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Kagome Lady of Darkness

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“Fire really is an amazing thing you know.” Nanaki said as he stalked closer to Furukit. The demon didn’t move backwards on the other advance. “There’s an old saying my grandfather used to say to me, you know.” Nanaki was getting closer; a predatory look crept into his eyes as he watch Furukit back away from him. “It goes like this. Don’t play with fire, or you’ll get burned!” Nanaki howled and jumped up into the air. The flame on his tail grew and he started to spin like before. This time, fire swirled around him as he twirled in the air. He went down swiftly, aimed directly at Furukit. The demon tried to move, but his limbs just wouldn’t obey, it was like he was petrified. The look of Nanaki coming at him, that look in his eyes…Furukit couldn’t move as the other demon crashed into him. Dust was all that could be seen for a few seconds, then, a figure emerged. It was Nanaki. He was coughing, and parts of his blood red fur were black from being burned, but other then that, he was fine…just tired. “He’s not getting up.” And sure enough, hen the smoke died down, there was no Furukit left, only a hole in the ring. Two, if you counted the one from earlier.

“The winner of round three, battle one is Nanaki for team Chimeiteki!” Nanaki gave a weak chuckle at all the boo’s coming from the crowd, but he didn’t care bout that. He looked up, searching again for that one face….the one face who didn’t seem to hate him.


Someone tapped Keiko on the shoulder and she looked up from Nanaki, who was still in the ring, and saw a demon woman.

“Hello, mind if I sit with you?” Keiko broke into a smiled and scooted over a bit.

“Go ahead! I don’t mind at all. In fact, I was getting kinda lonely by myself.” The demoness smiled and sat down by Keiko, turning her eyes towards the fight. “I’m Keiko by the way! Are you a fighter, you look like one!?” The demoness turned back towards Keiko.

“Hai, I am a fighter. My name is Kuragari. Is he yours?” Kuragari turned back towards the fight where Nanaki started to search the crowd again, looking for Keiko’s eyes. They locked eyes and she smiled brightly, waving her hand in the air for him to see. Kuragari could tell that the demon down in the ring became less tense at seeing Keiko’s smiling face. “Well?” Keiko blushed and shook her head.

“No! He’s not mine in any sense! Kuragari….that means darkness, right?” Keiko asked, inclining her head towards the demoness. The older woman smiled warmly and relied a yes.

“It does mean ‘darkness’. My mother thought it suited me, you see I am a dark demoness.” Keiko gave and ‘oh’ sounds and turned back to the fight, not really wanting to ignore the demoness, but another fighter stepped into the ring.

Nanaki was panting, but he couldn’t step out of the ring….that would be a loss and he couldn’t loose yet. ‘Come on, Nanaki my boy! I’ve handled way worse then this!’ He thought to himself, fighting to stay awake. The demon that had stepped into the ring was much different that Furukit had been. He seemed more…calm, and collected. He had no hair to speak of, and his eyes were pure white. He wore a long white robe, and was very tall, but also well built.

“Alright! Fight two is between Douteki of team Kitsune and Nanaki of team Chimeiteki. Alright! Ready!...FIGHT!” Neither two of the fighters moved right away. Then the first movement was made when Nanaki shook his fur, getting the sweat loose. The next movement was his opponent, who chose sit down cross legged. Said demon then began to float in the air. Nanaki didn’t see this as threatening so he chose to catch his breathe instead of jumping on his opponent. Seconds turned into minutes then, and still nothing. Then, without any warning, Douteki’s white eyes shot open and Nanaki found himself rising slowly into the air. Panic filled the lion like creature as his paws slowly left the ground; he hated flying! A lot! Quickly, he howled, summoning his golden stars. They appeared quickly and fell towards Douteki. But two inches before they hit the telepath, they stopped.

“Crap!” Nanaki whispered softly, trying to move his body. He almost grinned when he found out he could. He pushed up from the weight that was lifting him, but found that he could not jump… those golden stars were still trying to get to Douteki, Nanaki noticed. ‘Maybe if I can distract him enough….he can’t hold be and fend of attacks at the same time, right?’ So, Nanaki howled again, and more stars fell. This time, they got closer to their target. Nanaki smiled and tried to howl again, but was slammed forcefully into the ground. Nanaki groaned as he tried to get up, but Douteki lifted him quickly into the air again, intending on slaming him down once again. Nanaki howled loudly as he went down, summoning more golden stars. Nanaki almost growled in frustration as he tried to stand, noticing that tee stars were still a hair lengths away. At this rate he would die before he beat the telepath.

“You are strong.” The demon spoke, his eyes now only half opened. “You were already fatigued, yet you continue to fight. Is there a reason for you to do so?” Nanaki shivered as he stood, the voice of the demon before him was so cold, uncaring. “Perhaps a lady friend of yours.” Nanaki’s eyes widened as he turned his head to Keiko, who started to rise from her seat.

“What the…!” She cried out; Kuragari grabbed hold of her arm however.

“Hey you! That’s no fair, you can’t just go picking people out of the crowd!” She yelled down at the demon. He didn’t bother to listen however, and pulled Keiko towards to ring, loosing Kuragari along the way. Douteki had never been taught the meanings of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ or ‘fair’ and ‘unfair’. The only words he could say that he knew were ‘win’ and ‘any cost’, so bringing this young girl to the stage didn’t effect him now. He brought the girl forth.

“Is this human the reason for you to fight?” Nanaki narrowed his eyes as Douteki stood up and walked to Keiko, who seemed to be struggling. “To think, a mere human fuels your desire…” Douteki ran a hand up Keiko’s skirt; she glared at him and struggled more, her mouth moved (most likely yelling insults of all kinds) but they had been muted by Douteki’s powers. He stood behind her now, lips on her neck, both hands up her skirt, no emotion in his white eyes. Keiko turned her soft, human eyes to him, pleading for him to save her. The last thing Nanaki saw was red. Deep dark red. It was every were, and he knew that he had lost control. The more primal Nanaki snarled at Douteki and jumped at him, going over Keiko’s head and landing on the surprised demon. Honestly, what did he think was going to happen? The telepath desperately tried to get a hold on his powers, but he couldn’t, not with e primal version of Nanaki shredding him to bits. He didn’t even get a chance to scream before he was long gone… Nanaki stood and huffed over the body of his enemy, still in a deep blood lust. He snarled as he looked back to the woman. Did he recognize her? Maybe? Yes? No, definitely not…or maybe yes? Hm,…no he couldn’t tell…yes! Yes he did recognize her!

“Keiko?’ His voice was rough, and husky sounding, his primal voice was hardly ever used. “Is that....you?” It turned back to normal as he shook his head. “Whoa…dude my head hurts.” He barked, almost falling over from the massive headache, most likely from being slammed into the ground. Keiko had long sense been sitting on the ground, her face had been turned away from him as he…fought, but now she faced him.

“Nanaki-kun…are you…you?” Nanaki blinked once, then twice, and finally nodded his head.

“The winner of round three, battle two is Nanaki for team Chimeiteki!” Hanji determained from her spot at the edge of the ring. “Um, kiss…you need to get out of the ring now…”

“It’s ok, I got her.” Kuragari said as she jumped down into the ring. She quickly grabbed Keiko and hoisted her up, jumped back out of the ring and into the stands. “You ok, girl?” Keiko was still shaking as she looked down at Nanaki.

“Oh no! Look! He collapsed.” She had half the mind to jump back down there and help him to his feet. He struggled, but got up, though his whole body was shaking.

“Are you sure you want to go another round? That’s two already, Nanaki-sama, I don’t think you can even see, can you?” Hanji whispered to Nanaki. He attempted to stand tall, but almost fell again. He snorted, tried to not shake, and spoke out to her.

“I’m fine. Nothings wrong.” He then coughed up blood.

“Nanaki! That’s enough you stubborn dick face!” Nanaki was picked up from behind by Kouga. “Come on, no more fighting with the big bad demons for you…you’re fat, you know that! No more sweets for you!” Nanaki tried to growl as Kouga carried him to the edge of the ring, but he just didn’t have the strength to so instead, he held his head down and left himself be carried. Kouga then set him down gentling on the ground.

“Alright! Fight three is between Bukakkou of team Kitsune and Kouga of team Chimeiteki. Alright! Ready!...FIGHT!” Kouga turned around quickly as Hanji started the fight. ‘God damnit! She could have at least warned me!’ He didn’t see anyone though…only Hanji. He walked up to the judge girl

“I thought you said the fight was about to start?” Hanji giggled and batted her long eyelashes at Kouga.

“I just wanted you over here, cutie.” Kouga smirked and rubbed his hands through his hair as his tail swooshed behind him slowly. He gave her a wolfish grin, making her giggle and blush.

“Oh for the love of…THAT’S YOUR OPPONENT! IT’S A SHAPSHIFTER, REMEMBER!?” Kouga winced as he looked from Jessie, who had yelled at him, to Hanji, who was now smirking. She raised a knee up and got him, right in the groin.

“Shit!” He growled furiously, pushing the non-Hanji away from him. “Fucking ass hole, that hurt.” Hanji smiled beautifully for him before she started to change again, this time into Kagome with her usual sailor scout.

“Aww….I’m sorry Kouga-kun!” She said, running up to him and snuggling into him. Kouga was almost fooled again. Even her scent was that of Kagome’s. He pushed against her though, making her fall to the ground. She looked up at him with a teary expression before changing again, this time into Jessie. “I’m sorry, does this suit you better?” Her voice was low, sensual…husky. Kouga almost purred in delight as this Jessie walked up to him and placed a kiss on hi lips. “Well Kouga-kun, do you like me this way?”

“That…that…hussing! Kouga looses the round you here! I’m the leader of this team and I say he losses!” She yelled into the real Hanji’s face. The imp demon winced and shook her head at the angry leader.

“It doesn’t work that way! He as to give up, or loose the battle.” Jessie growled as she looked back at the fake her, who was smirking back at her, and Kouga. ‘Why doesn’t he just kill it! I mean, it’s not like he…likes me…is it?” Jessie frowned at her thoughts. Meanwhile, Kouga was having a rather hard time telling himself that this vixen in front of him wasn’t Jessie herself. If she looked like Jessie, talked like Jessie, and smelt like Jessie…then the obvious answer was that it was Jessie! But Kouga knew it wasn’t, but he played along anyways.

“Jessie…” Kouga pulled the shape shifter to him, crushing her against his body. “Jessie…I just want to tell you that I…” the real Jessie looked at Kouga expecting something great. “That, you see, I…” The real Jessie almost growled as he stopped again. This time he finished, not delaying it to long. “I’m so angry that you would think that I’d fall for a mere clone of you!” With that, Kouga picked up the fake, and ran to the edge of the ring, dropping her down to the ground.

“Hey you ass hole! No fair!” She whined up, still looking like Jessie.

“Too bad and I win!” Kouga puffed out his chest with male pride.

“Oh um, right! The winner of round three, battle three is Kouga for team Chimeiteki!” Hanji said. Rakurai quickly got into the ring to replace his fallen team mate. “Alright! Fight four is between Rakurai of team Kitsune and Kouga of team Chimeiteki. Alright! Ready!...FIGHT!” Kouga turned around startled, and found that a lightning demon stood behind him. The demon had yellow hair that was long and flowed far past his waist. His eyes were chocolate brown outlined in gold, and were not kinda to anyone they saw. Last, his clothes looked much like the younger Souten’s armor(1). He narrowed eyes at Kouga briefly.

“My, my, my. What an annoying little pest you are.” His tone seemed testy, and impatient. Kouga growled and ran full on at the demon, fist raised. The demon dodged the series of punches Kouga threw at him, and brought his knee up, connecting with Kouga’s jaw and sending the wolf flying. Rakurai quickly run towards Kouga, who was still flying through the air, and brought his elbow down on the prince’s stomach. He gasped out, loosing the air in his lungs again as he went straight down, hitting the concrete ring hard.

“Damn, that’s gonna mark.” Kouga tried to joke as he tried to stand up, on to have Rakurai step on his throat with a bare foot. The lightning demons eyes narrow and he stooped down low.

“I always knew wolves were a weak species…” Kouga gasped for breath and tried to throw the demon off him, but it wasn’t working. “What’s the matter little pup? Cat got your tongue?” Kouga attempted to growl, but it came out as more of a low whimper. “Pathetic.” The older demon said with disgust, kicking Kouga away from him. The wolf prince stood up on shaky legs. Rakurai darted towards him, knee up and into Kouga’s jaw, again the wolf went flying, but this time he landed out of the ring.

“Fuck…that really….hurt.” Kouga coughed up blood and leaned up on his elbows. His team mates, minus Nanaki, ran up to him, Jessie was first to reach him, she kneeled down by him and looked at the bruises forming all over his body.

“Kouga! Are you….ok?” Kouga gave a weak nod, then barked out when Jessie hit him in the head. “You should have given up before you got hurt damnbass!” Kouga growled at her.

“Stupid bitch! I’m a fucking warrior! I never give up!”

“Alright! Fight five is between Rakurai of team Kitsune and Souten of team Chimeiteki. Alright! Ready!...FIGHT” Jessie and Kouga’s head snapped towards the stage. Souten had jumped up there, and looked piss as Hell.

“I thought my father killed you, Rakurai! That is, after you tried to rape my mother and kill him!” She yelled at him as she held out her hand. A staff appeared out of mid air and fell into her awaiting palm. She spun in around expertly and lightning appeared around the top and bottom of it. The other demon chuckled at her antics to scare him.

“Is that you, little lady Souten-sama It’s been far to long! My how you’ve grown, milady.” The demon walked up to her, examining her. “Just like your mother, beautiful that is…and fiery.” He smirked at her when she swung her staff at him, almost hitting him in the chest. It only managed to tear through his armor, however. “I like it… I’ll make a wager with you, Souten. If I win, you become my mate, but if you win…hm…”

“You’ll be banished to the Tundra of the North, by a official order of me, the Lady of the South!” Rakurai instantly agreed, never a doubt in his mind that made him think he couldn’t beat he young lightning demon.

“Alright deal!” He ran forward, attempting the knee her, she brought her staff in front of herself, however, and started to spin it. Lightning appeared and thrashed about before going straight at Rakurai. The demon froze in shock, before holding out his hand. The lightning bounced off of it like it was nothing and instead went into the crowd. “Nice try. But not good enough!” He said as he moved to punch her. She ducked and brought her staff up, hitting him in the gut. He wheezed for a second after the blow, giving Souten time to roll off from under him and stand. She brought her staff down on her back, lightning sparking with it, singeing is skin as the staff broke his armor. He fell, but quickly jumped back up, s[inning and kicking his foot into her head. She flew back a ways, and fell, her head scraping painfully against the ground.

“Ow…did someone get the license plate off that truck or what?” She said, going to her knees and holding her head. “Darn that hurt…ow, ow, ow!” she looked around for her staff and found it not to far from her. She reached for it, but a foot landed on her hand instead. She looked up at her opponent and growled viciously. Her other claw lashed out at his leg. He jumped to avoid getting hit, and landed by her staff, picking it up.

“This is a mighty weapon you have her.” He said, twirling it with two hands. “I’m guessing it was a gift…from your late brother I presume? It’s a funny thing really…you are helping the people who killed your brothers; what kind of a sister are you?” Souten stood up and faced Rakurai, looking him straight in the eye. He stopped twirling the staff and gazed back at her, and arrogant smirk on his face.

“My brothers were corrupt by the power of the Shikon Shards; there was no way of saving them. Kagome-sama and Inuyasha-kun did what they had to do to save the world and bring the Shikon whole once again to defeat the evil villain Naraku. You know it, Rakurai! I’m sorry that they had to die, but it had to be so! I love both Hiten and Manten, but that’s all in the past. My brothers realized what they did wrong in the after live, and Hiten sent that staff to my as a gift! It was his very own, the staff called Raigekijin(2).” She bowed her head and tears fell from her hidden face. “I fight for my brothers, and for my family. Now give me back my weapon.” Rakurai was un phased by her small speech.

“Souten , my dear, if I give this staff back to you, then you will most surly beat me. But if I use it against you…” An evil smirk played itself on his lips as he lunged at her, staff in hand. Souten jumped back and threw something at him.

“Laughing Acorns!” She yelled as they hit him in the head. He blocked by bringing his arms up.

“What kind of joke is this!” She threw more large, laughing acorns at him. As he was distracted, she grabbed her staff, which he had dropped to the ground, and plunged it into his chest. He growled and grabbed her from under him and punched he in the face. She hit the ground hard, the staff was still in her hands as she did so, causing it to pull out of the other demon. Blood poured from his wound and he fell to his knees, gripping the wound. “You…bitch.” He said before he collapsed to the ground, dead.

“The winner of round three, battle four is Souten for team Chimeiteki!” Souten tried to stand, but almost fell, so she used her staff to hold her up. Hanji, who had jumped out of the ring to get away from the lightning bolts, jumped back in and ran to Rakurai’s body. “Could we get someone to take this away!” A large ogre appeared at the entrance and walked up to the ring, and then the body. He threw Rakurai over his shoulder, then walked away. “Thanks!” It snorted before it disappeared completely. Hanji turned when she heard someone get into the ring. He looked strong, but old, and had dark brow hair, and black eyes. “Alright! Fight six is between Dikeidraco of team Kitsune and Souten of team Chimeiteki. Alright! Ready!...FIGHT” Hanji said, quickly moving away form the stage.

“You’re Dikeidraco?” Souten whispered, more to herself then to him. He nodded though.

“Yes, that is me. Though, I shall not be standing here in a second.” Souten opened her mouth to question his words, but she realized what he meant when his body stared to change.

“Shit!” She cursed quietly, trying to move away. Gigantic wings grew from his back, and body grew longer and turned brown; his arms grew and changed, no longer pale flesh, but decaying brown skin that seemed to peel. The smell of rotting flesh His Souten’s nose like a ton of bricks as he changed. Before her stood and eastern style(3) dragon, his brown flesh decaying, and bones sticking out form some places. No longer did he stand in the ring, but now he flew just above it. His mighty tail raised up, and he swiftly brought it down, smashing Souten into the concrete

“No! Souten!” Jessie screamed. Dikeidraco raised his tail up from where he hit Souten. She didn’t get up for a second…then two…Then, she started to stand, leaning heavily on her staff. Dikeidraco moved his tail, signaling that he would do it again. A cloud appeared under Souten and moved he just in time; then wind from his tail being brought down threw her off of her cloud however.

“Hold still, little one, and you shall not be in pain much longer. I will kill you, and then the rest of your pathetic team too!” Souten tired to stand, and retort to him, but she was hit again with his tail, this time in the stomach, sending her flying right off the stage. “Aw, no fair…I guess I should had hit you that hard!” He laughed out. Jessie ran over to Souten, who was not that far from Kouga, who has now sitting in the grass and looking at the decaying dragon demon.

“Souten! Souten, are you alive!” She smiled weakly up at Jessie.

“Did you really think that block head could beat me? Not a chance! I’m….still…alive…” Souten said before passing out. Jessie’s eyes started to glow and she jumped on the stage.

“My turn now.” Her voice was cold, and had an icy edge to it.

“Alright! Fight seven is between Dikeidraco of team Kitsune and Souten of team Chimeiteki. Alright! Ready!...FIGHT” Dikeidraco wrapped his tail around Jessie’s body, and started to squeeze it as he brought her face to face with him.

“Hahaha! You, a forbidden child, wishes to fight me!” He roared with a laugh. “I shall crush every bone in your body, then kill the last of your team!” Jessie’s head was downcast, so no one could see the icy fire burning in her eyes.

“You can say what you want about me, about my heritage, and about how weak I am. Trust me, I hear it all the time, and I know how true it is.” Kouga winced from his place by the ring. He knew that she was referring to all the times he made fun of her. “But, once you put my friends in danger, you cross the line!” She looked up now, looking the dragon. “So now you die!” Fire swirled around her, and the dragon was forced to drop her. But she did not fall, she was kept in mid air by a strange force. Her eyes turned, literally, into ranging fires as her flames lashed out at he opponent. The flames when through what little skin he had, and burned him from the inside out. He cried out, louder and louder my each second, and a sadistic smirked found it’s way to Jessie’s face. “Pain! It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t! You could get an innocent man to confess to a crime he didn’t commit if you put him under pain long enough! This, Dikeidraco, is for all the people, demons and human alike, that you have slain! This, pain, is my gift to you!” He was still howling, but her voice carried over him as he finally started to be reduced to ash. “Goodbye, Dikeidraco, and may you forever rot in the fiery pits of Hell.” With that, all that was left of the once great dragon was pieces of ash quickly being blow away by the wind. Jessie lowered herself to the ground, and blinked a few times, making her eyes normal again. She appeared completely exhausted.

“The winner of Round three is team Chimeiteki!” Jessie jumped down from the stage, ignoring all of the boos of the demons in the crowd.

“Kouga, can you walk?” Kouga nodded and stood, staggering a bit. “Good, Go tell Callie to Carry Souten please, I’ll get Nanaki.” Jessie started to walk towards the unconscious Nanaki, but Kouga grabbed her by the wrist.

“You’re tired, let me get Nanaki, you go back to the hotel. Please, I…I’m worried about you.” Jessie looked weary, but nodded. “Good! No go on to the hotel! We’ll be right behind you.”

============================================================ ===

Nanaki slowly opened his eyes. He was back in his hotel room he noticed, and some people were standing over him. He growled lightly, and one person jumped back.

“Your awake!” He realized quickly that it was Keiko.

“Yeah, unfortunately.” He sighed. “Could you be a little quieter, my head still hurts.” He put his paws to cover his eyes as a blinding light started to hurt them. “And could someone turn off that god damned light!” Keiko giggled and went over to the light, turning the knob so it softened a bit.

“Boy aren’t you mister grouchy!" She exclaimed with a giggle.

“Um, Keiko, he does have a right to be.” Nanaki heard Yusuke say from his left side. “Dude, you ok now?” Nanaki nodded.

“Yeah, now move so I can get off the bed.” Everyone moved back. Nanaki saw that his team was there, minus Souten, then Yusuke, Kagome, Keiko and Boton. “So? Did we win the round or what? Is that Souten chick ok?” Jessie winced.

“We won, but Souten’s…she might not make it. Kagome can’t seem to get her powers to work and heal her. We think it’s because venom was dripping from Dikeidraco’s tail, and he cut her with it when he threw her out of the ring. We don’t know if she will live, or for that matter, how much longer she has!” Nanaki winced and looked over to Keiko when he smelled tears. She was crying.

“I can fix her. I know how to make a potion out of my blood, it can cure almost everything…it’ll take some time though.”

“Nanaki! Wont that hurt you though, you’ve already lost a lot of your blood after all! We can still find another way.” Jessie said, putting a hand on his shoulder blade. He growled and sighed.

“No, I will be fine. Show me where she is.” Jessie went to protest again, but Yusuke stopped her.

“No, he’s right. Souten might die if we don’t do this. Come on, Nanaki, I’ll show you to her room.” Yusuke led Nanaki to a room two doors down from his own. “She’s in here…so is Shippo. He’s taking it really hard. Last time one of us tried to come in, he started growling like mad. Kagome’s the only on he’s let in so far.” Nanaki nodded, and Yusuke opened the door for him. All the lights in the room were off.

“Shippo?” Nanaki asked. Shippo, who was kneeling by the bed Souten was on, started to growl loudly. “Shippo, I can heal her, let me to her.” Shippo looked at Nanaki with weary eyes as Yusuke closed the door, choosing not to come in. “Shippo-sama, trust me, I’ll take good care of her.” Shippo growled once more, but then gave up.

“Alright…do you need me to help?”

“Yes, actually…”

================================================ ===============

A/N: That’ll do for now,…I wasn’t going to make Souten sick, but I decided that I liked the idea, you know, to bring her and Shippo closer. I figured I needed to work on the relationships a little, and right now it seems that I wasn’t really doing much before, but I think ‘ve got it now. Anyway, I finished this chapter in a hurry so I'm kinda worried that its not going to be that good, but I tried my best, and that’s all that matters! Anyways, yeah that’s about it.

Authors notes:

1. The armor that Rakurai wears is much like the armor that Hiten and Souten wore in the Inuyasha episodes

2. Raigekijin is the actual name of the staff that Hiten used in the anime series of Inuyasha

3. Eastern style dragons tend to not have wings, just long twisting bodies, while western dragons have plump body’s and wings. If you don’t get it, think of the Chinese dragon as the eastern dragon, and American Dragon: Jake Long as the western dragon

Japanese words:

1. Raigekijin: Blade of Lightning

I think that’s all the Japanese words I have in here, not to sure, to lazy to look it up, lol anyway, yeah, here’s chapter 6! Hope you liked it! Chapter 7 will be up shortly!