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Shiori looked around to make sure that no one was watching her. She then began to strip and entered the large hot spring she had found in the woods nor far from the hotel. She sunk into the warm water with a sigh, and relaxed her wings against her back. ‘This is exciting! To think, I get to help save the world…*sniff, sniff* I wish mother was here.’ Shiori thought as she wiped tears from her eyes.

“Excuse me! Is somebody there?” Shiori stiffened and looked to a rock that was in front of her. She saw a masculine being with his back towards her. “I, um, smelled your tears…”

“Oh... I’m fine…you’re Kesu, right? You can turn around, the waters covering me.” Kesu sighed and turned around to face her, swimming to her a bit. She blushed, seeing his bare chest. “I’m-”

“Shiori, yes I know. You are a quiet one. Mind telling me whats wrong?” Shiori shifted a bit, and started making circles in the water with her pale finger.

“Well…I’m a half demon, you know?” Kesu nodded and she smiled, then looked back down at the water. “My mother and I were very close, especially after me demon father died. But, my mother, she has been dead for many years now, and I miss her so much.” Shiori sighed and rested her back against a rock, folding her wings over her exposed chest(1). “I guess I’m just lonely. I hadn’t been around anyone after my mother died until Master Inuyasha-sama asked for my help.” Kesu swam beside her and put a comforting arm around her shoulder, leaning back on the rock much like she was.

“Don’t worry, I know how you feel. After my clan was killed by the Birds of Paradise, I had no one, and then I met Jessie. She’s American you know; at first she was described as coming form the ‘content’ but now a days, we just call her American. She had grown up there, and learned English and not Japanese, so it was really hard for her, but when she met me, all alone in a forest, only half armored because of the fight, she wanted to stay here with me. She said she wouldn’t just abandon me! We’ve been friends ever since that day. Some times though, she makes me so mad! She’s continuity trying to get under Kouga’s skin, but ends up insulting me too. I just wished she’d stop it already.” Kesu sighed and shook his head. He turned his gaze down to Shiori when he heard her giggling.

“I think it’s cute how they bicker back and forth, just like a mated couple!” Kesu laughed and silently agreed with her. “So…what were your parents like, Kesu-kun?” Kesu looked up at the full moon and sighed.

“Well. My mother was a beautiful wolf demoness by the name of…” Shiori sat and listened to him for about a half an hour before the two demons were disturbed by Hige, Kesu’s wolf.

“Kesu.” Hige greeted as he entered the clearing in which the hot spring was in; he was in his human form. “Jessie’s been looking for you; their fight just ended. Am I…interrupting something important?” He said, wiggling his eyebrows. “Do you want me to tell Jessie to wait up for you?” Kesu growled and removed his arm from Shiori’s shoulder as the younger demon blushed bright red.

“I’ll, um, be right there. Just give me a minute to get dressed-” Kesu said, starting to make his way to where he left his clothes.

“So, you’re completely naked? Wow, Kesu, you move rather fast.” Hige said with a ‘tsk’ing sounds. “I feel sorry for her if she’s innocent.” Kesu send Hige a growl, and the wolf laughed, changing back into his orange furred self. “I’ll be waiting not far away.” Hige ran off into the woods.

“Sorry about him! He’s a bit of a perv, though he means good…I think.” Kesu laughed out. Shiori smiled and turned her head away with a blush as Kesu got o tans started to put his armor back on. “Catch you later, Shiori-chan!” And with his final goodbye, he left her there.

=============================================================== < p>“Hiriakotsu!” Sango yelled, throwing her weapon at Sesshoumaru. He brought Tokijin up in an ark, hitting the boomerang and throwing it out of its balance. Sango huffed in annoyance and drew her sword. Sesshoumaru smirked at her. He held his sword in his left hand at his side.

“So, Sango, sword fighting? Are you sure you can keep up with my speed, little taijia?” Sango narrowed her eyes at the nickname that Sesshoumaru had giving to her. Sango didn’t answer him, just charged, giving out a battle cry. She slashed her sword, aiming for his right, but he easily jumped back, avoiding the blow completely. Sango swiftly jumped forward, bringing her sword up, catching part of his haori and ripping it, but no skin. Sesshoumaru only smirked and let Sango continue her onslaught, though she did get him a number of times, nicking his skin and cause small pellets of blood to come through his haori. Sesshoumaru then decided to fight bake, so instead of jumping back, like he had been doing, he brought Tokijin up and parried with her. She was so socked that Sesshoumaru actually managed to push her back without trying.

“Oh, so your actually going to fight back, oh great lord Sesshoumaru!” She said with sarcasm dripping from her voice. Sesshoumaru didn’t like it. He arched his sword up, catching her side before she could moved out of the way or block it. He guessed he hit her to hard because she dropped her sword and fell to her knees.

“Sango?” When she didn’t respond he grew worried, especially with the smell of her blood tainting his nose. He dropped his sword onto the ground and kneeled much like she was doing herself. “Sango, I-”

“Ha!” Sesshoumaru yelped when she yelled out and leapt at him. She straddled his waist and pinned his massive hands down his her own. “I win, fluffy butt!” She said with a smirk. She looked down at him and saw his eyes bleeding red. “Fluff butt? What’s wrong? What happened?” She let go of his hands, and they went to her waist, pulling her down to him, and he snarled loudly.

“I though I had fatally wounded you, Sango! I did not find that trick amusing!” Sango cocked an eyebrow at him.

“Um, Sesshoumaru, first of all you weren’t thinking. If you had smelled my scent you would have know that was not true, and you most likely could tell that there was not nearly enough blood loss to kill me. And second, were you worried for little ole me?” Sango said with a wiggle of her eyebrows. Sesshoumaru scoffed at her and turned his head slightly, releasing her waist.

“If I had killed you, not only would our team not be able to fight for it would missing a team member, but I would also be sent to Maikia prison, lord or not.” Sango grew redder with each word. She sat up on him and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Whatever, jerk.” She got off him and he sat up. “So, when do we fight?”

“Two days. You sure you can handle it?” Sango growled and punched him in the shoulder hard.

“Of course! I am a taijia, I was born to fight!” Sesshoumaru growled and stood, retrieving his sword.

“Yes, and I am a demon, born to kill human.” Sango gulped loudly and slowly stood, backing away from the demon lord. “Sango?...Run.”

============================================ ===================

“Hiei! Hey Hiei!” Boton called, running up to Hiei, who was in the woods. He turned his cold stare on her and sheaved his sword, turning to face her fully. “Hey…Hiei…Yusuke is looking…for you. He’s at the…hotel.” She said, huffing and puffing.

“Hn.” Hiei turned his back to her and started to walk away.

“Wait!” Boton cried, running to catch up with him. “You shouldn’t walk away like that, it’s really rude you know.” Boton said as she placed her hands on her hip and blew some of her hair out of her eyes. “I was still talking!”

“Hn.” Hiei replied, looking off into the woods as he walked towards town. “You have delivered your message; why do you follow me?” He questioning, turning towards her and raising a brow at her. She just shrugged and looked ahead of them. He looked away and they walked in peace for a few minutes; Hiei hadn’t realized he’d come this far out into the woods. He looked at Boton out of the corner of his eyes. ‘How did she make it this far without being attacked?’ He wondered to himself. He then noticed that she was stumbling to keep up with them. “Am I too fast?” Boton smiled and shook her head.

“Nope! I’m fine!” She gave a bright smile and started humming a tune. “Oh! Souten-sama woke up about a half an hour ago! I was so worried she wouldn’t get better, but Nanaki-kun made her a potion from his blood and it cured her of the poison!” Hiei nodded his head.

“Yes, the demon seems to know about many things. Strange, he is young too.”

“Young? But he said he was a few centuries! For demons, isn’t that like 30’s or 40’s?” Hiei shook his head slightly.

“Yes, for most demons, but not Nanaki’s breed; he is only a teen.”

“Wow, I never would have guessed it. He acts so much like an adult, its hard to believe that he’s still only an adolescent.” Boton shook her head and smiled again. “Well any, he cured her. Shippo-sama was so happy that he took her to some tavern in town so they could eat. He really is a silly kit.” It grew quiet again, they had finally gotten back to the town. Hiei led her through the throngs of demons, trying to make his way back to the hotel. He looked back to see if Boton was still following him, and she was, though with trouble. Hiei then caught a scent that he didn’t like and started to growl lowly. ‘Their coming right at us to.’

“Boton, stick by my side.” He said as he grabbed her wrist and drew her closer to him to stand by his side.

“What’s wrong, Hiei?”

“Someone is coming towards us; their aura’s are not kind.” He said, hushing her. Then, as they walked, the demons seemed to fade, the roads became less populated; strange for this time of day. Just as Hiei was starting to doubt if the demons he thought were coming at him really were there, the plot of earth under Boton began to shift and move until it thrust upward, making Hiei lose grip on her wrist. He growled and jump up, intent on pulling her down, but the piece of land moved; Boton screamed the whole way. The land went back down, but on the other side Hiei saw the demons he had been smelling. The strongest one, a dragon demon, grabbed Boton and gave her to another demon, this time a dark demon. She seemed reluctant, and threw an apologetic glance at Hiei before disappearing in a black haze.

“Hello there, Hiei.” The dragon spoke, his voice was move of a purr. Hiei growled an went for his sword. “Now Hiei, wouldn’t want your young lady friend to get hurt now, would you?” Hiei gritted his teeth as the other demon walked towards him, and he let his had fall by his side. “Now there, good boy. My name is-” Hiei cut him off.

“Draconame. Leader of team Doragon.” Hiei wanted to back up as the demon came uncomfortably closer to him. Draconame smirked down at Hiei, towering him by at least a foot and a half.

“Well young one, you certainly did your homework. Now, there’s a favor I want you to do.” Hiei backed away this time and almost reach for his sword. The demon had placed his lips over Hiei’s own. ‘Sick bastard! I should just kill him!’ Hiei growled in his head, backing away as Draconame came closer to him. “I want you and your teammates to fight us and loose. But try to make it at least look good.”

“Hn. Why should we?” The demon smirked, showing his fangs as he pushed against Hiei, who was no trapped against a wall.

“If you don’t throw your fights…we’ll kill that ferry woman.” Draconame kissed Hiei. It disgusted the young forbidden child, but he let it happen, as long as they had Boton he couldn’t do a damn thing. “Good boy. Now, off with you, make sure to tell your leader what I’ve told you.” Hiei nodded and walked around the demon, shame filling him whole. ‘I could have done something…’

=========================================== ====================

“Thanks all he said. Just to fight and loose or he’ll kill her?” Kurama asked deep in thought. Hiei gave a ‘hn’. “This isn’t good, not good at all.” He shook his head. “What are we going to do?”

“The demon that has her, the dark demon. She seemed to…regret this. We might be able to talk to her and reason with her.” Hiei suggested, remembering the look the woman had sent him. “We could find her and-”

“The fight starts in half an hour. We don’t have time for that.” Ronue said from his spot my the wall. “We might just have to give up.” His voice sounded angry, and was full of regret. “She asked me to come with her to find you, if I had instead of staying to talk with Rin, this might not have happened.” Hiei shook his head.

“No. This is my fault. I was un able to protect her.”

“I…um,…I have something I’d like to say.” Keiko spoke. She was sitting cross legged on the bed. “I met Kuragari today. She’s a very nice demon; I don’t think she would do Boton any harm. You could sent me out with someone fast…like Nanaki-kun! I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me ridding him again. We’ll find Kuragari and I’ll try to get her to give Boton to us.”

“No fucking way. Nanaki is an assassin, Keiko. He could take you as hostage to get to us. He tried to fucking kill Koenma!” Keiko got angry at Yusuke’s words and crossed her arms over her chest.

“He saved me from those demons, Yusuke! If he wanted to kidnap me he could have done it then!” She all but yelled at him, her cheeks getting a rosy red hue to them. “Hiei was and assassin! And Kurama and Ronue were thieves! You’re just jealous!” Yusuke seemed to get madder with each word that came out of the young teens mouth.

“Jealous!? Jealous of what!? There’s nothing to be jealous of!” He yelled as he stood from his arm chair. He crossed his arms over his chest and gave her a glare. Keiko sat back onto her knees on the bed and slammed her hands down in front of her.

“Jealous that I’m being nice to him!” She yelled, her voice rising in volume with every word she spoke.

“WHY WOULD THAT MAKE ME JEALOUS!?” He retorted back, angry at the mere thought of him being jealous of Nanaki.

“BECAUSE IT MEANS THAT I MIGHT LIKE SOMEONE WHO’S NOT YOU!” She screamed without thinking. She immediately winced, and her voice grew softer. “Yusuke, I-”

“Do whatever you want to.” His voice was low, clam, and cold. “I don’t give a shit.” Keiko could taste the sneering tone in his voice. He took his communicator out and threw it at her. “Call us when he turns on you.” Keiko caught to communicator easily and slid down from the bed. She walked to the door and slowly opened it, then turned her eyes towards Yusuke. She had tears in her eyes, but he seemed not to care; he didn’t want to care.

“Yusuke…I’m sorry.” She whispered before she left them. The room was dead silent as Yusuke sank back into his arm chair, fuming profusely. No one said a thing for a few seconds, but then Kirara finally asked the question everyone was dieing to know the answer to.

“What the Hell is going on with you and Keiko?”


Today was the day, Yusuke knew it. Today, he would ask her out. It was obvious that she had to like him, there was nothing that said otherwise. The fact that she could stand him alone was enough to tell him something! So now, he would ask her out, and he knew that she’s say yes. He didn’t have even one single doubt in his mind that she would go out with him. So, he woke up for school this morning, showered brushed his teeth after he dressed, and left. He walked to school alone, Kuwabara was most likely skipping today, which is why Yusuke chose this day. Keiko joined him a second later, and that’s when he started to get nervous.

“Morning Yusuke-kun! Glad I didn’t have to drag you out of your apartment today!” Yusuke tried to smile as they walked to school, but a lump had formed in his throat. He gulped down.

“Um, Keiko, would you…” He sighed and took a long breath. “Will you be my girlfriend!?” He closed his eyes right after he asked. He didn’t here anything for a few seconds so he cracked open and eye. Keiko was still by him, looking guilty and blushing like mad.

“Oh, Yusuke…I just…” Her voice was full of regret. “I used to like you like that, Yusuke, but I…Yusuke, I don’t like you like that anymore. I even have a boyfriend…” She chewed on her bottom lip. “Are you mad?” She looked up at him. Tears stung his eyes, but he did not let them fall.

“What? Oh, no, I’m not mad! Why would I be, I mean, if you don’t feel that way.”



Y usuke and the rest of team Urameshi stepped into the arena. They could hear all the booing of the demons around them, but they didn’t let it phase them; they were focused on their opponents. Draconame was smirking at them. It was a knowing smirk. They knew they would beat team Urameshi. To Draconame I didn’t matter that they would win through cheating and deceit; the only thing that mattered was the fact that they would win, and keep winning no matter what. They wanted-needed-to win.

Yusuke jumped into the ring; Draconame did the same. The judge spoke, but Yusuke couldn’t hear it. He was focused on Draconame, a killer glint in his eyes. But the demon in front of him was calm, cool, collective. It made the spirit detective madder. Hanji flipped the coin, Yusuke called tails. He didn’t even realize he spoke, the only thought going through his head was ‘I’m going to kill you.’ pointed towards Draconame.

“Alright, team Urameshi, pick your terms.” Yusuke turned his murderous eyes towards her and she stiffened, temped to back away.

“One on one fights. No member of the other team can fight twice. Weapons aloud. My team members will step into the ring, then say the name of the one they want to fight.” Hanji nodded and Draconame left the stage. “I want to fight the one named Kuragari. Where is she?” The raven haired demoness. Tall, athletic built, and she had kindness in her eyes. Her long black dressed hugged her pale curves loosely, and she looked…elegant Yusuke decided.

“You wish to kill me. I can see the darkness of murder surrounding you. You wish to kill me because I stole the ferry girl.” Kuragari bowed her head as shamed filled her. Yusuke faltered for a minute, but then shook his head. She was just trying to play him, he concluded.

“Let’s get this fight over with.” He raised his arm up, pointed a finger at her, and yelled out. “Spirit gun!” The blast was weak, but still powerful enough to knock the wind out of Kuragari. She stumbled and fell to her knees, gripping her thigh, where the blast had hit her. “Get up, I know it didn’t hurt that much. Kuragari stood and looked Yusuke square in the eye. Darkness came from her, wrapping itself around her and Yusuke until the detective could even see. “What kind of trick is this!” He turned around sharply, looking, his eyes trying to adjust to the darkness.

“They can’t hear us in here.” Yusuke turned again towards her voice. “No one can hear us in here; in here, sounds is nothing.” She came into view, not that far from Yusuke. He could only see her pale face, and her bright kiwi green eyes. “I wish to give you my apology. I think it was very wrong of Draconame to do this; it is very low of him. You needn’t worry about me hurting the young woman, I left a scent trail to her that the demon Nanaki has already found and he is on his way to her as we speak.” Yusuke stood dumbfounded, wondering why she would do this.

“I don’t understand.” Kuragari rested and hand on Yusuke’s chest. She sighed and looked up at him.

“Not all demons are evil, Yusuke. Draconame didn’t used to be either…he was sweet, and kind…honorable. When I met him, I fell in love. But he’s not my mate anymore, not the demon I loved.” She sighed and walked away from Yusuke. Darkness started to tear through him, ripping his clothes, along with his skin. “I’m sorry, but I have to make it look like I brought you here to hurt you.” Yusuke noticed the regret laced in her voice as he dropped to his knees and grunted in pain. He could just blast her with his spirit gun and kill her, but he didn’t. He didn’t know why, but he felt like he should do it, that it would be wrong. The darkness went away as Yusuke dropped completely to the ground. He could hear the roar of audience. They sounded please that he was on the group, beaten up, slashed all over. Blood on the ring. Hanji announced that he lost, Someone picked him up and he whispered what Kuragari had told him. Yusuke felt the aura and knew it was Hiei. The shorter demon dropped Yusuke on his bum, then jumped back onto the stage, giving Kuragari a growl.

“I want to fight your leader. Draconame!”

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Author notes:

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