to go?!

Ryou: It would be for the best.

Kasumi: Just run away rich boy.

Ed: Oh! Are you guys fighting?

Kasumi and Ryou: NO!

Ed: Oh...Lets go Bakura! I have no idea witch direction what's-his-name is.

Bakura: Its Marik

Ed: Yeah...I knew that.

Ryou: Where are you two going?

Bakura: Marik and Malik's place

Ryou: Why?

Bakura: Evil plans to plot, stuff like that...

Ryou: Well...Have fun!

Kasumi: Have fun taking over the world....again.

Ed: You bet!

Seto: Can I go in now?

Kasumi: Nope.

Ed: What exactly is going on?

Seto: They aren't letting me in!

Ed: Why not?

Kasumi: -_- think Ed.

Ed: Uhhhh....I don't know.

Ryou: You were killing people inside!

Ed: I didn't kill anyone but Tea

Seto: Bout time someone killed her.

Ed: Yeah! The bitch hugged me!

Mokuba: You killed her?

Ed: Hell yeah! And I tortured the other guys.

Mokuba: *Hides behind Seto* She scares me.

Ed: Then my work here is done.

Seto: Leave my little brother alone.

Ed: I didn't do anything to the squirt.

Kasumi: Ed you scare everything

Ed: Is it my fault I'm a psycho?

Kasumi: Is it my fault you scare the dogs away?

Ed: I don't scare dogs away…. Most of the time!

Ryou: That's very bad.

Kasumi: I know. She's getting better now.

Ed: I try...sorta!

Kasumi: Hn

Ryou: Bakura, tries to catch squirrels.

Ed: WHERE!?! Where are the squirrels?!

Ryou: Nowhere. Bakura just likes to catch them.

Ed: I was hoping there was a squirrel....I wanted to give it to George as lunch!

Bakura: It eats squirrels?

Kasumi: George?!

Bakura: Yeah- He tried to eat Yami.

Kasumi: That thing is scary and to think, I sometimes sleep in that room!

Ed: George isn't scary!

Kasumi: But EW! I'm so glad I clean that dump you call a room!

Ed: I think George's family lives under my bed though...

Ryou: You have stuff living under your bed?!

Ed: I'm not sure, but my dog looked under the bed and ran away. And my friend is missing a shoe.

Kasumi: You said you were keeping it clean!

Ed: I am! I think George's family took revenge there when their habitat was destroyed.

Kasumi: .....I'm never going to your house again.

Ed: Why not?

Ryou: You have things living in your room that isn't human!

Ed: Yes it is! It's just the things living there aren't!

Ryou: Oh my...

Ed: Oh my what?

Ryou: I could never let my room get that bad.

Ed: My room is pretty clean now for your information!

Kasumi: HA!

Ed: HA WHAT?!?

Kasumi: Like I said 'HA'!

Ed: I don't need your nagging- Let's go Bakura!

Kasumi: ....

Ed: Don't give me that look!

Kasumi: Hn

Ed: I need to hurt somebody... *Stares at Mokuba*

Mokuba: O.O

Kasumi: Don't touch him....

Ed: Who said I was going to hurt him? *Smiles evilly*

Kasumi: Ed.

Ed: Yes Kasumi?

Kasumi: You're bad.

Ed: And you're point here is?

Kasumi: Go with Bakura-Chan and leave Mokuba alone

Ed: Who said I'd do anything to the squirt.

Kasumi: You looked at him. That's the same look you get when you kill/hurt someone.

Ed: But did anyone SAY I was going to hurt him?

Kasumi: Sure Ed.

Ed: Beside-Why can't I hurt him?

Seto: Because he's my brother!

Ed: So? Is that supposing to matter?

Seto: YES!

Ed: It is? Why can't I hurt him just a little?

Seto: Because I'm rich and I can pay you off.

Ed: Really? How much?

Seto: $50

Ed: You're rich, and all you say is 50? Come on buddy-You want to save your brother, pay up.

Kasumi: ED!

Ed: What?! He's trying to pay me off- He needs to fork over some serious cash.

Kasumi: Leave the Fu-damn kid alone!

Ed: Nah- I'd rather take cash

Kasumi: Leave the damn kid alone!!!!

Ed: That's ok. Hey Seto-$500 and I swear I'll never harm him or you. Neither will my minions or George.

Seto: $500?! The last guy you said he was gonna kill him only wanted $200!!

Bakura: Yeah, thanks for the money. It paid of my new TV.

Ed: Well, I'm also protecting him from my minions and a monster-So pay up.

Seto: Fine! *Writes up a check for $500*

Ed: *Snatches it from his hand* Pleasure doing business with you Seto.

Kasumi: -_- *Sigh*

Ed: I'm rich! *Starts jumping up and down* Money! I'm not poor anymore!

Squirrel: *comes over and eats the check*

Bakura: SQUIRREL! Must catch! *Takes out gun*

Ed: THAT THING ATE MY MONEY! *Takes out Vash's gun*

Bakura: Get the squirrel! *Shoots at squirrel*

Ed: Must die! *Shoots*

Squirrel: O.O

Ed: You ate my money you little shit! *More shooting*

Kasumi: At least this time there really is a squirrel.

Ed: *Runs over and starts choking squirrel* SPIT IT OUT!!!

Bakura: MY Squirrel! *shoots squirrel's head off*

Ed: AHHHH!!! He could have spit my money back up! Now I'm poor again! *Starts crying*

Ryou: ^^;; Bloody hell Bakura that was different.

Bakura: Yeah, I wanted to keep that one.

Ed: I wanted my money...but watching it die was a good consolation.

Kasumi: You are destine to be poor


Kasumi: Oi, ya really are sad.

Ed: So what if I am?!

Ryou: She's just stating a fact then

Ed: Why is everyone against me?

Kasumi: Because I have to nag you.

Ed: Can we just leave Bakura?

Bakura: What do you think we been trying to do?!

Ed: Well you need to lead the way-Cause I have no idea where What's-his-name lives.

Bakura: Just come on!

Ed: All right! Jeeze-someone needs to calm down.

Bakura: *Grabs Ed's wrist and drags her off*

Kasumi: Now what?

Ryou: We could teach duel monsters like we had planed to.

Kasumi: That could be fun.

Ryou: All right. Well get the other guys to help too. *Goes inside*

Kasumi: First aid aka the Tensaiga. *Takes out Tensaiga*

Seto: Why do you have a sword?

Kasumi: It can save a hundred lives/ heal people in one swing and they need first aid, so they need it.

Seto: Then go help them. *Goes inside*

Kasumi: *Goes in*



Kasumi: *Wearing a nurse's outfit* Anyone here in need of first aid?

Yami: All of us.

Kasumi: *Smiles and show Tensaiga off* Okay who's first?

Yami: Are you going to kill us or something?

Kasumi: No, first aid.

Yami: All right...Then my leg first.

Kasumi: *Hits Yami with the Tensaiga*

Yami: It worked? *Shakes leg*

Kasumi: *Bows* Thank you Yami.

Yami: Can it heal emotional scars too? *Points to Yugi*

Kasumi: Sesshy-sama never tried it, so I'm not sure...

Yami: Well can you? He's starting to get on my nerves.

Yugi: *Still crying* GEORGE!!!

Kasumi: I'll try... *Hits Yugi with Tensaiga*

Yugi: *Stops crying* Who's hungry?

Kasumi: Shoot it worked...!

Yami: You want to heal the others too. *Points to Joey and Tristan*

Kasumi: That's what a Nurse-Chan is for! *Hits Joey and Tristan*

Tristan: I My leg doesn't hurt any more!

Kasumi: *Smiles* I should hope not

Joey: How'd you do it?

Kasumi: With this magic sword I got from Sesshy-sama, its name is Tensaiga. *Waves Tensaiga*

Joey: Cool- Where can I get one of those?

Kasumi: You have to go to a place called InuYasha. It's in Feudal Japan.

Joey: Damn

Kasumi: Yeah, I got it off the lord of the west!

Joey: Lucky.

Kasumi: Thanks. So is there anyone else who needs to be healed? *Steps on the dead Tea*

Yugi: Ummm....What about Tea? *Points*

Kasumi: *Blinks* Anyone else who needs to be healed?

Yugi: No one except for Tea.

Kasumi: Well, I guess if there is no one else to heal... *Puts Tensaiga back into its sheath*

Yugi: But Tea...

Yami: *Puts hand on Yugi's mouth* That's enough from you.

Kasumi: It's a shame Ed does this, ya know.

Yami: Yeah....*Looks at dead Tea* We need do thank her.

Kasumi: For what?

Yami: For finally getting rid of Ms. Hugs

Kasumi: There has never been a person like that. She never existed

Yami: *Smiles* You're right. Never existed.

Kasumi: *Takes out Tetsusaiga* Right! *Hacks into Tea*

Yugi: What do we do now?

Kasumi: I *Hack* Don't *Slash* Know *Stab*

Yami: *Kicks dead Tea*

Kasumi: I wonder if Kikyo wants a new friend?

Yugi: Kikyo?

Kasumi: I got her in InuYasha too.

Joey: That place must be like Wal-Mart-It has everything!

Kasumi: yeah! I got this sword there too!

Joey: Dude! I want to go there!

Kasumi: I'm going back there after I find something for Miroku-San.

Yami: Who's that? You're boyfriend or something?

Kasumi: He's a guy friend.

Yami: Riiiight...

Kasumi: I'm getting him a bear child.

Joey: You mean a cub?

Kasumi: Nope, his words were "Will you bear me a child?"

Yugi: 0.o

Yami: I think you misunderstood him.

Kasumi: I don't think I did.

Yami: Whatever you say...

Kasumi: Miroku-san is really friendly. He always wants to be around me when I go there. He even wanted to take a bath with me.

Yugi: *Blushes* Can we change the subject?

Kasumi: Okay no more talk about the monk

Yami: What do you guys want to do now?

Ryou: We did say we were gonna teach her duel monsters.

Yugi: How about it Kasumi- You want us to teach you?

Kasumi: That would be okay!

Yugi: You have a deck, right?

Kasumi: Yeah I'm the one with the deck.

Yugi: Lets get some snacks and get started.

Kasumi: Great something normal to do.

=At Marik's place=

Ed: This the place.

Bakura: Yeah *Knocks on the door*

Marik: *Opens door* I TOLD YOU I DON'T WANT ANY DAMN COOKIES!!!! *Sees Bakura* What the hell happened to you?

Bakura: What do you mean?

Marik: *Points to Bakura's ears*

Bakura: Oh yeah. Some bitch turned me into a fox demon.

Ed: Isn't he cute? *Rubs ears*

Bakura: Don't touch me!

Ed: But they're so nice! They call to me.

Bakura: Get your own!

Ed: That defeats the whole purpose!

Bakura: -_- Errrrrr...!

Ed: So soft...

Marik: HAHAHA! Funny!

Ed: They are! Feel!

Marik: *Feels Bakura's ears* Oh fuzzy like a blanket!

Ed: I told you!

Bakura: STOP!

Ed: But they're nice!

Marik: Fuzzy! Lets call him FUZZY!

Ed: That's such a good idea!

Bakura: Lets not and say we did.

Ed: No can do fuzzy!

Marik: Fuzzy! *Looks at the tail* TAIL!

Ed: I forgot about that! *Starts petting Bakura's tail* It's even softer than his ears!

Bakura: stop....

Marik: Soft....!

Ed: I could do this all day!

Malik: Why is the door opened?

Marik: Cause I opened it! *Yanks Bakura's tail* Soft!

Ed: Come feel!

Malik: No I don't feel Bakura up.

Ed: We aren't feeling him up- Just his tail and ears.

Marik: Feel!

Ed: It's so soft!! *Pets some more*

Malik: *Grabs an ear* Shit...it is soft!

Bakura: STOP!

Ed: I told you!

Marik: I like!

Malik: This is fun!

Ed: Me too! And it never gets old either!

Malik: Its fuzzy!

Marik: We call him fuzzy now!

Ed: It suits him real well. Don't you guys think?

Malik and Marik: YEAH!

Bakura: You can stop now!!

Malik and Marik: NOPE! *Rubs harder*

Ed: What they said! *Pets more*

Malik: PET!

Ed: Fuzzy softness!!

Bakura: I hate you all!

Ed: I love you too Fuzzy!

Malik and Marik: FUZZY!

Some girl: *comes up* Want ta buy some cookies?

Ed: I want cookies!

Marik: How many damn times must I tell you I don't want you're damn cookies!

Ed: I want cookies...but a squirrel ate my money! Could someone buy me some?

Marik: They got you too?

Ed: Yeah! I blackmailed Seto for 500, but a damn squirrel ate my check!

Marik: That's all you got off him? I once got $1000 for not killing his brat brother.

Ed: I knew I should have gone higher! I'll do it next time. Can you lend me some cash though? Anyone?

Some girl: Hey wait a minute! You still own me $2 from last year!

Marik: Um...I don't wait your damn cookies! You can't prove anything!

Ed: He's right- you can't prove a thing. *Grabs box of cookies* Now scram!

Some girl: $2!!!

Ed: I say free!

Some Girl: $2!!!!!

Bakura: How bout a head full of lead?

Some girl: I'll get you later! *Throws her hand down and smoke engulfs her* HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ed: Oh you poor doomed child.

Smoke: *Clears and the girl is still there*

Some girl: *Blink blink* Oh right running! *Runs off*

Bakura: People of this era are very weird...

Ed: *Shakes head* As I said-doomed.

Marik: So why are you here?

Ed: *Points to Bakura* Fuzzy led me here.

Bakura: Any new plans for world domination?

Marik: Oh yeah! You have to see this new one! Its will get us Europe and kill the Pharaoh in one clean swoop.

Ed: I like murder!

Marik: I'm gonna get that Pharaoh if its the last thing I do!

Ed: Can I help?

Marik: MY revenge, go get your own!

Ed: You can lead, I just want to kill people.

Marik: Come inside and look at the plan! *Goes inside*

Malik: *Fallows*

Ed: Let's go Fuzzy! *Leaves*

Bakura: *Grumble, grumble* I'm having second thoughts about this demon thing *Goes inside*


Ed: So what's this plan of yours?

Marik: *Takes out the game Conquer and sets up his plan*

Ed: A game?

Mirlik: It's not just a game, but it's our plan! *Looks at Marik* Hey I thought I got Germany!

Marik: You do!

Mirlik: But Bakura is blue!

Marik: I thought he was green?

Bakura: no I'm red!

Marik: So who's green then?

Bakura and Mirlik: You are!

Marik: I hate that color!

Bakura: You wouldn't stop bitching about that color!

Ed: I want to play!

Marik, Mirlik, and Bakura: IT ISN'T A GAME!!!!

Ed: Ok. Well, I want to help then!

Bakura: Can I have England?

Mirlik: Go ahead.

Ed: You people haven't answered me!

Marik: It figures you'd want England...

Bakura: What does that mean?!

Ed: I'm going to start blasting if someone doesn't tell me if can help!

Bakura: Fine, help us. Don't help us! I don't care!

Ed: Yes! I claim Australia!

Marik: We haven't gotten that far

Mirlik: ....YET!

Ed: What about Russia?

Bakura: We're only going for Europe right now.

Ed: The only good place in Europe is Germany.

Mirlik: but I wanted Germany!

Ed: I want it! They have chocolate!

Mirlik: but I called it before you got here!

Ed: Lets do rock paper scissors for it. 2 out of 3 wins Germany!

Mirlik: But I called it!

Ed: But I'm here now- And I want it

Marik: But he did called it

Ed: Fine- What can I have then?

Marik: Ummm....

Ed: Is Switzerland open?

Bakura: Um I guess so

Marik: I think it works...

Mirlik: Yeah, yeah.

Ed: I get the cheese country!

Bakura: ....

Marik: ....

Mirlik: ....

Bakura: Y-eah, good for you....

Ed: What now guys?

Bakura and Mirlik: *Looks to Marik*

Marik: I never really got that far....

Ed: Are you kidding me?!

Bakura: >_< You said you had a plan!

Marik: I do....sorta.

Bakura: You're an idiot!

Ed: I think I can help you guys out. I'm good with world taking over...stuff.

Marik: I don't need help! I know I wrote it down!

Mirlik: You mean that stick figure war you drew on the napkin?

Marik: *Points at Mirlik* Don't diss my napkin damn you!

Ed: No one is dissing your napkin. First, you guys need an army. Or minions-either is good.

Marik: I told you my napkin is full proof!

Mirlik: I wiped the kitchen counter with it!

Marik: NO! My napkin! *Runs to the kitchen and starts digging through the garbage*

Ed: I'm tiring to help you guys- PAY ATTITION!!

Bakura: You trust a damn napkin?!

Marik: It was my napkin damn you! Damn you all to the underworld!


Mirlik: Now I'm hungry! Get me food!

Bakura: Get off your lazy ass and get it!

Marik: NAPKIN!!!!

Ed: That's it! *Takes Vash's gun and shoots it in the air*

Bakura: Squirrels are attacking! *Takes out a gun*

Mirlik: .....still hungry....

Marik: I just wanted my napkin! *Goes back into the living room and sits down*

Ed: There are no squirrels, I'll give you some food, and I'll get you a new napkin!

Marik: It was my napkin damn it!

Ed: HERE! *Pulls napkin out of pocket and gives it to Marik*

Marik: I had a plan!

Ed: Well make a new one!

Marik: What was it again?

Ed: Why me? *Puts head in hands*

=Game shop=

Kasumi: I win again!

Joey: How does she do it?

Kasumi: I'm good with stuff like this.

Joey: It's not fair!

Kasumi: I know the feeling

Joey: I was so sure you'd lose that time....

Yugi: You tried really hard this time Joey.

Joey: How does she do it?!?

Yugi: Um...I don't know

Joey: *Points to Kasumi* How do you do it?!!?

Kasumi: With the cards in my deck.

Joey: But how?!?

Kasumi: It could help that I know almost all of your cards, I guess.

Joey: It's not fair!!!!

Kasumi: I'm sorry it's a habit.

Joey: You must Cheat!

Kasumi: Cheating is wrong. I would never do that.

Joey: Prove it!

Kasumi: How do I prove it?

Joey: Exactly!

Kasumi: It's a " he says she says" thing.

Joey: And I say you cheat!

Kasumi: I don't cheat. Vash-sama would never cheat, so will not either.

Joey: Who's that?

Kasumi: Vash the Stampede. Only the greatest gunman ever!

Joey: Gunman?

Kasumi: Yeah. He's the best and I have his glasses. *Takes out Vash's glasses and puts them on* Aren't they cool?

Joey: Hey, those are cool!

Kasumi: Yeah he gave it to me after I got him a beer or two.... or ten.

Joey: Really?

Kasumi: Yeah, that's also how I got Wolfwood's cross.

Joey: Cross?

Kasumi: Wolfwood is a traveling priest.

Yugi: A traveling priest?

Kasumi: That's what I said.

Yugi: That's....strange.

Kasumi: Considering what the thing can do and how heavy it is, sure ya can say that.

Joey: How can a cross be heavy?

Kasumi: You want ta told it?

Joey: Sure

Kasumi: *Takes out crossgun and hands it to Joey*

Joey: 0.o Holy shit! You weren't joking!

Kasumi: Told ya so.

Crossgun: *Falls on Joey's foot*

Kasumi: Um you okay?

Joey: O.O N-not really.

Kasumi: *Lifts Crossgun up with one hand* You need to be careful with a dangerous thing like this.

Joey: Thanks for the warning.

Kasumi: Heh, I said it was heavy, that I did.

Joey: Still....Ouch.

Kasumi: I bet. It takes four normal men just to lift this.

Joey: Just....ouch

Kasumi: Is it broken?

Joey: I don't know.

Yugi: Is it that heavy?

Tristan: Can you move it?

Joey: *Tries to move foot* OWWWW!!! NO!

Kasumi: First Aid?

Joey: Yes please!

Kasumi: *puts Crossgun away and takes out Tensaiga* Coming up! *Strikes Joey with Tensaiga*

Joey: *Picks up foot and shakes it* Thanks.

Kasumi: My pleasure. *Bows*

Yugi: What do you want to do now Kasumi? Want to duel again?

Kasumi: Nope, I think we should do something else.

Yugi: What?

Kasumi: I don't know. *Sticks hand into the endless bag of...stuff* Maybe I can find something inhere.

Joey: What's in there anyway? Besides that monster I mean.

Kasumi: A lot of stuff-OW!

Yugi: What's wrong?

Kasumi: She bit me! *Glares into bag*

Joey: Who?

Kasumi: Kikyo!

Tristan: You have a person in there?

Kasumi: Rin said someone gagged her! She lied to me!

Tristan: You have more that one person in there?!?

Kasumi: Technically one isn't human.

Joey: Not human?

Kasumi: Yeah she's an evil clay bitch. Why does InuYasha like her?!

Yugi: 0.o I'm confused...

Kasumi: You should be.

Yugi: Why?

Kasumi: Because it's a long and very confusing story that a stupid demon started.

Joey: Demon?

Kasumi: Yes. Do I need to draw a diagram?

Tristan: Maybe

Kasumi: *takes out a couple InuYasha mangas* Better start reading. *Throws them at Joey and Tristan*

Yami: Comics?

Kasumi: I don't own any of the DVDs

Yugi: DVDS?

Kasumi: Yes. I only have so much money

Yugi: How will a comic tell us what you were talking about?

Kasumi: Just read.

Yugi: All right. *Starts reading*

Yami: I don't believe this.

Kasumi: With me everything is hard to believe.

Yugi: How is this story possible?

Kasumi: What do ya mean?

Yugi: How are there demons and.....stuff?

Kasumi: Cause she fell down the well.

Yugi: I still don't get it.

Kasumi: if you read on you can get it.

Yugi: I'm confused....This story is frustrating.

Kasumi: Meh, I like it. How far are ya?

Yugi: I really don't know...Something about a centipede though

Kasumi: That's the beginning. Things are always weird at the beginning.

Yugi: Well it's very weird.

Kasumi: That isn't weird.

Yugi: I'm still confused though.

Kasumi: Don't talk just read.

Yugi: *Goes back to reading*

Yami: What do you consider weird?

Kasumi: Not many stuff now a days.

Yami: Give an example of what you consider weird.

Kasumi: Me not getting hurt after something good happens

Yami: That's not weird.

Kasumi: To me yes it is. I always get hurt.

Yami: What else is weird to you?

Kasumi: Ed not wanting to kill or get drunk. Hell, that would never happen!

Yugi: Does she do that often?

Kasumi: Oi, she always does that! It's in her personality.

Yugi: How many people has she actual killed?

Kasumi: Does it count that I've brought them back?

Yugi: I guess.

Kasumi: Hmmm, *Thinks*

Yami: Well?

Kasumi: There was the time she killed me and Excel, but that was kinda my fault...

Yami: You died? How is that possible?

Kasumi: I got blown up

Yugi: Blown...Up? How are you here then?

Kasumi: The Great Will of The Universe

Yugi: I'm confused again.

Kasumi: That's because Excel Saga the most confusing and craziest place ever

Yugi: Ok then....

Kasumi: Okay in the time I've known Ed she's killed 148 people plus.

Joey: O.O

Yami: That's....a lot

Kasumi: I've brought back some of them, so no one really stays dead.

Yugi: But still...Wow.

Kasumi: You should be reading.

Yugi: It gives me a headache though.

Kasumi: Read...

Yugi: I don't want to.

Kasumi: Forget you then. I need to talk to Rin. *Sticks head in bag* HEY RIN!

Rin: *In the bag* Yes?!

Yugi: O.O

Kasumi: I need to talk to you!

Rin: Can I bring my pony?!

Kasumi: Sure!

Rin: *Comes out of bag riding Helios*

Joey: Holy Shit!

Tristan: I-I don't believe it!

Kasumi: Who took off the gag on Kikyo?

Rin: The gags off? Well, I found out George put it on, I'll have to ask who took it off.

Kasumi: Hn, George? I do need to thank him. So you have any news from inside the bag?

Rin: Well, someone opened the door to the room with a moose. He scares me.

Yugi: Moose?!

Kasumi: *Smacks forehead* Oi! I can't believe someone did that! Can't they read?!

Rin: That's what I said! Oh! By the way-I can read now!

Kasumi: *smiles* I'm so proud of you!

Rin: Yeah! A giant chicken named Lenny taught me. He was real nice!

Kasumi: Wow, you don't say.

Rin: Yup! And I really nice dragon killed him and ate him for lunch

Kasumi: Hn that's a new one. Oh when do you want to go back to your lord?

Rin: I don't care-It's fun in there. And real big!

Kasumi: So you don't want to go back to Sesshy-sama?

Rin: It doesn't matter.

Kasumi: Okay then. Figure out who ungaged Kikyo. You may go now.

Rin: Ok! I'll find out then go back to the flaming pillar of doom! That place is so fun! *Goes back in bag*

Kasumi: Ja Ne! *Waves*

Joey: O.O

Yami: What the hell was that?!?!?!

Kasumi: That was Rin. She got in there sometime or another.

Yami: A UNICORN!?!?

Kasumi: That was Pegasus aka Helios.

Yugi: I'm confused again! How do they fit in that bag?

Kasumi: Its the endless bag of...stuff.

Joey: A room with a moose?

Tristan: Flaming pillar of doom?

Kasumi: It's not mine. It's Ed's

Yami: But how do they fit?

Kasumi: Its the endless bag of...stuff.

Yugi: I still don't get it.

Kasumi: I don't either but its there.

Yami: I give up trying to understand.

Kasumi: I did that a lo-ng time ago.

Yugi: I give up too. It gives me a headache

Kasumi: its best not to think about it.

Joey: I don't think we will.

Kasumi: Hey I found playing cards!

Yugi: Playing cards?

Kasumi: Yeah, normal cards you play war and poker with.

Yugi: Why did you want them for?

Kasumi: Want ta play poker?

Yugi, Yami, Joy Tristan: Sure.

Kasumi: So what kinda rules ya want?

Yami: 5-card draw.

Kasumi: Anyone else?

Yugi: Fine with me

Joey: Ya want to spice things up?

Yugi: How do you mean Joey?

Joey: Lets make it strip poker.

Yami: Why?

Tristan: Sounds fun.

Kasumi: It will be.

Yami: All right then-I'm in.

Yugi: Me too!

Joey: This will be funny. *Takes the cards and starts shuffling them*

Yami: Just deal.

Joey: right, right, right. *Deals out cards*

Everyone: *Looks at their cards*

Joey: *Grins* Take a look *Puts down cards*

Yami: Damn! How'd you get 3 of a kind? All I have is 2 pairs. *Throws cards down*

Yugi: I just have a pair.

Tristan: I got nothing!

Kasumi: Ditto

Joey: What cards you have Kasumi?

Kasumi: *Shows cards*

Joey: You got a pair. You lose! *Laughs*

Kasumi: Oh darn.

Joey: Now you have to take something off.

Kasumi: *Looks down at herself*

Joey: We don't have all day you know.

Kasumi: Fine. Don't get all pissy. *Takes off vest* Happy?

Joey: *Grabs vest* Yes I am.

Kasumi: *Sigh* I liked that vest.

Joey: Too bad! Your deal Tristan.

Tristan: *Deals cards*

Yami: Ha! I got 4 of a kind! *Puts cards on table* Beat that!

Joey: Um, I got only two

Tristan: Damn! I still have nothing! *Slams cards down on table*

Yugi: I only got a pair too.

Kasumi: oro...

Yami: What? Let me see your cards.

Kasumi: Heh, this isn't my game. *Shows cards*

Yami: 2 pairs- But you still lose. Fork something over.

Kasumi: Hn. *Gives him her T-shirt*

Yami: Thank you! And it's my turn to deal. *Deals cards*

Joey: HA! Take a look! *Shows off cards*

Yugi: 3 of a kind. Good job Joey- I got two pairs.

Tristan: I just got a pair.

Yami. Nothing! Damn!

Kasumi: *Smirks* Lucky smiles on me. *Shows cards*

Joey: 4 of a kind? Damn you!

Kasumi: hee hee.

Yami: Ha! Joey lost to a girl!

Yugi: So did we.

Yami: No one asked you!

Kasumi: Well give me.

Joey: What do you want?

Kasumi: I kinda want my vest.

Joey: *Sighs and throws Kasumi her vest* Damn. That thing smelt nice.

Kasumi: *blinks* okay...you're weird. *Puts vest on*

Joey: What!? It did!

Kasumi: Why were you smelling my vest?

Joey: I didn't. It's just smelly.

Kasumi: Hn.

=half hour later=

Joey: So what now guys?

Kasumi: *Gets up* Maybe I'll go bug Legato until he calls me a whore and knocks me down.

Yugi: You want to do that?

Kasumi: Its something

Yami: That's real messed up.

Kasumi: No it's kinda fun. Plus that just proves I'm winning.

Yami: And how's that?

Kasumi: Oi, Gato-Chan where ya!

Legato: *Comes in* What the hell do you want?

Kasumi: What ya doin?

Legato: I don't think that's any of your concern.

Kasumi: Well, I thought you would be with Ed.

Legato: *Blinks* She left?

Kasumi: You didn't know?! For shame Gato-Chan! For shame!

Legato: It's not my fault! No one told me!

Kasumi: So you didn't know she got into a fight?

Legato: What?! When was this?!? Why does no one tell me anything!?!?

Chou: *Comes in* Someone said my name?!

Legato: Where is Master right now?

Kasumi: I don't know. Some place with Bakura

Legato: Damn!

Chou: What's going on now?

Kasumi: Stuff broom head.

Chou: Oh...

Kasumi: *thinks* Um where did she go? Ryou knows!

Ryou: They went to Malik's.

Kasumi: That name rings a bell.

Legato: *Lefts Ryou into the air* Where is this...Malik's place! You will tell me and take me there now!

Ryou: I-Um. Uh....

Legato: Don't make me hurt you! *Throws Ryou over to Kasumi*

Kasumi: *Catches Ryou* Hey! He's very fragile!

Ryou: Yeah!

Kasumi: He's British too.

Ryou: Yeah!

Kasumi: So he's naturally gonna be weak!

Ryou: Yeah- Hey wait a minute!

Kasumi: What? You want me to call you gay instead?

Ryou: Weak is fine.

Legato: Just take me there now!

Kasumi: Lead the way Ryou!

Ryou: All right! Jeeze...*Walks out*

Kasumi: Gato-Chan, Chou, lets fallow the Ryou!

Legato and Chou: RIGHT!

=Malik's place=

Kasumi: What a nice place.

Legato: Shut up whore!

Chou: So where is she?

Bushes: *Rustle*

Chou: What the hell was that?! *Hides behind Kasumi*

Kasumi: That's odd.

Legato: Whoever you are, come out now!

Some girl (From early): $2!

Chou: It's a demon! *Screams*

Kasumi: I think it's a girl scout

Chou: It's scary!

Legato: What do you want?!

Some girl: $2!

Chou: 2 what?

Some girl: Dollars damn it!

Legato: Watch your fucking mouth child!

Kasumi: You don't use that kinda language with a child!

Some girl: 2 Dollars! *Kicks Legato on the shin*

Legato: *Jumps up and down holding his leg* You stupid little shit!! *Kicks the girl*

Some girl: *Slams into the door* 2...doll...ars!

Legato: Don't mess with me you worthless child!

Mirlik: *Opens the door* I don't want your shity cookies!

Legato: Are you Malik?

Mirlik: So what if I am?

Kasumi: Can I hold your staff?!

Mirlik: What was that now?

Kasumi: Rod, whatever!

Mirlik: Do you have any idea how bad that sounds?

Kasumi: Nope, I just want it!

Mirlik: I don't even know your name.

Kasumi: *Jumps over to Mirlik* So, does it matter?!

Mirlik: Yes...I mean no...I don't know!

Kasumi: I want it now!

Mirlik: I don't care what you want!

Kasumi: But I heard your rod was very nice and shiny!

Mirlik: O.O

Kasumi: I think I saw a picture of it once

Mirlik: WHAT?!

Kasumi: Yeah, it was a nice picture of you holding it!

Mirlik: O.O

Kasumi: So can ya show it to me?

Mirlik: NO!

Kasumi: Why?

Mirlik: Because I said so! And why are you here?!

Kasumi: ED! He was being mean to me!

Ed: *Comes out eating cookies* What happened now?

Kasumi: He isn't gonna show me the millennium rod!

Ed: Just show her Mirlik. It won't do any harm. *Eats cookie*

Mirlik: She was asking for something else! She said she had pictures of me!

Kasumi: I do!

Ed: She does. I would too if I felt like downloading them. *Shrugs and eats cookie*

Mirlik: 0.o

Ed: What?

Kasumi: Where is his other half? Maybe I can ask him.

Ed: Drawing a new plan. *Sighs*

Marik: Behold!

Ed: Oh god...Not another napkin.

Marik: I said behold goddamn it!

Bakura: You're insane and stupid!

Kasumi: Bakura!

Bakura: You're here...

Ed. *Holds cookie to Marik* Cookie?

Some girl: You're standing on my head and 2 dollars!

Kasumi: You finally got that damn cookie you've been bitching about?

Ed: Yup! *Stomps on girl's head* Oh shut up!

Marik: Will someone behold...I'm all lonely...and I did a pretty plan too...NOBODY LOVES ME!!!!!

Kasumi: Ahhh, poor baby! *Hugs Marik*

Ed: Cookies....*Eats cookie*

Marik: *Sniffle* Thank you! *hugs back*

Kasumi: So can I have your rod?

Ed: You know that don't sound right?

Kasumi: It doesn't? I asked Miroku-san the same thing and he seemed happy.

Ed: *Sighs and shakes head*

Legato: Master! *Hugs Ed* I'm so sorry I left you for so long!

Ed: It's ok Legato.

Chou: Yeah we found this old guy who had this lamp with all these really neat stuff.

Legato: Oh the colors...

Ed: He had a lava lamp? Damn! I love those things!

Chou: Is that what ya call them things?

Legato: It was Hypnotizing

Ed: I could watch them for hours!

Kasumi: Hey a napkin!

Marik: NO MINE! *Holds Napkin tightly*

Ed: Oh god...Not the napkin again!

Kasumi: *Takes napkin* Its a stick figure war and a bunch of writing....?

Marik: What?!

Kasumi: *Reads* Pharaoh sucks. I rule the world. This napkin rocks so hard. I really need a new TV.

Ed: That's sad...But I've seen worse.

Kasumi: *Reads* I need new pantyhose.

Ed: Ok, now that's disturbing.

Marik: Why does everyone judge me! First Bakura, then that girl who's almost dead, then that random guy I ran over, and now you guys! It's not fair!

Ed: Amen!

Kasumi: So can I have the rod now?

Mirlik: I said NO!

Kasumi: Give it to me...NOW!

Mirlik: NO!

Kasumi: I'll rip the napkin!

Napkin: *Starts to rip a little*

Marik: *Screams*

Kasumi: *Grins* I think I'm slipping!

Ed: Just show her to keep Marik from going psycho on us

Kasumi: Yeah or the napkin gets it!

Marik: Not my napkin!!

Kasumi: Give then!

Bakura: I thought Ed was the evil one.

Kasumi: She is, I just get like this from time to time.

Ed: And she blanks out sometimes and tries to kill people. *Eats cookie*

Marik: O.o

Ed: Yup. It's like what happens when I snap, except she doesn't remember anything.

Kasumi: I don't snap!

Ed: Yes you do. Ask Lor or Legato.

Kasumi: -.- Hn! *Rips napkin a bit more*

Marik: I'll do almost anything- Just spare the napkin!

Kasumi: Then show me your rod!

Mirlik: What if I refuse? You rip a little napkin? Big deal.

Kasumi: *Rips it a little more* Now!

Mirlik: *Crosses arms* Make me.

Kasumi: *Smirks* Really? *Rips napkin more*

Mirlik: It's not my napkin.

Kasumi: Whatever I just want to see the damn rod!

Mirlik: Why?

Kasumi: Because I have the puzzle and the ring, now I want ta see your rod.

Mirlik: How did you get them?

Kasumi: I have my ways. *Grins*

Mirlik: And what are they?

Kasumi: Give me the rod and I'll show you.

Mirlik: It's inside. I was using it to hold up the shower curtain.

Kasumi: Okay then! *Disappears*

Ed: *Sighs and eats cookie*

Marik: She took the napkin!

Ed: She'll be back in a second, don't worry.

Bakura: You two are nothing but idiots, you know that?!

Ed: So what if I am?!

Kasumi: *Appears in Bakura's lap with the rod* Lookie what I got!

Bakura: How nice...Now get off me!

Kasumi: You never like to have fun. Why can't you be more like Ryou?

Bakura: Because! No get off!

Kasumi: But it's a nice place to sit.

Bakura: I said off!

Kasumi: Oro! *Falls off*

Bakura: Thank you!

Kasumi: That kinda hurt

Bakura: Too bad.

Kasumi: *Hugs Bakura* So you want to come with us?!

Bakura: Go where?

Kasumi: We go around places and take stuff.

Bakura: Can I kill people?

Kasumi: Sometimes....

Bakura: I'm in!

Kasumi: YAY! *hugs tighter*

Bakura: Can't....Breath....

Kasumi:*Lets go* can I call ya Kura-Chan?!

Bakura: No

Kasumi: But it sounds soooo cute!

Bakura: I SAID NO!

Kasumi: Okay then my little fox Demon

Bakura: *Growls*

Kasumi: Ed hand Marik his napkin drawing *Hands Ed the napkin*

Ed: Right-o captain Jell-O. *Gives Marik napkin*

Marik: *Grabs napkin and rips it in two* O.O

Ed: That wasn't smart.


Ed: It isn't that big of a deal. *Eats cookie*

Marik: I'll kill you! *points to Ed* You-you... Napkin riper!

Ed: It wasn't my fault! You're the one who ripped it!

Marik: Still...NAPKIN RIPER!!!

Kasumi: Oi, you're really high-strung about a napkin.

Ed: It was your fault- You're the napkin ripper! *Throws box of cookies at Marik*

Marik: *Grabs the box and grins evilly*


Marik: *Rips the box up* Take that napkin riper!

Ed: O.O

Legato: Master?! You okay?

Ed: He...ripped it.... He...is...so...DEAD!!! *Pulls out Vash's gun*

Kasumi: Lets go now!

Ed: Let me kill him first!

Kasumi: Would Kurama want this?

Ed: N-No...But....The cookies must be avenged!

Bakura: You ate almost the whole box!

Ed: SO?!?! I wasn't done!

Kasumi: There's a couple cookies on the floor

Ed: WHERE?!?

Kasumi: By his feet.

Ed: GIMMIE! *Starts eating cookies off of the ground*

Kasumi: But it's past the three-second rule

Ed: Don't care!

Kasumi: Ew...

Ed: But they're SO good!

Marik: You napkin riper! *Stomps on one of the cookies*

Ed: O.O

Marik: How do ya like those cookies?!

Ed: He....crushed it....

Kasumi: Come on Ed, its time to go.

Ed: But my cookie....IT MUST BE AVANGED!! *Tackles Marik*

Marik: HELP!!!!

Ed: You crushed my cookie!! You dare crush the cookie!!!!

Kasumi: ED!!!

Ed: But the cookie!

Kasumi: You can steal some cookies at the next place!

Ed: You mean it?

Kasumi: Yes. So, where ya want to go?

Ed: What did you have in mind?

Kasumi: You chose

Ed: Umm....How about Samurai deeper Kyo?

Kasumi: Okay.

Ed: *Gets off Marik* YAY!

Marik: @_@


Ed: Everyone here?

Kasumi, Legato, and Chou: Yes!

Ed: Okay, lets go to Samurai deeper Kyo 8 ball!

Magical dimensional 8 ball of magic: Okay!

Ed, Kasumi, Legato, Chou, and Bakura: *Disappear*

Some girl: *Runs into the road* Wait! $2! *Car runs her over*

Ryou: That's something you don't see everyday…

Seto: *Gets out of car* Shit!

Mokuba: *Inside the car* Did you run someone over again?

Seto: Maybe…

Ryou: You're probably going to jail for that and driving under age.

Seto: I'm rich I can do whatever I want!

Ryou: Oh right.

Seto: *Gets back into the car and drives into Marik's house*

Ryou: He needs to learn to drive…