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Angel: HI everyone! Welcome to a new episode of An Unlikely Adventure!!! Okay I definitely am feeling like changing the title of this fic…*sighs* Oh yea anyway I was thinking of who should be my co-narrators! So I picked Sango! Sesshomaru! Kagome! And Inuyasha!

Sesshomaru: I'm getting paid for this…right?


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Inuyasha: *sits in a corner * I can't believe I'm here… Dammit I should be out killing Naraku or something.

Sesshomaru: Oh really? What do you half-breeds do for a living? Sticking around your human friends and save the world from other half-breeds? Because of course you don't belong with this Sesshomaru or any demon for a fact.

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Kagome: *nods * SIT!

Inuyasha: *crashes into the ground *

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~~ Chapter 5: Youkai, Idos, and Hanyous!!~~

Rai woke to light shining in her face `What? I thought it was pitch black in the well.' She sat up and blinked, letting her eyes adjust to the bright light. `I must've been knocked out until morning.' She then noticed vines on the walls. She decided to climb up the vines and out of the well. The climb seemed extremely easy. Strange because Rai was never the athletic type before. When she reached the top Rai gazed in awe, before her was a forest. She sat on the edge of the well. How'd she get here? How would she get back? And where THE HELL was she?! She rested her hands in her lap. Then she felt a silky fabric. HUH? She looked down and she wore a long blue kimono but cut on the sides. `No' she thought `No way!!' She felt her long hair in a braid, she checked the color, it was…it was….WHITE!!! `What the hell is going on here?!'

She checked what she was wearing again, and yes she finally realized it. She looked exactly like Mizuhime!! What is going on?! She felt the top her head and felt two cat ears. Then she felt the jewel shard around her neck before dumping her bag back into the well. If she was going to travel far then she couldn't have any extra weight. Then she remembered the boy and girl that came into the well the day before. Maybe they're here too! She would find them and ask them where she was. She began walking, into the forest.

What this lonely girl didn't know was that three were shadows watching her from the bushes behind her.


Hakkaku: Wow she's beautiful. *watches the newly discovered demoness walk into the forest. *

Ginta: Yeah… We should tell Koga we have quite a prey on our hands… *licks his fangs * I'll go. *With speed runs to Koga's den. Leaving the two other wolves to track their new prey *

Kikiro: *watches Ginta leave * He'll be able to track us while we track her. So let's follow her. Plus we should get that Shikon no Tama sliver from her.

Hakkaku: Yeah.

*End Script *

So the two demons followed the unsuspecting demoness as quietly as they could.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

~Koga's Den~

Koga sat on a rock right outside his den, thinking of another plan of how to get his beloved Kagome from Dog Shit. He ground his teeth as he thought. His sweet, gentle Kagome. Oh how he long for her to be out of Inuyasha's hands. He always puts her in danger. He growled at the thought of Kagome being killed in battle. `I'll kill you one day Dog Shit… I promise!' Koga's ears perked as he heard Ginta call his name.

"Koga!" Ginta called happily "We found something! It's a female youkai! She's the far part of the east forest!" Ginta bounded up to Koga smiling.

" What? So what?" Koga crossed his arms waiting for a persuasion. Ginta stopped before the pack leader.

"She looks just like Inuyasha! I was thinking you would take off some of that steam on her. She looks like she'd put up a good fight. Hakkaku and Kikiro are tracking her as we speak."

"Just like Mutt face you say? I'll do it." So the two wolves sped towards their companions who meanwhile watched Rai hungrily from the bushes.

Rai quickened her pace she was beginning to feel frightened. Her new cat ears could here everything around her. She thought she heard someone following her so she began to run but whatever was following her seemed to keep up easily. Rai ran as fast as she could until she came to the edge of a village. `Wait… a village? What the hell? It's the twenty-first century!' But as she got closer to the cluster of buildings she noticed dead bodies everywhere. She skidded to a stop, sending up dust. Blood was everywhere, pools of blood. `What happened here?!' she thought `What kind of person would do this?!'

Rai slowed her pace, walking cautiously through the bodies of women, men and children. She spotted a wolf's tracks. And another, and another set of tracks. Wolves were the culprits. As she looked around Rai spotted that only the humans were dead. A wolf's usual prey, the farms animals were shaken, yet untouched. Then she felt the wind pick up and smelled it. Yes, it was the smell of wolves but not ordinary ones either. Rai jumped onto a nearby house just in time to dodge a small twister that zoomed past her, but stopped. As the dust cleared Rai saw the shape of a human standing feet away. But the man standing before her didn't look human. She had to crouch to get a good look at him.

He was tall and lean. His black hair tied in a high ponytail. He had shocking blue eyes and wore fur from head to toe. Rai looked over her shoulder and saw three other men approach. They were all dressed like their leader one having a moehawk and the others just having messy hair. '`Kind of remind me of the punk rockers back home.' The first man interrupted her thoughts by laughing mischievously.

"So you are the demon my recruits have been talking about." He crossed his arms and chuckled, "You don't look very strong… and look you have a Shikon shard around your neck. I guess I am killing you for a purpose."

Demon? Shikon shard? What was this guy talking about? Rai knew he wanted to fight for her good luck charm but she wondered…why? "Why do you want this jewel?" she asked and stood on the small wooden house.

"Don't tell me you haven't heard of the Shikon no Tama. A jewel that increases your powers if held in possession. I already have two shards in my collection. I'll collect all of the shards and become much more powerful than I am now." He chuckled, "But why am I wasting my time telling you? You'll be dead in a few very short moments." He ran at Rai with the most amazing speed she'd ever seen. He jumped and kicked toward her side but Rai blocked, only to be kicked in the face by his other leg.

Rai stumbled back off the roof of the house and into a pool of blood next to a body. `Maybe' she thought `Maybe if I have Mizuhime's body, then I might have her speed and strength too!' She heard the cheers of his companions; "Go Koga!" and she scoffed. She stood and flipped away as Koga sped at her claws extended. Rai moved as fast as she could, dodging all of his attacks. Finally she kneed him in the stomach and jumped away from his claws. She panted, trying to catch her breath as she watched Koga recover. But then she remembered the other men that came with him. But it was too late, hands grabbed her arms from behind and they held tight. Koga began to walk towards her laughing. `Ooh this guy is getting on my nerves…' she thought as she struggled against the wolves. `The cowards, only to attack me when I'm busy fighting already.'

"Well, guess you weren't much of a fight after all, even with a Shikon shard." Koga lifted a claw to her throat, still laughing. He reached for the Shikon shard at her neck. Rai couldn't take it. She stepped back on one of the wolf's feet behind her as she elbowed another in the stomach. She pulled out of the last one's grasp and flipped onto another small house.

"I'm not going to lose!" she yelled only to feel pain shoot up her left side. She clenched her teeth and felt a warm liquid trickle down her side. She looked and her eyes widened in horror. She was bleeding! `I can't focus on that now…' She looked up and sees Koga right in her face as he raked her other side with his claws. The force sent Rai spinning toward the ground again. She landed on her hands and flipped onto her feet. `I have to attack!' She jumped at Koga and aimed a kick for his head and he dodged. There! She swung her other leg to his legs. As her attack collided with Koga, he tripped and fell. Rai flipped back several times. She ran at him again and punched him square in the mouth as he stood. Koga flew back into a house. She stood about twenty feet from the wolf demon waiting for his next attack.

Rai felt her blood escape her as it trickled onto the ground. Koga moved weakly, he grunted as he stood, holding his leg in pain. `My boots!' she thought `They add extra damage since they're so tough. That means I must've shattered his leg bone.' Now his attacks will be slower. Rai winced at the pain her side. She watched Koga stand and run at her again. She smirked; this guy was really slow now. Koga was punching and kicking at her as he advanced. Rai dodged every attack. Then she remembered Ichigo's best attack the Teppo no tama Shita Kaiten. When Koga punched at her she grabbed his fist and kicked him into the air. She jumped after him and grabbed Koga around the waist. Rai spun, faster and faster and watched as they flew toward the ground headfirst. `Now!' She jumped away at the last second and flipped onto another house and watched Koga crash into the ground. Rai turned to Koga's friends and glared.

His companions, astonished at their leader's defeat, ran toward Koga, picked up his limp body and sped away back the way they came. Rai shifted on her feet and jumped off the small house. `I've lost so much blood…' she began to limp out of the village into the forest. She walked for what seemed like an hour before she reached another village. But then she stopped on a hill just before it. Rai felt the life escaping her as she fell to her knees and blacked out.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --

Inu's gang sat in Kaede's small house, eating supper. None was talking because Inuyasha and Kagome were in an argument. Kagome lost a Shikon shard while shopping for her younger brother in a toy store. It must've dropped from her backpack as she rushed through the aisles a couple weeks ago. They went back the day before but couldn't find it. Now Inuyasha was mad and Kagome was angry because he wouldn't forgive her. Inuyasha's nose twitched and he lifted his head from his ramen and he growled.

"What is it Inuyasha?" asked Miroku, the lecherous monk.

"I smell blood, and lots of it." Said Inuyasha quietly. He stood. "And that's not all. I smell a demon and Koga's scent."

Kagome gasped, she stood also "I feel a Shikon shard coming! But not very fast." They were all silent for a moment as Kagome squeaked; "It stopped moving… Just outside the village!" Now they all stood and headed outside (except for Kaede). With Inuyasha bounding in the lead they reached the East Side of the village. To Inuyasha the smell of blood became stronger, and so did Koga's. Then he spotted it, a body! It was a young woman maybe around fifteen and he stopped beside the body, waiting for the others. Kagome gasped in horror, "Oh my god!" Sango gasped also. The girl's white hair was covered in blood and so was her body.

"She's still breathing so quit your shit." Inuyasha's feet were now covered in her blood. "We have to get back to Kaede's and treat her injuries." Kagome nodded and so did Sango. Miroku looked at the beauty before him. She was too beautiful for words. Inuyasha picked up the young woman and carried her in his arms and bounded off back to Kaede's hut with the other's close behind.

Kaede's eyes widened as Inuyasha came back in with a young woman covered in blood in his arms. She set down a blanket for the girl to be rested on. Shippo and Kirara stayed behind with Kaede. "Who's that Inuyasha?!" Shippo asked as Inuyasha set down the woman onto the blanket. Kagome, Sango and Miroku finally came back with water. Kagome dug through her backpack until she finally pulled out her first aid kit and she rushed to the girl's side.

"Inuyasha, keep Miroku from looking while Sango, Kaede and me try to clean up this girl." Kagome began to remove the girl's clothes to clean her cuts and bruises. Inuyasha sat against the wall and so did Miroku.

"You guy's never trust me do you?" Miroku asked Inuyasha.

"Who would Miroku? With the womanizing nobody trusts you with the serious things." Inuyasha responded. He always had to tell Miroku that because he was such a lecherous monk in Sango's and Kagome's eyes. Miroku laughed nervously.

Kagome and Sango worked quickly cleaning and bandaging all of the girl's injuries. She was caked in blood so they had to clean all of it off. She had two big gashes on both of her sides. But then that's when Kagome noticed two white cat ears atop of the girl's head. She gasped.

"What is it Kagome?" Sango followed Kagome's gaze to the ears on the girl's head. "She's a demon?" Her eyes widened. Kagome nodded. They kept bandaging the girl's sides and hurriedly. When they were finished Kagome and Sango sat on the far side of the hut. When they told Inuyasha and Miroku about the demon now lying in the hut before them they kept the guard up. Kaede spoke up " If ye girl is a demon will ye kill her? Because it seems to me that ye girl is not harmful."

Kirara lay near the girl's head. Inuyasha nodded, "If she attacks us then we attack her. And she still smells like Koga… She must be part of his pack" His dog-ears twitched in anger as she remembered the damned wolf demon that tried to kidnap Kagome so many times.

"Ever thought that she was attacked by Koga?" Kaede questioned the hanyou.

"Feh." Inuyasha rolled his eyes.

"But why did she have a Shikon shard around her neck?" asked Kagome and she shows everyone a shard in her hand. "She must be searching for the shards like all of us."

"Did ye think maybe that is why Koga attacked her? For ye Shikon shard?" Kaede asked as she ate the rest of her supper.

"If that's so then she must've escaped at the last second with her life." said Sango.

"Yes" Kaede sighed, "So many people are after the Shikon shard now. Kagome, I think you should give that sliver back to ye girl when she wakes."

- - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -

Koga sat in his den, resting. `Damn that demoness!' he thought `I'll kill her. I swear it!' He winced as a pain shot through his shattered leg.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -

Rai felt covered by a blanket, as she rested. She felt the pain in her sides slowly diminished as she slept. She kept her eyes closed all the time. She was fed water by unknown hands. Sometimes she would have nightmares of never returning home, and being killed by that guy Koga. She would toss and turn trying to shake the dreams away. She felt something cuddle up to her and she'd rest again. She felt its fur every time and it made her relax.

She felt the need to open her eyes and look around, so she did. She was lying at the back of a small hut and it was empty. She felt the furry animal sleeping beside her. It looked nothing like she'd seen before. It was a vanilla color with dark brown stripes and two tails. Fascinated she picked up the creature in her hands. It opened its big eyes and looked up at her and mewed. Rai couldn't help but smile. She heard a squeak and looked around. Near the entrance of the hut was a small boy. She turned to look at him. He squeaked again and yelled, "Kagome! Kagome! She's awake!!" and he disappeared.

Rai quickly put down the little animal and pulled up the blankets around her. Then she began hear footsteps outside. A girl entered, and to Rai's much surprise she wore a Tokyo uniform. Then she realized it was the girl Rai had followed the other day into the well! Her eyes widened in fear, "Where am I?"

The girl responded "In Kaede's village of course! We found you on the hill near the village and brought you back here. It's been about three days." She smiled.

"But...where's Tokyo? Why ain't I there?" Rai began to panic. The girl looked at her with surprise.

"How do you know Tokyo exists? Who are you?" the girl asked.

"My name is Raimei Tamashi. I go to Eriol Academy, I live in Tokyo and I want to know how I got here!" yelled Rai. She was nervous now.

The girl's jaw dropped. How could she know about Tokyo? "You're in Sengoku- Jidai the warring states era… My name's Kagome Higurashi. Isn't Eriol Academy one of those rich private schools?" Rai nodded and told Kagome what happened ever since that day she followed Kagome and the white-haired boy into the unmarked well.

As their conversation proceeded other people coming into the hut joined them. A monk came in first. He seemed very delighted that Rai was alive and well. Second a young woman came in. She was dressed in a green dress and a pink kimono underneath. Both her and Kagome began to change Rai's bandages. "How do I get back though?" asked Rai.

"Oh, that's easy. You just jump back into the well." Said Kagome. "Oh yeah and I forgot to introduce my friends, Sango and Miroku. The miko Kaede is helping some people in the field. And Inuyasha is…uh… Where is Inuyasha?"

"I guess he's practicing with Tetsusaiga just outside the village." Said Miroku. He sat against the wall.

"Just jump back through the well? That's all? I guess I was in too much of a panic state to try it. Guess I didn't need to look like my angel for so long." Rai laughed nervously.

Sango spoke up, "Kagome, do you know of these angels Rai is talking about?"

"Oh yeah. They're these cool dolls they have in toy stores. With the technology we have in our era you can make the dolls look and dress like whatever you choose. Then when they're created to someone's liking you get to bring them to life on these battlefields called layers. There are a whole lot of big tournaments too. You can enter your angel and compete for a prize. Everybody plays with them even guys." Explained Kagome.

"What kind of sorcery is that?" asked Sango and she bandaged Rai's last cut.

"It's not." Rai said. " Angels are just small machines that can be controlled by people's

thoughts." She pulled the sleeves of her kimono on and sat back against the wall. She couldn't possibly go home now, looking like a doll. Maybe this whole thing would wear off. Rai sighed and closed her eyes. `Maybe this is a dream. And when I open my eyes again I will be back in my room and nothing ever happened…' she thought. She looked up and opened her eyes only to see Kagome staring at her. "What's wrong?" asked Kagome.

"Oh nothing. I'm just thinking." Rai replied. `Guess it's not a dream.'

Kagome's eyes lit up; "I'm sensing two Shikon shards coming. And really fast! You can stay here Raimei! Kirara! Guard her!" She picked up a bow and arrow set and ran outside. Miroku and Sango (with her Hiraikotsu) followed her.

Rai wasn't going to be left behind. She picked up the small cat demon and ran outside after her three new friends. They were a short distance ahead of her. She barely kept up, weaving through the people on the dirt road. Finally she decided to jump onto the roofs of the houses around her. So she went from roof to roof right behind Kagome, Sango and Miroku.

On the hill where Inuyasha and the others found Rai that day stood Inuyasha and Koga glaring at each other. Rai slowed her pace. She was getting weaker by each leap. As she and the others reached the hill, Koga and Inuyasha began to fight.

"Damn you. You insolent puppy!" Yelled Koga as he ran at Inuyasha, causing small twisters behind him.

Inuyasha growled and charged at Koga, Tetsusaiga unsheathed and transformed. The two demons clashed. Punching and biting. Inuyasha swinging his sword like a Neanderthal. Then Koga kicked Inuyasha in the face. `But wait… I thought I shattered his leg!' thought Rai `This is not going to turn out well.' She couldn't take it anymore before Koga hit Inuyasha again she jumped and kicked Koga in the side, sending them both flying back several feet.

White-hot pain went through Rai's left side as she tried to stand but only to fall to her knees again. Everyone turned their eyes to her. There was an awkward silent until Koga said something. "So your still alive huh? I could've swore I almost killed you" He chuckled quietly. "I'm not going to be defeated again. I SWEAR IT!"


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