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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing. Except my own original ideas. Got it? Good. Then let's continue.

Last time Baby challenged Alucard and after trying to invade his mind and body was plunged into the deepest bowels of Alucard's mind where he would suffer for an eternity haunted by the evil within Alucard. Now the third match of the Half-Time is about to begin.

Porunga is at the desk shuffling a deck of cards. He flips a card over and it's a Joker. Feeling taunted he picks up the card rips it to shreads.

Porunga: Let that be a lesson to all animate and inanimate objects who dare to challenge my otherwise intellectual mind!

Thunderchaos: Whoa! Chill dude.

Porunga: I'll chill nothing! (Pulls out a tanning lamp and lays down to get a tan)

Rach-Chan: Well, anyways, today we have yet another match in the half-time.

Random demon: What's with all the matches!?

Other random demon: And can I go to the bathroom now?!

Dragonblade: You will find out. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Seto: Anyways, since we were getting a little less creative because our minds were tired as hell we've put together, yet, another match for you people because we had nothing better to do.

BIG_DADDY: So every body put you hands together and claps as hard as you can! (No one replies) I SAID CLAP DAMMIT!!!! (Screams into the mike bringing everyone to their senses and they clap wildly even though they had no idea what he was just saying)

Rachel: Today, in Dragonfane's Dark Tournament we have an old nemesis from the past and nearly killed someone!

Cooler: Sounds interesting.

Rach-Chan: (Reading a card) It won't be once you find out who though.

Cooler: Let me see. (Reads card as well) Oh yeah. It's stupid.

Thunderchaos: (Unenthusiastically) People. Give it up for Spopovitch.

Videl: Oh great! Not him again.

Spopovitch: (Enters the arena to dead silence)

Random demon: …………………………̷ 0;………………………… 230;….(Suddenly coming to his senses) Hey! It's a human!

Another random demon: What's a piece of human trash like you doing on our territory?

Spopovitch: *hmph* It's not like I wanted to come. I was dragged into this but I don't know why, is the sad part.

Gohan: (Clenches his fist still remembering what happened)

Thunderchaos: Of course, we know best not to send in Gohan so we've hired a replacement fighter. (Suddenly flashy music plays and out walks a man in a red cap, blue suit, red cape and a belt containing Duff Beer and thrusting at the same time. It is Duff Man)

Duff Man: Oh yeah!!! (Thrusts again)

Seto: …..(blinks) You're kidding me, right?

Thunderchaos: (Looks at the card) No. That's what it says: Duff Man vs. Spopovitch.

Seto: …What kind of match is this?

Dragonblade: Shut up and you'll find out.

BIG_DADDY: (Scratches head) I'm not sure what Dragonblade's getting at folks but this looks to be about as one-sided as a straight line. Wait..!! Damn!

Duff Man: (Still thrusting, stops and points at Spopovitch) Are you ready to get Duffed?

Spopovitch: A mere human such as your self will get crushed by me. What is Dragonblade thinking?

Duff Man: I don't know. But this will be a great battle. Will it no?

BIG_DADDY: Well, I'm too lazy to give an introductory speech so…..Ready? Set? FIGHT!!

Duff Man: (Does the thrust over to Spopovitch) Let's get this shindig on!

Spopovitch: *Sighs* Fine. Whatever. (Kicks him in the groin then uppercuts him knocking him half-way across the ring and then jumps up and slams his foot into his gut forcing him to cough up blood. The Spopovitch picks him up by his cape, throws him over his shoulder then grabs his head and pile drives him into the ground. He jumps backwards so as not to be taken by surprise if Duff Man survived.)

BIG_DADDY: Whoa people! Spopovitch just personally laid the smack down on Duff Man. There's a smoking crater where he was pile drived into and I can't tell if he's alive or dead!

Rach-Chan: *yawns* This is so boring.

Rachel: (Staring at the fight un-amused) …..!!! Hold on a second people. I see something of a silhouette from inside the smoke!

She is right. For out of the smoke comes Duff Man, battered, bruised, and missing a few teeth but still ready for more.

Everyone in the audience: OoO

Spopovitch: What? I don't understand! How did you survive all of that?

Duff Man: Duff Man can never die! OH YEAH!! (Takes a run at Spopovitch and punches him in the gut multiple times then kicks him in the shins causing Spopovitch to hop around him pain. Then Duff Man trips him, pulls out a can of beer, shakes it up and sprays it in his eyes, temporarily blinding him.)

Spopovitch: AAAAHHHH!!!!

BIG_DADDY: Wow people! This is too good to be true. Spopovitch is getting a personally smack down from, of all people, Duff Man!! It's just too good to take eyes off of.

Videl: Serves him right.

Spopovitch gets knocked around some more and is kick in the chin knocking him into the air and almost out of the ring.

BIG_DADDY: (Runs to the edge of the ring) This is it people! If Spopovitch falls outside the ring for 10 sec. he automatically loses!

Suddenly Spopovitch glows with energy and stops just above the ground. Then he safely floats back into the ring.

BIG_DADDY: Oh crud. I forgot he could do that.

Spopovitch: (Lands and wipes blood from his mouth) You're pretty strong for a human.

Duff Man: That would be true. If I were a human!

Spopovitch: What the hell do you mean?

Duff Man: (Holds up his wrist) What I'm saying is… (Presses a button and suddenly his skin falls off but it is appears to be a costume. And standing in the costume was none other than)


Sailor Dark: But…that doesn't make any sense. Gohan is over in the bleachers.

Gohan: What the hell is going on?

Spopovitch: (Looks at him, then looks at the Gohan in the ring. He does in several times rapidly until his is nearly surrounded with stars. He snaps out of it and points at the Gohan in the ring) All right! What's the meaning of this? (The Gohan in the ring says nothing) What's wrong? Why won't you answer me? Cat got your tongue? (The Gohan still says nothing) Fine! (Back flips away from him) If you're not going to say anything then I'll just silence you forever!!

BIG_DADDY: Fool!! This is Gohan you're taking on!! Although I'm not sure it is Gohan, even though it looks like him.

Spopovitch: Shut up! (Takes a run at Gohan, jumps in the air and brings a fist down on him. Without flinching Gohan catches it with his hand)

Dragonblade: He was doomed from the start. That Gohan in the ring is actually the younger adult Gohan who nearly totaled Buu.

Porunga: Oh yeah. That was some wicked cool stuff. But that's beside the topic. (He turns back to the arena but Spopovitch is nowhere to be found) Hey! Where's Spopovitch? I could have sworn he was there just a second ago!

Adult Gohan: I killed him. How I will not say but I killed him as quick as I could. The very presence of his being disgusts me. (Walks forward and exits the ring)

BIG_DADDY: And, by some unknown attack that we were all too busy to, Gohan has killed Spopovitch!! Can I get a hooray? (The entire audience cheers) Wow! He was just that pathetic.

Dragonblade: Well, people. We're out of time for today. But don't go anywhere because we've got another special half-time round just for you people! (Hears something in audible in the crowd) And no. You cannot go to the bathroom yet.

Yu Yu Hakusho announcer: Spopovitch is dead from some unknown attack. And now the fourth round of the Dark Tournament half-time is just up ahead. What kind of new stipulations will this round feature? Find out next time!