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Kagome Lady of Darkness

Nami Wave 101




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“Hello, Ma’am. My names Kagome Higurashi. I was told there would be a room for me when I got here?” Kagome said, looking around the building while standing at the check in/out desk. The demon looked up at her and scoffed, looking back down. “Excuse me?” Kagome said, a little angry at being ignored. “Look here, missy! If you don’t tell me where my room is, I swear I’ll purify your ass!” Kagome let a little power spin around her.

“Um…” The demon lady looked scared now. “Yes, of course, Miss Higurashi, its on floor 5, rooms 16 A, B, and C.” The woman handed her a key. “Have a nice day…” Kagome smiled and nodded.

“Thank you! Alright you guys! Come on!” Kitso was the first to run over to her, then Kuwabara, Tome, and last Shippo, who had been talking with some important looking demons. “Who were they, Shippo?” Kagome asked him, leading them to their rooms. Shippo stood up straight.

“My…connections. They told me that our fights been moved up to tomorrow instead of two days from now…” Kagome gave him a puzzled look to which he gave an explanation too. “It seems Team Ookami wishes to fight as soon as possible…and the female in their group goes into heat soon so she doesn’t want to be here when that happens.” Kitso and Tome nodded their heads in agreement.

“So, we have to fight tomorrow…ok, what time?” Kagome asked, cheerfully as they boarded the elevator.

“Well, it starts at 8 in the morning, and can last for a couple of hours. We are supposed to meet our other teams in the lobby at 6.” Kagome winced at the times. They would cut it really close. They got off the elevator, and Kagome walked them to each of their rooms.

“Alright! Shippo, you share room C with Kuwabara, Kitso, you and Tome share room B, and I’ll take room A!” They each nodded, and shifted to their appropriate rooms, their stuff was being sent up later. Kagome sat down on her large bed, and looked up at the ceiling. ‘I wonder if we can win this thing…I mean sure Naraku was strong and everything, but Inuyasha said that this tournament would be even harder…’ Kagome jumped when she heard a tapping on her window. She walked over and opened it up and saw Jin.

“Hiya, Kagome! Miroku sent me over here to see how you was, he did. I told him you’d be fine, but, eh, you know him!” Jin said happily, turning upside down in mid air; Kagome giggled at him. “So, this your room? Looks too big, where’s ur roomie?”

“I don’t have one!” Kagome chirped. “Oh! How rude of me, come on in!” she moved out of the way and Jin floated in.

“I heard about your fight being bumped, I did. You ready?” Kagome winced and looked down at the ground as she walked back to her bed. “Kagome? Whats wrong with ya?” Kagome looked around to see if anyone was there.

“Well, Jin-kun, you see…” Kagome sighed. “I’m scared that we might not be able to win…I'm afraid that all this pressure will make me crack. I’ve never had to fight like this before! I mean, the last time I fought was to save the world in the past, and there wasn’t anyone watching us or anything like there’s going to be now…” She sighed again and laid down, looking up at the ceiling, then to Jin, who had sat Indian style on the foot of her bed.

“It’s just stage fright is all! Dun worry, you’ll do great, you will!” Kagome sent him a smiled and nodded her head, agreeing with him. She then yawned big. “You should sleep now, big day ‘morrow!” Kagome yawned again.

“Can’t sleep now…stuffs on it’s…way.”

“I’ll get it, Kags, off to sleep with you.” Jin got up and Kagome gave him one last tired smile before falling asleep. ‘Beautiful when she’s asleep, she is….’

================================================= ==============

“Can’t believe their making you guys fight today! All of us are barley even settled in.” Yusuke grumbled from his seat in the lobby. He sat on one of the couches with Kirara and Ronue, while Kurama and Hiei stood behind them. Kagome sat next to the couch on the floor, Jin not far behind her, beside her sat Kitso and Tome on a small couch. Sesshoumaru stood with Sango and Shiori behind the small couch, while Inuyasha and Touya sat with Yukina, Rin, and Miroku on the last couch. Kouga was growling lightly at Jessie; they were standing together by Sesshoumaru, and last Nanaki, Callie and Souten were all seated on the floor by the last couch. Nanaki had explained his situation with Hiei’s help; his team members not believing him at first.

“Yeah I know!” Kagome said with a yawn. “But we can handle it, right guys?” Her team gave a cheer.

“Imoto, good luck today. Be careful; Reichou is powerful for a ookami.”

“Hey! What the fucks that supposed to mean!?” Kouga growled, snarling at the demon lord. Sesshoumaru raised a brow at him, but only snorted and turned his head away, a look of disgust upon his face. “You got something you wanna say to my face, mutt!?”

“I believe he already said it. I think he’s right…wolves are really weak demons…” Kouga turned to face Jessie, who was examining her nails lightly. “I mean come on, you never could catch me, even with those jewel shards in your legs.” Jessie lowered he claw and shook her head. “I always wondered why wolves travel in packs…its because they can’t fight on their own.” A voice growled very deeply at Jessie, and she smirked at Kouga…but it wasn’t him. Confused, she turned towards the entrance and saw Kesu coming into the room.

“Is that what you *really* think, Jessie?” He practically snarled. She winced and ran towards him.

“No! Kesu, I was just-”

“Just what!? Insulting my ancestry!?” Kesu barked out, turning his back and walking away from her, and out of the room. Jessie had tears in her eyes as she chased after him, yelling for him to wait and let her explain. Kouga smirked at her retreating form.

“Serves her right!”

^Will Team Higurashi and Team Ookami please report to the ring! I repeat, Teams Higurashi and Ookami to the ring!^ Kagome sighed and stood up, motioning for her team to follow her.

“Hey, Kouga? Go see if your leader is ok. You guys do have a fight today after all.” Kouga grumbled out, but nodded at Kagome’s comment, leaving to find his team leader. “Come on you guys, lets go fight. They quickly got to the ring, her friends sat in the stands, cheering for her and her team. The other team appeared across the large ring. They certainly looked vicious to Kagome.

“Alright! My names Hanji! And I’m the judge for the first round fights! Can I please have the two team leaders up here, please?” Hanji was a tall demon, about 5’5” tall, and was and imp demon. She had dark green skin, and pointed hers, along with bright yellow eyes, also, her figure was that of a nicely matured woman. Kagome stepped into the ring(1), and watched as a medium built wolf did the same. He had light brown hair, and dark orange eyes, and he also wore fur armor(2). “Alright! I’m going to flip this coin, and Team 1, Team Higurashi is going to call heads or tails-”

“There is no need for that, Miss Hanji. Miss Higurashi-san may choose the battle order. Ladies first I always say.” He flashed her a smile, which she returned to him. “Miss Higurashi.” He tipped his head and walked back to his side.

“Well, Kagome-sama? Whats the fight going to be?”

“They pick their fighter first, then we’ll send ours out.” The judge nodded and said the agreement loud enough for the whole crowd to here. Kagome jumped down from the ring, and walked to her team, then turned back towards the judge. The other team seemed to huddle together, then the older woman jump up into the stage.

“The fighter for Team Ookami is Yuufu! Team Higurashi, send up your fighter.” Shippo looked at Kagome and nodded, getting onto the stage. “Alright! The first match is fighters Yuufu from Ookami, and Shippo from Higurashi! Here are the round rules; the fight is NOT a death match, meaning you do not have to kill your opponent, though you are aloud to. If you touch the ground outside the ring, you automatically loose, and if you stay down for more then 10 seconds, you loose! Do you both understand the rules of the battle.” Shippo nodded, Yuufu did so after. “Alright! Ready!.....FIGHT!” Yuufu was a calm looking demon, Shippo had decided. She had short red hair that was a boys cut, and soft amber eyes. She had a petite looking body, but an demon could tell that she had a fighters strength.

“Good luck to you, Lord Shippo. May the best of us win.” Shippo smiled and returned her bow, then drew back into a fighting stance. The woman did the same, but she then held the sword which was at her waist into one hand and charged at Shippo. He easily jumped away from her slashing sword to the right, and threw some fire at her.

“Kitsune bi!” He cried. The wolf blocked it with her sword and swung the massive thing at him again. He dodged again, and threw more fire. The demon this time held her free hand up to push threw and rammed her sword at Shippo. He tried to jump up, but the sword still slashed against his gut painfully. Shippo landed and winced, holding his stomach. He fumbled with his footing for a second while pulling a leaf out of his shirt; he then touched it to his forehead. “Change!” With a puff of white smoke, where Shippo once stood there was a bird, flapping its wings and flying high into the air, way out of reach of Yuufu.

“Nice trick, fox!” She yelled up to him. He faltered in his flight a few times, his blood dropping down onto the ring. Yuufu glared up at him, and set her sword down, then jumped high, almost reaching him. He flew higher, however, out of her reach. She growled and tried it again, extending her claws, but she came no where near reaching him. “Alright fox! But you can’t stay up there for long!” With that, Yuufu sat down by her sword.

“What does she mean he can’t stay up there for to long?” Kitso asked Kagome.

“Well, he’s loosing blood, he will end up passing out because of it if he keeps in the air.” Kitso winced and looked back into the ring. Sure enough, bird Shippo was steadily falling. ‘Alright…I’ll have to end this soon if I want to win!’ He thought. He swiftly landed on the ground, changing back, and catching Yuufu off guard. The wolf scrambled to get up, He Shippo had changed into a giant tiger and launched himself at her, knocking her to the ground. He was about to snap down on her neck when she launched her to clawed hands straight up, right into his chest. He stuttered, and coughed up blood, and then changed into his normal form.

“The winner of round one of battle one is Yuufu for team Ookami!” Hanji announced. The crowd cheered loudly, obviously liking the outcome of the fight.

“Shippo!” Yuufu picked him up and walked him over to Kagome, giving him to his leader.

“I didn’t want to hurt him too bad…” Kagome just nodded and set Shippo down, then placed her hands over his wounds, healing them. Yuufu jumped off of the ring and stood with the rest of her team. The child of the team said something while puffing out his chest and the leader nodded his head. The child smiled and scrambled onto the ring. He looked like a child wolf demon, and had bright pink shinning eyes, and dark rough blue hair. He wore the same armor as the rest of his team too.

“Kuwabara, this one is yours.” Kagome said, turning towards the orange haired human. He nodded and jumped into the ring.

“Alright! Fight two is between Kuwabara of team Higurashi and Chiki of team Ookami!” The crowed boo’ed at the mention of Kuwabara’s name, and cheered at the mention of Chiki. Some demons even seemed to be yelling ‘kill’ and ‘blood’. “Alright! Ready!.....FIGHT!” The child instantly jumped at Kuwabara and sunk his fangs into the humans arm. Said man cried out for a split second, more of shock then anything, and then threw the demon boy away from him. But that didn’t stop the boy; he changed into a large wolf and pounced on Kuwabara, knocking him to the ground. Kuwabara made his sword weapon and slashed it at the wolf with a loud yell, making the wolf yep in surprise and jump back. It started to lick its front right paw, then snarled at Kuwabara.

“That hurt!” Chiki cried out as he pouted, still in wolf form. He then began to ounce left and right. “Come on, you come at me this time!” Kuwabara almost fell to the ground anime style.

“Chiki!” Chiki turned towards his leader. “This is not practice or child’s play!” The child demon winced at his leaders voice; it was cold and hard. “Fight the battle and win!” Kagome noted that his voice was totally different, like when he actually got down to it, he was tough, and ruthless.

“Yes Sir!” Chiki said, he then turned back towards Kuwabara, who was holding his sword straight in front of him. Both fighters ran at each other, the wolf running low to the ground, while Kuwabara screamed and charged like an idiot. The human started to swing his sword, and Chiki jumped over it, landing behind the other fighter. He then launched himself, knocking the human down again, and this time, the wolf successfully sunk his teeth into the young mans side. Kuwabara growled out in pain and tried to get the wolf off him by standing, but Chiki started to thrash his head from side to side, tearing into Kuwabara’s shoulder tendons. When the wolf finaly jumped back, Kuwabara fell to the ground, unconscious.

“The winner of round one of battle two is Chiki for team Ookami! Will the next fighters enter the ring, and if team Higurashi looses this fight, the winner of the first found of the tournament will be team Ookami!”

“This isn’t good, it ain’t!” Jin exclaimed from his seat in the audience. Souten, who was on his left, nodded her head in agreement. “They loose one more time, and puff! They’re our of the competition!” He said as the next wolf demon by the name of Eigo stepped into the ring. He bore a resemblance to the young one Chiki, making everyone think of him as either the father to the boy, or a brother “Oh no! Eigo’s next, that’s Kitso’s fight it is! She doesn’t stand a chance against his brains!” Kitso jumped into the ring.

“Alright! Fight three is between Kitso of team Higurashi and Eigo of team Ookami. Alright! Ready!.....FIGHT!” Eigo looked at Kitso with calculating eyes, not yet moving. Kitso to stood, unsure of herself as she gazed at the older demon. Kitso’s eyes then hardened and she jumped up into the air and threw some green flames down at Eigo. He swiftly moved to the side, not bothering with a counter attack. Kitso landed softly on the ground, not far from him, and conjured more fire, throwing it at him again. Eigo did not move, only blocked his face, then Kitso came through it, her fist raised to punch. Before her hit landed, Eigo caught the fist. She tried to kick him then, but he ducked and jumped back, away from her. She growled and launched herself at him again, her poised fist engulfed in fire as she tried to hit him, he jumped up, however, away from her again.

“Are you even going to fight me!” Kitso puffed out, slightly tired, but only slightly. Eigo shrugged.

“I was merely letting you start the fight.” His voice was calm and collective. For some reason, it made Kitso even more on edge. She tensed her muscles at first, trying to relax, trying to figure out why he was so calm. ‘He’s doing it on purpose! Trying to get me to mess up, or ware down…and that’s just what I’ll do!’ Kitso launched herself at him once again, claws held high and teeth bared. Eigo jumped out of the way, but Kitso kept launching herself at him, again and again and again. Each time, she pretended to huff and puff more, pretending to be tired. Finally she stopped her assault and was panting heavily. Eigo smirked and transformed, then threw himself at her. Kitso to smirked, and changed into her true demon self.

Her form was large, bigger then the wolf’s was. Her shiny coat of fur was a dark brown color, and shimmered slightly. Her paws were massive, and the claws attached to them were giant. But the most impressive part of her were her fangs. They were bigger then her claws, and hung out of her mouth menacingly. Large and white, and sharper then a sword…they were very deadly weapons. The wolf was shocked to say the least, and fumbled with his run, but charged on nonetheless. He jumped up, aiming for her throat, but she batted him away with her claw easily, and he landed clear out of the ring. Grinning like mad, Kitso turned back into her more human self.

“Nighty, night time!” She whispered before falling over herself. Hanji stared at the saber for a second before shaking her head and coming back to reality.

“The winner of round one of battle three is Kitso for team Higurashi!” Some cheering was heard, but only from Koenma’s allies, the rest of the demons were booing, and screaming their disapproval. “Alright! Can I please have the next fighters!” Instantly the last wolf, besides the leader, jumped up onto the stage. He glanced down at Kitso before picking her up and walked towards Kagome.

“Here.” Kagome nodded up to him and took Kitso in her arms. ‘Good job, girl. Go ahead and sleep now, you earned it!’ Kagome thought before looking to Tome. The half breed nodded and flew into the ring, touch her feet down lightly, ready to fly up at any moment.

“Alright! Fight four is between Tome of team Higurashi and Wanryoku of team Ookami. Alright! Ready!.....FIGHT!” Instantly Wanryoku ran at Tome, punching her square in the jaw, causing the crowed to cheer loudly. He then brought his knee up, hitting her in the gut, causing her to stumble backwards. He kicked out with his right foot, knocking her farther away from him, and making her roll on the ground. She got back up, but as soon as she did, Wanryoku whipped his tail into her stomach. ‘Damn it! This wont last that long if I can’t even get a punch in…time to end this.’ Tome bolted into the air before the demon could get to her again.

“Get back down here you half-breed bitch!” He cried up to her.

“You wanna play with me? Alright then! I’ll show you what a bitch I can be!” Tome said loud enough for everyone to hear. Wind started to whorl around her, picking up speed, turning deadly. Her hair raised up and swirled around her face, and her eyes glowed sadistically. “I’m not just some weakling! Even if I’m a half-breed!” The air stopped suddenly, but then charged straight at Wanryoku. “Kaze no Junan!” The winds trashed against th poor wolf violently, cutting and scrapping harshly against his skin, making him growl and try to fight back against the force. It raised him up into the air, blood whooshed around, dark red and foreboding.

“Tome! That’s enough! You win!” Kagome cried from the edge of the ring. Tome’s eyes turned towards the young leader, turning from almost black to her regular green. Slowly, the winds died down, and Wanryoku landed onto the ground, falling over and half dead.

“The winner of round one of battle four is Tome for team Higurashi!” With the end of that battle, Kagome jumped onto the ring and ran up to Wanryoku, assessing his wounds.

“I think I can heal him…” She said, chewing on her bottom lip. Tome landed by her, worry on her face. Kagome lifted her hands over Wanryoku’s body and both of them glowed blue for almost a minute. Then his wounds closed up, but he did not open his eyes.

“Is he going to live?” Reichou asked, kneeling down. Kagome blinked up at him, surprise in her eyes.

“Yeah…he’ll live.” She said, panting slightly. Reichou picked up his ally and walked to the edge of the ring, letting Yuufu take him from there. “Tome, this is my fight now, go on. Oh, and Tome?” Tome turned her head towards Kagome as she exited the stage. “Work on that temper of yours, ok?” Tome winced and nodded, setting her feet to the ground.

“Alright! Fight four is between Kagome of team Higurashi and Reichou of team Ookami. Alright! Ready!.....FIGHT!” Reichou looked back at Kagome, smirking at her.

“This is for the win you know. I’m not going to let you beat me.” Kagome smiled softly at him.

“Alright then, don’t let me. But you’re going to loose no matter what.” Reichou frowned and jumped at Kagome, turning into his wolf form as he did so. Kagome quickly threw up a barrier to protect herself. Th wolf jumped back, its whiskers a little singed, before jumping at Kagome again, it’s claws stretched. She made the barrier again with her hand, it disappearing as soon as she took her hand back. Reichou managed to push her back some, and so repeated his jump again and again and again until Kagome was at the edge of the ring. Kagome looked at the edge then growled a human growl before turning back to the large wolf in front of her. ‘I don’t want to show them all of my moves, or they can learn from it, demons aren’t dumb...oh no, what to do…? Ok, I’ll just singe him with a energy blast from my holy powers!’ Kagome waited until the wolf was close to her again, but this time, she put her hand out and blasted with bright blue energy. The wolf went flying the other way, his face singed, and his claws dragging along the ground, trying to not move backwards, with little successes. Kagome’s reaction to it was the remove herself from the edge of the ring, giving a big sigh in the process.

“For a second, I thought I had you.” The wolf barked with a grin. Kagome gave him a grin right back and replied.

“For a second, I thought you had me too!” He scowled and jumped at her, she dodged to the left, he jumped again, this time she met him with a blast of her powers, this one stronger a bit, and singeing his chest. He howled in pain, and started to lick himself. Kagome sent him another blast, sending him flying back, into the stands. Kagome blinked a few times. “I…won?” She broke into a smile. “I WON!”

“The winner of Round on battle five is Kagome for team Higurashi! The winner of the Round is team Higurashi!”

====================================================== =========

A/N: I suck at fight scenes, and I’m tired and I have a lot of things going on right now, so I'm really sorry about not updating…ok, lets get this done. There are the author notes and new Japanese.

Author notes:

1. the ring as I put it is just like in the Dark Tournament Saga from Yu-Yu Hakusho…however it does change, and I will describe it when that happens.

2. the wolves armor is just like what Kouga and Ayame wear in the anime/manga.

Japanese words:

1. Hanji: Judge

2. Kaze no Junan: roughly means winds of agony

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