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~Chapter Begins~

Rai yawned and climbed out of bed. She looked at the clock and shrieked, "Oh no!!! I've got school!" the clock read 7:45 and continued its ticking as Rai rushed from one side of the room getting her stuff together. It had been two weeks since Rai made her own angel and had finally turned thirteen. She tugged on her Eriol Academy uniform. It was a white sailorsuit top with a blue collar, a blue armband bearing a crown and blue cuffs with a gold stripe. Her skirt was white also with blue vertical stripes. She tugged on her white ankle boots with the blue zipper on the side. She picked up Mizuhime and put her in her shoulder pack and pulled it on. Sakura and her, after school, always went to the battle center with their angels and trained for the big Kanto Games coming up in a month.

Rai ran downstairs finding her father reading the newspaper at the kitchen table and her mother in the kitchen cooking breakfast, "Hey dad, good morning mom!" Rai skidded into the kitchen and thrust some bread into the toaster and turned it on. She tapped her foot as she waited.

Her mother turned to her, "Rai, you're going to be late for school if you don't hurry. You father and I also have those Parent Teacher Conferences after school. Maybe you should wait for us and we'll go home together." She flipped a pancake on the stove.

"Yeah I know I'm gonna be late mom. And you shouldn't worry about me being late. You also have work ya know. And no I can't stay at school when we get let out. Sakura and I are going to the Battle Center." She caught the toast as it jumped from the toaster and smothered it with raspberry jelly. Then she ran out the front door to find Sakura waiting for her on the sidewalk. Rai smiled and jumped off the steps of her porch and ran to meet her.

"Man, we are so gonna be late!!" said Sakura as they ran down the sidewalk. They were only a few blocks away from their school Eriol Academy one of the biggest schools in the city. As the reached the big brick building they slowed their pace but kept walking fast. Sakura checked her watch, "Oh crap! 8:10!" she panted.

"Oh no!" Rai exclaimed. They ran down a long hall to a classroom labeled 1-C and opened the sliding door. It seemed like all eyes turned to Rai and Sakura except for their teacher's Mrs. Takahashi. She sat at her desk sleeping. Quietly they ran to their seats avoiding any eye contact with anybody. The assignments on the board were already written and Rai began to do her work.


Rai took a big bite into her croquet "This is so good!" She munched and munched on the croquet until it was gone from her chopsticks. Sakura watched Rai in awe, the bell had rung only three minutes ago and Rai was almost done with her lunch already! Sakura couldn't take the silence so she spoke up," Can't wait to kick your ass at the battle center." She smirked.

"No way!" said Rai between mouthfuls. "I'm a rookie! That's not fair!"

"Oh come on! It's like we're in a tournament or somethin'. It's just practice." Sakura ate her sushi and rice before getting up, "We have P.E. next you might as well change now so we won't be late."

"Ok." Rai packed her stuff up and picked up her pack before she and Sakura headed for the girl's bathroom.


Rai and Sakura walked down the sidewalk away from their campus. They headed for the bus stop on the corner. Rai looked up and down the street. The bus was coming. The pulled out their buscards and climbed into the bus and sat in two seats in the front. It was kind of crowded and there was an old lady behind them talking to a man about the government and such. She kept coughing on Rai until it was their stop.

Sakura climbed out of the bus first followed by Rai. She started to laugh hysterically at Rai's mishap. Rai rolled her eyes and tugged on Sakura's wrist into a big building. They entered the battle center seeing a lot of people were already there. Quickly they ran to the counter to reserve a practice layer. Rai paid for it (now that her father's stock went up more than half, her allowance had also increased) and followed Sakura to room 456. They walked inside and dropped their bags. Inside the room were a couch, a stereo, and a large circular table about five meters wide with a chair on each side. Rai took out Mizuhime and turned the layer on a bright light engulfed the table.

Rai looked into a cabinet and took out a pair of headsets. (Okay this is were the hard part comes. I don't know exactly how to describe them. They don't go over your head like headphones. They go around your head like goggles except that it's made out of metal and it has an antenna sticking out the side.) She and Sakura put them on and they attached antennas to their angels' heads. Sakura sat across from Rai in one of the chairs and Rai sat across from Sakura in the other chair.

"You enter your angel first. And remember say your totally corny line before entering your angel." Sakura smiled and held Ichigo in her hands.

Rai nodded and took a deep breath, " Let your speed rival a lightning strike! Dance, Mizuhime!" She threw Mizuhime into the layer. Mizuhime flipped and landed on her feet, waiting for her opponent.

" Let your strikes cause the waves to tremble. Fight Ichigo!" Sakura threw Ichigo into the layer. Ichigo landed gracefully before Mizuhime, ready to fight. The angels stood there for a moment before launching off into battle. Mizuhime ran at Ichigo with amazing speed, aiming a kick at the other angel's head. Ichigo ducked grabbing Mizuhime's leg and throwing her at the edge of the layer. The angels continued to battle, punching and kicking for what seemed like fifteen minutes. Ichigo caught Mizuhime on the edge of the layer. Ichigo kicked at Mizuhime's side.

"Oh no!" Rai willed her angel to stand and dodge Ichigo's next attack. Mizuhime jumped, grabbed Ichigo's wrist and jumped on her shoulders. Mizuhime bounded off Ichigo causing her to be pushed into the ground. She landed on her feet on the other side of the layer.

Sakura's eyes narrowed in concentration as Ichigo shakily stood. Sakura laughed, "Time for Ichigo's ultimate attack! Teppo no tama Shita Kaiten!" Ichigo ran at Mizuhime, grabbed her wrist and kicked her into the air. Ichigo jumped up toward the other angel and grabbed her around the waist. As they fell, headfirst, Ichigo began to spin, faster and faster. Before they both hit the ground Ichigo jumped landing a foot away, watching Mizuhime crash into the layer.

Rai's jaw dropped, she cried in her mind to Mizuhime `Get up! Get up!' Mizuhime's hand twitched and she sat up. The screen in Rai's headset began to blink on and a diagram of an angel's body appeared. The diagram showed Mizuhime had damage to her right shoulder and leg. "Chikusho…" said Rai. Mizuhime stood glaring at her opponent.

"Are you okay?" Sakura asked her friend "You wanna end the match?" Ichigo was about to jump out of the layer into her owner's outstretched hand but Rai shook her head.

" No way! I'm going to kick you ass." She laughed. Mizuhime ran toward Ichigo, limping badly, "Dansu Narazumono!" she jumped and landed on Ichigo's face bounding off, but caught Ichigo in her arms with great speed. Mizuhime let Ichigo on her feet before flipping, hitting her opponent square in the jaw with her boot. Ichigo flew and skidded to the edge of the layer.

"Wow, I taught you that one right?" Sakura smiled and watched her angel stand. Mizuhime once again charged at Ichigo who left her guard down.

"That's like asking to be defeated Sakura!" Rai exclaimed and aimed a punched for Ichigo's stomach but never got there. Ichigo had grabbed Mizuhime's fist, straining against the weight and pulled switching places, kicking Mizuhime in the back and out of the layer. Rai watched her angel fall to the ground, lifeless once again. " I…lost. AGAIN!!!" She threw off her headset and picked up her angel. Mizuhime was scratched up lot.

Sakura sighed, "Will you ever learn? Even if you're older than I am, you still have a need for a lot more teaching about Angelic Layer. If you remember I was at the edge of the layer if I had blocked the force of the blow would've still knocked me out of the layer. Causing you to win. Duh!" She beckoned Rai to give her Mizuhime, "She ain't that hurt. I brought my repair kit just incase something like this happened." She pulled out a small white labtop from her backpack. She flipped it open and turned it on. She pulled two metal rings from her bag. They were about four inches wide and when Sakura placed them on an angel stand they hovered in a green light. She slipped Mizuhime inside of the rings and she also began to hover.

The same diagram Rai saw appeared on the labtop's screen. Sakura typed in a few passwords and watched the screen that read "Please wait as repair is being processed." Mizuhime's arm and leg began to glow white. She steamed then ceased glowing. The metal rings stopped hovering and dropped, leaving Mizuhime still hovering in the green light.

"Good as new!" Sakura smiled and handed Mizuhime back to Rai. She closed the labtop and collected the other stuff slipped them back into her backpack, "Care for another match?"

Rai shook her head "No way! I'm not going to embarrass myself more than once in one day!" she laughed and tucked the repaired angel into her backpack. "Let's watch the other players in the open layers in the hall."

Sakura nodded, "Okay then." She picked up Ichigo from the layer and pulled on her backpack. "Let's go" they headed out the door and into the hallway. Rai gave their room number to the woman at the counter and checked the clock on the wall. It was 5:35. `Good' she thought `Mom and dad won't be looking for me for another hour.' She saw Sakura hovering over one of the layers, cheering. Who was fighting? Rai hurried over to the layer and looked. Sitting on the right side of the layer was a tall high school boy, with short dark blue hair and indigo eyes. It was Ojiro!! She smiled as his blue angel, Wizard with great speed dodge his opponent's attacks.

Rai covered Sakura's mouth with her hand, sure there was a big crowd watching the fight but still she could shut up and watch. Sakura stopped cheering immediately but continued to follow Wizard's every move. Rai and Sakura looked on amazed as Wizard's opponent was knocked out of the layer. A girl stepped from the crowd and challenged Ojiro.

"Show him your strength! Go Momiji!" The girl threw in a slutty looking angel who wore a short skirt, a black leather jacket and a white tanktop underneath. The angel wore high-heeled boots that went up to her knees.

Momiji charged at Wizard and aimed a kick for his stomach. Wizard dodged, flipped and kicked Momiji high into the air. Wizard watched the other angel landed on her feet. Momiji ran at him again but instead of kicking she grabbed the angel and threw him across the layer. But Wizard seemed to disappear only, to everyone's excitement to find out that the male angel had ran behind Momiji and kicked her out of the layer. Everyone in the crowd cheered once more as the girl picked up her angel and walked away, defeated. Once again Rai checked the clock it was 5:59. She knew now it was time to go home. "Hey Sakura you wanna go home now?"

Sakura, too hypnotized by Ojiro replied simply " Huh?" She noticed Rai wanted to go and nodded, "Okay, I guess grandma's getting worried already anyway." So the two companions headed out the door into the streets. Since the battle center wasn't very far from their houses they decided to walk home. Slowly they walked until they came to Sakura's house. Rai bid her goodbye to Sakura and continued to walk home.

She was halfway home when she saw the white-haired boy and the girl again. They were yelling at each other, which seemed they did a lot. Or maybe Rai just saw them when they're in a bad mood? She decided to eavesdrop and follow them. They walked very quickly like they were in a hurry. She followed them as quickly as she could. Finally they neared a shrine and climbed up the long steps. Rai decided to stay at the bottom until they were at the very top and continued to follow them, now a strong distance away. The wind started to blow as she reached the top steps but quickly she ducked. The boy seemed to walk into one of the small wooden shrine as the girl departed into a house.

The girl returned in a few moments, carrying a big yellow backpack with her and entered the shrine as well. Rai sat there for what seemed like twenty minutes. What were they doing in there? She decided to stand and tiptoe her way into the shrine. It was empty. She looked around the small dark space. "Er...hello?" her voice echoed. Rai walked down the steps and onto the dirt ground. Then she saw it. A well. It was centered in the room and how deep it was Rai couldn't tell. She looked inside it was dark. Pitch black to be exact. She heard something scuffle behind her. Rai turned, and saw nothing. But finally she heard the screech of a cat and fell backwards, into the well.


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