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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Devil May Cry or Trigun. (A/N: I forgot to add Kenshin to the list of warriors. In order to do that I must put in BIG_DADDY)

Dragonblade: Well, I'm back again and since you people didn't write any reviews then I'll decide the matches for myself: Here are the opponents: Inuyasha, Kenshin Himura, Kin, Astaroth, Kento, Hiei, myself, Dante, Vash, Yoh, D, and BIG_DADDY.

BIG_DADDY: And here are the match-ups:

Round 1- Dante vs. Vash

Round 2- BIG_DADDY vs. Kenshin

Round 3- Dragonblade vs. Inuyasha

Round 4- Yoh vs. Astaroth

Round 5- D vs. Kin

Round 6- Hiei vs. Kento

…….. Wait a minute! Was that DANTE vs. VASH!?

Dragonblade: It sure was! This should make for an interesting match.

BIG_DADDY: This is not going to be pretty.

Dante: *hmph* How could I lose to this mortal being?

Vash: Gloat all you like I'll still win because I can use the Angel Cannon! And plus you're half human so don't be talkin'!

Dante: Well I can run up walls!

Vash: Well, I can "tip-toe" out of the way!

Dragonblade: Well, since they seem to have better over each other I am going to make this match special.

BIG_DADDY: What do you mean?

Dragonblade: This fight will be a Cage Match!

Thunderchaos: COOL!

Dragonblade: OH NO! IT'S YOU! Hey! You're BIG_DADDY's internet friend right?

Thunderchaos: Uh huh.

Dragonblade: Oh fine, sure as long as BIG_DADDY…..

BIG_DADDY: YES! You can be in this fic all you want!

Thunderchaos: Okay….

Sailor Dark: Don't forget me!

Rach-Chan: And me too!

BIG_DADDY: Wow! You already have a big crowd don't you?

Dragonblade: Yup! Now get your ass out there!

BIG_DADDY: WHAT!? Wait…… AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! (Gets thrown out into the arena. Vash and Dante look at him and draw their guns)

Rach-Chan: Why are they about to fire at BIG_DADDY and possibly kill him for no good reason?

Dragonblade: Ask those two! (Points to Vash and Dante now shooting wildly at BIG_DADDY) O.O


Dragonblade: Pull the switch that says "Cage for Cage Match"! (BIG_DADDY pulls the lever and a cage falls down and traps Dante and Vash)

Dante: Huh? A cage?

Vash: Alright! Finally some real action!

Dragonblade: I assume you two know the rules? (They both shake their heads and Dragonblade does an anime fall) -_-` Well…….. Oh hey that's right I never told you what the rules are. (Everyone does an anime fall) Well…. Here's the rules: You can't stay out of the arena for more than 10 sec, you can use guns and swords and you can't forfeit the match.

Everyone: WHAT!?

Vash: I'm screwed!

Dante: Well tough cookies then!

Dragonblade: O.K. Here's the deal with this match. This cage is 3,000 ft. long. You can turn over and fly up to the roof, you can walk and run on the walls and do back-flips off it and you can do Matrix style Kung-Fu!

Dante: He he he! This fool doesn't stand a chance!


Dante pulls out his gun and fires rapidly at Vash.

Vash: WOAH!!!

The screen begins to slow down as he dodges the bullets Matrix style. Dante runs out of ammo and Vash pulls out his gun and drifts up to the ceiling. He begins firing at Dante who does back-flips in slow motion and dodges all of them. Vash drifts back down and charges at him. Dante runs up to the wall and, just as Vash is about to catch up, runs up the wall, back-flips off of it and lands right behind Vash who turns around only to punched in the face. Vash falls down but as he does this he trips Dante and reaches for his gun. Dante reaches for his gun too and reloads as does Vash. They both land on the ground as they finish reloading their guns and point at each other as they land.

Vash: We're in a stalemate.

Dante: It would appear that way! (They both flip up and run to opposite ends and begin firing at each other from their positions while simultaneously cart-wheeling to do oncoming bullets. Then they charge at each and leap into the air. They begin firing at each other like in the Matrix and fall to the ground)

Dante: You're empty!

Vash: So are you! (He flips up and so does Dante. Then they jump into the air and begin to fight Chinese-ninja style. Dante throws a kick but Vash blocks and delivers a swift blow to the gut knocking the wind out of Dante. Dante gets knocked to the floor and rolls over to his guns, reloads them and gets ready to fire. Vash flies down.)

Dante: (Goes into his attack pose) DIE!!!!! (Fires at Vash)

Vash: *sweating* OH MY GOD!!!!!!! (Begins to take lots of blows; mostly in the arms and legs) *ugh* (He falls to the floor)

Dante: (Walks up to him and points his gun at him) Only human!

Vash: NO!!!!!!! (He props himself up on his hands and kicks the gun away from Dante out of the cage)

Dante: NO!!!!!!!

Vash: (Picks up his gun and attaches it to his hand while charging up energy) ANGEL……

BIG_DADDY: OH MY GOD!!! WE'RE ALL DEAD!!!!! (Thunderchaos uses his powers to form a barrier around everyone except for Dante)

Vash: CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Fires a giant blast at Dante. A bright light fills the arena. Eventually it stopped and when the smoked cleared Dante was on the ground and did not budge and inch)

Vash: OH YEAH! (Does a Shadow pose) I'm the coolest!

Dragonblade: Okay…… what was up with that?

Thunderchaos: HAH! Good match! I was on the edge of my seat!

Dragonblade: Well, I hope you all like the next match just as much as this one. And remember, review or Tyrant Dragon will be unleashed.

BIG_DADDY: Lord grant mercy on my soul.