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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

=Samurai Deeper Kyo=

Ed, Kasumi, Legato, Chou, and Bakura: *Come in*

Ed: That vortex thingy never gets old!

Bakura: Sh-shit! What the hell?!

Ed: You'll get used to it- and then it's fun!

Chou: How come nothing bad happened to him?

Ed: Who knows? Who cares?

Chou: I kinda do....

Bakura: I'm special. Now, drop it!

Ed: Yeah. Special! *Rubs ears and runs off*

Bakura: I hate that damn bitch!

Legato: *Smacks Bakura* Don't talk about master like that!

Chou: Yeah!

Kasumi: Don't hit him!

Legato: Why not? He insulted master!

Kasumi: SO?!

Legato: He deserved it!

Kasumi: Like this? *Smacks Legato*

Legato: *Smacks back*

Kasumi: *Smacks Legato again*

Legato: *Punches Kasumi*

Kasumi: You hit me?

Legato: Yes

Kasumi: You hurt me...

Legato: So?

Kasumi: You aren't allowed to hurt me. Ed said so.

Legato: No she...DAMN IT!

Kasumi: HA! I win!

Legato: I hate you....

Chou: Um, I'm going to go with master. *Leaves*

Bakura: Whatever *fallows*

Legato: *Glares then leaves*

Kasumi: Hn! *Goes off*

Ed: *Standing on a path* Hmmm.…Which way- Left, or right?

Male voice: HELP!!

Ed: Well then-Guess we're going left.

Male voice: AH!!

Ed: Right! *Runs toward voice*

Male voice: Hello? Is someone there?

Ed: Yeah. Where are you?

Male voice: Here

Ed: Where's here?

Male voice: Here's here!

Ed: Here's here here?

Male voice: Above you!

Ed: *Looks up* Well I'll be damned.

Kyoshiro: Yeah.

Ed: Doesn't all the blood rush to your head like that?

Kyoshiro: It does, so you gonna get me down?

Ed: Sure- what'll you give me?

Kyoshiro: I don't know. Maybe some of my.... company

Ed: *Raise eyebrow* Company?

Kyoshiro: *Grins*

Ed: Huh. I don't get it, but I'll let you down. *Takes out Vash's gun and shoots rope*

Kyoshiro: AH! *Lands on head* Ouch!

Ed: Sorry bout that. *Unties him* You ok?

Kyoshiro: Yes, I'm okay. *Rubs head*

Ed: It was the quickest way for me to get you down without climbing the tree. And I can't climb anyway.

Kyoshiro: Yeah I guess. So you want your reward now or later? *Grins*

Ed: *Blinks* Now?

Kyoshiro: *Leans over and kisses Ed*

Ed: *Pulls back and looks at him shocked* W-What...*Blinks*

Kyoshiro: *Moves in closer* What are you doing?

Legato: DON'T TOUCH MASTER!!!!!! *Kicks Kyoshiro in the head*

Kyoshiro: *Goes flying into a tree*

Ed: Legato?

Legato: *Hugs Ed* Master are you okay?! Did this bastard hurt you in anyway?! I'll kill him if you want!

Ed: It's ok Legato. I'm fine. Shocked, but fine.

Kyoshiro: Ow, my head...again.

Legato: Stay back fiend! *Holds Ed protectively*

Ed: I'm ok Legato. He didn't hurt me.

Kyoshiro: What? I was giving her what I owed her!

Ed: So what you did, it was payment for me helping you out of the tree?

Kyoshiro: Yeah, but I could do more if you want.... *Grins*

Legato: *Starts growling*

Ed: *Blushes and starts laughing nervously*

Legato: Back off!

Ed: It's ok Legato. He's not an enemy.

Kasumi: *Appears next to Ed and Legato* Ed are you okay?

Ed: I'm fine.

Kasumi: *Looks at Kyoshiro* Is Gato-Chan being mean to that guy?

Ed: It's all right. Why is everyone getting so worked up?

Kasumi: Because Gato-Chan doesn't hold you like that unless you're worked up.

Ed: I'm fine- Really I am!

Kasumi: Is he? He's looking at us weird....

Ed: YES!

Kasumi: Okay then...

Ed: Thank you. And you can let go of me Legato.

Legato: Yes Master. *Lets go*

Ed: Thank you.

Kasumi: *Goes over to Kyoshiro* Hi, who are you?

Kyoshiro: Kyoshiro, and you all are?

Kasumi: That's Ed and the guy is Legato, but I call him Gato-Chan. *Smiles*

Legato: *Glares and growls*

Kasumi: He does that. He's very protective of Ed.

Kyoshiro: Are they together or something?

Kasumi: Nope, she's his master.

Ed: Yeah!

Kasumi: He's real good at his job too.

Ed: Yup! Real loyal and....stuff.

Legato: *Glares at Kasumi and Kyoshiro*

Ed: No reason to be upset Legato. Everything is ok.

Kasumi: He's a bit of a grouch.

Ed: He can't help it. *Pats Legato on the head*

Kasumi: I'm Kasumi.

Kyoshiro: It's good to meet you all.

Kasumi: Ditto

Ed: Uh huh.

Kasumi: Ohh you have a sword!

Kyoshiro: Yeah, I do.

Ed: Give it here!

Kasumi: Let me see!

Kyoshiro: *Holds sword protectively to his chest* But it's mine!

Ed: *Runs over and tries to pull it away* Come on! Give it to me!

Kasumi: I'm the sword person! *Kicks Ed away*

Ed: *Pushes Kasumi* No! You got too many! I only got one! So it's mine! Please Kyoshiro- Can I have it?

Kasumi: NO! *Jumps on top of Kyoshiro*

Ed: *Pushes Kasumi off him and hugs him* Please Kyoshiro. I'll do anything you want me too! I just want your sword.

Kasumi: But I want his sword!

Ed: I saw him first and he owes me! I'll do anything to get that sword!

Kyoshiro: Anything?

Ed: Anything! I just want your sword!

Kyoshiro: Can I have your company for the night?

Ed: *Blinks* Company? Well, if I can get your sword- Sure.

Kasumi: Ed doesn't have a company.

Ed: I don't get it, but I want his sword!

Legato: *Grabs the sword and hands it to Ed* Here you go master.

Ed: Yay! I win! Thanks Legato!

Legato: Your welcome master. *Glares at Kyoshiro*

Kyoshiro: What?!

Legato: Stay away from her!

Kasumi: Gato-Chan leave him alone damn it!

Legato: Why should I?

Kasumi: Because he's a nice guy.

Ed: And cause I said so! *Goes over and hugs Kyoshiro*

Kyoshiro: *Grins* So I guess you and me are gonna have a nice night together?

Ed: I don't get it exactly, but sure.

Legato: Master!

Kasumi: *Sigh* Not fair!

Ed: Legato, stay with Kasumi. That's an order. I'll be fine.

Kasumi: I wanted his sword!

Ed: Too bad! *Laughs* I got it fair and square. Right Kyoshiro?

Kyoshiro: Sure. *Wraps his arm around Ed's waist*

Ed: See? I win!

Kasumi: Hn, fine...

Ed: Yay! I love it when I'm right.

Legato: Master, please do not go with this man.

Ed: I'll be fine. Like I said, I don't need you to guard me all the time. I'm a big girl; I can take care of myself.

Legato: As...you....wish....master

Ed: Thank you for understanding Legato. Led the way Kyoshiro!

Kyoshiro: You're very eager! I like that. *Pulls Ed away*

Legato: I have a feeling I'm really going to regret this.

Kasumi: I wanted the sword! Why did you give it to Ed?!

Legato: Because she's my master and she wanted it

Kasumi: *Sigh* I can't argue with that logic

Legato: *Sighs as well*

Kasumi: Do you think he gives off a weird vibe or is it just me?

Legato: I agree. I really don't like him, at all.

Kasumi: I like him a lot, but he has an evil presence about him.

Legato: I don't like him at all.

Kasumi: You don't like anyone, but Ed.

Legato: So?

Kasumi: It's no wonder you don't like him

Legato: I'm glad you understand.

Kasumi: It's a first

Legato: Yes, yes it is.

Kasumi: So what did he mean by company?

Legato: *Whispers in Kasumi's ear*

Kasumi: What does that mean?

Legato: Your joking, right?

Kasumi: No, I've never heard of that.

Legato: *Sighs* Let me explain it in terms you understand- *Whispers in Kasumi's ear again*

Kasumi: That doesn't make sense! What does that have to do with company?

Legato: Are you that stupid? *Whispers in her ear*

Kasumi: I'm not stupid I'm ignorant…oh…. *Eyes widen* OH! You mean Furi Kuri?

Legato: Yes whore. Now was that so hard?

Kasumi: I-I-I didn't know that he meant something like THAT!

Legato: You of all people I thought would understand.

Kasumi: Why would I understand things like that? All the things I know, I've asked Ed about them.

Legato: You mean that master has told you all that you know?

Kasumi: Yes. If she hadn't, I wouldn't really know anything at all.

Legato: Wow…Master told you how to be a whore. I wouldn't have expected it.

Kasumi: HEY! I'm not a whore!

Legato: You are so sad. *Shakes head*

Kasumi: I am not

Legato: Trust me- you are. Just shut up. It'll make us all a lot happier

Kasumi: I'm gonna find Ed and tell her.

Legato: That would be smart.

Kasumi: *Disappears*

Legato: Thank god she's gone.

Bakura: You really hate her don't you?

Legato: Yes, yes I do.

=Someplace that can't name=

Kyoshiro: So, you want to make the first move or should I?

Ed: First move?

Kyoshiro: Yeah, you or me?

Ed: Since I have no earthly idea what you're talking about-You.

Kyoshiro: Okay then!


Ed: *Blinks* He said I was keeping him company.

Yuya: Kyoshiro!

Kyoshiro: Heh, heh. Well, you see…um company…

Kasumi: *Pops upside down out of a tree* Hey Ed! I think I found out what he meant by company!

Ed: Really? What is it?

Kasumi: *Grins* Hee hee, Furi Kuri

Ed: Are you positive?

Kasumi: *Nods*

Yuya: Kyoshiro, who are these girls?!

Ed: You mean…*Turns to Kyoshiro* You perv!

Kyoshiro: What?

Yuya: You know damn well what you did!

Ed: I can't believe I almost did…bad stuff with you!

Kasumi: Tisk Kyoshiro, you shouldn't do stuff like that.

Ed: Yeah! Why didn't you say want your real intentions from the beginning? That would have saved me a lot of trouble and embarrassment.

Kyoshiro: I said company! What more do you want?

Kasumi: How bout not using slang?

Ed: Yeah! I had no idea what you were talking about.

Kyoshiro: I thought you did!

Kasumi: Guess you were very wrong.

Yuya: You could have ASKED!

Kyoshiro: Um….

Ed: Exactly!

Yuya: God you're stupid Kyoshiro!

Kyoshiro: *Lowers his head*

Ed: You look so pitiful. * Sighs* It's ok. I forgive you. So don't look so sad.

Kasumi: Poor babe… *Jumps out of the tree and hugs Kyoshiro* I'm sorry!

Ed: Yeah. I guess I should have caught on earlier.

Yuya: I don't believe you two!

Kasumi: Why? He's sorry. Right?

Kyoshiro: Yeah, yeah! I'm real sorry!

Ed: Problem solved.

Yuya: No it's not!

Kasumi: Why's that?

Yuya: Because it isn't!

Kasumi: Hn, well we forgive him and that's all that matters.

Kyoshiro: Yeah, what she said!

Ed: Lighten up- He's a guy.

Yuya: No I won't!

Kasumi: Oro? Don't ya think ya bein' a little hard on the guy?

Yuya: No

Ed: I do. Kyoshiro isn't all that bad.

Kasumi: He's adorable.

Kyoshiro: So do you want my company?

Ed: Sorry but no.

Yuya: I can't believe you would ask them that!

Kyoshiro: It was worth a try.

Kasumi: But it was in vain. Too bad.

Ed: Yup. We'll travel with you guys though.

Yuya: Why?

Kasumi: Cause we're kinda lost.

Ed: And we have absolutely nothing to do. Is that good enough for you?

Yuya: For now.

Kasumi: Thank you. You wouldn't regret this!

Ed: We'll all have lots of fun! This is going to be great!

Kyoshiro: I bet! Oh this lovely lady is Yuya.

Yuya: *Glares*

Ed: Hi there. I'm Ed and this is Kasumi.

Kasumi: It's a pleasure to meet you. *Bows*

Ed: So formal…Well, where are we off to?

Kyoshiro: The closest town.

Kasumi: That sounds good.

Ed: Hurray! We'll meet with the others later. They'll be fine on their own.

Yuya: Who are "they"?

Kasumi: We have a little group that we travel with.

Ed: Two of them are my minions.

Kyoshiro: Really, is there another guy?

Kasumi: Yes, Kura-Chan. He's with us too.

Ed: He's a fox demon now. He looks kinda like Kurama. Chou's my other minion. You met Legato already.

Kyoshiro: A demon?!

Kasumi: We just call him that, ha ha.

Ed: He's so cute! Not as much as Kurama, but cute.

Kyoshiro: I don't know who Kurama is.

Ed: He the greatest! I'll show you a picture of him if you guys want. I brought the magic binder of anime!

Kasumi: No binder!

Ed: But it's so great! It has so much! *Starts digging in bag*

Yuya: Binder?

Kasumi: Its like a big book where you can put and take things out.

Ed: Got it! *Pulls out a huge binder, opens it, and pulls out a picture of Kurama* Isn't he just the greatest?

Kyoshiro: I yeah I guess…

Ed: *Hugs picture* I love him!

Yuya: Its sweet you have a picture of your boyfriend.

Ed: I have over 120 pictures actually.

Yuya: Wow…That's a lot.

Kasumi: That's in the binder alone. God only knows all together!

Kyoshiro: Wow….

Ed: I'm obsessed, what can I say?

Yuya: I'll say.

Kasumi: That's enough of your obsession. Lets go to town.

Kyoshiro: Okay then sounds good.

Ed: Yeah! *Puts binder back in bag* Which way?

Yuya: That way. *Points*

Kasumi: Lets go then!

Ed: This is going to be fun!

=Some Random Town=

Ed: What now?

Kyoshiro: We should find someplace to sleep for the night. It's starting to get a bit late.

Kasumi: All right a bed!

Ed: Well duh. He meant like an inn or something. And there's one right there. *Points to a building with "Inn" In huge bold letters*

Kasumi: Hn, well I don't always get the same sleep luxuries as you do Ed.

Ed: Whatever- But I'm going to need a bath. I really need to wash my hair and my muscles are sore.

Kasumi: Same here.

Kyoshiro: Really?

Ed: Yeah. My legs hurt. Soaking in a nice hot bath will help them. And I feel gross. It's a good thing I got soap and stuff in my bag.

Kasumi: I'm sure the hotel has some mini soaps and stuff.

Kyoshiro: *Drools*

Yuya: *Smacks Kyoshiro over the head* Get your mind out of the gutter!

Kyoshiro: Ouch!

Ed: But I want to use my own. *Opens bag* Jenny? Can you bring me soap, shampoo, and conditioner please?

Jenny: *Pops out of bag* Here you are ma'am. *Hands Ed stuff* Enjoy your bath and have a nice day. *Goes back in*

Kyoshiro: O.O

Yuya: O.O

Kasumi: Ed! Don't do that in front of people!!!

Ed: What!? We needed stuff and she's my maid like person that organizes everything since I can't. Lets just go. *Goes into inn*

Kasumi: *Sigh* Baka….

=In the Inn, after the girls take a bath=

Kyoshiro: Took you girls long enough.

Ed: We wanted to relax.

Kasumi: You should have taken a bath yourself.

Kyoshiro: I had other things to do.

Kasumi: Hn, your lose then.

Kyoshiro: Not really.

Kasumi: You don't like to have that much fun then.

Kyoshiro: I have lots of fun!

Kasumi: Sure ya do.

Kyoshiro: I do!

Ed: I believe him.

Kasumi: I don't know that much about you, so I guess I can't make that accusation.

Kyoshiro: Thank you!

Kasumi: Your welcome.

Ed: Can we get food now?

Yuya: Definitely! I'm so hungry!

Kyoshiro: All right then. I think I saw a restaurant a little way back.

Kasumi: Great.

Yuya: Yeah!

Ed: Need food...

Kyoshiro: Ok then- lets go.

=At the restaurant=

Ed: *Stuffing her face*

Kasumi: *Staring at her stake*

Ed: What is it?

Kasumi: Did you know these things could be so big?

Ed: Duh! These are small compared to the ones my dad gets sometimes.

Kasumi: Wow...this is amazing. It's just so big.

Ed: I think they're perfect!

Kasumi: still... wow

Ed: *Shakes head*

Yuya: You don't eat out much do you?

Kasumi: Nope, always cook myself.

Ed: I never go out to eat either.

Kasumi: I mainly have rice at home or whatever we get at the Asian market.

Ed: My parents usually cook for me.

Yuya: You still live with your parents?

Ed: SO? Is that a problem?

Yuya: No.

Ed: Good then.

Kasumi: Don't be so defensive Ed.

Ed: I can't help it.

Kasumi: You need to learn to be friendly.

Ed: That's fine

Kasumi: Hn. *Drinks Tea*

Ed: Whatever. *Sips sake*

Kasumi: *Starts to eat stake*

Ed: *Drinks more sake*

Yuya: It seems like you two don't get along very well.

Ed: We do. We've been best friends since 7th grade.

Kasumi: Ed shut up!

Kyoshiro: Grade?

Ed: Yeah- school. *Sips sake*

Yuya: Oh what kinda school?

Ed: Learning school.

Kasumi: All schools are for learning idiot.

Ed: Oh yeah. Give me a break. I'm starting to get drunk and my minds all fuzzy.

Kasumi: You really need to learn how to hold your alcohol!

Ed: I can hold it; I just get drunk kinda easy.

Kasumi: *Frowns* I hope you past out. *Sips tea*

Ed: Hey.... *Drinks more*

Kasumi: You're wasting their money too.

Ed: Am not!

Kasumi: How many jugs are you going to have this time, en?

Ed: I was thinking 23

Kasumi: No way. Not tonight Ed.

Ed: You can't stop me.

Kasumi: I said no.

Ed: And I said yes.

Kasumi: I'm cutting you off.

Ed: They don't mind me drinking, do you?

Kyoshiro: Not at all.

Kasumi: You will after the fifth one

Kyoshiro: I will?

Kasumi: Yes, she'll go nuts and want to kill something or one.

Ed: I'll try not to this time, I promise.

Kasumi: It never fails. Remember what ya did to Knives?

Ed: That was an accident! He surprised me!

Yuya: Knives?

Kasumi: Yeah a friend's brother and she shot him in the head!

Ed: I said I was sorry!

Kasumi: But you did it!

Ed: Forget you!

Yuya: 0.o

Kasumi: There's also when you chased Kenshin-sama down and the gnawed on Yahiko's head.

Ed: You told me he was Kurama!

Kasumi: What about Yahiko?

Ed: Ok, him I can't explain.

Kasumi: Then afterwards you killed him and Kaoru-dono.

Ed: That's cause you pissed me off!

Kasumi: About all was caused by you drinking!

Ed: So? Why can't you ever let me have fun?!

Kasumi: If I did let you have fun many innocent people would be dead!

Ed: Big deal!

Kasumi: HN!

Ed: *Drinks more*

Kasumi: *Growls*

Ed: *Drinks*

Kasumi: *Glares*

Ed: *Chugs sake*

Yuya: Ummmm....

Ed: *Now completely drunk* Who wants to party?!

Kasumi: *Eyes flash*

Kyoshiro: I do!

Kasumi: Ed isn't going to party tonight.

Kyoshiro: Why not?

Ed: Yeah, why? I want to party!

Kasumi: *Eyes flash again* You don't need to!

Ed: I want to party though! And so does Kyoshiro!

Kyoshiro: Yeah!

Kasumi: Don't make me hurt you both!

Ed: I just want to have fun! *Hugs Kyoshiro*

Kasumi: *Grabs Ed by the neck* What did I just say?!

Ed: I just want fun!

Kasumi: *Chokes Ed* Hn.

Ed: Let go!

Kasumi: *Smirks and holds on tighter*

Ed: Gah! *Grabs Kasumi's hands* Off!

Kasumi: Pity that you're so weak or you could make me let go.

Ed: *Gasping for air* C-come on! I-I meant n-nothing by it!

Kyoshiro: Hey, let her go! She didn't do anything!

Kasumi: What are you gonna do?

Kyoshiro: Just let her go!

Kasumi: Make me! *Grabs Tetsusaiga's hilt*

Kyoshiro: I don't want to!

Ed: *Starting to turn blue* H-help me!

Kasumi: That's because I can kill you in one swing!

Kyoshiro: I can, I just don't want too!

Kasumi: *Smirks* Sure....

Kyoshiro: Just let her go!

Kasumi: How bout I kill you instead?!

Kyoshiro: How about no!

Ed: Can't...Breath....

Kasumi: I'll just kill you after I kill her. *Squeezes tighter*

Ed: I'm...Sorry!

Kasumi: Thank you

Ed: Can…you please....Let me go?

Kasumi: No, I'm still gonna kill you, but thanks anyways.

Ed: Not fair!

Kasumi: Life isn't fair

Ed: *Starts coughing*

Kyoshiro: Let her go now!

Kasumi: Sorry, but your request has been denied. Don't ask again.

Kyoshiro: It wasn't a request!

Kasumi: Demand whatever

Kyoshiro: Just let her go! I thought she was your best friend!

Kasumi: My only friend is my sword.

Kyoshiro: Don't make me hurt you!

Kasumi: I dare ya!

Yuya: Everyone, just calm down!

Kasumi: *Chuckles* You act as if I'll listen.

Ed: Please let go....

Kyoshiro: I will kill you!

Kasumi: Not if I kill you first

Kyoshiro: *Growls*

Kasumi: What's wrong? Getting angry?

Kyoshiro: You will die if you do not let her go.

Kasumi: *licks her lips* I love a good challenge.

Kyoshiro: As do I.

Kasumi: I think I'm beginning to like you a little bit.

Kyoshiro: I believe we should take this outside.

Kasumi: Why do people like to go outside?

Kyoshiro: I don't to destroy this restaurant.

Kasumi: I'm not letting go of her until she's dead!

Kyoshiro: You'll let go now!

Kasumi: Hn!

Kyoshiro: I said now!

Kasumi: We don't always get what we want!

Kyoshiro: I don't care- I said let go!

Kasumi: I don't care-I said Hn!

Kyoshiro: And I said let go!

Kasumi: And I said Hn! Are you deaf?!

Kyoshiro: No! Are you?

Kasumi: No! I have very good hearing! I just choose to ignore you!

Kyoshiro: And so do I!

Kasumi: ....Stop copying me!

Kyoshiro: You're copying me!

Kasumi: Am not!

Kyoshiro: Are too!

Kasumi: No way you are!

Kyoshiro: You are!

Kasumi: You suck!

Kyoshiro: No you do!

Kasumi: *Throws Ed to the side* Oh Yeah?!

Ed: Sweet air!

Kyoshiro: Yeah!

Kasumi: *Smacks Kyoshiro* DICK!

Kyoshiro: *Hits her back* BITCH!

Kasumi: *Smacks Kyoshiro again*

Kyoshiro: *hits back*

Kasumi: *smacks again*

Kyoshiro: *Hits again*

Kasumi: *Grabs both of Kyoshiro's hands*

Kyoshiro: Let go now.

Kasumi: Don't you want to play with me?

Kyoshiro: No

Kasumi: *Starts digging her in to Kyoshiro's wrists making it draw blood*

Kyoshiro: *Glares and growls*

Kasumi: Oh so scary...

Ed: Stop it now Kasumi!

Kasumi: *Eyes flash* Why? What's he gonna do?

Ed: Just please Kasumi. You know I love violence more than anyone, but please stop.

Kasumi: I stop for no one!

Ed: Not even for Hiei? What if Hiei told you to stop?

Kasumi: Hn, Hiei wants me to. Also Vash-sama and Kenshin-sama. *Smirks*

Ed: You think Vash and Kenshin want you to kill?! They both took refuse not to kill!

Kasumi: Yes! Kenshin's gone Battousai and Vash is in psycho mode!

Ed: And so are you!

Kasumi: Go to hell!

Ed: I've already been!

Kasumi: Who cares?! I thought you wanted to party!

Ed: I do! But if my friend blanks out, I can't!

Kasumi: *Lets go of Kyoshiro* How bout I kill you now?! It will save me sometime!

Ed: I'll be the one doing the killing!

Kasumi: *Removes Tetsusaiga from her side*

Ed: *Brings out Tokijin*

Kasumi: *Disappears*

Ed: I hate it when she does that.

Kasumi: *Appears behind Ed and stabs her in the stomach*

Ed: D-Damn!

Kasumi: *Kicks Ed off her blade and to the ground*

Ed: *Hits the ground hard* Ah! Damn!

Kasumi: Hn, like I said-WEAK! Who's next?!

Ed: *Stands up* Who said I was done!

Kasumi: *Slams Ed through a wall* Piss off!

Ed: I'm not going to give up- So screw you!

Kasumi: Let me fight Kyoshiro! He maybe able to give me a little fun!

Ed: N-no!

Kasumi: Get the hell out of my way!!!!

Ed: NO!

Kasumi: *Grabs Ed's arm and throws her into space*

Ed: Nooooooooo!

Kyoshiro: Why did you do that?!

Kasumi: I hate it when people get in my way...

Kyoshiro: Oh...

Kasumi: Now its time for me to kill everyone!

Kyoshiro: I don't think so.

Kasumi: Think what you want! I can slaughter a 100 people in one swing and I attend to use that power!

Kyoshiro: Not if I stop you.

Kasumi: Sorry, but I don't think its gonna happen!

Kyoshiro: I think it will.

Kasumi: Then do it!

Kyoshiro: I don't want to have to.

Kasumi: *Charges at Kyoshiro*

Kyoshiro: *Draws his sword*

Kasumi: *Stops* How did you get that back?

Kyoshiro: *Blinks* I don't know.

Kasumi: Meh....*Charges again*

Kyoshiro: * Turns into Kyo and Charges*

Kasumi: *Swings*

Kyo: *Blocks*

Kasumi: *Goes down and tries to trip Kyo*


Kasumi: Oro? *Looks up*

Kyo: *Swings*

Kasumi: ORO!! *Rolls out of the way*

Kyo: You aren't half bad. It's a shame I have to kill you.

Kasumi: Hn, thanks.

Kyo: You're welcome. *Swings again*

Kasumi: *Blocks with Tetsusaiga*

Kyo: As I said- Not bad.

Kasumi: *Throws Kyo back*

Kyo: *Charges again*

Kasumi: *Gets into a pose*

Kyo: *Swings*

Kasumi: *Ducks and gives him an upper cut to the jaw*

Kyo: *Stumbles back, then hits Kasumi over the head*

Kasumi: *Falls face first on the ground*

Kyo: *Smirks* You deserved it. Don't say I never warned you.

Kasumi: *Gets up and backs away a little*

Kyo: What's wrong? Lost your fighting spirit?

Kasumi: N-no. Of coarse not!

Kyo: Are you scared?

Kasumi: No!

Kyo: Liar.

Kasumi: Errrrrr! I am not afraid! *Charges again*

Kyo: *Blocks* Yes you are. *Pushes Kasumi back*

Kasumi: What makes you think that?

Kyo: Just a feeling.

Kasumi: *Glares* No, no! You're wrong!!

Kyo: I'm right, and you know it.

Kasumi: NO!

Kyo: YES!

Kasumi: M-my head! *Holds forehead*

Kyo: What's wrong with you now?

Kasumi: I'm not going to stop... *blinks* But Love and Peace.... *Shakes head* NO!

Kyo: What the hell are you babbling about?!

Kasumi: *Swings at Kyo*

Kyo: *Blocks*

Kasumi: *Pushes forward*

Kyo: *Pushes back*

Kasumi: Crap...Why can't I have any upper body strength? *Starts to be pushed back a little*

Kyo: *Smirks and pushes harder*

Kasumi: Oro!

Kyo: I suggest you give in- I might make your death quick and painless if you do.

Kasumi: I will not die like this! *Flips Kyo over her*

Kyo: *Lands and charges*

Kasumi: *Jumps up and lands on Kyo's head*

Kyo: *Grabs Kasumi's ankles and throws her across the room*

Kasumi: *Breath heavily* damn it....

Kyo: Do you give up yet?

Kasumi: I.... can't…do...that! *Tries to get up* And it seems I can't stand either....

Kyo: That's too bad. It seems as though you have lost.

Kasumi: I maybe down but not out! *Digs into her vest pocket*

Kyo: What are you doing now?

Kasumi: Found it! *Shows off jewel shard*

Kyo: What the hell is that?!

Kasumi: *Puts shard in her leg* Hopefully it will work, this time.

Kyo: How stupid are you?

Kasumi: *Gets up*

Kyo: So, you're up for another round?

Kasumi: *Smirks* Hell yeah!

Kyo: All right then. I like your style. *Charges*

Kasumi: Heh heh.

Kyo: *Swings*

Kasumi: *Slides Tetsusaiga blade against Kyo's and elbows him in the face*

Kyo: *Stumbles back, growls, and punches Kasumi in the face*

Kasumi: *Holds her face* Ouch...

Kyo: *Punches again*

Kasumi: EEP!

Kyo: *Uppercuts Kasumi in the stomach*

Kasumi: *Coughs up blood and flies back*

Kyo: *Stands over her* Do you give up now?

Kasumi: Umm let me get back to you on that one.

Kyo: *Puts sword to Kasumi's throat* I think now.

Kasumi: Naw, that isn't to good for me...

Kyo: I think so. Speak now or die slowly.

Kasumi: *Takes the blade and pushes it to the side* Please don't do that. I can't think like that.

Kyo: Fine. *Sheathes sword*

Kasumi: Um….

Kyo: Just tell me- Do you give up?

Kasumi: I don't want ta that would be admitting that you're better then me!

Kyo: Well I am

Kasumi: Yes, but I can't say it...

Kyo: Just say it!

Kasumi: Make me!

Kyo: *Points sword to her throat* Say it or die.



Kasumi: No you jerk!

Kyo: I will kill you slowly if you do not say that you give up! Now say it!

Kasumi: Hmmm I have three chooses, but which one to chose.

Kyo: You have two choices- Die slow and painfully, or die quick and painless.

Kasumi: Or kick you in your nuts and run like hell

Kyo: Like I would let you.

Kasumi: yeah your legs are wide open

Kyo: *Takes a step back and closes legs* Thanks for telling me.

Kasumi: Okay now I'm back to two. Damn it I'm my own worst enemy!

Kyo: Well, choose.

Kasumi: Should I start screaming or something?

Kyo: That would be nice.

Kasumi: Well forget that then! *Gets up*

Kyo: Did I say you could get up? *Pushes Kasumi back down*

Kasumi: Don't push me! *Pushes Kyo*

Kyo: I suggest you not push me- I'm thinking of letting you live.

Kasumi: Hn, I don't know who you think you are, but I will not let you walk all over me like that

Kyo: You don't have any other choice.

Kasumi: *Slaps Kyo* How dare you act that way!

Kyo: *Grabs her wrist* You had better stop before you do something you'll regret.

Kasumi: Unhand me! *Tries to backhand Kyo*

Kyo: *Holds tighter* You had better stop.

Kasumi: Let go! *Slaps Kyo again*

Kyo: Stop it now! *Slaps her back*

Kasumi: *Smacks him harder*

Kyo: *Pins her hands above her head* I said stop.

Kasumi: *Knees him* NO!

Kyo: *Backhands her*

Kasumi: Let me go!

Kyo: I don't think so.

Kasumi: Stop you're kinda hurting me!

Kyo: I care why?

Kasumi: *Tires to knee Kyo again*

Kyo: *Dodges* You can't win. Just give in.

Kasumi: No!

Kyo: *Sighs* You are very difficult.

Kasumi: I can make a lot of noise too!

Kyo: Really now?

Kasumi: yeah!

Kyo: Hmmm...I think I have a use for you. *Smirks evilly*

Kasumi: Let me go!

Kyo: I don't think so. *Looks Kasumi up and down*

Kasumi: *Wiggles around trying to get out of Kyo's grasp*

Kyo: You aren't going anywhere.

Kasumi: *Puts her leg on Kyo stomach* I said off!

Kyo: *Pulls her foot off* Just stop squirming.

Kasumi: *stops and whimpers a bit*

Kyo: Good girl, *Looks her over again* very… good girl. *Grins*

Kasumi: *Looks in Kyo's eyes* What ya gonna do now?

Kyo: Wouldn't you like to know. *Smirks again*

Kasumi: In a way yeah.

Kyo: Well, I was think of...*Whispers in Kasumi's ear*

Kasumi: What does a cat have to do with this and why would you lick it?

Kyo: That's for me to know, and you to find out.

Kasumi: How can it be mine? I don't even own a cat!

Kyo: I said you would find out. *Pulls Kasumi close*

Kasumi: Miroku-san did this a lot...

Kyo: Really now? Well he's not here.

Kasumi: I know

Kyo: Exactly. *Smirks*

Kasumi: *Tries to claw at Kyo's hands*

Kyo: That's not going to work. *Pulls Kasumi closer*

Kasumi: my you're warm...

Kyo: So are you.

Kasumi: Most of the time I'm very cold.

Kyo: Well, right now you're very warm.

Kasumi: *Shakes a bit*

Kyo: *Holds tighter*

Kasumi: *breaths Heavily*

Kyo: *Sighs and smiles*

Kasumi: I'm feeling very weird...

Kyo: That's a good thing.

Kasumi: really? It just feels odd.

Kyo: I'm positive.

Kasumi: *Looks down at herself* Um

Kyo: Maybe you and I should go somewhere private

Kasumi: Why?

Kyo: You'll see.

Kasumi: Are we gonna have fun?

Kyo: Of course. Lots of fun.

Kasumi: *Smiles* YAY fun!

Kyo: Yeah, fun.

Kasumi: Lets go then! Take me now!

Kyo: As you wish!

Kasumi: Yeah now!

Kyo: *Leaves dragging Kasumi behind him*

=At Inn=

Kasumi: I can't wait!

Kyo: Neither can I.

Kasumi: Give it to me now! I want fun!

Kyo: You got it! *Leans over to kiss Kasumi*

Ed: *Comes out of nowhere and punches Kyo in the face* Stay back asshole!

Kasumi: Ed! What are you doing?! I was gonna have fun!

Ed: No you weren't! You were going to be....tortured! He just lied to you!

Kasumi: He said this feeling I was getting was a good one!

Ed: He was lying!

Kasumi: Are you sure? It felt odd, but I'm not sure...

Ed: Positive!

Kasumi: Oh...

Ed: *sighs* Hey, Kyoshiro- Are you back to normal now?

Kyoshiro: Ow my face...what happened?

Ed: Good- Your back to normal. You went Kyo for a while.

Kasumi: what or who's Kyo?

Ed: It's the demon that he's kinda posed with.

Kasumi: I want Kyo back then!

Ed: NO!

Kasumi: *Shakes Kyoshiro* Kyo come back!

Kyoshiro: I don't really control him!

Kasumi: What about the cat and the fun?

Kyoshiro: I don't know- I never remember what Kyo does. He's a bit like his own person.

Kasumi: But...but...

Ed: Let it go Kasumi.

Kasumi: You always ruin my fun!

Ed: You know what? I'm going to pass out now. *Falls over*

Kasumi: Well she's gone.

Kyoshiro: *Runs over to Ed* Is she ok?

Kasumi: Why wouldn't she be?

Kyoshiro: People don't pass out for no reason!

Kasumi: She does it all the time.

Kyoshiro: That's not a good thing!

Kasumi: Ed's weird like that.

Kyoshiro: Aren't you even going to help her?!

Kasumi: Help...her?

Kyoshiro: Gah! She's lucky I make medicine. Put her on the bed and I'll help her. *Goes over to and starts digging through his stuff*

Kasumi: Okay then...weird. *Picks Ed up and puts her on the bed* Hn. *Looks at bloody hand* OH CRAP WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER?!?!

Kyoshiro: Huh? Oh god! That was the last thing I remember! You stabbed her! *Digs faster*

Kasumi: Whoa, whoa. whoa! Time out! What do you mean "I" Stabbed her?!

Kyoshiro: That doesn't matter! She's lost a lot of blood by the looks of it. We need to stop the bleeding first.

Kasumi: This is bad. Maybe we have something. *Looks into the endless bag of...stuff*

Kyoshiro: I don't believe she had the strength to do all she did. She should have passed out long ago

Kasumi: You would be surprise about the will to live.

Kyoshiro: Does she have spare clothes? These ones are kinda of ruined and I need to put some bandages on her.

Kasumi: What the hell am I doing?!

Kyoshiro: I don't know! But you need to help me before she dies!

Kasumi: She can die and I can still save her.

Kyoshiro: Well, I need to put some bandages on. Find her some clothes because this shirt has to go.

Kasumi: *Takes out Tensaiga*

Kyoshiro: What's that for?!

Kasumi: To put her out of her misery!

Kyoshiro: Don't kill her! She can still live!

Kasumi: *Looks at him* Killing is wrong! I would never do that! I'm a warrior of Love and Peace! I just have to do what's best for her. *Raises Tensaiga*

Kyoshiro: NO!

Kasumi: What?

Kyoshiro: Don't kill her!

Kasumi: I'm not gonna kill her. *Gets ready to swing*

Kyoshiro: Don't touch her!

Kasumi: Do you want her to die?!

Kyoshiro: That's exactly why I want you to stay away from her!

Kasumi: But....

Kyoshiro: Just keep away!

Kasumi: *Hits Ed and Kyoshiro* See was that so hard now?

Kyoshiro: H-How am I not dead?

Kasumi: Oi Ed get up!

Ed: *Blinks and sits up* What's happening now?

Kasumi: You were dying.

Ed: Really? That's not cool.

Kasumi: You laughed when I died!

Ed: That's cause you blew up.

Kasumi: *Sigh*

Ed: Look at my shirt! It's ruined! I loved that shirt...

Kasumi: Just wash it.

Ed: It's ripped!

Kasumi: I can sew it for you.

Ed: I'll need a shirt to wear while you do that.

Kasumi: How bout Aoshi's jacket?

Ed: You got his jacket?!

Kasumi: Yeah when you were in jail. I took a very long walk.

Ed: Gimmie gimmie!

Kasumi: *Goes into Endless bag of...stuff and takes out Aoshi's Jacket* Here you go. *Tosses Ed Aoshi's Jacket*

Ed: Yay! *Takes her shirt off and throws it to Kasumi* Fix that.

Kasumi: Damn someone really make work out of this.

Ed: Yeah. *Glares at Kasumi*

Kasumi: Oro?

Ed: Nothing, nothing.

Kasumi: Did I do that black out thing again?

Ed: Yes, yes you did.

Kasumi: Ah damn it!

Ed: It's ok. I forgive you. And so does Kyoshiro- Right Kyoshiro?

Kyoshiro: How am I still alive when you hit me?!

Ed: The sword heals, not kills.

Kyoshiro: *Looks down at Ed's chest* Really, that's amazing*

Ed: It's ok- I like Tokijin cause it kills people.

Kasumi: Thou shall not kill

Ed: Whatever.

Kasumi: *sigh*

Ed: Can I help the fact I'm a murderer?

Kasumi: I'm gonna fix this.

Ed: That would be a big help.

Kasumi: *Takes out thread and needle* Rightly then. *Starts sewing*

Ed: What am I going to do while she does that?

Kyoshiro: Yeah...

Ed: *Sighs* I'm bored.

Kyoshiro: Yeah...

Ed: Are you ok Kyoshiro?

Kyoshiro: Yeah...

Ed: *Waves hand in front of his face* Hello?! Earth to Kyoshiro!

Kyoshiro: Yeah... *Starts drooling*

Ed: Kyoshiro?

Kyoshiro: Yeah...

Ed: What's wrong with you?!

Kyoshiro: Yeah...

Ed: *Shakes him* Kyoshiro! Snap out of it!

Kyoshiro: Yeah...

Ed: *Shakes him harder*

Kyoshiro: They move a lot....

Ed: What are you talking about?!

Kasumi: Hn, people are so weird!

Kyoshiro: *Still staring*

Ed: Kyoshiro, You're starting to scare me.

Kyoshiro: They're kinda big...

Ed: What are?

Kyoshiro: *Grins*

Ed: What are you talking about?

Kyoshiro: *Motions his head down*

Ed: *Looks down* Oooooh!

Kyoshiro: Heh...

Ed: Ah!! *Puts Aoshi's jacket on*

Kasumi: Ed you're very shy.

Ed: SO?!

Kasumi: Well you are!

Ed: I know I am!

Kyoshiro: Darn....

Ed: *Blushes*

Kasumi: Are you sure you can't make Kyo come out again?

Kyoshiro: Yeah...positive.

Kasumi: *Sigh* That sucks so hard!

Ed: I'm still bored...

Kasumi: So where do you want to go next?

Ed: I don't know. You pick.

Kasumi: Um....Shaman King maybe?

Ed: Ok then.

Kasumi: Sweet, I can't wait to see all the ghosts

Ed: Yeah! But we have to go get everyone.

Kasumi: I can't believe that they haven't found us.

Ed: They aren't that bright.

Kasumi: Yeah

Ed: *Sighs* I'll miss you Kyoshiro-Mostly.

Kyoshiro: Thanks Ed.

Kasumi: I'll miss Kyo...

Ed: *Sighs*

Kasumi: He was so cool and almost beat me.

Ed: Big deal.

Kasumi: I'm not that easy to beat!

Ed: Whatever

Kasumi: I didn't even get a chance to say good-bye!

Ed: You can say good-bye to Kyoshiro. It's pretty much the same thing.

Kasumi: Not really...Kyo was better.

Ed: Kyoshiro

Kasumi: Kyo

Ed: Kyoshiro!

Kasumi: Kyo is! He can fight!

Ed: Kyoshiro because I never met Kyo!

Kasumi: Kyo! He's faster and smarter and like a demon!

Ed: Kyoshiro!

Kasumi: Kyo! You did meet him and then punched him!

Ed: Then I really don't like him!

Kasumi: I don't see why!

Ed: Kyoshiro is much better!

Kasumi: Why?

Ed: Cause he's the best!

Kasumi: How?! I can beat him up with a flick of my wrist!

Ed: *Hugs Kyoshiro tighter* Don't mess with him Kasumi. That is your last warning!

Kasumi: I want to see Kyo!

Ed: And I say no!

Kasumi: So you know how I can see him then!

Ed: I never said that!

Kasumi: But you act like you do....

Ed: Well I don't.

Kasumi: What did I do?!

Ed: Nothing. Are you almost done with my shirt yet?

Kasumi: As soon as I'm finish with the "R" I'm done.

Ed: That's good.

Kasumi: Man, I feel like a housewife...

Ed: At least you do good work.

Kasumi: Sheesh I cook, I clean, and now I sew

Ed: Well thanks.

Kasumi: I'm a housewife.... great.... now all I have ta do is get a husband....

Kyoshiro: *Smiles*

Kasumi: Where am I gonna get one of those?

Ed: Hiei. Duh.

Kasumi: Oh right! He's a guy!

Ed: *Shakes head and sighs*

Kasumi: But what if he doesn't want to? Then who?

Ed: He will.

Kasumi: Kyoshiro, do you think I'm marriage material?

Kyoshiro: You bet!

Kasumi: Really?

Kyoshiro: Yeah!

Ed: What about me?

Kyoshiro: Yeah, definitely!

Kasumi: Do you think Hiei will think I'm pretty enough?

Kyoshiro: Any guy would!

Ed: And me?

Kyoshiro: Yeah, yeah.

Kasumi: You think I'm pretty?! *Grabs Kyoshiro's hands* you just made my day!

Ed: Mine too!

Kasumi: *Sigh* You're so warm...

Ed: He is. *Puts hand on his forehead* Do you have a fever?

Kyoshiro: No, but she's really cold...

Ed: She always is.

Kasumi: Kyo said I was warm. I think he has no feeling.

Ed: Whatever.

Kyoshiro: Do you need to be warmed up?

Kasumi: That would be nice.

Ed: I feel hot....This jacket is really warm.

Kasumi: That's why Aoshi was going crazy if you ask me!

Ed: *Loosens collar* Man it's hot!

Kyoshiro: *Holds Kasumi and rubs her hands*

Ed: *Fans self*

Kasumi: Oh Ed your shirt is done.


Kasumi: It's on the bed.

Ed: *Throws off Aoshi's jacket* Thank you god!

Kyoshiro: *Stares at Ed* Yeah...

Ed: *Holds up shirt* You did a good job Kasumi

Kasumi: Thanks I was afraid I would mess up on the lettering.

Ed: You did good!

Kyoshiro: That's a weird shirt. Why does it say that?

Ed: *Smiles and hands shirt to Kyoshiro* It says "People are strange"

Kyoshiro: *Holds Kasumi in one arm* Hmmm, I can't read it. This has a nice feeling to it.

Ed: It's one of my favorite shirts.

Kasumi: That's why it's so faded

Ed: *Sighs* It's still nice though.

Kyoshiro: *Looks at Ed again* Yeah....

Ed: *Takes her shirt back and looks at it* I love you!

Kasumi: Oi...

Ed: Huh? What?

Kyoshiro: Do you ever get any warmer?

Kasumi: not really...

Kyoshiro: *Sighs* Can't say I didn't try.

Kasumi: Maybe if I do this. *Sticks her hands down Kyoshiro shirt*

Kyoshiro: Ah! That's cold!

Kasumi: Maybe if I go around here... *Moves hands lower*

Kyoshiro: W-What are you doing?

Kasumi: Trying to warm up. You're a lot warmer down here.

Kyoshiro: I-I said stop!

Kasumi: Your heartbeat is really going up, so is your body temperature!

Kyoshiro: Y-you can tell?

Kasumi: I have very good hearing.

Kyoshiro: Oh...

Kasumi: And your face is turning a bit red...

Ed: Poor Kyoshiro. Kasumi's too much for you to handle?

Kasumi: *Smiles* How bout if I do this?

Kyoshiro: Don't do that!

Kasumi: Does it feel weird?

Kyoshiro: You could say that.

Ed: *Starts laughing*

Kasumi: Do you feel like you're on fire? *Moves hand lower*

Kyoshiro: C-Come on! Stop!

Kasumi: Why? *Still moving further down*

Kyoshiro: I-I said so!

Kasumi: *Rests her hand on his abdomen*

Kyoshiro: *Sighs* Thank you.

Kasumi: *Crawls on Kyoshiro's lap* You were kinda making a big deal about it, so I had to stop.

Kyoshiro: Could you move please?

Kasumi: I'm really starting to warm up now.

Kyoshiro: Please?

Kasumi: *Blinks* Oro?

Ed: All right Kasumi- You've teased poor Kyoshiro enough now. Leave him alone.

Kasumi: Teasing him? How?

Ed: Just leave him alone.

Kasumi: Okay. *Get off Kyoshiro*

Kyoshiro: *Looks at Ed* Thanks...

Ed: Anytime.

Kasumi: Oro?

Ed: Just forget it Kasumi.

Kasumi:....Furi Kuri....

Ed: AH! *Holds head and falls off bed*

Kasumi: *Smirks* So I was right?

Ed: YES!

Kasumi: *Looks at Kyoshiro*

Kyoshiro: What now!?

Kasumi: *Grins*

Kyoshiro: What?!

Kasumi: You are a very bad boy Kyoshiro-Chan!!

Kyoshiro: What was that now!?

Kasumi: *Giggles* You're a bad boy Kyoshiro-Chan!

Kyoshiro: Why do you keep saying that?

Kasumi: *Smirks* Cause

Kyoshiro: CAUSE WHY?

Kasumi: You are one that's why.

Kyoshiro: One what?!

Kasumi: You're a very bad boy.


Kasumi: Tisk on you.

Kyoshiro: Why exactly?

Kasumi: Trying to take advantage of us.

Kyoshiro: Advantage? I was not!

Kasumi: Poor Ed, for once she was speechless

Ed: I still kinda am...

Kasumi: Pity.

Ed: Yeah...

Kasumi: What will he do next?

Ed: *Stares at Kyoshiro*

Kyoshiro: Please don't give me that look.

Kasumi: For shame

Ed: I do it better- For Shame.

Kasumi: *Pushes Kyoshiro down* That's right!

Ed: *Stands up* Yeah!

Kasumi: *Puts an arm on either side of Kyoshiro* What are we gonna do with you?

Ed: *Stand behind Kasumi* Tisk tisk- Yes. What are we to do with him?

Kasumi: Someone needs to be punished

Ed: *Nods* Yes. Punished.

Kyoshiro: P-Punished?

Kasumi: What to do? What to do?

Ed: Something in the bag maybe?

Kasumi: *Jumps on Kyoshiro's waist* Maybe or we can do something worst...

Ed: Oh yes. *Kneels next to Kasumi* Something MUCH worst.

Kasumi: *Grins at Kyoshiro*

Kyoshiro: *Gulps*

Kasumi: *Leans forward near Kyoshiro's face* What though?

Ed: I don't know. Maybe we should just do what we want to him and see where it goes from there.

Kasumi: Lets strap him to the bed!


Kasumi: YAY! This is gonna be fun!

Ed: You bet!

Kyoshiro: To the bed?

Kasumi: Yeah! Then we'll start!

Ed: You got it!

Kasumi: *Holds Kyoshiro's hands over his head*

Kyoshiro: Hey now!

Ed: *Pulls out handcuffs and smiles evilly*

Kasumi: *Put Kyoshiro's hands near the headboard*

Ed: *Cuffs him*

Kasumi: Get something for his feet too. We don't want him kicking!

Ed: Right! *Pulls out rope and ties Kyoshiro's feet*

Kasumi: There ya go! *Pats Kyoshiro's chest* Now, what ta do to ya?

Ed: Yeah....

Kyoshiro: Untie me and let me go?

Kasumi: *Bouches a little* No silly!

Ed: Duh. Hey Kasumi! *Whispers in her ear* How bout that?

Kasumi: Hmm... I don't know...

Ed: Come on! It'll be so much fun!

Kasumi: Maybe...*Looks at Kyoshiro and grins*

Kyoshiro: W-What?

Kasumi: *trails her finger in circles around his upper chest* well, stuff.

Ed: Yup. *Plays with the cuff of his pants*

Kasumi: *Tugs a bit at his shirt*

Kyoshiro: Um...What are you two doing?

Kasumi: I'm gonna love doing this! *Opens his shirt*

Kyoshiro: H-Hey!

Kasumi: Wow he's muscular!

Ed: Wow. He is!

Kasumi: *Runs her hands over his chest* Did you know you were this muscular?

Kyoshiro: Yes

Kasumi: I like this!

Ed: Hey! Let me try!

Kasumi: Feel.

Ed: *Starts rubbing Kyoshiro's chest* Oh, that IS nice!

Kasumi: Lets see what next?

Kyoshiro: Erm…S-stop and let me go?

Kasumi: *Puts her finger on Kyoshiro's lips* Hush now.

Kyoshiro: But....

Kasumi: But what?

Kyoshiro: I have.... things to do.

Kasumi: Like...?

Kyoshiro: Stuff?

Kasumi: *Starts playing with Kyoshiro's belt* Hmmm, I don't know...

Ed: I say no!

Kasumi: Okay then. *Tugs on the belt*

Kyoshiro: H-Hey!

Kasumi: *Tugs harder*

Kyoshiro: S-Stop!

Ed: I don't think so!

Kasumi: This thing is on tight!

Ed: Here. Let me help. *Pulls belt*

Kasumi: Lets see what we have to work with here

Kyoshiro: Come on now! S-stop!

Kasumi: *Pokes Kyoshiro's stomach* Hn.

Kyoshiro: Please?

Kasumi: He's so cute with that face!

Ed: Poor Kyoshiro!

Kasumi: *Leans down and hugs Kyoshiro* Don't worry, we aren't gonna hurt you much

Ed: Yeah-Much.

Kyoshiro: Gods help me...

Kasumi: They aren't listening

Kyoshiro: *Gulps*

Ed: Don't be afraid Kyoshiro.

Kasumi: Yeah. Too bad you can't get any stronger and then break the handcuffs.

Kyoshiro: Yeah. *Sighs*

Kasumi: I bet if you turned into Kyo he could do t and then kill us, but I doubt it.

Kyoshiro: *Nods and sighs again*

Kasumi: *Pat his chest* But don't worry you little head off. We'll be gentle.

Ed: Or, try to.

Kasumi: Now I want pumpkin pie...

Ed: Now that you mention it, I could use some pixie sticks.

Kasumi: You hungry?

Ed: Yeah. You too?

Kasumi: Yeah. Kyoshiro how bout you?

Kyoshiro: Sure.

Kasumi: You like ramen?

Kyoshiro: I guess.

Kasumi: How can you guess if you like ramen?!

Kyoshiro: I haven't ever had any.

Kasumi: You had stakes the size of Rhoda Island, but not Ramen?

Kyoshiro: Yup.

Kasumi: You're so screwed up!

Kyoshiro: I can't help it.

Kasumi: *Sigh*

Ed: Food!!

Kasumi: Ug, I just can't believe someone has never had Ramen!

Ed: Who cares. Lets just eat!

Kasumi: No, He has learned his lesson!

Ed: We can do that after we eat!

Kasumi: But! He...*Whimpers*

Ed: Think of it as making him suffer. He doesn't know what we're going to do, and were making him wait.

Kasumi: Oh okay!

Ed: Yes! Now go make ramen!

Kasumi: *Jumps off Kyoshiro* I'll be back so don't move okay

Ed: Like he can?

Kasumi: *Pats his leg* You have a point. *Goes off*

Ed: Now what to do? *Looks at Kyoshiro*

Kyoshiro: Let me go?

Ed: Tisk tisk! Sorry Kyoshiro. Nothing will get me to let you go!

Kyoshiro: *Gulps*

Yuya: *Comes in running* Kyoshiro!

Ed: Hey! What are you doing here?

Yuya: I was worried when I saw Kyoshiro bring your friend to the inn, so I fallowed!

Ed: Oh. Well everything is ok.

Yuya: Why is he on the bed like that?!

Ed: Cause we're paying him back.

Yuya: How so?

Ed: For being a perv.

Yuya: Oh

Ed: It's going to be so much fun!

Yuya: *Takes out her gun* I'll help!

Ed: Yay!

Kyoshiro: O.O

Kasumi: Ramen shall be ready in a min!

Ed: Hey Kasumi! Yuya's going to help us!

Kasumi: YAY! Lets gang up on Kyoshiro!

Ed: Yeah!

Kyoshiro: Help me....

Kasumi: It is futile to ask for help! HA HA!

Ed: Kyoshiro's gonna get it!

Yuya: He deserves it for everything he's done!

Ed: So true!

Kyoshiro: Why me...

Kasumi: Because you're the main character I guess

Kyoshiro: *Sighs*

Kasumi: It's all in good fun. *Pat his chest*

Ed: Yeah- Lots of fun.

Kasumi: Plus ramen!

Ed: Where!?

Kasumi: Its not done.

Ed: NO!!!!!

Kasumi: Things take time

Ed: Not fair!

Kasumi: Two mins

Ed: *Starts crying*

Kasumi: *Sigh*

Kyoshiro: Is she going to be ok?

Kasumi: Not for two mins

Kyoshiro: Is there anything we can do for her?

Kasumi: She just wants ramen.

Kyoshiro: Oh....

Kasumi: odd isn't she?

Yuya: I'll say.

Ed: Is it done yet?!?

Kasumi: that was only half a min

Ed: NOOO!!!! *Cries more*

Kasumi: see what I mean?

Kyoshiro: It's not much longer now.

Kasumi: Meh. I can download stuff on my computer faster then I can make noodles.

Yuya: Download?

Kasumi: Yeah

Yuya: What's that?

Kasumi: It's like putting a file from one computer to another.

Kyoshiro: Computer?

Kasumi: a programmable electronic device that can store, retrieve, and process data

Kyoshiro: Um...Ok....

Kasumi: Yeah

Ed: How about now?

Kasumi: Go look and see if you and it so much

Ed: I don't feel like moving.

Kasumi: Well I guess it will burn if it's ready


Kasumi: Don't feel like it

Ed: DAMN YOU! *Runs to check on ramen*

Kasumi: It's amazing what one word can do to people.

Kyoshiro: She can run fast...

Kasumi: She can run faster.

Ed: *Comes in eating a bowel of ramen* Mmmm.....Ramen.

Kasumi: So it was done.

Ed: *Nods* Ramen....*Eats more*

Kasumi: Yeah

Ed: Aren't you gonna eat any?

Kasumi: I'm fine

Ed: You want some Kyoshiro?

Kyoshiro: I don't know

Ed: Do you at least want to try some?

Kyoshiro: I've never had ramen...

Ed: Do you want to try it?

Kasumi: Just give it to him!

Ed: All right! *Feeds some to Kyoshiro* Well?

Kyoshiro: Um....

Ed: Well?

Kyoshiro: its okay

Ed: OKAY?!? It's great!!

Kyoshiro: If you say

Ed: *Glares*

Kasumi: Its good you just don't know it

Kyoshiro: *Blinks* All right then

Kasumi: *Pokes him with Tetsusaiga* Come on.

Kyoshiro: Don't do that!

Kasumi: *Pokes again*

Kyoshiro: Stop!

Kasumi: *Pokes a couple more times*

Kyoshiro: PLEASE?

Kasumi: Why?

Kyoshiro: Because

Kasumi: *Takes Tetsusaiga out of the sheath and near his throat* You were saying?

Kyoshiro: *Gulps* Never mind

Kasumi: Hn, fast learner.

Kyoshiro: Thanks- I guess

Kasumi: Prisoner number 002 shouldn't speak unless spoken to.

Ed: He is prisoner 002!

Kasumi: Everyone else is dead or a minion.

Kyoshiro: Who was prisoner 001?

Kasumi: Spike, Spike Spiegel

Kyoshiro: Who's that?

Kasumi: We tied him to a chair and then took his clothes.

Ed: Yup! And he lived!

Kasumi: Yeah, we pushed him down the stairs

Yuya: And he lived?

Kasumi: Yeah. Then Ed pushed me down the stairs.

Ed: It was fun!

Kasumi: I landed on him.

Kyoshiro: 0.o

Kasumi: You still never thought of how the balls felt!

Ed: That's because I don't want to!

Kasumi: They have feelings too!

Ed: Whatever.

Kasumi: we aren't gonna shove Kyoshiro down the stairs are we?

Ed: Nah. To much time to find stairs.

Kasumi: Window?

Ed: Ok!

Yuya: What?!

Kyoshiro: Hey Wait!

Ed: Nope! Our minds are made up.

Kasumi: Tied to the bed or not?

Ed: Not.

Kasumi: Okay then!

Ed: Right! *Unties Kyoshiro*

Kyoshiro: Freedom!

Ed: *Grabs Kyoshiro* To the window!

Yuya: No, don't do it!

Ed: Why not?

Yuya: You could kill him!

Ed: That's not a good enough reason.

Kasumi: Dying isn't that big of a deal. He'll get use to it.

Kyoshiro: No! No I won't!

Kasumi: Really?

Kyoshiro: Yes!

Kasumi: I've dyed before it isn't that bad.

Ed: Yeah. And if you go to hell, mention my name. You'll get special treatment.

Kasumi: It's not that bad of a death.

Kyoshiro: I don't want to die!

Kasumi: Death is but a door, time but a window. I'm sure you'll be back.

Ed: Whatever. *Picks up Kyoshiro* To the window!

Yuya: NO! *Runs in front of the window*

Ed: Just let me throw him out the window! He'll live.

Kasumi: Maybe he'll get hurt.

Ed: But that's it!

Kasumi: Well Kyoshiro, get ready to scream like a girl.

Kyoshiro: I don't wanna die!

Kasumi: That's the squeaky voice we want!

Ed: Now move Yuya.

Yuya: *Points gun at Ed and Kasumi* NO!

Ed: Don't make me hurt you.

Yuya: I will not let you hurt him!! *shoots and hits Kyoshiro on the leg*

Kyoshiro: OW!!

Ed: You hurt Kyoshiro! *Drops Kyoshiro and pulls out Vash's gun* You shall pay!

Kyoshiro: *Hides in a corner*

Kasumi: This reminds me of homecoming!

Ed: Homecoming?

Kasumi: Yeah, you shot them all up!

Ed: They deserved it!

Kasumi: Why did you kill the math teacher? I know we had that test the next week, but was that really the best thing to do?

Ed: She was mocking me! I could see it in her eyes! 0.o

Kasumi: Half the cheerleader's heads did the splits!

Ed: I hate those damn preps!

Kasumi: The whole glee club had died by the time the police got there!

Ed: They were too...glee-full!

Kasumi: Shoot her if ya want. See if I care.

Ed: Must…kill...

Kasumi: *Sits next to Kyoshiro* Well it sucks to be her.

Kyoshiro: Will she really kill her? And did she really do those things you said?

Kasumi: *Nods* Yeah...I can't believe she did it too!

Kyoshiro: What is homecoming though?

Kasumi: a big crappie social dance thing

Kyoshiro: And she killed everyone?

Kasumi: No, there were some survivors. Not many but survivors

Kyoshiro: Why did she do it?

Kasumi: Plot to freak everyone out and eventuality take over the earth.... again

Ed: And cause they made fun of me wearing a dress!

Kasumi: People are so mean now a days.

Ed: It was a nice dress! The first one I had worn since 5th grade graduation.

Kasumi: Okay Ed, less talkie more shootie.

Ed: Amen! *Shoots at Yuya*

Yuya: AHHH! Help! *Dodges*

Ed: Give me your gun, and I'll let you live.

Yuya: Kyoshiro Help me!

Kyoshiro: That's ok....

Yuya: You Chicken shit!

Kyoshiro: Damn straight

Kasumi: *Punches Kyoshiro on the arm* You'll save Ed but not Yuya?

Kyoshiro: Ed is scarier.

Kasumi: More so then me?

Kyoshiro: Yes

Yuya: *Shoots at Ed and hit Kasumi*

Kasumi: *Looks at Yuya* What the hell was that for?! Shoot him!

Yuya: I'm sorry.

Ed: You bitch! *Tackles Yuya* Apologize!

Kasumi: She just did!

Ed: Well do it again!

Yuya: I'm sorry don't kill me!

Ed: Give me your gun.

Kasumi: ....Screw this! I'm just tossing him out!

Ed: No! I am!

Kasumi: *Picks Kyoshiro and throws him like a football out he window*

Ed: NOOOO!!!!

Kasumi: There he goes!

Legato:*Outside* OUCH!

Kasumi: Gato-Chan!!

Ed: Legato?

Chou: Who throws a perfectly good person out the window? I ask you!

Bakura: Shut up Broomhead! *Smacks Chou*

Chou: That hurt!

Bakura: Good!

Ed: *Looks out window* Hey guys!

Legato and Chou: MASTER!!!

Bakura: The royal bitch!

Ed: Hey! That's mean fox boy!

Legato: *Smacks Bakura over the head* Shut up Fox bitch!

Chou: Yeah!

Kasumi: Kura-Chan!!!

Bakura: It's the other bitch!

Kasumi: Don't make me turn you into a fox!

Bakura: Like you could!

Kasumi: Hn!

Bakura: *Covered in a puff of smoke*

Ed: Ooo! Pretty smoke!

Smoke: *Clears*

Bakura: *Now a cute little sliver fox with big brown eyes*

Ed: Oh my god! He's so cute! *Jumps down and hugs Bakura*

Kyoshiro: B-but he was just a human, b-but now he's a fox?!

Kasumi: *Jumps down* Stop hugging him!

Ed: But he's cute! And soft! And....cute! *Rubs Bakura's ears*

Bakura: And you still rub my damn ears!!

Ed: They're soft! *Rubs ears more*

Kyoshiro: *Looks at Bakura* What the...?!

Ed: Isn't he cute?

Bakura: I hate you all!!

Ed: I love you! *Hugs him*

Bakura: Get me away from this bitch!

Ed: So cute...

Kyoshiro: How can he talk?

Kasumi: Well he was at first a spirit of a ring from Ancient Egypt, but then I turned him into a fox demon.

Kyoshiro: Ok....

Legato: *Punches Bakura* Stop talking about master in that tone!!!

Bakura: Ow! Stop hitting me!

Legato: Stop talking about master like that then fox bitch!!!

Chou: YEAH!

Kasumi: Gato-Chan leave Kura-Chan alone!

Ed: *Hugs Bakura tighter* What am I to do with you?

Kasumi: Shove him in the bag I guess.

Bakura: Yes, do that!

Ed: But he's so cute...

Kasumi: *Holds up bag* Last chance!

Bakura: *Jumps into the bag*


Legato: One down!

Chou: Yeah!

Legato: One more to go!

Chou: Yeah! Hey...

Legato: Not you....

Chou: Oh! Yay!

Kasumi: Shut up Legato!

Legato: Make me whore!

Kasumi: If anyone will be going it will be you first

Legato: Shut up whore!

Kasumi: Hn, I win.

Ed: No...I win!

Kasumi: whatever, lets go now.

Ed: Right. Bye Kyoshiro! I'll come back and visit ya. *Pulls out 8 ball*

Kyoshiro: Um yeah....*Runs off*

Ed: Huh...How many people have I scared away now Kasumi?

Kasumi: Too many

Ed: *Shrugs* Ah well *Shake 8 ball* Take us to Shaman King.

Magical dimensional 8 ball of magic: Rightly oh!

Ed: Jello!

Magical dimensional 8 ball of magic: ....okay…..

Ed, Kasumi, Legato, Chou: *Disappear*