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Kagome Lady of Darkness

Nami Wave 101


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Shippo/Sout en






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~*~ = flash back



“Alright!” Sango then agreed. “What are we going to do first? A fist fight? Or maybe brandish our swords?”

“The first training session…is with Shogi(2).” He stopped in front of a room and she looked up at him like he was crazy.

“A game? Why?” Sesshoumaru smirked and opened the door to the room, his personal chambers, and let them both in.

“Because, Sango-san, if you can defeat me in Shogi, you are very smart, something you will need when fighting a hare.” Sango didn’t like the idea. She had never been good at the game of Shogi. “Do you know how to play?” Sesshoumaru kneeled down at his Shogi table, and Sango did the same, nodding her head. “Alright, your move.”

=========================================================== ====

“I know she doesn’t want to do this, George, but I don’t know anyone else! She’s the last person to fight.” Koenma paced on his desk, watching on a monitor as Boton trained with Hiei. “Oh, what to do, what to do!?”

“What about the newest convict, awaiting trial. Maybe he’ll agree to fight, Sir.” George said, reminding the demi god of the demon who had tried to assassinate him. “I’m sure you could convince him, Sir.” Koenma shivered.

“I don’t know, he’s ruthless, and I might not be able to control him…Alright! Bring him in!” Koenma changed into his teen form, and waited for the demon to come it, hoping he was doing the right thing for everyone.

============================================================== =

Boton stood in the clearing, holding up her new katana, Hiei had bought it for her. Right now, he was showing her how to stand when sword fighting, and he kept growling under his breath at her.

“Straighter.” He commanded. Apparently she wasn’t standing straight enough.

“Excuse me, Hiei-kun. But if I sand any straighter, and my back will break.” She bit out, her arms getting tired from holding the katana above her head for so long. The comment made Hiei growl from behind her, and she immediately straightened her semi slouching back. Hiei stood in front of her an nodded.

“Basic stance. Got it? Learn it.” Boton nodded. “You wont see this stuff in the ring. Demons don’t usually know human forms. But follow this, no demon will know your moves.” With Boton’s nod, Hiei continued, getting into the same stance. Right knee out and bent slightly, back leg completely straight and foot at a forty degree angle and lest, katana held over your head so that you can’t see the hilt even, but not far back enough to fall. “From here, you can go into many things.” Hiei demonstrated with a few slashes of his sword. Boton watched as he moved it effortlessly. “Now…” Hours went by of this, just teaching her the movements to use with the sword, how your feet worked, and how you should breath. Hiei was surprised at how fast Boton learned. She was incredible, now if only her body was stronger.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!” She screamed as she fell to the ground, Hiei over her and their swords clashing with each other right across her throat. “Hiei! Come on, get off! You’re going to hard on me.” Hiei straddled her waist.

“You’re distracted.” Boton sighed and looked away. “Why?” Hiei tilted his head o the side and looked at her with a questioning stare.

“I...” She sighed. “I don’t want to fight…there has to be someone else who could do it.” Hiei looked at her, then got up off her, letting her sit up and continue. “I’m not a great fighter, and I thank you for trying to train me, but this isn’t something I was made for. I can’t even stand the site of blood!” She sighed and put the sword down, looking up at the sky. “Do you think Koenma-kun will really make me fight?”

“Boton! I’m ashamed you would think I’d really make you go through with this if you didn’t want to!” Hiei snorted and Boton looked over to Koenma, who was standing next to a very scary looking demon. “This is Nanaki, he’s going to take your place.” The giant lion like creature snorted and looked away. “Go, on, introduce yourself.”

“Oh, just shut the fuck up, toddler. It’s not like I asked to be here. It’s only because some dumb fuck walked in on me about to kill your winy ass. Damn, never been caught in my life too.” Koenma turned his head away, then created a portal and left them to it. “Sup, I usually go by Red, you know, the fur and all, but Nanaki’s fine. I’m an assassin, but the demon lady Souten walked in on me about to sink my fangs into the toddler. Anyway, I’m replacing you?” He looked at Boton. She stared dumb founded for a second.

“Oh, um, yeah!”

=========================================================== ====

“Alrighty Rin! Welcome to my train class, day one! First we’ll work on your speed and agility, then on your power, and last on your endurance.” Rin looked around the large cave to which Kesu had brought her as he spoke. It looked like a normal everyday cave, except for the bird like nest in which Kesu slept. “To start, I want you to try and evade all my wolfs as you run from point ‘A’, here, to point ‘B’, which is Lord Sesshoumaru-sama’s castle. Think you could do that?” She looked at him like he was crazy.

“That far!? That’s half way across Maikia! It takes me two days just to get there from here…and that’s with flying and without having your wolves chase me!” Kesu held out his hands to calm here down.

“Look, it’s simple you run there while evading my wolves, you get there before me, we do something else, but if you don’t, I give you a day’s rest and then you try again, this time running to here. Look, it’s simple really!” He smiled and howled loudly, causing several wolves to come out of the surrounding woods. Five to be exact. “Did you guys hear the rules? And no killing her.” Kesu barked out to them. Kiba, the biggest of the five nodded his head.

“Yeah, we get it…and we don’t eat trash.” He barked with a smirk. Kesu laughed and sent them away.

“Ok, well…they promised not to eat you…Kiba said that they wouldn’t because they don’t eat trash!” He laughed again when Rin sent him a glare. “Ok, three…two…go!” Rin stared at him in disbelieve, about to say ‘Hell no’ when the huge white wolf Kiba jumped out from the woods at her, snarling and baring his fangs. She scrambled to get out of the way as she watched Kesu run off. She swiped her claws at Kiba and when he jumped back, she took off running away. ‘Oh man, I’m so going to die out here! stupid Kesu!’ She tripped and fell on her face, breaking her thoughts. A branch had caught her foot. She her a wolf howl and turned onto her back, raising her arms up to defend herself from a large orange colored wolf’s jaws, Hige. His massive canines came inches away from her face.

“Get off me you fucking mutt!” Saying that only made him snarl more. She kicked him in the gut on threw him off of her, then jumped up, however, another wolf, this one gray with a scare on his chest, jumped on her from behind, biting her neck and knocking them both down. She scream out and flew up into the air, trying to shake him off. It worked and he fell to the ground, only to get back up onto his legs and snarl at her.

“That’s against the rules you know!” Rin looked down in shock at the now seemingly human boys and girl. “Kesu-sama said that you have to run! No flying. Besides, we can get you up there too!” It was Toboe, the smallest male, who was speaking.

“Well, you aren’t supposed to try and kill me! And I thought you guys were normal wolves and not demon wolves!” Kiba spoke this time.

“It’s the red moon that Maikia has! When it’s full, we get strength enough to cast an illusion, making us appear human. “Now come down, we’ll be gentler. I promise!” Rin hovered slightly, then began to drop.

“Alright, but I’ll have you know, I’m not really a demon. So I'm not used to this so go a little easier on me.” Kiba winced.

“Yes, I’m sorry, I had forgotten what Kesu-sama had told us. We’ll go a little easier, but not that much. Kesu-sama is trying to train you, you know.” Rin nodded her head, landing fully on the ground. “I’m Kiba. This is Tsume, Toboe, Hige, and Blue. Alright, let’s start this again! Go!” They all turned into wolves and disappeared into the woods again. Rin took off running west, towards her fathers castle. Every few seconds one of the five would jump at her, trying to bite, or claw her, and she’d dodge and keep running. This lasted for an hour before Rin started to get tired. The wolves, however, were still in shape.

Rin dodged Hige, only to have Blue attack her open left side. She threw the half wolf off her, but Tsume got onto her now exposed right side, biting down painfully. Rin was huffing and panting when threw Tsume away. She used a burst of energy and ran off, away from them. ‘This isn’t good! One more hour, and I’ll pass out! In fact, two more minutes and I’ll fall!’ That’s when she noticed that they had stopped attacking out at her. She slowed her run into a walk and stopped by a stream. She drank some water, then looked around, making sure no one was watching her. She then stripped out of her clothes, and stepped into the waist deep water. ‘Oh, this is Heaven!’ She sank low in the water, then got back up and lied on the shore for a second to dry off. Blue cam out of the woods, and sat by her. Rin turned her head, to listen as the young half wolf spoke.

“Why did you want to be a demon? I mean, back in the Sengoku era, I’m told people despised demons, some even killed them for a sport. So why did you want to become one?” Rin smiled and looked up at the night sky.

“I was a little girl back then, only about 8 I think. My family was killed by some wolves, and I was left to a neighboring village. The villagers didn’t like me though, so no one would take care of me. I was in the woods crying when I hear a strange noise, it sounded like growling. But it wasn’t threatening, it sounded as if in pain. So, I got up and walked to the sound.

“On the ground, there was this beautiful being. His hair, from what I could see, was long and flowing silver. But there was blood everywhere. As I looked at this being, he turned towards me, snarling. His eyes were bleeding red, but I could tell he wasn’t going to hurt me. There was just something about him, an air of honesty and…he just didn’t seem like the type of demon to attack without cause.

“So, I would go into my new villages river and catch fish, I would get beat for it, but I didn’t car. I would cook the fish and bring it to the demon. He would tell me that he didn’t eat human food, and that I was wasting my time. I just giggled and left. I knew he was lying, because every time I came back, he would be finishing the fish I had prepared.” Rin smiled at the fond memories. She then frowned, and her expression grew sad. “but then…Lord Kouga-sama, he wasn’t as kind as he is now. He came to my village looking for a demon from his tribe that had stolen something from him. When Kouga-sama found this demon, and killed it, he then let his wolves eat the villagers…I ran as fast as I could, knowing that if I could just get to that demon in the woods, I would be safe!

“But, the wolves caught up to my, ripping open my shoulder. They killed me, but didn’t even finish eating my body. It was as if they just wanted to kill, for no reason.” Rin whipped tears from her eyes. “I didn’t know what happened at the time, but one second I was walking towards a light, the next, I opened my eyes, and stared up into majestic gold irises. Sesshoumaru-sama used his healing sword and saved my life. After that, I would never…will never leave his side. So, when Sesshoumaru asked me if I wanted him to find me a human family, I shook my head, and asked King Enma-sama to turn me demon.”

“I see…I’m sorry that my ancestors killed your family…and you too.” Blue said, drawing her human legs to her chest. “You know, I’m not a full wolf. My mother was a dog that had accidentally crossed the barrier and gotten into Maikia. My father said that he had fallen in love right when he saw her. She was black as the night, and he was light blue.

“He introduced himself to her, and they coupled. But, she could not last long here in Maikia, and had to go back. Father said he understood, and said that he would come and find her. Father did come back, a few days after Mother gave birth to me. After I was weaned, he said that he should bring me here, so I could learn how to be like wolf. Hi tribe didn’t agree and they killed him a few weeks after I was brought back. I ran away, fearing death. Then, Kiba found me, he took me to Kesu and I’ve been with them since I was a pup.” Blue turned her eyes onto Rin again. “So…Sesshoumaru-sama’s a dog demon, why’d you choose bat?” Rin blushed.

“Oh, well…” She sighed and turned towards Blue. “I was saved once, by a bat!” She closed her eyes and turned her head back towards the sky. “When the wolves attacked my family, it was a bat who saved me. He said that he wouldn’t stand for the wolves to hurt me because there was no reason to. He was too late to save me family though, so he grabbed me, and took off into the sky, saving me from the wolves. I never said thank you though, I didn’t speak at the time. So, when I turned 15 years, I searched for him.” Rin blushed at the memory. ~*~  

“I’m looking for a bat demon. He has a sense of right and wrong, and his very honorable. He has long black hair and keeps it up in a ponytail, and he also has blue eyes. Does anyone here know of him?” Rin has standing on a table in a tavern, asking around about her savior. She was wearing a short black skirt, and a black halter-top that danced with flames. “Well!?” She yelled out and someone turned to her.

“I might know of the bat…but what do I get in return?” The sleaze asked in a gruff sounding voice. Rin smiled at him and grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him out of the tavern and into the forest.

“You want something in return?” She asked him, giving him puppy dog eyes. “How about, I don’t kill you!” She lashed out with her claws, grabbing the demons neck and squeezed painfully. Any human would have died from the pressure, but the demon just screamed out. “Tell me what I want to know!”

“Alright,…alright! His name is Kuronue! He’s a demon thief with Youko Kurama!” Rin squeezed tighter.

“Where can I find him?” The demon coughed up blood, and started to gag, however his voice still came out.

“They both have a hideout, I was told by a thief that its in the Tree of Time where you can see through the barrier to Ningenkia, but I don’t know anything else!” Rin sighed and threw him down, then headed towards the tree. The tree was like a crossover into th human realm, and was where the demons from Maikia slipped through into Ningenkia. She got there quickly and landed on the ground. She was then startled by a voice behind her.

“Why hello there. And what can I do for you, my fine beauty?” Rin’s head snapped behind her to the silky smooth voice. There stood a fox demon with long silver ears. She knew this one had to be Youko Kurama.

“I, I’m here to, um, see Kuronue…I’m a friend of his and um…” She backed up against the tree as the fox came closer to her. She stood not even a foot away, arms on either side of her head as he licked her neck. “Um…” She had never been more scared in her life.

“Ahem. Youko, I believe this woman-child is here to see me.” The voice was smooth, curt, and held a smirking sense of pride in it. It made Rin shiver. She looked at the bat demon, and the fox pouted his lips.

“Aw, can’t we share? She seems so delicious!” Rin then found her voice and lashed of at him.

“Hey what does that mean! Get your ass away from me, I'm not here for sex, I’m here to thank Kuronue-sama!” They both turned to look at her, then broke into laughed.

“ –‘sama’? Who are you calling -‘sama’?” He asked her. “Go away Youko.” The fox drooped his ears but nodded, then, disappeared. “Alright, now I know I know your enticing scent from somewhere…and those beautiful eyes of yours too. So, you are you again?” Rin laughed at him, actually, it was more a giggle then anything. She was also blushing like mad.

“Well, about 7 years ago, you saved a little human girl from some wolves, and she never thanked you. Well, believe it or not, that was me! Don’t ask, but yes I’m human.” The bat seemed to study her for a second, then his eyes seemed to soften.

“Yes, you don’t seem demon at all, and your eyes still hold that human innocence.” His eyes darkened again. “I’m not even going to ask about you being a demon. Just one question though…who’d you become demon for?” Rin blushed then shades of red and told him of her story about the demon lord. Kuronue laughed after she was done. “Him? Care for a human? Well, I guess anything is possible.” ~*~  

Rin was brought out of her memories by a wolf howl. Blue, who was still in human form, looked up at her.

“That’s Kiba. He says you only have five more minutes to relax, then we start again.” Rin sighed and got dressed, watching Blue go back to the woods. This was going to be one Hell of a month.

=============================================================== < p>“Once again, Sango, check and mate. You aren’t very good at this game are you.” It wasn’t a question, Sango knew. The demon lord was playing with her, and she didn’t like it. She was almost mad enough to just yell fuck you in his face and scrape the board pieces away from the playing field. But she reminded herself that she had to show him up…even if this was their 10th game and she hadn’t even gotten him into a check once.

“I’m just tired is all!” She said, giving a yawn and stretching her arms above her head to prove her point. Sesshoumaru eyed her body in hunger quickly before turning away, making sure that she didn’t see.

“Hai, it is late. Sleep then.” He got up and put the Shogi pieces away. “There is a bedroom through that door.” He inclined his head towards a door to the left. Sango got up and looked at him, blushing.

“You mean they’re connected? As in you can come into my room whenever you want?” Sesshoumaru raised a brow at her and nodded his head. Sango blushed even more. “Isn’t there some other room I could sleep in.” Sesshoumaru inwardly smirked.

“The only other room is my room, Taijia. Now, which would you prefer?” She blushed again and walked over to the door and then opened and slammed it shut. She then came back through it.

“You know what! Let’s play again!” She sat at the table. “hurry it up!” She was determined to beat him before she went to bed now, after all, she had to prove that humans could be just as smart as demons.

“As you wish.” Then, they played again. He won in 6 moves. So, she demanded to play again. This time it took 8 moves. By the time it took her to last 14 moves, she fell fast asleep on the table. ‘Now, now, my little taijia, what will I do with you?’

======================================================== =======

Kagome made another arrow and shot it at the group of demons trying to get towards her. She was sweating badly, and running out of power. Never before had she been this tired. Shippo had decided that they would fight like this: demons against humans. She would have been fine with that, had her partner not been a dumb fuck. As it seemed, the demon Kitso was fast, and loved fire. She almost burned Kuwabara to death. So now, the baka was unconscious next to a tree while she kept the three demons away from her. ‘Hold on. Shippo, one, Tome, two…where’s Kitso?’ Kagome turned in time to be hit in the chest with a blast of fire, coming straight from said demon.

“Haha Kagome-sama! You should pay more attention instead of being concerned about that baka!” It was like the young demon could read Kagome’s mind. Kagome winced at the pain in her chest, now exposing her self to the demons. No matter though, Tome and Kitso were girls, and Shippo her son. No one to embarrass herself in front of. She made her bow again, and shot out an arrow at the demon. Kitso jumped out of the way, yet her hair stood on end from the purifying energy now surrounding her.

“Damn Kitso, you trying to kill me!?” Kagome said jokingly. But then Kitso smiled, showing her teeth. She no longer looked like a little girl. She laughed at Kagome’s expense and threw more fire.

“Maybe! You never know!” Kagome gulped.

“Kitso, have I ever told you how much I love you?” Kitso laughed and Kagome dodged the fire, only to be hit from behind with a different type of flame. “You too, Shippo! Come on, that stuff hurts!” Luckily for Kagome, Shippo had made fire proof chest binds for Kagome, as her shirt was now, totally gone. “You owe me a new shirt!” She pointed a finger at Shippo, who grinned like a fox.

“Your own fault!” He then made more fire in his hands. “Kitsune bi!” He shouted, throwing it at Kagome. She dodged it easily, trying to look around the field for the sneakiest of the three, Tome. She was a sneaky little devil that, unlike the other two, thought out her moves, and loved to manipulate the air. Kagome was considering letting Jin train her.

“Over here!” Kagome was raised into the air, and wind whipped at her ferociously. Maybe Tome could teach Jin a thing or two. Anyway, you may not think that wind can hurt, but boy did it. And then, combined with Shippo and Kitso’s fire, Kagome screamed out in pain. She then lashed out, sending purification waves through the wind, making the three demons dodge, and loose focus and their attacks to stop. Kagome fell to the ground huffing and puffing for breath.

“Ok! Break time!” She said, warn out. She looked up to the sky and realized that they had been out all day, it was now almost dark. “Damn you guys! I think I would like to live to see the tournament!” she said with a laugh. “Um, Shippo, have someone grab Kuwabara, ok?” Shippo nodded. “Great! Now lets get some food, I'm starved!”

======================================================== =======

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