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Secrets revealed Part 2

"Raimei!!!" screamed Kagome as the younger girl fell out of the broken window. Inuyasha faltered and dropped Tetsusaiga as blood once again ran down his sides onto the floor. Uryo busted into the room and so did Kurama, Yusuke and Hiei (well except Hiei didn't look panicked or worried…) Uryo flipped on the light switch and there stood Kuwabara but he didn't look like himself. His eyes had gone blood red and his teeth became long and sharp canines.

Yusuke gasped, "Kuwabara! What are you doing here?!"

"To kill the One, steal the sun crystal and the Shikon no kakera!!" Kuwabara yelled. His voice was gravelly and harsh, not like the regular Kuwabara.

"You bastard!" Inuyasha growled and he flinched in pain

Kagome felt a shock through her body and saw a Shikon shard inside his neck, "Inuyasha! He has a tainted Shikon shard in his neck!" she yelled. Yusuke charged his spirit gun and Kurama brought out his rose whip. Hiei leaned back against the wall. Personally he thought Kuwabara was a weakling so he let Yusuke and Kurama take care of it.

---- - -- - - ---- - -- - - - - -

The girl rolled down the side of the roof and off the edge. Raimei screamed with all her will as she plummeted towards the hard concrete below. She looked up and watched her blood fly up into the air as the ground came closer. Her life flashed before her eyes. `I'm sorry Inuyasha…Kagome…and…. Okami…' She closed her eyes and waited for the impact. But the ground never came, Raimei felt a pair of arms catch her bridal style and lift her back up towards Kagome's bedroom window.

When Raimei and her rescuer landed back on the roof he turned her to him and wrapped his fingers around the handle of the knife jammed in her shoulder. Slowly he pulled it out the knife. She closed her eyes tightly before she could get a good look at him and squealed in pain as the knife slid out of her shoulder.

He had a black jacket that stopped right above his waist where another white shirt, underneath, went down below his waist. The jacket was white trimmed and was buttoned by a small badge the looked like a white wing on the far right part of his chest. He wore slightly baggy pants with white boots. Around his waist was a white belt that held a long sword. It seemed, for the sword's weight the belt was slanted. She looked at his face. Around his neck was a white cross. His hair was long and gray, tied loosely so hung over his shoulders and face, which made him look majestic and mysterious. His eyes were maroon with white slits as pupils. He looked very mysterious.

He was a life-size look-alike of Kiba the Hazardess Fang. He cradled her in his arms for a moment before she blushed a little. She scrambled to stand up but with no avail. Her body was still in shock of the knife that had dug into her flesh; her legs felt like weights were tied to her feet. She felt an arm wrap around her waist and lift her up. The man held her as if she were a newborn baby (that means very, very carefully) as they walked towards the bedroom window.

-------- ---- -- - - - - -----

"Alright you bastard…I'm taking care of you once and for all!" Inuyasha said weakly and he lifted Tetsusaiga but Yusuke stopped him.

"Inuyasha…let me and Kurama take care of this. We know all of Kuwabara's moves and with a tainted jewel shard he's dangerous." Yusuke said calmly. And aimed his spirit gun at Kuwabara's neck, "Rifle!" and a large blast came from his finger. Something Kagome had never seen before it was sure to hit the shard in his neck. But then there was a ping sound and the blast came right back at them and they all ducked and the ki hit the wall and blew a hole in it. Kuwabara had his ki sword out and it seemed as if it deflected Yusuke's attack.

Kagome ended up on the floor and got a glimpse of white outside on the roof, "Raimei…?" she said louder than she meant too. There was a crack of glass behind Kuwabara and slowly they all turned their heads to see strange man. In a second they heard a grunt and a blade was thrust through Kuwabara's chest.

Kagome gasped as Kuwabara's body went limp and he slid slowly off the blade onto her bedroom floor. They all stared at the strange man who in one hand had a long sword colored crimson and in the other was Raimei, looking quite startled.

He said, "Here…" and harshly threw Raimei at them "I think this is yours…" Kurama in time barely caught Raimei before she hit the ground and held her for a moment.

"Who are you?!" Yusuke barked

The man bowed deeply. "You will find out soon enough." Was all he said before hopping out of the room onto the roof. Hiei jumped after him.

"Come back you bastard!" he yelled. Hiei drew his sword and followed the stranger but by the time he got on the roof. No one was there. "Damn…" he growled.

Raimei shook all over. She buried her face in Kurama's shoulder. She had once again looked death straight in the eye. `I've failed them…All of them…' she thought to herself. Inuyasha collapsed, grunting in pain.

Yusuke kneeled next to Kuwabara's fallen body. "K-Kuwabara…no…Whoever you are…I will kill you, you bastard!" he yelled as small tears streamed down his face…this wasn't supposed to happen…Hiei stood over them, a solemn look on his face. Kurama wrapped his arms around the sobbing girl and held her close to him. It wasn't supposed to happen like this…so many injured…so many dying…Raimei cried harder as Inuyasha began to cough up his own blood.

----------- --- ------- ----

Sesshomaru sat on the roof of his castle, the wind blowing through his hair while the night sky surrounded him. Ever since he had seen what his future held he felt this strange feeling. One he had never felt before. Now he felt a deep and grave coldness as he felt his heart's cold outside melt. But this wasn't how he was supposed to act. He was a Demon Lord. He had to strike fear in every being he came across.

He stared up at the sky, counting the stars. Then he felt small fingers caress his large and clawed hands.

"Sesshomaru-sama doesn't look too good…" Rin's sweet voice came from beside him.

"Rin how did you get up here?"

"I stacked a lot of rocks on top of each other to reach the roof. But why is Sesshomaru-sama looking so sad?"

Sesshomaru kept staring at the sky, afraid to meet the innocent girl's face without having his heart melt even more, "I am not sad Rin…I am worried…"

"Sesshomaru-sama has never been worried before…Is something wrong?" the little girl asked

"Everything…is wrong. That's life…" he replied quietly

"Please don't be worried…it makes Rin worry and it makes Rin sad…"came Rin's soft voice. His pride gave in and Sesshomaru looked down to see Rin, tears welling up in her eyes. Suddenly small arms wrapped around his neck as Rin cried into her Sesshomaru-sama's shoulder. "Rin is scared. Sesshomaru-sama is in danger! Rin knows it! Please don't leave Rin all alone…"

Without his armor Sesshomaru felt the warmth of the little girl. He had never seen her cry before. Everything began to change. Danger…can he really be in danger?

---- --- -- - - - --------- - -

Raimei lay uneasily in Kagome's bed, trying not to lean on her injuries. Everything was getting confusing. Over her head was a pair of headphones that were attached to a CD player. It was playing one of her favorite songs. Though she didn't know Kagome had these kinds of CDs especially since they were American. She memorized the song by heart and translated it into Japanese. Slowly she began to sing along…

I couldn't tell you

Why she felt that way

She felt it everyday

And I couldn't help her

I just watched her make

The same mistakes again

What's wrong what's wrong now?

Too many too many problems

Don't know where she belongs

Where she belongs

She wants to go home

But nobody's home

That's where she lies

Broken inside

With no place to go

No place to go

To dry her eyes

Broken inside

Open your eyes

And look outside

Find the reasons why

You've been rejected

And now you can't find

What you left behind

Be strong be strong now

Too many too many problems

Don't know where she belongs

Where she belongs

She wants to go home

But nobody's home

That's where she lies

Broken inside

With no place to go

No place to go

To dry her eyes

Broken inside

Her feelings she hides

Her dreams she can't find

She's losing her mind

She's falling behind

She can't find her place

She loosing her faith

She's fallen from grace

She's all over the place…yeah

She wants to go home

But nobody's home

That's where she lies

Broken inside

With no place to go

No place to go

To dry her eyes

Broken inside

She lost inside lost insideoh, oh

She'slost inside lost insideoh, oh

Raimei looked up at the ceiling. The song reminds her of herself…her eyelids became heavy as she slipped into a deep sleep.

---- ------- ----- - --------

Kagome sat at the kitchen table, alone. Mr. Uryo had left and Botan and Okami haven't showed up yet. It was really late and everything seemed to be depressed. She slumped over the tabletop, tears welling in her eyes. Inuyasha and Koga were moved into the living room and both were sleeping soundly. Yusuke seemed very upset and she couldn't blame him. One of his best friends is…dead. Kagome hated thinking of that word. Inuyasha…he was the only person she could think of right now.

Now she was angry. This was all happening because of some girl who just HAS to be the fate of their planet. Kagome clenched her hands into fists. It wasn't fair! All this happened because of that Goddamned Kikyo! The tears now feel down her cheeks in rivers. Why does everything have to go from bad to worse?

Kagome heard footsteps coming from the staircase. She looked up and saw who she thought was Raimei. But it didn't look like her. The `could be Raimei' was glowing a golden color. Her hair was all white. Her eyes had no shine nor did she have any pupils. Fear went straight down Kagome's spine as she saw Raimei turn and walk into the living room.

Kagome stood and followed her to find Inuyasha and Koga's mats side by side and the girl kneeling on the floor by their heads. Kagome froze as her heart sped wildly. It was dead silent and she was alone. What is it was Wakaijosei again? She couldn't handle the demon curse alone. Raimei looked up at the older girl and smiled warmly, but it wasn't the kind of smile Kagome wanted to see regularly.

Raimei looked down upon the two demons and placed her hands on their foreheads. Slowly the glow around the girl's body became brighter and brighter and it began to blind Kagome. Finally Kagome looked at her companions and noticed that their breathing had smoothed. Their bodies began to relax as Raimei's glow dimmed.

Kagome gasped for Raimei's glow diminished completely and she fell forwards landing on Inuyasha's chest as blood seeped through her clothes once more. Then something in Kagome's mind racked at her whole body and before she knew it she picked up Raimei bridal style and ran up the stairs to her room. In her bed was another, a girl with brown hair who was turning paler by the moment. Her heart quickened.

Kagome ran to her bedside and lifted the white-haired Raimei over the other girl. Soon as if gravity increased by the hundreds and pulled Raimei down only to have her melt with the pale girl. Kagome was astonished. Raimei's hair returned to normal and her breathing became regular as beads of sweat disappeared. It seemed like for those few moments Raimei had split into two people.

--- - -- ----- --- - - ------- ------ - -

Yusuke sighed as he saw Botan and Okami walking up the stairs of the Higurashi Shrine, how they met and where they went was what he wanted to know. "Hey! Botan! Where'd you go?"

The blue-haired girl just smiled as she raised a large brown paper bag up to his face, "Shopping for snacks." But once she saw the look of anger, worry, and sorrow on his face she lowered the bag and looked at him, "What's wrong?"

"You're not going to believe it," he said quietly and he turned away beckoning both of them inside.

Inside Kagome was making cocoa, a smile on her face. "Hey!" Yusuke barked, "Why are you so happy didn't you realize that someone died tonight?"

The girl turned to him with an even bigger smile and said cheerfully, "No he didn't…Kuwabara! Come on down! Yusuke wants to see you!"

Yusuke grabbed his cousin by the shoulders and shook her, "Are you ok Kagome? You're not going crazy are you?"

"Urameshi!" a familiar voice came from the staircase. Yusuke turned to see his friend Kuwabara walking down the stairs as if nothing happened. "Gosh I had the weirdest dream!"

"Oh really Kuwabara? Tell us! I love hearing about dreams!" said Botan as she hopped onto the kitchen counter as she placed her bag next to her. Okami put down his bag and walked upstairs towards Kagome's room. Kuwabara grinned like an idiot before telling his story in excruciating detail.

"Then I went up the stairs and into the room. And you were there! And that Inuyasha guy too! And the client!" Kuwabara pointed at Kagome. Then Yusuke realized something. Kuwabara was telling the incident that had occurred just hours ago and yet he doesn't know?

Yusuke took Kagome's arm and dragged her into the living room, not noticing Inuyasha and Koga were gone. "What's going on? An hour ago you were crying your heart out now you're all bubbly and joyful! Tell me!" he said in a deadly whisper.

"It's kind of hard to explain…"


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