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“I think I smell her, hold on tight, ok Keiko?” Keiko nodded from Nanaki’s back and gripped onto him harder as he picked up his pace. Trees. That was all she could see for what seemed like miles; an endless sea of green. The were running fast, trying to find their friend. Running, running, running. It felt like she had been on Nanaki’s back all her life and that all they had done was ran. “You ok back there?” The truth was, she wasn’t ok. No mater how much she tried not to think about it, Yusuke’s words rang out through her head. Would Nanaki betray her?

“I’m…fine Nanaki. Just fine. Are you sure you smell Kuragari this way; we’ve been running forever.” Was Nanaki just leading her out to the middle of no where? She gripped the communicator that Yuskue gave her with her right hand, which was still holding onto the demon back.

“It’s faint, but it has to be hers! I remember the smell from when she picked you up out of the ring!” Keiko sighed and let her head fall against his neck, breathing into his ear. “Keiko-chan, you are worried that I am going to hurt you, are you not?” Keiko froze, but she could still feel Nanaki’s muscles under her as he ran. “Keiko, I heard you and the detective speaking about me. He’s right you know, I’m a cold blooded killer. I could have you dead before you even realized it you know.” His voice came out cold and sounded nothing like her friend Nanaki. “So, tell me, little girl, how do you know that I’m not just leading you out into the woods to rape and kill you?” Keiko’s breath hitched in her throat, but she then relaxed onto his back.

“I trust you.” Keiko could feel Nanaki falter in his run, and the next time he spoke to her, his voice was so soft, she could barely hear him over the rushing of the wind.

“Then you are a fool.” His words were soft, calm, Keiko almost thought they were caring. “You are a kind fool, Keiko. I thank you for trusting me. No one…has ever before.” She sighed into his fur, and her body relaxed fully against his. “Keiko, I see a shed; do you see it to?” Keiko looked up and saw a small hut in a clearing in front of them.

“Yeah; do you smell Boton-chan or Kuragari?” Nanaki slowed into a rushed walk as he took deep breathes of air.

“Yeah, both of them, but Kuragari’s is pretty old; almost an hour I’d say.” Nanaki stopped and Keiko climbed off of his back and ran towards the door of the small hut, then threw it open.


Draconame got onto the stage like ring and stared at Hiei curiously. Draconame knew that Hiei couldn’t win this fight, not if he truly cared for the stupid ferry girl so why choose to fight him? He shrugged and walked over to Hiei while Hanji announced the next fight to the demon crowd.

“Come back for more, little one? Want me that bad, do you?” Draconame’s voice was soft like velvet, and low, sounding much like a purr. Hiei smirked and glared at the demon in front of him, his bandaged(1) hand resting on his sword.

“Not quite.” Draconame’s eyes narrowed for a brief moment, his irises danced with confusion, hatred, and maybe even lust. “Why did you kidnap the ferry girl?” Hiei tilted his head to the side as he asked the question. He knew it was lame, he knew that Draconame thought that he had feelings for Boton, but he also knew that if he could buy enough time, then Nanaki and Keiko would find Boton, and she would be safe. Draconame chuckled a bit and slowly walked a circle around Hiei, reminding Hiei that in this game, he was prey.

“It’s obvious to see why I would do such a thing. True that the spirit detective is the strongest in the group, but you are the one who holds honor. Not even the crimson haired human holds honor. Until you came along, he was greedy and cared only for himself and his human mother. It is well known in Maikia that you, however, will rescue a female at any cost. Blue haired, light colored eyes, remind you of your sister, ne? Maybe that’s why you only protected her at first, then, the love in your chest started to grow, didn’t it? Until you couldn’t stand it anymore.” Hiei growled, his eyes bled more and more with each word that Draconame said, until Hiei almost snapped.

“What makes you think I love the bitch!? She’s loud and annoying. She never thinks, and can’t even protect herself from anything! All she ever does is get in the way, and need to be rescue.” Hiei’s voice was becoming softer and softer by the second. “She’s frail, and defenseless, and good hearted. Tell me again how I could love her when she is everything I’m not?” Hiei was brought out of his trace by a beeping. He wondered what it was for a split second, then realized that it was his communicator. He quickly took it out and was greeted by the site of Keiko. “Do you…?”

“Yeah we have her! She’s fine too!” Hiei growled in contempt and almost broke the communicator as he shut it and shoved it back into his cloak.

“It’s time that I showed you what real pain is, Demon.” Hiei’s eyes glowed sadistically. “I would just destroy you with my Dragon of Darkness Flame, but that kind of death is to quick for you. Now, how to torture you?” Draconame wasn’t even looking at Hiei; his head was turned and he was looking behind him at his so called mate.

“So it seems I’ve been betrayed by the one I held closest. No matter, I’m sure after I kill you, forbidden one, I will still have time to kill Kuragari.” Hiei looked at her and saw that she was looking down at the ground in shame. Draconame nodded it one of the other demons and vines rose, holding onto her wrist, keeping her in place.

“I’m sorry.” Hiei heard her whisper as he saw tears fall from her eyes. Hiei growled and turned his attention back towards Draconame.

“Sure a pity. And she was cute to. Oh well.” Draconame smirked as he glanced at Hiei. “Well, I’ll just have to take my anger out on you, young forbidden child.” Draconame’s eye grew pure black and fire swirled around his hand. “Let us have a contest. I know you control fire; we will each set each other on fire and the one to fall first shall loose.” Hiei smirked.

“Yes, this sounds like a great battle to fight. Those will be our terms then.”

“Hanji! There are special terms for this one on one battle.” Hanji smiled and walked up to them.

“Finally some action! Ok, what are the terms?” She said cheerfully.

“We will each use our fire skills and surround our opponent. The first one to fall to the ground looses. These are the terms we shall fight by for this match, and this match only.” Hanji smiled and nodded, yelling it out to the crowd as she stepped away from the two demons. The demons in the crowd roared with excitement, hoping that Draconame could roast the young fire/ice apparition.

“I am ready, Draconame. Show me your worst.”

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“Whats going on!” Boton yelled as she entered the stands on Nanaki’s back with Keiko sitting behind her. “He’s going to burn to death!” She yelled as she jumped from Nanaki’s back and to the railing on the stands. Hiei and Draconame were both engulfed in flames, Hiei in blue flames and Draconame in black ones.

“He’ fine.” Jesse Said as she put a reassuring hand on Boton’s shoulders. Hiei started to growl loudly and Boton held back a sob. “Don’t worry, he’s just faking. Look, see the shimmer of blue surrounding him?” Boton looked and underneath the dark blue flames, she could see a light blue shimmering dully. “That’s ice. It’s a technique I taught him. You see, he uses a little of his Youki to surround himself in a thin layer of ice, protecting him from the flames. As he pours more youki into it, it never melts, keeping the flames at bay. The small about of youki goes by unnoticed to his opponent to. So really, he just insured that he gets to torture Draconame like he wanted and he will come out unharmed.” Boton looked uneasy still and turned her eyes back towards the stage. Hiei growled louder now and took a step forward.

“I will not loose to you, Draconame. You are a disgrace of a demon, and will not live.” Hiei said, gritting his teeth and narrowing his eyes. Draconame seemed to be in much pain as Hiei slowly roasted him alive. Suddenly, Hiei put more youki into his flames and Draconame screamed out in agony, his own flames disappearing from around Hiei as he fell to the ground, dead. ‘That was no fun; he died way to easily for all his big talk.’ Hiei thought with a growl. He felt Boton in the room and turned his eyes towards her, glad that she was ok. He stepped out of the ring as an ogre came and took away the dead body. Kirara stepped into the stage before anyone of her team members could protest.

“I wish to fight the demon by the name of Saibo-gu.” Kirara said kindly. She was very interested in fighting said demon because he was half machine. She had only seen very few machines in her life because of living in the feudal era, so was curious about this demon. A large demon stepped forth. Kirara couldn’t tell what type it was though because of all the metal that made its body. If she had to guess, she would say some type of elemental demon, but she wasn’t sure. His skin (which he had little of) was a dark green color and the one real eye he had was bright red. Half his face was made up of scrap pieces of metal and Kirara could see several human logo’s on them. The demon wore only a pair of loose sweat pants, and half of his chest was made out of metal and nothing else. Where Kirara could see skin, she saw heavy scars insinuation that the demon had fought either many battles, or one very bloody one. Hanji announced the battle starting and the demon came at Kirara.

“I shall kill you in one blow, worthless two-tail.” Kirara dodged the attack and her eyes widened at the insulting name that humans in the past called her. The demon lashed out again with his claws and Kirara could see that each claw had metal on it that engulfed almost the whole hand, making the claws sharper. Kirara turned into her large kitty form and flew into the air and away from Saibo-gu. “Worthless cat. Running away I see.” Kirara growled down at him impressively. The demon just laughed at her. Suddenly, large mechanical wings grew out of his back and he took to the air. Kirara was so shocked that she was late dodging an attack from his claw and he sliced her deeply in her left side.

“Kirara!” Kurama yelled, running towards the side of the stage. He almost jumped in but Ronue grabbed him by the wrist and yanked him back.

“Kurama if you do that, we’ll loose the fight for sure. Calm down. She’s strong enough on her own.” Kurama almost ripped Ronue to shreds but nodded his head and looked back at Kirara as she fell back down onto the stage, changing back into her really small kitty form and standing up on four shaky legs, blood pouring from her side. Kurama knew that in this form it was easier to heal; but would she heal fast enough?

“Reverting to that pathetic form already, kitty. You truly are one of the weakest two-tails that I will have the pleasure of killing.” Kirara’s ruby red eyes widened in surprise. ‘Has he really killed my kind before? There were already so few of us left in the past, how about now, 500 years in the future…am I the last?’ Kirara thought, almost crying. She changed into her humanoid form, tears in here eyes.

“You bastard. You’ve been killing my kinda, haven’t. That is why you gave all those scars, they gave you a hard time.” Kirara panted out, holding her exposed stomach(2). Her opponent narrowed his eyes at her.

“I was fighting one of your kind when he called for help like a coward. His whole family came and I barely got out alive. That is why my body is now covered in this metal, and why I loath two-tail demons. They are so pathetically weak that they feel the need to attack in groups.” The demon’s words were cold and harsh and bit Kirara down deeply. Saibo-gu smirked and lashed out at Kirara again, she jumped to the side and kicked Saibo-gu in the side. He jumped back and growled at her. “Stop moving and die already.” Kirara smirked at him.

“I refuse to die! I battle demons plenty stronger then you. Now, here’s an attack a friend of mine uses, I hope you like my Blades Of Blood!” Kirara said, throwing her blood, which turned into razor sharp blades, at the unsuspecting demon. Saibo-gu dodged some of the deadly blades, but was hit by two, on in his arm, and the other across his metal part of his chest. He grunted in pain, but pushed it to the back of his mind as he ran at Kirara, taking her by surprise. He grabbed her neck and lifted her off of the ground.

“It’s time someone showed you your place, cat.” The demon purred as his other clawed and found its way into her stomach. She cried out in pain and gripped the hand in her tightly, her claws digging into the metal that made the whole arm. “Does it hurt? How about this?” He growled as he squeezed something inside her, causing her to scream out in pain. The demon crowd roaring in excitement, seeing the blood drip down from the girls body. “How about this. You beg for your pathetic life, and I might let you live.” Saibo-gu said, clutching his fist around the place again.

“Pa, please…” Kirara started.

“Please what?” He replied happy with his victory. Kirara looked at him for a second.

“Please…go to Hell.” She then spit in his face. Saibu-go snarled at her as her saliva started to eat through the metal on his face. It was acid. He through Kirara away from him hard. She landed on the stage and then rolled off of it, hitting the ground roughly. Kurama ran over to her (she landed not far from them) and hugged her closely to his body.

“Please, Kirara, open your eyes.” He begged her over and over again. He could just barely hear her heart beating. So slow, so weak; for a second, he was afraid that he wasn’t even hearing it. That is until she opened her eyes and looked at him. They were glazed over, un focused.

“Youko…please….let…me talk…to…him.” Kurama almost sobbed. He wanted to say so much to Kirara, but he understood that she was Youko’s first, his second. Kurama’s image slowly faded into Youko’s and Kirara tried to smile. “I ….can….feel you…Youko…so much….to say….”

“I will heal you, my Kirara! You’re not going to die, I promise.”

“Youko…theses no…way….you….know….it” Kirara coughed up some blood. Blood. ‘I could give her my blood.’ Youko nodded to himself and used one of his claws to cut his wrist. He then put the wrist to Kirara’s mouth.

“I don’t know how this will work because you are a cat and I a fox, but drink my blood; it should heal.” Kirara nodded and drank the blood. It was metallic and sweet to her and before she new what she was doing, she sunk her fangs in and started to suck as much as she could. After a few seconds Youko became too weak and pulled away from her. “Rest now.” He said, pressing his hand down on his wound to stop the blood flow. Kirara nodded to him and closed her eyes, sleep easily claiming her worn out body. Youko turned back into Kurama and picked Kirara up, giving her to Hiei. Hiei nodded and left with her. “Ronue, please take the next fight. I feel faint.” Ronue nodded and got up onto the stage.

“I want to fight Yochi.” He said, giving Saibu-go a death glare. The demon got of the stage and another on appeared onto it. His skin was brown and clay looking, and his hair was auburn brown. His eyes were dark chocolate, but were extremely cold looking. The demon worn nothing but a light brown hakama; almost the same color as his skin.

“I am Yochi, the sand demon.” Yochi said with a smirk. Ronue assessed the demon as Hanji cried out the winner of the last battle and the fighters for this one. “So, are you going to fight, pretty boy, or are just going to stand there and gawk at me all day?” Ronue smirked at the other demon.

“Well that depends. Are you worth the Legendary Thief Kuronue to fight?” Yochi looked shocked for a second, then realized that Ronue was the same as Kurama.

“Ah, you are another disgrace like the red headed fox, are you? This should be easy.” Ronue growled at the demon before him that dared mock him.

“You will see just how great I was, or am. Whatever.” Yochi seemed to be angered by Ronue’s nonchalant manor and charged at him, claws raised. Ronue merely side stepped, hands in the pockets of his black pants. Yochi growled, showing a glimpse of fangs and turned to Ronue, repeating the action, But faster then the human, or most demon, eye could see, Ronue moved from the way and brought his elbow down on the other demons back. To Ronue’s surprise, Yochi’s body turned to sand before his elbow hit, and said sand drifted away from him, then formed into a body once more.

“Very fast I see, but your swiftness will not catch me off guard again, Ronue.” Ronue narrowed his eyes, wondering what the sand demon could be up to. Said demon smirked before turned into sand again, and dispatched. Ronue stood completely still, watching the grains of sand cautiously. He then realized that it made a circle around him, but it was too late. The sand jumped t life like a tsunami and formed into a ball around Ronue. Air was cut off and Ronue knew he could suffocate like this.

*Damn it, Ronue, just close your eyes and run through the sand!* Kuronue yelled in their head. Ronue did as told and held his arms over his head as he tried to run trough, but was forced back; the sand was to strong. Ronue started coughing and fell onto his knees as Yochi’s face appeared in the sand.

“I told you your swiftness wouldn’t help! What good is such speed if you can’t breathe, hm?” Ronue’s hand found his neck as he started to gasp.

^What do I do, Kuronue?! I can’t breath!^

*Give me the body, boy! Now!* Ronue did as asked and relinquished control of the body to Kuronue. The bat stood tall and opened his wings as wide as he could. He then jumped up. His head it the sand and he pushed against it with all of his might, then, his wings tore through and he was free, flying above the stage. His wings flapped in tune with his heart beat as he watched Yochi turn humanoid; his shoulder was bleeding.

“You wretched bat! Look what you have done to my unmarred skin!” Yochi’s eyes turned gold to show his rage and wings made of sand grew from his back as he took to the air in flight. Kuronue glared at the demons sand wings.

“So fake, as is the rest of you. You think you are a warrior, but you have probably never even been in a real fight. How many times have you used that sand trick to suffocate your opponents? Have you even seen blood before now? I doubt it. Sand demons are a weak lot, all of you.” Kuronue said with a snort. Yochi was seething and launched himself at Kuronue. But the bat was now in his element, the air. No one could beat him while he was in the sky. He was faster then any demon and stronger then the lot to. Kuronue disappeared, reappearing behind Yochi and grabbed the demon’s hurt shoulder, sinking his claws into the flesh. “Tell me now, did you actually think you could beat me in the air. I am a creature of the night, and I have not tasted blood in so long.” Ronue whispered into the demons neck, gliding his fangs across the flesh there. The demon shivered in fear and began to thrash violently. Kuronue wouldn’t have it though and rapped his other are around the demons waist, pinning both arms as he sunk his fangs into the neck.

“Ahhhh!” Yochi screamed as Kuronue started to suck out his life essence. His skin turned gray and wrinkled and he became limb in the bats arms until he turned to dust and blew away as if he had never been there in the first place. Kuronue spit some blood from his mouth.

“Filthy Blood, that’s for sure. Taste like sand.” He muttered as he landed back done onto the ground, turning into Ronue. The boy held a hand over his mouth and ran towards the edge, puking violently. “God, that was so sick Kuronue!” He mutter as he stood back up, wiping the blood away from his mouth. “I think I win! Don’t I?” Ronue yelled over to Hanji, who was looking pale shade of green and rubbing her neck, still staring at where Kuronue had taken a bite out of Yochi.

“Oh, yes right! The winner of round four, battle four is Ronue for team Urameshi!” The demons were stunned for a few seconds, then began booing their displeasure at the outcome of the fight. Ronue jumped from the stage and looked at Kurama, who was leaning against the arena wall.

“Your turn.” Kurama nodded weakly and walked to the stage. When he got up, he saw a beautiful flower demoness standing there. She had long pink hair flowing down to the ground and her face had angelic features. She hand small claws on her hands, but they looked as it they were never stained with blood before. She wore a light pink (the same as her hair) dress that was very casual and went to her knees. Her feet were bare. Hanji announced the fight starting, and yet neither demon made a move yet. Kurama narrowed his eyes at the innocent looking demon before him and drew a rose from his hair.

“You are Kurama? Hm, I knew you were a beauty, but the rumors belie you, fox. It will be a honor being the one who gets to kill you.” Kurama raised a brow and his rose turned into a whip, coiling around his feet. “How long has that been your chose weapon? She started walking towards him. “how long have you relied on your plants to help you; to guide you?” She stepped within the rang of his whip, but he did not attack. There was something about this demon, her smell maybe. He felt as if he was in Heaven. He swayed on his feet as he gazed at her. ‘Youko…whats going on?’ Kurama said in their her.

*I think she’s emitting pheromones! Sense we’re demon we can smell it….but Shuichi’s not human…*

%But I can’t control plants like you two!% Shuichi said, panicking. %Guys, I can’t even throw a punch.% Kurama shook his head.

‘It’s ok, I can do this.’ He closed his eyes and steadied himself on his feet. He then reopened his eyes and stared at the flower demoness. He gripped his Rose Whip and lashed out at her. “Rose Whip Lash!” Inches before the whip hit her it stopped in its tracks.

“My, my, my. You didn’t think that a plant would even try to harm me, did you? Well I think not.” The whip turned back towards Kurama and shot at him, wrapping itself around his frame. Kurama cried out softly as he tried to flew his way out of the harmful vines. “Well, well, well, little boy. How will you get out of this one?


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Author Notes:

1. His hand that is bandaged is so because of the Dragon of the Darkness Flame

2. The part of her body that she is holding is where he attacked her in her big cat form

3. Just thought I’d add a thee even though there isn’t one. With the whole Ronue thing…yeah well he is Ronue, then there Kuronue, then the human boy…that is how a always to Kurama so now that’s how I do Ronue, don’t like it? Then piss off

Japanese Words:

1. Saibo-gu – Cybernetic organism

2. Yochi – earth as in sand


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