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~~Chapter Begins~~

" Wow!! Piffle Princess Super Market Deluxe!!" Raimei stared at the huge store before them. They had taken the bus and went downtown for twenty minutes before getting off. They walked into the automatic doors and stepped around the huge store. "The Angelic Layer Aisle has to be around here some where." Sakura looked left and right then smiled. "Come on this way!" She grabbed Rai's hand and ran down past the aisles.

They run a lot…

Sakura stopped at aisle 23 and walked down it, looking through all the shelves. "I never knew there was this much Angelic Layer stuff." Raimei looked around and spotted the cloth samples. She smiled and beckoned Sakura over from the other end. "Look, I never knew there was so many kinds of cloth…How do I choose from them?"

"I dunno. I think you choose from what kind of outfit you want her to wear." Sakura looked around "Light blue and dark blue, right?" Rai nodded.

"I think I want silk. I'll make a kimono." Rai picked out two silk samples one dark blue the other light. "I think I'll pick white too." She took a white cloth sample. Then a thought struck her. How was she to make the shoes? "Sakura? How do you make shoes?"

Sakura scanned the aisle once again walking up and down. She bent over once to pick up something but Rai took no mind to it. Then, taking a small package and walked back to Rai. "Here, These are white ankle boots. I think you should go with a Shinobi outfit. She'd fit it."

"Good idea." Rai took the package. "Hey, how about some bells just as an accessory?" She took a small box with different sized bells inside. " I think that's just enough…Or I won't have enough money for the bus if I buy anything else." She and Sakura began to walk back to the cashiers.

~~Sakura's House~~

Raimei decided to go home with Sakura and let her parents be in their hangover time by themselves. She, Sakura, and Sakura's grandmother sat in the livingroom watching novellas on the Spanish channel. Sakura's grandmother was Spanish and moved to Japan in her youth. So only she understood. Sakura's grandmother also helped them sew Mizuhime's Shinobi outfit.

It took a few hours. First they sewed a dark blue kimono then cut the sleeves to the shoulder and cut the ends of the kimono up to her mid-thigh. Then sewed a pair white knee high socks. "Maybe she should have a pair of undershorts. You still have some light blue cloth left." suggested Sakura. She took the box full of the light blue cloth. Sakura handed it to her grandmother. "Think you can make some shorts?" Her grandmother laughed.

"Of course I can." It only took her an hour to cut and sew a pair of tight light blue shorts that went down to Mizuhime's mid-thigh. Rai slipped the clothes on Mizuhime. Then tied a ribbon around Mizuhime's waist that was white.

Rai began to tie Mizuhime's hair, "I'm gonna tie her hair in a braid, much like Ichigo." She tied the braid with a strip of light blue silk and attached a bell at the end. She smiled. Sakura spoke up, "Hey, Rai?"

"Yeah?" Rai turned to Sakura.

"Look. I found this on the floor in the aisle earlier." Sakura outstretched her palm and in it was a lavender sliver of a jewel.

"Oh wow! Sakura it's so pretty! What are going to do with it?" Rai asked.

Sakura laughed, "I'm giving it to Mizuhime. You can tie it around her neck. She'd look really pretty." Sakura strung the jewel on a piece of string and tied it around Mizuhime's neck "Like a good luck charm. Cool, huh?"

"Yep." Said Rai. The phone rang and Sakura's grandmother went to answer it. She was on the phone for a couple minutes saying "Yes", "Ok", and "Of course". Finally, she hung up and walked back into the livingroom and told Raimei that her parents want her at home. So Rai packed her stuff and headed for the front door saying goodbye to Sakura and her grandmother.

~~~Chapter Ends.~~~

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