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~~Chapter 8~~~

Rai lay on a mat in the back of Kaede's hut. Kagome was boiling water for her injuries and everyone else sitting around her. She had bandaged Sesshomaru's neck. This was the first time Kagome had ever seen the real Rai. She had brown hair and had rosy cheeks. Her skin was a peach color with a tinge of pink. She also had white streaks in her hair. Kagome wondered if those white strands of hair were there before.

Inuyasha was bandaged from head to toe. He was in a lot of pain though he would never let it show, especially because Sesshomaru was there. Sesshomaru decided to stay a little longer. He didn't want to hang around Jaken for a reason though he did worry slightly for Rin. He knew that Jaken wasn't very strong. They all sat in silence, letting the effects of the event sink in.

Kagome sighed " She's going to be really upset about this whole thing." She tried to break the silence. She had been injured herself though it wasn't as bad as Inuyasha's injury.

"Yes she is. I hope this doesn't happen again." Sango spoke quietly with her knees pulled to her chest and her chin resting on them.

Sesshomaru sat closest to Rai. He eyed her warily. How can a little girl cause all this damage? He thought about Rin doing the same thing and shuddered mentally. He wanted to leave but he had to question this girl. Then he heard faint cries `Great…' he thought `More trouble…'

" SESSHOMARU-SAMA!!!!" Jaken's voice echoed. Small toad demon Jaken poked his head into the hut, "Sesshomaru-sama! I smelled your blood from the hill and had to come see you! Are you…" Jaken choked "Sesshomaru-sama! Why are you here with this hanyou and humans?"

"Jaken…" Sesshomaru began.

Jaken squeaked in fear, " Y-y-yes?"

"Where is Rin?" Sesshomaru shot a death glare at his underling.

Jaken stuttered "Err… she is here with me. Uh…um RIN GET BACK HERE! STOP PLAYING WITH THOSE WORTHLESS HUMANS!"

A little girl appeared behind Jaken "Yes Jaken." She sighed. Everyone was silent what was a human doing with Sesshomaru?? Who was she? At the sight of Sesshomaru Rin squealed, "Sesshomaru-sama!" she ran inside happily and jumped into his lap. "Rin and Jaken were looking for you!" Kagome was astounded. Why wasn't Rin scared of Sesshomaru? She's a human!

~*Rin's POV*~

I looked around and see three girls, an old lady, and two boys. One girl had a long ponytail and black hair. She wore a demon slayer suit. I should know cause they came to the village once. Another girl was kind of long hair that went kind of below her shoulders. It was black too. She wore the weirdest clothes I've ever seen.

Another girl was sleeping I guess. Her hair was brown with some white strands. She wore weird clothes too. The old lady had gray hair tied in a ponytail and had a miko outfit on. The boys sat across from my Sesshomaru-sama. One wore a monk outfit all purple and blueberry colored. Around his right hand were shiny beads. He had a staff to that was gold I guess.

The other wore all red (Angel: What's Inuyasha's robe and pants called? I forgot!) with very long white hair like Sesshomaru-sama but not a silky looking. He looked exactly like Sesshomaru-sama except for puppy ears on top of his head. Before I knew it I ran over to the doggy boy and yanked on his ears. Doggy growled and I jumped back. He growled at me! He was scary! I jumped back into Sesshomaru's lap and buried my face into the fur around Sesshomaru-sama's shoulder.

~*End POV*~

"Hanyou… don't scare Rin or you'll have to face me." Sesshomaru said coolly.

Inuyasha crossed his arms. He didn't like Sesshomaru or his brat. "Or WHAT? Damn you Sesshomaru! Who invited your ass here anyway?"

"Inuyasha! SIT!" Kagome was frustrated with Inuyasha. Cursing in front of a little kid! "WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO IGNORANT?"




That shut Kagome up. "YOU JERK! YOU DON'T CARE?? DAMN YOU! SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIIIIIIIITTTT!!!" But only for ten seconds, as Inuyasha greeted the floor and the ground under the floorboards once again. A long silence lingered in the room.

"Sesshomaru-sama? Who is half-dead? Is Rin half dead?" Rin was worried and clutched to her `adoptive father'.

"No Rin you're not going to die. It's…her" He gestured to the sleeping body before them.

Rin sat next to the girl "Hello?" she poked Rai's face, "Hey wake up." She stirred and sat up slowly.

"Hi you guys…" Rai looked around at everyone. She yawned slowly "Man I feel better!" (she still hasn't noticed Sesshomaru or Rin) Rai stood up and stretched. "Uh hey…where's Koga. I'm ready to kick his butt now!"

" Humans are so ignorant…" growled Sesshomaru.

Rai turned around to come face to face with Rin, "Oh…hi. Who are you?"

"Rin's name is Rin." She smiled.

" Rin…that's enough. I want you and Jaken to both go back to the Western Lands to the castle. I will meet you there. Summon Ah-Un if you have to." The little girl nodded and she grabbed Jaken by his staff and ran outside

Rai looked at Sesshomaru, "Who are you?"

"……………Your great grandfather times six.," said Kagome


"I'll explain from when you blacked out."

~~~*** An hour later***~~~

Rai sat with her legs crossed before the fire. Sesshomaru had left a while ago. And Inuyasha was sitting outside. Her face was still as she fiddled with a dagger she had found. "I-I'm sorry." Was all she could say. A single tear came down her face. "I shouldn't be here. I don't want to kill anyone."

"No it's ok. We've been through a lot like this so we're used to it." Sango tried to calm the girl down.

"No. I don't wanna hurt anyone anymore! I don't want to kill!" She ran out of the hut faster than regular thirteen-year-olds.

--- --- ---- - -- - - - - -

Rai ran with Mizuhime clutched in her hand and the dagger in the other. She ran to the well and stopped at the edge. She took a deep breath then jumped in. A lavender light surrounded her as she was dropped into another well. Then she noticed her bookbag on the floor of the well. She swung it on and climbed up a rope ladder out of the well. `I'm back' she thought. `But I can't go home…' She walked out of the small shrine slowly, trying not to draw any attention if anyone was there.

She walked down the sidewalk. It was night so she kept the dagger in the waist of her skirt just in case. She studied her once beautiful hair that was now streaked with white. Rai scanned for a place to stay and sighed, the police are probably after her. And if they took her home she would have to face her parents. She couldn't face the experience she did while the demon took over again.

It was a cold feeling. Like she was all alone in the darkest place ever. She couldn't see anything or feel anything. Like she was a ghost. Laughter broke her thoughts. She looked up and saw three men before her. One had spiky hair that was dyed blue and wore black baggy jeans and a red shirt. Another had long black hair loosely tied in a ponytail. He wore tight leather pants and a leather jacket. The last one was very short about her height wearing slightly baggy indigo pants and a blue shirt.

" Yo, wadda we do wit' her boss?" asked the short one.

"We take her with us. You would like that wouldn't ya doll?" the one in leather spoke harshly like Koga did to her. "Grab `er!"

Rai whipped out the dagger and slashed left and right as the men tried to grab her. The guy wearing leather grabbed her arms from behind but she elbowed him in the stomach and kicked him in the shin. "Get off me asshole!" she watched as he fell to the ground clutching his stomach. She held the dagger at arm's length, "If you want your asses kicked too the come at my dagger."

The men just cowered and picked up their leader and ran off. Rai huffed `They weren't so tough…' She slipped the dagger back into its sheath and walked on. Soon she came to a park. Rai had the sudden urge to sleep. She walked into the park and climbed up into a tree. It was a big tree so she climbed pretty high. Then she began to tear leaves and small twigs off the branches and made a nest.

"Well this is my makeshift bed for now." She said to herself and lied down. Soon she was off in a deep sleep.

- - - - - - - End Chapter 8 - - - - - -

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