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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

=Shaman King=

Ed, Kasumi, Legato, and Chou: *Come in*

Ed: Yay! New place!

Kasumi: New people!

Legato: New enemies!

Chou: new…. S-tuff!

Ed: So all around- YAY!

Chou: Um yay

Ed: Say it like you mean it Chou! YAY!!!

Chou: Yay...

Ed: I said say it like you mean it!

Chou: YAY....!

Ed: Atta boy!

Kasumi: so let's go find someone.

Ed: Right! Let's find Yoh!

Legato: Yo? Who are you saying hi to master?

Ed: That's his name.

Chou: What the hell is a Yoh?

Ed: He's a shaman

Chou: AH!

Legato: Is a Shaman a bad thing?

Ed: Not that I know of.

Kasumi: he's a link between the Ningenkai and the Reikai

Legato: What are those?

Kasumi: The human world and the spirit world.

Legato: I still don't get it

Kasumi: This is the human world! The spirit world is where you go when you die!

Legato: Oh...

Kasumi: I'm glad you get it.

Chou: I don't get it!

Kasumi: You will when you need to.

Chou: I don't like being confused

Kasumi: I'm sorry Chou.

Ed: Me too. *Hugs him*

Kasumi: That's enough of that.

Ed: Now- To find Yoh!

Kasumi: Right!

Ed: If I was Yoh, where would I be?

Kasumi: Sitting around staring at the river.

Ed: Then let us be off!

=By the river=

Yoh: *Sitting there with Manta staring at the river*

Ed: YOH!! *Runs over and hugs him*

Yoh: Um, hello...?

Ed: I've been looking for you! How are you?

Manta: Yoh do you know her?

Yoh: No. I don't think so.

Kasumi: *Sits down next to Yoh*

Ed: You haven't answered my question Yoh! How are you?

Yoh: I'm fine. How are you?

Ed: I'm great! What have you been up to lately?

Yoh: Stuff...

Ed: That's good!

Kasumi: *Suddenly wearing Kenshin's outfit* Hello Amidamaru!

Amidamaru: How do you know my name?

Ed: *Gets all Dark* We know all!

Manta: You can see him?!

Yoh: And how did you change your clothes like that?

Kasumi: Because I can.

Ed: Ooo! Amidamaru, you look so cool!

Amidamaru: thank you....

Ed: I wish I had clothes like that!

Manta: Who are you two?!

Ed: I'm a crazy person!

Manta: ....

Ed: Is there something wrong with that?

Manta: Um, I have nothing to say to that.

Ed: Whatever Shorty.

Manta: Don't call me that!!

Ed: But you are! I'm mean- look at you!

Kasumi: She has a point, that she does!

Manta: So!? It doesn't mean you have to rub it in!

Kasumi: Yes she does.

Ed: Yeah!

Yoh: can you let go of me now?

Ed: NO! I love you!

Yoh: O.o

Ed: I'm never letting go!

Kasumi: Pity Yoh, that's all I can say

Yoh: Is she always like this?

Kasumi: Yeah, but she really likes you.

Ed: Yeah! You're the best!

Kasumi: He is married or will be.

Ed: Not while I'm here!

Manta: But Anna is scary and mean.

Ed: I can definitely handle her.

Kasumi: Have fun killing her

Ed: I will.

Yoh: KILL!?

Manta: You can't do that!!

Ed: Fine- I'll just hurt her

Kasumi: It's no big deal she can kill her.

Ed: I can, but I won't.

Kasumi: She's putting down killing....crap

Ed: Yeah...I'm shocked too

Kasumi: Why don't you just sleep the shock off?

Ed: I will later.

Kasumi: But someone needs to die!

Ed: There are already dead people though....

Kasumi: That's not the point!!!

Ed: Just calm down.

Kasumi: *Sigh* Damn.

Ed: What now Yoh?

Yoh: Let go of me

Manta: And act like we never met


Kasumi: Ed get off of him!

Ed: But he's....Yoh!

Kasumi: That's the funniest name I have ever heard

Ed: I like it!

Kasumi; What where your parents smoking when they came up with that name?

Yoh: Hey!

Ed: Leave Yoh alone!

Kasumi: But I've heard worst

Ed: Yeah...Like Trunks.

Kasumi: And Bra. What were they smoking in DBZ?!

Ed: I don't know...But I want some!

Manta: Smoking is bad for you.

Kasumi: Yeah so is death, but it never stopped us.

Ed: No it hasn't.

Kasumi: And drinking too.

Manta: are you drunk now?

Ed: Not at this time...I'd like to be drunk though,

Manta: Drinking is very bad for you. It kills brain cells.

Ed: What are those?

Kasumi: Dumbass....


Kasumi: Hey look 1970's just came in

Ryo: *Comes in with gang*

Ed: Oh god....

Yoh: Hey Ryo.

Ryo: Hello Yoh. Who are these women you are with.

Kasumi: Can I kill him?

Ed: Don't care!

Yoh: I do!

Kasumi: Oh come on, I rarely kill in normal mode! *Plays with Tetsusaiga hilt*

Ed: I-erm...I guess you could...

Kasumi: Whoo!! *Gets up*

Manta: Don't!

Kasumi: Why?

Manta: He's our friend!

Kasumi: I'll bring him back right after.

Manta: How?

Kasumi: Like this! *Kills Ryo*

Manta: NO!!

Kasumi: Wax on!

Manta: Why did you say that?

Kasumi: *Puts Tetsusaiga away* I did because I did, that I did.

Ed: Just bring him back before Shorty has a heart attack.

Kasumi: *Takes out Tensaiga* Wax off! *Hits Ryo*

Ryo: What happened?

Kasumi: How bout I kill him again!

Ed: Manta would freak out again- I don't think his little heart could take it.

Kasumi: Oh fine.... *Plops down*

Ed: I'm hungry Yoh. Can we have dinner at your place tonight?

Yoh: Um sure....

Ed: Yay! *Hugs Yoh*

Yoh: @_@

Kasumi: So you're gonna kill him?

Ed: No!

Kasumi: Looks like it.

Yoh: *Turns purple*

Amidamaru: Lord Yoh!

Ed: Woops! *Lets go* I'm so sorry!

Yoh: my ribs....

Ed: I'm sorry!

Kasumi: Do you need first aid? I'm good with that!

Ed: If he needs first aid, I'm gonna do it!

Kasumi: But I have a sword!

Ed: So?!

Kasumi: Sword!

Ed: No!! Me! I want to heal Lord Yoh!

Kasumi: But you can use the Tensaiga!

Ed: I want to help Lord Yoh-Not you!

Kasumi: You'd only hurt him further!

Yoh: I'm just fine....

Ed: That's so good Lord Yoh!

Kasumi: Now she calls him Lord Yoh

Ed: Yup! Is that a problem?

Kasumi: *Sigh* total pity.

Ed: Forget you! *Hugs Yoh*

Yoh: Help me....

Ed: I love you!

Manta: Please let go of Yoh.

Ed: But I love him!

Kasumi: Did you just say you loved him?

Ed: I love Yoh!

Kasumi: How much?

Ed: Lots!

Kasumi: More then Kurama?

Ed: No, but I love Yoh a lot too.

Kasumi: *Sighs*

Ed: Yoh, can we go to your place. I'm getting hungry

Yoh: Um….okay…

Ed: YAY! Lead the way!

=Yoh and Anna's place=

Yoh: Here we are. Can you let go now?

Ed: No! *Hugs tighter

Yoh: *Sighs*

Anna: Yoh! Where the hell have you been?!

Yoh: A-anna!

Anna: Where the hell have you been?! You had training!

Yoh: Well…ya see…it goes like this….and

Ed: He was with us!

Anna: *Glares at Ed and Kasumi* Yoh, who are these girls!

Yoh: Um…I don't know….

Kasumi: Sheesh, Anna don't be so mean.

Anna: Shut up Samurai girl! I want your names now!

Ed: I am Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky or Ed for short *Grins happily*

Kasumi: I am Kasumi Koorime!

Anna: Nice to meet you two. Now get the hell out of my house!

Ed: No way! *Sticks tongue out a Anna*

Anna: Errrrrrrr! Yes, and let go of Yoh!


Anna: O.O WHAT?!?!?!?!

Yoh: *Squeaky voice* What?

Ed: You heard me!

Manta: Um…I'm gonna get dinner started *Runs to the kitchen*

Kasumi: Um…I'll help *Goes after Manta*

Anna: Give me back my husband! *Grabs one of Yoh's arms*

Ed: MY YOH! *Holds on to the other arm*

Anna: *Pulls* MY YOH

Ed: *Pulls back* NO MY YOH!


Anna: HE'S MINE!!

Ed: HE'S MINE!!!

Yoh: I think you're pulling it out of the socket!



Yoh: *Foaming at the mouth*

Anna: LET GO!


Amidamaru: BOTH OF YOU STOP….please!!

Anna: NO!

Ed: Well I'm not stopping until you do!

Amidamaru: Please both of you please you're hurting Lord Yoh.

Ed: Tell her to stop! Yoh is mine!

Amidamaru: Lord Yoh is in pain, both of you stop NOW!

Ed: Her first!

Amidamaru: No both of you at the same time!

Ed: Fine!

Anna: Fine....

Amidamaru: On the count of three. 1...2...3!

Anna: *Let's go*

Ed: *Hugs Yoh* I win!

Anna: Asshole!

Ed: Are you ok Yoh?

Yoh: My arms are out of the sockets

Ed: I'm sorry Lord Yoh!

Anna: We need to pop then back in.

Ed: *Pops Yoh's arms back* Better?

Yoh: *Screams like a girl*

Ed: Wow...That was a real girly scream Lord Yoh.

Yoh: Um....ouch!

Ed: *Hugs him* Poor Yoh!

Yoh: I'm.... in...so.... much.... PAIN!

Ed: Don't worry, I'll keep that mean Anna away from you!

Anna: You did it!

Ed: It was you!

Amidamaru: You both did it!

Ed: Nuh Uh! *Holds Yoh protectively*

Amidamaru: I don't want either of you touching Lord Yoh.

Ed: He's mine! Both of you back off!

Yoh: I'd like not to be touch for a while....

Ed: I'll protect you!

Yoh: Please don't touch me

Ed: I'll make sure no one will!

Amidamaru: He doesn't want you to touch him either!

Ed: Screw you dead guy!

Amidamaru: -.-

Ed: *Picks up Yoh* Come on Yoh. *Walks off*

Yoh: *From a distance* Noooooooooooooo!!

Anna: That bitch!

Amidamaru: Lady Anna please clam down

Anna: But...she...Who knows what she's doing to Yoh!

Amidamaru: I don't know what to say Lady Anna

Anna: Then don't say anything.

Amidamaru: Yes ma Lady.

Anna: She's gonna get it when she comes back...

Endless bag of....stuff: *Starts shaking*

Anna: What's wrong with that thing?

Endless bag of....stuff: *Voice inside* Someone please open the bag! I have to go!

Anna: O.O *Opens bag*

Rin: *Jumps out* Thank you! Where's the bathroom?

Anna: AH!

Rin: Hurry I need to go!

Anna: *Points*

Rin: Thank you! *Runs to the bathroom*

Anna: O.O

Amidamaru: What the hell was that?

Anna: I…Don't...Know...

Kasumi: I heard something what's goin' on?

Anna: A girl came out of that bag...

Kasumi: Was she this high? *Puts hand to her waist*

Anna: *Nods*

Kasumi: Did she have a side ponytail?

Anna: Yeah

Kasumi: Wearing an old looking kimono?

Anna: That's her.

Kasumi: That was Rin

Anna: How was she in that bag?

Kasumi: It's the endless bag of...stuff. Anything can fit in there.

Anna: Still freaky...

Kasumi: That's barely the tip of the iceberg

Anna: It's not?!

Kasumi: Yeah. Weird stuff goes on in there.

Anna: *Pokes bag*

Kasumi: I would just leave it alone.

Anna: *Pokes again*

Toilet: *Flushes*

Rin: *Comes out of the bathroom*

Kasumi: Hey Rin.

Rin: Hello!

Kasumi: How are things goin in there?

Rin: It's great!

Kasumi: Everyone okay?

Rin: Yeah! All except Kikyo though.

Kasumi: She can rot in hell for all I care.

Rin: She is in Hell.

Kasumi: Please don't tell me she's baked!

Rin: No, no- Just in hell

Kasumi: Good. *Sigh* Do ya want Chicken for dinner?

Rin: That would be great!

Kasumi: Cool. Oh how's Kura-Chan in there? Is he doing okay in his fox form?

Rin: He's great! And so cute too! He made friends with the dragon.

Kasumi: That's good! Did he find his ring?

Rin: Not yet. The dragon is helping him though

Kasumi: Make sure he doesn't

Rin: Ok! Can do! I'll just hide it in Hell!

Kasumi: Thanks. *Hugs Rin* You're a big help to me!

Rin: Of course!

Kasumi: Well see ya Rin-Chan.

Rin: See you! *Jumps in bag*

Kasumi: It's always so nice having her. It's a shame we have to take her back to Sessohmaru later

Anna: O.O

Amidamaru: That's something you don't see everyday....

Anna: No, no it isn't.

Kasumi: I wish she could've met Manta. He really needs to cut lose

Manta: Someone say my name?

Kasumi: Speak of the devil.

Manta: I'm not a devil.

Kasumi: It's a saying.

Manta: Oh...

Kasumi: So high strung

Manta: Hey! Back off!

Kasumi: I don't back off

Manta: I need to go finish dinner...*Leaves*

Kasumi: It pity him so much.

Anna: *Nods* You have to.

Kasumi: You guys have a TV?

Anna: *Points* Over there

Kasumi: YES! I haven't watched one in ages.

Anna: Have fun

Kasumi: *turns on TV* I'm so.... HAPPY!

Anna: *Sits down and picks up a magazine* Good for you.

Kasumi: You bet! *Starts changing channels*

Anna: *Rolls eyes and reads*

Kasumi: *Stops on a random Channel*

Anna: *Keeps reading*

Kasumi: Anna, why is there a Christmas special on?

Anna: Because Christmas is coming up.

Kasumi: Say Wha?!

Anna: You didn't know that?

Kasumi: The last time I checked it was September!

Anna: You need a calendar.

Kasumi: What in the three worlds! That can't be!

Anna: Yes it can

Kasumi: But that means I missed stuff!

Anna: Oh well!

Kasumi: no Thanksgiving....NO PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!!!!

Anna: Again- Oh well.

Kasumi: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna: SHUT UP! *Throws magazine at Kasumi's head*

Kasumi: *Moves head and the magazine misses* That means I've missed school too. Like four months.

Ed: *Comes in holding Yoh* We missed school? SWEET!

Kasumi: I don't want ta repeat high school!!!!!

Ed: *Sits down and hugs Yoh* We won't. Remember the Smelly Candle of time?

Kasumi: Or we can go to summer school and make up the work that we missed there.

Ed: Or we can use the candle and act like nothing happened

Kasumi: Or that too.

Anna: Candle?

Kasumi: nothing....

Ed: Yeah...nothing

Kasumi: But....pumpkin pie.....

Ed: I have a factory in the bag

Kasumi: ......is it pumpkin?

Ed: Yeah

Kasumi: .....PIE!

Ed: After dinner

Kasumi: PIE! Wait....Chicken!

Ed: Yup. Chicken first.

Kasumi: Chicken! *Runs off to the kitchen*

Ed: *Sighs* Let's go eat dinner Yoh.

Yoh: *Is really a Yoh doll*


Anna: You lost him?!

Ed: NO!!

Anna: He isn't here!


Anna: How's that?

Ed: It just is!!

=Dinning room=

Yoh: *Is sitting there* I'm so sore.... *Rubs arms*

Kasumi: Chicken, chicken, chicken!

Ed: *Comes into kitchen and sees Yoh* LORD YOH!!! *Hugs him*

Yoh: Why god?

Ed: I missed you!

Kasumi: His bones are snapping Ed

Ed: *Stops hugging* I was scared something had happened to you! Don't run off like that!

Kasumi: Poor Yoh, having to have two women around him like that. Both control freaks and ready to kill him.

Ed: I'm not gonna kill him!

Yoh: I beg to differ

Ed: I'm sorry! I'm not trying too! *Hugs*

Kasumi: ....Chicken!

Manta: Ok. Dinner's done! *Puts food on table*

Kasumi: YAY!

Ed: Food!

Kasumi: And Later Pumpkin pie!

Ed: Yeah! PIE!!

Kasumi: Not just pie but pumpkin pie!

Ed: Whipped cream!!

Kasumi: Right!

Ed: Whipped cream...*Drools*

Kasumi: Pumpkin....

Ed: Cream....

Mata: Just eat already!

Kasumi: Don't yell at me bookworm!

Manta: Why does everyone pick on me?!

Kasumi: Because you are the comic relief!

Manta: I hate you...

Kasumi: I have a damn sword and I will use it....

Manta: *Hides behind Yoh*

Kasumi: I love that look people get, it's so cute!

Ed: Can we eat now?

Kasumi: Do as you wish. I know I am.

Ed: *Starts eating*

Yoh: *Stares at Ed* Doesn't she chew?

Ed: I chew!

Manta: Bless you.

Kasumi: Barley.

Ed: *Sticks tongue out and eats more*

Yoh: *Moves away from Ed*

Ed: What?

Yoh: Um nothing....

Ed: Are you sure Lord Yoh?

Kasumi: He's trying to run away!

Ed: NO! *Hugs Yoh around the waist* Don't go!

Yoh: AH! You big mouth!

Kasumi: *Frowns* Sorry....

Ed: I love you Yoh! Don't leave!


Ed: No! You'll leave then!

Kasumi: Yoh you want me to get her off ya?

Yoh: Yes!

Kasumi: Okay then. Ya know Ed, I'm so glad you're going after a guy who isn't gay. *Sips drink that comes out of no where*

Ed: *Glares* What the hell did you just say?

Kasumi: Oh yeah. A straight guy is better then some guy who's gay.

Ed: Take...that...back!

Kasumi: But it's true

Ed: *Tackles Kasumi and starts choking her* I'LL KILL YOU!

Kasumi: ACK!!

Yoh: I owe you! *Runs away*

Kasumi: Hel-p!

Ed: Take it back!

Kasumi: ....

Ed: I said take it back!

Kasumi: @_@

Ed: GAH! *Throws Kasumi to the ground*

Kasumi: Something snapped

Ed: I'm going to find someone who cares! *Storms out*

Kasumi: My neck...

Manta: Are you ok?

Yoh: *Pops head in* Is she gone?

Kasumi: Yeah, you're cool for now

Yoh: *Sighs* Thank god. Where did she go?

Kasumi: To fine someone who cares.

Yoh: Who would that be?

Kasumi: Maybe Gato-Chan

Yoh: Who?

Kasumi: One of her minions who's a jackass

Yoh: Minions?

Kasumi: yeah

Yoh: That's...different

Kasumi: My neck hurts

Yoh: Well thanks.

Kasumi: It's no biggie

Manta: Man. Remind me never to get on her bad side.

Kasumi: Yeah, she always tries to kill the people I like.

Manta: Scary... *Shivers*

Kasumi: Not really

Manta: I think she is

Kasumi: Don't be scared I'm here to protect ya!

Manta: Thanks! Now, let's finish dinner!

Kasumi: I can't.

Manta: Why not?

Kasumi: Very sore throat.

Yoh: I'm sorry.

Kasumi: That means no pumpkin pie for me then....

Yoh: I'm so sorry!

Kasumi: *Eyes get watery* First I miss Thanks giving. Then I miss the Pumpkin pie then. Later I'm gonna miss Christmas! NOW pumpkin pie!

Yoh: You can have some later

Kasumi: I guess, but it's not the first peace

Yoh: I owe you so much'.

Kasumi: not really.

Yoh: I do.

Kasumi: Okay then.

Yoh: I'll have to find a way to pay you back.

Kasumi: Really?

Yoh: Yeah

Kasumi: Hn. If ya want ta be my guest.

Yoh: *Smiles and starts eating*

Kasumi: Hn.


Legato: Shit where are they?!

Chou: I kinda miss master

Ed: *Comes in* Legato? Chou?

Legato and Chou: MASTER!

Ed: Hey guys! It's so good to see you!

Chou: *Hugs Ed* Same master.

ED: *Hugs back* I'm glad at least you guys care!

Legato: we always care master.

Ed: Thanks you guys!

Legato: You're welcome Master. *looks around* Where's the whore? I need to insult her.

Ed: I don't care!

Chou: What happened to Miss Kasumi?

Ed: Like I said- I don't care!

Legato: *Smirks* So we're getting rid of her?

Ed: I'm not sure; I just don't want to be around her right now!

Legato: I could kill her for you.

Ed: That's all right

Legato: Damn

Ed: I just want to stay away from her for a while.

Chou: But I like miss Kasumi

Ed: I do too, but right now I'm pissed

Legato: I still think we should kill her.

Ed: Just leave her for now.

Legato: As you will master

Ed: *Hugs Legato* You two are the best!

Legato: Thank you master

Ed: No, thank you!

Chou: ^_^

Ed: I don't know what I'd do with out you guys!

Legato: You would be forced to be with that whore

Ed: Yeah... And sometimes she gets me so mad!

Legato: She always gets me mad!

Chou: Not me...she doesn't ever even talk to me.

Legato: So you don't hate her?

Chou: I kinda like her

Legato: -.- I can't believe you just said that

Chou: What?! She hasn't done anything to me.

Legato: Don't say anything

Chou: What!?

Legato: Don't make me smack you!

Chou: *Whimpers*

Legato: *Sighs*

Ed: Be nice you guys!

Legato: yes master

Ed: *Smiles* Minions are great!

Chou: Thanks master

Ed: What do you guys want to do? We got all day.

Legato: You mean night

Ed: Whatever. You know what I mean.

Chou: we do?

Ed: *Sighs* Just forget it. What do you guys want to do? Besides killing Kasumi.

Legato: damn!

Ed: Legato...

Legato: What...?

Ed: Be nice.

Legato: Yes....master

Ed: *Pats him on the head. Good boy!

Legato: Thank you master

Ed: Right! Now what guys? Wanna go on a killing spree?

Legato: Okay

Chou: Fine by me.

Ed: Right! *Pulls out Vash's guy* Lets go slaughter some innocents!

Legato and Chou: YEAH!

Ed: *Runs off*

Legato and Chou: *Fallow*

=Yoh's and Anna's place=

Kasumi: I got to find something to do.

Anna: How about you leave?

Kasumi: Nope, can't do that

Anna: Why?

Kasumi: What if Ed comes back? Someone needs to protect the guys.

Anna: I can do that.

Kasumi: No you can't

Anna: Yes I can.

Kasumi: Yes and you did such a go job last time.

Anna: Screw you!

Kasumi: Hn

Anna: *Glares*

Kasumi: You can't win.

Anna: Yes I can

Kasumi: Yeah.

Anna: Just leave.

Kasumi: Can't

Anna: Can

Kasumi: I like your prayer beads

Anna: Thank you

Kasumi: I want them

Anna: You can't have them. I need them.

Kasumi: No you don't.

Anna: Yes I do

Kasumi: not really anymore

Anna: Any more?

Kasumi: *Smirks*

Anna: What?

Kasumi: Hn, its funny how accidents happen

Anna: *Glares* What do you mean?

Kasumi: You never know when you're gonna trip and fall down the stairs

Anna: *Narrows eyes*

Kasumi: Or when you could slip and land on my blade

Anna: We'll just see...

Kasumi: Hn.

Anna: *Walks away*

Kasumi: Meh I'll just read something.

Yoh: *Comes in* Hey there.

Kasumi: Hey. *Reaches into the endless bag of...stuff*

Yoh: What are you doing?

Kasumi: Looking for something

Yoh: Oh...What?

Kasumi: Manga

Yoh: Cool

Kasumi: Just don't know which one to read

Yoh: That sucks

Kasumi: Sha

Yoh: Read the one you like the most

Yoh: Just pick one randomly.

Kasumi: okay *Pulls up a Manga* Shaman....okay lets not read that one *Stuffs it back in*

Yoh: *Raises eyebrow* Ok....

Kasumi: Heh heh, what else? *Digs around*

Yoh: Get me one too. I don't care what.

Kasumi: Okay then. *Brings out two mangas* Okay Trigun or .Hack?

Yoh: I don't care.

Kasumi: *Hands Yoh Trigun*

Yoh: *Sits down and starts reading*

Kasumi: *Reads*

Manta: What are you guys doing?

Yoh: Reading

Manta: A book?

Yoh: Manga.

Manta: Why would you want to read one of those? A real book is better

Kasumi: B.S.!

Yoh: Books are ok, but manga is better.

Kasumi: Books suck!

Manta: Do not!

Kasumi: yeah they do

Manta: Nuh uh.

Kasumi: Yeah they do.

Manta: No they don't.

Kasumi: They suck man, they suck really hard

Manta: Do not!

Kasumi: *Pats .Hack on Manta's head* Yeah they do Hun.

Manta: *Takes it off* No they don't.

Kasumi: Do to. Just like your dictionary.

Manta: *Sigh* I give up.

Kasumi: Ha! Mangas win!

Manta: *Rolls eyes and walks off*

Kasumi: He gives up far too easily

Yoh: Yeah... I gotta help him with that.

Kasumi: Yeah. What's today?

Yoh: Tuesday?

Kasumi: Nothing good on TV, Darn

Yoh: Oh well.

Kasumi: Wish it was Saturday....

Yoh: But it's not.

Kasumi: Saturdays rock though

Yoh: I like Fridays.

Kasumi: Why?

Yoh: I just do.

Kasumi: But ya have school then

Yoh: But school lets out then though.

Kasumi: But I still have ta get up and believe me 3 is a very unholy hour in the morning.

Yoh: That's just plain stupid.

Kasumi: School starts very early

Yoh: Still...

Kasumi: You callin' me stupid?

Yoh: Not exactly

Kasumi: Just the idea?

Yoh: Yeah, sure.

Kasumi: *Sigh* Life's a bitch.

Yoh: Yup.

Kasumi: Either life or Anna

Yoh: Yeah...

Kasumi: How do you stand her?

Yoh: It's not easy...

Kasumi: I would smack her or something

Yoh: It takes a lot of self control not to...

Kasumi: Sooner or later I would want ta kill her.

Yoh: Already have wanted to...

Kasumi: Go for it then

Yoh: I can't....I'm not a killer.

Kasumi: I could

Yoh: No....She actually helps in my training.

Kasumi: Really?

Yoh: *Sighs?* Yeah.

Kasumi: Get a new trainer

Yoh: Anna's not that bad.

Kasumi: And you're gonna have ta marry her.

Yoh: Don't remind me!

Kasumi: Why are you getting out of this? Nothing!

Yoh: I know...

Kasumi: She's like Kaoru.

Yoh: Who?

Kasumi: She's a total bitch who bosses around Kenshin-sama. He cooks and cleans her dojo for her and she doesn't really do anything, but yell and hit people.

Yoh: Ok.....

Kasumi: I hate her so much and she needs to learn a new word damn it!

Yoh: All right then....

Kasumi: And now I'm over reacting

Yoh: Yeah, you are.

Kasumi: But I worry about Kenshin-sama's well being

Yoh: That's good.

Kasumi: *Sigh* I pity him so much. I mean she abuses him

Yoh: Sucks to be him

Kasumi: You're almost in the same boat as him.

Yoh: *Sighs*

Kasumi: *Puts manga down and gets up*

Yoh: Where ya going?

Kasumi: I need to get Chicken

Yoh: Have fun

Kasumi: Yeah I promised Rin. *walks out*

Yoh: Rin?

Endless bag of ....stuff: *Rin pops out*

Rin: Did someone call Rin?

Yoh: O.O

Rin: Rin is Rin.

Yoh: How is that possible...?

Rin: Because Rin's name is Rin

Yoh: Not that!

Rin: What then?

Yoh: How did you come out of that bag?

Rin: Rin jumped out.

Yoh: *Sigh* Never mind.

Rin: I want Chicken!

Yoh: It's inside.

Rin: Is Miss Kasumi gonna bring it out to me?

Yoh: I don't know. Is she?

Rin: Where is she? She said she give me chicken!

Yoh: She went inside.

Rin: What ya reading?

Yoh: Manga

Rin: *Hops over to Yoh* Is it one of Miss Kasumi's Mangas?

Yoh: Yeah

Rin: *Hops up and down* Which one?

Yoh: Umm...Trigun.

Rin: I've seen you before!

Yoh: *Blinks* You have?

Rin: *Nods head, still hopping* Yep!

Yoh: Where?

Rin: On the cover!

Yoh: Cover?

Rin: Yeah of a manga!

Yoh: What?!

Rin: Yeah Lenny had me read it!

Yoh: I'm in a manga?

Rin: *Nods head again* Yep!

Yoh: And who's Lenny?!

Rin: A giant Chicken!

Yoh: Ok, I'm going to stop trying to understand now.

Rin: You're the Yoh guy in Shaman King! You're so cool!

Yoh: Um, thanks?

Rin: Rin like Yoh! Rin likes Yoh lots!

Yoh: That's cool.

Rin: It was really cool when you beat up that Ryo guy! That was cool!

Yoh: Thanks. I try.

Rin: Amidamaru is cool too! He's a samurai!

Amidamaru: Did someone say my name?

Rin: Samurai! Samurai ghost man! *Tries to hug Amidamaru, but goes right though him*

Amidamaru: Um...hi?

Rin: *Smiles* Rin's name is Rin!

Amidamaru: I am Amidamaru. It's good to meet you.

Rin: I'm from the feudal era

Amidamaru: Really? That's great!

Rin: Rin got lost from her Lord.

Amidamaru: I'm so sorry miss Rin!

Rin: Rin misses Lord Sesshomaru, but the bag is fun!

Amidamaru: The bag?

Rin: Yep! The endless bag of...stuff!

Amidamaru: That thing? *Points to bag*

Rin: That's the bag I call home.

Amidamaru: Home? That?

Rin: Yep, many others share it with Rin.

Amidamaru: Others?

Rin: Yeah!

Amidamaru: How many others?

Rin: Um....

Amidamaru: That many?

Rin: Rin can't count very high

Amidamaru: That's ok. I understand.

Rin: *Smiles* I love the Manga you guys are in! It's funny!

Amidamaru: Manga?

Rin: Yeah! Rin learned to read off that and other Mangas!

Amidamaru: That's good

Rin: But then Lenny got eaten by the dragon.

Amidamaru: I'm sorry.

Kasumi: *Comes in* Chicken is served! Don't tell Manta you're eating in here or he'll freak.

Rin: Why?

Kasumi: Oi, he's more of a neat freak then me!

Rin: Is that even possible?

Kasumi: yeah, I'm not that bad.

Rin: That's not what I heard!

Kasumi: I maybe bad, but I don't total freak out

Rin: Can Rin have chicken now?

Kasumi: Sure Rin-Chan. *Hands Rin the plate*

Rin: YAY! When I tell everyone in the bag, they'll be so jealous!

Kasumi: Do you need a drink, Rin-Chan?

Rin: Yes please!

Kasumi: Okay then. *Goes off*

Rin: She's so nice!'

Yoh: Yeah she is. I wish Anna could be a little like her.

Amidamaru: Yeah.

Rin: Chicken is good!

Yoh: Yup!

Rin: Hope it isn't Lenny

Amidamaru: That would be horrible.

Rin: I hope Miss Kasumi would make Lenny into something I can eat..... *Starts eating*

Yoh: *Goes back to reading*

Kasumi: Here's your drink Rin-Chan. *hands Rin her drink*

Rin: Thank you! *Sips drink*

Manta: Why are you taking chicken into my clean living room?

Yoh: Calm down Manta.

Kasumi: She isn't that messy

Amidamaru: Yes. It's not that big of a deal.

Manta: Then you're lean the living room up after she's done!

Yoh: Ok, we well.

Manta: Wait, where did she come from?

Amidamaru: The bag.

Kasumi: She was with a demon Lord, but she got lost and we've been taking care of her

Manta: Oh...

Kasumi: Is she cute?

Manta: I guess.

Kasumi: Come on, you know she is!

Manta: I said I guess!

Kasumi: Cool your jets or I'll have ta do something to ya.

Manta: Everyone picks on me!

Kasumi: *Puts her foot on Manta's head* Don't wig out on us Hun

Manta: *Sighs*

Kasumi: Oh yeah can I keep your dictionary? *Waves it in the air*

Manta: NO!

Kasumi: *Tosses it in the endless bag of...stuff*

Manta: That was mine!

Kasumi: Oh yeah go into the bag if ya want it so bad

Manta:*Starts digging*

Kasumi: Um you might just want ta just jump in

Manta: Ok....*Jumps in*

Kasumi: Holy Crap, he....he really jumped!

Yoh and Amidamaru: O.O

Kasumi: *Goes over into the bag and yells into it* Manta, come back!

Manta: Not till I get my dictionary!

Kasumi: Oh Crap he's so screwed over!

Manta: *Starts screaming* WHAT IS THAT?!?!

Kasumi: AH! Manta, hang on! *Jumps in*

Yoh: It just gets stranger and stranger....

Rin: It does?

Yoh: Yes...

Endless bag of...stuff: *Fire shoots out*

Yoh: *Jumps back* HOLY HELL!

Kasumi: *in bag* Damn it Kura-Chan!

Endless bag of...stuff: *Bakura is throw out*

Bakura: Damn it!

Rin: Hi Bakura!

Bakura: Well, look who it is.

Rin: How are you?

Bakura: I'm still trying to become human again.

Rin: Why? You're so cute!

Bakura: I'm a man, not a damn fox!

Rin: But you're so cute...

Bakura: *Glares* I hate being a damn FOX! Now shut up you little wench!

Rin: *Starts crying*

Amidamaru: Look what you did!

Bakura: Big deal...

Yoh: *Smacks him* YOU JERK!

Bakura: You damn bastard! *Starts gnawing on Yoh's head*

Yoh: Get it off!!

Endless bag of....stuff: *More fire comes flying out*

Amidamaru: This place is going to hell in a hand basket...

Rin: There's hell in there.

Amidamaru: WHAT?!?!

Rin: We put Kikyo in there

Amidamaru: Ok then...

Rin: Yeah, Miss Kasumi hates Kikyo

Amidamaru: Oh...

Kasumi: *Jumps out with Manta under her arm*

Manta: What was that...

Kasumi: Really crap special effects

Manta: Looked real to me!

Kasumi: It was a homemade flame-thrower

Manta: I'm scared...

Kasumi: I'm scared some of my Mangas got toasted

Bakura: *Still gnawing*


Kasumi: Kura-Chan! Get off him now!

Bakura: *Ignores*

Kasumi: I have a deal for you!

Bakura: I'm listening.

Kasumi: I'll turn you back into your human form if you stop hurting Yoh.

Bakura: *Jumps off Yoh* Deal.

Kasumi: Go Kura-Chan

Bakura: *Jumps in bag*

Kasumi: Wow I didn't even have to do a thing

Rin: Rin is done eating now!

Kasumi: Okay Rin-Chan. I'll see ya later.

Rin: Rin had fun! Bye! *Jumps in bag*

Kasumi: It's always so nice having her here!

Yoh: She was nice.

Kasumi: She's like the little sister I'll never have

Yoh: That's sweet.

Kasumi: Yeah. Then I remember I'm an only child and smile happily

Yoh: I'm an only child too.

Kasumi: So you're alone too?

Yoh: Yup

Manta: Same here.

Kasumi: This is a first

Yoh: How so?

Kasumi: All my friends have sibs

Yoh: Must suck for them.

Kasumi: They complain all the time

Manta: Well, let's just be happy we're only children.

Kasumi: yeah. I'm happy living in the basement by myself

Manta: Right...

Kasumi: I'm gonna go steal something from Anna, see ya. *Walks out*

Yoh: Have fun.

Manta: Steal?

Amidamaru: Oh well. *Goes off somewhere*

=Some place in the house=

Kasumi: Must steal. Must steal.....

Anna: What was that?

Kasumi: Must steal.

Anna: *Glares*

Kasumi: *Jumps on Anna* GIVE!

Anna: Get off!

Kasumi: Nope!

Anna: Don't make me hurt you!

Kasumi: *Grabs beads off Anna* I WIN!

Anna: HEY!

Kasumi: I WIN!

Anna: Give that back!

Kasumi: Don't feel like it! *Jumps off*

Anna: I give up!

Kasumi: So can I push you down the stairs?

Anna: NO!

Kasumi: Damn....How bout now?

Anna: No!

Kasumi: I'm tired....

Anna: Then go sleep. *Walks away*

Kasumi: .....where?

Amidamaru: *Pops in* I can show you the guest room if you like.

Kasumi: AH! * Backs up a bit and falls down the stairs*

Amidamaru: Oh my! Are you ok?

Kasumi: @_@

Amidamaru: Say something, please!!

Kasumi: @_@

Amidamaru: Um....*Floats away fast*

Kasumi: ouch....pain.... Kasumi: I'm gonna get that ghost

Amidamaru: *Pops back in* I'm sorry!

Kasumi: If you had a body!

Amidamaru: Forgive me!

Kasumi: Don't feel too bad. This isn't the first time I've fallen down stairs.

Amidamaru: *Sighs* That's good.

Kasumi: Just wish I hadn't landed like this.

Amidamaru: I'm sorry.

Kasumi: My feet are over my head. I'm not that flexible!

Amidamaru: I said sorry!

Kasumi: I know....help.....someone

Amidamaru: I kinda....can't.

Kasumi: Yoh! Manta!

Manta: *Comes in* What?!

Kasumi: -.- help!

Manta: That's ok.


Manta: Nope! *Walks away*

Kasumi: O.O That little bastard!

Amidamaru: I'm sorry!

Kasumi: Does no one care?

Amidamaru: I do!

Kasumi: *Sigh*

Amidamaru: I'm gonna go find help! *Floats away*

Kasumi: My life sucks!

=Somewhere in town=

Ed: Who wants to party?!

Jun: No one you idiot

Ed: Who the hell do you think you are?!

Jun: I am Tao Jun!

Ed: LOSER! I need sake! Give me sake!

Jun: How dare you!

Ed: You wanna fight Panda?!

Jun: I don't fight. *Snaps finger*

Lee Bailong: *Comes in*

Jun: He does.

Ed: Yeah? Not only do I fight, but so do these guys! *Whistles*

Legato: *Comes in eating a hotdog*

Chou: *Comes in eating popcorn*

Ed: Where are my doughnuts?!

Chou: Those were for you?


Chou: I was hungry....!

Ed: GAH! Those were mine!!

Jun: You people are nuts!

Ed: Thank you!

Jun: Get away from us, or else!

Ed: Or else what!? *Tackles Jun*

Jun: AH! Help Lee Bailong!

Lee: *Gets in a fighting stance*

Chou: What is he doing?

Ed: Let's fight dead boy!

Lee Bailong: *gets ready to charge at Ed*

Chou: We should be doing something right?

Legato: We should....

Chou: Do we have to?

Legato: Not unless master says.

Chou: Oh....Where did you get that thing? *Points to the hotdog*

Legato: That's none of your business.

Chou: You have a bag of them....

Legato: Back off!

Chou: Can I have one?

Legato: Hell no! Get your own!

Chou: But I want one!

Legato: NO!

Chou: *Reaches for one*

Legato: *Smacks his hand* MINE!

Chou: Ouch! *Rubs hand*

Legato: *Glares* These are mine!

Chou: That was my hand...

Legato: Don't touch my hotdogs!

Chou: Dogs are hot?

Legato: Just don't touch them!

Chou: Are they that good?

Legato: Yes

Chou: I want one! Where do I get them at?

Legato: Places

Jun: These two fight?

Ed: Yeah....*Sighs*

Jun: They just want food!

Ed: They're good at heart.....kinda

Chou: Let me have one! *Reaches again*

Legato: *Smacks again* I said back off!

Jun: -_-;; How embarrassing

Ed: *Sighs* Legato, just give him a damn hotdog!!

Legato: Mine! *Runs off*

Chou: HOTDOG!!! *Runs after legato*

Ed: For the love of....

Jun: Good help is so hard to find these days.

Ed: Yeah...But those to have there moments.

Jun: Don't we all?

Ed: Yeah. You know, you aren't that bad.

Jun: Nor are you.

Ed: Wanna go do something?

Jun: I was going Christmas shopping. Do you wish to come?

Ed: Sure. Why not? I'm a shop-aholic

Jun: Good.

Ed: Right! Let's rock and roll Jun!

Jun: Yes, lets

Ed: What about him? *Points to Lee*

Jun: he holds things

Ed: All right! A bag boy!

Jun: Let's have some fun!

Ed: To the mall!

=Yoh and Anna's place=

Kasumi: *Still on her back, now singing* In the land of twilight, under the moon
we dance for the idiots
ring-around-the-roses, jump to the moon
we sing with the castanets.

Yoh: *Comes in and claps*

Kasumi: Um, hey.....bout time someone came to help

Yoh: *Helps Kasumi up* You ok?

Kasumi: Yeah, just fell down the stairs. That's all.

Yoh: Well at least you're ok.

Kasumi: Thanks. Things happen all the time to me.

Yoh: I'm sorry.

Kasumi: *Sigh* not your fault

Yoh: You want me to show you to the guest room?

Kasumi: Thanks that would be nice

Yoh: Follow me. *Walks off*

Kasumi: *Fallows*

Yoh: *Opens door* Here we are!

Kasumi: O.o Holy Crap this is huge!

Yoh: Yeah....Well, night! *Leaves*

Kasumi: That's a big bed....

Amidamaru: *Pops in* Good night Miss Kasumi!

Kasumi: yeah....*Runs over and starts jumping on the bed*

Amidamaru: Don't do that, you'll break the bed!

Kasumi: *Flips down* But it's big!

Amidamaru: Yes it is. See you in the morning Miss Kasumi. *Floats out*


Jun: Damn the mall is closing soon!

Ed: Damn them!

Lee Bailong: *Holding too much stuff* I don't think I can hold anymore stuff....

Ed: Stop you're whining!

Lee Bailong: I'm sorry, but I can't see

Ed: You don't need to. Oh look Jun! *Points* Lets go to that store!

Jun: Okay.

Ed: *Runs to store*

Jun: *Fallows*

Ed: *Looking at necklace* Look! Dragon!

Jun: I love dragons!

Ed: Me too! I'm obsessed!

Jun: Yes, dragons are get. My little brother is into them also.

Ed: You got a little brother? I'm the youngest in my family.

Jun: Yes. He's in Junior High

Ed: All my older siblings are out of school.

Jun: That's nice.

Ed: It's ok.

Jun: I'm gonna buy this, this, and this! *points out three different necklaces with huge diamonds in them*

Ed: Yeah! And I'll take these! *Grabs a bunch dragon jewelry*

Legato: MINE!

Chou: Just one!

Ed: And look who's back!

Legato: *Drops Hotdog* NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!

Ed: Legato! Give him at least have damn it! People are stating to stare!

Legato: You can have the one on the ground

Chou: Yay! *Picks hot dog up and eats it*

Jun: That's sick!

Ed: It's not that bad.

Jun: It was on the ground

Ed: So? Oh guys! Help Lee with the bags.

Legato: I'm out of hotdogs....


Legato and Chou: YES MASTER!!! *Goes over and takes bags from Lee Bailong*

Lee: Thank you.

Chou: Who are you?

Lee: I am Lee Bailong.

Chou: I'm Chou!

Lee: Nice to meet you!

Legato: *sigh* I don't believe I'm doing this....

Ed: Just do it!

Legato: Yes master

Ed: *Sighs* Goodness. If you aren't there to tell them what to do, they go to pieces.

Jun: Yes

Ed: Oh well. Lets go pay for this stuff.

Jun: Alright.

Ed: *Runs up to register*

Jun: If you don't have a place to stay tonight. You may stay with us.

Ed: Wow! Really? That'll be great! Thanks Jun!

Jun: *Smiles*

Ed: *Smiles back* Lets go boys!

Legato and Chou: Yes Master.

=Morning, Yoh and Anna's place=

Kasumi: *Sitting there watching Manta sleep*

Manta: *Wakes up* AHH!!!

Kasumi: *Smiles* Hello


Kasumi: You sleep funny.

Manta: Leave me alone!

Kasumi: *Tilts her head* Why?

Manta: Cause!

Kasumi: Did you know you talk in your sleep?

Manta: I do?

Kasumi: Yeah

Manta: What did I say?

Kasumi: Just random stuff.

Manta: Oh...

Kasumi: Don't you have school today?

Manta: Yeah....

Kasumi: What are ya doin' sleeping? Get up.

Manta: School doesn't start for another 2 hrs.

Kasumi: Wow you guys go to school late

Manta: Yup. Now let me sleep.

Kasumi: Okay then, see ya. *Disappears*

Manta: Thank you.

=Outside Manta's room=

Kasumi: How do people sleep?

Yoh: Morning.

Kasumi: You're up?

Yoh: Yup

Kasumi: Wow, I would have thought of you as a morning person.

Yoh: Well I am.

Kasumi: Hn *leans against the wall* That just gets me...

Yoh: How'd you sleep?

Kasumi: Better then I have in then last few months. I had a real bed!

Yoh: That's good.

Kasumi: I just can't believe I slept in a house full of ghost.

Yoh: It's not so bad.

Kasumi: Its kinda creepy now that I stop to think about it.

Yoh: You get used to it.

Kasumi: Meh, if ya say so. I'm gonna go watch the sun come up

Yoh: Have fun.

Kasumi: You want to join me?

Yoh: Sure

Kasumi: Great!

Yoh: Lets go

Kasumi: okay. *Smiles*


Yoh: *Sits down*

Kasumi: Hn, I can see my breath.

Yoh: It's cold

Kasumi: *Hugs Yoh* Does this help?

Yoh: *Smiles* Thanks.

Kasumi: Your welcome Yoh. *Rests her head on Yoh's head*

Yoh: Pretty sun....

Kasumi: *sigh* That it is....

Yoh: It's all pink.

Kasumi: Yeah and the sky is a little pink and purple too

Yoh: Yup

Kasumi: I could stay like this forever. Its just so nice.

Yoh: Same here

Kasumi: I'm glad you feel that way. *Closes her eyes*

Yoh: This is nice.

Kasumi: *Holds Yoh tighter*

Yoh: *Smiles* I think I still have homework to do....oh well

Kasumi: I never did my homework. Man, that was like due three months ago. I'm starting to think its a little over due.

Yoh: Whoa

Kasumi: yeah, I haven't been home in that long,

Yoh: I'm sorry.

Kasumi: I don't miss a thing about home

Yoh: That's not good.

Kasumi: I guess so…*Sighs*

Door: *Slides open*

Anna: *Walks out to see Yoh being held by Kasumi* O.o

Kasumi and Yoh: *Sitting there watching the sun*

Anna: What the hell are you doing?!

Kasumi: Watching the sun rise…

Anna: Not that! Get the hell off of Yoh!

Kasumi: Why?

Anna: You're hugging him!!

Kasumi: *Looks up at Anna* What? You wanted one too?


Kasumi: Hey, don't yell at me!

Anna: I'll yell all I want!

Kasumi: Well don't yell at me you flat chest bitch!

Anna: *Gasp* How dare you?!?!

Kasumi: Hell, its true!

Anna: *Starts shaking she's so pissed*

Yoh: A-anna!

Anna: *Eye twitching* WHAT?!

Yoh: Um…let's get ready for school….

Anna: Fine! *Goes back inside*

Yoh: I'm gonna get ready too.

Kasumi: Okay

Yoh: *Goes inside*

=Two hours later=

Yoh and Manta: *Walking down some road to school*

Yoh: *Yawns* I hate school…

Manta: What are you talking about? School is the best.

Yoh: *Yawns* Whatever you say Manta.

Manta: So, what was with all the noise this morning?

Yoh: Anna…

Manta: Oh…

Kasumi: Yeah, she's a real bitch!

Yoh and Manta: AH! O.O

Manta: Where did you come from?!

Yoh: Y-you really scared us!

Kasumi: *Giggles* Sorry bout that guy.

Yoh: That's okay.

Kasumi: I just wanted to see this school of yours. I've always wanted to see a Japanese school.

Manta: You're not Japanese?

Kasumi: Of course not. I don't even look it! I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I mean you could point me out on a map of Japan!

Yoh: I'll try that….

Manta: That wouldn't work Yoh….

Kasumi: Anyway, I'm thinking about leaving soon.

Yoh: So soon?

Kasumi: Yeah…but the faster I move the soon I'll see my beloved!

Manta: *Raises eyebrow* Beloved?

Kasumi: *Grins* Yes! My Hiei-Chan!

Manta: Okay…

Kasumi: He's the cutest little thing! He's about this tall. *Puts hand to Hiei's height*

Yoh: Wow, he's short…

Kasumi: Well, with his hair he's the same size as you.

Yoh: He must have some tall hair then.

Kasumi: I'll show you, I got a picture of him. *Takes out a pic*

Yoh: Wow his hair is tall!

Kasumi: Yeah

Yoh: But he's still short.

Kasumi: So? Manta's short!

Manta: Thanks for rubbing it in…

Yoh: Yeah well, Manta doesn't have a girlfriend.

Manta: I feel so loved…

Kasumi: Sorry Manta…

Manta: Hey who's this girl? *Points*

Kasumi: *Smiles* That's Yukina-Chan, Hiei's Twin sister.

Yoh: She's hot!

Kasumi: Sheesh, if ya like her so much why don't ya date her?

Yoh: Okay

Kasumi: *Blinks* Really?

Yoh: yeah I would like to go out with a girl like that.

Manta: What about Anna?

Yoh: You can have her.

Manta: No way in hell.

Kasumi: Don't blame ya.

Manta: Yeah.

Kasumi: The next time I see Yukina, I'll hook you guys up. Okay?

Yoh: Sweet! Thanks- I owe you.

Kasumi: Your welcome, but I ask for something or two.

Yoh: Shoot.

Kasumi: I want your necklaces. Its cool.

Yoh: *Gives Kasumi his necklace.* What else?

Kasumi: Headphones

Yoh: *Sighs and hands them over* I liked those

Kasumi: I'm gonna like them too. Well I'm heading downtown.

Manta: Downtown? Why there?

Kasumi: A bunch of bloody murders happened last night. I think Ed had a little too much fun last night.

Manta: M-murders!

Kasumi: Yep

Yoh: You think Ed did it?

Kasumi: Oh hell yeah. Those pictures were real bad, most likely Ed's work.

Manta: *Shivers* I never want to get on her bad side.

Kasumi: I guess. I'll see ya guys when I see ya. *Disappears*

Yoh: *Smiles* She was nice…

Manta: And weird too.

Yoh: I can't wait for her to come back.

Manta: That's enough of daydreaming; we got to get to school.

Yoh: All right *Sighs*

=At the Tao's place=

Ed: *Going through Jun's closet* I love what you have in your clothes!

Jun: I'm gonna throw away half of that stuff.

Ed: Oh! Can I have it?!

Jun: Be my guest.

Ed: YAY!!

Doorbell: *Rings*

Jun: Ug…*Yells* RIN GET THE DOOR!!

=Outside in the living room=

Ren: *Growls* I'm not moving!

Jun: REN!!



Ren: *Grumble, Grumble*


Ren: *Gets up and goes up to the door*

Door: *Slams open*

Ren: What the hell?!

Kasumi: *Walks in* Hello! I'm here to pick up my Ed.

Ren: Who the hell are you!!

Kasumi: I'm Ed's keeper. Is she in today?

Ren: Yeah, she's with my sister.

Kasumi: Oh good! Where's Jun's room?

Ren: Upstairs….

Kasumi: Ah, thanks! *Runs to Jun's room*

Ren: I'm surrounded by girls!

=Jun's room=

Ed: *Holds a bunch of dresses* I'm so happy!

Jun: I'm glad you like them.

Kasumi: *Comes in* Oh Ed! Ya here?!

Ed: Kasumi!

Kasumi: We need to get going! I'm playing match maker!

Ed: Okay….but I got new clothes!

Kasumi: Oh sweetness!

Ed: Yeah! Now, where is Legato and Chou?

Legato: *walks in eating a hotdog* Master

Chou: *Jumps out of the closet* Ta da! *Falls on his face* Ouch…

Ed: Yeah…

Chou: *Gets up* My face…

Kasumi: So where do ya want to go next?

Ed: OH! Naruto! I want to meet Kakashi!

Kasumi: Okay!

Ed: *Takes out 8 Ball* Hey, take us to Naruto!

Magical 8 ball of magic: Can do!

Ed, Kasumi, Legato, and Chou: *Disappears*

Jun: O.o How did they do that?!